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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - more Cross City chaos is losing millions. amid revelations the tunnel operator to ban smoking in cars. The radical plan in a gas chamber. It's a bit like putting children And the marathon stand-off -

in a city apartment block. an escaped prisoner holed up and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight, 'God Save the Queen' the row over whether to play at the Commonwealth Games. for breaching a court order And the Olympian jailed to stay away from his ex-wife. But first this evening - the deal where everybody loses on the Cross City Tunnel. finally exposed in a report about high tolls While motorists fume are sliding deeply into the red, the operators of the motorway a month on the project. blowing a massive $5 million in William Street Just when you thought the road chaos couldn't get any worse, a total shutdown of the street today three pedestrians and a truck. after an accident involving but the resultant traffic shambles Injuries may have been minor, Parliamentary report into the tunnel. underlining a scathing from day one. It was an ill-conceived project

who was conned here. We still don't know the toll and choking public roads. The Government accused of driving up motorists as second-class citizens. Seems to me very much treating the The report recommends: to the Government for six months, We've been saying to take back those roads they have the power and re-negotiate the contract. has given no indication The Government reopen those tunnel roads. it can or will It's repeated millions of dollars in compensation. to do so would cost taxpayers in irresponsible unilateral action I'm not interested the taxpayers of NSW which may subject in compensation. to tens of millions of dollars 30,000 cars a day - The tunnel has been attracting of the original estimate. just a third are losing $5 million a month. The tunnel operators Paul Mullins, Ten News. the balance in broken families An attempt tonight to even

to child support payments. with a major overhaul Greg Turnbull joins us. Ten political reporter Greg, what's in the changes?

Well, they are as you say major

changes. A very big overhaul to the

conteptious area of child support

that will affect 1.4 million

divorced and separated

Australians. They will cost $850

million to implement and they're

very implicated. But some of the

keep points is that they will be

phased in over three years. From

July this year, there will be a

slight increase in the minimum

amount paid bearing in mind that

50% of non-precedential parents,

mostly fathers make their payments

in full. And significant compliance

measures raising another $450

million from fathers. But the good

news for lone fathers is that in

July 2008, there will be a big

change to the formula on which

their payments are assessed which

will take more into account, the

actual cost of raising children

and less into account,

and less into account, just a flat

percentage of their income. The

architect of these major changes is

happy because they're being adopted

almost completely by the Government

is Professor Patrick Park inson,

and this is how he reacted today.

One of the biggest concerns was to

try to redouse the conflict of

pairpting issues, the huge conflict

in the Australian community over

child support. Now we're trying to

offer something which is fairer and

defencible. So I hope we'll reduce

some of the angst of child support.

It is a very emotive issue. What's

the response from fathers?. The

lone father groups we've spoken to

are very happy with the reforms but

very disappointed with the July

2008 change of the formula. They

wanted it sooner but the Government

said it wasn't possible. But for

every father who will be paying

less there, will be a single mother,

or lone mother who will be

receiving less from the ex-husband or

or ex-partner. Inevitably with that, receiving less from the ex-husband

there will be some unhappiness. this afternoon, Uproar in Federal Parliament accused of a racist slur. with Health Minister Tony Abbott In a fiery exchange,

former Opposition Leader Simon Crean Mr Abbott said because of ethnic branch-stacking, risked losing his pre-selection

with Cambodian, Greek, involving people Spanish and Vietnamese heritage. are there any Australians left I couldn't help but think, Labor Party today, Mr Speaker? in the so-called Australian


on non-Anglo Australians, Labor said it was an outrageous slur and the Minister withdrew.

a radical proposal - State Parliament is considering to ban smoking in cars. would protect the health of children, Anti-smoking groups say the move plan that could never be policed. but opponents insist it's a ludicrous the evidence is clear. Anti-smoking groups say can give you lung cancer. Hopping in a car with a smoker in a gas chamber It's a bit like putting children carcinogens in second-hand smoke. because there are so many Prompting a NSW Parliamentary inquiry at the wheel should be illegal. to consider whether lighting up I think it's a great idea. Yeah, I'm all for it.

