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(generated from captions) National Nine News this Monday. That's it from our team here at From all of us here, goodnight. by the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions they have cancer - The herbalist who tells healthy women a costly quack cure. a cruel con pushing over a $5 mill o? Powerbal.5 win. over a $5 mill o? Powe b l.5 win. Also tonight, t@ family @t war

for Aussie aisles in supermarkets, Plus Dick Smith's campaign Australian-made and owned. where every product would be is put to the test. And Australia's best psychic This program is captioned live. Welcome to A Current Affair. Hi. I'm Ellen Fanning. the false diagnosis of cancer First tonight, trying to make a quick buck from an unqualified practitioner from his own so-called cure. someone shut him down. We reckon it's time Today he launched legal action,

this story. trying to stop us bringing you you should see it, However, the Supreme Court thought to block it. and late today threw out his attempt telling you the truth," He said , "Today, I will only and I'll only say the truth. And I said, "Of course!" Did you want to hear the truth ?" I was disgusted. someone straight like that - Because it's not something to tell to your face. as a menacing bedside manner. It can only be described on his patients' wellbeing But the menace this man imposes goes much further. this is the end of it for me. I felt helpless, felt like me now what am I going to tell them? I thought my kids are going to lose

They should not be operating. of the patients Domarina and Leila are just two of this herbalist clinic outraged by the activity run by Peter Wu and his sister Maria. palm and started looking at it. The first thing she did, she took my and saying, "health problems." And shaking her head like that

That was the very start. with look at my blood circulation. She started firstly pulse was bad, I had a stiff neck. My blood pressure was very bad, my Liver dysfunctioning. kidney, stomach bloating. I've got some sort of... cervix, he's mentioned about my diagnosis. And that was just a few of what

of your ailments? So this wasn't even the whole list No. No. is always delivered last. But the most devastating news and said I had breast cancer. Until he got down to the worst of it

I was just devastated. of your head I can detect a lump. She said on the right side I ca d tect a little mar And the said, "On you left lung I can detect a little mark." And then said, "On your left lung

And I said, "Are you for real?" got a tumour coming up in my head. One minute you're telling me I've is cancer on my lung. I've got a lump and the next thing independently, After several victims contacted us we sent in one of our producers. was staggering. The diagnosis Emma was given told was firstly the ovarian cancer, Probably the two worst things I was bear a child, that I would miscarry. and secondly, um, that I could not in more ways than one. The diagnosis proves painful the more unwell he said I was. The more it hurt, of this practice? So what do you think an electric shock. Well, he's giving her That's essentially what he's doing. This is really torture.

She's been tortured. Tortured for no good end. trained in Chinese herbal medicine Dr Roberta Chow is a GP who's also and acupuncture.

of cancer? Can this lead to a diagnosis No, not at all. Absolutely not. To attribute it, serious life-threatening diagnosis to be able to make complicated is really, really, really untenable. on a piece of metal like that. She put my finger I said, "How could you tell that in this little machine?" "by putting your finger

for $270 I was encouraged to buy these herbs And it's not cheap. for cancer too. But patients are all handed the cure

shrink the tumour in my ovary. and they guaranteed me that it would Emma heads to a GP, Like the other women, and physical examination. who sends her for an ultrasound from these results Well, what you can say are completely normal is that the ovaries cancer and there's certainly no ovarian and snow sign of an ovarian cyst. this sort of behaviour is outrageous. Professor Kerryn Phelps says that somebody's got a tumour You certainly don't deliver the news "Bye, see you later. or a serious illness and then say, of herbs." "On the way out, pick up $300 worth It's unconscionable behaviour.

What did the X-rays show? They showed nothing.

That everything was normal. So just as your doctor suspected? That's right. with you He said there's nothing wrong to somewhere like that and he got really angry I'd been and he actually called the police. I felt very terrible. I wanted to calm her down. She was really crying. she just broke down in tears. As soon as she walked out, and we spent the entire weekend She was devastated just trying to convince her to base his diagnosis on. that this guy had no evidence diagnosing ladies with cancer We want to know why you have been

and when they clearly don't have she had ovarian cancer. You told this lady here she doesn't have it. She's been tested since, Why are you scaring people?

telling people they've got cancer. Maria, I understand you've also been I refuse your answer. You have, haven't you? people have cancer? What evidence do you have to say that are you a doctor? What's your education,

Are you a doctor? I'm a herbalist. they have cancer? Are you qualified to tell people I could have been so devastated. suicide, for example. I could have gone and committed Some people could get to that point. that supposedly cure patients? And what about those costly herbs and distributed globally. They're made in China, simply promotes general health. But the wording on the box What's this, Maria? here that it can cure cancer? Does this say, does this anywhere That it can cure cancer? You liar. that herbal medicine can do There are a lot of positive things in Western medicine. that we probably don't understand However, herbs cannot cure cancer. Our investigation revealed that Peter Wu is not even a registered member of the Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Association. You told me I had ovarian cancer. I had a dysfunctional kidney. You told me I had a cyst in my right breast and I don't. I've had everything checked, you are ripping me off. Peter, she is not the only victim. We have heard from several people. You have consistently told people they have cancer needlessly.

