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(generated from captions) Costumes also a feature. Alister Mitchell who's come from A whole team of people led by Mis last graced the Canberra It's been a decade since the Les

the ensemble members could be a It's a very talented cast, each of soloist in their own right. Wednesday night. That's WIN News from Canberra this at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN

Good night

Fatal neglect - of a mother and her baby. police blamed for the deaths

to get over, ever. It's not something we're ever going Cutting deep - shake-up of the public service. the Premier reveals a massive of the London bombings An Australian survivor by visiting the Queen. begins her new life I can make a difference. It's looking at how

Beautiful! ..but tragedy for Lydia Ierodiaconou. She's come unstuck! This program is captioned live. Good evening. a young Sydney mother and her child - We begin with the tragic deaths of police could have prevented. deaths which the woman's family claim

Officers were told four times the woman and her boyfriend, of violent arguments between

was set alight last month. before their Glenfield house had more important things to do. It's claimed one officer said they Lynch and her 18-month-old son Mason, For the family of 27-year-old Adele tragic circumstances is unbearable, the pain of losing them in such

may have been saved. knowing their lives they were happy times, Looking at the photos of her, but what makes me sad any more of those times again. is that we'll never get to share house fire at Glenfield a month ago. The mother and son were killed in a is suspected of starting the blaze. Adele's boyfriend, Aaron Reid, two days later. He died in hospital from burns

before the fire But it's what happened in the hours demanding answers. that has the family National Nine News has been told

to the house at around 11pm police were called heard a violent argument. after neighbours the officers left. But with no complaint from Adele, The argument continued 7-year-old daughter to get help. and at 2am, Adele told her She told her to run for her life. She ran to a friend of her mother's, police station who rang Macquarie Fields at least three times in an hour. But the police failed to respond. Another final call, they had more important things to do. only to be allegedly told Adele and Mason were dead. Less than half an hour later, if they had responded I think they'd all be alive today were made before the explosion. to the four or five calls that to the Coroner this week, is expected to be given A police report into the fire

concerned about these allegations, but the Police Minister is so an immediate investigation. he's ordered if true, are quite serious These particular allegations,

the Commissioner to report to me. and that's why I've asked we're ever going to get over. It's not something

Stella Lauri, National Nine News. a massive $2.5 billion worth of cuts Premier Morris Iemma has revealed to the public service. finances to be detailed tomorrow, It's part of the audit of the State's on sick leave and overtime including plans to crackdown in all Government departments. National Nine News The Premier has told history of the public service. it's the biggest shake-up in the more efficient. It is about making the public sector the taxpayers with better value. It's also about providing

carried out over four years by; The $2.5 billion cuts will be for non-front-line staff, slashing overtime setting a deadline of 12 months cracking down on sick leave, to find another position for public servants in between jobs

'unattached' senior bureaucrats. and a 1-month limit for out of a total of 300,000 people, There are 300 people into some sort of perspective so you have to put that

are not top bureaucrats. and most of these people Sydney Ferries boss Sue Sinclair The Government's confirmed sacked

given four weeks to find a new job, will be among those

but the Opposition says should be cut immediately. unattached public servants doesn't do that today, If the Government it'd be a disgrace for taxpayers. to $18 million a year. It's costing $17 million They've got a policy nearly 30,000 public servants. of slash and burn and sack Unions say cuts to the public service to hurt the community, are already threatening as an example. citing the police force of 200 administration jobs claiming the axing on the front line. will have a direct impact Someone still has to do that work the sworn police officers. and it will be enable the employment of more police. But the Premier says the savings will Adam Walters, National Nine News.

tragic discovery in Sydney - There's been yet another the bodies of an elderly couple at Neutral Bay on the North Shore. found in their unit of three other people It comes in the wake and went unnoticed for months. who died in their homes to the others - Their tragedy was different not months, and they were found the couple had been dead for days, had been watching out for them. because concerned residents

We hadn't seen them for a week. to check up and so we got someone

they were deceased. and, unfortunately, Despite her intervention, mother lives in the building, Kathy Psaltis, whose 92-year-old for not doing more. is cursing herself and governments and a bit isolated They were pretty sad to be some sort of a government body and I was just thinking there has like there is for DOCS.

