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This program is captioned live. of a deadly mix-up. Tonight - the victim His ambulance went to the wrong town. fairly clear instructions. They were given, I thought, A humble hero - a fugitive in an outback showdown. the police officer who killed I was doing my job. I don't class myself as a hero. And a bizarre ordeal - stranded for more than five hours. Sydney ferry passengers

But first, that may have cost a man his life. the horrendous mix-up

in Sydney's north, He suffered a heart attack but when 000 was called, near Grafton, 600km away. an ambulance was sent to a location The Coroner is now investigating. suffered a heart attack 66-year-old David Hughes in the Ku-ring-gai National Park while trekking through bush land

near Terrey Hills. Three friends tried to revive him, to call an ambulance. another flagging down a motorist there has been some confusion Unfortunately, and tragically, that we eventually responded to. in the address almost 600km away. It was sent to Grafton, made the emergency call Peter Donnelly were clear. and is certain his details Ingleside, I said it was Terrey Hills, near West Head Road coming into it.

fairly clear directions. I thought those defended call centre staff, The Health Minister they were given was... saying the address Carrs Creek Road. that was asked to be confirmed Carrs Creek was the location

that was confirmed. and twice that was the location in Carrs Creek. But there is no Carrs Creek Road A mistake that cost precious time. How long were you waiting? 40 minutes.

It's too long. of the telephone system. The Opposition calling for a review can tell where you're calling from. Even Sydney cabbie companies

to David Hughes As the family prepares to say goodbye at a funeral next Monday, has been launched a coronial investigation of the 000 phone call that will focus on the recording where the confusion crept in. to try and work out paying special tribute to their mate. His walking club this week We put out a circular every week has nothing but him. and this week's circular So we'll remember him. Evan Batten, Ten News. about a desperate 000 call Shocking details have emerged murdered in their Melbourne home. from one of two sisters The tragic twist has been revealed spoke about his deadly encounter as the West Australian policeman with the girls' killer. savagely attacked in their own home, Fighting for life, having been Irwin bravely tried to get help. it's believed either Laura or Colleen Dialling 000 from a mobile phone, too injured to speak. the young woman was and her sister Colleen - Laura Irwin, a Network Ten employee,

A call was made and the call was

anticipated within 3 seconds and

lasted 5 seconds and originated anticipated within 3 seconds and

from a mobile phone. and her sister Colleen - Laura Irwin, a Network Ten employee, last year - seen here on 'Good Morning Australia' had been attacked and violent criminal William Watkins. by next door neighbour who ended the emergency call. It may have been Watkins whatsoever from the call. There was no audible noise

It was ended 5 seconds later. traced and police weren't notified. The silence meant the call wasn't Tragically, help was close at hand. for the victims' grieving family. A torturous thought I'm not going to make any comment.

the family. There's no point, it doesn't help

eight hours later, The sisters were found dead by which time Watkins had fled. was shot dead The convicted rapist and burglar a Western Australian policeman after attacking south of Karratha. who pulled him over I don't class myself a hero. and my training kicked in. I was doing my job

It was instinct. with my wife, Mandy, and my boys. And I'm very happy to be here by then, Victoria police had suspected Watkins to interstate police. but hadn't yet issued an alert supporting the injured officer. Watkins's own father sent a message That does make me feel a lot better, he has lost a son as well, but obviously,

as well. so he would be feeling some grief will be laid to rest tomorrow. Laura and Colleen Irwin Jeremy Pudney, Ten News.

has failed in its bid The State Government for notorious gang rapist Bilal Skaf. to lengthen the prison term an attempt The High Court has knocked back that slashed Skaf's sentence. to appeal last year's court ruling was reduced to 28 years in September, His original 55-year jail term

when the Court of Criminal Appeal into the worst category of gang rape. found his crimes didn't fall I do not accept that reasoning With great respect to them, at the moment - and it is - and, if that's the law of the State

to change it. then it's up to the Parliament behind bars. Skaf may serve as little as 17 years of a cocaine-smuggling racket The alleged leader after almost a year on the run. after almost a year on the run. has been arrested of importing drugs from South America Michael Hurley is accused of corrupt baggage handlers. with the help are already before the courts. Eight of his alleged associates today, Hurley made a brief court appearance a life-threatening illness his lawyers claiming he's suffering and needs urgent treatment. be provided for the 60-year-old The court ordered medical assistance while he's in custody. has apologised to passengers Sydney Ferries

when a harbour Cat ran aground. stranded for hours last night to eat adding to the distress. A broken toilet and almost nothing It was 4:30 yesterday

