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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello, I'm Sandra Sully of Australia's flag-bearer Tonight, the grand naming for the Commonwealth Games named incident in the games village. marred by news of a disturbing another busy round of engagements. The Queen heads for Canberra for Labor's crucial showdown. face-off at a not-so-secret meeting. Arch-rivals Beazley and Crean this meeting? Was it worthwhile? Have you made any real progress with is worthwhile in its own right. I think the fact we're talking is keep talking from here. What we've got to do catfight And the Tamsyn Lewis - Jana Pittman

with Ryan Phelan. headlines 'Sports Tonight' Thanks, Sandra. the team should unite not fight. The team flagbearer Jane Saville says More on that in a moment. helped break records, Australia's cricketers

against South Africa. but it wasn't enough verbal warfare in the NRL. How this hit has started some AFL match review panel How this hit has prompted of the year. to hand out its first suspension And the surf is huge in Tassie. Need we say more. the Commonwealth Games. First, a scandal has rocked is in Melbourne. Ten News Reporter Leonie Mellor games haven't even started yet? Leonie, already a blight and the


right, Sandra. A 16-year-old

girl was allegedly indecently

assaulted inside the Games village

at about 10:00 this morning. Now we

understand she was one of the

workers there. Police have

confirmed they're investigating

the incident and they're not saying

a terrible lot at this stage. But

we understand a man is helping them

with their inquiries. They have

though told us that the alleged

offender is not one of the athletes

but is a member of one of teams

staying at the village. Now we've

also spoken to Australian

organisers tonight. They've told us

that the alleged offender is not

part of the Australian team but

organisers are looking to see

whether security needs to be

increased at the village. Not a

good start. In some ways it's

taketon gloss of what was to be a

good news announcement. That's

right. The long-awaited

announcement into who will carry

the Australian flag at the opening

ceremony and I think I'm fair in

saying that the person they've

favourite. chosen is sure to be a crowd

Decked out in their Games's uniforms Team Australia gathered to learn at the opening ceremony. who would lead the way the spectacular on TV After planning to watch will proudly fly the flag. walker Jane Saville gold medals and an Olympic silver The winner of two Commonwealth now forced to change her plans. I didn't even consider it. I didn't think I was in -

to the Opening Ceremony. I actually wasn't coming down I was just going to train from my chiropractor and physio. because I had to get some treatment to be bestowed the honour. She's the first walker ever for her heartbreak in Sydney The 31-year-old best known just a few hundred metres from gold. by veteran swimmer Adam Pine The athlete's oath to be read before a packed MCG of up to a billion people. and anticipated television audience Yeah, that's probably the most -

I've ever addressed, the biggest crowd I can assure you. So I mean I'm totally excited. models to their younger team-mates. Both athletes keen to act as role and Adam's experience can help that Hopefully my experience the strongest team we've ever been and make this team at a Commonwealth Games. for their sportsmanship and character The pair chosen as much as their medal prospects. Across town, thousands were streaming into the MCG of the Opening Ceremony for a sneak preview at the final dress rehearsal. for Wednesday's gala 90,000 are expected to pack the arena in the biggest Game's opener ever. at full stadiums You'll see the enthusiastic crowds that'll be the case. and for all the big events Gerald Scholten, Ten News. Leonie, the day isn't over yet. into the night. The organisers are still working well Yes, that's right, Sandra. I'm standing outside the MCG now a few people walking behind me. and you can probably see rehearsal They've just finished the final extravaganza. to the opening ceremony arrived to see the finishing touches Now earlier, thousands of people put in place, have been sworn to secrecy. but these people

they fcae heavy fines, If anyone spills the beans, Games accreditation. or could even lose to ensure that Wednesday night That's how keen organisers are is kept a surprise. is that Dame Kiri Te Kanawa But what we call tell you has performed tonight, to come. giving spectators a taste of what's already announcing Organisers have of course of 'God save the Queen'. she will sing the first verse quite a big day in Melbourne. Also, Leonie, that rehearsal will end baton arrive in the Games' city. In fact, today we saw the Queen's That's right, Sandra. the world, fter its trip nearly halfway around this morning. it arrived from Tasmania

