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(generated from captions) on offer. popular. A game of hide and seek, proved while others had a hit of cricket. Some had their faces painted, brought a few unusual, but The National Zoo and Aquarium friendly guests along to join in. non-venomous snake, he's all the This is a corn snake, he's a way from America. musical entertainment on offer. And of course there was plenty of Monday night. That's all in our bulletin this at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night This program is captioned live. reaping millions for its owners. Paved with gold - the M7 motorway ETAG BEEPS Bodies in barrels - charged with murder. bail denied for two police demand 3,000 more officers. Crime wave fears - SIREN WAILS Explosive start - a world record

Nice to be back. Good evening. to avoid the Cross City Tunnel, While many Sydney drivers continue

in the west. it's a completely different story Our newest tollway, the M7, dreams of its owners. is proving popular beyond the wildest is 30% higher than expected, The number of vehicles using it as it rakes in $280,000 a day.

suburbs with the north and the south The 40km M7 that links the western

for only two weeks, has been charging users it's a resounding success. but already the Cross City Tunnel, Unlike its smaller, poorer cousin, and more tolls than expected. the M7 is attracting more traffic did a bit of a check into it Our company and they advised us to use it.

or half an hour, If it's saving me 20 minutes it's good value. You can get where you're going quick the sets of bloody lights without having to go through and things like that. million in tolls in its first year, The M7 was forecast to collect $145 is 30% ahead of target, but initial usage could rise to $190 million. meaning annual income Now people are getting used to it we expect traffic to increase. and then gradually over the year, on the $1.5 billion motorway The tolls to distance travelled, are charged according to a cap of $5.93. from 40 cents a kilometre paid to government means But some say fuel excise these roads should be free. car ownership in the country, Western Sydney has the highest so, in a way, and subsidising and contributing they're already funding such as this. to the ongoing use of roads tells politicians and road makers The story of the M7 to pay for roads, that the public is prepared

and they're well located. provided that they're good value Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. bail on charges of murder A man and a woman have been refused in barrels following the discovery of two bodies

on the South Coast. that had been set alight at Tomerong formally identified. The victims are yet to be court to face two murder charges 27-year-old Stacey Lea-Caton entering by volunteer firemen yesterday. after the bodies were found Kim Leanne Snibson, At the home of co-accused

for clues. forensic police searched her property with two counts of murder. The 36-year-old has also been charged and didn't face court. She stayed in the police cells a few hundred metres away, At a farm owned by the victims friends gathered throughout the day of what happened. to try to make sense hard-working people, I know they were decent,

who contributed to their society, at this stage of their live and to have this happen to them is a disgrace. This afternoon, bushland where the bodies were found, police walked through the Tomerong hoping to find more evidence. won't be released The names of the victims positively identifies the bodies. until the Coroner applied for bail Neither of the accused in custody and both have been remanded at the Nowra Local Court in April. to appear here Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. of a dangerous crime wave in NSW There are predictions tonight extra police. unless we get as many as 3,000 that officer numbers The Police Association claims but the Minister says, are among the lowest in Australia, he's not making any promises. while he'll consider their request,

According to the police union, has never been so stretched. the thin blue line into the Cronulla riots Investigations dragged from regular duties have seen hundreds of officers and seconded to two task forces. 3,000 recruits as a bare minimum. Now the association wants an extra and we applaud those task forces, This is to put us on the front foot. to staff them. but we need the people for every 1,000 residents, With just over two police

policing level in the country NSW has the second lowest similar jurisdictions in America. and lags way behind more police means less crime, The union says and cites New York as an example. has dropped it Where a massive increase in police and most unsafe cities in the world from being one of the worst to one of the safest. The association is hoping for its submission, for bipartisan support from the Government and Opposition but all it got today and some vague promises. were commitments to talk to 600 additional police, We're already committed to discussing this proposal and I'm looking forward with the Police Association. a particular number. I don't want to rule in or rule out so does The Rocks police station. And if police numbers need fixing, It's one Australia's oldest - have been declared unsafe. so old the top three floors for police to be in there, It's certainly not safe or members of the public. the building will be upgraded The Government says in the next few weeks. under a new lease to be signed Brad Schmitt, National Nine News up in the Iraqi wheat scandal. The PM is in danger of being caught one written by Mr Howard himself - Labor has seized on two letters - ministers kept a close watch which suggest the PM and some the former regime of Saddam Hussein. on the wheat board's dealings with Iraq were rotten at the core. Australian wheat deals with Saddam's This is the scandal of our lives. But did the Howard Government know about it? Look, we had no knowledge of any, any corrupt behaviour. Yet, as the wheat board ramped up bribes

