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(generated from captions) building site beautifully, right The fireworks will show the Burley Griffin. next to the lake shores of lake from beneath the Commonwealth Other displays will be set off pontoons to be anchored in the Avenue Bridge, and from three centre of the lake. point to watch the show, Those looking for the best view Point. encouraged to head to Regatta night. That's WIN News this Wednesday News team, we hope you enjoy I'm Peter Leonard. From the WIN Australia Day tomorrow. Good night

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cracks in the Coalition. The Prime Minister working to repair for four more of the Bali 9. Prosecutors demand life and tortured in Sydney. A defenceless kitten bashed Good evening. Also tonight - the Commonwealth Games baton Sydney turns out to cheer

on its marathon relay. in the Federal Coalition Serious cracks are appearing National Party MP from the ministry. following the dumping of a

to ease tensions John Howard is working desperately no permanent damage, and says there'll be to reconsider their support but angry Nationals are threatening

for Government legislation. At a National Press Club lunch today,

oil on troubled Coalition waters. the Prime Minister was trying to pour I'm optimistic. a very cohesive Coalition. I think we'll continue to have at the moment, But it's anything but cohesive a revolt with key Nationals threatening that saw their party's representation over yesterday's reshuffle in the ministry reduced by one.

senator Julian McGauran Following the defection of Victorian Mark Vaile Embattled Nationals leader to the Liberal Party.

put the best gloss possible De-Anne Kelly. on the dumping of Queenslander It just so happens that one from being a junior minister has moved down to being a parliamentary secretary. is so angry But NSW senator Fiona Nash the way she votes on legislation, she says she'll reassess of the National Party and in future will put the interests ahead of the Coalition. a conspiracy The Queensland Nationals claim involving Victorian Liberals,

at Treasurer Peter Costello, and point the finger even though he denies any role to change part es in persuading Senator McGauran to change parties.

no job, nothing. He's been given no inducement, Barnaby Joyce says their Coalition partners. the Nationals no longer trust If I were the National Party - to do this - and they don't have the guts of the Coalition I'd walk straight out you're on your own." and say, "Right, what's done is done But Mr Howard says

and everyone should just move on. the National Party shabbily. I haven't treated Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. syndicate faced court again today Another five of the Bali 9 drug to learn their likely fate - that all five be jailed for life. prosecutors recommending waiting to hear from the prosecutors. Another, Renae Lawrence, is still From where the prosecutors stand, smugglers is still worth living. life for these three alleged drug

get their wish, If the Balinese lawyers and Matthew Norman Tac Duc Thanh Nguyen, Si Yi Chen will all face life in prison. in the packed courtroom Blank-faced, they remained composed as the interpreter relayed the news. WOMAN: You got life sentence. the three men acted secretly According to the police case,

8kg of heroin to Australia. in their efforts to export their tracks anyway they could, The court heard they tried to cover but they never got their chance - in a raid on their hotel. Indonesian police arresting them Late this afternoon and Martin Stephens so-called drug mules Renae Lawrence were also taken to the holding cells. Lawrence talked to her mother. Through the bars,

from his mother. Stephens also managed a kiss squad, if prosecutors have their way. He too has been spared the firing the punishment is too harsh. A relief of sorts, but he believes but I don't deserve life. I deserve to do jail time, the Bali 9 are all getting along. He also gave some insight of how

but we'll see after the trial, eh. It's all nice, True colours may come out yet. so-called godfather, Andrew Chan, Tomorrow, the group's will learn what fate awaits him. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. an 11-month-old baby Police are desperately trying to find who has a life-threatening illness. to be travelling Little Luke Carter Pavin is believed and father, Rodney, with his mother, Lisa, with authorities. who police say are avoiding contact