Should ban it everywhere. It kills people. Ah, a very good idea I think. I've got two little ones here. just too bad for them. Can't smoke in front of them, is going way too far. But some think a ban I think it is a private space who is running the car and the individual ought to be able to decide that. The Premier seems to agree. in a private motor vehicle To pass legislation banning smoking is, I think, excessive. what we are talking about Ultimately, I think and good manners. is a matter of common sense

have made a ban on smoking in cars Privacy concerns very unpopular in the past. have all previously considered it California, New Jersey and Germany but voted it out. You could argue to wear a seatbelt that somebody is within their rights if they have a crash. and kill themselves The reality is are not acceptable society has said that some things that it's smoking in cars. and it may be Policing it wouldn't be easy. But a fine similar to talking on a mobile could be a big incentive to quit.

Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. 24 hours on, police are still negotiating with a prison escapee holed up in an inner-city apartment. Ten's Shaun Fewings is at the scene..

This has become a marathon stand

off. Are police very closer to

going? There's no signs of an

imminent breakthrough at this stage

but lis say they're making

progress. Over the past 24 hours,

progress. Over the past 24 hours, they've developed a co-operative

raport with the escapee and things

are cooler today than yesterday.

Yesterday, neighbours reported

hearing the escapee yelling to

police that he would rather die

than go back to prison and they

better shoot him or he would shoot

them. But it is cooler now. A lot

better playing ground to negotiate

with the escapee. He is talkative

with a special telecommunications

hook you have and discussions are

frank and honest. At this stage

stage, he's calmer but still not

ready to surrender. The first look at an armed and dangerous escapee. Holed up on the top floor of a 3-storey apartment block, possibly clutching a handgun. Michael Rodney White has been on the run since November. We have our tactical operations unit here securing that position, we also have our negotiators who are working with that man. The siege began late yesterday afternoon. Police approached White and he retreated into the housing commission block, locking the door behind him, warning officers to keep their distance. Now they've got him surrounded. Negotiators continuing a marathon effort over a telephone hook-up

trying to convince him to surrender peacefully. He's talking to negotiators quite freely. He's been awake most of the night. He's cooperating and talking to us about a number of issues. Elite tactical marksmen have the block contained. They've evacuated at least one neighbouring unit and closed a nearby daycare centre as a precaution. This is the consequence of the State Government refusing to take prison security seriously. A minimum security prisoner, He escaped from Long Bay Jail on November 1. He's been described as dangerous and not to be approached. Although they're capable of barging in with sledgehammers and flash-bang stun grenades, the police have settled in for a protracted siege, praying this stand-off will end without bloodshed. Shaun Fewings, Ten News.

While no one is in harm's way,

apart from the escapee, there's no

need to storm the building. And at

the moment, the police are taking

a wait and see approach, trying to

deal with him sensibly and try to

talk him around. So as we stand at

the moment, it looks like we're in

the moment, it looks like we're in for a long wait. We'll update you

on any developments as they come to hand. A tough new crackdown is under way on cheats in our schools. Students will have to sign a new anti-cheating contract or be barred from receiving their Higher School Certificate. The Premier went back to school today for a lesson about integrity. Launching an anti-cheating code for students

and a new compulsory Year 10 course in honesty. Very clear and unambiguous message sent to students that there are consequences for cheating.

At the end of this year, every Year 10 student in the State must complete up to 20 hours study in the 'HSC - All My Own Work' program. Making sure they understand plagiarism, using source material, what's appropriate assistance

from either parents or other support people They must also sign this new anti-cheating declaration before they start HSC studies. If they refuse,

they can sit their HSC but they won't be formally credited. There would be real concerns

if somebody was not prepared to sign the declaration. Last year, only 16 students were caught cheating during their exams and of those, only two were denied their Higher School Certificate. In the long run, you really are harming yourself. Meanwhile, the Government is battling a teacher ban on new student report cards in the Industrial Commission, arguing the new A to E grading system is what parents really want. if their child is falling behind. if their child is struggling. They want to know if their child is doing well. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. A row over a decision not to play 'God Save the Queen' when Her Majesty opens the Commonwealth Games in Melbourne.

