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(generated from captions) brightest Year Eleven scientists, About thirty of the country's hoping to strike gold. are at Geoscience Australia, gold is formed. At the moment We're looking at gold and where microscope, and seeing the types we're just looking through the of rock it's surrounded by. week-long program, aiming to The exercise is part of a science based career. increase their interest in a

of interest, and many careers that Science has many avenues that are is opening up those avenues to you can pursue. What this is doing night. That's WIN News this Wednesday at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN

Good night This program is captioned live. from Long Bay Jail. A prisoner's extraordinary escape for a rise in foreclosures. Monster mortgages blamed for victims of the Cairo crash. And, the final journey home

Good evening. Also tonight - car that's turned up 37 years later. the extraordinary story of a stolen and sex offender But first, a convicted armed robber is on the run tonight, with a long history of mental illness from Long Bay Jail. after pulling off an elaborate escape

himself to lose weight 35-year-old Robert Cole starved a small window. so he could slip through Robert Cole's empty cell Guards were confronted with just before 7:00 this morning. winning jockey as his inspiration, Perhaps using the Melbourne Cup

to 56kg. Cole spent weeks reducing his weight When he wasn't dieting outside his cell window. he was scraping away at the wall glass and literally slipped through. Some time last night he removed the He's a very small person. see where there's been disturbance If you look at the ground, you can that's been taken away. and remnants of the brickwork towards this internal fence - Still undetected, Cole made his way proving no major hurdle. the razor wire walk onto the wall, He's been able to put himself over, run out along the wall to the end. the perimeter fence to freedom. He then simply jumped off and I think, at the end of the day, I'm certainly embarrassed by it, here, the staff at the Correctional Centre should also be the same. when we have a look at the review, that Long Bay's watchtowers The Deputy Commissioner has revealed are not staffed overnight. electronic surveillance takes over, He says when inmates are locked in, a major part of this investigation. and its failure is now is a very high electronic profile The visual motion detection

in terms of the external perimeters. a gap in it. At this stage, he's managed to find Cole could be armed with a knife, With a history of mental illness, he should not be approached. and police are warning Adam Walters, National Nine News. for the Opposition The escape was an unexpected bonus on the Government's management which immediately turned its guns of the prison system. and his Prisons Minister Which left the Premier searching for answers. Five escapes in the past fortnight of the State's prisons in tatters. has left the security reputation to escape from NSW jails. It's become an easy thing The embarrassing admission staffed during daylight hours that Long Bay's watchtowers are only clearly took the Premier by surprise. I need the full circumstances. It's a concern. which I do regard as a concern. You've just outlined a matter wasn't aware And even the Minister himself

in the towers that there are no night-time guards the maximum security facility. that watch over from the commissioner. Oh, look, I would have to find out

was discovered, Shortly after the daring escape was stood down, the jail hospital's head of security pending a full investigation. how such a dangerous prisoner The spotlight is now on is unacceptable, So whilst I say any escape to eliminate escapes it is virtually impossible anywhere in the world. in Australia. But we do have the best record

we shouldn't be proud of But it's a record the Opposition says

be returned and it's demanding night-time guards to the towers immediately. The public are entitled to expect a day, seven days a week. that guards are out there 24 hours Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. there's a real dark side We learned today it can send some people bust. to Sydney's recent property boom, not to over extend themselves Home owners are being warned

lost their homes last year after record number the repayments. because they couldn't afford Every day there are calls for help.

your repayments on your home loan? So you've got a problem with making couldn't pay Last year 4,000 home owners and faced repossession orders. anything goes wrong, When you've got way too much debt, can cause a snowball effect even the slightest bill of losing your house. in foreclosures The forces behind the surge market that peaked two years ago. goes back to the booming real estate

