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(generated from captions) out of the Commonwealth Games - Ian Thorpe Tonight -

too sick to swim. in my life. I've never taken so many tablets during a robbery in his Sydney home. A great-grandfather stabbed And as Hollywood parties, with the paparazzi. Heath Ledger has a new run-in This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. has lost its biggest star, Melbourne's Commonwealth Games by a crippling bout of bronchitis. swimmer Ian Thorpe forced out and sounded seriously ill, The champion looked how he'd fought to get better, as he told a Sydney news conference

but failed. but despair. Ian Thorpe not in triumph, it's very disappointing So it's very frustrating, now competing in Melbourne. that I can't be part of the team he came down with last month The bronchitis and viral infection have left him drained and fatigued.

Because I've been so run-down, And it showed.

as well. I've picked up a lot of other things I have a blocked nose, a runny nose. as well. My sinuses have then been playing up in my life. I have never taken so many tablets It was an unusual admission

who normally radiates robust health. from an athlete But pulling out was the only option. It was very difficult not being able to compete. coming to terms with it was the only decision But in the end I could come to. not just for his fans an team-mates It's a devastating blow

and organisers but also for the sponsors was the plum drawcard. for whom Ian Thorpe to the man sitting beside him His place in the team will now go Craig Stevens his 400m spot in the Athens Games, who, ironically, gave up

to defend his gold medal. enabling Thorpe live from Seven News - Watching coverage of the announcement already in Melbourne, Thorpe's disappointed team-mates, and fellow Olympian Grant Hackett because of a shoulder injury. also out Everyone's a little bit shocked but we're all looking forward now to focusing on the opportunity come these Games. for some of the other athletes I think at the end of the day, about Ian the person, we're also more worried not Ian the swimmer, is far more important to us. and obviously his long-term health

to support our team - Thorpe intends being in Melbourne to his old, winning form. hopeful, too, he can soon return I hope this won't happen again. I don't know if it will. I doubt it and, you know,

where I am healthy I hope I have preparations and can produce my best.

that will be echoed by millions. A sentiment

The family of an elderly man

nobody came to his rescue, is appalled

last night in his Randwick home. when he was violently attacked

neighbours didn't check 75-year-old Relatives say despite his screams for help. and very tough great-grandfather. Andrew Efthimiou is a loving a year ago He survived a hit-run car accident critically wounded. now he's back in intensive care, a 75-year-old man. You don't need to stab It's just shocking and low, we're all very upset about it. and as I said was surprised in his home The Greek migrant and a knife. by a thief with a balaclava He refused to get on his knees. hand and abdomen - He was stabbed in the forehead, his liver was pierced. It just makes my stomach turn to realise this until this is over. and I don't think I'm going

I'm still in shock, actually. six days a week as a roofer. Mr Efthimiou still works to his daughter Anthea. Today, he could only manage a whisper

Very, yeah. Very very angry. are obviously appalled While the victim's family to stab an old man, a thief would be so willing at the reaction of neighbours. they're also upset it was indifferent. They say, at best, didn't do much, The immediate neighbours across the road but there was a lovely lady who did call for help. and phone were stolen Mr Efthimiou believes his wallet to speak with police. but he's too weak I really want to see their faces. I hope they catch them because The corpse of an 87-year-old woman in her North Shore home has been found two months after she died. of "home alone" deaths, It's the latest in a series prompting a government campaign

to look out for their neighbours. urging people like if the light's been on lately, Making sure you look for things if the television's been on lately, if the letterbox is overflowing.

busy lifestyles The Housing Minister blames enough attention to each other. for neighbours not paying The Premier with the Cross City Tunnel, is showing his frustration whether it was ever needed. refusing to say to prove the road is a disaster The NRMA is now hiring engineers it has to work. but Morris Iemma insists Day two of half-price tunnel tolls to be flowing even better. and the traffic appears That's because 4,400 extra cars a day through the Cross City Tunnel - are heading underground a 16% increase on last week. It's an encouraging start.

That's 4,000 cars off the surface

roads. The community wants the

roads back. Mr Iemma is under pressure, the tunnel should have been built dodging questions on whether we're stuck with it. and instead saying Well, it's there. (speaks in agitated manner) It's there forever to make it work. and it's in everyone's interests The NRMA thinks it's a disaster to write a report to prove it. and is hiring engineers that eight months ago I mean, it seems very odd to improve traffic flows in the city a road was opened which was supposed exactly the opposite effect. and it's had The tunnel's more popular, it will ever reach but there are doubts the targeted 90,000 cars a day. Some commentators suggest the operators to keep losing money, the Premier should allow before the next election. then buy it back at cost Whatever happens, another tunnel looms large - Lane Cove. Due for completion next year, Mr Iemma can only hope things go smoothly - preferably after the March poll. I, I, I'm not interfering with the Lane Cove construction schedule at all. The State Government has announced a crack down on car and boat "rebirthing" - the crime of stealing and rebuilding vehicles using false identification. It is big business - now matched by big penalties of up to 14 years in jail. It's not just cars that get stolen and come back with a new identity. Joanne and Kevin Muller lost their boat. Just on 16 grand, yeah. You lost all that and you lost the boat, yep. Jeez, that's tough. They've done all the checks. Got the REVS check on it that was all clear. Found out that it had a debt owing on it,