The couple - suffering terminal cancer an 82-year-old man who'd been and his 78-year-old wife - a suicide pact. are believed to have entered A note was found near their bodies.

only distant relatives. Police say they leave behind and you just can't go - They were very private people you know, you'd try to say hello,

did not want a lot of contact. but it was obvious the lady struggling to keep track of them. Neighbours weren't the only ones

to be kept in the dark, The authorities were also said as the couple's only real contact with the outside world was with their doctor. A post-mortem examination is yet to confirm just how they died. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. The Iraq wheat scandal now - and Prime Minister Howard has angrily rejected claims a diplomatic cable sent to his office proves he was told about the kickbacks.

Mr Howard was defending the latest allegations as farmers in Victoria

rallied in support of the Wheat Board's monopoly.

It can't have been a happy prime ministerial breakfast this morning - headline after headline telling how, five years ago, an Australian diplomat warned John Howard about wheat bribes. That 'Australian' headline especially was just quite misleading. The source - this 2001 cable telling of an Iraqi effort

to levy illegal port fees on Australian wheat, but not revealing that the Wheat Board would actually pay the bribes. Which vindicates everything the Government and officials have said. The Foreign, Agriculture and Trade ministers and Prime Minister himself all received the cable. None saw it as a warning AWB needed closer scrutiny.

The matter was dealt with in a professional manner. It's Sergeant Schultz, Colonel Klink and the whole gang,

saying that, after 16 warnings, that they see nothing and they know nothing. And 500 wheat farmers have rallied in north-west Victoria supporting the AWB's troubled monopoly on exports, with news emerging their competitors, Canadian growers, have won a giant Iraqi contract.

So what of the Howard Government's planned Baghdad delegation

to rescue our wheat exports? Well, it's going ahead, though the place of one prominent member is in now doubt. Having said AWB's chief had to go because his company owns the wheat,

the Government is now refusing to confirm if the Wheat Board will be included. We'll let you know who's on the delegation when it's ready to leave Australia. Tim Lester, National Nine News. Now more on our expose of how Sydney drivers are being overcharged on some of the city's motorways. Today, the operator of the M5 admitted it's been fielding calls for months from motorists who claimed they were being overcharged. A spokesman told National Nine News they received on average six calls a day in December alone, but didn't say why the company failed to warn other motorists about the problem.

Four people have died in a helicopter crash in outback Queensland.

The chopper, a popular Robinson R-44, was being used on a mining survey north of Mount Isa when it came down near the small town of Gunpowder. The bodies of the female pilot and three male passengers were found this afternoon. One of the survivors

of the hit-and-run tragedy in northern Victoria has recalled the horrific events of Saturday night -

the night of her 17th birthday. Renee Carter and her closest friends were waiting by the road for a taxi when they were struck by a car. Six were killed. She has just been discharged from hospital. I remember waking up on the ground. All my pelvis was sore.

My arm felt like it was broken, I could feel blood dripping down my leg from the gravel rash.

I could see Shane's body next to mine and Corey's and Arden yelling out, "He's dead, he's dead! What are we gonna do?" The first funerals for the victims will be held tomorrow. An Australian survivor of last year's London bomb attacks has made an official start to her new public life, pledging to honour those killed by involvement in charity work.

Having lost both legs in the bombing, Gill Hicks showed her determination by stepping out on her new artificial legs

when the Queen held a special reception ahead of the Commonwealth Games.

From her hospital bed, she vowed the events of July 7 wouldn't ruin her life, and today Gill Hicks proved that. With her husband of two months beside her, she visited Buckingham Palace for an event promoting next month's Games in Melbourne.

