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(generated from captions) Hello. on this special edition of Sunrise. Thanks for joining us we might as well do the show. We're in Melbourne, so we thought filling in for Nat. And Simon is here, Well, what a night at the pool. for themselves - Our swim sisters certainly did it on offer. winning all four gold medals Lots of gold elsewhere, too.

It's Nat's today.

That clean sweep in the 100m, Alice

Hills, Jodie hen Roy and Libby

Lots of gold elsewhere, too. Lenton, and Hayley tips them, which

We'll hear from the athletes, and we'll have all the highlights with our expert panel. and all the analysis And our carnival is on this morning. in our car park, Come along and have a free breakfast in South Melbourne. on Coventry Street

Bacon and eggs are a good thing.

Who's cooking? One of the greats,

James Thomson from the awesome

foursome. It's a great idea, if

you're come to go see the marathon,

which goes along St Kilda Road,

which is about 20m that way, come

down and have breakfast first, hang

around for the marathon and start

off your day with a free brekkie. a Games update with Mark Beretta. Right now though, it's time for Australia has won more gold Commonwealth Games here in Melbourne. in another great night at the in total, We came away with 19 medals securing eight golds along the way. with gold in four events. Our women swimmers lead the charge in the 100m freestyle Libby Lenton was simply awesome

and Alice Mills beating home team-mates Jodie Henry in a new Games record. her own world mark. Lenton falling just short of breaking

his dominance on the track Cyclist Ryan Bayley showed winning the sprint. at the latest medal tally And let's take a look at the Games. as we move into day 4 of competition at the Games.

at the top of the table. Australia has streaked away and 18 bronze medals. and now has 23 gold, 15 silver England is second with eight golds. In third place is India. with four gold medals Scotland is fourth the top 5 with three golds. while South Africa rounds out

Almost a quarter of the way for

Kochie to stave his head, he said

he would when we make 100. news, here's Simon Reeve. Now with the rest of this morning's

and good morning everyone. Thanks, Beretts, in Tasmania and South Australia The Labor governments during elections in both States. have retained power South Australian Premier Mike Rann 47 Lower House seats. should hold 30 of the parliament's That gives Labor an 11-seat majority. is now expected to step down Opposition leader Rob Kerin as Liberal leader following the party's defeat. Tasmania's premier Paul Lennon the state's economic engine has vowed to continue revving time in his own right. after holding power for the first

Labor retained a 14-seat majority of a closer result. despite predictions at the victory The Greens have angrily hit out the grubbiest election campaign ever. claiming they've been forced to fight are preparing Residents in North Queensland for severe winds and heavy rain edges closer to the coast. as Tropical Cyclone Larry

to category 3 overnight. The storm has been upgraded westward path at around 20km/h. It's continued on a steady It's continued on a steady

forecasters expect Larry Despite calm skies over the region, between Mackay and Cape Tribulation to cross the coast

tomorrow morning. properties of rubbish Locals have been urged to clear food and water kits. and prepare emergency around the world America has urged protesters from Iraq not to encourage a withdrawal is complete. until the coalition's mission streets of London, Asia and Sydney Anti-war campaigners rallied on the of the US-led invasion in Iraq. marking the third anniversary and chanted anti-US slogans Demonstrators burnt flags of all coalition troops. calling for the withdrawal in central Belgrade, 50,000 people have gathered

to Slobodan Milosevic. to pay final respects and threw flowers Mourners held photos coffin as the former Yugoslav dictator's for a private funeral. made its way to the family home former Socialist party A senior official from Milosevic's to dignify the send-off. called for a minute's silence of a heart attack last week Milosevic died in the Balkan wars. while on trial for his involvement And there's still no word of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. on the rumoured wedding George Clooney has a lakeside retreat The mayor of the Italian town where was told to remain on standby. been called in Extra security has reportedly and police have been placed on alert. are also taking no chances Journalists and photographers hasn't yet been spotted. but the couple sporting results this Sunrise - Checking the other overnight man of the match. Stuart Clark has been named Australia's win over South Africa after reaching figures of 9/89 during in the first Test at Cape Town. The Aussies were set 95 for victory in just 27.1 overs. and reached the target his bowlers for the victory. Ricky Ponting has credited to chase, A bigger total would have been hard but full credit to all of our guys was fantastic. and Stuart Clark on debut of silverware in 43 years Geelong has earnt its first piece in the NAB Cup. after beating Adelaide Despite a number of injuries, 8-point victory over the home side. the Cats managed to pull together an Coach Mark Thompson is hopeful for the upcoming season. the win sets the agenda for his side In Rugby League, an eight-game losing streak Brisbane have snapped last night. after victory over the Sharks at the Sharks' home ground The Broncos fought back to claim a 16-12 victory. of the season, Parramatta claimed its first win

beating the Warriors 22-14.

at home in Townsville. And North Queensland beat Manly

It was a good win for Geelong, you

obviously backed them this week. I

said on Friday that the Cats hadn't

had a great track record, but I

thought this was it. On your tips,

it had Crows, not Cats. Look ...

Stuck for words. I've never seen

this. That was my way of helping. I

took the pressure off Adelaide.

Reverse psychology. Exactly right.

Quick thinking, good one. Grant's here as well this morning. He's outside in our carnival car park. Good morning.

We have a gom feeling. The board is

a little empty after a dynamic

couple of days. We have got the

picking up golden eggs to do, last

night, a golden night in the pool,

gold medals galore, a dynamic night

by the girls in the pool, which

means it's time to put up a couple

of golden eggs for Australia. I can

only just reach. Do you need a

lift? Look who's on hand to rid

call me once again, James Tonkin.

You have tasted the golden success

of these little rippers before. It's

party time in Melbourne. It is, I

was at the triathlon track

yesterday, about 200,000 people

down there. I'm concerned the board

is not big enough, 100 spaces.

