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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - a telling sign the days to retirement. the PM could be counting down told by the country they fled Australia's newest asylum seekers and to go home. they have nothing to fear in the Middle East. And a nasty blow to hopes for peace

and welcome to Ten's Late News. Hello. I'm Charmaine Dragun Also tonight - Nicole's new job - interpreter the UN has ever known, And perhaps the most famous Miss Nicole Kidman.

against domestic violence, leading the UN in its global fight and the oppression of women. human trafficking has been sworn in First, the new Federal ministry

will lead it to the next election. with no guarantees the PM if he'll go or stay. He says he hasn't made up his mind to fight the next election. It's billed as the new-look team And Defence Minister Brendan Nelson a huge leg up is seen to have been given he harbours. for any future leadership ambitions So help me God. that he has decided to stay on. The Prime Minister discounts reports I haven't made up my mind. Nothing has changed. Not convinced Kim Beazley. at the next election. I assume that I'll face John Howard

And clouding the swearing in, the ructions still being felt minister to a Parliamentary Secretary by the demotion of a Nationals of Julian McGauran to the Liberals. thanks to the defection face, her acting leader still fuming. De-Anne Kelly was putting on a brave with Julian McGauran's decision. Well, everyone's disappointed It has been a shattering blow, in Victoria. particularly to the party to move on The Prime Minister is urging everyone Liberals to recruit other Nationals. and says he's not encouraging party room meeting early next week. The Nationals will hold a crisis

separate identity from the Liberals On the agenda, how to assert a and demonstrate their relevance. It spells trouble. They do hate each other. They're beating up on eachother. partners can forgive and forget. The Liberals hoping their Coalition difficulties I know that we do have some and I hope we can work through them. Things must settle down and do good things for Australia. so that we can take this opportunity Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. from the Indonesian Government An assurance tonight nothing to fear if they go home. a group who fled to Australia have are seeking asylum in Australia The 43 men, women and children from Papua. after sailing their wooden boat They've accused Indonesia in their province. of carrying out genocide the group has done nothing wrong, The Indonesian Government says they're under no threat to return to Papua. and it's asking them in the Middle East Violence has erupted after the Palestinian elections. has taken control, The militant Islamic group Hamas about the region's stability. raising new fears

Hamas supporters their overwhelming victory. on the streets celebrating turned political party was elected The terror organisation and cronyism of Fatah's leadership. to clean up the corruption But Hamas faces a new challenge, prepared to renounce violence, finding moderate leaders and make peace. to lay down their arms a member of Fatah, is staying on, Palestinian President Mahmood Abbas, the roadmap to peace is followed. but says he'll resign unless But Palestinians remain divided. among Hamas supporters Two Fatah youths sparked anger on the Palestinian Parliament. who held a victory march around the world. The chaos is creating concern

political parties The US does not support our ally Israel. that want to destroy You can't expect Israel to negotiate who continue to support with a group of people inside their country. suicide-bombing to a cease-fire with Israel, Hamas remains committed but will use force if attacked. hope peace will prevail. Palestinian Australians to lay down their weapons, We would like Hamas also the Palestinians to a better life. become a political party and lead if it renounces terrorism It can only work to exist and within secure borders. and if it accepts Israel's right has claimed another life - Meanwhile, the conflict by Israeli troops. a 10-year-old girl shot John Hill, Ten News. looks likely for Australian troops. More work overseas teaming up with the Dutch The Foreign Minister is looking at to Afghanistan. and sending a reconstruction team next week in the Hague He's due to discuss the issue meeting in London on his way to a foreign ministers' to discuss the future of Afghanistan. flag-burning illegal The PM has ruled out making

that sparked outrage. after a fiery protest at an Invasion Day demonstration Indigenous activists torched the flag in Brisbane yesterday. The act shocked some demonstrators, and war veterans. and appalled national leaders It's just a disgrace to everybody. it's our country. It's, you know, it's our flag,

You know, it always reigns supreme.

