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(generated from captions) from terrorism. can help keep Australia safe

are working hard, Police and security agencies complete the picture. but you could help them If you see anything suspicious, National Security Hotline call the 24-hour from terrorism. and help protect Australia Call 1800 123 400. Trained operators take every call seriously, and you can remain anonymous. Autumn 1989. sighted UFOs over Belgium. Thousands of people but were unsuccessful. Interceptors scrambled, were picked up on radar. Some of the objects this is an original photo... But the phenomenon... remains... a mystery. the sightings were genuine. The Belgian Air Force believed General De Brouwer At a press conference. reported them matter-of-factly,

as the US Air Force usually does. without attempting to play them down of an F-16's radar screen, He showed a video of one of the objects. and the flight path over Belgium

very conspicuously, Well, what was flying over Belgium, right at the end of the Cold War? seem interested in this question. These days, only ufologists crazy or ridiculous, And they are thought to be eccentric, of work by the US military an impression resulting from decades and US intelligence agencies.

conference didn't want to be filmed. That's why many people at this were especially cautious. The scientists attending a career in science Only those who no longer wanted were willing to speak on camera.

need to understand is Something that people some abstract scientific problem, that the UFO phenomenon is not just national security interest. it's a problem of the most important

was the atomic bomb. In the beginning only the Americans had it. In the 1940s, guaranteed US supremacy. Keeping the nuclear secret secret of the atomic bomb, This was the fiery birth

of step by step advance culmination of centuries in the scientific quest, effort by the democratic allies, achievement of international and toil since 1939, product of unremitting research and a violence beyond conception this instant of fury and flame and heralded a new era sounded the end of an age in the destiny of mankind, to his universe. a new relationship of man Department of Energy's test lab, Oak Ridge, Tennessee - the US of the US atomic energy program. and a key centre had their own facilities, The Army, Navy and Air Force in the New Mexico desert. many of them crowded together closely guarded facilities, Above these were sighted from 1947 onward. unknown flying objects They were not yet called UFOs. began secret investigations. The military and the FBI Oak Ridge and yet something did. In 1947 you couldn't just fly over I don't know what that was, That's kind of important. at Oak Ridge but if I were in charge of security what that was. I'd certainly want to know at the Atomic Energy Commission And guess what, officials did want to know. and throughout the US military of airspace over many installations. There were repeated violations of high activity It was a period with strange vehicles in the sky.

Bill Gibson filmed top-secret tests of the armed forces conducted by various branches in New Mexico. at Holloman Air Force Base two high-tech weapons... They wanted to combine the rocket and the H-bomb. these tests for the scientists. Military cameramen like him filmed We photographed everything to air-to-air missiles, from V-2s

all types of missiles. Were these tests being spied on? kept reporting "flying discs" The civilian and military test staff violating the test airspace. or "green spheres of light" there were certain objects They were complaining flying around their facility what it was all about. and they wanted to know by top engineers, Some of the sightings were by pilots, by photographers. Ranchers, cowboys... household... people. of these little flying objects And they were telling these stories were outside their door. from September of 1947 There is a document for instance RICHARD DOLAN: Nathan Twining, a four star general, from American Air Force General not visionary or fictitious, who described these objects as real, but described them in great detail, and not only that, not leaving vapour trail, as metallic, disc shaped, evasive manoeuvres upon sighting, silent, indicating incredible detail. domed top, flat bottomed, people were becoming uneasy. At the test sites, The Army, Navy and Air Force within the military. were fighting for nuclear supremacy They deeply distrusted one another. Wild accusations began to fly. at Holloman Air Force Base They accused the Air Force over their particular area. of flying objects White Sands Missile Range They also accused over their particular area. of flying things that the UFOs It soon became clear of a rival service. were not some secret project over the test area? But then who WAS flying Captain McGovern had a system, sitting at the runway, we had an aeroplane,