We've made a cracking start. I

think we need another board. Let's take a look at the forecast. As Simon said in the news, we're keeping an eye on Cyclone Larry as it approaches the Far North Queensland coast. It's been upgraded to category 3 and could cross the coast between Cape Tribulation and Mackay some time tomorrow. Residents in that region should take precautions. The rest of the country looks okay today. An overcast 30 degrees in Brisbane. Some clearing showers for Sydney. A bit of cloud around for Canberra, Hobart and here in Melbourne. A fine 25 degrees for Adelaide. And Perth's looking good with 35. Looking further ahead - showers could return to Brisbane and Sydney. Canberra and Hobart should stay fine.

Melbourne's in luck for the Games,

with sunshine forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday. Adelaide and Perth are also looking good. Some showers could hit Darwin.

Not too bad when you can walk down

the end of your Street and see an

international event like the

triathlon. Today, the marathon a

free event, around the streets of

Melbourne, and on Tuesday the time

trials. There are so many things

when everyone can get down there,

they don't need a ticket, they can

see world class athletes. He has

come down to cook the bacon eggs

come down and see us. Well up next, the all-star panel everyone is talking about Grant Hackett, Hayley Lewis, Liz Ellis and Mark Beretta. And if that's not enough, we also have some very proud parents. You're watching Sunrise live from Melbourne.

The sound ringing in my ears was

amazing, my cap was vibrating on my

head, the crowd was so loud. It's

so good to be part of such a strong

women's team. Kelly Stubbins, one of our gold medals winners last night at the Commonwealth Games.

Overall, we came away with a whopping 19 medals. Eight were gold, and most of those belonged to our female swimmers. Our expert panel is here to take us through last night's competition. Grant Hackett, Hayley Lewis, Liz Ellis and Mark Beretta. Along with some very proud parents, Greg and Wendy Barrett, whose daughter Bronte was one of those gold medal swimmers. And Tony and Marilyn Meares,

Welcome to all of you. Tony Marilyn

Meares, it's good to have all of you with us.

Hayley was at the swimming last

night. How exciting - do you have

any voice left? A friend of mine

went to the heats yesterday morning

and we said, we have to get final

seats. We were in row GG, so GA to

Z, then AA, BB. We were right up in

the rafters, but we had a fantastic

time. The only negative thing about

being that far up is when you go

and get snacks, and you are walking

up in front of 2,000 people and

trip up the stairs - it happened to

me - it's very embarrassing. Run us

through the women's 100m. I read

that all the girls were very

relaxed in the marshaling area

which is odd, because usually

everyone is quite nervous. But in

the past couple of years it's been

the event to watch at the Games.

With Jodie Henry, Libby Len done

and always mills jostling for

positions with first, second and

third in the last few competition -

you don't know who's going to win.

I thought at the 35m mark when

Jodie Henry was close to Libby, I

thought she would come over the top

of her. She come off the wall hard,

and looked like she would attack

Libby. She has a trademark

excellent finish. Libby said she

was slur that Jodie would come over

the top of her, but she didn't.

Jodie said, I have to train harder

to get the kickback in the last 50.

Exactly. The girls combined to take

out the relay. Greg Barrett, how

thrilled are you that our Bronte

won gold? We are so proud of her,

she's such a good kid. Have you

spoken to her? Not yet. Is she

still in drug testing, can't pee?

(Laughs) Tell us about the

sacrifice and the support she has.

You have to train before and after

school, and the hard thing is

juggling school and training, and

not being tired, so on the weekend

she plays catch-up. It is a team

effort, she can't get anywhere by

herself, so we have to sacrifice

things to get her there. It's the

whole family. Bronte's brothers are

here as well. they are hanging

around the bars, saying, we are

Bronte's big brothers. They are her

wing men. Bronte set it up, because

Libby came in in a 200, and the young girls took it on the other

nations. Well done. I can't imagine

how proud you are, it must be

enormous, we are proud as well, she

is just gorgeous. Well done to her,

and to all of them, more gold last

night, Leisel Jones winning the 200

breast stroke. She struggled for

breath. It was strange, because she

did faster at the trials six weeks

ago, and she couldn't blow out a

candle then. So she did it easily,

but last night it was interesting

that she looked like she was having

an asthma attack. She said it has

happened in the past and they ruled

out asthma. I think in situations

where you are at a Commonwealth

Games and you are having to deal

with the pressure and expectation,

I think that adds to it, you are

very nervous. She said she felt

that during the race she wasn't

breathing in snyc. I am like breathing in snyc. I am like that breathing in snyc. I am like that

after running up a flight of stairs,

look what she's done. It's an

outdoor stadium, and it's cool,

being March in Melbourne, and that

could have something to do with the

breathing. The trials were six

weeks ago when it was warmer, and

the pressure, as opposed to trials,

can put more pressure on the body.

The men, a clean sweep in the

butterfly. Yes, positions 2, 3, and

4. Klim did a personal best, or

equal to, a brands in the 100m

breast stroke and a bronze in the

4x2 freestyle relay. The good thing

about that is that we are missing

two members, and Kenrick split a

147, so with him, myself, and

Thorpe back in the team, we will

put the world record under threat.

Even though we got a bronze medal,

the future looks load. A bronze

night at the velodrome, Anna Meares

picked up silver, and sister Kerry

won bronze. Mum and dad Tony and

Marilyn with us this morning. You

have to be proud as well. The girls

just keep going together. They have

done a wonderful job for us. That

has to be the understatement of the

year. They really have. You have

never actually seen the girls

compete in a major race before

Thursday night. Why did it take you

so long and what made you decide to

come to the Games here? The

important thing is that people have

to recognise that with the amount

of work, the commitment to their

sport, in theirerly days there was

not a lot of money around, so we

didn't want to be seen as egoities

tickal, going to Manchester, off to

Athens, and then all of a sudden find that the girls needed

continuing support. The worst

scenario was to put up our hands

and say, we haven't got the money

to do it, so we stayed in the

background for the first three or

four years, certainly we missed out

on Manchester and we missed out on

Athens, but we're in a position now

where we're comfortable with the

situation the girls are in, we are

comfortable with the situation that

we're in, so that's why we're here.