It's arrival signalling it's not long to go now. As only Melbourne can, it turned on the weather, on its final leg as the baton embarked towards the 2006 Commonwealth Games. to a spin around the Grand Prix track From an aboriginal smoking ceremony Ian Molly Meldrum. and into the hands of music legend the historic Luna Park, He took it past though setting no cracking pace. Go Molly. Go St Kilda. Go the Commonwealth Games. get into the spirit of it. It's exciting, And Molly was. Unbelievable. That was unbelievable. at Brighton Beach. There was plenty of colour Past patriotic youngsters, premiership coach Mick Malthouse. Then held aloft by 2-time AFL It's an absolute outstanding honour. feels to be part of the relay team. I can't express how humbling it Despite lacklustre ticket sales, the enthusiasm in Melbourne is gaining pace. 22,000 tickets Organisers reallocating another after reviewing seating areas, by the corporate sector. many of them rejected We have gone and looked at it fantastic seats and we have decided these were and should be available and we make no apologies for that. The eleventh hour bonanza proving a winner.

Just letting you know, that all cycling is now sold out. But 5,000 tickets are still available to the opening ceremony, despite 5,000 giveaways yesterday. Still organisers are upbeat saying they've already sold nearly 500,000 more

than the 900,000 sold at Manchester.

And I can tell you that of those

22,000 tickets released earlier

today, 20,500 have already been

sold. Now track, cycling and

diving are now sold out but there

are still limited numbers to the

swimming, netball and gymnastics. So

my advice is get in quick. Thanks Leonie. The Government has confirmed wide-ranging powers for Games security. Blackhawk helicopters and FA-18 jet-fighters will be on stand by to shoot down suspect aircraft in the Games exclusion zone. As well, 13,000 police and 12,000 security personnel will be available to maintain order. The Queen and Prince Philip are back in Canberra tonight. They're taking it easy after a full day of engagements in Sydney. The end of an exhausting day. The royal couple returning to Government House tonight after official duties in Sydney. It is familiar territory for Queen Elizabeth - her 15th visit to Australia in more than half a century. The welcome remains as warm as ever. 'GOD SAVE THE QUEEN' PLAYS And for this monarch, a special return to a building she opened more than 30 years ago to mark the completion of the first external changes in all that time. While Australia had changed dramatically for the better in the past decade, she said the Opera House had performed a role far greater than simply being a piece of architecture. It was seen even then and has certainly since become a symbol of the nation itself. A building to which visitors happily return again and again for renewed joy and inspiration. But this occasion also helped heal a rift between Danish architect Joern Utzon and the State Government of the day. He left Australia before it was finished and has never returned. In the spirit of reconciliation, he was invited to consult on the changes. Today we acknowledge and celebrate the brilliance of Joern Utzon and though he is not here in person,

his spirit and his genius suffuses this building and this occasion. Too frail to return, his son here in his place. My father lives and breathes the Opera House and, as its creator, only has to close his eyes to be here at Bennelong Point. Old and young lined up to greet the Queen. And for one youngster, a closer meeting than most. She's really nice and it wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. For others, it's a regular event. I always do, always have, and always will, as long as I can walk. Given Her Majesty opens the Commonwealth Games on Wednesday, she's used this visit to promote the benefits of exercise in maintaining good health and vitality, no doubt using herself as an example given the monarch turns 80 next month. DIDGERIDOO MUSIC PLAYS At a special service to celebrate Commonwealth Day - the first outside Britain - the Queen also highlighted the plight of the poor and sick in Commonwealth countries. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The source of a legionnaire's outbreak in Sydney remains a mystery tonight. Two women have been treated for the potentially deadly illness after visiting a shopping area at Chatswood. Airconditioning cooling towers in the Chatswood area have been checked but none tested positive. An uneasy truce tonight within the besieged Labor Party. Simon Crean and Kim Beazley claim

they've settled their differences as best they can

and are now focused on the future. Simon Crean was so keen to leave after the much-hyped showdown, he accidentally got into Kim Beazley's car.