Victoria's Games Minister maintains royal protocol doesn't require the anthem to be played, even in the Queen's presence. Much of the Queen's protocol is checked with the Queen's official office anyway

so I'm sure the Queen's official office will tell us what the protocol is when it comes to those circumstances. 'Advance Australia Fair' will be the only anthem sung. Monarchists say it's a snub, during what is likely to be the Queen's last visit to Australia. Tim Webster with the day's sport

and Wendell Sailor fighting for his wallabies career. Yes, it's on line over that drunken night out in South Africa. He's currently facing a joint disciplinary hearing of the ARU and NSW rugby unions after he was sent back home. We'll update proceedings a little later. Also coming up - the fallout to the Warriors' points loss and Glenn McGrath officially out of the South African Tour. An alarming skin cancer study shows we're still not getting the message. That's next. Also tonight - the Olympic cyclist jailed for stalking his wife. And a fake film scandal for Tropfest - the finalist disqualified for cheating! WOMAN: Now that I use Polident, I don't even think about my dentures. don't let you chew as well. With Polident you'll have the confidence Just a fine film improves retention and stability With Polident everything's on the menu.

This program is captioned live. A court worker could face criminal charges for conning people in Sydney's Middle Eastern community. The Independent Commission Against Corruption installed a spy camera above the desk of senior clerk, Faraj Harb, at the Penrith local court, to catch him hacking into confidential data bases. The ICAC also found the Lebanese man acted corruptly by preying on people with poor English in his Arabic-speaking community and offering to help them with legal proceedings in return for thousands of dollars. A jail sentence for Olympic cyclist Gary Neiwand. The silver medal winner breached an intervention order taken out by his ex-wife. He twice won Olympic gold on the cycling track. Now Gary Neiwand is living with his parents and facing jail. The 39-year-old freed on bail pending an appeal, after a magistrate ordered him to serve a previously suspended 4-month jail term. Last year Neiwand repeatedly breached an intervention order ex-wife Catherine had taken out on him. The cyclist had threatened and embarrassed her at her home, and their child's school. Neiwand claimed to have secretly urinated in her champagne glass, and told her father she'd soon be pushing up daisies. For this he received one last chance - by way of a suspended sentence. A month later police twice caught him driving past his ex-wife's home. In a victim impact statement, Catherine Neiwand wrote her ex had frightened her, but she didn't want him jailed, adding: During his cycling career, Neiwand won two Olympic silver medals and three Commonwealth golds. Afterwards he talked of taking up bobsledding, but has instead emerged on another slippery slope. Neiwand was bailed on conditions similar to the intervention order he has repeatedly breached. He must stay at least 200m away from his ex-wife's home, and avoid contacting her, except to arrange family visits and counselling. His appeal will be heard in September. Christopher Still, Ten News. Alarming numbers of Australians are still dicing with death by risking too much exposure to the sun. New research shows many of us ignore the risk of skin cancer thinking it's OK to get sunburnt occasionally. Ruth Mackie has spent a lifetime in the harsh Australian sun. A keen swimmer, as a child she would often spend hours at the beach and in the water without so much as a hat on. You didn't have any sun protection whatsoever You had zinc cream and you put that on your nose. And I can remember losing loads of skin off my nose. The damage Ruth was doing herself is irreversible. My legs, I can't shave my legs or do anything like that because I've got so many spots on them they'd bleed. There's been no shortage of education campaigns aimed at changing our attitudes to sun exposure. But new research conducted by Newspoll shows we're not getting the message. While the research showed most Australians knew getting sunburnt was bad, at least half admitted to having been sunburnt at least once in the last 12 months and a third had never had their skin checked for cancer at all. Have you been sunburnt this summer? Yep.

How many times would you say? Quite a few times. Have you got sunscreen on at the moment? No, I haven't. Why aren't you wearing sunscreen? Because I'm only down here for a short time. The danger of common sun spots also largely unknown. I don't think people really understand that sunspots are a marker for skin cancer. But it seems Australians are ignoring that warning too. More than half those surveyed admitted it hadn't stopped them getting sunburned again. Liz O'Gorman, Ten News.

Alexander Downer was warned six

years ago of possible wheat

kickbacks to Saddam Hussein.