That's terrific. That reinforces

the sacrifices that families make.

Now we know why they are so ground

he, the way they are. The thing I

think is wonderful, obviously there

is rivally, but the sporl and love

they have for one another is

wonderful, you can see it. Did they

always have that support and love

for each other? Going back to the

early days, they did four years

racing BMX and they always had the

odd squabble, as kids do. We used

to say, you can squabble on the

track, that's fine, but when you

come home, you leave your squabbles

on the track. Every now and again

we had to pull them apart and say,

you sit there and you sit there,

and these are the rules. When you

come home, you are friends. When

you go to the track, regardless, or

any sporting venue, you are

contestants, that's it. They

actually listened to us over a

period of time, and they have done

us proud, they have honoured that

all the way through. Exactly, they

have done everybody proud, and that

is so lovely to hear. I imagine the

medal cabinet in your house, and

also in the Bayley household, Ryan

Bayley. Yes, the Kentucky Fried kid,

going beautifully. They are calling

him our greatest ever sprinter on

the sprint track, which is

remarkable at 24 years of age, and

he broke 10.5 seconds, the first

time since the Athens Games. He's

on fire and enjoying the occasion.

This is a guy, like the Meares

girls, who enjoys competition. He

gets in front of his vie valuation

and they can't touch him,

magnificent. The inevitable? We

might have found a contestant for a

meat tray this morning. What do you

mean? Marla by last night, the

number 22 ranked team in the world

won saver characters the number 5

ranked team. The reaction of the

girls was fantastic. If you tell me

that's not worth a meat tray.

Fabulous. Malawi are so good, they

threatened England, the 2002 bronze

medallist the. These girls don't

have that much resources in terms

of balls and equipment. Their

warm-up is a dance routine. The

girls were telling me yesterday,

they are all in rhythm. Imagine us

trying to warm up to a dance

routine. They have one ball drill

to finish off, then get out and

play, so they are my team of the

meat. I thought you were giving

them away willy-nilly, but the

Sunrise meat tray to the Malawi

netball team. They are not

vegetarian, are they? They are

getting a bit small. One for the

Meares and Barrett families as well,

the infamous meat trays. All the

guys after 9.00 with our triathlon

gold medalists, plus a preview of

the action ahead today. for the

moment, please thank our panelists. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

And the Meares familyant Barrett

family, thank you very much for

coming in morning. Well done. Also

coming up this morning, more ofer

Telstra hero messages for the

athletes, and these guys will tell

you, they make a big difference,

the athletes read every one. If you

have ever seen Little Britain, you

will love the Reilly diaries. It's all about staying in close contact SONG: # Ah Ah-ah... # That's why I choose TransMOBILE to keep in touch. Because I get great savings and a plan that suits me.

So give TransACT a call today, and see how they can improve your game plan. BELL RINGS TransMOBILE - it's blue. will love the Reilly diaries.

They have the meat trays, you hold

them there. Anna Barrett, you have

to protect that. It's coming up to

8.30, and we thought we would have

joke of the day. This is for Nat.

How about the little joker, what's

your name? Clo owe. How old are

you? Doctor, doctor, it hurts when

I do this. Then don't do it. Well

done. Give me five. That's it.

Thank you, suitey. Now a news update. Good morning again, everyone. Australia has had a golden night at the Commonwealth Games with our women dominating in the pool. We won a total of four events in the water. Libby Lenton led home another Aussie trifecta in the 100m freestyle. While in cycling, Olympic Champion Ryan Bayley won the men's sprint. The Australian Labor Party has received a much-needed boost in morale after claiming victory in two State elections. Early predictions forecast South Australian Premier Mike Rann to hold 30 of the 47 Lower House seats. That's a swing of 10% towards the ALP. In Tasmania, Paul Lennon says Labor's strong economic policy has handed him another term as premier. Tropical cyclone Larry has increased to a Category 3 storm and has continued on a steady path towards the Queensland coast. Residents between Cairns and Mackay are being warned to brace for strong winds and heavy rains. Larry is expected to cross the coast around 10.00 tomorrow morning. Around the rest of the country, things are looking generally fine. Showers should clear in Sydney. And another warm day for Perth.

We will get Chloe on every morning

at 6.50, back on the team. Absolutely. Well, Mark Riley is our chief political correspondent. And his weekly diary has quickly become must-see viewing on a Sunday. And that's because he has a way of cutting through the political nonsense. But as you're about to see, he still gets invited to John Howard's black-tie events. Britain, Britain, Britain. It was the week Britain's leading lady came to Canberra. I'm a laaaaady! No, not her, her Highness. The country's political glitterati gathered at Parliament House for a banquet in honour of the Queen. There were prime ministers past, from both sides of politics, those who'd like to be prime ministers future, from both sides of politics, the prominent and the powerful and - hang on a minute, how did this bloke get in? Oh, don't put your hands on the Prime Minister! Where's your manners, boy? Can you not touch him, please! The PM gave a warm welcome. So ma'am in welcoming you here tonight we do so with great warmth and great affection. It's great to have you back on your 15th visit to Australia. And her majesty had some kind words of her own. I hope you will allow me, with a certain sense of perspective as I approach my 80th birthday, and on my 15th visit, to express my conviction that Australia, in the course of my lifetime, has firmly established itself

amongst the most respected nations of the world. Now, you could have bet London to a brick that the royal visit would spark yet another round in the interminable Republican debate. the Republicans who sparked it, Suprisingly, it wasn't the Republicans who sparked it, but the country's most prominent monarchist, the PM himself. It all sprang from this exchange with the BBC. REPORTER: Do you think the monarchy here in Australia will survive beyond her? I don't believe Australia will become a Republic while the Queen is on the throne. Beyond that, um, I don't know. # Oh, I just can't wait to be king # Of course, beyond that lay the prospect of Prince Charles becoming king of Australia. Something, it seems, Australians don't have a great passion for. Perhaps it has something to do with what Mohammed al-Fayed told Sunrise a couple of weeks ago about the Prince's taste in women. He gave away such a beauty for a woman who looks like a crocodile? How can he wake up in the morning and see...