Done. Congratulations... especially on first home buyers, There was pressure, and borrowing money was never easier. to get into the market, borrowing You've got first home buyers in parts of NSW on minimum deposits. $200,000, $300,000, $400,000 Large repayments, and an interest rate hike, coupled with rising petrol prices their loans. left thousands unable to repay They had to stretch themselves, that some of those people and it's not surprising to economic pressures. are highly vulnerable to cover everything. There's just not enough money are still able to cope, The vast majority of owners it's getting tougher. but families admit the mortgage rates to go up anymore. Certainly, we don't want

in Sydney The average price of a house since the market peaked, has fallen $50,000 who are already struggling making it harder for those to sell up without losing money. Dale Paget, National Nine News. more pain on the way And there's almost certainly

with the cost of petrol for the household budget, of a spike in world oil prices. set to rise sharply because The cause may be along way away by every Australian. but the effect will be felt Just when we thought it was safe to fill our tanks freely again, the latest fuel shock may just be starting. It is! It's a big rip-off, and we are the ones being ripped! How can it fluctuate from $1.28 to $1.14.09? Oil prices have jumped to their highest level in almost four months and petrol will inevitably follow. The cause is threats from rebels in Nigeria -

the world's 11th largest oil producer. They have targeted oil giant Shell, which has stood down 300 employees. The knock-on effect is this: The oil companies match international prices, but a small relief may come from excess petrol supplies in refineries. It won't all be up. As I said, the spare refining capacity gives us some hope that there will be a continuing price cycle, but the price peaks will continue to go higher in the next few weeks. The oil price plus refining production make up a big chunk of your petrol bill. So does the Government's take. But in recent weeks, oil company profit margins have been squeezed.

Some people are turning to smaller cars or even hybrid cars like this one. But before you get too excited, our calculations show that you would have to travel 800,000km in this car before the fuel savings would make up the price difference between this car and similar petrol-only models. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. The girlfriend of a man who was stabbed to death outside his Woolloomooloo home late last year has appealed for information about his murder. Police now believe 33-year-old Issac Dinsdale was attacked by several youths in Dowling Street on the 18 November. and we just miss him s much. Issac was a loyal loving man and we just miss him so much. One man has already been charged with concealing information about the murder. Three teenage boys have been arrested after an attempted home invasion at Ultimo. Shortly after midnight, neighbours reported hearing several men shouting abuse at the occupants of a townhouse.

But the trio ran off when they couldn't gain entry, police finding a gun stashed in a nearby garden.

A 19-year-old has been charged, two 17-year-olds were arrested but later released. Two disabled men have been left shocked and distressed after being forced to crawl to their car because they weren't allowed to use wheelchairs provided by a Melbourne shopping centre. Westfield has since apologised, but the mens' family says the damage has been done. Tony and Ross Costa won't be going back to Fountain Gate Shopping Centre. I was very, very embarrassed I never been so embarrassed in my life. Ross was forced to crawl to their car because centre rules didn't permit wheelchairs beyond the exit doors. All people were looking and thinking... ..I don't know what people were thinking. His sister, Sandra, drove her brothers, both sufferers of muscular dystrophy, and her two mentally disabled children out to the centre Sunday morning. Despite regulations, management initially permitted the centre's wheelchairs into the carpark

to collect the men. However, on departure, a new operator wouldn't bend the rules. I said, "Well, how am I going to get them into the car?" And she said to me, "Look, I feel for you" she goes "but our policy is

"we can't allow our the chairs to go out of the centre". Sandra was left with no option Westfield has today apologised, admitting common sense should have prevailed over policy.

I think the problem here has been an over-zealous interpretation of a technical clause in a policy. They say, "Sorry we done that, we never do it again". How they expect you to get over it? Jamie Wilczek, National Nine News. There was the most heartbreaking end today to what was supposed to be the trip of a lifetime. The bodies of the six Australians killed in the Cairo bus crash

have returned home, another painful day for their loved ones. There could be no joy over these homecomings - there was too much anguish for that. But at least they were finally here, wrapped in their country's flag, closer to their family's hearts. Victoria's senior police officers were there -

a mark of respect and a guard of honour for the five brought home to Melbourne,

two of them members of the force, Kristy Olsen and George Panayiotis. Killed with them on the desert road outside Cairo - plastic surgeon Dr Warwick Greville and father and son Mark and Drew Ritchie. When a young 14-year-old boy has died as well, it's very sad to see lives taken like that. It is a sad thing. As it was in Brisbane as the body of the sixth victim, Luciano Prenna, came home, accompanied by two of the survivors, Garry Waugh and Paul Harris. accompanied by two of the survivors, Garry Waugh and Paul Harris. It was to have been the start of a great adventure. Something we'd looked forward to for many, many months

