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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. a controversial weapon. Tonight - NSW police enlist

for riot control. Stun guns to be used Family car firebombed - from certain death. a Sydney toddler snatched And a unique transformation - the world's first face transplant. the woman who's received Good evening. Also tonight - public house real estate rorts. bearing Brett Whiteley's name And an oil painting found at a rubbish tip. on whether it's real. The experts deliver their assessment a powerful weapon for police But first this evening - violent street crime. in their battle against with high-powered stun guns. The new riot squad to be armed If the trial is successful, eventually be issued to all officers. the controversial Taser may given to police. It's the new firepower on the streets. to fight Cronulla-style violence For the first time in Australia, used as a public order weapon. controversial Taser Stun guns will be As part of our ongoing fight and the criminals and the thugs. to crack down on the rioters

In the United States, in violent siege situations the X26 Taser has proved effective but is rarely used in riot control. Its power is obvious, and aggressive animals alike. able to bring down armed offenders over a maximum seven metres, The taser fires two copper wires discharging 55,000 volts. But since 1999, connected to the Taser - there have been 86 deaths in the US of heart failure. one third from some form and senior police. But this was news to the Government of unrelated incidents, There have been deaths as a result or some sort of psychosis. such as the drug overdose people are late for Sunday school. These things are not used because The Taser is described by the Government as a non-lethal option. there's no need for any more trials. The Opposition says should be introduced now. The stun gun as a publicity stunt. It describes today's announcement to lethal weapons These are an alternative

in such a way and they shouldn't be trivialised we're going to use them on hoodlums. now that the Government's saying

Paul Mullins, Ten News. for a toddler in western Sydney. A close call overnight as it was firebombed, He was snatched from a car pulled free with seconds to spare. to being caught in the fire Little Jacob came so close that engulfed his mother's car. She parked near the front door children inside last night. so she could hurry her three other open Luckily leaving the wagon's rear door so she could run back to get Jake. Had she closed it, their dirty work the bombers could have done thinking no-one was inside. He would have been burnt to death. They are weak, gutless. dashed home from a mate's place Jacob's father, Gary, after being told had destroyed his car and mini-bus three men in balaclavas with petrol bombs.

the vehicles but with little success. Neighbours used garden hoses on until four years ago. Gary was a Rebel bikie gang member the gang are offering $20,000 And he believes elements within to get rid of him. to someone prepared

against me, come and see me. If people have got something Be a man. and go after women and kids. Don't hide under a balaclava

will talk to the Rebels It's understood detectives and put an end to the violence. to see if there is a connection no-one was hurt, While they are relieved the family will suffer financially. are worth around $16,000 all up, The two vehicles destroyed with no insurance to replace them.

mate. They could have killed my kids, are furious about a secret plan Residents in Sydney's inner west to demolish their homes. Under the proposal, they'd be bulldozed linking two major motorways. to build a new road the Australian dream, Ross Smith thought he was living for a long retirement. renovating his Stanmore home

secret RTA plans But he's just discovered become part of a major arterial road. which could see his castle Just a bit shocked. It is your castle. I had intentions of staying here. Ross's Edgware Road property Since the 1960s, a planned 4-lane, 3km road, has been sitting near connecting motorway extensions and the Princes Highway. on Parramatta Road of Edgware Road were to be destroyed, Originally, homes along the west side threatened, but with heritage properties to the other side, the RTA has swapped the route in the bulldozers' path. putting Ross's house and dozens more those affected can do. And it seems there's nothing the Government lets them do, They can get away with whatever