But Mr Crean isn't the Labor leader anymore, and he was quickly kicked out of the boss's seat. (Laughs) A similar power struggle had played out upstairs. The pair spent just over an hour in a Sydney apartment, settling their very public differences, privately. We had a very constructive discussion and we'll have further discussions and that's all I've got to say. Those fiery discussions, over the role of factional war lords in party preselection, will no longer descend into public slanging matches. According to Kim Beazley. he wants the in-fighting behind closed doors from now on. If we don't win the next election neither he nor I will ever be ministers again. But Kim Beazley's been calling for quiet for days now, refusing to engage in a media fight with the former leader,

who came out swinging after a bitter preselection battle. Since his endorsement, Mr Crean's been holding barbecues for supporters, and making profile-pumping appearances on morning television. Even Mrs Crean weighed in. I don't believe in people paying, I just believe in the good guys winning, that's what I believe in.

But in this round, it seems, there's been no winners, just embarrassment for Labor. Danielle Isedale, Ten News.

It's been a big day for Australian business with our newest airline hitting turbulent times and a shopping icon changing hands. Retail giant, Myer, is back in the family fold after it sold for almost $1.5 billion. A department store dynasty has returned to its old owners - if only partially. American equity group Newbridge Capital and the Myer family taking ownership of the landmark department store chain.

Four years ago Coles Myer could not have sold Myer, let alone achieve the right price. The deal allows the Myer family to retain a financial interest in the iconic company they established in regional Victoria more than 100 years ago. How could there possibly be regrets? I mean we have had 100 years in association with this business and we see no reason why there won't be another 100 years.

The Myer name will stay, as for other changes customers can expect... Our first job will be to listen to what the customers and the staff tell us, rather than come in with preconceived notions. While Myer's new owners celebrate their purchase, a $10 million loss has forced OzJet founder

and former Formula One boss Paul Stoddart to ground his fledgeling airline. There just simply wasn't enough bums on seats. Qantas will honour OzJet tickets while the business class airline changes its focus to concentrate solely on charter operations. Veronica Buck, Ten News. Stay with Ten's Late News. After the break - U2's Bono breaks his silence on why the band postponed their Australian tour. It's hard to describe how awful it feels. Plus, when it's been rescheduled. in the 'burbs. And crikey, it's another croc Imagine a sports saloon it embraces them. Move as one. than the major banks? A home entertainment system. the business this much We couldn't have grown Let me show you this. This program is captioned live. has levelled blame The Queensland Premier on a railway track in Brisbane. over the death of three boys playing responsibility for their children. He says parents have to take one family can take. There's only so much

and now this is my baby. I lost one, he was my eldest, I've got one son left.

was once home to eight kids, The Duncan family house now just five. and 8-year-old Glen, 10-year-old Hayden Reggie, along with their 9-year-old cousin were killed at the weekend Joseph died in a police chase. only months after their older brother but not my baby. I can understand my firstborn, These are my children. These are mine.

So how did this happen? aunty's house with her son Reggie. The brothers were staying at their It was normal for the young boys to go out alone. There were just going to the park, walkabout. shows them at a shop nearby Surveillance vision from the early hours of the morning. themselves for at least eight hours. There, at 6am, they hung around by and parents went looking. At 6pm, worry set in they called police. More than four hours later, and I knew. I get this knock on the door, it. and I still don't want to believe I didn't want to believe it there's a lesson to be learnt. The Premier says

to say I know it's not a pleasant thing about this. but someone's got to tell the truth When it comes to young children, parental responsibility. parents need to take and look after six kids himself, The Premier should get out see how tough he finds it.

guards at the Goodna train line Today, Queensland Rail had security on the tracks yesterday. after more kids were seen

near the footbridge says it all - A simple note left "You were taken too soon." Sadder still, the families don't know for the boys. how they'll afford a combined service their eldest son's funeral The Duncans are still paying off and are launching an appeal to hope a generous public will help out. Donations can be made through the Anglican Church at Inala. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Hussein regime tonight A first admission from the Saddam to death in the 1980's. that 148 Shi'ites were sentenced An Iraqi judge from that era Hussein's trial in Baghdad acknowledged the deaths at Saddam a short time ago. they were given fair trials But he insists and all confessed the former Iraqi leader. to trying to assassinate the death of Slobodan Milosevic, And there's some important news on who was on trial for war crimes. the former Yugoslav leader that he deliberately took a drug It's being reported tonight of his heart medicine. that neutralised the effects

of a Dutch toxicologist That's the opinion who has examined his blood. hoping to go to Moscow for treatment It's also being reported it he was for avoid further court proceedings. and CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. To finance news Tom, the market leapt higher today. What was behind it?