The latest Sydney ferries

embarrassment as the Cat ran The latest Sydney ferries

aground in water 20cm deep trying

to make way

aground in water 20cm deep trying to make way for kayaks and another

to make way for kayaks and another ferry. It was difficult to get any

ferry. It was difficult to get any other ferries in there because of

other ferries in there because of the low tide. 85 passengers were

the low tide. 85 passengers were left stranded for five hours last

night with water supplies running

out, no food and a broken toilet.

out, no food and a broken toilet. It took four hours to take us out

of the boat. It should have been

done earlier I reckon. The of the boat. It should have been done earlier I reckon. The boat is

now being repaired. A damaged

now being repaired. A damaged

now being repaired. A damaged propellor the fault. The area it

propellor the fault. The area it became bogged in is usually a safe

travel route but tidal changes

travel route but tidal changes

travel route but tidal changes could be at fault. NSW maritime

won't buy into the tidal

conspiracy and say it is the

skipper's responsibility to be

aware of local conditions with tidal charts

aware of local conditions with tidal charts available. An unhappy

tidal charts available. An unhappy Naomi was one of the passengers. It

Naomi was one of the passengers. It made her miss a job interview but

made her miss a job interview but made her miss a job interview but today she braved the ferry again.

today she braved the ferry again.

today she braved the ferry again. I never thought I would be that

I never thought I would be that late for an interview. And she's

certainly unimpressed with Sydney

certainly unimpressed with Sydney Ferry's attempt at an apology. A

Ferry's attempt at an apology. A couple of free movie tickets.

Prime Minister John Howard says he's willing to front the Cole Inquiry into the Iraq oil-for-food scandal. The offer comes as the Commissioner warned he may need to investigate the government's role. The Prime Minister drove by the inquiry venue, followed by a fire truck. Maybe it was an omen. Inside, Commissioner Cole kept open the option of asking for wider terms of reference if any evidence points to the Government or its agencies. If I were asked to attend or any of my ministerial colleagues, we would do so. The Commissioner did ask for his inquiry to include BHP Billiton. The Opposition says the Government shouldn't wait to be asked. If it's good enough to examine BHP, it's good enough to examine the PM. Not helping the AWB's image, pictures of their top guns in Iraq, Trevor Flugge, former chairman, brandishing a 6-shooter and fellow executive Michael Long a lethal automatic weapon.

Whistleblower Mark Emons telling the inquiry the kickback scam was discussed at the AW board level and at executive meetings. Michael Long, seen here with a truckload of American dollars in Baghdad, sent a request from the interim government back to Canberra for the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade to identify dodgy contracts.

The emails released yesterday did not identify AWB as being involved in kickbacks. This is an extraordinary, extraordinary attempt at hair-splitting by the Prime Minister. Mr Howard also lashed US Senator Norm Coleman for wrongly claiming the evidence so far implicated the Government. Commissioner Cole too sent a strong message to the American senators worried about his independence,

reminding them judges in Australia are appointed for their skill and integrity, and are not popularly elected. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. Ryan Phelan with sport, and the Thorpedo misfires? Yes, his 100m performance has raised plenty of questions. Thorpe was unimpressed with his winning time. That infamous pre-Olympics false start is said to be haunting him.

We'll hear from Ian in sport.

And games joy for cyclist Alexis Rhodes who was named in the team today. Six months ago, she was seriously injured in the car crash that killed team-mate Amy Gillett. Also Ron, one of the NRL's biggest stars wants out from his club. Former State ministers called to account over the Cross City tunnel

That's next. Also, all or nothing - accused Bali Nine ringleader Andrew Chan enters his plea. And the damage marijuana does prompts a new way of dealing with first-time offenders.