waiting 24 hours a day was spotted. in case a unidentified object full of movie and still cameras, A converted B-25 bomber, chased the UFOs without success. too slow for the mysterious objects. The World War Two vintage bomber was This became an annoying routine. finally got a UFO in their lenses But then, by chance, cameramen with Wernher von Braun. during a V-2 missile test got on a strange object in the sky, One of the Askanias and... it... what I understand, got on a second one, of miles an hour in a second. disappeared at hundreds for this a long time. The Air Force had been waiting was confiscated at once. The undeveloped film The film was picked up by a pilot, fighter pilot, and taken off where he was going, and from what we tried to check and... there was no flight plan. it went directly to the Air Force. If we got anything on film, We've never seen it. Over time, Gibson filmed over 50 interviews

with UFO eyewitnesses. One of the people was a sheep herder, spoke absolutely not a word of English, but drew a picture of what he saw, the unidentified flying object, and it actually matched the one they had at White Sands. Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, HQ of the US Air Force. All the results of the UFO investigations were collected here. But the film and interviews from those days no longer exist. The explanation that I got was, that this type of information was destroyed, 'cos they needed the file space You can take that for whatever you want. There's some validity to that. If they had shown that... they didn't believe it was a problem for them I can see them throwing the material out, or destroying it. Whether they did I don't know. It is amazing which footage the US Air Force apparently destroyed and which it kept for eternity. Under the entry "UFO" in the National Archives are these images. Some are of interest to bird lovers, but otherwise they are... unremarkable. They show planes, condensation trails and other... junk. A suspicious mind might wonder why. This problem is like a 5000 piece jigsaw puzzle, of which more than 3000 pieces have been removed, a few fake pieces have been put in, and you have to put it together to figure it out.

Publicly, the military and the intelligence agencies were playing down UFOs, but internally they were taking them seriously. Allen Dulles, Director of the CIA, said "The best way to keep a secret is to pretend to share it." The problem of the "Flying Discs" was classified top secret. As the sightings increased CIA officers became more concerned

that there might be actually something behind it. And you can kind of understand it, if you understand the mindset of the Cold War. And first the Truman and then the Eisenhower administration, that the Soviets may indeed launch a surprise attack. SOVIET ANTHEM So the Americans suspected that the Soviets might be behind the UFOs. Did the Communists develop "flying discs", possibly with the help of German scientists? They did try, but they didn't get very far. The US and the British had suspected the Soviet Union of building UFOs for some time, ever since mysterious events in Sweden, the year after the war. Was this the same Soviet secret weapon?

The Ghost Rockets hit Sweden hard in spring 1946 and they peaked in the middle of summer 1946. And it started to attract the attention of the military. And when the military got interested in the ghost rockets

it started to pour in reports of cigar-shaped objects without wings or with very small wings, many crashing down into lakes all around Sweden and in Finland and in Norway as well. What were then called "ghost rockets" are now called UFOs. Many sightings turned out to be meteors. The only alleged photo of one actually shows a meteor.

The interesting cases are the ones where military pilots have seen them in the air. It happened on August 14th over the middle of Sweden that the pilot and his navigator suddenly saw an object like a cigar, coming from the left, moving in front of the aircraft and then were trying to chase it. They turned the aircraft and they tried to make a pursuit, but they were outflown by this object they didn't catch up with it. Secret missiles that outflew Swedish planes... that made the Swedish military uneasy. And not just the Swedish military. The ghost rockets were taken very seriously and were in the headlines for weeks, even in the United States. A map that was then secret.

Every dot represents a sighting, and the small flags on the dots, the direction of flight. It was expected that the flags would all point east, towards the Soviet Union, but this wasn't so. Nevertheless, the Swedes had spy planes patrol the soviet coast. They didn't find any ramps, any ghost rockets, they didn't find anything. The rockets still continued to fly over Sweden for many months. In a single day, flying objects fell into lakes in four separate locations. Another object came down in the middle of a lake called Komjar, It's a village with 600 people at that time and I think everyone must have heard the tremendous sound from this object coming down, the window panes were shattered and it went down in the middle of the lake. The Swedish army began a large-scale investigation. In those days the army had no divers, but it took 30,000 samples of soil and used sounding rods to try and locate any wreck.