And I think it's important to be here I guess not only to represent the July 7 bombings, but also to be here as an Australian. Showing extraordinary resilience, she recently returned to work. Today she shared her road to recovery with the Queen. She comes across as such a warm character. She really is interested in what you've got to say.

Former Wallabies, chefs, doctors and journalists were among the select group of Australian ex-pats chosen for the royal meeting. She said there were a lot of Australians here

and I said, "I'm surprised too," and then I had my inspiration and said, "Yes, we're starting a colony!" And planning to be a prominent member of that colony, Gill Hicks. Last year's tragedy clearly changing her approach to life. It's looking at how I can make a difference with, you know...

I've been saved and I'm alive. How does that life count? In London, Jodie Noyce, National Nine News. In the news ahead,

Bill Clinton presses the flesh in Sydney. Hi, guys. And a sight to break the heart of any car lover.

SERENE OPERATIC DUET PLAYS The safety of all-wheel drive, ABS brakes and four airbags. The luxury of climate-controlled airconditioning. The two-litre Subaru Impreza -

accelerated technology created from just $23,990... dealer delivery and statutory charges.

A more efficient way to recycle household water can be seen in the eco-living exhibition, Majura Rise Estate, Roma Mitchell Crescent, North Watson.

There's more embarrassment tonight for the State's Corrective Services, with another prisoner breaking out of jail.

18-year-old Ronnie Thomas managed to escape by driving a prison officer's ute out of the John Morony Correctional Centre near Windsor. It was found burnt out a short time later at Wedderburn in Sydney's south-west. Thomas was serving time for break-and-enter, and while he is not considered dangerous, police urge anyone with information to ring 000. A man was charged today

The medical tribunal has dismissed two claims of professional misconduct against a leading obstetrician, following the death of a baby at Camden Hospital. The doctor, who can't be identified, had been accused of failing to order an emergency caesarean, despite signs the baby was in trouble. Yesterday, the tribunal heard that Camden's newly opened maternity ward had been understaffed and ill-equipped to handle the emergency delivery. It has since been closed.

The largest-ever legal action against Australia's financial planning community was launched today. 2,000 investors in the failed property group Westpoint Corporation are suing after losing millions of dollars in an investment scheme. Westpoint's funds went into liquidation earlier this year, leaving the average investor $100,000 out of pocket. Now Slater & Gordon will sue up to 100 advisers, plus Westpoint directors,

to try to recover $200 million. I don't think it's going to be difficult to prove that many of the planners misled their investors. Those who bought into Westpoint thought their investment would be secure. Now they're locked out, and their finances are in tatters. I wanted to just have a game of golf, go sailing and leave my capital for my kids one day - which, of course, now it's all gone.

It means I have to work harder to make up the loss. Now we have to work at least another 10 years to try to recover that much money alone. The common thread - all investors had financial planners. They were earning between 10% and 12% commission when 2% would be the general commission. And corporate regulator ASIC does not escape the investors' anger. They were the regulator, they've known about these dodgy investments for years

and nothing was done about it. The projects funded by Westpoint include the redevelopment of the North Sydney telephone exchange - now left derelict as a result of the collapse. But its present state just gives a hint about the fortunes of investors who trusted Westpoint and put their money in. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. After 11 years on the run, suspected Serbian war criminal Ratko Mladic

may be preparing to surrender. General Mladic led Serb forces during the Bosnian war. accuses him The UN War Crimes Tribunal of ordering the Srebrenica massacre and other atrocities. His protectors have been under pressure to give him up, with his capture becoming a condition of Serbian efforts to join the European Union. In Afghanistan,

One of the world's most exclusive and expensive cars has been written off by its owner near Los Angeles. The man was road-racing his F60 Enzo Ferrari when he hit a pole at almost 200km/h and tore the sports car in two. The driver wasn't hurt in the spectacular crash, but as well as losing the $800,000 car, he's been booked for drunk driving. The Ferrari was racing a Mercedes, but the other driver fled when he saw his rival crash.