that would total almost $300 million, John Howard wrote to it's managing director suggesting the Government and board remain in close contact over exports to Iraq and jointly attempt to achieve a satisfactory outcome to problems with the lucrative customer. Earlier, Trade Minister Mark Vaile had written, saying his department would maintain a close dialogue with the AWB on the Iraq issue and keep him apprised of developments. These letters point to a close, intimate, systematic pattern of contact and communication between the AWB and the Howard Government. Entirely 'unexceptionable', normal letters you'd expect a prime minister to write in the circumstances of that time. But Labor says the letters show why the PM must ask the Cole Inquiry to report not only on the companies involved, but the Government's role. If he's not going to give that Royal Commission the proper terms of reference, we're coming after them in Parliament. PM Howard says the inquiry can already call on government officials and even ministers. For now though, the Government is quarantined from Commissioner Cole's findings. Tim Lester, National Nine News. Accused Bali 9 drug mule Scott Rush was back in court today to beg judges for a lighter sentence. But his lawyers were granted a 2-day delay to give the 20-year-old more time to prepare. Rush is said to have written a statement, asking his recommended life sentence be reduced to 10 years should he be found guilty. And I just want to prove... ..prove my innocence. He's even been learning Indonesian so he can ask for mercy in his own words. Rush was arrested at Bali airport last April with heroin allegedly strapped to his body. There's been the perfect start to the Commonwealth Games swimming trials in Melbourne with a world record already set in the heats. Ken is pool-side and, Ken, Jade Edmistone has repeated her stunning effort at last year's world championships in Canada. She sure did, Mark. Jade exploded off the blocks this morning and shaved 0.15 off her own 50m breaststroke record, and she seemed to do it in cruise control. No-one was expecting the pool to sizzle on the opening morning of these championships except Jade Edmistone, the Queenslander turning her Montreal success into some Melbourne magic. CROWD CHEERS The first world record ever in this new pool for a girl who knows only one gear. Yeah, we always come in with a strategy of just going flat out. Home in 30.31 seconds, and it's not even her pet event here in Melbourne - that's the 100m breaststroke, which she'll swim later in the week. And my speed this morning is right on track for that 100. I can't wait for that race. And with just six weeks until the Commonwealth Games, this early warning from our powerhouse women's team

must send a shiver through the opposition. Mark, I'll have more swimming and the rest of today's sport a little later. In the news ahead - can you believe this? The amazing rescue of a baby they're now calling Moses. And Heath Ledger gets the giggles at a big awards ceremony. Escape petrol prices with Action's Xpresso service, running directly between Belconnen and Tuggeranong, and from selected suburbs to the city, Russell or Barton. To find out more, call: The father of two sisters brutally murdered in their Melbourne home has denied suggestions one of his daughters was being stalked. 21-year-old Laura Irwin and her sister Colleen, aged 23, were found stabbed to death on Saturday night. I think that's just hearsay.

If they would have known, we would have known about it,

and I'm pretty sure that's definitely wrong. A 29-year-old man was arrested, but later released. Victorian firefighters have formed a guard of honour at the funeral service for their fallen comrade Trevor Day.

The 42-year-old died last week after his tanker overturned while fighting a fire

at Yea, north of Melbourne. Last Monday, you died a hero in the eyes of the world, but to us, you already were. Today his family carried out his last wish - that his coffin be transported aboard a Harley Davidson to his grave site. The Australian navy has been given its first close-up look at what may be the next big weapon in its armoury. One of the world's newest guided missile destroyers sailed into Sydney Harbour this morning and the navy was just itching to take it for a spin. This could well be the shape of the Australian navy's future - a $1.5 billion destroyer, capable of enormous range and the ability to tackle over 100 targets simultaneously and, in theory, defeat them all. She's the USS 'Pinckney', very touchy about her own security - the machine gunners stayed on alert until well after the warship docked. Canberra's buying three of these destroyers. The 'Pinckney's arrival coincides with the biggest naval warfare conference ever held in Australia, and the selling started early. The Tomahawk missiles, the gun systems, the anti-submarine systems - it is a total package that can dominate any environment, whether it's the air, on the surface or under the sea. Our navy wants all of that, especially the air warfare muscle. We have lost that capability edge that we used to have with the older ships. The ship behind me maintains that capability edge, so a lot more capacity will be coming with the new ships. The technology and weapons give you much more ship than you can see. In fact, each one of the new warships the navy's planning for will pack at least three times the punch of our previous generation of destroyers. The US navy has something else on its plate at the moment - the loss of a $35 million F18 fighter into the sea as it attempted to return to the aircraft carrier 'Ronald Reagan' off Brisbane yesterday. The pilot was rescued safely, other navy fliers literally grounded in Queensland while the navy worked out what went wrong. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. North America has another mine emergency on its hands - this time in central Canada. 70 miners are trapped underground as a fire rages above them. Rescue teams have reached some of them in a refuge room, but they're being kept there until the fire is put out and the mine is cleared of poisonous gases. One of America's most prominent television news presenters has been injured by a rebel bomb in Iraq. Bob Woodruff - co-anchor of the ABC 'World News Tonight' - and his cameraman were riding in the turret of an armoured vehicle when a roadside bomb exploded. Both have shrapnel wounds to the head and are being evacuated to Germany for further treatment. At Saddam Hussein's mass murder trial, the case has been adjourned again after more disruption from the former dictator.

