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(generated from captions) I'm Naomi Robson. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. Tonight, a $150,000 fortune he was convinced he had scratched up on the strength of it. and proposed to his girlfriend But the lottery board won't pay out. Completely devastated. I would've thought I'd won. It's just - I don't know - has never been so painful. Striking it lucky We'll tell you why in a moment. and their dirty tricks. Also, repairmen to make you pay more, We expose what they really get up to and it's all caught on camera. We heard you fixed the fridge for us and it should have cost only $100, yet you charged us three times... Excuse me. Plus, this love-rat con man with his victims fathered more than 20 children for the first time. and tonight, some of them meet This is your half-sister. But first, moment for this young man. it should have been a life-changing Unfortunately for David Foster, was anything but. buying an instant scratchie ticket You see, David genuinely believes on his ticket, he scratched up a $150,000 fortune is refusing to pay up. but the lottery board As Helen Wellings explains, to rags again, it's a case of rags to riches

and it could happen to anyone.

SONG: # Scratch me happy. I'm

commeetly devastated, I thought I

had won $150,000. I think they

should pay him. Everybody who has

winning looked at the ticket says it's a

winning ticket. 23-year-old David

foster is a typical Australian. He

lives from pay packet to pay packet.

His dreams of striking it rich lie

on his gamble on the scratchts at

his local news agent. I have never

won anything like that in my life.

It would have completely changed my

life. He bought an instant scratchy,

you scratch out the maze, just

follow the path of arrows just

cross your fingers that they lead

to the windfall. To David's

atonxment, when (astonxment, You go

down here and the arrow leads to

$150,000. I was

$150,000. I was completely amazed I

had won $150,000 and I was just

shouting out for joy. I need a bit

of a fair go. His mum Jenny was

thrilled. It was the big break he

and girlfriend Kim needed and

sparked a marriage proposal. Ehe

was over the moon, excited and

crying and happy and he said, "Kim, will you will you marry me." I couldn't

believe it, it was a dream come

true. We tried winning the

lotteries office a few time

thopbzweebd and then this morning,

they said to go to the local news

agent and get the ticket verified.

To his hor, they said the bar code

wasn't a winner. It was defective.

The bottom line should be scramable

and on David's ticket it's

unscratchable. They said winning

ticket and I said no. How can I

pay? So I call the lottery office.

I can't understand how that's not a

winning ticket. But David believes

his ticket is valid. When it gets

to the end, it gets to the end, you

can't scratch on any further. 100

percent entitled, it clearly goes

to the start, all the way to the

end, it leads to $100 50,000 and I

thought I had won. If you can't

scratch it it's not a scratchy. The

rules are clear, if by following

these instructions you reveal a

complete unintrted path from the

start to the prize amount, you win

a prize. That's what it was. It was

a complete unin prpted path. David

was shattered. Completely

devastated. This was really a

second chance for me. I have been

through a lot. I have been married

once, my wife died. When I got this

money through I was looking forward

to settling down again. There are

half a billion scratch half a billion scratch lotteries

tickets sold in Australia every

year and everyone we spoke to

thought David should win. I think

he's entitled to his prize. Why? If

it's faulty, he should get his

prize. It's a sham. If I did him, I

would go wow and I would ring my

friends and carry on. He should get

it. You think so? Yeah. They should

honour the prize and pay out,

otherwise they should at least give

him $50 houn to compensate for

their mistake. We're not out for

charity, but you know, you take pot

luck on a scratchy and when you

scratch something like that, it's

like your dreams have come true,

even if it is $ 1,000. David is not

theobe only one, jen ff Williams

bought her ticket at the same news

agencies. I want to take it further,

that's why I'm here speaking to you.

