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(generated from captions) the Sydney Royal. Agricultural entries on par with horse, cattle, sheep this year We've got record entries in our farmers have gone through. despite the drought all the this ride called the no limit. One of the features of the show is Australia a week and a half ago It's just been imported to its first show in Australia. morning. Gates open from 8.30 tomorrow .... night. That's all in our bulletin this News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night

strike back at the Government. The Cross City Tunnel operators Path of destruction - on a suburban Sydney street? how did one car cause such havoc It was pretty terrifying. Rude or prude? more tourists to Australia. The swearing commercial to attract So where the bloody hell are you? a croc in a creek at Cromer! And crikey -

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Good evening. The feud between the State Government of the Cross City Tunnel and the operators match, has descended into a public slanging finally hitting back with the tunnel boss expletive a fortnight ago. after the Premier's very public has now blamed the Government Graham Mulligan for setting the price of the toll.

old fashion 'get square' There were no expletives, just a good accused the Government as Graham Mulligan its own mistakes. of acting dishonestly to cover up In a newspaper interview the record straight on tolls. the tunnel boss attempted to put was set by the Government. He claims the $3.56 charge That figure was set in negotiations operators and the RTA. between the Cross City Tunnel for charging $3.56? Well, than can you blame them to use the Cross City Tunnel. The issue here is getting people for driving people away, But the toll is being blamed can do about it. and there's nothing the Government Would you prefer to have a lower cap? about the Cross City Tunnel Look, I think the issues have been well and truly canvassed it could have been done better. and the Government has acknowledged hands of the issue of road closures. The tunnel boss has also washed his

to be closed? How many roads did the operators ask for one specific road to be closed. My understanding is they asked All of the other road changes and the pre-tender process. were canvassed during the EIS

With the two sides trading barbs, to paying less drivers are certainly no closer or having streets reopened that if the feuding continues and the NRMA has warned

motorist who will lose out. it won't just be the long-suffering If the Government doesn't fix this problem, they are going to suffer major costs at the next election, and if the Cross City Tunnel operators don't also fix the problem, people aren't going to use it, and they will go broke. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Public servants fear it's open season on them again, with the State Government announcing 5,000 job cuts. The Premier prefers to call it an 'adjustment', but union's aren't impressed and haven't ruled out industrial action. Unions had been expecting job cuts, but not 5,000 - 1,000 more than originally forecast. It isn't about wielding the axe and burning the place. The Premier says it's more case of 'trimming'. Trimming isn't an appropriate word to use for a 5,000-person cut. The Government says workers will be offered voluntary redundancy, but admits those who refuse may be forced out if they fail to find another job within 12 months. We are resolute to make these savings. Most of the savings will come from merging government agencies.

Initially, 14 will be absorbed into the first of two super-departments, State Development and Arts, Sport and Recreation.

To achieve a reduction in duplication and to free up dollars that we can direct to the front line. The Opposition is sticking to its policy of 29,000 redundancies. I've read through this 70-page report. I've gotta say I'm underwhelmed. While the unions haven't ruled out industrial action, the audit report has been generally welcomed by business,

which had been crying out for tax cuts.

To that end, the Government has offered some payroll relief, a $90 million package for businesses who invest in high unemployment areas. We are tinkering around the edges, but it's directionally correct. And they say it still leaves NSW with the highest businesses costs in Australia. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. The devastated community of Mildura has begun a painful duty, burying the victims of last Saturday's car crash. Cory Dowling's funeral today was the first of six in the Victorian town. For a teenager, Cory Dowling touched a lot of lives in only 16 years.

Streets around the church were closed. The whole of Mildura seemed to be in mourning. His mates, even some of those injured in the crash, filled the church. Cory's dad, Rex, entered to the sounds of the teenage ballad 'How Could this Happen to Me?' He raised Cory by himself. Too shattered to deliver his eulogy, he left it to family friends. We will miss your cheeky smile. We will miss you. They remembered Cory as the larrikin, the footy player who could run all day, the country kid who became headline news in such a tragic way. People were shocked all around the country about the loss of so many innocent lives. Tomorrow, the funerals of another four of those killed. Two of them - brother and sister Abbey and Shane Hirst - were remembered at the basketball stadium where they used to play. Their father, Terry, touched by their thoughts.

We've lost children. It's tough.