Former US president Bill Clinton is in Sydney, but he was forced to cut short his commitments today because of illness. He did manage to address a major business forum this morning, where he tackled everything from international terrorism to global warming. It's been a long time since he was in the White House, but he still travels in a motorcade, they still call him Mr President

and he still knows how to work a crowd. Hi, guys. The 42nd president of the US was in town to give a talk, 700 guests paying $2,500 each to hear Bill Clinton talk about the need to reduce world tension, especially between the West and Muslim extremists. In a world where you can't kill, jail or occupy all your enemies, then you have to have more friends. And priorities need to change. He says global warming is a bigger danger than terrorism.

It's the only thing that can change our grandchildren's future. There's never been a terrorist ever, organisation, that alone overthrew a national government, much less change the future of the world. Mr Clinton's work here isn't done yet. From this convention centre, he travels to one in Melbourne and then one in Auckland - three speeches in three days

for which he'll earn more than his entire annual salary as president of the United States. He's also giving a lot of time and money to the fight against AIDS - Mr Clinton's private foundation joining a $25 million Australian Government prevention and treatment program in Asia. This disease is (a) 100% preventable, (b) there's medicine that stops the transmission from mothers to children.

Peter Harvey, National Nine News. A wayward paraglider has got himself into all sorts of trouble at Coalcliff, south of Sydney. He got tangled in trees, where he sat for more than an hour and a half before rescue crews could reach him. Trains on the Illawarra line were suspended during the whole ordeal. Ken with sport is next and the Warriors' salary cap rort deepens? We have that. And is Scott Prince headed to the Gold Coast? Also an Aussie's Olympic dream ends in tears and pain. And feeding the Waratahs to South African sharks.

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Talk about mixed fortunes for our women at the Winter Olympics. One of the most dangerous and spectacular sports at the Games has left aerial skier Lydia Ierodiaconou a shattered young women with a shattered knee, while Jacqui Cooper set a world record in the same event.

It's accepted the most dangerous part of flying is the landing. In Lydia Ierodiaconou's case her undercarriage gave way.

COMMENTATOR: Oh, no! It's come unstuck! Oh, and she's screaming in pain. The reconstructed left knee had failed on Lydia's second jump, she writhed in agony on the white powder bed. Lydia has torn the crucial ligament graft in her reconstructed left knee

and I think that she has also done some damage to the inside compartment of the knee, the medial cartilage. The future of the world's number two ranked aerial skier is a bit like her sport - up in the air - and there's no telling how it will end. Well, she's shattered. Her dream has been snatched from her. There was also an anxious moment when defending Olympic gold medallist Alisa Camplin landed awkwardly.


Camplin was still good enough to make the 12-women final. Australian Jacqui Cooper The top qualifier was fellow with a world record score. Oh, that's beautiful! A great result on a terrible day for a close team-mate. It's bittersweet - there's no question about that. Our two women's bobsleigh team finished 14th after four runs, while a pair from the Netherlands head-butted the ice

in a terrifying journey that left them shaken. Nine News can reveal tonight that payments to veteran prop Ruben Wiki

will be the centre of the NRL's investigation into the Warriors' rorting of the salary cap. The Warriors will have until Friday to explain why they shouldn't be fined and stripped of at least four competition points before the season kicks off. Ruben Wiki was wet and wild today,

but his massive deal with the Warriors may not be watertight. Nine News has learnt that part of his contract with the Warriors includes a job for three years believed to be worth more than $100,000 a year. Today, Wiki was playing it straight. We've been informed of the situation. It's not in our hands, it's in the management's hands. Former New Zealand coach Graham Lowe says

players are fully aware of what's in their contracts. Players know where money comes from. And they're not silly enough to think, "I'm getting it from here and maybe I shouldn't be." So, I mean, there's players involved as well. The club's former CEO, Mick Watson, has been silent so far. Today, he and his wife auctioned off their luxury Auckland home.