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This program is captioned live. A hard line for a substance often dismissed as a soft drug. NSW will introduce the toughest penalties in the country for the commercial cultivation of potent hydroponic cannabis. A timely bust. $4 million worth of cannabis found and destroyed on the State's North Coast today. But the growers of this crop should be relieved. Their old-style plants grown in the ground not affected by tough new penalties. Those cultivating using indoor hydroponic systems not so lucky. They're to be treated much more severely once convicted.

It's up to seven times stronger than other types of cannabis.

It grows quicker, meaning more profit on the streets

and there's an increase in criminal operation that we need to crack down on. Under the present laws, 1,000 plants grown like this were considered a large commercial quantity. Now it's just 200, and jail time jumps to a maximum 20 years. The reason is potency. Hydroponic forms of cannabis pack more punch for users.

This clinic alone is seeing double the number of addicts in six just months. They are getting more effect and therefore they have more trouble coming off.

Medical experts say there's clear evidence of a link between cannabis and a range of severe mental ills ins. And the more often its used and the higher the dose adding to the danger. But for those who are predisposed, it may take much less use and be more severe. When they do become unwell, and often those illnesses are harder to treat or go on to form chronic forms or recur more frequently because of the substance use. But the penalty increases are not aimed at users. The current penalties for possessing cannabis won't be changing under these reforms.

And in fact, the cautioning scheme that operates for first- and second-time offenders is being reviewed to see if it can be extended or made more effective. The penalties will become law in the next few weeks. Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

The alleged enforcer of the Bali Nine, Myuran Sukumaran, will know in just two weeks if he is to live or die.

He told judges he was a hard working family man

I'm sorry for what trouble I have caused the Indonesian system and, of course, yourselves. And I never intended to hurt anybody. But I guess the factor is, it hurt my family deeply to see me inside a prison. Your Honour, the outcome I wish for my family is for you to release me, for I had nothing to participate in this.

Prosecutors have demanded the

death penalty for him and

MyuranSuku maran.

Emotional scenes

as a former planning minister defends himself during a corruption investigation into aspects of the Cross City Tunnel. Craig Knowles vehemently denies leaking government documents to the motorway consortium. It was the former planning minister's first public return to Parliament, and clashes with non-Government members of the inquiry came quickly. Well, stop sooking and don't blame me. I'm not there any more.

Craig Knowles still not ready to fully endorse the Cross City Tunnel.

It is still a little early to be calling it a success or a failure. But the angriest charges came during the former minister's declaration that he'll be cleared by an ICAC inquiry into claims by former transport minister Carl Scully in 2003 that possible plans to relocation the motorway's ventilation stacks were leaked to the tunnel consortium.

I'm very comfortable with the ICAC to deal with it. I'm very confident about what they will determine. Also giving evidence, another former planning minister, Andrew Refshauge, confirming the aim of the Cross City Tunnel was to get cars to bypass the CBD. Specifically designed to reduce the capacity of the cars to come into the city.

While former ministers have been giving evidence, those currently in the job are still refusing. The Opposition demanding the Special Minister of State, John Della Bosca,

explain why he promised the inquiry chairman all ministers would attend. Meanwhile, the Opposition is still awaiting details of the 400 intersections affected by traffic light phasing connected to the Cross City Tunnel. They do know William Street and streets in Wooloomooloo are affected. They're the ones that everybody has known that the phasing was changed to frustrate motorists. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Nationals defector Julian McGauran is expected to be formerly accepted into the Liberal Party tonight. Victorian Liberals are meeting in a few hours to consider his membership application. They'll do so with an ominous warning from the embattled Nationals, who feel they've been betrayed. I call on the Liberal Pary of Victoria when they consider Julian McGauran to put the harmony of the Coalition ahead of accepting a defector into their midst. The defection was the focus of a Queenland Nationals executive meeting today. They're still outraged over losing a ministerial position in the fallout.

Time for a check of the weather and

the only problem with all of the

blustery night of weather in Sydney is

blustery night of weather in Sydney is that a weatherman can't get his

hair right. That's only been the

case for the past 10 years so I'm

not going to worry about it now.