It found a rectangular indentation at the bottom of one lake. That was all. They could not find any single trace in any lake of those elusive rockets. They didn't really know why someone should shoot missiles at Swedish lakes. They were puzzled. The neutral Swedes sought and obtained support from abroad. The British set up a committee to investigate this phenomena as the CIA was doing, so there is certainly an interest and a concern here. Sweden had a lot of interesting guests during those weeks... David Sarnoff, founder of NBC and an expert in radio; wartime fighter ace Douglas Bader; and former US general Jimmy Doolittle, visiting officially as a vice-president of Shell.

During the war, he had investigated pilots' reports of "spheres of light" apparently following US bombers over Germany and Japan. Was Doolittle once again investigating UFOs? He was involved in intelligence activities. He did a report for the Eisenhower administration in 1954 on the organisation of the CIA and its effectiveness.

Every... person... a head of a government organisation, if they ran into a big problem, they called Jimmy Doolitte. And that was not just on flying, but all types of... technical problems. Washington was convinced the Soviets were behind the ghost rockets.

And US newspapers thought it was non-believers in UFOs who were ridiculous. "Maybe they have been seen by sober citizens "over a vast area of the US, "but Europe won't believe in them until somebody lassoes one "and has it photographed by Frank Sinatra, "the British ambassador and five Supreme Court justices." Alaska - one of the hottest spots in the Cold War. Here the superpowers eyed each other at close range. If the Soviets did launch an attack by air, they would do it by the shortest route,

The army claimed that most UFOs were coming over the North Pole. The CIA suspected that the UFO false alarms were intended to clog the US early warning system and bring air defence to a standstill. SIREN It seemed the constant pointless deployment of UFOs was intended to wear down the US interceptors, to put them off when the real attack came. DRAMATIC MUSIC

Or was it intended to unleash UFO hysteria, to sow panic in the population and the military? Something similar had happened in 1938. Orson Welles' radio version of "The War of the Worlds", about a fictitious Martian invasion of Earth, caused genuine mass panic at Halloween. Wait a minute, something's happening, a hump shape is rising out of the pit.

And it lets out a small beam of light against a mirror.

What's that, there's a jet of flames springing from the mirror. It reaches towards the military men. It strikes them head on, they're turning into flames... CRIES OF PAIN, HYSTERIA It was a lesson in the mass media's power

to create an illusion of reality. An episode that shocked the world. American policy makers grew up in this period. So they were familiar with it. So they would see that as a possibility of the Soviets using psychological warfare to disrupt and panic the American people especially in a surprise attack on the United States. It played into their psychological background, no doubt about that. The darkest conspiracy theorists in those days were in the US intelligence agencies. They reasoned that if the Soviets were behind the UFOs, then they were behind the UFO believers, however harmless and confused they might seem. MECHANICAL VOICE: We... are... your friends. Please... contact us.

Were the UFO hobby groups now forming really made up of Communists? Were the UFOs part of a conspiracy, a particularly sophisticated Soviet attempt to infiltrate the US and take it over? SMASH

In fact, there were no Communists among the leaders of the UFO groups, nor were there any Soviet soldiers. However, there were plenty of CIA informers. The FBI began monitoring suspected subversives. In the event of war, two hundred thousand people were to be immediately arrested and interned. Anyone interested in UFOs was also under suspicion. 1952. With increasing numbers of UFO reports from all over the country, the military was growing nervous. If you'd have walked into Wright- Patterson Base in July 1952 you'd have thought an invasion is underway. And then the ultimate close encounter. UFOs were sighted over the White House, two weekends in a row. Washington National Airport, the 26th of July, 1952. Pilot S.C. "Casey" Pierman who had just taken off, asked the air traffic controllers if they could see what he could see. Howard Cocklin was in the tower at the time. He is now 85. The object was flat on the bottom,

curved on top, with lights around the outside and smaller than...