Triggered by a lot of action last

week, Wall Street, a lot of data Triggered by a lot of action last

week, Wall Street, a lot of data

out of the way. That is true. Last week, Wall Street, a lot of data

week local investors had to make

their way through a minefield of

their way through a minefield of economic and over news an they've

done that successfully. So today

investors felt a little more

confident about launching into the investors felt a little more

fray. And that was well reflected confident about launching into the

in the gain for the Aud Ordinary index. Thanks Tom. CommSec's Tom Piotrowski. for their Australian tour Irish supergroup U2 won't be back until November. told the ABC's Andrew Denton Charismatic lead singer Bono

of the group's disappointment of their Vertigo tour. at having to postpone 10 dates

It's against everything. It makes you feel ill.

how awful it feels. It's really - it's hard to describe The tour was postponed last week The Edge's young daughter. due to the illness of guitarist I can announce tonight. The good news is I think We are coming back. and that's a great relief to me. It looks like November An unexpected visitor in a suburban swimming pool. has been found lurking

A Sydney resident out of her backyard pool. fished this freshwater baby crocodile She caught it bare-handed, with a bandage then strapped its snout together while waiting for help to arrive. and put it in the bath The discovery comes less than three weeks after a saltwater croc was found just kilometres away. that you've got two crocodiles I just think it's quite bizarre of each other. showing up in close proximity someone Maybe someone's tried to scare who lives in the northern suburbs. I'm not sure what's going on. will have a well-earned rest tonight The reptile nicknamed 'Snappy' at the Australian Reptile Park.

from Eureka Towers in Melbourne Ryan Phelan joins us with Sports Tonight. Tamsyn Lewis and Jana Pittman And Ryan, the Aussie team wants to end their feud. Yes, Sandra. who will carry the flag Jane Saville,

opening ceremony in the Commonwealth Games has called for a united team. Also tonight. Crash, bang, walloped. in South Africa. An incredible one-day decider A war of words erupts on Souths' Ben Walker. after Adrian Morley's big hit I'm just sick to the back teeth at the back of press conferences, of seeing him whinge to be quite honest with you. with death as it gets big in Tassie. And the world's best surfers dice fuel-efficient V8 comes with a powerful and, for a short time, $4,500 worth of extras

at no extra cost, and a genuine Jeep touch screen navigation system, on the way home. so you won't get lost to your nearest Jeep dealer. Find the quickest way This program is captioned live. Champion walker Jane Saville in the footsteps will be hoping to follow of her flag-bearing predecessors.

As team leader she has numerous

challenges not tougher than

ensuring the law wis pitman feud

doesn't effect team unity. Yes, thanks very much, Ryan and we've been joined by the flag bearer Jane Saville. And Jane, congratulations, a terrific honour for you and your heart must have been going when it was announced tonight. Yeah, it was a quite a nerve wracking thing when my name came up and I'm just so honoured, I can't believe it and it's a great atmosphere in here and it's a great atmosphere in the village so we're all enjoying the Games and they haven't even started yet. So I'm really looking forward to the opening ceremony. It's your fourth Commonwealth Games, does this add to the tension for you, a couple of sleepless nights? As a little kid I never dreamt that I would be competing at such a level and to be carrying the Australian flag is an incredible dream. You're pretty much the team captain and now you've got to try and unify some of your athletes as well after the Tamsyn/Jana thing, how's all that settling down? Look, I think everything will be fine. A lot of it gets blown out of proportion and we're pretty much a really cool team and the last few years we've had a great athletics team, great camaraderie with everybody and I'm really looking forward to it. We've got some young guys in there and they're excited about the Games as well. So you will be practising with the flag then? Yes, I'll have to give my arms a bit of a rest over the next couple of days. I'm not a weight lifter so hopefully it won't be too heavy. Congratulations, thanks for talking to Sports Tonight. Thanks very much. There you go, Ryan, Jane Saville and she's going to be presenting of course with the Australian flag come the opening ceremony on Wednesday night. It's strongly tipped a Welshman could end Australia's 50-year domination of the 1,500m metre freestyle event at this year's Games. With Grant Hackett out of action through illness, David Davies has emerged as the red-hot favourite. David Davies turnes 21 today but the birthday present he really wants is still a few days way.