..a face like a donkey, you know? How very nasty. Of course, the big problem with the Republican push

is that we can't decide on what kind of Republic we want. Yeah, I want that one. You want that one? Yeah. And even when it seems we've settled on a model, we haven't. I don't like it. And also this week, there was the Labor Party beating up on itself and telling tales about each other, as usual. Yeah, but, no, but, yeah, but, no, because I wasn't even with Amber. And that's enough said about them. Britain, Britain, Britain. I went there once. Not a bad place, if it weren't for all the Poms! CHEERING AND APPLAUSE And Mark Riley joins us now. All

emails addressed to Mark Riley, thanks. He's in Adelaide covering the South Australian election. Good morning, Riles. Good morning. Where do you see this whole republic versus monarchy debate going?

I don't think it's been reig its

nightd for the time being, there's

not a great mood for change while

the Queen is on the throne - which

is an indelicate phrase - but while

she reigns, there is not a great

passion for another round of the

republican push. Perhaps it will be

Prince Charles' ascension, whenever

that happens, that sparks the new

debate. You have your own Queen

story, share it with us. I had a

fabulous night, just sensational,

one of those nights where there are

600 or 700 people in a big room,

but I was lucky, I sat alongside a

table with Mary, Prince Philip's

secretary and the delightful Angela,

who is the Queen's personal

stylist. We were chatting about how

the Queen looked and I remarked

upon her tee ahra, which was

sparkly and glitry, and they fell

about laughing, and I said, what

have I touched on there, and Mary

said, Angela spent the entire

afternoon cleaning the tee ara, and

I said, what with, the royal gum,

the royal wax, and they fell about

laughing, what do you clean the tee

ara with, and Angela gave me the

royal secret - gin. I always wanted

to know how to clean the tiara.

Gordon's gin, not beefeaters. I

think the old Queen mum, when they

are tiara was being cleaned, fell

in a couple of times No, ma'am, you

are meant to put it on the tiara.

Kochie lime green is the new black,

for the Queen. Yes, there was a

clash of colours. Mrs Howard wore

the shade of green similar to the

Queen. I talked to Angela about

that, but she was very diplomatic

about that whole affair -

unfortunate. Thank you, Riels.

The government could be spying on

you - we will seek reaction. We also have more gold medal winners to chat to including one of the truly inspirational stories from these Games. But next, we hit the dance floor with Monique Wright. I feel a bit worse for wear at the moment but I'm sure the spoils will be awesome afterwards.

Best night of my life

and it's so good to have family and friends here share it with.

Ben Turner, good on him, last night

he won Australia's first gold medal

of the Commonwealth Games weight

lifting. Wasn't it fantastic. Our

Monique Wright gets all the tough gigs.

Melbourne has turned into party central for the Games and who do you think gets to cover all the action? Yep - we've sent Monique out every night to have fun, Melbourne style. Good morning, Mon. Good morning. Are you enjoying the Games' nightlife?

Did you insist on every night? I

suggested I wouldn't have a night

off. It's not without its perils,

this job. I've got whiplash from

dancing, a mild case. We have some

vision. I was doing some thrash

dancing. You can see, I'm the only

one dancing, and the moment where

the whiplash occurred - there it

goes. Let's goes. Let's see

goes. Let's see it again, because I

really want to see it one more time

- not that I told my

physiotherapist that when I saw him

yesterday. How was last night? It

was great. I thought I might do

something away from the dance floor

last night, so I headed down to the

Yarra River. You can't emulate the

feeling of a Games city. There were

lots of families out, packed,

people dancing. Let's take a look.

That is a lot to say for thrash

dancing. What a great time. Things

happening. Do you know what the

Commonwealth Games is? Yes. What?

You have a swim and then you start

a commercial and you come back.

That's true. Have you got a gold

medal? Yes. Are you a Commonwealth

Games athlete No What did you get

the Commonwealth Games medal for?

Because I did the goodest dancing.

Could you show us? You have just

migrated wharks a fantastic time to

come to meblg I'm happy that I'm

having such a nice time, I can

participate in the Commonwealth

Games and watch it, I like it

really excellent.

What is your name? Ay. I? Yes.

That's nice and easy. Are you from

Melbourne? No, Japan What brings

you to Melbourne I want to play

busking, many people come Melbourne.

Oh, dear, it looks like Ay is in

trouble. Young Ay from Japan was

busking. He doesn't have a permit.

Is he going to get in trouble? No,

he'll be fine, he's a his fellow.

We are moving him on and telling

him what he can and can't do. See

what happens when you play with


Commonwealth Games, have you seen

anything? Not yet. Have you guys

been a bit yizy? Yeah I'm with you

- nudge nudge. Do you know the

Australian anthem ?

Yes, Australians all ... ..let us

rejoice ... in joyful strains then let us sing

# Advance Australia fair #


Gentleman that was blet, and he

told me that he sang the national

anthem to Bill Clinton when he was

in Australia, so the people you

meet on the streets of Melbourne.

Everyone is getting to know the

national anthem a whole lot better,

we are singing it so many times at

the Games. A good feeling on the

street. Yes, the sergeant that I

spoke to after Ay got in trouble,

and thankfully he's fine, and I saw

him having an ice-cream later and

he was smiling and happy, that

sergeant described the crowd as

beautiful. He said he had never

seen an atmosphere like that. It's

true. Some of the businesses in

Melbourne have been complaining

that people aren't coming into the

heart of Melbourne and going to the

restaurants, but around the Yarra

and certainly around the Games

presing, it's buzzing, there is a

real feel about the place. We spent

the afternoon at one of the live

sites on the big screen, watching

the triathlon. What are you doing

tonight? I thought I should follow

up on Lee Harding's challenge that

we he would paint his mow hawk

green and gold if we won eight gold

medals. We have far surpassed that,

and also trying to find out whether

the chant Aussie, Aussies are

Aussie, oi, oi, oi, is in or out

Because Mel hasn't been working,

can you make her out for a look

around? Are you up for it? Yes. You

have been going to bederly every

night? She was almost like the

sisters from mercy, you would have

thought she was in a convent.