Looking at the bureau, and I

thought this is a bit ordinary.

They're saying that the weekend is

going to be below average. I've

never seen a below average weekend

in all my years of wandering the

planet. They're saying the temperatures, two

planet. They're saying the temperatures, two below average and

one degree below on Sunday. But no

one degree below on Sunday. But no matter what colour the sky is, no

matter what the weather is doing,

it doesn't matter because tomorrow

will remain Saturday and will

remain Sunday. And that is the good

news. Put your hands towards the

television and say hallelujah!

Thank you very much, that's all

that counts for the weekend. It

will be grey and showery but not to

worry. Currently it is below

average, around 24 degrees. Let's

look at sky watch for you. It

stayed that colour all day long,

likely the colour of the Saturday

and Sunday as well. Good news about

the south, southeast winds. No

pollution levels across Sydney.

Tomorrow, two degrees below average

and 25 on sun. Put your hands on

the television and say Hallelujah! It's the weekend. See the television and say Hallelujah! It's the weekend. See you again in

around about ten. Easing the obesity burden. Next - the campaign to get children moving. And the domino transplant - it's a remarkable operation that's saved two young lives.

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A historic interstate deal to save the Snowy River is under threat. NSW has pulled the plug on much-needed water. The Victorian Premier, Steve Bracks, demanding a "please explain". It was hailed as an unprecedented display of interstate cooperation to save a national icon. This river has been thirsty. This river's been in drought. Now it's getting the drink it so justly deserves. It's a great day for Australia. But 3.5 years after Steve Bracks and Bob Carr flicked the switch to send water down the Snowy River, it's been dramatically turned off. The Snowy hydro-electric scheme has angered Victoria, by rediverting flows from the Mowamba Weir back into the Jindabyne Dam. I want it to remain as it is. I have been very clear on this, our government has been very clear on this. We had understandings and agreements with NSW that the water would flow and continue to flow. But NSW maintains the water will come to the Snowy via Jindabyne. No, the Victorians have their version, or their opinion - and they're entitled to that - but the agreement is quite clear. The move jeopardises the goal of restoring the Snowy to 28% of its original flow and Victoria believes NSW should have waited for the results of a scientific study into the health of the river, before rediverting the water. The impasse comes as NSW announces plans to sell its majority share in the hydro-electric scheme.

Both sides of Victorian politics oppose the privatisation. It has to be shown to be in the interests of irrigators, the environmental flows and electricity consumers. That case hasn't been made yet.

And there's a political imperative for Steve Bracks, having come to power six years ago on a bold promise to repair the river. Gareth Boreham, Ten News. A 21-year-old British man has suffered first-degree burns to his face after police sprayed him with CS gas. This is how Dan Ford looked days after after being sprayed.

Now in hospital and racked with pain, doctors warn he could be scarred for life. CS gas was first introduced to the UK a decade ago. Despite safety concerns, it's used by police hundreds of times a year. But Dan's family want it banned. Even if it only affects one person in this way, it's one too many. n independent investigation into the case has been launched.

New figures reveal Australia's obesity crisis is claiming a quarter of our kids. The Federal Government has launched an advertising onslaught to get them outside and exercising for at least an hour a day. Panting in a pack of pupils is the Federal Health Minister. Oh dear. That was hard work. Not used to all that sprinting. Tony Abbott wants Aussie kids to get used to it and get active, because one in four is overweight or obese. I said you've got to get up and moving. With a $6 million advertising blitz, and a famous face...

We want our kids to be happy and healthy and the only way they're gonna do that is to get moving.

..the Federal Government has launched a national campaign to coax kids out of their couches and into activity for an hour a day. If we don't do something about it, we wil eventually become the first generation in modern history that has a lower life expectancy than our parents. Australian doctors agree. It's important we address the obesity crisis because that brings with it sgnificant illness in later life. Labor says only a Beazley government will invest in the health of Australia's youth, coincidentally launching a children's health policy plan of its own today.