Documents released by the Cole

Documents released by the Cole Inquiry show questions over the

Inquiry show questions over the payments dismissed. It would be funny if it weren't so serious. Serial pest Peter Hoare staging a bizarre protest outside the Cole Commission. The two kittens, he claimed, were lie detectors. Inside, memory problems continued to plague former AWB chairman Trevor Flugge. He couldn't recall a meeting in Washington six years ago when the alarm bells were ringing about the kickbacks to Saddam Hussein. But Mr Flugge is named as present in one of four cables released by the Commission, cables that were also sent to Foreign Minister Downer. Of course I would have read them. Mr Downer revealed AWB was most reluctant to cooperate

and it denied it was, in fact, sanction-busting.

What you were doing, Minister, was not an investigation, it was a tip-off. The Prime Minister too revealing that the complaints from the Canadian Wheat Board at the time were seen as hostile. A query is raised, so what do we do, Because one of our competitors says we are bad, we roll over? This Government thinks it's business as usual to do business with Saddam Hussein behind the UN's back. The Opposition says the $1 million paid to the forgetful Mr Flugge out of the aid budget for 10 months work in Iraq was also tax-free. Absent from Parliament, Trade Minister Mark Vaile, though his companion on the dash to Iraq, Senator Jeannie Ferris, was back for question time. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. High drama for the organisers of Tropfest.

A finalist disqualified,

after entering his film using a fake identity. Meet snake man, the main character in the film at the centre of the controversy. If you want to bite, organise your own bite. The problem is 'Snake Pit' is an old film that has been shortened and it was entered under a false name in the world's biggest short film competition - Tropfest. Unlike Sunday night at the film's screening, director John Inglis seen here in the red has slithered back out of the spotlight, leaving organisers to explain.

So, obviously very disappointed. Disappointed another film-maker who might have got into the 16 if that hadn't happened. The winners didn't mind the extra attention. I'd like to thank the snake man, ha, ha.

No. Tuesday was going to be a slow newspaper day. It's a family affair in Rob's film. His co-stars are his real twin boys. If I can offer any advice to people with twins well. We're going head long tomorrow into autumn. Now summer, if

you thought it was a little bit

warmer than normal, of course it is

summer, so it's pretty warm, then

you'd be right. Take a look at

these figures. 27 degrees on top of

Pyrmont. The average this summer

which is wrapping up today, which is

27.8. The norm is 25.5. So on

average, we were 2 opinion 3

degrees warmer each day. We all

know it is dry, aside from Sunday.

The ample rainfall in summer is

295mm, this summer we had just 195mm

And you would expect it being so

dry that humidity would also fall.

Well you would be wrong there as

well. Because the average maximum

and minimum temperatures were

higher. That pushed humidity up to

70% and 80% ranges on almost a

daily basis. All this dry weather

meant that of course the dams have

dried out and currently the

storage level is 40%. The weekend

rainfall is expected to help that.

27 degrees on top of Pyrmont. Let's

see how the day panned out on top of

Sydney. A little bit of scattered

cloud earlier on. Generally it

cloud earlier on. Generally it leered to blue skies as the die

when on. Pollution levels low in

the east and the west, but medium

in the south-west. 104mm dropped on

the north coast of Byron Bay

overnight so plenty of falls there.

And there's more on the way and

more weather on the way in about 10

minutes. See you again. Next - the multimillion-dollar court battle over the best-selling book 'The Da Vinci Code'. and a remarkably frank Janette Howard on the highs and lows of being a Prime Minister's wife. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. I always hear people say how much they just love Bunnings. "I love coming here. I love buying the products. Aquatak 1300-watt pressure washer, $129. Poly tray wheelbarrow, $49.94. a cheaper price on a stocked item, People get quite excited about Bunnings. SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning.

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This program is captioned live..