I just don't want to see him operating or anything leak him for that matter. They're ruining people's minds and people's lives. Never say that. Yes you did, Maria. You liar. I never scare anyone. The real issue is how we can regulate the system. And to make sure patients' safety is paramount. It's very unfair and very cruel what you're doing to people. It's very cruel. I've interviewed three people, OK? OK? Enough. Totally enough.

It's over. Well, it's not over. The Therapeutic Goods Administration is now investigating Peter Wu's claim that his capsules cure cancer. And the cases you've just seen have also been passed on to the Health Care Complaints Commission. We'll let you know what happens. Now to the bushfire crisis in Victoria and the tragic loss of a firefighter north of Melbourne. Darren Lunny from National Nine News joins us from the fire front in the western districts.

What can you toll me about this

fatality? I understand details are

fatality? I understand details are still sketchy at the moment? Yes,

it's unfolding as we speak, Ellen.

Apparently there's been a

firefighter killed and four

firefighter killed and four firefighters injured. They have

firefighters injured. They have been airlifted to Melbourne after

the fire that they were fighting

north of Yea in the State's north.

They were on a tanker, which rolled,

injuring those four firefighters

injuring those four firefighters and killing another. So that's a

dreadful situation there. You're

dreadful situation there. You're heading off to Hauls Gap, a town

heading off to Hauls Gap, a town under threat as well. It is. The

under threat as well. It is. The wind is picking up. I'm in Moyston.

The wind is picking up. We're about

The wind is picking up. We're about to head north-west to a town called

Halls Gap, apparently under direct

threat from a wild fire, and

residents have been told to either

evacuate to a local leisure centre

which is being used as an

which is being used as an evacuation post, or to stay and

fight. A shocking fire season in

voifpblgt There's been stories of

great loss here overnight.

great loss here overnight. Something like 50,000 sheep have Something like 50 000 sheep ave

Something like 50,000 sheep have been killed. There's been over

100,000 hectares burnt out in the Grampians Grampia s

Grampians region, not the least of

Grampians region, not the least of which no-one can ever take away

from the fact that two people were

from the fact that two people were from the fact that two people were killed in a car accident just near

where I'm standing, and also 10

houses have been lost in the houses have been lost in the

houses have been lost in the Grampians region, and there is

Grampians region, and there is still more to come. Thanks for that

update. Thanks, Ellen. Let's move on, to a family at war. Not surprisingly, it's money that's divided them. In this case, a $5 million Powerball jackpot. I think it's appalling, the way they treated us. They don't want to know us because they have all that money. Cheers! I hate them for what they've done. It didn't need to come to this. But it has - family torn apart because of money. $5.5 million - you can't believe it till you see it in writing. Because it's $5.5 million. It's a lot of money. It can go a long way. Yeah, it's not as if they worked hard all their life for the money. It's a winning. I've done nothing wrong to them, so I can't understand why. I thought they were happy for me. When Brenda's partner Mark won Powerball six months ago, Brenda's sisters expected a piece of the action. But Dallas and Donna say they got nothing. He gave his two brothers $20,000 each and he bought his two sons a house each. And I thought at least we could have got something on our side of the family. She kept ringing up and bragging about going overseas and buying this and that. Winning $5.5 million certainly changed things for Brenda and Mark - a million-dollar house, a world trip, the lot. You can buy whatever you want, you can have whatever you want, it's just amazing. Chanel belt, Dior belt, Dior bag, Dolce & Gabbana belt,

a lot of make-up, a lot of perfume, Cartier, all the big names. We started from scratch - out with the old and win the new. Brenda went out and bought all new furniture. In fact, Brenda gave her sisters, who share a Housing Commission home and live on welfare, some of her old furniture. But Donna and Dallas had counted on getting much more. I would have thought probably $50,000 to $100,000 each. When they won the money, I asked her if I could have a loan. And she said she couldn't lend me the money, that I wouldn't pay her back. I said, "I can't lend you $500 because I lent you $20 once "and you had trouble paying back $10, "so how can you afford to pay back $500?" I think rotten, rich, ridiculous. I think that's summing it up. Dallas's boyfriend John can't believe the two sisters got no cash and has this message for the winners. They both need a good talking to. They need counselling to say, "Why can't you help your family?" I look after the people who are involved with me.

