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(generated from captions) Smoking gun - Wheat Board to Saddam's kickbacks. the first direct evidence links the Fate Sealed - all sentenced to life. the final three of the Bali 9

reveals his greatest fear. Troubled rugby star Mat Rogers I worry about me. I don't know what I am going to do. And cherished moments - for his father. James Packer tells of his love and he was just unique. He was such a charming bugger...

This program is captioned live. Explosive evidence has emerged Good evening.

Australian Wheat Board knew all along directly showing that the multimillion-dollar kickbacks about the secret to the regime of Saddam Hussein. The new information came a top-level delegation to Baghdad as the Prime Minister ordered our wheat contracts. in an urgent bid to win back two top executives John Howard summoned AWB's to Canberra this morning Australia's wheat market in Iraq for crisis talks on how to save decision following the Iraq Grain Board's not to do business with the company

of Mr Terence Cole's inquiry until the results are known. into the oil-for-food scandal interests of the industry, We're here to work in the best

the growers and the shareholders. the monopoly wheat exporter The Prime Minister wanted to allow other companies million-tonne order, to tender for a looming Australian growers if that's the only way to get back into the game. He told Parliament

Brendan Stewart that AWB executive chairman Peter Polson had agreed. and acting CEO

its willingness, AWB Ltd has indicated not to exercise its veto. on a voluntary basis, that AWB is not enthusiastic But Mr Stewart made it clear even temporarily. about giving up its monopoly, That is a last resort. A delegation to Baghdad, and including Mr Stewart headed by Trade Minister Mark Vaile representatives, as well as wheat grower to lift their boycott on AWB. will first try to persuade the Iraqis the Iraqis REPORTER: Will you be able to assure and bribes? that you knew nothing about kickbacks here at this point in time. I'm not going to give any assurances to the Cole inquiry Meanwhile, new documents provided within AWB contain direct evidence of knowledge

to the Saddam Hussein regime. of payments going John Agius, The inquiry's senior counsel, saying: read from an AWB market brief

Alia Transport Company in Jordan, "Inland trucking fees are paid via

of Transport in Iraq." "who then pay the Ministry Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. controversial abortion drug RU486 The conscience vote on the and Treasurer Peter Costello at odds. has Prime Minister John Howard control of the drug With Mr Howard opposed to giving to health officials, he'll support the move Mr Costello says and, to explain, he told Parliament that confronted his wife. of a life threatening ailment appar nt He's the Prime Minister's heir apparent,

scrutiny as he votes on RU486. so Peter Costello is under special I will be supporting this bill. with memories of 18 years ago He says he made the decision the second of their three children, when wife Tanya, then pregnant with lay unconscious in hospital. an awful choice. I was faced with the choice, Doctors told him Tanya's pregnancy she needed to survive. was complicating the very treatment but Peter Costello said 'no'. The option - abortion, By the grace of God, both survived. to hand control of RU486 Supporters of the move Administration to the Therapeutic Goods will bring with him other votes hope Peter Costello but not the Prime Minister's vote. when the lower house decides tomorrow as this Something as, um, significant for political decision making. should still be left At one stage, the bill's supporters tomorrow's lower house vote believed they could win by as much as 2-1. Not now. have clouded the issue. Two proposed changes to the bill of the abortion drug Both seek to keep control

in the hands of politicians. or not? Do we want it here in Australia in a Government department. That can't be decided over and over and over again. We will have this debate And Government MP Danna Vaile she regrets any offence has told Parliament from her suggestion out of existence that Australia is aborting itself and will become a Muslim nation, she is not apologising. though her office insists Tim Lester, National Nine News. Tough to the end, the last three members of the Bali 9 an Indonesian court has sentenced to life in prison. and Matthew Norman Tan Duc Thanh Nyugen, Si Yi Chen were convicted for their part from Bali to Australia. in an operation to smuggle heroin Mark Burrows was again in court have certainly been consistent. and, Mark, the judges

Nothing less, Mark. It now mean has

thet two ringleaders were give thb

death penalty and the seven others

have now been given life sentences.

Of course, it doesn't end there.