paid the debt - thought we were right. But they'd bought a stolen boat. The insurance company took it back and sold it. For Joanne and Kevin - no boat and no money. And we're still paying the debt to the bank for something that was repossessed from us for not being our fault after doing all the checks that are in place that you can do. With so many stories like that

the State Government is increasing the penalties for rebirthing cars and boats - up to 14 years jail now, but for anyone involved. and not just for the thieves, but for anyone involved. Some of these characters engage in what might otherwise be lawful activity - repairing cars or boats, spray-painting cars. Might be offering them for sale, dealing with paperwork or providing finance. The government will also look at consumer laws to better protect victims. The insurance company wouldn't even let Joanne and Kevin buy their boat back.

We're just a nobody. I was made to feel sort of "bad luck." When they thought they'd done everything right. The trial of a former policeman for the murder of Sydney mother Zoe Zou has been shown his video interrogation. Michael Wallace now admits shooting the part-time prostitute. But back in 2003 he denied involvement, telling police he first heard she was missing on the news. TAPE: Zoe was a very much loved person, and certainly I would not want to see her come to any sort of harm. Wallace has yet to explain why he believes he is innocent of murder. feared drowned at sea An Australian yachtswoman feared drowned at sea has been rescued has been rescued four days after she disappeared. 57-year-old Dominique Cortille was last seen on Thursday,

rowing a dinghy to her yacht anchored off southern Thailand. The mother-of-four was picked up by a fishing boat yesterday, and is now being treated in a Bangkok hospital. To my family, I love you and I'm happy to be back with you. She had drifted for several hundred kilometres. Academy Award winners have celebrated long into the night But after missing out, Heath Ledger again clashed with photographers. There was no spoiling the party, though,

for Australian Oscar winner Dion Beebe the Hollywood high life. who is now living the Hollywood high life. Yesterday, Dion Beebe was driving himself. Now, with an Oscar by his side, it was a limousine and champagne

it was a limousine and champagne all day. Cheers! For a man who made his name behind the camera, he spent most of today in front of it. This morning I was a little bit hung over. Suddenly there's this thing on the mantelpiece. The star treatment began last night at Hollywood's hottest parties. Along with his wife, mother... I expected it. ..and father-in-law, ..and father-in-law, who was mistaken for another winner. He was carrying the Oscar on the way out. They thought he was Ang Lee. Win or lose an Oscar, it's the night when Hollywood's elite can blow off some award-season pressure. I'm partying tonight. I don't care how sick I am. We're going to some late-night... We've got to get some boogie on. But after missing out, Heath Ledger was in no mood to talk Not going to do anything right now. When he refused to pose for photos, the paparazzi booed. (crowd boos) Ledger gave them an old-fashioned "up yours". Winners are grinners. Heath might not be smiling, Heath might not be smiling, but Dion Beebe certainly is. It accompanies you for the rest of your life. It's ultimate credential, particularly in this town. Ahead in Seven News - Labor in-fighting

puts new pressure on Kim Beazley's leadership.

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on brands like Panasonic, Samsung and Sony. WOMAN: Thanks for that. That should keep 'em happy. GAME PLAYS ON TV (All cheer) For delivery and installation, get into Retravision. Sizzler Restaurants have re-opened their salad bars across Australia following the recent poisoning scare. Security has been up-graded with a supervisor to keep watch on food quality and safety. Extra surveillance cameras are also being installed. A woman has been charged

over the discovery of rat pellets in food at two Brisbane restaurants. Labor's Kim Beazley has released a new policy on global warming, but he's the one feeling the heat over his leadership. Former rival, Simon Crean has won a bitter faction fight for preselection, without Mr Beazley's backing. Focus was supposed to be on Labor's policy on climate change. But it was the poisonous environment within the ALP that commanded all the attention. REPORTER: Crean's calling on you to... Yeah, just be cool mate. Labor leader Kim Beazley criticised for refusing to take a stand against the party's factional forces to protect his predecessor in his battle for preselection. We all have to act. I've acted. I've shown a lead. What I want the leader to do is to join that lead. Sounding more like a leader,