It was offensive, and can I say mainstream Aboriginal opinion. I don't think it represents the flag-burner as an idiot. The Opposition leader dismissed firefighters Some relief for Victorian

of the State's bushfires today. with rain drenching many and major blazes are still burning. But the weather is unpredictable A sign of extreme contrasts - heavy rain the next. scorching temperatures one day, all of the major fire grounds, Rain has been falling across

to catch their breath giving firefighters a chance after a tough week of battle. the danger is far from over. But as welcome as this is,

will be getting this rain. It's a big fire, so not all of it

But it can only help. Big is an understatement. across a 350km fire front. The Grampians blaze still stretches It's moving nowhere today, for the timebeing. with no towns under direct threat is on the way again. But hotter weather

an absolute priority, It makes back-burning in case the situation worsens. creating buffer zones of Melbourne remains on high alert. The town of Kinglake north across the State. as do more than a dozen others

of the town yesterday. Fire came within 3km We could feel the heat and the raging, you could hear the sound of it coming.

You could see the glow in the trees. We were ready to batten down the hatches. And then the rain came. Only God could get that timing so close - split-second timing. It wouldn't have been 10 minutes and it would have got us, I think. Also arriving, back up - Tasmanian fire and forestry crews sailed in this morning. A major contingent also drove in from NSW. It's good to get here. We want to get stuck in obviously. Seems pretty quiet here this morning, but there's still work to be done obviously. So we're keen to get started. Some residents have started to return to their homes. But everyone here is well aware that the weekend will be critical, if the reprieve is to last. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Queensland is facing its first cyclone of the season. The weather bureau says a tropical low off the north coast is likely to intensify and become a cyclone by Sunday.

A consumer backlash as bank fees soar.

One bank's hefty charge for customers who use the ATMs of other banks has sparked a call for tighter regulations. The banks' grab for cash is getting even greedier. The latest target is the fee to use another bank's ATM and it seems it is customers that are being hoodwinked. The actual cost of processing a withdrawal to another bank's ATM

is only 70 cents. They charge each other about $1 before the bank slugs its customer around $1.50. But from April, Westpac customers will pay a whopping $2. Yes, we have increased the fee. But in most cases, people can use our 1,600 ATMs. We're one of the biggest ATM providers in Australia and they'll pay no fee, or if there is a fee, it's being reduced. But using your own bank's ATM is not always easy and many simply don't know or understand the costs. They never tell you that it's going to happen, so of course, you tend not to feel too good about it when you find out about it. It's convenience. When you need your money, you often need it quickly. Well, sometimes you have to walk a really long way to find your own ATM. Treasurer Peter Costello says unhappy customers should simply swap banks. That was just weak bulldust from the Treasurer this morning. It's not that simple. When you bank with a particular bank, a credit card with them, you've probably got a mortgage

and you've probably got a transaction account with them. The Reserve Bank has been investigating ATM fees for some time, but so far, it seems they're powerless to regulate the banks over what they charge their customers. At this stage, the other major banks say they have no plans to increase any of their transaction fees. James Boyce, Ten News. After the break... And perhaps the most famous interpreter the UN has ever known, Miss Nicole Kidman. ..leading the UN in its global fight against domestic violence, human trafficking and the oppression of women. And later in the news... I've been in television since I was 19 years old and I've never been in this position.

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SONG: # Domino's! # This program is captioned live. Police are investigating video allegedly showing an officer punching a young man at an Australia Day party. The video was shot in Perth last night

and appears to show the officer repeatedly hitting the man. Police say they're yet to see the footage because it was sent to the media and not to them but an internal inquiry will be launched if it's found the officer acted inappropriately. A move to New Zealand by a euthanasia campaigner is under threat tonight.

Dr Philip Nitschke was planning to move because websites advocating euthanasia have been outlawed in Australia. But local MP in Wellington is demanding a ban on his entry to New Zealand. Nicole Kidman has a new leading role as a humanitarian. The movie star signed on today as a United Nations Goodwill Ambassador. Two years after filming the movie 'The Interpreter' at the UN... FILM CLIP: Do you think you could identify the voice you heard if you heard it again? Yes.