and to be 2-3 days into it and for this to happen was really quite sad. 26 Australians were hurt when their bus spun off the rain-wet highway. Most are receiving specialist treatment in London, the worst injured still in Egyptian hospitals,

their journey home still to come. For the dead and their families, it's almost complete. A final report from the coroner, and one part of this tragedy is over. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. And some of the biggest names in Australian television have paid their final respects to soap star Sophie Heathcote, who died in the US two weeks ago, after a long battle with skin and pancreatic cancer. The 33-year-old was best known as Fiona Cassidy in 'Water Rats'. She's lived an extraordinary legacy and I pledge to help grow these children in her loving memory. But her most important role was mother to her two young children. In the news ahead - a rare Beatles manuscript expected to sell for millions. And NASA sets a course for Pluto. Hyundai says thank you, with an '05 series Tucson all-wheel drive upgrade to the top-of-the-line Tucson Elite for no extra cost, plus a leading 5-year warranty with unlimited kilometres. MELLOW ROCK MUSIC

A man who once worked in a Sydney Kebab shop has pleaded guilty in a Darwin court to people-smuggling. 39-year-old Mehmet Seriban has admitted to helping bring boatloads of illegal immigrants here between 1998 and 2000. Proof tonight of just how the elements are really starting to bite the victims of the Pakistani earthquake. These pictures are from Moori Patan, one of the most remote villages in the Himalayas. Orphaned, barefoot children are forced to sleep in sub-zero temperatures in a damp, flimsy tent. Many, such as this little boy, have eye illnesses that can be simply treated, except the weather is preventing the delivery of medical aid and proper food.

And until the weather lifts, it's impossible for help to reach them.

Bad weather has forced NASA

to postpone mankind's first mission to Pluto, the planet we know the least about. The journey is high-risk but with high rewards, potentially unlocking secrets from the farthest reaches of our solar system.

It's the journey to the smallest, coldest and most distant planet, but scientists will just have to wait a little longer.

NASA RADIO: We scrubbed our launch attempt for today. Less than three minutes before launch, it was scrapped because of high winds. NASA will try again tomorrow and, once the spacecraft gets off the ground, there are high hopes for what it'll find. There's so many presents inside the bag,

I don't know where we're going to begin. The New Horizons spacecraft will be the fastest ever launched. The unmanned probe will pass by the moon in nearly nine hours

and reach Jupiter in a little over a year. It'll use the giant planet's gravity to create a slingshot effect and pick up speed. Even so, it'll won't reach Pluto until 2015 and it won't be a warm welcome - the planet's temperature is -230 degrees Celsius. Pluto is not only a long way from the Sun, but it's very small, and from the Earth, frankly,

we can see very little detail on the surface. We have no idea what to expect, in many ways. Scientists think Pluto is mostly made of ice and rock. The probe will give them a much closer look, and while it'll take years to get results, they're hoping it'll be well worth the wait. Nina Stevens, National Nine News. And on the 39th anniversary of the Beatles hit 'A Day In The Life',

John Lennon's original handwritten manuscript of the lyrics is about to go up for auction. The lyrics, and the words that were crossed out, are all there. 100 years from now it will be seen as a very key piece of music, on a par with Beethoven. Which would explain the expected price tag, more than $2 million. Finally tonight one of the most memorable stories of lost and found. The end of the road of a long motoring mystery Finally tonight one of the most memorable stories of lost and found.

A man has been reunited with his pride-and-joy sports car, stolen 37 years ago. The end of the road of a long motoring mystery as Alan Poster gets re-acquainted with an old flame. It was a love affair that began in 1968 when Poster, then a 26-year-old New Yorker, first laid eyes on his Corvette. He was smitten. When you turn the lights on, the thing would go up and down. I used to play with it. Until one night at a Manhattan car park, the two were separated. The corvette was stolen. Now, 37 years later,

it's been found during a routine search at a Los Angeles dock in a container bound for Sweden. Suspect paper work put authorities onto a cold, cold case and back in New York. We went through about 5,000 records. And Poster got the most unexpected phone call. Imagine if we got back what we lost in our lives, how many socks we'd have. Now car and driver are about to hit the road

and hit it off all over again. Ken with sport is next, and a steady day at the Australian Open.