they want this so if the Government decides when the RTA asks for it, homes away from them they can choose to take people's to build a road. it's simply a matter of cost. For the RTA, would run into the billions, Building a tunnel underneath would cost just $250 million. while simply bulldozing some homes And most of that money would be spent on purchasing the homes. Locals refusing to believe with the road, the Government won't go ahead to remove the current zoning. when they refuse that's what residents need. I call on them to do it today, We need certainty in this area through this area. and we don't need a big road James Boyce, Ten News. a former State Government official, A corruption hearing has started into a real estate scam. accused of masterminding to buy public housing cheap, It's alleged he allowed his mates later selling it at a big profit. Unlike most in real estate, the top price for his properties. Graham Wade wasn't chasing as little as possible for them. He was deliberately getting That's because it's claimed property manager the former Department of Housing was illegally helping friends way below market value to buy up public housing soon after for a profit. which they sold Today facing corruption hearings, real estate veteran it's alleged the 35-year-old hands by rigging prices. took money straight out of taxpayers properties for a steal to mates. Selling 10 Government-owned In a short period of time, the value of the properties improved a remarkable 35%. In all, they picked up an extra $610,000 in net profit. On top of the cash, Mr Wade also received free tickets to the Davis Cup last year. Two all-expenses-paid trips to Queensland and free dinners. He's been accused of colluding with friends, Ken Williams - who used to head up Raine and Horne in Camden and John Ashe and LJ Hooker real estate agent in St Mary's. To create a false paper trail which gave the impression that the properties have been marketed to the public. They never were. Instead sold to people including Mr Williams' own accountant Frank Gelonsei who is also the chairman of the Greater Western Sydney Economic Development Board. Ali Donaldson, Ten News. A backdown of sorts tonight from outspoken Liberal Senator Bill Heffernan. The Senator's embarassing airport confrontation with the Nationals' Fiona Nash has exposed a widening rift within coalition ranks. Senator Bill Heffernan seemed only mildly repentant today for his confrontation with the Nationals' Fiona Nash. I'm quite happy to apologise. If someone thinks the way I do business is offensive, fair enough. It was Bill being Bill. I've accepted his apology. As far as I'm concerned, we've moved on. In front of startled passengers at Canberra airport he accused Senator Nash of: She accused him of blowing it out his front. I think I can hold my own with most blokes. Cause of the row - the defection of Julian McGauran to the Liberals. The ill feeling still evident by the furious reaction of the Nationals. Workplace harassment and bullying is not acceptable anywhere. A disgraceful way to start the parliamentary year - an attack on a woman. Perhaps the Coalition's leaders were praying for reconciliation at the start-of-session church service. They were certainly singing from the same song sheet despite the tensions racking the Government. The sun is shining and the Coalition will go on from strength to strength. The sun wasn't shining on the Coalition in question time. Labor put a series of questions mostly to Trade Minister Mark Vaile accusing him and the Government of ignoring seven sets of warnings on the AWB wheat scandal. It's a sorry story of a government in a mode of reckless negligence. DFAT contacted AWB and it categorically denied allegations. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News.

Lleyton Hewitt and his wife Bec have settled a dispute with a Sydney cruise operator over an unpaid bill and unauthorised photographs. Keen to end the legal action, Hewitt's lawyers and those for restaurateur Judith Crawley reached agreement today, before a hearing continued. Crawley had sued for almost $4,000 over an unpaid cruise bill. Hewitt and Cartwright had countered with a damages claim for photos published of the pair on Crawley's boat. The legal bills were expected to top the amounts being sought in compensation. Sport and Ryan Phelan, and a young Warne steps into the limelight. Yes, Shane's daughter, Brooke, stepped out on cricket's most glamorous night. The pair celebrating Warney being named Test Cricketer of the Year. But a little later, hear the jokes that soured Ricky Ponting's Allan Border Medal win. And a 13-year-old girl upstages Olympic heroes in qualifying for the Commonwealth Games diving team. Later, why she doesn't want any special treatment.

And we'll also have the Tigers back home but no clearer on the futures of Tim Sheens and Scott Prince. A family's plea to help track down an execution-style killer - that's next. Plus, one of the nation's most notorious paedophiles returns to Australia, pleading for a fair go. And a unique transformation - the woman who's received the world's first face transplant. I'm going first! ALL: Hmm. ENGINE SPUTTERS ALL: Oooh! MAN: At Kmart Tyre & Auto Service, we know how important it is for your car to be safe and reliable. That's because we make it our business to know. ALL: See you! Kmart Tyre & Auto Service. We understand what's driving you. You're having a chat with a customer

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The sister of a man found dead in the boot of a car is appealing for help to find his killers. Police made the gruesome discovery in Fairfield on Sunday after neighbours complained about the smell. A post-mortem exam today confirming

