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The government pledges extra police, with a sudden rise in murders. but denies the force is struggling Families rally around the Bali Nine in their drugs trials. ahead of the first verdicts Wooing the fans - to Rabbitohs supporters. actor Russell Crow's sales pitch

the first day of the Winter Olympics. And plenty of thrills and spills on This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ann Sanders. Hello. Welcome to Seven News. police service is at breaking point The government is denying claims our after a bloody start to the new year. in the last 37 days - 21 people have been murdered an unprecedented number and homicide officers struggling. that's left both families "bodies-in-barrels" murder. It's become known as the

in the past month. One horrific crime among many since New Year, 21 lives have been taken a decade ago. the most since records began overstretched police resources. Some claim it's also exposed

We're very short with all these murders. and it shows during the last month in the Homicide Squad are struggling, The Association says 80 officers diverted to taskforces, with several detectives after the Cronulla riots. like the one set up there's too much to cope with. The Police Minister denies there's too much to cope with.

nine of which have been resolved, There are 18 investigations, to the coroner, three have been referred leaving six to be investigated. have been diverted He says only three officers within 30 days. and 68% of murders are solved to those who've lost a loved one. But it's little comfort something they are interested in. The statistics are not really is getting the support What they are interested in that something horrible has happened from the time that they're told

their family. to one of their friends,

The Minister today said across the force he'll increase police numbers says he's got enough. but the head of the Homicide Squad we believe appropriate We have the resources for the job we have to do. The Police Minister won't say he will bolster the ranks with, how many new recruits but the Police Association says to bring numbers up to scratch. 3,000 are needed to fixing up our problems The first step police they have lost since 2003. is to reinstate the 600 to 700 murdered 20 years ago The mother of a Granville schoolgirl to keep the killer locked up. has appealed to the courts

Initially sentenced to life, could now be out in four years David Jack Glenn

his crime wasn't as bad as it gets. because a judge has ruled

breaks a little more. Every day, Barbara Cashman's heart are everywhere, Memories of her daughter she never takes off... on the bracelet Her birth and the date of her death. of her grandchildren. ..and in the smiles their families, Looking around at other people, what she would have been like now. and wondering what she would have been like now.

when Kylie Corbett was 10 years old, In 1985, by her 19-year-old cousin. she was kidnapped David Glenn raped her, fixed as a noose around her neck put her in a cupboard with a belt then left to play pinball. Kylie slowly choked to death. And I wonder about her last hour. Totally horrific.

about where my mum is. I wonder, you know, did she think Can somebody help me." "Where is mum? Where is somebody? "Where is mum? Where is somebody?

David Glen was sentenced to life. a judge has redetermined the ruling. 20 years on, so horrific we can't broadcast them. The details of Kylie's injuries are

to walk free four years from now. But Justice Barr is allowing Glen girl's torture, rape and murder The judge has ruled that the little of crime. did not fall into the worst category can he tell me what does? I'd like to ask Judge Barr, Retired detective Terry Rich says and believes he should die in jail. Glen showed no remorse from a matter like this You can't walk away from a matter -

the absolute torture without being inflicted by that you saw on this little girl. is appealing the ruling. The public prosecutor allowed out, should not be. And this man should not be has been attacked. Another Sydney taxidriver

The 42-year-old stopped at Maroubra last night to drop off two passengers

by a man on a bicycle. when he was approached stole his keys He punched the driver in the head, and smashed a window. they need the community's support. Industry leaders say in the industry, Turn the image around get the community behind us they just can't carry on like this. and make these people realise in the last two weeks. It's the fifth attack on a taxidriver Police are calling for witnesses

in the leg in Kings Cross overnight. after a security guard was shot Officers say a fight broke out was refused entry to a nightclub. after a group of up to six people As a result of that, who was working at the club a security person sustained a gunshot wound to the leg by a projectile that ricocheted. and a young lady was also hit by a projectile that ricocheted.

security video. Police are now examining for the Bali Nine, Judgment day has almost arrived down in a Denpasar court tomorrow. with the first verdicts to be handed two of whom face the death penalty, The young Australians, being reassured by family. spent today these families know well It's a routine for years - and one that could continue visiting hours at Kerobokan Jail. the worst week of their lives. Ahead - of the Justice Department, it's in the hands It's in the hands of God,

is wait and see. and all we have to do Michele Stephens moved to Bali four months ago whenever she can. and visits her son Martin he'll never leave this place. If the prosecution gets its way, could happen to anybody, What's happened to Martin the big bosses they need to get. especially considering that it's The father of Renae Lawrence is trying hard to be strong. They're all well, mate. They're all doing okay. His daughter, as well as 20-year-old Scott Rush, will be sentenced tomorrow. Among the other visitors, supporters from Australia. They can't read this week coming. You don't plan for this, do you? The prosecution has demanded death for the two alleged ringleaders

of the doomed heroin smuggling operation and life for six others, including Matthew Norman, just 19 years old. But have recommended 20 years for Lawrence, the only woman in the group.

