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(generated from captions) Tonight - released on bail The first Cronulla race rioter, as others surrender to police. into ATM fees Demands for an inquiry after banks make record earnings. who has become a local hero And the underdog

at the Australian Open. This program is LIVE captioned.

with Samantha Armytage. This is Seven News Good evening. have had a dramatic day, Cronulla riots investigators

to police, with three men turning themselves in and a fourth, granted bail. is the first to win his freedom That teenager the State's tough new laws. after challenging was allegedly part of a group 19-year-old Mitchell Newby of Middle Eastern appearance which attacked a man

during the Cronulla riots. on a train he shouldn't be behind bars. His parents have always maintained Despite tough new laws, saying the magistrate agreed, locking up first-time offenders. courts should avoid Another image of the riots, and police claim was in the thick of it. David Anthony Coleman to Sutherland Police Station today The 21-year-old turned himself in

and tonight remains behind bars. Another accused rioter, Daniel Kelly, for a second time was also denied his freedom after pleading guilty to affray. and 19-year-old Stephen Elmir 21-year-old Michael Ceissman are accused of being part of a gang before stabbing him. that stomped on a man's head were arrested earlier this week. Their alleged accomplices surrendered this morning. Ceissman and Elmir handed themselves over to police. REPORTER: Your clients Was that by appointment today? Yes, it was. in doing that? So they show good faith They certainly did. has now arrested 29 people Strike Force Enoggera over last month's violence - 20 for the riot itself that followed. but only nine for the revenge attacks Police hope that number will rise from the Middle Eastern community. with help strike-force leader Ken McKay Spokesman Keysar Trad met with in the hope of identifying offenders at a secret location this afternoon from security vision. to a few young leaders Well, we need to take it and see if they recognise anyone

appeals through different forums. and we will be making several The Opposition and consumer groups into ATM fees are demanding a federal inquiry reaped a record $583 million. after the banks instead claiming Banks deny they're profiteering, are filling their coffers. lazy consumers They were free once of having a teller on every corner but the idea is starting to bite. now they're cashing in. They forced us into it - I suppose, like most people, that's most convenient. I use the ATM coming at an increasing price. It's convenience It's convenience

taking extra money out of the system That's just simply

and from the consumer. choose to use other banks' ATMs Westpac says if its customers they'll pay a third more in fees. From April, increases 50c to $2, Westpac's foreign-ATM charge at a time when ATM fees are raising for financial institutions - almost $600 million a year to pay for maintenance, says Westpac, on their ATMS. especially after ram-raids

And -

there's a profit margin. While it's important if there wasn't a profit margin. We'd go out of business Others are expected to follow suit,

with new figures showing withdrawals from foreign machines Australians are making more than they are from their own banks. mind paying for the convenience." People clearly are saying, "I don't

banks say stick to your own ATMs. But if you don't like it,

are not that mobile Many of our seniors and look for the options. and they can't go around

With other banks watching closely, for credit cards Westpac has also raised penalty fees

and late home-loan repayments. for the Reserve to step in. It's prompted political calls some say banks have no choice. With interest rates at historic lows, Fees are increasing to be caught by fees. in areas where you don't expect for the deaths of three people Speed is being blamed on the Mid North Coast. in a head-on collision Ford Laser lost control near Kempsey Witnesses say the driver of a blue and ploughed into an oncoming van. Witnesses have stated that was travelling at high speed. the vehicle the vehicle

and two in the van One person travelling in the sedan died at the scene. are in a serious condition. Five others blazing across Victoria Storms have helped contain bushfires with firefighters. but not before playing havoc but not before playing havoc

Lightning strikes in the Grampians, started several fresh blazes

helped ease the overall threat. but ensuing rains

don't want to be confronted Firefighters by having to save houses

crying for help, you know, and have people in those houses yesterday and that's what could have happened if that rain didn't come. Firefighters are now back-burning expected this weekend. to make the most of a cool change into political turmoil, The Middle East has descended further winning the Palestinian elections. with the militant group Hamas Hamas renounce violence World leaders are now demanding and accept Israel's right to exist. GUNFIRE It was a ballot where the bullet won - celebrating a result supporters of Hamas in the world's most troubled region. that threatens new turmoil

once led by Yasser Arafat, The ruling Fatah Party, and unexpected defeat suffered a humiliating at the hands of radical Islam. to the President I sent my resignation a new prime minister. to enable him to chose to enable him to chose

destruction of Israel, its neighbour. Hamas's avowed aim is the Suicide bombings that have killed and maimed hundreds is part of the strategy with the Jewish State. that includes a refusal to negotiate are in shock. Israelis and their supporters It's a victory to evil in the world.

