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(generated from captions) mother's pride in owning the car. Her daughter today recalled her in the shed and cover it with She would take it home and put it rabbit-skin rug and she'd cover blankets and she had an old the bonnet. mechanic who first serviced it in The car was sold to the Queanbeyan 1957. Wednesday night. That's all in our bulletin this News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night hunting down over the Cronulla riots. Most wanted - the 20 men police are Asbestos time bomb - amongst contaminated rubble. emergency workers trained Too much tragedy for one family - of Christopher Reeve. cancer claims the widow Challenging Crowe - John Singleton claims that businessman

is behind the rival bid for Souths. to come clean. It's really up to John This program is captioned live. Good evening. a veritable rogue's gallery Police have shown off in the Cronulla riots. of suspected participants The public exposure of the 20 faces to identify and arrest them. is a last-ditch attempt Nearly three weeks ago, issued the ultimatum - Superintendent Ken Mackay

or be publicly shamed. give yourself up is from the ambulance... And this one here well and truly passed, And today, with the deadline was true to his word. the strike force chief

This is the last resort for us this part of the investigation. to try and clean up

In a brazen move, of 20 people involved in the rioting. police have released images will instantly recognise them Anyone who knows these men

are banking on. and that's what police the majority of those 20. I have no doubt that we will clear the public about these people. We will get information from I'm quite confident of that. at Cronulla on December 11. All were videoed or photographed All were wanted for assault

of police cars and an ambulance. and the malicious damage help in tracking down these men. Police are also seeking the public's obtained by Nine News, The home video, and a block of flats showed a gang attacking cars on December 12. on the Kingsway at Miranda We are very interested depicted in that footage in locating the vehicles Middle Eastern background and also the people of that are also depicted. to investigate the violence The strike force set up is expected to remain in operation for at least another three months. have been arrested and charged So far, 66 people to jump sharply and that figure is certain after today's very public appeal. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. CityRail staff at Eastwood station The Premier has admitted that may have been exposed to asbestos work at the ticket office last week. when fibres were disturbed during The office has since been relocated medical checks as a precaution. and the staff have been given It follows earlier revelations today may also have been exposed that hundreds of emergency workers training at Holsworthy Army barracks. while conducting terror response nearly two years ago, Holsworthy army base counter-terrorism exercises when it staged one of the biggest the country has seen. It looked real enough

make-believe victims - as emergency workers rescued was contaminated with asbestos. all of them unaware the site last September, The problem was discovered but workers were told only last week. as to how this has happened, We want some answers why this information was sat on for so long. Firefighters, they're used to risk, it's outrageous. but in a training scenario, it's all an over-reaction But the Fire Brigade says found the health dangers were liow. and claims an independent study raising anxiety levels needlessly. It's just to establish a registry Serious enough, though, in the future. to monitor possible health problems as observers, including the Premier, Even those who've visited the site have been notified. of the Asbestos Diseases Foundation. Barry Robson is head

It only takes one fibre. still doesn't know Six months on and the Fire Brigade got there in the first place. how or when the asbestos

have been exposed. Nor can it say just how many people thousands involved. There could be possibly need to be looked after. These people be exposed to millions in damages. The Fire Brigage admits it could it could cost a lot of money. Potentially, the welfare of staff is involved. I'd say money is no object where Brad Schmitt, National Nine News.

Health experts have warned to exotic diseases that Sydney is being exposed from African refugees. of infections in new arrivals, Hospitals have discovered a range a rigorous screening process. who are not put through In the last few years, in their hundreds, African refugees have arrived chronic disease and poor sanitation. fleeing camps riddled with

the State Government though, According to before they leave their country, most aren't given health checks of infection with them. some bringing exotic strains tuberculosis, pneumonia and malaria. There's parasites, there's measles, an urgent letter The Health Minister has written to the Federal Government arrive with their health records. demanding all new refugees are shambolic. The current arrangements and they need an overhaul. They are dysfunctional Last year, rare parasite in a Tanzanian family. doctors at Fairfield Hospital found a of a 2-year-old African boy That case was followed by the death with a rare blood disease on his first night in Sydney. resources are at their limit. Refugee workers say to our service It has been a challenge to other health professionals. and a challenge Last year alone, settled in NSW. nearly 3,000 African refugees is that they lack experience What's now concerning doctors