That's me. Have a good time tonight.

Good luck getting Lee hard to go do

his hair, that will be good. You

can have a drink. I joke all the

time, but tonight you can have a

drink. Thank you. Tomorrow is

Monday, it's a school night. Has

that ever stopped you before? Thank

you, Monique. Ahead, the dynamic duo of triathlon. But next - our star athlete in Hollywood. Find out why Nelson is also going for gold.

Lorraine Cook has sent an email

that sums up what we are all

thinking: Gold medals for our

athletes families should be hand

out at the end of the Games, what a

shining example of why we have such

great people competing, with

Bronte's family and Mr Meares

blooming away with his genuine

sincerity. Hear, hear. Go the


We absolutely agree with that. Even

better than a gold medal, they are

taking home a Sunrise meat tray.

Coveted. Exactly right. Precious.

Well done, Lorraine, that sums it

all up. Well, the Commonwealth Games marathon is on this morning. But across the Pacific, a member of the Sunrise family is preparing for his own big race. Our Hollywood Correspondent Nelson Aspen is gearing up

is gearing up for tomorrow's LA marathon. Good morning, Nelson. Good morning. How have your final preparations been going?

I did the Memphis marathon in

December, so I had some overuse

problems with that, I have been

trying to do more pool running.

There is nothing sexier than a

grown man wearing a sty row foam

girdle and running in the pool. I

have been doing medicine ball work

and I'm readry, less than 19 hours

until they fire the gun. I'm going

to be an honorary Commonwealth

Games-man tomorrow. You are such an

aindividual runner, how many

marathons for you? My eighth in

four years, which makes my score 8,

Beretts 0. I am going to get him to

run with me, sooner or later What

is the distance, and what times do

you formally do? It is 26.2 miles,

which is 42.16km. My time for LA

was 4 hours 14. In Memphis I

improved to 4.11. There is a shot

of me running up diamond head in

Hawaii. The weather is beautiful,

everything is going with us. If I

don't twist my ankle, God forbid,

everything should be shine. Run,

forest, run Don't say, "Break a

leg." You could star in your own

Hollywood movie about running. Last

night, I was watching Chariots of

Fire on DVD, which has to be

classified as the greatest of the

Hollywood running movies. They are

few and far between, but Chariots

of Fire tops my list. I did make a

list of some of my favourite

marathon movies for you, after

chariots of fire, number 2 is

Prefontaine, which is the the story

about track legend Steve

Prefontaine, and another movie that

Tom Cruise produced called Without

Limits, and that then there was

Running Brave back in the 1980s,

with Robbie Benson, and a new one,

a television movie, which is on DVD,

called Four Minutes, starring

Christopher plumber and Jamie

McLouf Lyn, the buyo pick about sir

lodgester Banister, the first runner

to break the elusive four minute

mile. I can run about twice that

fast. If you need any inspiration,

think of Marathon Man and the

dentist scene, that will get you

going. Yes, or Forrest Gump. Load

luck, Nelson, we'll be thinking of

you. Whree wish you all the best

See you the day after tomorrow. Take care. Shortly on the show we're going to chat to our Aussie winners from the triathlon.

It was a gold medal sweep.

Plus Simon will have the latest from the newsroom. And we'll head back to Grant out in the car park.

That is a beautiful shot over

Melbourne, the dock launds district

of Melbourne, Telstra dome, where

the rugby 7s were on Thursday and

Friday. We went out Friday night,

Beretts, to see it. It was

fantastic, a great atmosphere,

Kenya in one of the lead-up Games -

back to me, thank you. It's all

about me! In one of the lead-up

Games, Kenya played ton gafplt this

is what rugby 7s is about. Kenya

won, then both teams did their lap

of honour and took off their shirts

- we were thinking of you - and did

a hakka together. It was the ton

began hakka, but the Kenyans picked

it up and did it. Somebody said you

were doing the hakka about 2.00

that morning. If you want to send a

hero message, they have assured us

they read them and love them and

are important. The number is on the

screen: For Libby Lenton, my name

is Chloe, I am 6, I have just seen

you win your race, I am so proud

you are Australian and I want to be

as good as you when I grow up. Also

Steve from Victoria sent in an

email saying.. Kochie, that's not a

meat tray, that's a pact of snags.

We are talking athletes, these guys

would inhale that little pact. I

agree. Do you think we need bigger

meat trays? We sent out the girls,

Yoko and Eddie, to buy the meat

trays. They don't eat as much as

you do. Someone from a country pub

emailed and said, a real meat tray

takes two blokes to carry it. We

are going to triple the meat trays

from tomorrow. Don't expect me to

get it out of the fridge. Maybe

that's an incentive. 9.00 - seemed weird saying that. And shortly - two of the great gold medal stories from these Games. It was an Aussie double in the triathlon yesterday. Emma and Brad will join us live. And our all-star panel will preview the day ahead. They'll tell us who to look out for. But the Games aside - we're also going to look at a new plan which could give the Federal Government the right to spy on good Samaritans. And after 9.30 this morning, our exclusive interview with Prince Edward. He talks about his Mum and even loses his cool! But right now, a man who never does that -

Mark Beretta with a Games update. Australia has dominated Day 3 action of the Commonwealth Games winning a total of 10 gold medals. Libby Lenton led an Aussie trifecta in the 100 metres freestyle beating home team-mates Jodie Henry and Alice Mills. Our women swimmers won all four Gold medals on offer overnight. Matthew Cowdrey won in the EAD 50 metres freestyle in a new world record. We also claimed gold in the gymnastics, the weightlifting, and on the cycling track. Our girls 4 X 200 metres freestyle team was just outside the world record. The team of Kelly Stubbins, Linda Mackenzie and Bronte Barrett and Libby Lenton clocked 7.56.68 seconds. And Stubbins says she's glad she could contribute so much. I didn't really feel that much pressure but I wasn't one of the main swimmers in the relay. I was only third place, I was the slowest member of the team and I came out second fastest, so I was pretty happy with that. Cyclist Ryan Bayley also claimed gold in the men's sprint. And as we get set to move into another great day of competition at the Games, let's take a look at the latest medal tally. Australia now has 23 gold, 15 silver and 18 bronze and sits on top of the table with a total of 56 medals. England has eight golds in second, while India is third. Scotland is fourth with four gold medals, while South Africa rounds out the top five, with three golds. Now with the rest of this morning's news, here's Simon Reeve. Tropical Cyclone Larry has intensified to a category 3 storm and now looks certain to cross the Queensland coast. For an update on conditions we're joined on the phone by Mike Bergin from the Tropical Cyclone Warning Centre. Good morning, Mike. Good morning. How is the storm travelling?