It is an island that some of the group may never leave alive. And while Bali has yet to carry out a single execution, there are currently four on death row. This week, that number could rise. Seven News will have full coverage of the first two verdicts tomorrow afternoon. Sydney drivers are now spending more time in traffic than ever before. A Seven News investigation reveals that in just five years, travel time to and from work has increased by 52 hours a year - that's longer than the average working week. Ian Ross has our special report. Our roads are getting more congested. Have a look, mate - it's bumper-to-bumper. There are now 2.5 million cars registered in Sydney. Seven News has obtained exclusively new research from the RTA showing exactly how long we're spending on Sydney roads, and for most of us it's not pretty. Every big city in the world has congestion problems, especially at peak period. Drivers on the M2 have faced the biggest increase over the past five years. It's taking an extra 13 minutes a day to get to and from work - that's an extra 52 hours a year, Much harder. Much longer trips. If you drive on Pittwater and Military Roads, you won't be surprised you won't be surprised you're number two on our list, spending an extra 10 minutes a day on the road, or 40 hours a year. Victoria Road is also on the increase at seven minutes a day or 28 hours a year, and the Princes Highway is taking an extra four minutes a day or 16 hours a year. The worst bottlenecks are at the big intersections coming into the city in the morning peak.

They're where main roads converge.

Some routes, though, are actually getting quicker. The M4 is now 23 minutes faster each day thanks to the City West Link. The M5 has cut travel times by 30 minutes a day

for those who once used the Hume Highway, but it's $3.30 each way for the convenience and not everyone can afford the tolls. I've just finished studying and, you know, have to avoid them as they're too expensive. To beat the system, try these tips - Car-pool so you can use transit lanes,

spend a Sunday looking for alternative routes - you might find there's a quicker way. And, if you can, stagger your working hours. Sometimes just 15 minutes after a real peak period can give you a much better run. More on our web site - Our investigation into Sydney's road network continues tomorrow when Ian Ross reveals Sydney's deadliest roads and names which suburb has the most car accidents. That special report tomorrow night on Seven News. Russell Crowe is being judged

Russell Crowe is being judged on his performance in Sydney today,

but it's sports fans, not cinema lovers, he's hoping to impress. The actor, and businessman Peter Holmes a Court worked the crowd of Rabbitohs supporters to convince them

of their takeover bid. Among all the Rabbitohs fans at Telstra Stadium today was one who wants to be the club's executive chairman. Peter Holmes a Court was torn between his sons and wanting to know more about his $3 million takeover plan with Russell Crowe. Under the current scenario, they could move to Gosford without even calling you guys up. Hundreds more got to hear about it at a special meeting. For a while, it looked like Russell was a no-show. But suddenly... ..with great theatrical timing, there he was.

The fans welcomed him passionately and he spoke with passion about their club.

Let's just get real. $100,00 was going to knock us over last November

because we didn't have it. That's how bad a shape we're in.

And together the business partners charmed the crowd. If the city council is going to give you $19 million for a training facility you say "Thank you very much Ms Moore. Thank you." It's Lord Mayor Moore, it's not Ms Moore. You see why we need Pete here - I would have buggered that up. The key opponents to Crow and Holmes a Court boycotted this event.

People like George Piggins and officials from the construction union are working on their own plan to put to members before the March vote. There's also talk of legal action if they lose. They say the fight for the club is only just beginning. The fans will decide.

Have your say in our special poll Ahead in Seven News - Israel's Ariel Sharon beats death again. Also, around the world in less than 80 hours - Steve Fossett's new record. And the downhill skiers still racing to compete at Torino.