and complex diseases to treat the range of rare some are bringing with them. and unusual, If you've got something rare proper history from that patient. you need to be able to get the of all refugees tested twice By August we will have 100% before they even board the plane. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. Police are desperate for help in the case of Derrick Reid, who was found beaten at Cartwright in Sydney's south-west in late January. He died in Liverpool Hospital. Appealing for help to find his attackers, his grieving brother and sister today described him as a generous family man. Who was taken away from us in the prime of his life. He was just 45 years old. Anyone with information is urged to contact police. A warning from police tonight

that they're staging a sweeping 3-day drink-driving campaign beginning this Thursday. With the road toll 18 higher than the same time last year, they're cracking down on drivers who continue to ignore the law. Kim Beazley is resisting calls to lead an assault on the influence of factions in the Labor Party. As turmoil in the ALP continues, outspoken front-bencher Julia Gillard has promised not to mount a leadership challenge against Mr Beazley before the next federal election.

Labor might appear all at sea over factions, but Kim Beazley's not buying the idea that major reforms are necessary to break the power of factional warlords. It's understandable that we have various bitternesses amongst ourselves.

All political parties do. This is the face of Labor factionalism - Stephen Conroy, boss of the powerful Labor Unity group in the Victorian ALP, who masterminded the unsuccessful bid to oust Simon Crean from Parliament by taking away his preselection. I'm not going to comment on internal party matters. Mr Crean and his supporters say such a divisive figure can't continue as Labor's deputy Senate leader. But Mr Conroy's not planning to quit.

I'm not going to engage in a public slanging match with colleagues. And Mr Beazley's not planning to dump him. Simon is wrong to personalise this. This morning, outspoken leadership aspirant Julia Gillard made it clear that no challenge is likely, at least for the time being. Kim's got my full support up to the next election. to cop criticism from c leagues. But Ms Gillard herself is starting to cop criticism from colleagues. It's about time that people in the Labor Party got back to doing their jobs and stopped publicly attacking Kim Beazley and the Labor Party. Mr Beazley flatly rejected a Gillard proposal o red ce the power of fact ons to reduce the power of factions by having front-benchers appointed by the leader, instead of elected by caucus. It seems to me to be a recipe for leadership authoritarianism. There was more criticism of the leader, though, from another front-bencher - Gavan O'Connor, p eselection ballot defeated yesterday in a rank-and-file preselection ballot for his Victorian seat of Corio. I would have expected a little bit more loyalty than he showed. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. Now to the death to Dana Reeve. Just two years after she lost her husband - the crippled actor Christopher Reeve - The woman who'd been his tower of strength passed away, following her own battle with lung cancer. Dana Reeve found fame, not so much as the movie star wife, but as an extraordinary carer.

watching over Christopher Reeve for nine years, becoming a spokesperson for charities for the disabled and as a mother to their son, 13-year-old Will. Always dealing with the next hurdle without complaint. There's always going to be turns. We had hopes for how our life was gonna go. It didn't go like we planned at all. It was a cruel blow.

Just 10 months after Christopher Reeve died, she was told she had lung cancer, despite being a non-smoker all her life.

(Sings) # How do we build this thing? # She was a professional singer and the many smoke-filled clubs she played in over the years could be to blame. As recently as January, she was still well enough to sing at a benefit. She told how the toughest thing she had to do was to tell Will that she had cancer, all so soon after he'd just lost his father.