We now have to support all the kids through whatever. Tomorrow, it will be him leaning on others for support as he buries his two children. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. A driver was killed this morning in a crash on the M4, which caused the motorway to be closed in both directions at the height of the peak period. It happened near the toll gates at Silverwater, where the victim - a woman - was thrown from her hatchback after colliding with a ute. The closure caused long delays for city- and west-bound traffic. Last night, there were no injuries but an awful lot of damage, when a BMW left a trail of destruction along a normally quiet lane in the normally genteel suburb of Cremorne on the North Shore. The female driver is alleged to have had a blood alcohol reading of more than five times the legal limit. Today, residents of Bloxsome Lane were still asking how one car could inflict so much damage, in such a small space, in so little time. We're just grateful that we escaped without injury. Phil Morton, his wife and two children, including a one-week-old baby, were inside when they heard the sound of mayhem coming their way. The first casualty was a parked car and then this tennis court fence. Next, the Morton's garage and front yard.

Then the car reversed at high speed into their living room. The bricks came in, my wife fell over in the process, but it was pretty terrifying. Neighbours watched more destruction during an attempted getaway. Then it rocketed forward again and hit the wall opposite. But it didn't travel very far. Witnesses say it was so damaged the car couldn't be driven any faster than walking pace. A 33-year-old local woman was charged with dangerous driving and driving with a blood alcohol level of 0.27. A nearby street sign said it all: Dale Paget, National Nine News. The battle for South Sydney has got nasty. Police are investigating threatening letters sent to businessman Peter Holmes a Court, which he's received since he and Russell Crowe launched their bid for the club. Crowe's spokesman says the actor has not been threatened. $4 million is to be spent upgrading Long Bay jail to stop prisoners escaping. The Government claims it will become as secure as Goulburn's high-security Supermax prison. Robert Cole crash-dieted to 57kg to literally squeeze his way out of Long Bay jail in January.

But even slimmer than Cole - according to the Justice Minister - will be the chances of escaping the prison after a major security upgrade triggered by the sex offender's embarrassing getaway. It will ensure that security is as good as it can be in the world. by ret red detective Bob Inkster The investigation into Cole's escape by retired detective Bob Inkster found Long Bay's existing electronic security just isn't good enough. It's fairly antiquated, what the IT is in security at Long Bay. It's all about to be replaced. Mr Inkster also recommended the removal of this fence, used by Cole as a ladder to reach the top of this wall - now covered with razor wire. Despite the demands of the Prison Officers Union the Inkster report has not recommended the 24-hour staffing of watchtowers, but the Corrective Services commissioner says Long Bay will now benefit from exactly the same state-of-the-art security used to guard the State's most dangerous criminals here at Goulburn. The Minister has just signed that project off at a cost of about $4 million. Adam Walters, National Nine News. If the latest, very expensive government campaign is any guide the best way to get tourists to come to Australia is to swear at them. A controversial series of commercials was launched today, promoting our finest attributes to the world. From Paul Hogan and shrimps to Delta Goodrem and Richie Benaud, we've tried almost everything to encourage tourists. This latest $180 million campaign features the blunt approach, the very blunt approach. So where the bloody hell are you? About to be screened in all our major tourism markets - China, Japan, Europe and the US - the commercials feature some very attractive Australians rolling out the welcome mat in some very attractive locations. We've got the sharks out of the pool. And each commercial ends with 'What's taking you so long?' or words to that effect. It's the great Australian adjective. We all say it. It's part of our language.

Even the Prime Minister approves. It's not a word that is seen quite in the same category as other words that nobody ought to be using. The experts say it's all designed to make Australia stand out. 20 years ago, we were competing with only a handful of countries for long-haul market.

Now there are dozens of countries out there. All of them have got a beach. But no-one has beaches quite like ours. And that's something I'm perfectly prepared to swear by. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. There's plenty of excitement in the northern beaches suburb of Cromer tonight,

because a saltwater croc is on the loose in a lagoon. Not that there's really much cause for alarm, because the reptile measures little more than 60 centimetres. And while that is small - it has become the biggest of local attractions. You can see his legs and you can see the... Oh, it's tiny. Yeah, it's only tiny. Apparently someone from Queensland bring it down and chucked it in. The croc show won't last. Reptile handlers are ready to pounce tonight to relocate it to a wildlife park just so things don't get out of hand in a few year's time. In the news ahead - justice for the man who faked his own death. Muslim versus Muslim - is Iraq sliding towards civil war? And the American meat workers who've had a lottery win beyond their wildest dreams. I've been retired for about four days now.

Police have made more arrests over the Cronulla race riots, A millionaire who faked his own death so he could claim a massive life insurance policy has been sentenced to 15 months in jail and ordered to pay $20,000 for all the trouble he caused police. Harry Gordon today said he's very sorry for what he did, Harry Gordon already had a lot of money, but it obviously wasn't enough - so he staged his own drowning near Newcastle in une 2000, so he staged his o drowning near Newcastle in June 2000, in the hope of pocketing $3.5 million.