It's not our job to help them, even if I won the money, it's not our job to help them with their money. It's their responsibility to stand on their own two feet. Yeah, go get a job. She's got here, "Love you always, sister." That was the last card. This year, no card, because she's got money. Dallas and Donna even say their sister was too mean to pay for their mother's funeral. They put in two grand for the funeral - the funeral was over $7,000. Mark and I offered to pay for the funeral, the whole lot of it, but then they didn't want that and they didn't want to involve me in it. They would make the plans,

but I wasn't allowed to be involved in it. I can't believe they would stoop that low to affect Brenda. They may as well have stabbed me in the back - what's the difference to what they've done to me? It's not sour grapes. $5.5 million, not $5.5 thousand. $5.5 million. I think they're just being greedy. Greedy and selfish. We don't hear from her anymore since they won the money. And chances are, they won't in the future, with Brenda and Mark refusing to have anything more to do with them.

Well, we know where we stand now.

I'm amazed. I still can't believe it. They don't deserve anything. Mark won the money, so he doesn't have to give them anything. Chris Allen here in Queensland. Dick Smith never tires of trying to find new ways to promote home-made products ahead of imports. Now he's throwing his weight behind a campaign

to introduce Aussie-only aisles in supermarkets. Wouldn't it be great if Coles or Woolworths, just to be different, said, "We're going to put in an Australian-made and -owned aisle"? I mean, wouldn't it be great if they tried that, or maybe the independents tried that? I think they could go really well. It would be a good idea, I guess,

because at least you'd know they're Australian when you go down the aisle. I like to buy Australian-made things if I can. I think that's a good idea that people have it all together

so they can find it easily. Proud Aussie Dick Smith doesn't know who came up with the idea, but he reckons it's a goer. I think if it could ever happen, it would really support our farmers and support our culture and our way of life of supporting the smaller operator. He says the consequences of not buying Australian are devastating. I can see in two or three years time basically all of our food will come from either China or Brazil. Is it really that bad? Yeah, it'll be that bad. I think you'll find that it will be almost impossible to buy something from an Aussie farmer. Look at the Auss e food cons that've already been lost overseas - Milo - Swiss-owned. Vegemite - US-owned. Tim Tams - also American, as is Birds Eye. at the oment. The situation is terrible at the moment. At the moment, in a typical supermarket trolley, about 85% of the products are either imported or from foreign-owned companies. A Current Affair has regularly reported on the unfolding disaster facing Australian orange farmers going to the wall as imported juice floods the market. There are people in despair, people calling all the time saying, "What can we do?" Most Australians are concerned about the fact that our farmers are being let down, are basically being destroyed. We talk about free trade agreements, but it tends to work one way. But can you blame the average Australian shopper for choosing to buy cheaper imported goods? People buy what is advertised most and what they're used to, instead of saying,

"Let's make an effort to support Australian farmers." Shoppers have given Aussie aisles the stamp of approval. It would make it a lot easier. You wouldn't have to spend so much time reading the packet. If you can see it straight away, yeah, that would help out. We see a lot of products that aren't labelled and it makes it difficult for us to make the choice to buy Australian or not.

But Dick Smith believes the only way we'll see strictly Aussie aisles

is if they're legislated. The supermarkets - they're all pretty greedy, they have pressure to increase their profits. That's the only thing their pressure is about - increase their profits. They love to say they support Australian businesses but in fact, they support higher profits. And he admits he has a vested interest - his products would obviously do very well - but in the week when Australia celebrates its nationality, he has this warning. I'd like to be positive. I mean, it's Australia Day coming up, and I'd like to be positive,

but the message out there is quite bad at the moment. The fact that Australian farmers are in real problems,

that all the time we're importing more and more food the best food in the world. when we grow to pay a few cents more People should be prepared

that supports our own, for a quality product supports the home team. Simon Bouda there. in our national phone poll. Why not have your say There's the question: Lines are open until midday tomorrow,

tomorrow night. and we'll have the result right here you'll be able to vote on - Alright, here's something else will be the first this year's Logies ceremony on the big award - the Gold Logie. where everybody gets to have a say Yeah, she's alright. Like him.

Na, not her. He's not bad either.

Yeah. 'Footy Show', I'm a big fan. Bert Newton, I suppose.