..Nicole Kidman was back at the organisation's New York headquarters accepting a real-life role as a Goodwill Ambassador For Women. And perhaps the most famous interpreter the UN has ever known - Miss Nicole Kidman. The 38-year-old actress will use her international fame to help the UN in its global fight against domestic violence, human trafficking and the oppression of women. VOICE OVER: Attackers usually aim for the face. I'm especially interested

in helping give visibility to the pandemic of violence against women. In March, she'll make her first trip to see the horror first hand, signalling the beginning of what she says will be a life-long mission.

I mean, already, I am sort of chomping at the bit. I don't know if that's an Australian expression, it isn't, is it?

Her new job comes a day after being named a Companion in the Order of Australia. I have to confess, I am a long-time admirer of you. Thank you very much for coming here. LAUGHTER Thank you. The Oscar-winning actress isn't saying how her new job will impact on her acting career.

For now, her goal is just to prove an individual can make a difference. I think when you've been given a lot in life, it's very much your duty to find the places where you can give back. In the United States, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Australian Cate Blanchett has been named the greatest actress of all time. She came out trumps tonight in a poll of 20,000 readers of 'Britain Empire' movie magazine. Crocodile-wrestler Steve Irwin is now tackling turtles. He's launched a turtle rehabilitation program and released his first healthy patient. Four months ago, life wasn't looking too good for Kippa the green turtle.

She was found sick and injured in a storm water drain near Kippa Ring and needed the tender nurturing of Australia Zoo's wildlife warriors. This week, her Irwin experience came to an end. Steve and his daughter Bindi loaded her aboard their boat 'Croc I', bound for the open sea. Soon she's going to be back in her home and back swimming and making new friends. Kippa's the first success of the zoo's new turtle rehab program. Luckily she's got onto the beach where she was able to survive long enough for our trusty crew to go and pick her up. And you've been a good nurse. Thank you. Wildlife staff are treating two other large green turtles. One of them, named Rose, is 100 years old and tips the scales at just over 200kg. Hopefully she too will soon be homeward-bound like Kippa.

See you honey. Go, go, you're free. Four months she's been in care. Four months of injections and pain and healing. Anyone reporting a wildlife emergency can contact the Australian Wildlife Hospital on: 1300 369 652. Jamie Rule, Ten News. After the break... I've been in television since I was 19 years old and I have never been in this position.

..Oprah makes a tearful apology after being duped by a bogus book writer. And in 'Sports Tonight' Simon Katich eases the pressure on his spot in the Australian one-day cricket team. This program is captioned live. Bail has been rejected for a man once described as our most notorious war criminal suspect.

51-year-old Dragan Vasiljkovic was arrested last week after the Federal Government acted on a Croatian request for his extradition. Defence lawyers say his jailing is illegal because Australia doesn't have treaty arrangements with that country. The Serb is accused of war crimes such as torture during the Balkans conflict in the 1990s.

He's already told the court he'll sue the Commonwealth for wrongful imprisonment. A senior member of the Seventh Day Adventist Church has been jailed for child sex abuse. He targeted three boys at church camps and outings during the 1980s. A mother's relief as the man who sexually abused her young son is jailed. The stress of knowing that you've had your trust abused by somebody

that you thought was trustworthy. Clifton Bower was secretary of the Seventh Day Adventist Church in South Australia. He abused three young boys at church camps and outings between 1982 and 1986. 23 years later, one told police. Bower was charged with four counts of indecent assault and six counts of gross indecency. The 56-year-old admitting the charges last year.

In sentencing today, Judge Sid Tilmouth said: He hasn't coped at all. In fact, his life is in quite disrepair and I hope what happened today might bring some closure. Judge Tilmouth said Bower was in a position of trust and high authority in the church. He was a teacher and father figure to the three boys and came into their lives by helping their families with everyday activities. Bower was jailed for eight years and eight months. I feel that justice has been done. The mother urges other victims of child sex abuse to come forward. I'd say to anybody out there that has some issue over sex abuse that they should come forward because the way it disrupts life and destroys life is devastating. Bower will be in his 60s before he's eligible for parole. Esther Lindstrom, Ten News. And we're joined now by Tom Piotrowski at Commonwealth Securities. And Tom, a surprisingly busy day for the market?