smaller than the airplane. The object was also detected on the radar screen. All the air traffic controllers on duty that night observed the UFO circling the airport. It went round and round several times, stopped out here, and went up and then back down, several times, and then it went up and disappeared out to the west. The Air Force also observed UFOs on several occasions at different radar stations on two weekends. Jets were scrambled from Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland, without result.

A jet would chase a UFO, but fail to get within firing range. Was Washington in danger? This was a very serious thing. The sightings themselves were not necessarily any more extraordinary than any number of other military sightings but happened to be over the White House. It caused (laughs), to say the very least, it caused major concerns in the White House and President Truman, it caused major concern within the CIA, when Bedell Smith, who was the DCI, thought we HAD to investigate this

These UFOs were front-page news. OMINOUS MUSIC It even leaked out that the Air Force was trying unsuccessfully to shoot the UFOs down. Washington had to respond or run the risk of mass hysteria. The Air Force organised the largest press conference held in the United States since the end of the war. The official explanation was, what caused these sightings was a weather phenomena known as temperature inversion, in which a layer of cool air was between layers of warm air and reflected radar in a way that confused radar personnel. I explained that what we had seen was not... couldn't have been temperature inversion, because it went from one position to another very quickly. We tracked the object on the radar and we calculated that the speed was around a thousand miles an hour. The problem was that the radar personnel were very familiar with temperature inversion and all of them said "No, this wasn't temperature inversion." "These were hard solid targets." But they were not invited to speak at the press conference. The Air Force Director of Intelligence, Major-General John A. Samford, was asked to conduct the press conference. He did well, and was later made director of the then secret National Security Agency. We have received and analysed between 1000 and 2000 reports that have come to us from all kind of sources. Of this great mass of reports we have been able adequately to explain the great bulk of them, to our own satisfaction. We have been able to explain them as hoaxes, as erroneously identified friendly aircraft, as meteorological or electronic phenomena, or as light aberrations. The headlines were reassuring. "No Menace". The CIA set up the Robertson Panel, a committee of scientists. Its report redefined the problem.

What had to be taken seriously was no longer the problem of UFO sightings, but the problem of public panic.

The Robertson Panel met for a total of 12 hours. And... in fact we now know that the report's conclusions were not even written by an official member of the Robertson panel. They were written by a man named Frederick Durant, who was CIA. And they were written before the panel concluded its investigation. The conclusions were written before they finished. Internally, however, the argument still raged. In October 1952, senior military personnel even claimed that the UFOs were interplanetary ships. Strong stuff! So why were the media generally so compliant

in accepting the Pentagon's official version? It is undeniably true that the major media outlets within the US have had a close working relationship with major US intelligence organisations. This is a fact, in particular with the CIA. We know this has happened, back in the 1940s and 50s and 60s at the very least. We know that the CIA, for instance, cultivated at least 400 mainstream US journalists without anyone's knowledge, to do work on behalf of the CIA. And we're talking about people in places like CBS News, 'New York Times', 'Washington Post', all the major outlets. Does this mean the CIA controlled all the news coming out of the US? Well, no, not necessarily, but does it mean they were able to influence the news in critical ways when they needed to? And the answer is clearly yes. I think they did some information management, I don't deny that. I think they were concerned that if the public knew the CIA was involved, that that would panic them even further, so they tried to limit... CIA's...

the public's knowledge of CIA's involvement. It went further than that. UFOs - or flying saucers as they were now called - were given a makeover. No longer the Red terror, they were now ridiculous,

a subject for the tabloids and the illiterate, kids' stuff. But the sightings did not stop. October 4th 1955 there was another very interesting sighting by a US senator travelling through the Soviet Union and this senator was Richard Russell. I'm certain I can carry everyone of the southern and border states against General Eisenhower, and he has strength in that area, against almost any other democratic candidate.