Everyone has a favourite. I do like Rove of a night-time. Leah on 'Home and Away'. or sound as good as an Academy Award, Granted, a Logie doesn't look as good but it's ours. lots of perfume, lots of aftershave. There's lots of make-up, when all the networks And it's a night

pretend they like each other.

the red carpet is quite terrifying. It's quite terrifying, walking down UPTEMPO MUSIC Logie fans are in for some changes, because, for the first time, Gold Logie nominees to choose from there'll be eight instead of five by phone and SMS. and you'll be able to vote for them

It'll be so exciting right up until the last minute, because people can vote the red carpet. as people are walking down the phones day and night! Ah, the TV publicists will be working And, as the big day draws near, hot and sweaty down at 'TV Week'. they're getting a little Peter Timms has his tip... an Ada Nicodemou this year, I think you might see at 'Dancing with the Stars'. 'cause Ada did really well in 'Home and Away'. and she's very popular ..and editor Emma Nolan hers. this year. John could be in with a chance Emma's talking John Wood. for the Gold - This is his 10th nomination and he still hasn't taken it out. No, I think he holds the record. He does, does he? Oh, that's quite sad, isn't it? his fourth Gold Logie in a row? Not so for Rove - will this be Speaking of Rowe - with her best frock on. Jessica will be there

Hopefully something with sparkles. a bit of sequin, a bit of shine. I love something that's got of 'McLeod's Daughters', And on the set no-one will tread on hers again - Rachael Carpani's hoping to accept a gong. just as she was going up by a thread. And one bit was hanging on By the time I got up there, half my dress on the steps. I was that close to losing UPTEMPO MUSIC Would Daryl Somers be up there?

There's always a chance of that. don't go down at John Wood's house. Let's just hope the phone lines nominated. Hopefully this will be his 10th time has been axed... and seeing as 'Blue Heelers' for him right now. I'm going to slip a couple in I don't think that's real kosher. Mind you, on a Channel Nine phone, for Eddie McGuire. Maybe I'll put one in Brady Halls there. Australia's best psychic, Coming up - she's been voted

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Escape petrol prices with Action's Xpresso service, and Tuggeranong, running directly between Belconnen Russell or Barton. to the city, and from selected suburbs To find out more, call: Now to things supernatural by her peers and the woman who's been judged as "Australia's best psychic." of other psychics is one thing. But getting the endorsement We were more interested in the results of an independent test. Do you believe in psychics? No, big sceptic. for her to come in just like that, She must be very close very quickly. She's come in very fast indeed.

give me what I'm looking for. I would be in awe if she could that's connected to you, please, Who would be the 'A' name

very strongly? My Mum. are you, please? You're the youngest child, Oh, good.

His only child. Because he's called you his baby. and what I'm able to do I'm a medium, a psychic medium, with the spirit world. is connect this side of life she can contact the dead. If you believe Charmaine Wilson, coming in playing the piano. I feel like I've got someone His mother had a big piano. it became very, very natural. OK. Once it started to happen,

It was easy to me, actually. next minute I'm hearing voices, One minute I'm just a normal person, correctly communicate the messages the next minute I'm able to spirit world to their loved ones. that are coming across from the her gift just a few years ago Charmaine says she discovered and brother after the deaths of her father and 4-year-old daughter, Crystal.

I was at the worst place of my life, and then they would go away, and I would hear voices then they would come back. She's excellent. I was in tears watching her work. Australian Psychics Association. Simon Turnbull is president of the Australian Psychic of the Year. Its 400 members just voted Charmaine as opposed to her psychic ability? It's judged more on her popularity ability. Her popularity, but also her as the association claims? Is Charmaine really as exceptional to find out. We invited this studio audience Is there an 'S' name like Steven?

Yes, correct. That's his name, Steven? It is. Oh, good-o. Steven's here. Just as long as you know, to your brother? Do you believe she was talking Yes, I do. Sharon and Victoria's brother Steven was killed in an accident. I feel like, too, that he didn't like to listen to people either. No, he didn't. Like perhaps his accident was due because he might have been doing something,

or in circumstance that he shouldn't have been in, if that makes sense to you. Correct, yes. She was able to get how he passed, his name, his personality. I never gave her that. And you used to dance all the time when you were younger, didn't you? Because he remembers that very well, because he calls you the dancing girl.

Kendal's father died when she was six.

Did you end up with his watch, please? Yes, a few of them. A few of them, a bit of a collection there? Good, good. He talks about the watches, that you have them. Charmaine's apparently now in contact with Kath's old friend, Edith. Like one of you had to give the other one an item of clothing in a funny situation. You do know what this means, don't you? Good. Because what I'm seeing is I'm seeing this hectic helter-skelter and it's like, "Hurry up, hurry up!"