The top seeds, such as Andy Roddick and Lyndsay Davenport, did what they were supposed to do. Also Brad Haddin steps up to fill in for Adam Gilchrist. The $2 Jackpot Lottery... ..has just shot up to over: RAPID BONGO DRUMS BIG BAND FLOURISH

SONG: # Fit and strong... # MAN: It seems just yesterday. This building stands as a powerful reminder of just how far Canberra and the region has come since our predecessors first switched on our city some 90 years ago, in 1915. This solid stone powerhouse also symbolises ActewAGL's strength of purpose in serving the community right from day one.

Every essential service in Canberra is provided by ActewAGL - electricity, water and natural gas. All delivered by local people - over 1,200 of us. Our commitment to supporting the community gets stronger every day. We're setting the benchmark in customer service.

We're always looking at ways to improve our products. We're a leader in product innovation. We continue to invest in the future,

offering improved products and services, and increased community support. ANNOUNCER: ActewAGL has always been here, and always will be.

After two days of upsets and near-misses, the Australian Open remained relatively calm today. Roddick didn't go into the match with any hints of an ankle problem, but halfway through the second set, he was clearly being hampered. but halfway through the second set, he was clearly being hampered. COMMENTATOR: Watch Andy Roddick pull up after this forehand. The best away around it was to avoid long rallies. That involved aces and plenty of passing forehands. CHEERING AND APPLAUSE

And for pure entertainment in the men's,

the Baghdatis/Stepanek match had everything - from almost impossible tennis... CHEERING fuelled fans... (Fans chant slogans) ..rubbed in with head shots. The result - a 5-set win to Baghdatis against the 17th seed. And what about the fans? Let's see if he starts to wave. There he goes. The last time Lindsay Davenport and Karolina Sprem met was in round four of the 2005 Open. Davenport walked through that match, but today's path was full of surprises. Oh, well played. In the first set, Sprem made the world number one sweat on every point. It went to a tie break where Davenport's experience where Davenpor 's experienc swayed the crucial game. Perfect. Davenport cranked it up in the second. APPLAUSE Mum was impressed, but her 'baby' did get a workout. And that's it! The day's play saw Justine Henin-Hardenne serve up three double faults in her opening game. An injury to Hana Sromova helped. The Sydney International champion advanced in two after another average performance from one of the seeds. Clinton letcher, National Nine News. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Cricket, and South Africa is yet to decide whether to send Jacques Kallis home because of an elbow injury that's plagued their top batsman for the entire tour. Kallis will certainly miss Friday's match against Australia in Melbourne where the home side will also field a different line-up.

Hauled out of a match he was playing for NSW, Brad Haddin answered a mayday call from Australia's captain to play his 12th one-day game for his country. It's great because you don't know if this is gonna be your last opportunity to play for Australia and I just cherish every moment I get and enjoy the occasion. With Adam Gilchrist charged with dissent and ordered to take a 2-game rest, his understudy takes over as Australia's keeper/batsman. Haddin will happily replace Gilchrist as an opener if asked but his top task will take place behind the stumps. My first priority is to have a good game with the gloves and make sure my energy and that is high there and whatever comes with the bat, whatever position they want me I hope I can do a job. Trying to run down Sri Lanka's 282 last night, the South Africans made the same mistakes, not once... COMMENTATOR: Oh, and they're in more trouble! ..but twice. The South African ranks are chaotic. Graeme Smith's decision to let Sri Lanka bat first did not compute, as his team's run chase self destructed. Mark Boucher belted 62 from 71 balls, ..a million miles! but from there the Proteas went into a spin. Oh, got him! Sri Lanka winning by 94 runs to collect a vital bonus point. Critics' predictions of a dead series wrong again, with all three teams now boasting one win each. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News. The gruelling round world yacht race is now in Australian waters with the fleet of seven, two days out from the next stopover in Melbourne. The second leg of the 33,000 nautical mile race began in Cape Town on 2 January since then, the 70-foot yachts have been driven along by huge sails reaching speeds of up the 38 knots.