Russell was one of the most powerful men in Washington. He was chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee and had run for the Democratic nomination to challenge Eisenhower for the presidency. In 1955, Russell and two aides were travelling by train on a diplomatic mission in the Soviet Union. Unable to sleep, Russell looked out of the window.

Russell saw an object... rise, apparently stop and then take off. It looked like a flying saucer. It looked round. He was able to differentiate various layers of this object. He called his two aides over after the object had gone and sure enough a second object they all saw rise and take off, in similar manner to the first. Two years later, news of the incident trickled through to the press. Questioned by journalists, Russell said he'd been asked to keep it quiet. Only in the mid-1980s did UFO researchers obtain a court clearance releasing Russell's CIA files. He is convinced he has seen a UFO, and this sets off alarm bells in the agency, as you can imagine.

They went out and extensively interviewed Senator Russell to determine just what he had seen. And from those interviews they determined that Russell had not seen a UFO or some secret weapon but had seen traditional Soviet fighters in vertical climbs. Now the official CIA explanation for this was that Russell mistakenly saw Soviet aircraft engaging in an ultra high angle take off. But if you read what he actually said in the report, it's impossible to square these two explanations. Because he described clearly what was a circular craft.

So how does Russell's description match the CIA's official conclusion? It's a good question and I don't know the answer to it. What's disturbing about this, if you really consider the implications, is that either the Soviets had UFO sightings or they had their own UFOs. If you really want to go to the ultimate conclusion about this.

Of course they were very concerned about what was going on in the USSR. And what concerned them was, as more increasing reports of UFOs came in that they could find nothing in the Soviet press reporting UFOs. So they came to the conclusion that the Soviet government was hiding either the development of a secret plane or a secret weapon and wouldn't allow the Soviet people to report on UFOs. So this then alarms US policy makers. In fact, the Soviets did try to build disc-shaped aircraft.

Initially they must have used wartime German designs, and later, designs of their own. Nothing has been published about these experiments, and very little is known about them. This aircraft, built in the 1970s, is more like an airship. Flying discs were also developed in the US and Canada. TENSE, UNEASY MUSIC In the US... there were around 1955 and 1956 some media reports that came out, that leaked, regarding research into antigravity into breakthroughs that were supposed to be imminent any time and various experiments with disc-shaped airframes. In Canada, the government and then the US Air Force funded Avro to build the Avrocar. Shaped like a flying saucer, the Avrocar was a complete flop. It would never rise more than two metres above the ground. It was actually a badly designed, unstable hovercraft. After a few test flights, both its prototypes ended up in museums. GOOFY MUSIC

In any event, some believe that it was just a diversion to keep secret the real research project... Silverbug. Silverbug was planned as a flying disc capable of many times the speed of sound. Silverbug never flew. But some puzzling UFO sightings did have entirely tangible causes. To me an interesting part of the entire UFO story is what occurs in 1954, '55 and then into the sixties, when you have a major increase in UFO sightings and this comes from not just ordinary people but airline pilots and controllers and so forth, that are reporting seeing UFOs at 60, 65, 70,000 feet. These years saw the first flight tests of the U-2, a CIA spy plane that could fly many kilometres higher than any other aircraft of the time. It was top secret and was meant to stay that way. The Agency and the Air Force put together what they called "blue book teams". They went out and interviewed airline pilots or controllers in an attempt to explain to those folks that they hadn't really seen a UFO but it was a natural phenomenon. For example, if you were a United pilot flying between San Francisco and LA and you reported an UFO at 60,000 feet, and we'd go out and explain that what you really saw that time of the day was the sun reflecting off ice crystals which made an image of movement across the sky, but it really wasn't an object... when in fact it was the U2 aircraft which was silver. That's an absurd statement. Absolutely absurd. we are talking thousands of sightings. You are going to tell me that the U-2 aircraft can stop,

manoeuvre and look like a flying saucer to all of these people, that's absurd. The U-2 aircraft flies at 80,000 feet and goes as straight as a string. You can't mistake that every single, all of these times for UFOs. A few times, sure, maybe, but in the quantity Haines was implying this is ridiculous. To the Soviets, however, the U-2 really was a UFO, an unidentified flying object.