And to then have to tell him that now I have cancer, it just - I thought, "How much can one little soul bear?" Dana Reeve said she coped because she had a great role model, a husband who never gave up. In Los Angeles, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. There's yet another twist in the battle for South Sydney, with potential Rabbitohs owner Peter Holmes a Court claiming that John Singleton is the man behind a rival bid to be unveiled this week. Holmes a Court says it's part of a plot being hatched to take Souths to the Central Coast. John Singleton has it all - except an NRL team to play at his stadium in Gosford. After attending a secret meeting with the rival bid team, including Wests Tigers director Ben Elias,

yesterday Holmes a Court was left in no doubt of Singleton's involvement. A senior member of the 'no' camp confirmed to me that John Singleton is involved in this. It's really up to John to come clean that he's either involved as an investor, involved in the background.

But a senior member of the no camp confirmed to me that John Singleton was prepared to underwrite the whole $4.8 million as long as the no camp were OK with a move to the Central Coast. Singleton denied today that he has anything to do with a rival bid, but he did tell me he couldn't see the merit in selling Souths to two people for $3 million when the NRL was offering $8 million for a side to relocate to Gosford. I think it's always been clear that a no vote is a vote for a trip to the Central Coast. Until recently, Singleton wanted to revive the North Sydney Bears on the Central Coast. What do you say to John Singleton? Go the Bears. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. In the news ahead - the 75-year-old woman bank robber. The adrift Aussie sailor tells how she prepared for her death. A million thankyou. And we road-test those controversial tourism ads on the Americans. Where the bloody hell are you? Struth, crikey! Commonwealth Games organisers have been forced to admit they may have to give away expensive tickets to next week's opening ceremony. 12,000 tickets still haven't been sold to the Games' showpiece each worth either $420 or $590. We're certainly not going to leave them vacant for the sake of having vacant seats. We'll give them to the volunteers. Mr Walker has dismissed suggestions there's a ticket crisis, insisting sales are on par with pre-Olympic ticket sales at the Sydney Games. The operators of the Lifeline phone counselling service are trying to shame the State Government into increasing its funding. Lifeline had asked for $2.8 million a year, but the State is giving it just $250,000. OK, so things are pretty hard for you right now? We fear that lives will be at risk and distress, despair will be added to the community. The State Government has given no indication it will increase its commitment. More now on the story we brought you last night about Dominique Courteille, the Aussie woman who survived a hellish ordeal at sea. She was eventually rescued in a treacherous stretch of water between Indonesia and Malaysia, revealing today that she scrawled a crude note to her family just in case. For five days she baked, lost at sea in an open dinghy. No water, no protection. The 57-year-old Belgium-born mother of four, who had a feeling it wasn't her turn to die. Very cold and the waves were all the time coming into the boat. After an evening ashore,

Dominique was heading out to her boat in this tender

when it was blown out to sea. Day after day, chances of rescue seemed to fade, with cargo ships passing her by. I could shout as much as I want and show my oars - nobody ever saw me. She did prepare for the worst and scratched a will in French to her family in Perth, saying if she died it wasn't suicide, but an accident. Back on her yacht, her crew had given up all hope. We threw some flowers over the back for her, because we thought she was gone. But Dominique, blistered and exhausted, was found by Indonesian fisherman and a dream of a glass of fresh water came true. A million thankyou. No-one more surprised by her survival than one of her sons in Perth. I couldn't believe it. I was really stressed out. She is not well physically. Dominique's next port of call - to see her family in Perth. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. The bodies of 18 Iraqi men and boys have been found in a minibus parked in west Baghdad. The victims were all blindfolded and had been strangled. The Interior Ministry says they haven't yet been identified. India has called for calm between Hindu and Muslim groups A 75-year-old woman has been arrested after robbing a bank in the US. Marilyn Devine used a hand gun in the hold-up and escaped with $8,000. Her husband Raymond says the family is stunned by her sudden decision to turn to crime, but Mrs Devine says it wasn't for personal benefit. She says she wanted the money to buy food for the poor. Now for an American judgment on those new and very Ocker tourism commercials. They've been tested on the Americans at a public square in San Francisco, but rather than offend, the ads just seemed to baffle. It was the first time everyday Americans had seen the ad... So where the bloody hell are you? While it didn't appear to offend, some were confused. I'm not sure exactly what it is, what it means or what it's pertaining to. Others thought it could help boost tourism in Britain. Americans might think, "Are we talking about England?" But for an Australian accent competition, with a first-prize trip to Australia, most were willing to forget their modesty. So where the bloody hell are ya? Struth, crikey! Mimicking the ad, with varying success. We've shampooed the camels, lined up a nice sunset. Others were better on their feet, while everyone knew what to do with the pavlova. Travel agents believe the often conservative American public