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter. We have tunnel trouble

tonight and we're not even talking

the Cross City Tunnel? No, we're

talking unfortunately the airport

tunnel to trave proceeding away

from the eastern suburbs is

struggling. Live pictures of how

it is on General Homes Drive. All

four traffic lanes moving well

below the traffic limit and again

some confusion through to Brighton

Le Sands. Allow motorists an extra

15 to 20 minutes to get there on

time. And issues in the Domayne

tunnel. We'll van update just after sport. Sizzler has shut down all of its salad bars around the country after rat poisoning incidents in Brisbane. Police believe the poison Ratsak may have been deliberately sprinkled in the buffet at two of its restaurants. So far, two people have been taken to hospital after complaining of a burning sensation in their throats, but police believe many more people may come forward with similar complaints. One of the best-selling books of all time

is at the centre of a court battle in London. 'The Da Vinci Code' author Dan Brown is accused of stealing the idea for his blockbuster novel.

Having sold over a million books in Australia

and 30 times that figure worldwide, the Hollywood film of 'The Da Vinci Code' is set to be a blockbuster. It was the biggest cover up in human history. But the book and possibly the film are now being threatened by a court case. Author Dan Brown is accused of copying the idea for his blockbuster. His arrival at London's High Court prompting huge media interest. Morning. The claimants are two historians who allege Brown plagiarised the plot from their 1982 bestseller, 'The Holy Blood and the Holy Grail'. In both books, Christ did not die on the cross, he also married Mary Magdalene and fathered a child. The publishers of 'The Da Vinci Code' are saying, look, all we have done is take the basic facts in the original work and premise about Jesus and Mary Magdalene and turn it into a novel. If the legal challenge is successful it could threaten the film's release scheduled for May. The case is expected to last up to two weeks. Kate Donnison, Ten News. Janette Howard wants her private life to remain just that. But as her husband prepares to mark 10 years in office, a reluctant Mrs Howard has spoken candidly of the highs and lows of life at the Lodge. Janette Howard has never been comfortable in the spotlight. At a rare public appearance,

she's revealed why she's reluctant to speak out. You are not the symbol of the woman's voice in Canberra,

because there are now very many very talented women who have won seats in their own rights

and who are doing that. Still, as wife of Australia's second-longest serving PM, Mrs Howard knows the rough and tumble that comes with the job. Opening an exhibition on prime ministers's wives, she has told of her desire to shield her family from the public. At this particular stage in my life I'm not ready to tell you anything about my private life. It was something other wives of former leaders could relate to. It's juggling your family and their very real needs

and your very real desire to be with them. But there have been times when family had to take second place. Mrs Howard spoke candidly about the most difficult challenge she has faced - providing comfort to grief-stricken victims of the Bali bombings. I think it changed my life. It changed what I expected of myself. It perhaps changed the way I looked at the world. Terrorism has changed that world, and, with it, the life of a Prime Minister and his wife.

Leonie Mellor, Ten News. Also - the union chief being

Also - the union chief being touted as a future Labor leader ready to make his run for parliament. And the humble heart-throb - 'Lord of the Rings' hero Viggo Mortensen plays down his star status.

I may have a few months left but I'll be pretty decrepit soon.

The main stories we're following this newshour - State Parliament is considering a

State Parliament is considering a radical plan to ban smoking in cars. Health groups say the move would protect children. A marathon siege in the inner city. Police are continuing to negotiate with a prisoner who escaped from Long Bay, now holed up at an apartment in Ultimo.

And a report on the Cross City Tunnel has revealed the operators are losing $5 million a month on the project. The news came as roadworks

near the controversial motorway were blamed for a car accident involving three pedestrians and a truck. The man many see as a future Labor leader is a step closer to Canberra tonight. Bill Shorten's odds of a career change improved when Labor shadow minister Bob Sercombe reluctantly pulled out of the race for his Victorian seat. victim of sleazy internal deals, A bitter Mr Sercombe says he's the but such words are unlikely to deter the Australian Workers Union chief, who is among several unionists making a tilt at Federal politics.

Former leader Simon Crean could be the next to go, with Labor determined to inject fresh talent ahead of the next election. Finance - and the Australian share market closed lower today. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. Foreign debt has soared to new highs. Should this be ringing alarm bells?