And after going so close in Athens, Grant Hackett's absence is just the wrapping. I though somebody was pulling my leg to be honest. I was disppointed, but now it's a little while ago so I've gotten used to the fact. The English also feel that without the Thorpe-Hackett double act, their medal hopes are soaring. Well certainly, in those men's events there are great oppotunities for us. I mean, the Commonwealth Games are obviously not going to be as such as a spectacular event without those two guys because we could have expected records perhaps off them. The Australian sevens are not prepared to let English to take another rugby title despite limited preparation for our Super 14 stars. Well, it's not every time that you get to play in a Commonwealth Games and mate, I put my hand straight up to be eligible to get picked for the side and luckily I had.

Well with Lote Tuqiri we should win it. Just give it to Lote Tuqiri. Ian Cohen for Sports Tonight. A host of one-day cricket records tumbled this morning,

Most Aussie cricket fans went to

bed last night thinking Australia's

record breaking innings against

South Africa was enough to secure

South Africa was enough to secure the innings. We all woke up with a shock. It's being called the greatest ever one-day match. COMMENTATOR: What a victory! That is a sensational game of cricket!

South Africa reaching a world record target with one wicket and one ball to spare. A stunning finish to the tightest of series. The match an assault on the boundary like never before. Australia becoming the first team in one-day international history to pass 400 runs. Ricky Ponting with a career-high 164 off 105 balls. Goodness me, that is huge. That has gone out of the ground. Ponting's blitz including 13 fours and 9 sixes to earn him a share of man of the match. An honour he'd later politely decline, offering it to this man. Herchelle Gibbs making an astounding target of 435 runs a real possibility. That's gone. That's gone. Mick Lewis carted for 113 runs. The most expensive bowler in one-day history. Gibbs pounded 21 fours and 7 sixes in his knock of 175. In the air and that's it. His departure saw Australia regain control of the match.

Australia back in with a chance when the Proteas lost their ninth wicket with three balls to spare. The result setting the tone for the Test series later this week. I'm sure everybody here today just had one of the greatest days of their lives. It's been an amazing game of cricket. Leanne West for Sports Tonight. Rooster's prop Adrian Morley has been charged with a grade 3 careless high tackle and faces three weeks on the sidelines for his sickening hit on Ben Walker yesterday. The high shot not only leaving Walker with concussion and a knee injury but also a grudge against Rooster's coach Ricky Stuart.

Ben Walker is out for up to four weeks after copping an Adrian Morley monstering. Although the halfback isn't fired up about the hit but the way it was defended by Roosters coach Ricky Stuart. I'm just sick of seeing Ricky going into press conferences

You don't bank people slipping into

it. This was an accident. There was

no intention whatsoever. So I hope

it's not an Adrian Morley bash up again. I'm just sick of seeing Ricky going into press conferences and whinge about players, or whinge about what his players do. I wish he'd get into press conferences and watch the game like everyone else and admit to things.

Walker denying he slipped into the tackle. It was quite clear what happened yesterday. Just be nice if someone could go into a press conference and let the pictures tell the story. A guilty plea will see Morley banned for just two games. Warriors five-eighth Sione Faumuina is also expecting a 2-3 week suspension, for a high shot on Melbourne's Cooper Cronk. The Cowboys have cooled off after their red-hot performance against the Broncos. Brisbane blaming a lack of cohesion for their 32-point thrashing. In other team news, the Tigers Benji Marshall faces six weeks out following scans on his fractured cheek bone. Dragons skipper Trent Barrett

has been hospitalised with a stomach virus. While Newcastle's Brian Carney has apologised for an altercation at a Sydney hotel overnight which saw him fined $550 by police. Scott Mackinnon for Sports Tonight. The AFL Match Review Panel has had a busy weekend. Three players have cases to answer - Fremantle defender Antoni Grover the most serious, charged with a level 4 strike against Geelong's Cameron Mooney. A guilty plea will see Grover cop a one-match suspension, following this incident with Cameron Mooney in the opening minutes of Saturday night's NAB Cup semifinal at the Telstra Dome. Contact assessed as intentional, high and behind play. But luck went the way of Grover's team-mate Josh Carr. The panel saying this incident with Shannon Byrnes lacked the force necessary to constitute a report. West Coast's Beau Waters can accept a reprimand after being charged with tripping Blue Ryan Houlihan. While Bulldogs youngster Sam Power has been fined $2,400 for making negligent contact with umpire Stuart Wenn

in last Friday's challenge match against St Kilda. Adelaide is facing a selection dilemma ahead of Saturday night's NAB Cup grand final. Their promising band of youngsters facing the squeeze, as they near full-strength. There's a number of guys that are back in contention, so I don't think it will be the same team as we played in round one but it'll be closer. Damien Booth for Sports Tonight. Football Australia has capped off a hugely successful inaugural season of the A-League with its awards night. Sports Tonight's Glen Lauder has caught up with the game's player of the year.