The youngster is gravely ill if not treated immediately. and could die

Crime Stoppers or 000. Anyone who sees them, should ring an elaborate heist in Mosman. Two bank robbers have pulled off Australia Bank branch The pair broke into this National for staff to arrive this morning sometime overnight, waited patiently then ordering them to open the safe. white hatchback They escaped in an older model

with a small amount of cash. attacks on cats in Sydney, A year after a series of brutal case of animal torture. the RSPCA is investigating another A 12-week-old kitten, named 'Katie', for numerous injuries has been treated then thrown into a bucket of water. after being bashed against a step and a broken rib, missing teeth, Katie has a fractured pelvis, and a paw in plaster. internal injuries, head trauma These injuries are very consistent such as being hit by a car. that has had severe trauma, these injuries are. That's how severe

was attacked last night, The 12-week-old kitten

for soiling a lounge room floor. apparently as punishment a cement step and tossed in a bin. It's claimed she was thrown against After managing to crawl out,

and thrown into a bucket of water. she was bashed again and contacted the RSPCA. A good Samaritan rescued her first treated her, is in safe hands, Now Katie, named after the vet who but she's partially paralysed. for her to be 100% It will take weeks we think she'll pull through. and with a lot of care a 45-year-old man from Blackett RSPCA inspectors will interview

over the attack. of other incidents, Last year, following a string the Government created a new offence of aggravated animal cruelty with a maximum penalty of five years jail. At least the animal has been found and is able to receive treatment, and we will able to make complete enquiries and ensure that hopefully the person responsible for this is taken to court. Nina Stevens, National Nine News. Nina Stevens, National Nine News. The already endangered breed of professional fishermen in Sydney Harbour fear they'll soon disappear forever, following the ban caused by the discovery of toxic chemicals. They believe the ban spells the end of a part of Sydney's history.

It's almost enough to break an old salt... Well, I'm 58 years old. I've been a fisherman all me life. Who's gonna employ me?

Keith Sewell believes he'll never set his nets in Sydney Harbour again because of the dioxin poisoning. They're not going to get rid of it in 3 months or 12 months. There'll be no decision on compensation for Keith and 21 other commercial fishermen until after more tests determine the extent of the contamination. I'm not ruling it in, I'm not ruling it out. The closure has the support of one of Sydney's top toxicology experts. The ban is appropriate,

and that we shouldn't be eating fish or prawns from the harbour. Sydney's fish market boss has eaten more harbour fish than most. REPORTER: Are you worried about your health?

No. But he is worried consumers will boycott other fish. People might think that Sydney rock oysters, for example, are grown in Sydney Harbour, which they are not. Or they might think that Balmain bugs are caught in Balmain, which they're not. Recreational fishing is still allowed here even though health officials warn that it is not advisable to eat more than a few mouthfuls of harbour-caught fish a month. Mahmoud landed a potentially toxic bucket of bream this morning, unaware of the poison warning. Clean 'em up and cook 'em up? He opted to buy seafood from the market but there are not many options for the fishermen left high and dry. Simply what future? Where's the future? Dale Paget, National Nine News.

A family tragedy in Victoria, where a young brother and sister have been killed while travelling with their father. They were in his semitrailer

when it rammed into the back of a parked semi on Melbourne's western outskirts early this morning. Police say impact was so great that the 14-year-old boy and the 11-year-old girl were thrown from the prime mover. Their passenger door was impaled on the back of the other truck.

A change in wind direction is putting two towns in west Victoria under threat from a massive fire. With temperatures above 40 degrees forecast for tomorrow residents of the Grampians have been busy hosing down homes and surrounding bushland, while water bombers have been brought in to try to strengthen containment lines. NSW fire fighters have answered the call for help and are assisting efforts in the Grampians and Gippsland areas.

It was like the Olympics all over again today when the Commonwealth Games baton hit the road in Australia for the first time, snaking around Sydney's western suburbs. Runners, with every sort of background imaginable,

carried it through the streets and, not surprisingly, it got a wonderful welcome. Ron Richter is hardly a household name, but the honour was richly deserved, the 61-year-old grandfather leading the baton charge after 30 years of tireless service to the community. It's a great feeling - a really, really great feeling. With the crowd and everything around, it was really, really good. It's the most travelled baton in history, and today young and old helped it clock up the kilometres. (All chant) Aussie, Aussie, Aussie! Clair Gledhill's walking frame was specially modified

to carry the baton,

while Sean Michael, who suffers cerebral palsy, ran every step. After everything that's happened to me in the last two years, this is the best. It was as if Australia Day had arrived early as the baton cavalcade ventured deep into the suburbs. Not much happens out in the western suburbs - It's usually the other places,

so I think everyone down the street is excited. It stopped traffic, but no-one seemed to care. I think it's a fantastic thing. Everyone has got the spirit in the local area.