The race will finish in June in Gothenburg. The very glamorous, St Moritz ski resort in Switzerland has added a new twist to golf. A 9-hole course has been carved out of a frozen lake for a celebrity pro-event which features 2-time major winner Sandy Lyle and top English model Jodie Kidd. The greens are whites, the balls are orange and they do things Tiger Woods could only dream of.

European tour pro Fernandez Castano won the event with a round of 30.

On the ice, he can drive the ball a

million miles. Imagine if Tiger was playing on ice! Finance and the all the weather details are up next.

(Crowd chants) Viva! Viva! Viva! VOICEOVER: New Holden Viva from $17,990 plus dealer delivery and government charges. (Crowds shouts) Viva the four airbags! (Shouts) Viva the fuel economy! (Shouts) Viva the 21 storage spaces! SILENCE

(Crowd cheers) Viva! Viva! MAN: The new Holden Viva range offers a revolutionary new level of features from $17,990 plus dealer delivery and government charges. Viva - the revolution. In finance, the ACCC has rejected transport giant Toll Holdings' takeover bid

for Patrick Corporation, citing significant competition concerns. On the markets both Patrick and Toll fell.

Jaynie's off ill tonight, we wish her well but in the meantime, here's Majella Weimers with the weather. Well, a pretty grey day across Sydney. But when there's rain coming down in the places that need it most, we can't complain. Another 20mm fell in the catchments today. Orange got 17mm in just 10 minutes. And all that damp weather kept the temps low.

It's about 21 degrees right now. The city only managed 23 as a top temp, all the maximums well down. Penrith got to 21. That's 10 below the January average. Now, the rain is moving on, but a thunderstorm warning is out right now for north-west and central western parts of the State and the Tablelands. Heavy rain and possibly damaging winds could come through tonight. The other big wet weather action is in the Top End.

A cyclone warning is out for WA down to Broome. This low that's bringing heavy rain could become a tropical cyclone in the next 24 hours. Tomorrow, the trough that's helped with our decent falls will continue to move off. The best chance of rain will be for the coast and ranges and far north of the State. Everywhere else, dry northerlies will start to edge their way in and by the weekend, the temps will be back up in the 30s.

That's it from our team here at National Nine News this Wednesday. From all of us here, goodnight.

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Food lies you need to know about - fruit that's up to a year old, frui that's up to a year old, doctored meat, misleading labels.

Also tonight - graffiti gangs - more brazen and more costly than ever. Plus - ratepayers slugged again. Now it's expensive meditation classes for council workers. And the rush for big-screen TVs - the good news is prices are plummeting.

Hi, I'm Ellen Fanning. Welcome to A Current Affair. Sometimes, the truth is hard to swallow. For too long, Australians have been fed a diet of misinformation

about just how healthy some of the food we eat really is. Helen Kapalos has been investigating. The consumer has absolutely no idea.

If the message is health, it seems we're sold. But is the food industry dining out on the health conscious? Many of them are really not that healthy at all. Juice bars are a popular newcomer to the takeaway landscape. This is a rel regular-size banana skim milk smoothie, so it is low in fat, but out of these three - the Mars bar, the medium set of fries or this drink -

this one actually has the most kilojoules. Nutritionist Joanna McMillen-Price says, while the juice has the healthiest content, it's also the most fattening. So there's really a meal in that drink?

It is. It is a meal. And look how big it is - and that's a regular size. But it's an enormous amount, and probably much bigger than you'd pour for yourself at home.

So portion size is really an issue with these sorts of foods. She says, in too many cases, the health claims which fill our supermarket shelves don't stack up.

Labelling can be quite misleading. This one is the light pasta and sauce, compared to the pasta and sauce. Now the difference in fat - this one's being advertised as being low fat, and this one is not.

Yet there's only one gram of fat difference between the two. Now, this is advertised as an avocado spread. But if I read out, the first ingredients are water, onions, vegetable oil and garlic - I haven't even got to any avocado, and avocado's about 10th down on the list. What advertisers fail to mention is that it only contains 1% of avocado.