New South Wales lotteries sent uta

statement apologising for the

printing errors on the cards and

they have recalled a small number

of the scratchies. They say they're

not going to pay the prize because

it's not in acoorpbdance with the

rules, but for jen ff and David,

it's not good enough. I thought I

had won on the scratchy, and it was

like my dreams have come true, now

it's all gone. They shouldn't do

that to people, print out a

scratchy that's not working

that's right properly. They should do everything

# Scratch me happy! If you've had any problems or any Lotto prize trying to claim a scratchie prize we'd like to hear from you. on our web site. You can leave the details the dangers of passive smoking, These days we all know about to light up around their children. but most parents are now careful not But what about the family car? good intentions go out the window. Often, that's where the we'd conduct an experiment So we thought kids are exposed to to find out just how much smoke when they're stuck in the back seat. when they're stuck in the back seat. Here is Dr John D'Arcy. a cigarette in your car, The next time you light up how about thinking about this - are inhaling 5,000 chemicals. your fellow passengers 60 are cancer-causing 130 are toxic, a handful are class A, and, of them, the most cancer-causing of all. which is the cigarette smoke Sidestream smoke, of a cigarette, that comes out the burning end contains very tiny particles, in very deeply into the airways. which children are able to breathe in children So this can trigger asthma and bronchial infections. is being pumped into the car? So how much toxic stuff Dona Harrison We asked smoking cessation clinician inside a smoker's car. to test just how dangerous the air is a carbon monoxide meter Today, we'll be using a breathalyser for smoking, which is a little bit like carbon monoxide is in the air. and this meter measures how much We sat in the back Darren Ally while our smoker and producer, smoked in the front seat. The results were frightening. BEEPING that is. So that's just way above acceptable, for a short while. Our friend's been smoking in this car Yes. What's the meter shown? Well, we've had levels here which are three to four times acceptable levels for carbon monoxide. And can you imagine children being exposed to that? For a child to be in a car among passive smoking, this is very, very serious

and it's really not fair on a child. It's clear that if you value your kids' health

you'll have to cut out smoking in the car. It seems that hardly a day goes by without someone finding a nasty surprise in their food.

in Brisbane today, police are

investigating the suspected

contamination of two Sizzler restaurants with rat poise nng. In fact just last Saturday, Ben Dyson bit into his McDonald's burger and found a metal object

which cut through the roof of his mouth and dislodged a tooth.

The plastic was that long and of a

Glad Wrapy material.

Little Tia Williams was born with a serious bowel condition. In the early months of her life,

mum Loretta had to be super careful with Tia's diet - strictly organic food only. I bought the Only Organics brand from my local supermarket and went to feed my daughter and pulled a piece of plastic out of the heated product. And she could have actually died or become really sick. We sat down for dinner and she - I actually cut the schnitzel up and she was eating it and started gagging. And automatic reaction, you just jump up and pat her on the back and she spat out something blue. Kelly Johnson has three children. Occasionally she buys prepackaged meals, like these Coles chicken schnitzels, to keep the kids happy. Where was it in terms of inside the product? It was actually right inside a piece of the chicken, like, right across. Kelly, too, found she was feeding her family dinner with an adding serving of plastic.

There was a strand about probably, I don't know, three or four inches long. Both these angry mums complained to the manufacturer and both were unhappy with the response. But were helpless to ensure their cases were investigated.

Well, I'm disgusted, actually, and disappointed

because I chose that brand, being organic, and finding plastic in there I was just devastated at that.

I couldn't believe it. There's very little they can do unless they suffer a very severe permanent injury, an injury which passes a particular medical threshold.

Lawyer Hayden Stephens from Slater & Gordon says changes to legislation in all States means there is little consumers can do when it comes to tackling companies serving up contaminated food. A section of the Federal Trade Practices Act

has been also been amended to stop direct challenges to food manufacturers. I gave myself some and Crunch! And I thought, "I've broken my tooth."

I spat it out, and I've looked, and it was glass. Kelly-Ann Lucas found four pieces of glass in her pasta salad. Like Loretta and her plastic,

she sent the unwelcome addition to her meal back to the manufacturer.

I was upset that they took the pasta salad because then I didn't have any proof,

and I didn't know if they were actually going to do anything or try and cover it up. With very little access to the courts with being poisoned or contaminated, authorities say it is vital you complain to: Insisting from each you are informed of: You're paying for a product. You should be able to trust it, especially when its got a quality seal on it. I make my own food for her now, because I know where it's come from and it's safer. At least you know what's in it. You might be quite familiar with David Douglas by now. He's the Casanova con man we've been telling you about for the last couple of weeks. He has seduced woman after woman and then run off with hundreds of thousands of dollars of their money. Along the way, he's fathered over 20 children -

those we know of. Tonight, two of those children meet for the very first time. Here is Rohan Wenn. I'm not allowed to cry. REPORTER: You can cry if you want. You're obviously pretty touched by it all. Yeah. Until she saw our story last week, Jess Smith had no idea she had a half-brother and sister living in Melbourne with their mother, Linda Taylor. And she is about to meet them all. Hello. Hello. How are you? I'm good. Good to meet you. How've you been? Oh, excited, haven't been able to sleep. Yeah? In the 1990s, met Jessica Smith's mother. serial con man David Douglas met Jessica Smith's mother.

She went out with him for about three weeks, but, like, a week after they started going out or so, he proposed to her, and everything. Douglas didn't even know Jess's mother was pregnant when he stole her motorbike and rode off to find his next victim. He's never met his daughter. Father's Day and everything - everyone else is celebrating it with their dad and hanging out with their dad and it's -

yeah, I don't have anyone to do it with. And until now, Jess, who is a new mother, had never met any of her half-brothers or sisters. Luna, this is your half-sister.