Soviet air space was crowded with various types of US planes, balloons and the U-2, plus sightings of flying saucers and balls of light. Soviet radar did detect the U-2, but the military would not accept its existence. The first fighter pilot who did a ballistic vertical climb and reported a U-2 UFO was not given a medal but got into trouble, like everyone else who saw UFOs. Anyone who wanted to remain a pilot was better off sighting nothing. The Americans also sent spy-balloons over the Soviet Union that were thought to be UFOs. But the Soviet Union's first UFO investigation was triggered by one of its own missile tests, a test so secret that not even the commission of inquiry was told the truth. It was maddening. UFOs and the U-2... the problem was like navigating in a hall of mirrors. Here is a sensitive aircraft, that's going to give the US advantage in the Cold War against the Soviet Union and to disclose it you might loose that advantage. I think here you could understand policymakers' reluctance to release this type of information. But wasn't everything the US military found out about UFOs - if it did find out anything - kept from the US public for the same reason? Was the US government really lying to its people with the best intentions? In 15 years at the latest, US citizens would learn that the state also lies because it has dirty secrets... ..such as the MKULTRA experiments during the 1950s. The CIA injected LSD and mescaline into unsuspecting people and studied their reactions. Why? The simple explanation to that is the Korean War and the capture of POWs and the belief that the Soviet Union and the Communists were using mind control drugs to brainwash POWs and American soldiers. This then leads to a whole series of drug experimentations in the US with LSD and the Agency and the Army. Some of these terrible experiments were conducted on blacks, because they were, quote, "easier to get than guinea pigs." The CIA tried to reprogram brains and to produce schizophrenic, self-sacrificing assassins who did not know they were assassins. Electrodes were implanted in human brains and experiments pioneered in German concentration camps were continued. Some of the MKULTRA experiments involved terminal sensory deprivation. In other words, horrific experiments in which someone was... in a sensory deprivation environment until they died. This happened, it happened in Canada. Or people would lose their minds permanently. So these are horrific, horrific things, so that the secrecy around them was absolutely essential, obviously. All this was revealed only because some CIA chiefs forgot to destroy psychiatric hospital accounts with their names on them. Through the Freedom of Information Act, Americans found out about things at least as unbelievable as the UFO documents that were later published by court order. Many people distrusted CIA assurances that the intelligence agencies had lost interest in UFOs in the late 1950s. They assumed that in hundreds of cases - such as the Redmond sighting - the lies were continuing.

September 1955. During a night shift in Redmond, Oregon, police officer Robert Dickerson noticed a strange light in the sky. And right in this area I have seen a...

it was a bright light, it was coming down, I thought it was gonna hit the ground, I didn't know what it was. The object was longer than it was high, something like a football, and it was bright, it looked like heat waves coming off it.

There was kind of different, it would change colours a little bit. Dickerson drove to the airport, where Flight Services Specialist Laverne Wertz was on duty.