This is bad for peace, it's bad for our common future. Hamas's warrior politicians vow never to recognise Israel. Australia and America feel the same about Hamas. There is, of course, a fundamental contradiction

between being a democratic administration and practising terrorism. I don't see how you can be a partner of peace if you advocate the destruction of a country as part of your platform.

And a hint of possible civil unrest ahead. Supporters and losers in this poll have already been trading shots in the streets. The Prime Minister has condemned the burning of the Australian flag but says he won't ban the act.

Aboriginal activists caused outrage on Australia Day when they set a flag on fire and spat on it in Brisbane. But Mr Howard isn't backing the RSL's call for burning to be banned. I don't think we achieve anything by making it a criminal offence. We're only turn yahoo behaviour into martyrdom. Mr Howard said most Aborigines did not back the flag-burning. John Howard's new front bench has been sworn in, as tensions boil within his government

over the defection of a Nationals Senator to the Liberal Party. Nationals leader Mark Vaile has called a crisis meeting of his MPs to avoid an internal war. The events of the past week haven't quite wiped the grin from John Howard's face. But the tensions within his government are more real than these smiles. Dumped after just a year as a minister, the Nationals De-Anne Kelly was forced to pose, back among the junior ranks of parliamentary secretaries. Now that, strictly speaking, includes De-Anne. De-Anne, you should join this. The shock defection this week of Nationals Senator Julian McGauran to the Liberals forced Mrs Kelly's demotion and sparked the bitterness between the Liberal and National partners. With claims of further defections to follow, Nationals leader Mark Vaile is summoning all his MPs to a crisis meeting in Sydney next week

to sort out their differences.

And John Howard had his own sorting-out to do today.

Denying that his description of himself at a function last night

as "a politician seeking re-election" necessarily meant he'd hang around until the next poll. Yet another example of what I call infantile over-analysis of everything I say. He says he's made no decision about his future. If I reach some conclusion on that, I won't be dropping it out of the side of my mouth in a private gathering in an off-the-cuff fashion. I assume that I'll face John Howard at the next election. What I'd like to know from John Howard is what does he want to do for the country, other than be Prime Minister for life? Australian tennis has a new adoptive son - an underdog from Cyprus who's fought his way into the men's final at Melbourne Park. Matthew White is there. Matt, there's a strong Aussie connection?

Sam, Melbourne fans love Marcos Baghdatis,

Put simply, Melbourne fans love

Marcos Baghdatis, especially the Greek sip rets. especially the Greek Cypriots who saw him fight back last night from two sets down to claim a berth in the final. He also has plenty of family here. Tennis' latest cult hero was trying to keep a low profile today,

emerging only briefly from his hotel after last night's epic five-set win. It's just great. It's just unbelievable. I'm going to rest now, going to have a massage.

Baghdatis' amazing giant killing run at the Open has captured the imagination of tennis fans in Australia and all over the world, especially in his homeland Cyprus and neighbouring Greece. He's like a national hero. I mean, nobody's working, just to watch the matches. They closed the schools there.

Melbourne has become almost a

second home, as has his favourite

restaurant, Stalagtiites. Yeah, it is very exciting. He's been here almost every night since he's come to Australia. So what is his secret weapon? What's the food that fuels the Cypriot marvel? He absolutely just adores saganaki, which is a grilled cheese. I mean, they go through so much of that even we're surprised. Marcos will return to centre court in the men's final on Sunday night. And I'll be back later in sport with all the highlights from here at Melbourne Park. Sam.

We'll see you soon. Ahead in Seven News - the mother arrested for double-parking outside a school. Also, Nicole Kidman's sparkling debut as a goodwill ambassador. And the Englishman who has set a world record in Sydney Harbour.

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I'm really, really sorry! A man's blazing row with his ex-wife has apparently led to a house fire. Bathurst police are searching for the 25-year-old, who they claim set his own home alight, then fled. Police chased him, but the pursuit was called off. At the same time, fire crews tried to save the weatherboard house,

but it was too late. No-one was inside at the time. A Queensland mother has been arrested in front of her children as she dropped them off at school. Yvette Green was double-parked outside the Ipswich school when police asked for her licence. Witnesses say there was a struggle before the woman was handcuffed and dragged out of her car as horrified parents and children looked on. Very distressing, too much. Not when you teach them to trust the policeman - if you're lost go to the policeman.

Now he's talking about scary policeman.