The parties agree on the problem. If we don't reverse this trend, if we don't do something now, more than half of all our young people will be obese in 20 years time. But Labor says an advertising campaign alone isn't the solution. I'd like Minister Abbott to get out and do his job for at least an hour a day. Danielle Isdale, Ten News,

Two infants in America are alive and healthy thanks to some truly remarkable surgery. 12-week-old Kayla Richardson desperately needed a heart transplant. Without a new lung, 3-month-old Jason Wolfe had only days to live. When organs compatible to both became available,

It wasn't real likely that he would

receive a donor on time. It was

just heart breaking. When organs compatible to both became available, surgeons performed a rare 'domino' transplant. The donor's heart and lungs were put into Jason, and then Jason's healthy heart was given to Kayla. Two teams of doctors worked side by side, operating on hearts the size of golf balls. Both babies are doing well.

Check of the traffic now with Vic

Check of the traffic now with Vic Lorusso in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter. Now is the Friday night

Helicopter. Now is the Friday night

Helicopter. Now is the Friday night free for all going. We're over

Villa Wood, and there was an

Villa Wood, and there was an accident on Woodville road and the

accident on Woodville road and the three traffic leans going towards

the mechano set is heavy. It's

taking motorists an extra 35mips.

taking motorists an extra 35mips. Also busy on the F3 and Pennant

Hills road. Gosford visibility is

Hills road. Gosford visibility is tough for the F6. Prayers come true for a breast cancer patient. Her story is next. Plus the hostage crisis on a freeway. Police bring a terrifying situation to a head. And a stunning return to form - seven months after being injured in Germany,

Alexis Rhodes qualifies for the Commonwealth Games.

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Recapping the top stories this newshour - Sydney Ferries has apologised to passengers stranded for five hours last night when a Harbour Cat ran aground. 85 passengers were stuck with water supplies running out, no food and a broken toilet. The police officer who killed a double murderer in the WA outback has denied he's a hero, insisting he was just doing his job. He spoke as details emerged how one of the murderer's victims rang 000 but the call was terminated because she was unable to speak. And the horrendous mix-up that may have cost a man his life. He suffered a heart attack in Sydney's north, but when 000 was called, an ambulance was sent to a location near Grafton 600km away. The Coroner is now investigating. A terrifying hostage ordeal in the United States. A mother and her young child rescued after being taken on a wild highway pursuit by an armed gunman.

It looks more like a parade than a police pursuit. Inside the white sedan, a young woman and her 4-year-old daughter are being held hostage by a man with a gun. CHOPPER REPORTER: The information we have now is that the passenger is probably holding a gun to the driver's head. A good Samaritan tries to help police. This truck right here looks like they're going to stop them. But after catching two bullets, it gets out of the way. You can see two bullet holes.

When police begin shooting, the man knocks out the back windscreen and returns fire. The woman at the wheel nearly loses control, then appears to decide she wants to get out. Driver's side door is being opened here. Instead she crashes into a ute. And obscured by the overpass flees for her life. It almost looked like the person who fell out rolled and got up and ran towards the police vehicle. Dozens of officers jump out with guns drawn.

I'm being instructed by management on the ground to keep a wide shot because we don't know how this is going to end. It ended in a spray of bullets killing the kidnapper. Lots of shots fired right there. Fortunately, police plucked the little girl from the car before they opened fire. Both the child and her mother are now safe and well. That was a very dramatic chase that we have just witnessed. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. To finance, and the local share market slipped again today.

Julia Lee at Commsec. The AWB still

taking a battering and so is the

share price. The AWB scandal

continues with the share price

plummeting today. Today they lost

the key support of the US

Government. Voters of AWB

executives holding guns in Iraq not

helping the cause, it lost 5.5% value.

value. And what about airline

travel With airline travel, 4

billion people took to the skies.

Domestically, there was a 4% jump

but internationally, a 7% jump.

This was despite the threat of

terrorism and fuel costs so lots of Australians and international

travellers taking to the air. A Victorian mother of four will no longer have to sell the family home to fund life-saving cancer treatment. An overwhelming public response to Tania Calley's plight has saved her from having to sell the home to pay for the costly drug Herceptin. More than $100,000 has been donated.