Even his own family didn't know about the scam, including his daughter Josaphine... REPORTER: Is it just good to have your dad back? ..sitting in court as the 56-year-old admitted: Gordon's wife, Sheila, only found out he was alive when he arrived on her doorstop months after his disappearance. The pair discussed the insurance claim, which AMP was refused to pay because Gordon didn't tell them he was allergic to salt water. He then moved to New Zealand on a fake passport and lived at this home under an assumed name and with a new wife. Last year, Sheila decided to go to police and he was arrested at Sydney airport last November. Gordon told the magistrate he doesn't like being in jail, saying it's awash with drugs, violence and obscenities. But he'll have to get used to it - he'll spend 15 months there. And he's also been ordered to pay $22,000 to police for wasting their time. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. In Iraq, rebels have enraged the country's majority Shiite Muslims, destroying one of their most famous and sacred shrines. The bombing is part of a relentless campaign to provoke civil war between Shiites and Sunni Muslims and there's grave concern that this time the insurgents will succeed. The 100-year-old golden dome of the Askariya shrine in Samarra now a shattered symbol of a divided Iraq.

The sacred Shiite mosque - burial place of two Muslim saints - was destroyed when a group of men dressed in police uniforms planted two bombs.

SCREAMING The explosion brought down the great golden dome - one of the largest in the Islamic world.

It was the third major attack against Shiite targets in as many days,

and led to demonstrations and reprisals across the country against rival Sunni Muslims. (Protesters chant) Al-Qa'ida rebels are behind these efforts to provoke civil war

between the two branches of Islam, hoping to profit from the chaos and drive out foreign forces. Till now, Shiite leaders have prevented wholesale reprisal, but this attack will surely test the control of their people. Jodie Noyce, National Nine News. A 6-man gang has pulled off the biggest robbery in British history. They've escaped with at least $60 million from a security depot in southern England, after abducting the manager and forcing him to open the depot while holding his family hostage. The robbers fled with the cash in a large van. Some reports claim the haul may be even greater - up to $95 million. Mystery solved over a huge lottery prize in the United States. The winners of last weekend's $495 million jackpot came forward today - a group of low-paid factory workers who are still in shock over their incredibly good luck.

Four days after the winning numbers were drawn, eight meat workers from Nebraska are taking home the bacon. We're trying to grasp the fact that we're millionaires now. Vietnamese immigrant Dung Tran bought the winning ticket

a day before the draw from a convenience store near the plant where the workers processed ham and corned beef. They all earned around $25,000 a year, but haven't shown up to work all week. I've been retired for about four days now. LAUGHTER They put in $7 each and beat staggering odds of 146 million to 1, to win. I didn't know what to think. I still don't. The winners have chosen to take a lump sum, rather than annual instalments over 30 years, reducing the total prize money to $240 million. Once they've paid tax, they still walk away with $21 million each. Like so many others, they'd fantasised about what they'd do with a win. "What are you going to do?" "Oh, I'm going to buy an island. I'm going to buy an aeroplane." Reality? Gee, I'm not a fan of flying, don't really like water. LAUGHTER I have no idea what I'm going to do. In the US, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News.

Wayne Carey's troubled marriage is over - again - just six weeks after the birth of his daughter. The former AFL star is in Darwin on football commitments, where he's confirmed the separation. How are things with your wife at the moment? Very good. Very good friends. His wife Sally and newborn daughter are with family in Wagga, while Carey defends a 'friendship' with model Kate Neilsen.

In 2002, Carey infamously had an affair with a team-mate's wife. Ken with sport next. And the scandal over the Warriors' salary rort takes on a life of its own. and officials dearly. And it's going to cost players bronze is as good as gold. Also, for Alisa amplin,

didn't let anybody down. And in Bahrain, the young Socceroos going to mow the lawn. I thought you were 'AMAZING' BY ALEX LLOYD PLAYS Johnny, I thought I told you The possibilities are amazing. New Ford Territory.

has achieved a remarkable double, Freestyle aerialist Alisa Camplin

a medal at consecutive Winter Games. becoming the first Australian to win The defending gold medallist from knee surgery to claim bronze. had only just returned to competition limped home battle weary - Warriors from an Olympic crusade to the top of the mountain. all had literally been I'm really, really grateful. It's been an awesome week.