I was looking at it, mostly, I think from like a side view, if you took like two saucers and put them concave like this and leave just a little space around it,

that would be about the form that you would have, and I remember the lights kind of being at the rim of it

and it would change colour there from orange to kind of a yellow and then like Bob had mentioned real bright, kind of like an orange and you could see the waves, like kind of heatwaves from it. The object was also sighted by a radar station, which alerted the Air Force. Within a few minutes several jet fighters were dispatched, six in total. Radar led the fighters to the target. DRAMATIC MUSIC Then they saw it themselves on their screens in the cockpit. Very shortly after that they contacted me on the military frequency on the console and I talked to what I assumed was the lead pilot. At least two pilots saw the UFO. In the first light of dawn, they flew towards it. They made an approach to it, I know at least two of the jets did,

and I know at least one of them had to take evasive action so they wouldn't be on collision course and I remember another one stating that... we call it vortex, the displacement of the air by something,

that made him almost loose control and he had to take corrective action in his jet to recover. The UFO ascended at great speed, but remained visible on the radar screens for a while longer. Then it left the range of the air traffic controllers at a height of over 15,000 metres. The official air force explanation, the first one, was that pilots had been scrambled

to investigate what turned out to be false radar returns. And that's all. This was a problem, because reports immediately came out locally of the airport officials checking for radiation.

So the question arises, why would they be checking for radiation

at the scene when it was supposedly false radar returns? The next explanation was that Wertz and Dickerson had seen a weather balloon. They come up with a - first of all it was a weather balloon. And I'm sure everybody here is familiar with weather balloons, you know, they go up with helium and they go with the wind, you know,

they don't ascend, descend, move sideways. Furious, an unknown superior of Laverne Wertz at the Federal Aviation Authority sent all the records of the incident to a UFO group. Faced with that explanation the Air Force reprimanded the FAA for supposedly issuing false information. And then said "Well, no, what they all saw was simply the planet Venus." The Air Force was kind of trying to downplay this and make us look just a little bit stupid, that we were incompetent and we didn't know what we were doing. The case made headlines only in the regional press. UFOs were no longer a topic for serious journalists.

In Washington, the security apparatus kept on working systematically to remove UFOs from the spotlight. It was now a matter of officially ending

all official investigation activity. This is why the government-funded Condon Report on UFOs, was commissioned in the 1960s. According to the media, science too had now relegated UFOs to the lunatic fringe.

Mission accomplished. As far as the serious public is concerned, the subject of UFOs has been dead since the 1960s. There is no consensus on whether the military and secret services are still investigating them. They are now the private interest of a few stalwarts like Clas Svahn, who collects reports and, together with like-minded people, has built up an archive in Sweden. His sound work has earned him a good reputation in Scandinavia, even with the Swedish military. Once a month he meets with the officer responsible for UFOs at the Research Institute of National Defence. Calmly, in the Swedish way. I think Mr Svahn has quite the same view as I, a rather scientific view of this thing,

that probably 99% of all sightings could be explained scientifically. And there is a small proportion which are really a mystery. There is probably a simple explanation

for this previously unreleased Swedish video. So far, however, it has puzzled every expert consulted since 1997.

MYSTERIOUS MUSIC Hessdalen in Norway. There have been so many UFO sightings here that private researchers have set up an automatic station. It has already provided a few images, and it has shown that extremely strong electromagnetic fields are associated with the phenomenon of floating lights.

Officially, the intelligence agencies and the military have had no interest in UFOs for decades. But is that really true? In the 1990s, stubborn ufologists forced the publication of a bizarre report on the air battle of an Iranian jet with a UFO over Teheran in 1976. Through an oversight, the distribution list of the report was also published. It included Henry Kissinger, the CIA, NSA, the Air Force Chief of Staff and the White House. There have been 3400 UFO sightings by civilian and military pilots alone.

Napoleon Bonaparte made a perceptive quote many years ago that... "Autoritarian governments have the luxury of silence. "A democratic government has no such luxury, "therefore has to lie again and again." And this has been the case within the US through the 1940s and 50s when it did lie, repeatedly, about the nature of UFOs. What one finds today, frankly, in the 21st century is that the US government is indeed silent on UFOs. In the US, some scientists think UFOs are an interesting research subject. But... no one expects government assistance in the search for the truth.

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