No alarm bells at this stage. But

as the Fredial Treasurer says, we

as the Fredial Treasurer says, we can't be conplace an. At the end of

can't be conplace an. At the end of last yaer, we were in hock to the

tune of $23,000 each. At this stage,

tune of $23,000 each. At this stage, foreign investors are prepared to

foreign investors are prepared to

foreign investors are prepared to give us the money we need but if

the global winds change, our

strayian dollar could have a mighty

fall from grace. And news on air

fall from grace. And news on air fares?. Particularly restricted

economy air fares have fallen for

the past three months and are 14%

the past three months and are 14% lower than where they were last

year. There's actually good news

for business class airfares,

they're also down compared to a

they're also down compared to a

they're also down compared to a year ago by about 8%. Thanks. Craig James at CommSec. A high-speed car chase has ended in a spectacular crash in the US. The pursuit lasted over an hour, with speeds in excess of 160 kilometres an hour. But the luck of the suspected bank robbers eventually ran out.

He just left the ground, he may

lose control here, oh he did! After the dust had settled, the impact of the crash was apparent. One suspect was thrown from the car, the other pulled from the wreckage by police. Miraculously, both men survived and were taken into custody. Life after 'Lord of the Rings' is proving to be a little violent for actor Viggo Mortensen.

The man who brought Aragorn to the big screen now spruiking a very different kind of film. He's got to be one of the finest things to ever come out of Denmark. Forget Danish pastries - Viggo Mortensen's fans reckon the 47-year-old actor is just yummy. What brings him by is the Oscar-nominated film

'A History of Violence'.

Viggo plays a small-town cafe owner who becomes a hero when he kills two crooks in self-defence. But as the media spotlight shines on him his life is turned upside down. Directed by David Cronenberg, the film is extremely and graphically violent... ..which, ironically, helps get the film's anti-violence message across. It's done directly, so matter of fact, it's not balletic, it's not slow motion, it's not glamorised, so you're not detached as an audience as with a video game or something. It's a long way from Middle Earth and the character that's endeared him to millions. There's people that have asked me, "Don't you want to get away from Aragorn?" And I really am not in a hurry to forget about it, and if I were concerned about being pigeon-holed or only remembered for one character, which I'm not - I'm not concerned about it - there's not really much I can do about it, anyway. One thing you're not going to be able to escape from is the heartthrob status you earned, though. How do you deal with that? Well, I might have a few more months left but I'll be decrepit pretty soon.

I'm going downhill quickly. It's all make-up. 'A History of Violence' opens next week. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Let's take another look at the

weather with ... I was going to

call you Vic Lorusso there.Le had

call you Vic Lorusso there.Le had hello Frank. As we say goodbye to

summer, it was definitely cooler

yesterday. For those people who were

were having difficulty going to

sleep for the last few weeks, last

night was an absolute relief, 17.5

degrees. The coolest night in

Sydney for the past three weeks.

And tonight, not soo bad either.

About 18. In some of the towns

around Sydney, Concorde west doing

25 and in Bega, it was 35.

Ron and Deb, as we soak up the sun

here at Pyrmont, tomorrow will be

the wettest day of the rest of the

week. We'll have more details at 5:55. Sport with Tim Webster. And who'll replace Glenn McGrath for the tour to South Africa? It's a tough decision for selectors. we'll hear from one of the frontline candidates shortly. Plus - the Warriors forced to find salary savings to be allowed to play this season. Also - Wendell Sailor's Wallaby career on the line at a second judiciary hearing. And the world's fastest man arrives for the Commonwealth Games.

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before a rugby union disciplinary hearing tonight. Rob Canning joins us from ARU headquarters And he's been in there for quite a while, Rob ?

Yes, nearing two hours now and it

appears the longer it goes, the

more serious it could be for

Wendell Sailor. He's already been

suspended for one match and fined

a substantial amount. And of course

he was flying out.

It was serious enough for them to

call him in for a second tribunal

hearing and that's what we're going

through now. He was in serious

strife because he already had a

two-match suspended ban to the ARU

taking further action today. And

we'll find out what's happening

soon. And will Mat Rogers make his

return this weekend? It seems that

is the case. He trained at five

eighth today. Ewen McKenzie will

weigh up his form. Rogers took time

out after the death of his father

earlier this year. There is other

Waratahs news going around that

management will fight the four

match ban for Rocky Elson. As far

as this goes, we'll have the news

pretty shortly but make sure you

catch it in Sport's Tonight later on. If it wasn't bad enough starting the competition on minus-4, the Warriors have been warned by the NRL they won't play until they're under the cap for 2006. The Warriors are working on ways to get below the cap but have already found opposition. The Warriors delegation returning to Auckland today.