It's great. Big names were also eager to take part. CHEERING Steve Waugh was famous for wielding the bat, but with the baton, at least, he kept a steady hand as the former Test captain jogged the 500-metre leg to the Campbelltown sportsground.

CHEERING It's a great thrill for me to be a part of the Commonwealth Games. I was lucky enough to play in '98 and that was outstanding.

Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Damian joins us now live from Parramatta where the baton is spending the night. Damian, what's happening there?

Well, thankfully the weather held

out, Mike, and a short time ago the

baton finally made it here to

Parramatta Park after its hectic Parramatta Park after its hectic

tour through the suburbs of Sydney.

Dual Olympic gold medallist shooter

Michael Diamond was keen to get in

on the act. He was one of the last

to carry the high-tech baton. There to carry the high-tech baton. There

were 102 relay runners and walkers

today. By the time the baton makes

it to Melbourne on March 15, it

will have passed through 20,000

pairs of Aussie hands. Where does pairs of Aussie hands. Where does

the beden go tomorrow? Organisers

are cashing in on the Australia Day

festivities. The baton will be

fated in the morning on Sydney

Harbour, then down Randwick

racecourse, before being pad nld to

Cronulla by surf boat. We'll leave

it there. Thanks again. In the news ahead, a rise in the rate of land tax for property investors. And how pregnancy hasn't slowed down Angelina Jolie.

with '05 Rodeo 4x2 V6 Cab Chassis now from only $17,990 plus dealer delivery, government charges and tray costs.

The Prime Minister has delivered a major speech

on our national identity ahead of Australia Day. And he used it to condemn last month's Cronulla riot, insisting that everyone involved should be dealt the full force of the law. These events brought shame on all involved. Australians, whatever their background,

deserve to be treated with tolerance and with respect. The State Government has been accused of giving with one hand

and taking with the other in its latest changes to property tax. The Premier boasted today about raising the threshold for land tax, which means it will affect fewer investors, but, at the same time, he sharply increased the tax rate. It's yet another backdown in the face of growing electoral anger over the highly unpopular property tax. Last year the Government raised the tax-free threshold to $330,000,

removing almost 400,000 people from having to pay. Today it was raised yet again to $352,000. This will assist an additional 12,000 mum-and-dad investors. Costing the Government $55 million a year in lost tax revenue and winning initial approval from real estate agents who said the previous threshold level was stifling property sales.

But it certainly hasn't impressed everyone. Both the Property Council and the Opposition say the devil is in the detail, and in this case the detail is the rate of increase in land tax itself. 1.4% to 1.7% doesn't sound like much, but it's a 21% increase in the rate. That's a 21% increase in your land tax bill. That's going to hurt in one year. The Government has now manipulated land tax so it's actually raising three times the amount of money, almost three times the amount of money, it was raising when the Labor Party came into office. However, Mr Debnam pointedly avoided committing a Liberal government to either removing or making major changes to the property tax system itself. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Al-Qa'ida and its old protectors, the Taliban, are making a major resurgence in Pakistan's North West Frontier,

according to an American television news report. The bulletin has screened video of Taliban fighters openly recruiting Pakistani villagers to join the holy war. A second tape shows al-Qa'ida rebels preparing for an attack across the border in Afghanistan. The Palestinian parliamentary election is under way, with 1.4 million people eligible to vote. For the first time, candidates from the militant Hamas group are challenging the ruling Fatah party. If Hamas polls well, it poses problems for the peace process - the group committed to the destruction of Israel, and regarded as a terrorist organisation by the United States. In Canada, introducing the country's new Prime Minister. The election victory by 46-year-old Conservative Stephen Harper ends 13 years rule by Canada's Liberal Party. It also means closer links with the United States, after the old government's opposition to the war in Iraq. Hollywood's globe-trotting 'first family' is on the move again, spotted at London's Heathrow Airport on their way to Switzerland.

A pregnant Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt and children Zahara and Maddox are on their way to the city of Davos to attend a United Nations forum.