It was, with the profit reporting

season looming and comeing on the

heels of a public holiday, it would

have been reasonable to expect a

slow day today. But buyers leapt

into it today to push the market

into record highs and this marks

the seven consecutive week in which

the Australian share market has

gained over a 7-day period. And

takeover speculation gripped the

media today? There's a great deal

of speculation as the Government

considers changes to media

ownership lawyers. And a con sort

yum led by Macquarie Bank is

considering taking over John Fairfax. Tom Piotrowski at CommSec. Oprah Winfrey says

she's never known a moment like it in her career. The queen of daytime TV has been forced to make a humiliating apology after being duped by a lying author. Hell hath no fury like Oprah scorned. I've been in television since I was 19 years old and I've never been in this position. James Frey's memoir of heroin addiction hit the bestseller list last year after Oprah added to it to her influential book club. But the tale Oprah so heavily endorsed turns out to be partly fabricated, like Frey's description of his 87 days in jail. VOICE OVER: Who knows what's real or what's not. For months, Oprah stood by the author, even phoning a live talkshow to defend him. OPRAH WINFREY: The underlying message of redemption gained by the memoir still resonates with me. Now she's done an aboutface. I regret that phone call, I made a mistake and I left the impression that the truth does not matter, and I am deeply sorry about that. The scope of his lies brought Oprah to tears. Why would you lie, why do you have to lie? In order to get through the experience of the addiction I thought of myself as being tougher than I was. The fury brings back bad memories for Australians duped by former Queenslander Norma Khoury. Oprah's unprecedented apology seems to be winning back critics. She did a very smart thing today. Probably Oprah's never seen herself lambasted as she has been. James Frey may never regain his credibility,

but at least he'll have money. 'Million Little Pieces' has already sold more than 3.5 million copies. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Brad McEwan. And Brad, the Australian Open men's finalists have been decided. Yes, Charmaine, Marcos Baghdatis will play Roger Federer in Sunday's final. All the highlights of the Federer-Keifer semifinal coming up. Simon Katich retains his spot at the top of the one-day team - for the moment. Plus a 3-way battle at the Roxy Pro. Have you got the hots for what's in the box with the dots? Well, Domino's is open till late, so call 131 888 now and we'll deliver your favourite pizza in next to no time. Call 131 888. SONG: # Domino's! #

Have you got the hots for what's in the box with the dots? Well, Domino's is open till late, so call 131 888 now and we'll deliver your favourite pizza in next to no time. Call 131 888. SONG: # Domino's! # This program is captioned live. To the weather now. A band of cloud over South Australia, Victoria and southern New South Wales along a near-stationary trough is causing severe thunderstorms. Widespread cloud across the tropics near an active monsoon is generating heavy rain and storms. Mostly sunny across southern WA under a weak high. A trough will generate more humid, thundery weather across the south-east. Heavy falls are possible in Victoria. Monsoon lows will cause heavy rain across northern Australia. A cold front will bring cooler winds far southwest WA late in the day. Looking at tomorrow, and there are showers for Cairns, a clearing shower for Brisbane, mostly sunny in Sydney, a possible thunderstorm in Canberra. Thunderstorms for Melbourne, a clearing shower in Hobart, a possible thunderstorm in Adelaide, mostly sunny in Perth, windy with showers in Darwin and late thunder in Alice Springs. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Brad McEwan is next. I'm Charmaine Dragun. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live. Hello, everyone. I'm Brad McEwan with the Friday night edition of Sports Tonight. A lot of questions will be answered this weekend as we find out the contenders and pretenders.

We'll chat with the Kat about the pressure to perform at the top of the order. It's nice to be out there and be steady. Federer and Keifer battle it out at Melbourne Park for the right to face Marcos Baghdatis, oh, and most of Cyprus. The buffed and bronzed Broncos tear up the training track. Happy Gilmore continues her wild ride at the Roxy Pro. And we'll meet the former South African cricketer who after years of wielding the bat, is now making them. World number one Roger Federer will be gunning for his seventh Grand Slam title on Sunday, after eclipsing German Nicolas Kiefer in their Australian Open semifinal tonight. Ian Cohen joins us now. Ian, it wasn't until the third set that Federer really turned it on.