He rejected the court's authority to put him on trial and refused to cooperate. The judge hopes to resume the case later this week. In Poland, authorities say there are no more survivors in the wreckage of an exhibition hall which collapsed at the weekend. 66 people died and 150 were injured when the roof came down on top of a pigeon breeders' convention. Firefighters say the collapse was caused by a build-up of snow. A strange case in Brazil, where two men recovered a plastic bag from a lagoon and found a baby inside, alive. A television crew was there as it happened. Onlookers did what they could for infant girl who remarkably was apparently in good health. The child is being referred to as a second baby Moses. Police say they're trying to track down her parents. The Academy Award campaigns of Russell Crowe and Heath Ledger have a problem - and he's called Philip Seymour Hoffman. The American has beaten them to another Best Actor award, Hoffman taking the Screen Actors Guild trophy today, two weeks after he beat Crowe and Ledger at the Golden Globes. It's perhaps the toughest award of all - actors judging actors. Today, stars from the big screen and small

arrived for the verdict of their peers. Australia's Heath Ledger signed autographs, but left the talking to co-star Jake Gyllenhaal. It was a very trying movie to make, but I think we've come out of it friends. And on stage it showed - as the pair talked about their roles as gay cowboys in 'Brokeback Mountain', an unexplained giggling fit. They part at the end of summer. (Laughs). Australia's other hope, Russell Crowe, also missed out for 'Cinderella Man'. Best Actor went to Philip Seymour Hoffman for 'Capote'. Best Picture - 'Crash' with Sandra Bullock.

Rachel Griffiths also failed to win for her role in TV's 'Six Feet Under' but was happy simply to make the awards after getting off a plane from Australia. We're a bit jet-lagged, I mean, in culture shock. I was on Palm Beach in a bikini two days ago, dancing bare foot. While winning a SAG Award is a pat on the back, in Hollywood it's considered little more than a practice run. In two days time, the nominations for the Academy Awards will be announced, and it's an Oscar that these movie makers and actors really want for their mantels. Ledger, most agree, is in with a good chance. Absolutely, absolutely - I hate to say that because there are so many wonderful performances this year. In Los Angeles, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. Ken's back after the break with Roger Federer's emotional Australian Open victory.

And Adam Gilchrist back to his brilliant best. Centrelink will never find out.

If you don't tell Centrelink when your circumstances change, you'll have to pay back money and you could be prosecuted.

At the Melbourne Sports and Aquatic

Sener geeian Rooney joins us now to

look at the trial. Already a world

record but cyst adon'tment for

Jodie Henry. Definitely. It's been

a mixed day on the first day and

it's a bit up and down. Jade's come

out and broken a world record cl is

a fantastic way to start the meet.

Joedie, we know she's had a few

problems with preparation and he's

not ever going for the 200. The 100

and 50 are her main events. What do

you expect of the week. The pool's you expect of the week. The pool's

got great atmosphere and great

pools. We're hoping the women's

backstroke will be a fanstic event

and Geoff nitly with all the other

men's events coming up and the

other women's evens we're going to

have some fats times. You've

declared you don't like the 100m

backstroke, you're just going for

the 50 old age, you're going for

the sprins. I know, old age, it's

scary. 100 back starts tomorrow and

50 back on Thursday and Friday. No

freestyle so I'm looking forward to

make the most of it. Best of luck

and we look forward to a wonder

week at the pool. Roger Federer and Marcos Baghdatis are both continuing their celebrations tonight - Federer for winning the Australian Open title for the second time and Baghdatis for just getting there in the first place. Looking far more together today, Roger Federer stood proudly with his second Australian Open trophy. Thank you! Last night we saw the world number one like we've rarely seen him before and it touched everyone. I hope you know how much this mean to me. LAUGHTER CHEERING AND APPLAUSE Earlier, Marcos Baghdatis conquered his nerves to the take the first set and lead 2-0 in the second.