Nearly all of them are likely to a

many years. peel - a process that could take

Sporting a freshly shaven head, might have looked menacing, Matthew Norman but he's anything but. Only 18 when f rst arrested Only 18 when first arrested,

before his mother arrived. he cried in his cell for days and get away from all the a tentionn oday, he couldn't wait to break free Norman, it was alleged, into a hotel room helped carry bag of heroin to one of the mules. before it was strapped to carry the heroin to Australia. Si Yi Chen was to be one of the next some of the mules Tan Duc Nguyen recruited one of the organisers. and was said to be for a few seconds, They prayed together before all eyes were upon them. a private moment the Indonesian court spared no-one. As it's been all week, Sentence of life. You got a sentence of life. Norman wasn't surprised, to Nguyen beside him, whispering 'life' to get back to jail. and seemed in a hur y Matthew, do you want to say anything to people who supported you? Norman's mother says she can only hope the Indonesians will look after her son for the rest of his life. What can you say to him? I mean, what will you say?

Keep your chin up, and the family is with you 100%. That's all I'm going to say. Was that what you expected today? Well, it's better than being shot, I suppose. He's OK. So now, all nine tried and convicted. The gang members who turned on one another to try and save themselves must now find a way of living with each other in prison for many, many years to come. In Bali, Mark Burrows, National Nine News. After a 16-month inquest, the Coroner has concluded that Tegan Lane, the baby who disappeared two days after being born at Auburn Hospital may have been killed but may also still be alive. Either way, he's put the case in the hands of the Homicide squad. Keli Lane is perhaps the only person who knows what happened to her daughter but she won't say. REPORTER: Keli, why won't you tell the truth? It's been nearly ten years since Tegan Lane disappeared and today the coroner said: Two hours after being released from hospital, with her 2-day-old baby Ms Lane attended a wedding with her boyfriend Duncan Gillies. Even he didn't know about the pregnancy. It was only when Keli gave up a third child for adoption that police started asking questions. Throughout the investigation Ms Lane has continually changed her story. While no closer to knowing what happened to Tegan Lane, this isn't the end. The coroner has referred the matter to the homicide squads

because he feels police handled the initial investigation poorly. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. NSW clubs have raised the stakes in their bitter stoush with the State Government over the pokies tax. They've rejected what the Premier says was his final offer on a compromise, instead agreeing to fund a campaign against the tax in the lead-up to the next election.

As more than 1,000 club delegates gathered to vote on he Gov rnmen s offer on the Government's offer, Premier Iemma was making an 11-hour plea, but he also had a warning. Don't anybody go to that meeting today in the expectation that there is going to be a further offer down the track.

In a bid to win over the smaller clubs, the Government had promised a tax free threshold on pokie revenue, up to a million dollars, as well as tax concessions for the big clubs. Bankstown sports club, one of the State's biggest, says that would still leave it paying an extra $11 million tax a year. We'd be making basically no profit. As expected, the offer was overwhelmingly rejected. I declare it carried unanimously. The meeting also voted to set up a fighting fund, to campaign against the pokie tax at the next election. We are prepared to continue this campaign as long as it takes to achieve tax fairness for the industry. Despite the tough talk on both sides, th clubs will meet Premier Iemma tomo row morning the clubs will meet Premier Iemma tomorrow morning with their own offer - a compromise that would see them paying less tax than what the Government wants, but more than the rate proposed by the Opposition. But today at least, there seemed little hope of a breakthrough. We have done our best. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. Mat Rogers has finally broken his silence about his father's suicide, revealing the tragedy convinced him for a time to give up football. Rogers is now dealing with the trauma well enough to return to the Waratahs but he's told National Nine News that he fears he too could fall victim to depression.

His last conversation with his Dad

just days before he took his own

life still haunts Mat Rogers. Just

had a chat. Asked him if everything

was OK. He said everything was fine.

Sort of. A new tattoo bearing his

father's initials a constant

reminder of a dad whose depression

ran deeper than he thought. I just,

you know, feel so sorry for the

moments before everything went

black for him, like what he was black for him, like what he was

thinking and what he was trying to

do. Just sort of wish I was there

for him. I've heard people say it's

selfish, suicide, and stuff. se fish, suicide, and stuff. I sel ish, su cide and stuff. I selfish, suicide, and stuff. I

reckon it was the bravest thing he's h s

he's ever done, to sit there and

write three notes to his kids and

wife. That didn't help Rogers as he

tried to get his career back on

track. How close did you come to

quitting football? I actually quit

on one day. Obviously I'm going

through a divorce and stuff at the

same time, which doesn't make

things too much easier. I thought I

couldn't handle it, I'd just quit

footy and go away. But the nagging

that haze his dad would have wanted

him to play changed his mind. I

need footy, because it was such a

big part of Dad and my life. It's

all I've had, really. Rogers has been undergoing counselling and

feels he needs every bit of help he

can get. It's been so similar,

everything that we have done. I

worry about me, if you can say that.