Prime Minister John Howard has confirmed he won't be supporting a private members Bill that hands control of the abortion pill RU486

to the Therapeutic Goods Administration. The final say currently rests The final say currently rests with Health Minister Tony Abbott. The Bill has already cleared the Senate, with the House of Representatives to have its vote on the controversial drug later this week. The principle I'm attracted to is that you should retain parliamentary and political scrutiny over something like this. The Bill is expected to pass the Lower House, but Mr Howard says it shouldn't be seen as a vote of no confidence in Tony Abbott. Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon has survived emergency surgery, but doctors warn but doctors warn he hasn't long to live. Overnight, the 77-year-old leader had part of his large intestine removed after a scan revealed severe swelling. He's been in a coma since a stroke five weeks ago. that happened this morning Of course, such a dramatic event that happened this morning won't help him to recover. Acting PM, Ehud Olmert, remains in charge until next month's elections. Millionaire adventurer Steve Fossett is back on firm ground after setting a new record for the world's longest non-stop flight. His extraordinary three-day feat wasn't without some near catastrophes, not to mention a dramatic final landing.

It was a nerve-racking end to a record-breaking flight. With emergency crews on stand-by, Steve Fossett made an emergency landing in southern England. I'm lucky to be alive. He blew two tyres in the rocky landing. Well, he beat the record. The 61-year-old adventurer was flown to Kent Airport where he had meant to land and where crowds, including his wife, were waiting for him.

Just flown further than man or woman has ever flown. Fossett was given a Guinness Book of World Records for his 42,740km trip that took 76 hours. APPLAUSE But from the moment he took off in the experimental Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer there was trouble, including almost running out of runway. Turbulence over India forced him to strap on a parachute. Then just before landing, his generator failed and fuel was low.

Made the landing just in time before I was - because I was also running out of fuel. I only had barely enough fuel to complete the trip. Fossett already has the record for flying solo around the world in a balloon. to me This is a very important record because it does represent the farthest

anyone has ever flown an airplane or any other kind of aircraft. An Australian Olympic skier has lashed out at team bosses in Torino. Seven's Nick McArdle joins us now from Sestriere with the details. And, Nick, they're not allowing him to compete in his best event. Exactly right, Ann. Despite AJ Bear's recent good performances in training, team officials say they won't change the rules. It's the fastest event in alpine skiing - the downhill, a white-knuckle ride at 140km/h. And the competition to represent Australia in the event is proving just as intense. Come on, AJ!

AJ Bear says injury denied him selection. And Jono Brower started competing in the event too late to qualify. Now, both want to be considered. I've got the results on the board, this is my event, and, I mean, I'm not hurting anyone if they just let me race. But Australian Olympic rules are clear - the cut-off date was 24 January. It's not up to us now to change that. It would be unfair to all the other athletes if we changed that now.

The only one who did qualify was Craig Branch. But adding to the confusion, both AJ and Jono beat his times today. The decision's been made by people that don't understand the sport. Compounding the pain - some have called AJ a sook from Sydney. You know, I put my body on the line, my life on the line, literally, every time I race and that's for my country. And to be called that is an absolute joke. The pair will have to make do with their other specialities. There are legal avenues that AJ Bear could have taken, but he claims the AOC told him if he didn't "rock the boat", he'd be looked after. The AOC deny that absolutely. And, Nick, another of our Winter Olympians has called it quits. Going out on a high note, Ann. We'll tell you who it is in a moment. Plus, Australia's desperate fight-back in the one-day final at the SCG.

Also tonight, Wendell gets a warm welcome from the folks back home. And meet the long and short of our Commonwealth Games team. SONG: # Just be happy! # Cathy, I like you but you're just so last century. Excludes underwear. Australia's Manuela Berchtold has begun her retirement after making the final round of the women's moguls on day one of Winter Olympic action. She says it was a fitting way to say farewell. Under lights for the first time and with the rules relaxed, the moguls have taken on a spectacular new look. In a sport that could've been invented by knee surgeons, Australia's Manuela Berchtold was making her farewell appearance. A very positive start for Manuela. COMMENTATOR: Torino will be her last Olympics. needs time to mend A chronic knee injury from her brother, and with a little help who works with her on tricks, a stuntman with a bang. Berchtold was going to go out twister spread, big air! Goes for the twister, a former Swiss skiing champ, Mum, Ursula, and dad, Karl,

made it just in time. just hours before the event. They got their tickets Just happy to be here and this atmosphere, and to be in the finals

it's fantastic. It's definitely a way to go out! not just me, We're all very proud of her, the whole family is proud of her. in the mountains, It's like a festival up here of the moguls the rock concert atmosphere of the figure skating compared to the grace and beauty down in the city of Torino. The pairs short program under way, the Russians and the Chinese looming as the teams to beat. It was the first run It was the first run for the men's luge - for some, nearly their last. It's not much fun coming off the sled at 120km/h.