It's certainly a very solid

category 3 cyclone, it's been on

the same sort of general westerly

track, about a west-south-westerly

track, staying about the same speed,

about 25km/h. Still a long way off

the coast, but at that speed we

expect it to be very close to the

coast mid-morning Monday morning.

Where on the coast, potentially? We

think the likely area is south of

Cairns, probably between inis fail

and cardwell, the area of the coast

we think will be most likely to

affect directly. The winds we

estimate at the moment could

intensify further, talking about

wind gusts to 230km/h. Storm surge

will be a problem. We expect to see

water levels above the highest

tides of the year, so a pretty

serious cyclone, we are seeing it

clearly on satellite imagery and it

poses a very serious threat to

North Queensland. Mike, thanks for

the update. Federal Labour Party infighting doesn't seem to have affected their State counterparts. Labor governments in South Australia and Tasmania have both retained power in local elections. South Australian Premier Mike Rann welcomed a 10% swing to the ALP. That should grant his party 30 of the parliament's 47 Lower House seats. I'm really privileged to be the leader of this great party at its finest hour in its history. Opposition leader Rob Kerin is now expected to step down as Liberal leader following the party's defeat. Tasmania's Premier Paul Lennon has vowed to continue revving the State's economic engine after holding power for the first time in his own right. Labor retained a 14-seat majority despite predictions of a closer result. The Greens have angrily hit out at the victory claiming they've been forced to fight claiming they've been forced to fight the grubbiest election campaign ever.

Protesters have called for a withdrawal of coalition forces from Iraq on the third anniversary on the third anniversary of the US-led invasion. Hundreds of human rights activists gathered at locations around the world condemning the invasion. Military officials say the possibility of civil war in Iraq may be the highest it's been for three years, but maintain progress is being made. While there are groups of individuals polarised at each end of the spectrum, there are a vast majority of Iraqis in the middle who don't see the divisions. 50,000 mourners have gathered in central Belgrade to bid farewell to Slobodan Milosevic. The crowd followed the coffin of the former Yugoslav leader as it travelled to his family home for a private funeral. But at a nearby square, hundreds gathered in a peaceful protest, angry over the way Milosevic has been glorified. Thousands of people have taken to the streets of Paris, protesting the Government's new job laws. Cars were burnt, shop windows broken and railway services disrupted. Employers can now sack workers during the first two years on the job without reason.

160 demonstrations are expected across France with an estimated turn-out of one million people. Australian marathon swimmer Deke Zimmerman is trying to break Sydney's long-distance record to raise money for the Burns Foundation of Australia. The 25-year-old is attempting to swim from Manly Cove to Parramatta Wharf and back - that's twice the length of the English Channel. All funds raised will go to the Swim for Smiles event for the Burns Foundation of Australia. A lot of training, 100km weeks, very little work done by me. The swim is expected to take 16 hours. Checking the other overnight sporting results this Sunrise - Stuart Clark has been named man of the match. after reaching figures of 9/89 during Australia's win over South Africa in the first Test at Cape Town. The Aussies were set 95 for victory and reached the target in just 27.1 overs. Ricky Ponting has credited his bowlers for the victory. A bigger total would have been hard to chase but full credit to all of our guys and Stuart Clark on debut was fantastic. Geelong has earnt its first piece of silverware in 43 years after beating Adelaide in the NAB Cup. Despite a number of injuries, the Cats managed to pull together an eight-point victory over the home side. Coach Mark Thompson is hopeful the win sets the agenda for his side for the upcoming season. In Rugby League, Brisbane have snapped an eight-game losing streak after victory over the Sharks last night. The Broncos fought back at the Sharks' home ground to claim a 16-12 victory. Parramatta claimed its first win of the season beating the Warriors 22 to 14. And North Queensland beat Manly at home in Townsville.

An email from Tracy, who says,

please make mention this morning of

our fabulous Aussie weight lifter,

who last night won gold for

Australia, Ben turner in the 69kg.

His emotional reaction proves he is

a fantastic Aussie, worthy not only

of a gold medal but a serious

contender for a meat tray. We would

need a meat truck ex-, When you won

the tennis, he got a cow, we could

do that. Roger Federer, give him a

whole cow Here you are, son, go for

it. We heard from him earlier and

he looked so proud. That is one of

the real emotional gold medals of

the gaeplgs. Well, Grant's here as well this morning. He's outside in our Carnival Car Park. Good morning.

Taken sleepy Sunday, but that

hasn't quelled the enthusiasm in

the car park. A terrific turnout,

get again. There is a hot fashion

item which is growing by every

minute, that everybody is taking on

board, the new pendant you are

wearing. It is taking on a life of

its own. James and I are sporting

our own versions. They are very

popular. What do you think of Mel's

pendant? (Love it!) I did a bit of

shopping on Friday. Plenty of

people have been sucking up the

Games action, not just the free

food. Who is going to the Games

today? I'm going to the boxing

maybe. Tonight, you beauty. James

was telling me, Brad Pitt, a

tremendous name, in the boxing ring

for Australia, trains with you. He

does a bit of training at the VIS

gym. He's a fantastic bloke, I saw

him the other night, because he

smashed a pom, which is good, and

continues on. Maybe a prediction from the Games. And as we heard in the news, we're keeping an eye on Cyclone Larry as it approaches the Far North Queensland coast. It's been upgraded to Category 3 and could cross the coast between Cape Tribulation and Mackay sometime tomorrow. Residents in that region should take precautions. The rest of the country looks okay today. An overcast 30-degrees in Brisbane.