Police have defended their actions claiming Ms Green was abusive and aggressive. A day after receiving the Order of Australia, Nicole Kidman has been recruited by the United Nations as a goodwill ambassador. The Hollywood star will become a voice for women's rights

but wasn't talking about the diamond ring on her left hand. There was no red carpet or paparazzi. But Nicole Kidman brought the glamour of Hollywood as she became a goodwill ambassador for the UN. Compared to the Cannes Film Festival, this is a very sedate crowd. Last year she played a UN interpreter on the big screen,

Why would somebody take a picture

and type the names of everyone on

the back? Last year she played a UN interpreter on the big screen, but her new role will be focused on the plight of women around the world. Angelina Jolie has highlighted the hardship of orphaned children as a goodwill ambassador for the UN. Now Nicole will use her celebrity status to raise awareness about domestic violence, human trafficking and AIDS. I want to go there and I want to see and I want to learn. I hope as I'm seeing these things, I'm able to educate people around the world. She avoided questions about her private life, but there was no missing the sparkles on her left hand.

After recent speculation she's engaged to country music star, Keith Urban. Kidman reluctantly showed off the diamonds on her ring finger, distracting attention from her new United Nations uniform. Television talk-show host Oprah Winfrey has confronted an author whose book she helped make a bestseller through her bookclub.

James Frey's memoir A Million Little Pieces detailed his battle with drug addiction but it has since been proved he deceived Winfrey into believing his fabricated story. I have been honest with you. You know, I have essentially admitted to lying, to lying, lying. The scandal has damaged the credibility of Winfrey's billion-dollar media empire. A bitter cold snap across central and eastern Europe is being blamed for almost 200 deaths this week. Long queues have formed outside petrol stations because fuel is in short supply.

There's also a shortage of electricity and gas which has prompted a surge in demand for wood to heat homes. Hot drinks are also being offered to zoo animals who are feeling the cold. A swim around Sydney Heads and into the Harbour has helped an Englishman secure a new world record. Lewis Pugh is the first man to swim long distances in all five oceans, spurred to his feat by some good-old Aussie/British rivalry. Into the surf at Manly, this is no ordinary morning swim. Englishman Lewis Pugh and his Aussie challenger, Ben McGuire, going head to head for 17km to the Opera House. REPORTER: What's your greatest challenge out there? The Aussie or the sharks? (laughs) I think both. Pugh has conquered the Arctic and Antarctic, rounded the Cape of Good Hope and crossed the English Channel. But today, there were new challenges. The pair dropped their shark repeller about 600m offshore - didn't know what was lurking underneath. The pace slowed once inside the heads - only halfway there.

What a view! This swim completes the world record for the lawyer from London, but it hasn't been in record time. The fastest Manly to the Opera House swim was done in under 2.5 hours and they're going on five! In the end, it took six hours for them to come ashore.

(cheers) A walk in the park he reckons. If you had the chance of swimming next to a polar bear or swimming next to a shark, you'd take the shark any day of the week. For the record, the Aussie let him win. If you beat an Australian at anything these days you get an OBE or an MBE or even a knighthood,

so I asked Ben if he could try and come in second. Oh, that's all right. We start together and finish together.

Good on him. Back to Matthew White. and one more semifinal to go.

Sam, tonight, Roger Federer takes on Nicolas Kiefer for a spot in Sunday night's Australian Open final.

Plus, more on that remarkable win by Marcos Baghdatis. Also tonight - double trouble for Aussie Sam Stosur.

And Australia back on track. So why are the fans so unhappy?

in one small car. TOYOTA THEME Roger Federer and Nicolas Kiefer will do battle tonight for a place in the Australian Open final. There was disappointment for Aussie Sam Stosur today,

losing the doubles' final in three sets Grand Slam title. as China won its first Disappointment too for Kim Clijsters with Amelie Mauresmo last night who had to pull out of her semifinal with an ankle injury, while Marcos Baghdatis staged one of the greatest comebacks in Open history didn't want this one to end - Even the gods the heavens opening serving for the match. with Cypriot Marcos Baghdatis at the most extraordinary time. COMMENTATOR: It's pouring down The night started predictably enough. David Nalbandian in control Hot favourite and fourth seed at two sets to love. CROWD CHEERS

the fireworks started, But that's when on and off the court. Baghdatis took the third 6-3 taking it to a fifth. and played some brilliant tennis, What a whopping...

I feel better now. That's a bomb off his racquet. Then came the 25-minute rain delay on match point and an incorrect overrule the comeback - but there was no stopping to the Australian Open final. the world No.54 through Baghdatis. UMPIRE: Game, set, match - WILD CHEERING Three sets to two. Also last night, was forced to withdraw Kim Clijsters with Amelie Mauresmo - from her semifinal out of tennis for two months. an ankle injury to put her

And such a sad way of this Australian Open. for Kim Clijsters to go out Justine Henin-Hardenne Mauresmo will play in tomorrow's final. in the women's doubles And Sam Stosur's run has ended at the final hurdle.