I worry about what I'm going to do.

Got an older brother who who looks after me now. In the news ahead, James Packer's tribute to his father. Why the American Vice President is praying with all his might.

And how new technology has brought an end to an outback tradition. In life Kerry Packer guarded his privacy. But since his death every facet of that extraordinary life has been discussed and debated. Ahead of Friday's memorial service, Channel Nine will screen a special documentary tomorrow night

in which those closest to him give a personal and touching insight into the man they called the 'Big Fella'. A son talking about the life of a much-loved father. He could be such a charming bugger and he was just unique. His temper could be, you know, ferocious but at the end of that there could be an act of generosity which was completely unexpected and surprising. Just before Kerry Packer's death, James Packer recalls a beautiful conversation. He knew he wasn't OK, but he wasn't going to let me know that. He was so kind and sweet and loving. And at the end, his father died peacefully cradled in the arms of his wife. Yeah, he did. In the documentary Kerry Packer's closest friends say his life was tough right from the start, under his demanding father. From going from being the idiot son to the guy who turned $100 million into $7 billion. He didn't do it to make the money, mate, he went to prove it to his dad or the world or whatever you want or his mum. Not bad for an idiot. There were, of course, the lows - the worst, being falsely branded a suspected criminal at the Costigan Royal Commission. It was a dark chapter, mentally, for Kerry and I think that it affected his health. I've never seen anyone more affected by anything in my life, this guy, you know, you couldn't hit him with a sledgehammer and you probably couldn't - he was - I've never seen a guy that's so close to broken. But right to the end, Kerry Packer maintained his love of television and the other straightforward pleasures of life. Burgers, steaks, sport. Sport, you know, watching the footy, watching the cricket, watching the races that was - you know, having a laugh. And gambling. His last decision, a card player's move - setting so high a price on AFL rights that should Nine fail to win, competitors would be forced into massive costs. The last sting. Beautiful, it was beautiful.

Peter Harvey, National Nine News. And you can see that tribute, the 'Big Fella', the extraordinary life of Kerry Packer, tomorrow night at 8:30pm here on Nine. Up to a million people have rallied in Beirut continuing Lebanon's people power movement against Syrian influence. The rally marked one year since the assassination of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. That was a suspected Syrian plot which forced the end of Syria's military occupation. US Vice-President Dick Cheney is reportedly praying for the recovery of the hunting partner he accidentally shot after the victim suffered a heart attack. The seizure was brought on by a shotgun pellet which lodged against his heart muscle. It was not what the President or the Vice-President needed to hear - the shooting victim's condition had worsened. There's a change in the air in the way our most remote students are being educated. The State's famous School of the Air is now off the air after 50 years of service with students signing off on their last radio roll call. Good morning, Miss White. Can I see you on satellite, over? It's today isn't it? Over and out. The students can now hear and see their teachers thanks to satellite communications and launching the service - the Premier showed he's a fast learner. Good morning, Ron. Thanks, great to be here...over. LAUGHTER Ken with sport next, and another selection snub for Phil Jaques. One of three surprises for the South African tour. Also from last night - Gilchrist, Katich and that crowd. And at the Winter Olympics, flying high for a hard landing. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. You could: What's for tucker, mate?

WHOOSHING (Grunts) Well, that went better than last night. This year is the Australia-Japan Year of Exchange. To get involved in the festivities, visit: It's been a tough day for Blues's batsman Phil Jaques, failing to make runs for almost the first time this season for NSW after being overlooked for Australia's one-day tour of South Africa. Jaques made just two against Western Australia and selectors say he needs to improve his fielding to break back into the national squad. watching NSW in action, but, like an elusive catch, Phil Jaques never took a phone call from selectors because all of Australia's batsmen are firing. Let's face it - if you have a look at our one-day batting line-up who's gonna be left out? What also cost the prolific batsman a trip to South Africa is his reputation as a poor fielder. We're obviously hoping that he'll do something about it.