But when the Bulldogs cheated the cap in 2002, Watson had plenty to say.

The message is very clear - if you cheat, you'll be penalised.

Meanwhile, this is the sight the Wests Tigers feared most - their skipper lunching with the management of NRL new boys the Gold Coast Titans. He's got a lot going through his mind, he's got all those things to weigh up, and we pitched our case then and, like I say, we're very hopeful. If Prince does decide to join the Gold Coast or Brisbane, he wants to sign a 4-year deal, making it his last in the NRL.

If he decides to stay with the Wests Tigers, he'll sign for two more seasons, giving himself the option to move up north when that contract expires. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. In rugby, the Waratahs' Super 14 road trip through South Africa

won't pit them against the Sharks for another 10 days, but just off Cape Town, they've come face to face with the real thing.

Players took the plunge in the relative safety of a diver's cage to get up close with a great white. Surviving intact, the Tahs' next match is this weekend against the Bulls.

It would be safer to be involved in

a nightclub incident. The buls,

a nightclub incident. The buls, the

Cheetahs, dangerous talk. Happy

birthday too! Thanks very much. Finance after the break, then Jaynie with the weather details.

In finance, PBL - the owner of the Nine Network - posted a 12% rise in half-year profits, driven by extra gaming income from its casinos in Melbourne and Perth. PBL shares rose 58 cents. David Jones soared after flagging bigger profits, while it continues to strip out costs. But Smorgon Steel plunged after a weak half-year result.

That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. Thanks, birthday boy! And good evening everyone. This is our 11th day in a row of temperatures above average. Severe storm warnings for the upper- and lower-western districts of NSW tonight. There are a few storm cells hovering around the ACT Scattered showers will continue along the northern half of the coast

and eastern ranges. Tomorrow morning there may be patches of fog along the southern and central ranges. Storms possible along the western border of our state. Scattered showers will hang around the coast, eastern and southern ranges.

So that sets the scene - a mild one tonight with our maximum temperatures hitting 25 for the city. High 20s for the west. If your'e heading to the beach, waves will be generally small with a 1.5m swell set to pick up on the weekend.

But for now, enjoy your night - especially you, Mark!

That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

They're your taxes, but look how they're being spent - politicians indulging themselves at public expense and the bills run into millions. Also tonight - the petrol performance test - find out whether you get more value from regular unleaded

or those expensive premium brands. We have the official verdict. Plus - why does this man keep getting fined for parking in disabled parking places while so many others rort the system? A d emotion@l eating And emotional eating - how relationships can radically alter a woman's weight. This program is captioned live. Hello. I'm Tracy Grimshaw. Welcome to A Current Affair.

Chairs that cost $5,000 apiece, pot plants that cost $1.7 million a year - they're just some of the things federal politicians have spent your money on. But when it comes to extravagance,

it's hard to beat a $2.2 million security system that's now being turned off. ARCHIVE NEWS FOOTAGE: It's the most serious breach of security in the history of Federal Parliament.

It's never a good look when Parliament House, which is supposed to double as a nuclear bunker, is penetrated by the bullbar of a rampaging Mitsubishi. 'ADVANCE AUSTRALIA FAIR' PLAYS Which is why this bastion of democracy is now fortified with steel bollards - every day, every hour. Well, almost every hour! We are going to trial having the bollards down for an hour

between 8:00 and 9:00 in the morning. You are going to trial that, are you? We are doing this week.

God forbid a government minister or senator forced to wait for the very measure which was designed to protect them. To see if it will make life a bit easier for those coming in to work in the morning. Senate President Paul Calvert conceded to the estimates committee that it was he who ordered the lowering of the $2.2 million bollards so as not to inconvenience MPs. Do you think that defeats the purpose somewhat of this huge expenditure of public money? No, because there will be a security person there checking people through. But the bollards are down - they just drive through. You are just saying they're going to come belting straight through? Exactly. Usually suicide bombers don't worry about a speeding fine!