will forgive the use of what some consider bad language. I think if it was another country, probably couldn't get away with it. But it's the Australians, you know,

and that's what they've come to expect from down-under. Tourism Australia is adamant

this is the only way to succeed in a competitive travel market. We can't be shy about this. We've got a very unique way to invite the world and we've done just that. Whether the ad will boost tourism to Australia, only time will tell, but if it doesn't, it will be an expensive mistake - the campaign is costing taxpayers $180 million. In the US, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. Ken with sport next, and a case of trading places at the Eels and the Knights? It's a little bizzare, but Brian Smith is off to Newcastle to replace Michael Hagan. And the Commonwealth Games baton inspires a wedding proposal. The selection at Bunnings sometimes proves to be a bit daunting. Quite often we get asked, "Do you have a map of the store? "Do you have a wheelchair that you can wheel me around?" Poly tray wheelbarrow, $49.94. Vitreous china toilet suite, $199. Arlec 6-outlet power chain, $29.97. Pittosporum 'Screenmaster', only $9.98 per pot. Lowest prices are just the beginning. This week at Kmart an amazing range of men's and children's favourite brands, all at 20% off. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $22 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. You could: It's now official - Parramatta coach Brian Smith will take over at Newcastle next season in what's become a direct swap between the coaches. Michael Hagan is leaving the Knights to join the Eels in 2007. Now Smith is heading north to take his place. As news of the exchange swept through the Newcastle squad today, Brian Smith fronted the media near his home in Wollongong, happy it was all in the open. To be going to the Knights and to Newcastle and the Hunter region to be their coach is just a - you know, all of that is a dream. Only yesterday, Smith spoke of the attraction of helping a club become a force again and while he denied a deal had already been done, there was no side-step 24 hours later. To be honest, I asked them what took 'em so long. I've been sitting there, waiting for their call. Importantly, it had the blessing of Andrew Johns and other senior players with Parramatta, and as Hagan has done with Parramat a, Smith has signed a 3-year deal with Newcastle.

At the Bulldogs, prop Chris Armit has bumped tough man Mark O'Meley out of the way to grab a starting position for the round one clash against Penrith. The 22-year-old has impressed in the trials and at training, relegating O'Meley to the bench in what is almost an all-Test pack.

I've got to carry my trial form, I've got to carry it into the start of the premiership season, so with a bit of luck, I can keep doing that as well - touch wood. Brett Sherwin, Willie Tonga, Luke Patten and Hazem el Masri are also returning after injuries cut their season short last year. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News.

The man who was going to be one of Ian Thorpe's main rivals at the Commonwealth Games is disappointed he won't be competing. Instead of being delighted, South African Ryk Neethling says he feels sorry for Thorpe, even though his coach was initially convinced the Australian was faking his illness. Soon after touching down, Ryk Neethling found out there'd be no showdown against Thorpe. A veteran of three Olympics, the South African expressed sympathy for his arch-rival.

I feel really bad for him, because I know how hard we work to get to swim fast.

Earlier this week, Neethling's coach claimed Thorpe was faking his illness, the swimmer himself also sceptical. Yeah, I mean, you never know. I mean, Australians always... I mean, you always hear about these stories of swimming with one lung and all those stories. Thorpe's replacement, Craig Stevens, is now in camp. His arrival a timely boost to team morale. The most controversial competitor has also arrived. New Zealand boxer and convicted killer Soulan Pownceby. Excuse me, could you just... No, excuse me. Pownceby spent four years in jail after pleading guilty to manslaughter over the death of his 5-month-old daughter in 1995. And after answering the call to run in the Queen's baton relay, Alf Tuohy proposed the ultimate question to girlfriend Megan Christiansen. CHEERING For this future husband and wife, the so-called 'friendly Games' are about to get a whole lot more friendly. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News.