Jaques will have to wait for his recall along with axed paceman Brett Dorey and all-rounder James Hopes. Their replacements in Australia's squad - Shane Watson and bolter Mitchell Johnson. The paceman hopes he can redeem his one-day debut during the Chappell-Hadlee series, Watson back from a shoulder injury that's sidelined the all-rounder most of this summer. I am surprised, yeah, but I've done all the hard work I possibly can to get back as soon as I can, obviously, without risking it. During last night's 9-wicket win, a maiden hundred for Simon Katich, prompting some passionate talk - his critics silenced for now. The monkey will never be off my back because if I don't make runs in the next couple of games then it will be there again, won't it? It's pretty obvious. Quite obvious, Adam Gilchrist's batting -

his 100 from 67 balls the fastest by an Australian, the keeper convinced he and Katich should remain Australia's openers. People said we shouldn't have been in the team halfway through the series so that was a very, very satisfying result to prove them wrong. The only sour note, bad crowd behaviour - 14 spectators arrested, another 72 evicted from the Gabba. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. Four days into the Winter Olympics and the Australian team is yet to win a medal but if the adage, "to complete and do your best," still holds up, then we are doing well.

Just the same, alpine skier Jono Brauer would have been disappointed in crashing out of the combined downhill event. The margin of error was not great enough for Brauer, the 24-year-old caught an edge about 50 seconds into the race and crashed, his high-speed mistake ending in the safety fence. Brauer walked away, but the Czech competitor Filip Trejbal paid a heavier price when, at over 120km/h, he got it badly wrong and really tested the effectiveness of the net. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's gone down! That's a nasty, nasty fall! His helmut's come off as well. There was a high elimination rate in the luge, but Australia's Hannah Campbell-Pegg all but had a win - in her four runs, she never crashed once. In the pairs free-figure skating, China's Zhang Dan came a cropper - all watching grimaced,

but the tiny skater took a deep breath and got back onto the blades to take silver - Zhang's courage earning a tanding Zhang's courage earning a standing ovation and tears from her partner. Our highly rated women's aerials team got through its first training session in Torino without mishap, but Alisa Camplin looked hard-pressed conference without falling asleep. to get through today's press conference withomt falling asleep. There's still a big question mark over the fitness of the defending Olympic Gold medallist after a recent knee operation. I didn't come to the Olympics ready. I won't be ready until the morning of competition. And that's next Monday, providing she doesn't sleep in. Ken Sutcliffe, National Nine News. After the break, finance and Jaynie with the weather. Then "earth to Pamela..", where are you Pamela? Oh, my God, I just realised. I'm in Australia! We've just got such a humungous range. "How am I ever gonna remember where anything is?" Once you've worked at the store for a little while, you can direct them to exactly where they need to go. Combination spanner set, just $9.99. So many product lines. Lowest prices are just the beginning. Time's running out to enter Lotto's massive $19 million Saturday Superdraw. It's on this Saturday. So for your chance to lock up your share of $19 million, hurry and get your entry in now. SONG: # Makes dreams come true. # DOOR SQUEAKS A more efficient way to achieve cross-ventilation

can be seen at the eco-living exhibition, Majura Rise Estate, Roma Mitchell Crescent, North Watson. In finance, the mining boom has seen BHP Billiton post the largest half-year profit in Australian corporate history, with a result close to $6 billion.

Now, Jaynie with the weather. Showers are moving over the mountains as we speak and will move into the western suburbs where we reached high 20s. 26 in the city today where north-easterlies are gusting to 40km/h. with the current temperature on 24 and those showers will probably arrive much later tonight.

Dry skies under this large high moving out to sea. Storms in the northern and central parts of our State Dubbo recorded a 95km/h wind gust from a thunderstorm about 10 minutes ago. The temperature dropped from 36 to 20 degrees but there was only light rain. Anywhere in eastern NSW could pick up a storm. Breaking up a little over the central and southern regions.

Storms are less likely on Friday and Saturday, rebuilding for Sunday, then a southerly next week will drop temperatures and bring showers. And that's all, Mark.

Finally, some video of Pamela Anderson that's safe for this time slot. The one-tim 'Baywatch' babe The one-time 'Baywatch' babe was in Melbourne last night promoting lollies, which were proving a little slippery. And, so it seems, was her mind. I'm in Australia! Oh, my God, I just realized. I've been here for half a day but I didn't think until just now. A blonde moment indeed. Sadly the sweets she was selling adly the sweets she was selling could easily have stood for Mental Meltdown. That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre It's your word against the law.