Thank, Ryan. Well his team may have

missed out on qualifying for the

A-League final series but Perth

A-League final series but Perth A-League final series but Perth striker Bobby has taken out the

A-league Johny Warren medal. An

A-league Johny Warren medal. An amazing honour. Yes, absolutely

blown away with the likes of Dwight

blown away with the likes of Dwight Yorke and the rest of the players

Yorke and the rest of the players in there to be named Johnny Warren

in there to be named Johnny Warren player of the year it's an amazing

achievement for me. What do you owe

your success to? Good solid

preseason and good, good start to

preseason and good, good start to the season as well especially the

the season as well especially the first 14 day games an I think I

pulled enough votes from that. The

A-League's first season has been a

success , what do you predict for

the next season? It's only going to

the next season? It's only going to grow from this point. We've seen it

grown in the people going to the

games and stuff like that and the

soldout grand final. The likes of

soldout grand final. The likes of Dwight Yorke and our Socceroos who

are actually hieglights of their

are actually hieglights of their careers over in England or Europe

careers over in England or Europe coming back and perform here at

coming back and perform here at

coming back and perform here at highest level, it's just going to

go astnomically well.

go astnomically well. Congratulations once again and Ryan,

Congratulations once again and Ryan, just repeating some of the other

just repeating some of the other

just repeating some of the other awards. Nick Ward has been named

awards. Nick Ward has been named the rising star T Central Coast

the rising star T Central Coast

the rising star T Central Coast mar ners coach has been named the

coach of the year and the referee

of the year award has gone to Mark Shield. When it comes to big wave surfing in Australia it doesn't come much better than Tasmania's Shipsturn's Bluff and some of the world's best have made the pilgrimage

to risk life and limb for the Billabong XXL awards. It's an isolated cliff face on the Apple Isle's remote coastline. But surfers don't head there to admire the view -

they're chasing the 5m monsters offshore. Just a fortnight before entries close for the Billabong XXL Awards, Shipsterns Bluff turned it on. Some of the best in the world testing their courage on the walls of water. It takes a jet ski to get on and a miracle to stay there. I got spat out and then spat off. Former world champ Andy Irons made the trip to Tasmania and didn't disappoint, showing everyone else how it's done. It's probably one of the toughest waves I've ever surfed, really The staircases in it, and the way it hits the reef, just so powerful. Australia's Joel Parkinson joined Irons on Tassie's tip. was too big, At times, Shipsterns Bluff

even for the former world number two. I had no option into this thing. but to, kind of pull, that I had no way of making it. I knew once I pulled into the thing they did conquer, But there were plenty of waves and they're sure to feature heavily are announced. when the big wave awards Peter O'Dempsey for Sports Tonight.

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Play of the day time now and there's nothing better than seeing the Socceroos captain scoring goals just a couple of months out from the World Cup. And Mark Viduka's strike for Middlesbrough was nothing short of stunning. He's been out of favour recently at the Riverside,

in their team with goals like this. but who wouldn't want him to Charlton Boro ended up going down 2-1 our play of the day. but Viduka still gets omm Games capital, Melbourne. And Sandra, that's the day sport from couple of weeks ahead. Sure to be a busy and exciting To the national weather, So for tomorrow, showers for Cairns. A possible shower for Brisbane. 27 and showers for Sydney. Possible showers for Canberra. Mostly cloudy and 22 for Melbourne. Late showers for Hobart. Mostly sunny for Adelaide. Sunny in Perth. Heavy showers for Darwin. And mostly sunny in The Alice. And that's the latest from Ten News.

from the Late News team, I'm Sandra Sully, thanks for joining us. Goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre. Supertext captions