Mr Crean called last night's victory a major win for the rank and file. And he's taken aim at Steven Conroy who he says should be stripped of his role as Deputy Opposition leader in the Senate. The kanka and the rot is with those who sort to rid me. His colleagues agree. I think factionalism has gone too far. It's turned into fractionalism, it's turned into a device that actually isn't in the interests of the Labor party. The public brawling has done little to inspire confidence in Kim Beazley's leadership. And some Labor heavyweights are asking whether he has the ticker

to contain the fallout. I hope the Labor Party learns a lesson out of this because if we have these sort of stupid debacles,

we'll never win a Federal election. The Prime Minister has been warned to expect pressure from the United States to lift a ban on uranium sales to India. John Howard has said Australia won't sell to India unless it signs the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty. But he hasn't flatly ruled out a deal, either. What he said earlier, and what this morning and what he has said earlier has left people a bit confused. A deal, signed last week, commits the US to pressuring allies like Australia into dropping their bans on supplying India's nuclear industry. An two-year inquiry into the death of Princess Diana is set to conclude it was just an accident. A British newspaper says

the inquiry's interim report will rule out foul play in the crash that killed Diana, her boyfriend, Dodi Fayed and their driver in Paris nine years ago. The investigation found no evidence of any murder conspiracy and will also dismiss claims

a mystery white car collided with her Mercedes before the crash. An American cheerleader has shown true grit after a fall from a human pyramid left her with concussion and a cracked neck bone. 18-year-old Kristi Yamaoka was put in a brace and strapped to a stretcher. But the show must go on, so she continued her routine as she was carried off court. Kristi's courage inspired her team to victory - she'll be cheerleading again in about six weeks. A new Australian study has given hope to overweight women who are having trouble getting pregnant. Researchers have found losing a few kilograms can dramatically improve fertility. Cacilda Bonnici calls 11-month-old Marcel her miracle boy. Conceived after a heartbreaking two-year battle to become pregnant. It was frustrating. And then I was just thinking to myself, "How do people do this?" But Cacilda estimates she was 30kg over her ideal when she started trying for a baby. When she gave up trying and lost 7kg, her dream came true. Considering all I had to do was lose weight, you know, I - it's not much to ask for. An eight-year study of close to 300 Victorian women has now proved what doctors long suspected - that being overweight can severely diminish fertility.

Being overweight is associated with their cycles being irregular, so they don't ovulate very regularly. But data from the Big Girls Group,

a healthy eating and exercise program for large women, showed positive results. With diet and exercise half of those women started ovulating within six months and a quarter are pregnant within a year. You only have to lose a little bit of weight to make your ovulation become normal.

Alicia Franzi's reproductive cycle had shut down, Time for sport with Matthew White, and will Sydney FC be alright with Dwight? The clubs says he'll stay,

but Dwight says we'll have to wait and see. More shortly. Also tonight, Eels coach Brian Smith still side-stepping questions about his future. And cricket in the snow - it's guaranteed to be a slippery wicket.

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We know work and money are not what life's all about, You start thinking, "What have I done? I'm not religious but I know there's something more to life. I'm not into religion, MAN: To find out what Jesus had to say about life, Eels coach Brian Smith has finally broken his silence over his sacking from Paramatta and those rumours that he might be heading to the Knights. Whatever happens, the Eels players have vowed to send him out a winner.

He has sidestepped talk about his future since being shown the door but no more. opened up about life after Parramatta Brian Smith today opened up about life after Parramatta and made it clear he won't walk away from Rugby League.

I've had some other opportunities outside of footy and a couple of 'em I'm really tempted by, but, ah, the bug's still got me at this stage. The Knights are favourites to sign him and it wouldn't bother Smith if the bizarre coach swap with Michael Hagan comes off. Starting again at another club doesn't frighten me. In fact it excites me. So wherever and if it comes along again you can bet I'll be one excited little puppy. But for those Eels who have been with Smith since the start of their careers this year is very personal and they say they owe it to their coach to send him out the right way. I think we owe him a premiership after we've kinda stumbled at the last hurdle a few times so it'd be definitely nice to send him off as a winner. The emotion will be put aside when the sides meet in Newcastle on Saturday. I'm pretty good at handling that sort of stuff, I think. You know I have my moments, you know, but that's life. I've got no complaints from my end and I think the players are looking forward to it. Smith knows the knives will be out if they don't start well. They just find it a little bit They just find it a little bit harder if you're going well. At least last year's finals collapse hasn't left any lasting scars. That's just football, mate. You win some. You lose some. We just tend to lose the ones that really count. Two days after winning the first A-League premiership, Sydney FC have denied speculation they're about to lose their star player. Dwight Yorke has told Seven News he'll make an announcement about his future in two days. a two-year contract He's only halfway through Yorke isn't going anywhere. but club bosses say There are no negotiations. for season two Dwight is under contract of him being part of the team. and we have every intention So he will be here next season? Absolutely. German coach, Pierre Littbarski Parker also hopes the club's will return next year. the Spin Twins Australia is set to unleash against South Africa, in the Test series to partner Shane Warne. with Stuart MacGill earning a recall Damien Martyn, Michael Clarke, Michael Kasprowicz and Shaun Tait are also back in the squad, while Brad Hodge and Nathan Bracken have been left out. Back from limbo - a handshake Michael Kasprowicz didn't realistically expect after he'd joined the Ashes scapegoats. Kasper elbowing past the resurgent Jason Gillespie. It's considered Michael's probably bowling fractionally better at this stage.