Yeah. Good evening. You're quite

right, this man is a freak. Roger Yeah. Good evening. You're quite

Federer is yet to hit his straps right, this man is a freak. Roger

the way we've seen him play, but

tonight he managed to find a way

tonight he managed to find a way

to win through. For Kiefer, he's tonight he managed to find a way

yet to make his first appearance in

a Grand Slam final. For Federer, yet to make his first appearance in

it's his 51st win on hard court,

started in February last year.

unfolded. Let's look at how tonight's action

an overwhelming favourite Roger Federer is used to being living up to the tag and he didn't have any problems against Nicholas Kiefer. in the first set of his semifinal the German 7 of the 10 times The world number one has beaten that trend looked like continuing. they have played and tonight COMMENTATOR: Oh, that's gorgeous. in the opening set. Federer thrumping Kiefer 6-3 Enormous variety off the forehand.

in his first Grand Slam semifinal 28-year-old Kiefer in the second set. and he stepped up his game Beautiful backhand. with Federer Kiefer went shot for shot 7-5. and eventually won an exciting set raising his game when he needed it. Give it up to Kiefer his high level of play But he was unable to maintain and Federer soon back on top Australian Open title. in his quest for his second at his absolute best. That is Federer embarrassed Kiefer, The 6-time Grand Slam winner in just 25 minutes. taking the third set 6-0 Grand Slam semifinal Federer in his seventh straight there's few better and in the big matches in the fourth set. as he put on a 5-star show Too good. in Sunday night's final The top seed booking a berth Marcos Baghdatis. against world number 54

The first two sets took nearly two

hours, the third was 25 minutes.

Here at Melbourne Park, a lot of

the conversation centred around

the women's final tomorrow, Amelie

Mauresmo and Justine Henin-Hardenne.

Baghdatis. And the man of the moment, Marcos

When the heavens opened up, on Marcos Baghdatis. someone smiled down and his band of merry men The upstart from Cyprus rocking Rod Laver Arena after a memorable win. They helped me a lot through these two weeks, especially the 'Greek army', like you call them. I mean, it was great, they're fantastic. Cyprus has been brought to a standstill, on Monday and tipped to call a public holiday

if their new hero causes an upset. They stopped working Yesterday, they closed the schools for all the kids to watch the match. in the streets - he knows that. And people are crazy now making a dash down-under The 20-year-old's parents to witness their son's big moment. this final, It will be something very special,

also with his parents and I think he wants to share this

and I think that's normal, hey. I know it's not finished. so I'll do my best and stay focused. It's maybe a dream come true for me,

$220,000 in prize money Aussie Sam Stosur has missed out

to the Chinese combination after losing the women's double crown of Yan Zi and Zheng Jie had two match points Stosur and partner Lisa Raymond during a tight 3-setter. but were overcome Justine Henin-Hardenne And when Amelie Mauresmo faces in the women's final tomorrow, she'll be mentally tougher than the girl who lost to Martina Hingis in 1999. We were talking about the mental a little earlier. It's probably another thing that I've really worked on

with learning from different experiences. The Belgian pinching herself after an injury-interrupted 2005. for sure after such a long time off. I'm supposing myself a little bit more experience But I think I have, for sure, than I did still three years ago and the illnesses and everything. and all the injuries I'm really into my game now the biggest difference and that's proably to be healthy because I feel very lucky and to be back in the courts.