Some clearing showers for Sydney. A bit of cloud around for Canberra, Hobart and here in Melbourne. A fine 25-degrees for Adelaide. And Perth's looking good with 35. Looking further ahead, showers could return to Brisbane and Sydney, Canberra and Hobart should stay fine. Melbourne's in luck for the Games, with sunshine forecast for tomorrow and Tuesday. Adelaide and Perth are also looking good, but some showers could hit Darwin.

Just putting tropical Cyclone Larry

in contention, it is one of the

most significant cyclones to hit

Queensland for quite some time.

Townsville, which could be in the

eye of the storm, it's been 30

years since they had something this

big approach. It is bearing down to

be a category 4, expected to land

across the coast between 9.00 and

10.00am tomorrow. There is a 200km

strip down the coast that it could

cross at - thankfully, only 25km of

the strip are populated, so

hopefully it will slide across in

an unpopulated area. Gold medals,

Mel is in the best position, she

has the crystal ball Langing around

her neck. I think Katie mktire in

the cycling. Thanks, beautiful eggs. Well, the Government's Terror Hotline was set up so Australians could report suspicious activity. But proposed new laws could discourage people from bothering. The legislation would allow phone and email taps on people who call the hotline. Cameron Murphy is from the Council for Civil Liberties. Good morning. What do you think of these proposed laws?

For the first tierges the

Commonwealth Government will give

the power to police and other

agencies to tap the phones of

innocent third parties. People who

are not themselves even suspected

of an offence. Part of that will

include the terrorism hotline. At

the moment, the government in their

own advertisements are asking

people to call and are saying that

your call will remain anonymous. If

these laws go through, it simply

will not be the case, any call

could be tapped. What is the

rationale behind this? You think if

someone calls, they would be pretty

innocent themselves, and the end

result would be that you would

discourage people from calling.

Exactly. It undermines the entire

process of this. It is supposed to

be a way that the government can

obtain useful information from

people, even the most minor of

details, that may help and be

valuable information that pro texts

us from a terrorist attack -

tapping though phone calls and

having a person who rings in being

the focus of the phone tapping

operation will mean that many

people may be too frightened to

call in and provide the information,

they may fear reprisals or may not

want to be involved in a police

investigation. Absolutely, given

the climate, you wouldn't want to

draw attention to yourself. The

government is saying they would

only spy on people who call the

terror hotline as a last resort. Do

you think (a) that is good enough

and (b) that would happen? I don't

think that's the case. The

legislation doesn't say it's a last

resort, the legislation says they

can do it once they have exhausted

all other practical measures, which

is not the same thing. The point is

that once people know the terrorism

hotline can be tapped, it will

undermine all confidence and many

people just won't bother ringing

and we'll miss out on valuable

information. What about the

argument that whoever calls the

hotline may have been contacted hotline may have been contacted by

a terrorist to get that information,

and tapping their phone may give

the police extra information? It is

really a question about whether you

want to encourage people to call,

and the best way to encourage

people to call and provide

information is to ensure that they

can do it anonymously. If you try

to have a bet each way and you want

that valuable information, and you

also want the ability to go on and

tap a phone and prosecute people,

all you are going to do ultimately

is mean that people will weigh that

up and they are unlikely to provide

the information. I would have

thought it is more important to

prevent a terrorist attack than to

worry about who you prosecute at

that point. You appeared before a

Senate inquiry, when do you think

we will have an answer on the laws?

The Senate committee is due to

report back to the Senate at the

end of the month, and it will be

introduced into parliament in the

next session. I urge all

politicians to vote against it, I

think the legislation goes too far

and it will undermine important

things like the terrorist hotline.

Thanks for joining us, Cameron.

Next up, our all star panel is back. And we'll chat live to our gold medal triathletes. The Aussie double, right after this.

I was very nervous, Phil is a

fantastic gymnast and put so much

pressure on me, it was a fantastic

finish. I'm happy with the bronze,

it was a good challenge, it was

between me and the high barks this

time I won, so the high bar is

getting put down at the moment.

Dreams come true in Melbourne. I

was really happy to get revenge

back on that pommel horse. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Gymnasts Josh Jefferis and Philippe Rizzo there. They got gold and bronze medals in the men's all-round gymnastics. Well, we've seen so many record-breaking performances at the Commonwealth Games so far. And the efforts of our triathletes are right up there with them. Emma Snowsill and Brad Kahlefeldt made history yesterday when they won Australia's first ever gold medals in triathlon. We're thrilled to have Emma and Brad with us this morning along with our expert panel - Grant Hackett, Hayley Lewis, Liz Ellis and Beretts. Congratulations Emma and Brad.

How did you celebrate last night?

We definitely tried to, definitely

past my bed-time, and I think Brad

was out a little bit later than me.

I had a few problems, I lost my

medal last night on the dance floor.

But I've got did in my pocket, I'll

have to repair it. You found it,

because it hit the deck? Yes,

everyone stopped the music and we

looked for the medal. If ever

you're going to stop the dance

floor, that's T emmarks you looked

as though you were loving every

single moment of the race, but

especially the last moments,

crossing the finish line, you

looked like you were safe organise

every second, which was just lovely

to watch. Yes, it's something I

haven't often done in a triathlon,

looked behind to see where the

opponents are and how close they

are. I wanted to thank the crowd

for coming out and the support I

had out there. I would have loved

that moment to have gone on forever

I saw so many people, once I stopped and slowed down and

realised who was there supporting

me, and it was a feeling I'll never forget.