It's just unbelievable. It's

It's just unbelievable. It's happened so quick that I'm sort of

lost for words and the support has

just been amazing. Tests show Herceptin dramatically increases the chances of survival of women with early stage breast cancer.

Mrs Calley calling for it to be put on the Pharmaceuticals Benefits scheme. Two young sisters are being hailed heroes tonight after saving their diabetic mum from drowning in the family pool. After dialling 000, the frightened little girls kept the unconscious woman alive until help arrived. Too young to be heroes? Not on your life. Just ask mum - a diabetic who would have drowned after a hypoglycaemic attack, had it not been for 6-year-old Madeleine and 8-year-old Emily. 000 OPERATOR: Is she still in the water? GIRL: Yes. Can you please be quick? They called 000 on their own little red mobile phone. While one kept Mum afloat, the other waited at the gate of the acreage property for help. And then I directed them into the house. Were you worried for Mum? Yes. Really scared? Yes. Very, very, very scared. She was like that, with her face in the water, underwater.

Ambulance officers say they were brave well beyond their years. Yep, we probably were. Just the night before, Catherine Fitzgibbons had talked to her daughters about the emergency number 000,

warning them never to call it without good reason. 000 OPERATOR: Can you get her out of the pool? No, she's too heavy. I think she's having a bad dream or something. But they knew exactly what to do. You can only call emer...? Oh, what is it called? Emergency. Mummy, can you talk? Mummy, the ambulance is coming, OK? They're my superheroes, because without them, I wouldn't be here at all. I'm very proud of them and they really worked as a team.

Now that little red phone won't leave their side. And what was kept a family secret is now out, although Emily did tell just one friend. If I say, "Please don't tell anyone", she doesn't, 'cause she trusts me. Well, everyone will now know 'cause it's on television.

Yep, they will. Mark Suleau, Ten News.

Tim, I love the interesting things

you bring us on the weather. This

one is a doozy. Live television,

you never know what it's going to

dish up. On the TV we have Anna and

dish up. On the TV we have Anna and LucasBeck and I think you know the

rest of the story. They just got

married and that's the wedding

party on the beach. We set up here,

along they come and they just

invited 500,000 people, that's you

on your couch to their wedding,

that's nice on a Friday. Even if it

isn't, that word Friday puts a

smile on everyone's face. A little

bit grey and likely to be Saturday

on Sunday, around 24 degrees

tomorrow and some early drizzle and

25 on Sunday and a pretty good

looking afternoon. Let's look at

the map of NSW for you now.

If you're looking for a paddle,

then the the surf report is on the television right now.

I will see you again at 5:55. It's

lovely to be at a wedding even if

you have to gate crash it. To sport with Ryan Phelan, and Graig Gower wants out of the Panthers? Yes, in breaking news, the fallout from his axing as skipper brings his future to a head. Also - Ian Thorpe dismisses claims he's lacking motivation after another slow swim. And diving into the new Super 14 competition.

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Penrith is facing a fight to keep disgruntled star Craig Gower tonight. It's understood the sacked skipper has requested an immediate release from the club.

A month on from his sacking as Pant A month on from his sacking as Pant they ares

they ares Panthers

Panthers captain and a $100,000 fine, he's

indicated he wants out. Gower

Michael Leary has denied He asked

Michael Leary has denied He asked for a release, however he confirmed

for a release, however he confirmed for a release, however he confirmed meeting Greg Willit today for what

he called private issues.

meeting Greg Willit today for what he called private issues. Gower is

he called private issues. Gower is away on his honeymoon.

Look, I just done believe it's an

Look, I just done believe it's an option, I believe it's about sports,

sports for a community. We've run

sports since 1908 and we've done a

very good job so why not keep going

the way we've been going. Why does

someone now have to own the club,

it belongs to the people. The

souths boss appealing for the

souths boss appealing for the infighting to stop. We're fighting

infighting to stop. We're fighting in the dressing room before we even

get on the field. Ian Thorpe says the Commonwealth Games trials

has been one of the most disappointing meets of his career. The comments come in the wake of his slow time in winning the 100m freestyle. Ian Thorpe stepped up to the plate, many tipping he would challenge the 100m freestyle world record mark. But this all-star line-up failed to fire. Thorpe powering home in a less than impressive time.