action tonight on Seven. And a big night of Winter Olympics we have figure skating, ski-jumping From 7.30, and, as we just saw, in the women's moguls final. Manuela Berchtold and Andrew Symonds Centuries from Ricky Ponting against Sri Lanka at the SCG. have rescued Australia to put the Aussies in command The pair enjoyed a partnership of 237 the one-day final series alive. in a game they must win to keep What began as frustration... It's 1-0. Gilchrist is gone. COMMENTATOR: Gone! Got him! ..turned to panic... Yes! He's got another one! Big shout, big shout. ..then embarrassment. It's 3/10. Gone. Yes, he's got him! by Chaminda Vaas. What a performance Ricky Ponting had to stop the rot. In the air. Could be six, is six!

but nearly knocked-out his captain. Andrew Symonds joined the run-feast, a helmet on there, Ponting. Ooh, jeez. Lucky he's got He survived that - you be the judge of this catch-cry from Jayawardene. I think it went straight in. Ponting's not going. Unless there's something radically wrong with my eyes, that's hit the ground before it's gone into his hand.

The umpires gave it not out. It just made Ponting more determined... Oh, that's gone miles. 20 rows back. That's gone way into the crowd, ..all the way to a century. Australian captain. Brilliant! Brilliant hundred from the Symonds wasn't far behind him. What a summer! A hundred for Andrew Symonds, too. Ponting was caught on 124, standing ovation. getting a well-deserved Symonds passing 150. But it got better for the SCG crowd, But it got better for the SCG crowd,

one-day score of 369. Australia posting its highest-ever Waratahs recruit Wendell Sailor his former side, Queensland, had the last laugh with a win over in their Super 14 opener. also began with a win Reigning champs the Crusaders for South Africa this morning while the Warriors left after their first victory in Brisbane in more than a decade. to make any Queenslander see red - A sight guaranteed Wendell Sailor in blue. They booed him and he loved it. roaring at Wendell Sailor COMMENTATOR: Look at that crowd Give me more! It was just the crowd firing up. Scrum down and now it's on again! Oh dear. Peter Hewat with the Waratahs' first points in Super 14. Gotta have the legs. What about direction. It's over. At times it was brutal. Aw, Waugh on Croft - the two number 7s collide. At times it was brilliant. for Turinui. Tuqiri, little kick over the top

the kick ahead. The bounce is good,

Turinui, kicks for Tuqiri. He needs support now. But with time running out,

who wanted it most. it was the Waratahs score. Rocky Elsom, there it is. Rocky Elsom, Elsom is going to Sailor with a parting message their first win in Brisbane as the Waratahs notched in the professional era. wins for France and England, And in the Six Nations, in Paris, the French beating Ireland 43-31 in Rome to head the table. while England downed Italy 31-16 will be packing their diving gear, While most of her team-mates The 13-year-old Brisbane schoolgirl as the youngest member was today named was today named

of our Commonwealth Games squad. It's a long way down from the 10m platform. It would seem even further if you were 135cm tall. Four years ago, when her new team-mates were diving at Manchester, Melissa Wu was watching cartoons on another channel - she was nine. It's a funny story. At the Christmas barbecue we were all sitting down and Melissa and she's disappeared - she's off playing with my four-year-old son and they're almost the same height. It was quite funny. in common with her fellow divers. The Year 9 student mightn't have much Lauren Jackson today She met basketball captain even less in common with her. and she's got her busy in the Games Village. But she'll have plenty keeping down with me. I've taken all my schoolwork It's in my suitcase, so when I've got spare time and start doing my homework. I just take it out

she's an international athlete now, And even though like most 13-year-olds, she wants to do when she grows up. Melissa's still thinking about what Oh, I'd also like to be a writer - you know, anything else. maybe writing books or writing, his name down for Games tickets. Dad's just hoping she'll write Yeah, I hope so. She'd better! over Switzerland Australia has the edge in their Davis Cup tie in Geneva. A win in the doubles by Wayne Arthurs and Paul Hanley has given Australia a 2-1 lead with the reverse singles to play. Arthurs and Hanley had to survive set points in both tie-breakers. The Swiss gambled on using Stanislav Wawrinka to give them an edge, and he'll have to back up against Peter Luczak

in the reverse singles tonight. to play the fifth rubber if needed. Chris Guccione is down Don't forget - here on Seven at 7.30 tonight. Winter Olympics coverage fantastic - look out for that. The moguls and figure-skating were Only a few showers about today, after the break. the rest of today's weather details