I've had such a fun time. in pain yesterday, Lydia Ierodiaconou, team-mate Jacqui Cooper crash twice now the pain of watching in the final. had a different fate. But Alisa Camplin I was really calm. I had anything to lose. I didn't feel like

was going to happen. I was just grateful for whatever I was here, I was at the Olympics. after last October's surgery?' 'Would Alisa's knee hold up was answered in the positive. is made of the tougher stuff. COMMENTATOR: And Alisa

had elevated Alisa into silver The second jump behind Evelyne Leu of Switzerland could spoil their party. but two Chinese competitors

pushed the Australian into bronze. One of them, Nina Li, All that remained was Xu Nannan, she finished up face first. but going for gold, Oh, that's gotta hurt! Watching and not wishing any harm, winning moment. Leu reined in her gold medal It was the same for Camplin. for the girl to fall or anything I wasn't hoping I was just - I was blown away. but when she did And so was every Aussie watching. to be proud of. Bronze is a thing And after all the setbacks, colour combination. bronze on white is a great that Warriors captain Steve Price National Nine News can reveal tonight as a key figure will join team-mate Ruben Wiki the Warriors' salary cap scandal. in the NRL's investigation into

We've also learnt the Warriors may have overspent by more than $1 million. The Warriors' stars were carrying out media commitments as usual today,

knowing the salary cap crisis is about to escalate. We've learnt Steve Price has been promised an administrative job with the club once his playing days are over - something that's illegal in the NRL. Salary cap audit has been very clear for some time that you cannot guarantee players payments for post-football jobs without it being included in the salary cap. Price is studying for a master's degree in business and he's previously indicated he would like to run the NRL one day - a dream which will be dashed if his deal with the Warriors is found to be dodgy. For the former Bulldogs skipper, it must feel like deja vu.

We'll deal with it and move on, just as the Bulldogs did and any other team it's happened to in the past. That's the way you've got to deal with it - move on.

Ruben Wiki was asked directly about his suspect contract, following our revelation last night that he has a post-football deal worth over $300,000. As I said, the boys are looking after everything else and we're just here to play footy. And in rugby union, Nine News has learnt

that Wendell Sailor has employed a team of lawyers to examine whether the ARU has the right to try him for a second time over his indiscretion in South Africa. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. An under-strength Socceroos have made an ideal start in the Asian football competition, scoring a 3-1 win over Bahrain. Minus stars such as Mark Viduka and Harry Kewell, Australia went a goal down in the first half. But in the second half, striker Archie Thompson equalised, before acting skipper Josip Skoko put the visitors in front. A late penalty put the result beyond doubt. After the break - finance, then Jaynie with the weather details.

and can't put in?

In finance, Multiplex posted a bigger-than-expected half-year loss of $120 million,

because of more problems with the construction of Wembley Stadium.

Its shares fell 13. QBE posted a record profit, despite claims from three hurricanes.

That's National Nine News for this Thursday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

Tonight - our ongoing hospital crisis. Waiting lists for elective surgery are one thing, but now even patients who need urgent attention are being put in a queue. This program is captioned live. Also tonight - Wayne Carey's womanising ways. Wife Sally has had enough, and the former footy champ had better stay well clear of his father-in-law. Plus Centrelink fraud - this man cheated taxpayers out of $125,000, but now he's behind bars. And dining out from a dumpster

on the food our supermarkets are throwing away. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair. We'll have those stories shortly, but first, there's been a sensational development in a 'cold case' that A Current Affair re-opened - the mysterious death of 27-year-old Margaret Wagner in her Blue Mountains home nearly 10 years ago. Last September, after a 3-month investigation by A Current Affair, we handed over all our material to police, including an interview with this man, Gareth Bunce. Today, some six months later, Bunce was arrested and charged with murder. After a brief Court appearance, he's been remanded in custody to appear again on March 30. We'll keep you up to date as that story develops further. On a football field, Wayne Carey was a champion, a hero.

But the headlines he's made in his private life in recent years have been far less flattering.

Now it seems his relationships with other women have cost him his marriage. How are things with your wife at the moment? Very good. Very good friends. When I say "Wayne Carey", what comes to mind? A dirty sleazebag. Uh, indiscretion. What about "great footballer"? No. "Great husband"? No. "Great father"? No, sorry, can't give you any of those answers. I regret the circumstances of my actions... Is history repeating itself for Wayne Carey? Surely not again. The wisdom of knowing when you've gotten yourself into trouble should be enough once. On the field, Wayne Carey was king. Off the field, he's been making his mark again. One of the great challenges of life is to be able to learn from mistakes.