You see, nay do mix - love and

sport. You're a shining example,

Ken. Makes you feel good. After the break - finance, then Jaynie with the weather details. SONG: # I said, you gotta get up and get moving... # BOTH: Arggh! # You gotta move, you wanna move # You love to move... # Come in! # You gotta move # Move it, move it! # You gotta move, you wanna move # You love to move # Move! # You gotta move... # Yes! # You wanna move, you gotta... # Huh?

# Get moving!

# You gotta move, you wanna move # You love to move # Move it... # And for more info, go to: for these gold medal prices. Home Sentry entry doorknob set, $9.95. Ryobi mitre saw, $179. Bosch impact drill, $89. Mitre 10. All the help you need. In finance, James Packer has moved to bolster the level of experience on the PBL board, recruiting Patrick Corp boss Chris Corrigan and UBS chairman Chris Mackay as non-executive directors. On the market - shares in the Seven Network rose after it posted an improved profit of $66 million. AGL fell after it told shareholders not to accept Alinta's takeover offer.

Now here's Jaynie. Looks like the hot weather will stay put in Sydney for the next few days! Today, we hit 29 in Penrith and Richmond and 1.5mm of rain mid-morning in the city, reaching 26, where it's now 25 degrees - 60% humidity. Heavy rain over the tropics and the Queensland coast today from the trough. A few light showers for the north-east of our State. The rest of us have stayed dry under the large high in the south, which will continue providing us with rain-free weather into Thursday, apart from a light splash in northern NSW, and rain will spread to most of the NT and Queensland hea up to 32 degrees tomorrow. Light winds and warm weather for Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. Early birds will catch the sun rising at 5:50. The day will be mostly sunny, with light to moderate northerly winds, no rain, sun setting at 7:22. A hot day with temperatures peaking at 35 for the western suburbs, 31 closer to the coastline. Surfers, get out there early before the seabreeze. Offshore winds and a southerly swell dropping off as the high takes over. Another hot one on Friday, with a late southerly likely to bring a few showers, cooling things down for Saturday with a dry 25 for the city and 27 further inland. Sunday, winds will swing around to the north again, bumping up the mercury to 27 near the coast and 31 for the west.

With next week, Mark, looking like summer has never left us! That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre She survived a horror car crash, but now she's the victim of an unbelievable legal bungle. Also tonight, the give away signs that show when we're lying, or someone else is. And the emarkable

And the remarkable supermum who's And the remarkable supermum who's

cared for 120 babies - And the remarkable supermum who's cared for 120 bab es - none And the remarkable supermum who's cared for 120 babies - none of This program is captioned live. Hello, I'm Tracy Grimshaw, welcome to A Current Affair. We begin tonight with a drink driver who admits he's a menace on the roads. In less than a month, he was caught three times with high-range blood alcohol readings - four and nearly five times the legal limit. Well now, he's been to court. He's pleaded guilty. He's owned up to a serious drinking problem. But he's still got his licence. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Three times in just over three weeks - drink driving. Drink driving. Do you have anything to say for yourself? Get out of my way! Meet Jak Gray. He not only looks like one, but he is a bloody idiot. In just over three weeks,

he was arrested three times for drink driving, driving with whopping blood-alcohol levels of .206, .229 and .246. Can't even get the key in the door, eh, Jak? You were in that state when you drove a car, three times, weren't you? I was a good driver. But three random breath tests brought me undone. But not really - the extraordinarily thing is that, due to a loophole in Queensland law, this fool was allowed to keep his licence while he waited to go to court. I was going through a lot of stress. I do deserve a harsh penalty, loss of licence,

fine, but not jail. Jak Gray was lucky he drank and drove in Queensland for in Victoria, the NT and soon in Tasmania if you blow over .15 or you're a repeat offender, you lose your licence on the spot. In NSW, you automatically lose your licence if your level is .08 or above. In South Australia, if you're over .05 just once, you're gone. But in Western Australia, the ACT and Queensland, no matter what you've done,