Their next assignment, bringing their team below the cap in time for their March 12 showdown in Melbourne. We've got quite a bit of work to do, but we know a lot of what we have to do - the management are focused on that, together with the football management, and we think - well, we know - we can get there. NRL boss Dave Gallop insisting the Warriors won't be playing until they comply. They've certainly still got some issues to deal with for 2006. But we are working through those with them and they certainly will not start the 2006 series over the cap. Pay cuts for players and deferring some payments until 2007, the likely outcome.

The manager of Test forward Richard Villasanti warning the club has a fight on its hands. I've instructed my client to not consider that. I think that anyone who takes a pay cut, if they're required to, should be those who were involved in the excesses. Other managers known to be taking a similar stance.

While many are writing the Warriors off for the year, one Kiwi veteran says the team will learn from New Zealand's Tri-Nations success. When we went away on tour last year

there was a lot of adversity when we were away and we come through and ended up winning it, so I think everyone should be a bit worried about the Warriors now because we're angry already. Meanwhile, Test centre Matt Copper has re-signed with St George Illawarra until the end of 2008. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Sydney FC is confident that marquee player Dwight Yorke will be ready for Sunday's A-league grand final against the Central Coast Mariners, despite missing most of the preparations. While his team-mates trained today, Yorke was overseas on international duty. He returns to Sydney on Friday. He gets to fly first class. I wouldn't be fatigued if I got to go first class so he'll be relaxed. He's done it all his life. He's a good traveller, so I'm sure he'll look after himself. Sunday's grand final at Aussie Stadium is now officially a sellout. Glenn McGrath has pulled out of the Australian Test team for the series against South Africa,

to be at home with his wife as she battles cancer for the third time. His decision leaves the selectors with a dilemma - finding a replacement for one of the World's greatest fast bowlers. He has his bags packed, but Shaun Tait isn't holding out hope of a South African flight. There's still Dizzy and Kasper and those blokes are bowling really well so I'm really not expecting a phone call at all, yeah. Despite his reluctance, Tait is perhaps the man most likely to replace Glenn McGrath. Fellow South Australian Jason Gillespie and veteran Queenslander Michael Kasprowicz are also in the mix. But the tearaway 23-year-old makes a compelling case for selectors not to pick him. If McGrath stepped down, Dizzy's more of a similar bowler to him and I'm more of a similar bowler to Brett Lee who is holding the ship up at the moment. McGrath's replacement will be named next week. It's the furthest thing from the mind of the 36-year-old, who remains by the side of his ill wife. Jane and the kids are still my priority at the moment. We're not quite there. Still got a bit longer to go. To be honest, probably written the rest of the season off and I'll worry about cricket next season. McGrath's return to cricket likely to be in October's Champions Trophy in India. And Cricket Australia has submitted its joint bid with New Zealand to host the 2011 World Cup. Australasia to battle a rival Asian consortium of India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh, for the right to host the event.

At this stage, we would say that we're probably come from behind. Tim Hodges, Ten News. The National Basketball League has slugged

Sydney skipper Jason Smith $10,000 for criticising referees. The heavy fine comes as the Kings attempt to keep the grand final series alive against Melbourne tonight at the Entertainment Centre. Smith described the refereeing in Sunday's second match as farcical. The NBL ordered a change of referees, they say it was rotation. Sydney trails the best of five contest 2-0.

Casey Stoner's recovery from shoulder surgery is going smoothly and he's looking forward to his MotoGP debut in Spain. The 20-year-old Honda rider had an operation on his shoulder last week, but he won't be fit enough to get back on a bike for another four weeks. At the moment it feels, yeah, peobably about 70%, the shoulder's pretty good, I've got full movement, it's just a little bit sore where the instrument went in my shoulder. But it's only been a week and I've healed quickly. The opening round of the MotoGP championship is in Spain next month. Ahead in Sports Tonight - Casey Stoner on the road to recovery and set to make his Moto GP debut.

And game three of the NBL Grand Final series - pretty simple - the Kings have to win.