26-year-old Tri Thanh Nguyen was shot in the head. While Tri might have made mistakes in his life, he was a good person and didn't deserve this - no-one does. Police won't say if the victim was linked to drug-dealing. And police are appealing for witnesses after a deadly bar brawl in Darlinghurst. Patrons at the Darlo Bar

pinned a 32-year-old Vaucluse man against the wall when he started throwing punches. Police found him lying unconscious on the ground, surrounded by a group of people. An ambulance took him to St Vincent's hospital, just 200m away, but he was dead on arrival. No charges have been laid. Convicted paedophile Paul Thompson is back in Australia, after being deported from Bali. The 57-year-old was arrested last week in Indonesia, after breaching travel restrictions. He's been working in Bali as a cricket coach, after being freed from a WA prison in 2002. The convicted paedophile says he's put his past indiscretions behind him, and wants a second chance. Somewhere along the line, you've got to get a go. Give me that chance. Friends of a Nelson Bay man are furious their frantic calls to 000 took several minutes to be answered. Their friend suffered a heart attack and died. Paramedics arriving only after they called the ambulance station direct. 58-year-old Cliff Morgan loved to dance and stay fit. His death has hit the Port Stephens community hard. Cliff was at the RSL gym when he had his heart attack. A staff member called 000 and was put on hold for more than 90 seconds. She tried again before finally calling the local ambulance station direct. It's very distressing. I was distraught, I just could not believe it, very distressing. An ambulance arrived within seven minutes, but Cliff was already dead. The local hospital is only a few hundred metres away. I reckon it would be 200 metres, that's all. Poor fellow. It follows last week's fatal error that saw an ambulance sent to the wrong location - 600 kilometres away.

89% of the calls are responded to

in under ten seconds. Is Government

going to say the only way to get

going to say the only way to get ambulances is if you carry the

number of the local ambulance

station with you. Cliff's funeral will be held here on Friday afternoon. His many friends from golf and the local rock 'n' roll dance club will pay tribute to a popular and outgoing character. His family is investigating what legal options are available to them.

If he could have been helped it would at least have been easier. It's been a very sad time. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. 400 volunteer firefighters are battling a major blaze that's cut the main highway between Sydney and Melbourne. The fire front is burning out of control south-east near Wagga Wagga, Police setting up road blocks to keep people off dangerous stretches of the Hume Highway. The blaze has already destroyed 8,500 hectares of farmland and scrub and killed more than 3,000 head of cattle and sheep.

High temperatures and strong winds are expected again tomorrow but the Fire Commissioner expects crews will contain the bushfire by late today. Major damage to many across Sydney as gale-force winds swept through the city last night. The southerly buster moved up from the South Coast with winds of up to 92m/h. SES volunteers were continuing the clean-up this morning. 50,000 homes in the Burwood, Drummoyne and Leichhardt areas also experienced power blackouts,

but Energy Australia insists the strong winds weren't to blame.

Bailey would blow the spots off a

Bailey would blow the spots off a dog today. How much longer are we

stuck with the blustery conditions?

It's almost blown itself out, the

93 km/h wipdz we saw are already

down to 27 km/h at the moment. And

tomorrow it's just going to blow a

whole heap of blue sky to your

place, 25 to 27 degrees. Welcome to

the art gallery of NSW. A wonderful

place called Art Express. And this

is the creme dela creme of HSC

artists and it is a beautiful spot

to be in. A couple the artists, Ali

who won $1,000 and Jack who is

happy to be here and Emily Travis

is going to join me now and that's

her grin on the TV. Some good news

four, not only is your work hanging

in the wonderful space, but what's

happening to you, it could change

your life? Last night, I found out

I received a Julian Ashton art

scholarship. Now you're going to go

travelling. We'll tell you more

about Art Express Lleytoner in the

bulletin. Tomorrow at your place,

fine and sunny and we'll see you

again in around about ten. Melbourne's gangland wars flare again. Next - an underworld boss gunned down after refusing police protection. And an oil painting bearing Brett Whiteley's name found at a rubbish tip. But is it real? The expert assessment is coming up. Buy $5 worth of any Scratchies and you'll get a free chance to win Subaru Forester X Wagons. one of these 10 beautiful, new But not a single one comes with power steering, cruise control, central locking, constant all-wheel drive or a $10,000 Panasonic home entertainment pack. They all do! Just buy $5 worth of any Scratchies for your free chance to instantly win one of 10 Subaru Forester X Wagons in the Scratch, Match and Drive promotion.