South Australian express, Shaun Tait's back after shoulder surgery --

joining a four-pronged pace battery designed to cover Glenn McGrath's absence. We all realise that he's near impossible to replace one-on-one of fast bowlers so we had to come up with a squad

that we considered could do the job. Kasprowicz' elation he replaces McGrath, tempered by the knowledge a mate, personal battle. who's wife faces a monumental and his family are going through. I can't imagine what he but certainly thinking of him. For me it's good, confrontational as the Ashes. This series will be just as from Aussie fans, The Proteas copped it there will be payback. On the back of the ticket that along with admission and a seat it must say that along with admission and a seat

you get the right to abuse opposition players. The biggest loser from today's selection shake-up, Victorian Brad Hodge - he's averaging 58 from 5 Tests. But Michael Clarke has done his penance and Martyn's experience was crucial. I guess everyone knows what a good player Damien Martyn is, can be and has been, so I guess that held him in good stead. The first Test starts Thursday week in Cape Town.

Just finally I am going to show you

some cricket after different kind.

Look how cold weather gets. This is how they prepare for snow cricket in Estonia, are not sticky, where the wickets just very slippery. for that game-winning run But sliding home is still a whole lot of fun.

And when the game is over - to cool down in. there's always a ready-made bath

You might want to end the vision

there because it was cold. Disgusting. And cold.

after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather but first finance. finished weaker today. And the sharemarket Resource stocks lost ground -

and Woodside. led by falls in Rio Tinto

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Tomorrow on Sunrise, we mark International Women's Day. from our vet Rachele Lowe. Plus we've got friendly pet advice See you from 6.00. Nuala - Now here's the weather. Good Evening. Another beautiful autumn day and enjoy the Moonlight Cinema and one of the last chances to come here at Centennial Park. and warm night, It's a great way to spend a fine coming up this week. and that's just what we've got moved through last night, A weak Southerly change and that's fed in some humidity the edge off today's temperatures. and it's also taken So the city reached 29, 6 down on yesterday, but still 4 up on average. A degree or two warmer for the rest of Sydney, 26 in the mountains. On the charts, cloud is swirling around two low pressure systems up north, one of which is set to cross the WA coast tonight. But the large high in the Bight will stop any of that cloud reaching us, keeping our weather mostly fine and warm for the next few days.

Freshening onshore winds tonight are introducing some coastal cloud for a partly cloudy start to our day tomorrow. But it should be mostly sunny again by the afternoon. Tops a little cooler than today, in the mid to high 20s. Looking ahead, no sign of rain. Just some early cloud on Saturday following another weak change with a possible early shower. Otherwise fine and quite warm weather for this time of year, particularly next Monday. forecast for Moonlight cinema, Of course that's the perfect on until Sunday.

Here is to popcorn out dwoors. You

can't sit under the bats, that's all. Premium seating and all. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Goodnight. Thanks for your company. received more than 300 phone calls Now, this woman demanding, threatening and trying to bully her into paying a debt she didn't even owe. Well, I'd call it criminal. The finance The finance and debt-collection companies are quick to destroy your credit rating, even if they get it wrong.

That story in a moment. Also, Also, Mohammed and his multiple wives. Now Centrelink comes under fire for recognising Muslim multiple marriages. Plus, just look at what a tenant did to an elderly couple's home

when they asked him to pay the rent. inside. You have to rebuild the whole house

Also, would you go to the assistance who collapsed in the street? of someone Our State-by-State experiment reveals of each other. just how caring Australians are I would've died. The results are a real eye-opener. if your child is gifted - And how can you tell we'll show you the signs to look for their special talents. and how to nurture I knew I could do more. where do you draw the line? But first, That's what one woman is asking an outrageous 300 phone calls after receiving from a finance company she didn't even owe. demanding she pay money

right across the country. This sort of bullying is happening What makes matters worse is your credit rating can be ruined that far too often because these companies are getting their facts wrong. Jackie Quist has the story. PHONE RINGS Well, I call it criminal. It was criminal. Kathleen Chambers is a lawyer and a consumer who, like so many, took up one of those enticing buy-now-pay-later-style offers