Hello. Isn't she big? She's your half-sister. She's tiny! Going to give her a little cuddle? Hey? Linda Taylor has two children to David Douglas, daughter Luna and son Wayne. They all live, along with Linda's two other children in this tiny mobile home on the outskirts of Melbourne. So, there's two beds So, there's two beds and you've got four children? Yes, and they've been sharing. Top and tail. Yes, top and tailing. For the last year? Yes. And he knew this? He knew that.

And he still left us here. Borrowed my last thousand and left us here. For Jess, the reunion was a chance

to piece together her disgraced dad's past. What was he like? Um, he's a charmer. Yeah? He'll charm you up and pretend he cares

and then he won't care at all - fill your head with empty promises, You know, show you a lot of love when you're there, but as soon as you leave, he will reef that right out of your heart

and keep ripping you down, bit by bit. And incredibly, Douglas's own family estimates

there are more than 20 children out there, just like Jessie.

What does it mean to you? Oh, I've learnt a little bit about my dad and I've just met my little brother and sister. It's sad that she doesn't know her dad. And that her son won't know the grandad, so...

But I'll try and be there for her as much as I can.

any information about David Douglas. We'll let you know if we get any information about David Douglas. The Federal Government's decision to grant weight-loss drug Xenical approval to be directly advertised to consumers

has stirred debate today in medical circles. It has sparked concerns that it will target vulnerable women with misleading claims as Sophie Hull reports. AD: Come on! You can't have enough sugar. Don't be shy. Put it all out. You're not going to forget... EXPLOSION We will look back at this as a dark age when people thought of people who are obese and blame them, blame them for their disease. The drugs will help people. that the mystery product, We all know now that the mystery product, the ad coyly avoided mentioning is Xenical -

a weight-loss drug which has had positive results for obese people since it first came on the market as a prescription drug in 2000. It has been available over the counter since 2004.

The drug has been available for a long time weight loss and it produces a 5% to 10% weight loss when used with diet and exercise and I presume it will go on doing that. Professor Lesley Campbell, an obesity and diabetic expert, says moves to allow the drug company behind Xenical to trumpet the name of their product in advertising campaigns can only be a good thing when nearly two-thirds of Australians are overweight. I think we are only at the beginning of the era of helping people with obesity just like we were once with cholesterol and once with high blood pressure. I'd like to do all the things that most people just read about. Take a look at this. It may seem a bit abstract but this is an advertisement which has been used to promote Xenical in New Zealand where there have been no restrictions about naming the product in advertising. We showed the ad to eating disorder specialist Amanda Jordan. She was horrified by the dream-like sequence portraying an underweight woman, which finished in the reality of an obese woman

unable to perform basic tasks. But first, I would just like to tie my own shoes. What's your response to that?

Well, I thought it was very misleading. I thought it was pretty deceitful. And I think it's absolutely dangerous. Xenical works by removing a third of the fat that is eaten

and directing it through the bowel. There are fears that as the product becomes more widely known, and as anyone can ask for it by name at the pharmacy, it will attract those who need it least. In our clinical practice we find young people are always wanting the next magic fix. Some of those people aren't even overweight, some of them are normal weight, some are even underweight,

and yet, they want to be even thinner and an advertisement like that that shows someone so underweight will be very, very seductive. All it stands in the way of Xenical falling into the wrong hands is the local pharmacist, who's meant to determine at a glance, who should and shouldn't be able to buy the product. Health professionals say that's a process that's fraught with danger. It's about making money

and it's particularly offensive because it's supposedly about the better health of Australian citizens when, really, it's probably going to have the opposite effect. We can only hope not. Coming up, the dirty tricks of repairmen revealed. We expose the lies and games they use to make you pay more. It's all caught on camera. We had you fix a fridge for us and it should have only cost $100, yet you cost charge us three times... Excuse me!

Like most household appliances, whitegoods have a habit of breaking down. And when they do, it's the local repairman we usually call. But tonight we can reveal the lies and tricks some of those repairmen employ to "up the charges" on your bill. Karryn Cooper has the story. Would you describe yourself as an honest and a competent refrigerator mechanic? Excuse me. Excuse me! It is easy for people to get ripped off. They can, actually, if they don't do their homework. This is long-time Brisbane fridge repairman, Arthur Moss, talking rubbish. WOMAN: Okay, how much? Oh, we've got to do it, haven't we? Well, I need the fridge. He even joked about the price. That's pretty bad. Excuse me! Look, you're running away, and you don't even know what we're going to ask you. To make it non-functional, what are you actually going to do? Well, remove the good thermal overload and just put in one that's faulty. What will that actually do to the fridge? That stops the compressor pumping. If it doesn't pump gas, it can't get cold. Appliance expert Kevin Coots has altered a perfectly good fridge and washing machine and then, with us, watched on to see what our repairmen do. Is that something that most tradesman would pick up at some point? Definitely, definitely.