It's definitely one of the most

It's definitely one of the most disappointing just because of what

I expected of myself. And I have

prepared well and you know, I

prepared well and you know, I haven't got out of this meet nearly

as ach as what I expected. His coach admitting

this fateful moment could be contributing to his slow starts.

I'm sure

it's probably something that does

it's probably something that does stick in the back of his mind, that

stick in the back of his mind, that mishap that we had last year, or

mishap that we had last year, or the year before. Thorpe's sluggish comeback has also raised questions about his motivation. But those closest to him insist the superstar is determined to return to the top.

Pretty hard to get up at 4:30 in

the morning if you're not motivate

the morning if you're not motivate today do what you want to do. Craig Stevens, the swimmer who stood aside to allow Thorpe to swim the 400m in Athens is also struggling and could miss a spot in the team after bypassing the 1,500m.

It's in the lap of thes now and he

has to wait and see how other

people perform, there's nothing he

can do about his position now. With no Grant Hackett, Australia may not have anyone in the distance event that it's dominated for decades. Queenslander Trent Grimsey the fastest qualifier for the final,

still 30 seconds outside the selection time criteria. Kelli Underwood, Ten News. Feuding athletes Jana Pittman and Tamsyn Lewis will come face to face tonight at the Commonwealth Games trials at Olympic Park. That's where we find Neil Cordy. Neil, I guess it's the moment of truth for the former friends?

It is, the race that's been dubbed

the cat fight for those who don't

know the background. It started

when Tamsin described Jana as a

when Tamsin described Jana as a drama keen in the lead up to the

Athens. Jana came back calling her

a bikini babe for a Meg's magazine.

But recently, Jana has been trying

to smooth things over. She said

last night that there was no

competition between the pair, but

competition between the pair, but even if she wins the race tonight,

she might not compete in the

she might not compete in the Commonwealth Games in that event.

We've had the 1,500 and there's no

point running both at the

Commonwealths. To win the

Commonwealth Games you need to run

as close to 50 as possible, it's a

fras track with an electric crowd

so I won't jeopardise my foreheels

so I won't jeopardise my foreheels unless I run fast enough. Who is

going to win it? Jana will start

favourite. She qualified last night

about a second faster than Tamsin.

She would be expected... what will

She would be expected... what will be interesting to see will be how

things go at the end of the race if

things go at the end of the race if there are hand shakes and hugs. But

it should be a terrific night. The

men's 100m should be a beauty, the

men's 100m should be a beauty, the three fastest Australian men of all

time with Patrick Johnson and going

with two of the other best. All of

the details later tonight on 'Sport's Tonight'. Just six months after she was in a coma in a German hospital, Alexis Rhodes has been named in the Commonwealth Games cycling team.

Rhodes suffered horrific injuries in the training crash that killed team-mate and close friend Amy Gillett. The 21-year-old is one of 33 cyclists to make our Games team.

Even when I was in hospital in

Germany, I sort of wanted to do it

Germany, I sort of wanted to do it Germany, I sort of wanted to do it but I sort of ruled it out. To be

but I sort of ruled it out. To be here today, it's pretty exciting. The 21-year-old is one of 33 cyclists to make our Games team. The dawn of a new era in domestic rugby with the launch of the inaugural Super 14 season. Players from all four Australian clubs entertained the lunch-time crowds. New boys the Western Force the talk of the competition after attracting 20,000 members.

Now the onus is on us as a player

Now the onus is on us as a player group to reward the loyalty and the

group to reward the loyalty and the group to reward the loyalty and the passion that they've shown for

rugby in the west by being

competitive and hopefully winning

more than our fair share of games.

The Force get their first taste of Super 14 action against the Brumbies next Friday. The Waratahs slide into their season with a grudge match against the reds.

Australia is putting in a solid performance against South Africa on an uneven wicket at Telstra Dome. Ricky Ponting putting some respectability on the scoreboard with his 50th one-day half-century, while Andrew Symonds and Mike Hussey have chimed in with some big hitting. Drama even before Ricky Ponting won the toss - Brett Lee recalled from his holiday,

after Glen McGrath flew home for personal reasons. Australia was lucky not to receive another early setback. COMMENTATOR: Oh, boy, that's smashing the stumps.