Federer then buried his dirty start

and before Baghdatis and his passionate supporters

could catch their breath, it was over in four.

UMPIRE: Game, set and match. Not since Pete Sampras in 1994 has one player held the US Open, Wimbledon and the Australian Open titles

at the same time - no wonder the champ was emotional. I guess it's all coming out now. God. In Cyprus, Baghdatis supporters were going to party no matter what. Indoors and out, they've lived on every shot, and the locals provided a few of their own. The village church bell was hijacked, and the dancing didn't stop. Both men are still finding their feet before they head home - imagine the reception then.

I don't know, but when I go on Thursday, maybe I can call you and tell you. (Laughs) Clinton Fletcher, National Nine news. In cricket - Adam Gilchrist has blasted back at his critics

with a blazing century, dispelling all the talk his best days are behind him. The stand-in skipper smashed 116 off just 105 balls in a 191-run partnership with Simon Katich. After reminding everyone he's far from a spent force, Adam Gilchrist admitted he'd still give up his spot as opener if that was best for the team. If the selectors asked me to do that and move down the order, I'd do it, but I didn't feel the time's right now, and they obviously don't. But whether it's called resting or rotating, that 2-match break has done Gilchrist the world of good. COMMENTATOR: And again! All up, there were 11 fours and four thumping sixes... Well, well, well. he celebrated his century off just 88 balls. Wonderful! You beauty, Gilly. was his first ever one-day hundred in front of his home crowd,

and what a relief after all the pressure of recent weeks. And how about this from Indian paceman Irfan Pathan who made history in the third Test against Pakistan as he celebrated a hat-trick in the very first over of the match,

leaving the home team struggling at 3/0. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. In his rookie year on the PGA tour, Australia's Nathan Green has learnt a valuable lesson at the Buick Invitational, tying for second when he lost a play-off to Tiger Woods. Spain's Jose Maria Olazabal was also in the 3-way picture.

Green landed in trouble at the first play-off hole, and his run finished there. At the second extra hole, Olazabal missed a short putt, handing the tournament to Woods.

And we'll be back here right after

A Current Affair. It's going to be

a terrific week of swimming. It's

going to be fantastic because this

is a great venue. After the break - finance, then Jaynie with the weather.

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To finance now and the Australian sharemarket has again broken into record territory, buoyed by resource giants Woodside Petroleum and Rio Tinto. Shares in the latter added more than 3%, with a massive $7 billion profit expected on Thursday.

Now with all the weather detail, here's Jaynie. Thanks, Mark. Plenty of sunshine for your return and our brand new lool. Good evening, everyone! It's still a warm 27 degrees with fresh northerly winds. That's ahead of the change set to hit us tonight at about 10:00 with showers and storms over the south-east, including the ACT. Category 3 Tropical Cyclone Jim is moving well away from the Queensland coast and posing no threat. Cloud in the south of WA will move towards the south-east over the next few days, bringing some welcome rain to SA and Victoria with falls of 10mm-20mm. For us? A few light showers spilling onto the coast and adjacent ranges with cooler temperatures from southerly winds. Our unique 3D forecast indicates widespread low cloud

with showers under 5mm for most places. That cloud will hang around with the odd shower popping up tomorrow night as well. A cooler day thanks to south-east winds.

That's National Nine News for this Monday - a day Channel 9 made some changes to its look. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

Even on oo bad day, Ian Thorpe is a

headline act. Now he's back in

business, rested and ready to take on the world.

We'll always love Thorpey, but We'll always love Thorpey, but

while he's been away, the girls

have stolen our hearts. Pushing

each other and beating the world.

Over the next six nights seeing is

believing. Our greatest generation

of women ever and the return of the

mighty Ian Thorpe. Just one chance

to qualify for Melbourne 2006, the

Telstra qaims Commonwealth Games

trials, live on Nine's Wide World

of Sports. Our first look at the

latest duel in the Australian

sporting crown - the $60 million

outdoor pool at the Melbourne Sport

and Aquatic Centre on day one of

the Commonwealth Games selection

trials. Hello and welcome to this

wonderful venue and we're going to

see some terrific swimming here

tonight. In 43 days time our