Any tradesman should be able to pick this up within 30 minutes. You think 30 minutes? Yes.

How much is that to replace? Less than a $30 part. The results from our hidden-camera investigation were staggering. Four out of seven mechanics couldn't find the fault, overcharged, or wrongly charged or, in this case, hinted we break the law. MAN: The guy's looked at the fridge and the motor's fused and, "How's about you give me some money for a new one?"

WOMAN: Awesome. He gave every impression this wasn't the first time he's offered insurance advice.

MAN: They're just paying out left, right and centre at the moment because of all the storms we've had. He even gave a choice of how much we could claim. MAN: Like, if your excess is $300 and the motor's $400, I could make it out to $500. That's probably as far as I could push it. You would get $200 back, but if your excess is only $100, get yourself a fair bit back.

clue what's going on with our fridge. This mechanic doesn't seem to have a Watch how he can't work out the part he removed himself. how to reinstall Look, just leave it. Well, whatever you have to do. cutting the electrical cord. And ends up

and we have to get it fixed again, The fridge is now useless but at least it's safe. I get damned annoyed. I find that it's difficult that people have is because the perception to get ripped off. that they're going David McKay Appliance Industry Association boss is at the end of his tether. He says a minority of shonks

the industry's reputation. are destroying Enough are doing it than the honest ones. and that spreads faster And, you know, there are people doing that sort of thing.

Everybody will believe the bad story. David blames a chronic skills shortage for the troubles. He says the only way you can be truly guaranteed an honest job is to employ an Appliance Industry Association member but admits only 15% to 20% of the $125-million-plus industry falls under the association's umbrella. There's too many of them out there that aren't trained and aren't licensed. of service people, And whilst there's a big shortage they're going to get lots of work are less than ideal. and some of them not all appliance tradies are shonks. But good news - mechanics we called on Not one of the 12 washing-machine took us for a ride. It's pumping isn't it?

Oh, no, what? You're joking. You are joking. MAN: No, I'm not joking. didn't even charge us. This honest bloke How much do I owe you for that? Thank you! Nothing. Nothing? You're a lovely person! they charge like wounded bulls. But be warned - and it should have cost only $100 We had you fix a fridge for us yet you charged us three times... Excuse me! Arthur Moss charged us $330 for just over 40 minutes for fixing the so-called electrical failure. Well, Arthur wasn't interested in answering our questions but, as we pointed out, the only thing wrong with the fridge was a faulty thermal overload, a part worth about $30 and labour. The affable Arthur even took time out to tell our researcher how much he loved his job. WOMAN: You enjoy it? I love it. Well, now we know why. If a major appliance breaks down, for weeks at a time. it can hold up your whole family major stress and problems It can create you and cost you a lot of money. So here's a few helpful hints at the Consumers Association, from Cherie Daily one of the good guys just in case you don't get inevitably breaks down. when your appliance somebody you think you can trust. Look for somebody local, their actual workshop is Somebody you know where would be handy, because then you can go back then. You know where they are.

They're not just a telephone number. from friends. And maybe get some recommendations

Coming up - drink-driver. Australia's most dangerous He's already been charged, drinks all day, but still drives to the pub, then picks up his kids from school. He does it every day

with it every day. and he thinks he can get away He is a complete menace to everyone.

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I thought you might be amused by a report that was released today. As you know, Australia holds itself up to the world as a representative democracy, but a research paper prepared by the Federal Parliamentary Library shows our MPs certainly don't mirror the population. of our federal politicians Indeed, the majority a boys' club of middle-aged men. could be described as of union officials and lawyers, With the over-representation perks and superannuation deals it's little wonder they have the best in the nation, drown in bureaucrat red tape. while the rest of us I'll have for you tomorrow night Now a look to one of the stories drink-driver on our roads. when we catch the most dangerous He has already been charged, is car is unregistered, and drinks, and day after day he drives, at pub after pub then picks his kids up from school. He's over the limit. I'm not driving home. in your hand? REPORTER: Why have you got your keys while he's unlicensed. He's picking up his children You're putting your kids and other motorists at risk. His vehicle's unregistered and uninsured. Disgraceful. It's the sort of thing that shouldn't be tolerated. He's a complete menace to everyone. I'll have that story for you tomorrow night. I do hope you can join me for that. Until then, I hope you all enjoy your evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network.