This program is captioned live..

Time to check on the traffic with

Time to check on the traffic with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic Helicopter. One of my favourites, a

Helicopter. One of my favourites, a truck out playing in the peak hour

truck out playing in the peak hour traffic Unfortunately, broben down

traffic Unfortunately, broben down in the intersection of Lane Cove

road. We've over the scene at the

road. We've over the scene at the moment and the RTA have done a good

job to move the truck away but it

is three lanes and barely moving.

Traffic is stalled all the way

across Top Ryde and at the top

direction, trofbg is not affected

and we're telling people to avoid

and we're telling people to avoid Lane Crk ove Road and we'll have

Lane Crk ove Road and we'll have another update at 5:50. A new shooting death has reignited Melbourne's so-called gangland war. The target was former lawyer Mario Condello, gunned down outside his home just two days before he was to face a jury, accused of plotting to kill an underworld rival. It is very hard to stop this kind of crime. It is planned in secret, it is executed in secret and there is a code of silence which exists in the underworld. Condello, who was shot three times, had refused an offer of police protection after an earlier hit was thwarted. His death is the 28th gangland killing in 8 years. A Bali Nine drug smuggler says he was tricked

and threatened into taking part in the operation. Delivering a personal appeal for clemency, Michael Czugaj said he was lured to the island by a free holiday. In all honesty, I should not have been so blind to this. He then claimed alleged boss Andrew Chan threatened to kill his family if he didn't follow orders. This made me think about my young brother and sister and how defenceless they are to just about anything and also my family. Czugaj thanked authorities for treating him well in prison. Judge will deliver their verdict next Tuesday. Protests against cartoons satirising the Muslim Prophet Mohammad have turned deadly. In Afghanistan at least four people were killed in clashes, while in Tehran an angry mob pelted the Danish embassy with fire bombs. It's a scene that's become all too familiar - Danish interests again under attack from furious Muslim demonstrators. Those without Molotov cocktails simply threw stones. Chanting, "Death to Denmark!" the 400-strong crowd surrounded the empty embassy in Tehran. Iranian police struggled to contain the mob. Some managing to scale the wall and climb inside the compound. Muslim anger again focused on Denmark after cartoons of the Prophet Mohammed were published in one of its newspapers. The Iranian Government announcing a complete severing of trade ties with the Scandanavian country - the ban covering all imports and business dealings. On the advice of their government, worried Danish expats continue to flee the region. We would never have a chance to get warned. They would break into your hotel and kill you, or whatever. It would come like a flash from a sky-blue heaven.

The turmoil is quickly spreading. In Afghanistan, the protests turned deadly - four people dying after security forces opened fire on demonstrators. In New Delhi, dozens were arrested after police fired tear gas and water cannons on protesters. And it was a similar story in the world's most populated Muslim country. The Danish Embassy came under attack,

the mob then moving on to voice their anger outside the US Consulate. Ebbeny Farranda, Ten News. The man accused of killing Sydney woman Janelle Patton will be extradited to Norfolk Island and charged with her murder. Glenn McNeill didn't oppose the extradition order from the Australian Federal Police. In a hearing lasting only a few minutes, the New Zealand court agreed to the request. The father of two is accused of killing Ms Patton four years ago. At the time he was working as a chef on Norfolk Island. McNeill could be flown to Australia as early as tomorrow. It's the mystery oil painting that has art enthusiasts in a spin. Experts today giving their verdict on what was thought to be a Brett Whiteley masterpiece, found in a Tasmanian tip. To the untrained eye, it seemed the perfect piece - one of the first sketches by a teenaged Brett Whiteley, clearly signed and dated 1958. I myself gave it slight credibility. because when I looked at it quickly, I thought, it's a child's work - a very talented child's work - and if somebody's trying to suggest that it's Brett Whiteley I could almost imagine him doing such a thing. The mystery piece depicting a rodeo with Ned Kelly in the background was uncovered in November last year at this Tasmanian tip. One of our workers, David Cooley, found it in an old brown suitcase and he has done art before previously at the university so he kind of recognised the signature and thought it was worth having a look at. For months it's been under careful analysis at the NSW Art Gallery. Today the experts exposing it as an elaborate fake. If you look under the canvas you can see the clean cardboard. There is a sort of a dirty varnish on it which again is to age it and make it look 50 years old, I guess. And yet, the signature has been scratched in. The perpetrators behind the fake remaining a mystery. So if it's a scam, it's annoying. If it's a genuine find in a suitcase I'm sorry to disappoint whoever found it. The experts relieved the piece has been exposed before someone paid a lot of money for a piece of fake Australian art history. Natarsha Belling, Ten News. An Aussie stem cell breakthrough set to clear blocked arteries. That's next.