Do you know what I means? Yes, good. We won't bring it up here, though. No, you won't! Is Charmaine the real deal? Yes, I believe she is. I was really shocked. I was amazed at how accurate her information was. It was just absolutely incredible. Was there an 'M' name that's close to you, please? Yes. Did he hang himself? Yes. He just lets me know that... But was it really that incredible? Have a listen to all the questions Charmaine had to ask before finally stumbling onto the subject of Naomi's dead boyfriend.

She must have been a bigger-filled woman.

Is that correct? No. I'll just have to see what she's going on about here. Bosomy, shall I say? No.

And would there be like a Gail? Or a 'G' name? No. I'm thinking 'G' - Gail, Gary.

No, there's no 'G'. It seemed to me that you doing a lot of fishing. Oh, did it? Is there a Michael? I have to say that. Or an 'M' name that's associated with this lady? No. I don't know if it's your mum's mother. Is she crossed over, please? No. You were getting more noes than yeses. I'm still only 3.5 years in, so I suppose there's things I have to learn. So you can ask half a dozen questions to get to the truth? Well, it would look like that, I suppose. Isn't that fishing, isn't that asking for answers until you get the right one? In some cases, it would seem like that, I believe. But that doesn't take away from the direct hits. You saw, for example, the Steve, Steven. There was no prompting there. The Sceptic Association says anyone can do what you do.

They call it cold reading, that idea of eliciting information

and then basically feeding it back to people. Mm-hmm. Is that what you're doing? No, no.

You're not just putting on a show out there and preying on people's emotions? No! I would never do that. Is there a Doug? A Darryl, perhaps? A 'D' name. It was a car accident, wasn't it?

While the sceptics may still have their doubts,

almost every member of our studio audience is now a believer. She knows. She's spot on. Ben McCormack with that story. Now to Australia's top motoring award - the Car of the Year. It's come down to four finalists and our resident 'revhead', James Thomas, has been sizing them up. Believe their ads, and you'd think all these cars are the best on the market. But only one car can win 'Wheels Magazine's Car of the Year. It only starts at $20,990. I love that sales line. It is 'only' $20,000. I've got $20,000 in my pocket! It's good value and Ford's Rebecca Martin is confident the new 2-litre, 4-cylinder Focus has what it takes to be the 'Wheels' Car of the Year,

but the competition is stiff and some big names have come out in support of another finalist - the Mazda MX5. Most people do like the feeling of wind through their hair -

I like the feeling of wind on my scalp. The streamlined dome of Olympic champion Michael Klim

was made for this sexy, little Mazda convertible, but AFL star Nathan Buckley reckons there is only one car that can win the prestigious award. Th e are be ter ways o get from 'A' o 'B than others - There are better ways o get from 'A' o 'B tha others -

and this is - yeah, it's a very nice ride. All the Lexus IS 250 is a very nice-looking car. And it certainly goes like the clappers.

But then there is one last finalist and, unlike the others, the man spruiking the Mercedes Benz ML series wasn't paid to say nice things about his car. I bought it, paid my money for it and absolutely enjoy driving the car. At $110,000, Jeff Jinks's Mercedes isn't for most on the average wage,

so how does a magazine like 'Wheels' choose an overall winner in a field so diverse? Rather than comparing these vehicles directly against one another and the other vehicles in 'Wheels's Car of the Year, we assess them against the five established 'Wheels' criteria. Over the course of a gruelling week, 'Wheels' editor Ged Bulmer and a team of professionals road tested a field of more than 20 vehicles

according to function, safety, technology, value for money and efficiency. Increasingly, Aussies are obviously concerned about fuel economy, but a car has to of course look great and it has to fulfil the function that people need it to. It is nice and zippy, easy to park and it still looks sexy. Everyone has their spin, but in the end, only one can win - but Ged Bulmer insists on being tight-lipped for one more sleep. What is 'Wheels's Car of the Year? I'm not going to tell you that. Why not?

Oh well, we will let you know tomorrow morning. James Thomas there. And the winning car will be revealed exclusively tomorrow morning on the 'Today' show. In a moment - that controversial CSIRO diet. Does it work for all ages? Our road test with three generations of the one family. CRASH! So you could win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES It's the best-selling book in the country, and right now, its contents are the source of heated debate. While nutrition experts stage a war of words over the CSIRO diet, three generations of one family have conducted their own experiment - on themselves. We're all feeling much, much healthier and we've got a lot more energy. and we've got a l#t more nArgy. We've lost it and it's staying lost. We're all really happy, thrilled. The pressure was on all the time. Shape up or ship out, Family proof that the CSIRO diet does work. That story tomorrow, when we'll also look at phone scams - how you're being ripped off with messages and services you don't even know about. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.