Adam Gilchrist wasn't in the least bit fazed as his blazing bat got under the South Africans' skin and over their heads. Oh, and over the top it goes. But the cameo performance ended on 33. Well, that's the end of him, good and proper that time. The tourists' frustration showing as Gilchrist was given an unappreciated send-off. However, the talk on the bat of the incoming Australian skipper was more severe. Brilliant stroke. With the run-rate at less than for an over, Simon Katich fell victim. It's Pollock that's under it and he catches it brilliantly. Damian Martyn and the skipper combined and by the half-way mark had rectified the rate. Oh, that's brilliant and long. The opportunist catch wasn't bad either. Martyn again fell in his 30s, but the signs weren't good for the Proteas. But the slow bowlers were writing their own script. No boundaries for 72 deliveries and Ponting went for broke. Ponting goes, goes, goes - gone! Clarke's stay was brief, run out for one. Andrew Symonds and Michael Hussey taking the score beyond 200. Kieran Toohey, Ten News. 16-year-old Gold Coast schoolgirl Amy Yang is the current leader of the ANZ Ladies Masters. The amateur who represents Korea is still out on the course, one stroke clear of American Catherine Cartwright. It's been a tumultous week for New Zealand's Lynnette Brooky. And the ANZ Ladies Masters can be seen here on Ten this weekend from midday on Saturday and Sunday. Later on Sports Tonight with Rob Canning - a top-of-the-table clash between Sydney FC and Adelaide in the A-League.

Pittman versus Lewis on the track, the Commonwealth Games are getting closer.

Check of the weather with Tim Bailey next.

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We've got to show you this, Tim

Bailey, see the big wet patch on

his shirt. He's been so naughty,

he's laughing that much, he

dribbled on himself. In the

commercial break, you can probably

see it there, my, you know, my

story and I'm sticking to it, it's

starting to spit here at

Fisherman's Beach. Not in drops

that big and it's drizzley across the

that big and it's drizzley across the Sydney baisin here. It's nice

working with Ron Wilson, you keep

the small things to yourself. It's

dribble out of Bailey's mouth.

You're used to it because I'm the

weatherman and I'm in your

loungeroom every night. Tomorrow is

2 below average, on Sunday, 25, one

below average but blue skies on sun

afternoon. Fur' wondering what is

the better of the two days with the

BBQ you're planning, Sunday is the

BBQ you're planning, Sunday is the day to go. If I muck that up,

that's ring me on Monday. In into

your backyard if you don't mine:

Satellite, cloud extending from WA

into SA and Victoria ahead of an

upper trough bringing light patchy

rain. Light cloud building across

rain. Light cloud building across the NT in a broad area of low

pressure strigering showers and

storms. Tomorrow's weather map,

storms over eastern NSW causing

showers. A jet stream cloud band

bringing patchy rain to western SA.

The business of the brolly,

predicted precipitation, showers

and afternoon storms across eastern

NSW, mainly along the ranges.

Isolated showers along the eastern

coasts. Isolated showers clearing

from Tasmania and patchy rain for

western SA. By Sunday, that will be

the best day in Sydney town with

the blue sky. For everywhere else,

the weakening monsoonal trough will

cause showers over central NT and

onshore winds causing showers and

isolated storms in northern and

eastern NSW. Light patchy rain

contracting to SA. I apologise for

the dribble and get that out of the

way. Saturday 24 degrees and mainly

cloudy and overcast. Sunday a blue

sky and 25 degrees and a good

looking day. Interstit:

There's the proof of the possible

shower, thank you very much Ron,

have a great when Deb. See you next week. The lure of the world's biggest ever single lottery prize

is causing a stampede of last-minute buying across Europe. In its short life-span, the Euro Millions jackpot has rolled over 11 times,

something it was forecast to do only once in 25 years. That means first prize now stands at just under $300 million. Despite the astronomical odds against winning, ticket sales are booming. They're up an amazing 1,200% this week alone.

That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Goodnight.

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