What does the medal mean? We all

know the background, it must have

been so special. There were so many

emotions. It's something I haven't

ever done, particularly finishing a

race and thinking about all the

things. Really, it was hard work

and relief that was the

overwhelming feeling, that it had

finally come together for me, I had

the race that I wanted on the day,

everyone supporting me, and I just

- yes, I'm over the moon and this

medal means the world to me at the

moment. You said starting the race

yesterday it was 14 degrees and

going into the bike leg you were

cramped. In the first 5km you were

with the other girls, you are

usually out alone and don't like a

sprint finish. Was there a stage

when you were concerned that it

would come down to that or did you

feel you would pull away and bring

home the last 5km like you did?

Like you said, I usually like to go

out hard in the run and establish a

lit of a lead. I get a bit nervous

when there's other people around,

I'm not too crash hot on my sprint

finishes, so I don't like to leave

anything to chance. I was chilly,

the wind chill was cool, I couldn't

feel my feet when I got off the

bike, I put the wrong shoe on the

wrong foot in transition, and

wasn't thinking too straight. It

took me 5km to start feeling good

and warm um and got my rhythm and

started feeling myself that I could

break away from the girls I was

with. There was an excellent

article in a Brisbane newspaper a

month ago, saying you were worried

about the transitions. How did you

go yesterday with those? The

transitions always seem to be not

my strongest point, but I didn't

muck up with my wet suit coming out

of the swim, I've done that a fair

few - too many times. I made a good

transition and got out on the bike,

but my bike, I haven't ever put the

wrong shoot on the wrong foot

before. Obviously it didn't matter, congratulations. Thank you very

much. Brad, Emma's efforts must

have spurred you on, but you must

have had some tips from your

parents, who are marathon runners,

when advice did they give you?

Basically go as hard as I can, do

the best, and Emma set the tone for

the day, she dominated the women's

race. If I had a result half as

good as that, I knew I was going to

have a fairly good day, I'm stocked.

There were a lot of Wagga people

here yesterday, about 150 Go Brad

supporters, thanks to those people

for coming and watching, and all

the crowd. When I made my break

with 5km to go in the run leg, they

spurred me on and got me home. I

reckon most of Wagga was there

yesterday watching the triathlon.

Have you ever had an atmosphere,

and even the national anthem when

you were presented your medal, have

you seen anything like it? No, not

really. Hamburg World Cup in

Germany is big, but to do it in

front of your home crowd and win

such a big race, it was a goal of

mine at the start of year, I sat

down with my coach Bill Davoren,

and we sat down, and we peaked

yesterday , it was all for this day.

Brad and Emma, congratulations

again, you put in the most amazing

performance. We have a special me

men toe, Grant Denyer is there. You

can't go home without a meat tray. Breakfast, thank you.


Well done, guys, congratulations.


was a very emotional moment when

those meat trays ou, I saw Brad

tear up. I wonder if we should play

the national anthem when the meat

tray is presented. You are not

going to get the meat tray back; Well, let's take a quick break. But next, our all-star panel previews the day ahead. You're watching Sunrise, right across Australia. Well, today is being billed as Super Sunday at the Commonwealth Games. Today is The athletics begin, with the marathon winding its way through Melbourne and the world's fastest man on show. There's also plenty more swimming, cycling, shooting, netball, hockey and basketball. Let's look at the day ahead with our expert panel - Grant Hackett, Hayley Lewis, Liz Ellis and Mark Beretta. Beretts, the athletics start and the speedsters are on show.

It starts with a bang, the

beginning of the men's 100m heats.

This is where they pump themselves

up, even during the heats. Astafa

Powell will be p there from Jamaica,

a lot of interest how he performs

after a groin injury. Peter Johnson

is there, on paper he has the

second fastest 100m time at this

event. Of course, Josh Ross, who

has been Australia's number 1 in

recent weeks. A great way to kick

things off in track and field. What

about in the marathon? A great day,

starts at the MCG, out through

Carlton, back over the Yarra,

around St Kilda and back to the MCG.

A rile short of Melbourne. It's

exciting to drive around, and you

see the blue line, and it's like,

wow, this is where it's all going

to be happening. Kieran McCann in

the women's, defending from

Manchester. We have Andrew leather

by for Australia, who is a good

chance to medal. If you are on the

route, make sure you give the

runners a cheer. I thought you

would be running it. I couldn't run

out of sight on a dark night!

Tamsyn Lewis will be in the heats

of the 400m. We caught up with her

and asked her what it's like to

race in front of her home crowd.

Having spent the last 12 years

running overseas internationally,

it goats lonely in trck and field,

and difficult with the time zones,

but to have your family in the

crowd, it gives you a huge boost,

because they are there before the

race, and after the race to support

you, no matter what happens. What

about the controversy, the dramas

we've seen with the row between

Jana Pitman and Tamsin, is that

distracting for the girls or the

whole team? I don't think it's

distracting for the team,

particularly once you go into the

camp. In the village, it's a bit of

a vacuum, you don't realise there

are other things going on outside,

you don't pore over the papers, you

are caught up in your preparations

and focused. For the rest of the

team it won't be a distraction. It

might have distracted Tamsin and

Jana, particularly when the media

is calling you, but in the last

week or so they have kept a pretty

low profile, and the strength of

athletes in individual sports -

grant and highly myself back this

up - while you are in a team

environment for the Olympics or the

Commonwealth Games, the strength is

being able to focus on your event

when it comes around. Now that the

events are here, they will focus on

doing their best. I was reading an

interesting article by Raelene

Boyle, and saying in swimming we

had a rift between Leisel Jones and

brook Hansen at the 2006 Olympics,

and that was quickly taken under

control, and now they are room

mates. You put they will together.

In villages, particularly with you

guys in the track team, the swim

team has a great team atmosphere

and you invite other people to your

team meetings, but the track team

don't quite have that. Why do you

think that is? What do you think,

Grant, is athletics letting the

team down by not controlling them?

There is a big difference between

the athletics teamant swimming team,

and the swimming team leads by

example. The row between Leisel and

brook, we sat them down and put

them together and confronted the

media. We don't want to be in the

newspaper because we are having an

argument, we want to be in the

newspaper because we are a good