Also, a sinister discovery on a boat imported into Australia - authorities seizing nearly 50 kilos of powerful amphetamines. And a unique transformation - the woman who's received the world's first face transplant. KFC's Mashies. Creamy balls of mashed potato coated in our 11 secret herbs and spices. And now with a delicious nacho cheese dipping sauce. Mashies - they'll stop you in your tracks.

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Residents in Sydney's inner-west are furious about a secret plan to demolish their homes. Under the proposal, they'd be bulldozed to build a new road linking two major motorways. The proposed route changed to protect Heritage-listed properties.

A close call overnight for a toddler in western Sydney. He was snatched from a car just before it was firebombed, pulled free with seconds to spare. The boy's father once had links to a bikie gang. A powerful weapon for police in their battle against violent street crime. The new riot squad to be armed with high-powered stun guns. If the trial is successful,

the controversial Taser may eventually be issued to all officers. Federal police officers have seized more than $17 million worth of crystal methamphetamine on a speed boat bound for Canberra. Customs officers X-rayed the vessel after noticing abnormalities in the hull. They found 46 kilograms of the drug known as ice, making it the largest-ever seizure of narcotics imported from Canada. Three men were arrested this morning after the boat was collected and transferred to a property at Bringelly. We're confident that we've disrupted and dismantled a very sophisticated syndicate. AFP officers are now working with Canadian authorities to track down those responsible for sending the illegal drugs. The first person to receive a face transplant has spoken publicly about her history-making surgery. Frenchwoman Isabelle Dinoire had the operation nine weeks ago, after being attacked by her dog. It's hard to imagine, but the 38-year-old housewife is breathing through someone else's nose and about to speak with the lips of a stranger. Her own features were destroyed last year after her dog savaged her while she was unconscious after a drug overdose. TRANSLATION: When I came to, I tried to light a cigarette and I couldn't understand why it wouldn't stay in my mouth. That's when I noticed the pool of blood and my dog next to it. I found a mirror and I couldn't believe what I saw. It was too horrible. Isabelle used to have a wide nose, thin lips and prominent chin. Today her new face has a straighter nose and fuller mouth, which over time she'll find easier to close. I have a face like everyone else. I now have a second chance. French surgeons worked for 17 hours for that new lease on life,

cutting along the line of her nose, removing her damaged mouth, lips and chin, then delicately grafting the lower section of a donor patient's face on top. While the doctors are proud of their handiwork, the headline-grabbing operation is controversial. There's still a risk Miss Dinoire's body will reject the new face and for the rest of her life she will have to take preventative drugs. She has again taken up smoking and is being constantly monitored by a team of psychiatrists. But controversy aside,

this courageous woman is not letting anything spoil her hopes. Kate Donnison, Ten News.

The Australian share market closed lower today.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities and a record-breaking year for our tourism industry.

Yes, a record 5.5 million people

visited our shores in 2005, up 5%

on a year ago. And December, again

a record month, more than 600,000

tourists in one month. We're also

travelling overseas more often in

2005. In fact, 4.7 million of us

travelled abroad. One of the most

popular destinations is China. It

was the fifth more popular

was the fifth more popular destination. A decade ago, it

didn't even make the top ten list.