Tomorrow will be the men's doubles

final. It will start the centre

court action here then Amelie

Mauresmo and Justine Henin-Hardenne,

Henin-Hardenne going for her Henin-Hardenne going for her fifth

Grand Slam title. Mauresmo is yet

to breakthrough. We'll have all the

Australia opener Simon Katich details for you on Sports Tonight.

on his position in the one-day side has momentarily eased the pressure against Sri Lanka. with a half-century at selectors But cricket fans vented their anger without their resting captain. as the Aussies cruised to victory

Fans thought one game was bad enough. to rest Ricky Ponting for a second. But selectors have decided Obviously they're going to be disappointed. Hopefully those guys that do play, the rest of us, can entertain them in some form Hopefully those guys that do play, the rest of us, can entertain them in some form so hopefully that makes up for it somewhat. Simon Katich heads to Perth, While Ponting refreshes in Sydney, order is safe - for the time being. relieved his spot at the top of the against Sri Lanka A patient half-century setting up Australia's 5-wicket win. over the mid-wicket fieldsman. COMMENTATOR: In the air and safe,

sleepless night, the night before, Going into the game, I had a pretty and be steady. so it was nice to get out there

relieves the pressure Katich's timely knock coming from rival Phil Jaques -

to squeeze the opener in, selectors still unable against South Africa. despite his 94 on debut It's been great to see him do so well this year. every time he gets a hit Obviously he's putting pressure on so I've got no dramas with that. will be good for him down the track. It's good for NSW and I'm sure it fast bowler Nathan Bracken. Australia will be without for personal reasons He's returned to Sydney by Stuart Clark. and is likely to be replaced Sri Lanka set a modest total of 218 without opener Sanath Jayasuriya, who was sidelined by a thigh injury. Brad Hogg and man of the match Andy Symonds thrived on the sharp turning pitch. Both Jayasuriya and Sri Lankan captain Marvan Atapattu, who struggled with back spasms last night, are expected to return in Perth.

After the break, their on-field leaders for 2006. the Demons name Shane Webcke. Age shall not weary

the years at Broncos training. The veteran prop turning back It'll mean nothing if we don't get results. for a former Brumby. New team, new start a finals berth And the Mariners eye-off with victory over the Victory.

This program is captioned live. and Johnnie Walker Sports Tonight viewers the chance are giving four lucky golfing experience. to be part of an amazing

could be flying to Perth This February you and a friend Johnnie Walker Classic, to attend the Asia Pacific's best known golf tournament. and most prestigious four nights' accommodation, The prize includes

Johnnie Walker marquee access to the and a merchandise pack, total prize valued at $10,000. To enter: Enter now for your chance to win. In AFL, David Neitz remains Melbourne's captain but Brad Miller is being groomed to take over long term. The 22-year-old is the new addition to the Demons' 5-man leadership team,

announced today. After four seasons and just 60 games, Brad Miller is now officially recognised as the future of the Melbourne football club. The new face in the Demons' leadership squad, reduced from nine to five players. I see it as extra responsibility. I know I've got 22 blokes that I've got to lead now. I think it's going to be really positive. Russell Robertson, Brad Green and Cameron Bruce make up the rest of the leaders, headed by David Neitz. Squeezed out of the group - Adam Yze. True to his character, he's - you know, he understands and accepts the direction of the club. The vice-captain's role will be rotated. And with Neitz nearing the end but hoping to squeeze out another two years on the field, a succession plan is in place. I'd like to hand over or at least have one year playing and helping out the next guy. That kind of stuff looks after itself. I'm not going to go pursuing it. If it happens, it happens. And the team which ended the D's finals campaign last season also announced their vice-captains today - Matthew Scarlett, Tom Harley and Cameron Ling to deputy Steven King. I just wanted to give myself another chance of redeeming myself, I guess, in a way and knowing what I can do to the best of my abilities

and lead the team. I want what's best for the club. King's retention as skipper was voted unanimously by the players.

Dragons captain Trent Barrett has told the club he intends to seek offers from English clubs for 2007. Barrett, who has an escape clause in his contract, has been given until the end of February to make a decision. Meanwhile, former international front rower Shane Webcke was the surprise package at the Broncos' sprint trials today. But it's not his pace in hot demand at this weekend's NRL rookie's camp, it's his wisdom.

The Broncos last tested their pace on December 1, but even after the usual indulgences Christmas has to offer, the players are getting even faster. Particularly the backs. The backs needed to get faster and they clearly have today. Renowned flier Leonn Bott has held the mantle as the Broncos' fastest since last year but today even his explosive power was bettered. Rookie Denan Kemp, a former schoolboys soccer star, leaving the little winger in his wake.