Check of the trfbg again with

Check of the trfbg again with Vic Lorusso who is hoveering above the

approach to the M2 A busy night....

approach to the M2 A busy night.... We have some problems with the

We have some problems with the

We have some problems with the traffic chopper there. Frank Coletta traffic chopper there. Frank Coletta

traffic chopper there. Frank Coletta is back with the latest weather details next. And learning to fly -

a young condor spreads her wings at Taronga Zoo.

The world's fastest man has arrived in Melbourne,

two weeks out from the Commonwealth Games. Asafa Powell was given star treatment after touching down. The 23-year--old Jamaican has been hampered by a serious groin injury since he smashed the world record last year. But Powell insists he's back to peak fitness.

The only thing I have to prove is

to show everyone that I amber. So I

to show everyone that I amber. So I guess I have to prove that I amber

guess I have to prove that I amber

guess I have to prove that I amber and ready to run. He'll run in several lead- up events as he prepares for an assault on individual and relay gold.

Frank Coletta is

Frank Coletta is Frank Coletta is a man of many hats, a reporter, a

a man of many hats, a reporter, a

a man of many hats, a reporter, a part time weather man and a part

part time weather man and a part time news reader and since Vic

time news reader and since Vic Lorusso fell over in the news

helicopter, we might get you to

tell us what's happening on the

Anzac Bridge. Wir' pemped on top of

the Ten News centre and what I can

tell su that there is a bottle neck

tell su that there is a bottle neck

tell su that there is a bottle neck building up on the Anzac Bridge, so

any motorists heading west, perhaps

any motorists heading west, perhaps delay about half an hour. Maybe use

delay about half an hour. Maybe use the Sydney Harbour Bridge as an

alternative. There's the Anzac

alternative. There's the Anzac Bridge taken care of. A news view

from here on top of the Ten News

centre and those driving home

centre and those driving home tonight, are being faced by lovely

conditions, very sunny. We got up

conditions, very sunny. We got up

conditions, very sunny. We got up to 29 in parts of the greatest west.

to 29 in parts of the greatest west. A fantastic way to end summer.

Goodbye summer and hello autumn. And

autumn in NSW, isn't it spectacular.

autumn in NSW, isn't it spectacular. Pretty much like today. Let's look

at the concern conditions.

Let's take a look at the satellite

and there's wid spread cloud over

and there's wid spread cloud over WA from tropical cyclone Emma

that's leading to rain leading to

that's leading to rain leading to flooding in the south-west. Thick

flooding in the south-west. Thick flooding in the south-west. Thick cloud on the Queensland coast and

unstable onshore winds causing

heavy showers. Tomorrow's weather

heavy showers. Tomorrow's weather map and on the weather map, you can

see the forecast, ex-tropical

cyclone Emma will weaken

generating widespread rain across

generating widespread rain across WA. Storms over NSW and Queensland.

WA. Storms over NSW and Queensland. Showers along our coast, storms in

northern parts of NSW. Showers northern parts of NSW. Showers

northern parts of NSW. Showers increasing along the Queensland

coast. The rainfall for Thursday,

strong, moist, easterly winds

causing showers. Possibly rather

heavy and some warm north-easterly

heavy and some warm north-easterly

heavy and some warm north-easterly winds across Victoria and also SA.

Just quickly, our friends at the

Just quickly, our friends at the Art Gallery of NSW, tomorrow

serving up a treat. A free

serving up a treat. A free screening from 2pm of a very screening from 2pm of a very

screening from 2pm of a very special film starring none other

than Scarlett Johanson. Moving on

to the interstate forecast:

For the rest of the week:

See you tomorrow. A star of the future is spreading her wings. All three metres of them. Lesley is an Andean condor - the world's largest bird of prey.

The 2-year-old is in training for Taronga Zoo's free-flight bird show. This morning at Mosman,

she practised her take-off and landing technique in front of an audience for the first time. Lesley's keepers expect her to be a fully-fledged star of the show in just three months. That's the news at 5:00. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Sandra Sully will have Ten's 'Late News' with 'Sports Tonight' after 'Rove'. And tune in to our Early News with Bill Woods at 6:00 morning. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.