Thank you. Australian researchers have begun human trials of world-first technology, using stemcells to help heart patients heal themselves. But doctors warn the procedure doesn't come without risk. It could be the ultimate heart bypass - rather than cleaning out old blood vessels, doctors in Newcastle are trying to build new ones. After harvesting and growing adult stem cells, they're replanted in the patient's heart, growing into new, clean arteries. But it's not for everyone. So they're patients who have blocked arteries, therefore they have disabling symptoms - chest pain or shortness of breath and therefore significant limitations of their functional capacity. After mapping the heart, doctors send stem cells to the dead tissue, seen here in red. The procedure has already been tested on mice and sheep. 66-year-old Keith Malam is 1 of 10 volunteers

taking part in human trials. For me, this is a last-ditch effort. They can't supply me with another heart, they can't do any bypasses. It's not clear how many people might benefit from this type of procedure in the future. And doctors warn

there are still risks for those taking part in the trial - theres no guarantee they will develop into arteries. Those stem cells on the heart may grow into cartilage or even bone. And the problem has always been what sorts of cells will these differentiate into? Or even worse - will they take on a life of their own and become a cancer? Evan Batten, Ten News.

Let's take another look at the

weather with Tim Bailey who is on

your telly and in a very small

telly. Yeah, look at this. It's Art

Express, the creme dela creme of

the artwork of the HSC students.

This is the first time Bailey has

been made a piece of art and I know

Ron would be cringing as he

watches this, but let him do that.

As I come along to the real

television camera now, you must

come and see the art exhibition, it

is glorious and it will be in

Sydney town in this gallery until

April 16. And it's going to tour

areas like Tamworth, Newcastle and

D u bbo and places like that. I'll

give you full details at 5:55. The

southerly has backed off from 93

km/h last night, that was the peak

and is still doing business at 30

km/h. Done worry about it, a blue

sky and fine and sunny tomorrow. A

quick look at the map of NSW. Does

this for you:

Artwork, class, culture, size and

dimension. It's about time we had

some of it on the television, First

at Five, shows what they know about

art t could cover the back of that! Ryan Phelan with sport and the Wests Tigers still looking for a double deal. Yes, but a double play for Tim Sheens and Scott prince is still far from guaranteed. More shortly, plus the jokes that angered Aussie skipper Ricky Ponting

on his night of nights. Also, Shane Warne's special guest for the awards shares in his big moment. And we'll hear from the tiny 13-year-old high diver

who's stunned Commonwealth Games officials. When you talk credit cards, there's more sharks out there than in here. So Aussie's doing something about it. with a low ongoing rate, now: Escape the card sharks. Call: Today. And you don't have to be an Aussie customer to apply. At Aussie, we'll save you. The $2 Jackpot Lottery... This program is captioned live. Mick Lewis has been recalled to the Australian one-day squad for the one-day finals series, to replace the absent Glenn McGrath. The Aussies have moved on to Adelaide after last night's Border Medal,

where a sledge from Phil Tufnell upset the players. He's the first to win two ABs, but Ricky Ponting remains less than impressed with some Phil Tufnell inspired humour.

At our night of nights, I didn't

think that the timing was that

think that the timing was that good. But it got my back up at the

good. But it got my back up at the time but I won't think any more

about it. Hopefully it will get the

about it. Hopefully it will get the whole of the Australian public

behind the team when the English arrive. Tufnell's taped sledge reopened some Aussie sores.

Talking of Edgbaston,

Ponting what were you doing, you

won the toss and you stuck us in.

won the toss and you stuck us in. 407 we scored that day. I done

think it means that we're precious,

think it means that we're precious, we're there to enjoy the night for

we're there to enjoy the night for what it is. And we had to sit there

what it is. And we had to sit there and go through that sort of stuff. Tufnell also didn't miss Shane Warne. Did you wake up in the middle of the night, thinking you must have dropped the Ashes. I've got Herschelle Gibbs's number if you want some counselling.

The sledge of cycles of what Phil

Tufnell says, I didn't walk away

Tufnell says, I didn't walk away angry ar those sorts of things, I

angry ar those sorts of things, I thought Toughers were being tuffers. Ponting, last night, was full of defiant pride when accepting his award. As far as I'm concerned,