Jolie is a UN ambassador and is due to give birth mid-year. Ken with sport is next, and plenty of fire and brimstone at the Australian Open today. There was one 4hr 45min marathon that produced a classical French-German blow-up. And Phil Jaques refuses to be ignored by Australian cricket selectors.

..has just leapt to over $8 million!


(Whines) New Toyota Yaris. All of Toyota's big ideas in one small car. TOYOTA THEME

Martina Hingis is currently battling Kim Clijsters for a spot in the semis of the Australian Open. A short time ago, Clijsters won the first set 6-3. Earlier, Amelie Mauresmo continued her ominous form, while in the men's quarterfinals, Nicolas Kiefer needed almost five hours to beat Sebastion Grosjean. In the Kiefer-Grosjean match - two journeymen chasing rare Grand Slam glory. COMMENTATOR: Brilliant! It was great entertainment and you didn't know what was going to happen next. Oh, that is absolutely fantastic! And to top it all off, they both blew their lids. Wants to be careful. After losing the fourth, Kiefer was reported to the Grand Slam supervisor, and it didn't stop there. He was broken in the fifth and was hit with a code violation. For more entertainment he also thanked the heavens for a little luck. Perhaps it's turning around. There was more drama to come - with Grosjean leading 6-5 in the decider,

Kiefer threw his racquet and the Frenchman found the net. He claimed hindrance but lost the argument. GROSJEAN: No, no, never! 4hr 48min later it was finally over,

and after breaking into his first Grand Slam semi, there was only one thing left for Kiefer to do. In the women's, Amelie Mauresmo is yet to be tested. Patty Schnyder was expected to give the number three seed a run.

Instead, Mauresmo walked all over her. She's got it! And the Marcos Baghdatis family gets bigger with very win. Again, he was the outsider - this time against seventh seed Ivan Ljubicic,

who must have felt the heat from the Baghdatis tribe. CHEERING Even if Baghdatis had lost, they were ready to carry him anyway. Instead, they're all into the semis. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine news. In-form Blues opener Phil Jaques has belted another century and another loud message for national selectors demanding an early recall to Australia's one-day squad.

Today against against Tasmania, NSW totalled 311

with Jaques making 138 to become the first player in the history of the ING Cup to hit four centuries in a season.

Wearing blue or gold, Phil Jaques continues to strike a rich vein of runs. 15 fours and a 6 featured in today's record-breaking 138. Nicknamed 'Pro', Jaques has been all that since his surprise dumping from Australia's one-day team, despite a record 94 on debut. As his bat does the talking, plenty of big names are talking about him. I mean, he's shown how good he is with 94 first up. If he keeps scoring runs, he'll get plenty of chances. Tomorrow in Adelaide against Sri Lanka, some of Australia's top order will be feeling the heat from Jaques. Opening with Simon Katich, Adam Gilchrist has been assured by selectors he won't be demoted down the batting order. I've spoken to Trevor Hohns about that and he has unequivocally guaranteed me that's there's been no discussion of that by any of the panel. Fined for dissent during a previous game, but back from a rest to replace captain Ricky Ponting, who'll be rested tomorrow, Gilchrist is adamant rest does not equal rotation. I don't know that we're on a rotation policy. I think we've gotta make that very, very clear and I'd like to see that reported correctly. We're not rotating players. I think rotation's fine and I was a big advocate for that,

but I think resting for the sake of it

can cause problems. Last night freakish fielding helped South Africa score a 9-run win over Sri Lanka.

Even the umpires could feel the lovin'. COMMENTATOR: He's hugged the umpire! Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. Wallaby and Waratahs halfback Chris Whitaker announced today the upcoming Super 14 season will be his last

before moving on to play for a European club,

which almost certainly prolongs George Gregan's career in the green and gold. It s really base on leaving NSW you know, still playing good football on my own terms as opposed to, you know, fading out the back door. The 31-year-old NSW captain has played 104 matches for his State and 31 Tests, which includes two World Cups.

And tongue in cheek, he nominated

Steven Bradbury the next Wallaby

coach because he'd be the last man standing. After the break, finance and Jaynie with all the weather, and then a friendship that defies the laws of nature.

To finance and some good news for home owners with low inflation figures giving the Reserve Bank more reason to leave interest rates on hold. Low inflation also helped sales at Woolworths, the supermarket giant up 61 cents on strong first-half revenues.