Lisa Raymond Stosur and her American partner Zi Yan and Jie Zheng. going down to Chinese pair, So tonight here at Melbourne Park, taking on Nicolas Kiefer it's world No.1 Roger Federer

against Marcos Baghdatis. for a spot in the final

All the action from 7.30pm. one-day clash with Sri Lanka Nathan Bracken will miss Australia's

on Sunday

for personal reasons. fellow Blues paceman Stuart Clark His absence could give a chance to play at the WACA. victory over Sri Lanka in Adelaide Australia scored a five-wicket last night the absence of captain Ricky Ponting, but fans have voiced their anger at who will again be rested in Perth. the punters wanted to see Punter. On Australia Day, And they weren't alone. The Australians have got it wrong. I would like to see the Australian captain here today, that's for sure. The Aussies left for Perth today, and with no apology to the fans. still without Ricky Ponting We that it's fine for a week and recharge. that they're able to get away disappointed. Obviously they're going to be the rest of us, Hopefully those guys that do play, can entertain them in some form. after his week off, At least Adam Gilchrist was back At least Adam Gilchrist was back

can be as good as a change. showing a rest COMMENTATOR: There's one gun. And it's six. Chasing 219 to win, Gilchrist made 34 before Kulasekara struck. Simon Katich is under pressure to retain his spot but he was the only one to pass 50. And when Katich was out, Damien Martyn and Andrew Symonds continued the attack. That's over cover. That's beautifully hit. Muttiah Muralitharan raised Sri Lankan hopes when he deceived Symonds. That's up in the air. Should be caught, this. Fieldsman has got it. Two balls later, he had Martyn too. Bowled him, through him.

Has Murali done it again? But a 42-run stand between Michael Clarke and Mike Hussey saw Australia home, at the top of the one-day table. giving them a five-point lead of a Commonwealth Games medal Matt Shirvington has rekindled hopes last night. with a stunning win in Canberra Shirvington clocked 10:28 seconds, Running in lane eight, since 2003. his fastest time over 100m the last six months. I have worked so hard

last three years. I've just had such a terrible for Jana Pittman, And a successful comeback for the first time since last July. running the 400m hurdles 54:81 seconds Pittman won in a highly respectable trials in Sydney next week. ahead of the Commonwealth Games

Just one more hurdle for the men, a

7.30 tonight. semifinal, Federer and Keifer from

after the break, Nuala has Sydney's weather but first finance. for the local market. It was a record-breaking day BHP Billiton shares hit a new high on the back of commodity prices. it's a takeover target. Fairfax shares surged on speculation

Good evening. Supposedly back to work today, the sun comes out! and wouldn't you know it -

So have these very fresh sea

breezes. Thankfully it wasn't this

windy last night. But yesterday's cloud took nothing away Australia Day entertainment. from the after-dark crowded into Darling Habour Thousands of people, young and old, to watch the fireworks that lit up the night sky, complete with light tower display. most of Sydney up into the 30s Today's sunny skies warmed in the 20s. but humid sea breezes kept our coasts in the mountains The sunshine was short-lived

developed today. where isolated storms is linked to the troughline The instability those stormy showers to Victoria. that also brought that also brought

It'll stay put tomorrow, expected over inland New South Wales with more isolated storms cells continuing up north monsoonal showers and storms near Townsville with potential for the low to develop into a tropical cyclone. in the Top End. So, a wet and stormy weekend in Melbourne, More thundery showers likely as well. possibly in Canberra and Adelaide Fine in Perth,

mostly fine in Brisbane. but Sydney should stay fine. Warm and humid tomorrow, The high 20s along the beaches where afternoon sea breezes will be blowy, so best to hit the beach early. the chance of a late thunderstorm. In the mountains, Same again for Sunday and Monday ahead of a late change showers on Tuesday. that still looks like generating And for the rest of next week. of the next few days. Sam, we'll have to make the most

Batten down the hatches. You look

like you're about to blow away out there. I'm Samantha Armytage. And that's Seven News to now.

Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Have a great weekend. of captions. We apologise for the temporary loss children saw what happened. Yeah, I don't like that anybody's I don't like that it happened. This is over the top - for double-parking outside a school a mum handcuffed and taken away was left alone in the back seat, while her three-year-old son hysterical and crying. in a moment. The only interview with the mum Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. from the Rod Laver Arena I'm Naomi Robson coming to you on the eve of the tennis Open finals. Also - the RSL turns on old diggers, calling in the bulldozers to destroy the homes of war veterans and war widows. Where do we go? What do we do? You know, it's - it's hard.