it's the best cricket team in the world, the best team in the world. He praised Andrew Symonds for making himself ineligible for the one-day award, won by Mike Hussey, after his drunken incident on English soil. Ponting's pledge is to make Ashes amends. I guarantee we'll put up a better show than we did last time. Rob Waters, Ten News. Australia will play Sri Lanka in the one-day finals, starting in Adelaide on Friday. Chasing 258 runs to win, it was a dismal performance from South Africa in Hobart. Falling well short of the target. The bulk of Sri Lanka's runs came from a 123-run stand between Sangakkara and Atapattu. The skipper top-scoring with 80 before a nice take from Andrew Hall. COMMENTATOR: There's a man getting to it and he does. Three months after arriving on Australian soil, Proteas captain Graeme Smith finally passed 50. But he had little support from his team-mates. Wests Tigers captain Scott Prince says he won't be influenced by the future of coach Tim Sheens in deciding whether he'll re-sign with the club. The Tigers returning from their World Club Challenge loss with plenty to resolve at the negotiation table. Scott Prince became a Premiership winner, State of Origin and Test player under Tim Sheens.

But he's denied reports he's waiting on his coach before deciding his future. It's always nice to know who your coach is going to be for the next three to five years or however long he wants to sign for. Certainly that's none of my business and I want to work out for myself what I want to do. Prince hoping to sign with either the Tigers or Queensland-based club by the start of the season.

Also off contract, Sheens likely to wait longer. I'm not in any rush. We've got 12 months to go. I've put no time limit on it. I just want to try and tie up as best possible the playing staff and then we'll go from there. Should he leave, with Newcastle keen on his signature for 2007, assistant coach Royce Simmons ready to step up. If for some reason down the track, Tim leaves the club and if the Wests Tigers offered me the job, I'd certainly take it. by the loss of Chris Heighington for the opening rounds of the NRL

with a fractured cheekbone.

With the injuries we had, certainly

we put our body on the line and so,

that comment is probably not

that comment is probably not necessary from him anyway. Ben

necessary from him anyway. Ben Kennedy has taken over the Manly

Kennedy has taken over the Manly captaincy from Michael Monaghan. As Mat Rogers continues to ease his way back into training, the Waratahs have named Tim Donnelly in his position at fly half for Saturday nights Super 14 opener against Queensland. The Waratahs announced their side today before training this afternoon. Rogers goal, for now, is to work himself back into fitness. Outside-centre Lote Tuquiri missed the session due to illness. He's crook today so he's not in. So I'll wait and see. I'm not going to panic. If that affects us later on in the week, then so be it. The Tahs fly into enemy territory tomorrow. Pint-sized teenage diver Melissa Wu hopes she won't be treated as a kid by the other athletes at the Commonwealth Games.

Wu, who weighs just 28kg and is only 138cm tall, upstaged two of our best divers to win the 10m platform. She may be small in stature, but Melissa Wu is big news after she twisted and somersaulted her way into the history books. At just 13 years of age, Melissa will be the youngest Aussie competing at the Commonwealth Games. After her fearless performance off the 10 metre platform, her only concern now is being treated as the baby of the team.

I really just want to rise to the

occasion and I'd rather act more

maturely than be the baby of the

competition. The tiny teenager from Queensland saved her best for last, to beat Olympic medallists Loudy Tourky and Chantelle Newbery. In third spot, going into her final dive, Wu nailed her back 2.5 somersault with 1.5 twists, to win by two points. And despite all the sudden attention, Wu is keeping a lid on her efforts.

I'm not really expecting too much

I'm not really expecting too much because it's my first big meet. I

because it's my first big meet. I haven't really done much so far in

my diving career so just doing my

my diving career so just doing my best is all I'm hoping for. She's

a great little talent and works

hard and she's got the body for

diving and has the guts to give

diving and has the guts to give the big dives a go and doesn't have

much fear. She's incredible, I have

so much respect for her. A

13-year-old girl who has come out

and beat an Olympic champion and

bronze medallist. There were so

many girls who wanted to get up

many girls who wanted to get up there and she stayed calm. Wu's only Commonwealth dream - to keep making her mum proud.

She told

She told me it doesn't matter what the

me it doesn't matter what the result is, she can't be prouder of me. David Adamson, Ten News Later on Sports Tonight - Kristine Bayley steps out of the shadow of her brother, Ryan, by winning her first Australian track cycling title.

And Pipeline turns on a huge swell.