Now to Jaynie with the weather. Thank you, Mike, and good evening. An overcast and drizzly day with poor visibility, the city temperature on 22. That low cloud kept our temps down again today, 21, which is five under the average.

And our coolest day in almost two months, but a nice water for the garden for some of you with 5mm in the city and Terrey Hills. And only 1mm for Penrith. Thick cloud over northern NSW is from a slow moving trough

sparking off storms. Widespread cloud along the coast and ranges with showers from onshore winds. But that should all clear for Australia Day, apart from the North Coast, with showers from onshore winds.

A gutsy change will head towards western NSW with late storms after a hot day with temperatures in the high 30s. Looking like a sunny day for our Aussie capital. A scorcher for Melbourne with freshening northerlies and possible storms. Hot and dry in Hobart. The gusty change will hit Adelaide with showers to follow. Drying up for Perth. But another wet one for Darwin and possibly Brisbane. Sydney - there maybe a few light showers in the morning, especially towards the mountains. Cloud until mid-morning with increasing sunshine from about lunchtime, winds freshening along the coastline. A mild night, with cloud and even a few splashes about.

30 for the west and staying humid until the weekend. And the next run of days will be warm and very sunny with temperatures in the high 20s. Light winds and no rain until next week.

Good timing, Mike. The animal world has certainly thrown up some odd couples over the years, but just take a look at this pair. This is Aohchan, a rat snake at a Japanese Zoo,

who's hit it off with, of all things, a hamster. The two met over dinner - well, the snake's dinner, actually,

because the hamster was on Aohchan's menu. But instead of chowing down, the cold-blooded reptile actually warmed to the hamster and now the two appear to be best mates. No-one quite knows where the rlationship will go from here, but the rodent is much safer inside the snake's tank than outside.

That's all from our team here at National Nine News this Wednesday. From all of us here, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

A mother's heartbreaking choice - which child to save when disaster struck? Little Lachie's miracle survival.

Also tonight - the neighbours' row that's lasted more than 25 years. Now, the surprise ending. And Don Burke on why plants are smarter than us - he says they can even talk. This program is captioned live.

Hi, I'm Ellen Fanning. Welcome to A Current Affair.

We begin tonight with bloody-minded councils. Tomorrow is Australia Day, but surely this isn't the Australian way of doing things - a council kicking out long-term residents of a caravan park. People who've called the place home for years, including, would you believe, a 91-year-old grandmother.


How long have you been in this

caravan? Approximately 20 years. Is

this your home? It is.

It might not look like much It might not look like much of a

It might not look like much of a home, but to Neil, his caravan on

Hobart's Derwent River is his

Hoba t's Derwent River is h s

Hobart's Derwent River is his castle. Yeah, it's a cure. But

Neil's about to lose his little

spot of paradise at the spo of paradise at the treasurer spot of paradise at the treasurer

island caravan park. He and 11

island caravan park. He and 11 other long-term residents are being

kicked out. We must ask you to

kicked out. We must ask you to vacate the site that you currently

vacate the site that you currently occupy. And have all your

possessions removed by January 18.

possessions removed by January 18. It gets to you. One day, you're

going along fine, and the next

minute you've got this big burden

on you. Came as such as shock to

you. In a year or two I might have

been alright, I mightn't have been

here. This is your home, isn't it?

Well, 26 years is a long time, dear.

Well, 26 years is a long time, dear. She is 91. Well, 26 years is a long t me, dear. he is 1.

Well, 26 years is a long time, dear. She is 91. Too old to be considering a She is 91. Too old to be She is 91. Too old to be considering a life on the street. I

considering a life on the street. I haven't got the money to go to

haven't got the money to go to places. I've got no home, only this.

places. I've got no home, only this. As mayor, how can you kick people

out of their homes? We're not

kicking people out of their homes.

We're actually wanting the caravan We're actually wanting the caravan

We're actually wanting the caravan park to be available for the park to be available for the park to be available for the purpose for which the caravan park

purpose for which the caravan park is there. The mayor, fresh from an is there. The may#r, fresh from an is there. The mayor, fresh from an Australia Day

is there. The mayor, fresh from an Australia Day lunch, says the