Another check of the traffic with

Vic Lorusso. A problem over it's

M7? Unfortunately, this is a bad

accident. It's affecting traffic

heading towards Eastern Creek. A

car has slammed into the side of a

semi-trailer. As we zoom in, the

car is being sidelined and placed

on to a toe truck. All lean lanes

of the M7 are blacked. Traffic is

not getting anywhere, the delays

going back towards Blacktown. If

you know of motorists going home

using the M7, today is not the

best day.... Some problems there

with the traffic. Tim Bailey is

back with the weather and more

culture next. Tim Bailey is back with the weather and a bit more culture - next.

what about Tim Bailey and all the

culture tonight. The closest Tim

culture tonight. The closest Tim Bailey has come to culture in his

life is eating a yoghurt out of the

life is eating a yoghurt out of the fridge. I want you to know that the

day they found a fake Brett

Whiteley in the tip, Bailey was in

the art galeary of NSW and had

nothing to do with it. This is Art

Express. Our HSC students have so

clever and talented, you must come

and have a look at the exhibition.

Plenty of things like this, a

brilliant drawing from a girl if

Riverside Girl's High school. And

one over here. This is a work of

art with a sense of humour. It is

called Weinswine. By Mayor

Sebastian and it is borne of her

Sebastian and it is borne of her fascination of the colour of the

language of wine makers. Sometime

in my life, I worked with them

professionally and it has a nice

ring to it. This has a lot of

sculpture in the room. This is

called Kuraajong grazing and it

explores cattle grazing. There's a

little bit for everybody, some 254

students are represented here. It

will be in the art gallery and it

will then tour Tamworth, Newcastle,

Wollongong and Dub brk o and it is

also at the college of fine arts

and Sydney Olympic Park. It's a

beauty. And so is that weather

coming to your place tomorrow. A

bright blue sky, 25 to 27. The

southerly blast woke us up a little

bit last night hitting 93 km/h and

banging doors left, right and

centre. It's backed off to 30 km/h

and blue sky coming tomorrow. Let's

get into your backyard, talking

Tim's temperatures. And at the moment:

Thick cloud drifting across

southern WA and a broad trough of

low pressure causing thundery

showers. The map tomorrow, high

moisture levels will trigger

showers and storms over northern

showers and storms over northern inland NSW and Queensland. The

business of the brolly, predicted

precipitation, drips and drops

across the roof tops, showers clear

from the northern NSW coast.

Showers and storms for eastern

Queensland. By Thursday, tropical

moisture feeding down into a broad

trough will trigger showers and

storms across the NT and WA and a

trough will cause afternoon storms

in Queensland and north-east NSW.

After a bit of cloud clears nom

morning, it will be a blue sky

afternoon, tops of 25 to 27. Art

Express, the gallery of NSW, April

9. Make sure you get down and have

a look. Interstate we go:

Art and class. Bailey back to

someone without a lot of it, Ron

Wilson and someone with a lot of it, Deborah Knight. Budding Spielbergs and Scorceses have gathered in Sydney today for the announcement of finalists in this year's Tropfest. The famous short film festival now just three weeks away. To make a short film featuring a bubble, these finalists went to a lot of toil and trouble. From 710 entries, these 16 are the best, chosen to star at this year's Tropfest. TV presenter Marie Patane has moved behind the camera for her effort which is based on a true story. It's basically about a young woman who goes to her local medical centre to have a routine womanly check-up. And the film is called 'How Many Doctors Does It Take To Change a Light Bulb?' And when he's not starring in Marie's film, actor Rob Carlton is up against himself and co-director Alex Weinress for 'Carmichael and Shane'. It's about a single father, raising twins. He's got a tough decision to make, he's got to chose a favourite. The toughest thing about being a single parent, it's not about the chores or the cleaning, it's trying to manage your hatred of the person that's left. We've had a bit of a scuttle of drama

and there's also a strong animation in there, documentary and of course the odd mockumentary. You will not be handling the venomous snakes. If they bite anybody, they bite me. They don't bite you, sorry. If you want a bite, you organise your own bite. The big news this year is that eight of the best films will go from being screened here in the Domain to being screened in the Big Apple in front of a very powerful crowd at Robert de Niro's Tribeca Film Festival. 150,000 film fans are expected to turn up for Tropfest around the country on February 26. Angela Bishop, Ten News. That's the news at five, I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Sandra Sully will have the Late news at 10:45, goodnight.

Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.