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(generated from captions) Lawns are part of a special summer The free concerts on the Eucalypt soul and funk music from an array series celebrating jazz, blues, of local bands.

get up and dance, and parents got Kids needed no encouragement to into the swing. concerts will continue each Already a huge success, the February. weekend until the fifth of That's WIN News this Monday night. at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN

Good night This program is captioned live. of another senior politician. Depression claims the career accused of being soft on rioters. The Premier returns to work, out of the Australian Open. And Venus Williams

Good evening. and successful politicians One of the country's most senior has been forced to resign from debilitating depression. because he's suffering commended for his courage, WA Premier Geoff Gallop is being will further break down experts hoping him going public

about the illness. some of the myths and misconceptions decision to quit politics The reason behind Geoff Gallop's stunned even those closest to him. to inform you today It's my very difficult duty for depression. that I'm currently being treated Premier of WA for nearly five years, from from holidays today Gallop only returned sough expert help last week to inform his colleagues that he'd sought expert help last week

was stepping down as leader. and on advice from his doctors has always been 100% plus. My commitment to politics I now need that time and my wellbeing. to restore my health I totally admire his courage about his illness. in being so totally forthcoming Professor Ian Hickie Depression expert it's been extremely difficult - says for too long in positions of power - particularly for men as a problem. to publicly acknowledge depression as a pro lem.

of a watershed in Australia Hopefully, this represents something position saying, of someone in a high-profile "This is actually the problem," to fix the problem. and they are seeking health care to suffer depression - Gallop isn't the first politician John Brogden former NSW Opposition leader ormer N W pposition leader

among its victims - and Labor Senator Nick Sherry

and its sufferers cured. but doctors say it can be treated Allison Langdon, National Nine News. for Premier Morris Iemma today, There was no easing back into work stung into action by claims criminals of Middle Eastern descent. his government has gone soft on is sticking by the claims, Opposition leader Peter Debnam

of desperate politics with Mr Iemma accusing him new riot police. as he inspected the State's goes through its paces... The police riot squad missing from the police arsenal ..a show of force that was last month in the heat of the Cronulla riots. and heavily armed officers In future, these horses not defence. will be the first line of attack, be putting large contingents, We'll certainly of police out there a large field force and do what they need to do. with a clear mandate to go out there We're on the front foot. I mean, we've put our foot down a backwards step. and we're not gonna take isn't taking a backwards step either And the Opposition Leader failed to arrest the ethnic gangs from his criticism that police have after the Cronulla Beach riots. that carried out revenge attacks He says not enough of the Middle Eastern gang members are behind bars.

Not enough. There's 200 thugs - who should be in jail. 200 thugs on the streets of Sydney to go soft on ethnic gangs, The Premier denies he's told police

respect for police on the front line. accusing Mr Debnam of showing no in this fight. He's not. I'm on the side of the cops

with police but with the government, Peter Debnam says his fight is not by political correctness. which he says has been paralysed get 'em locked up. Get in their face, get 'em arrested, Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. is now considering The State Government over Sydney's beaches reinstating aerial patrols spotted dangerously close to surfers after several hammerhead sharks were at the weekend. wants helicopters in the air The lifesaving movement for the remainder of the summer, longer-term options. while authorities examine of a great white, They're not in the man-eating league but hammerheads are still dangerous. yesterday So this sighting from our helicopter for the Government. was a timely reminder the need for more aerial patrols. I'm not exactly acknowledging

and have it evaluated. I want to see the proposition public holiday off the South Coast. Shark spotters fly every weekend and This weekend alone, Illawarra-Shoalhaven beaches on the first patrol of on Saturday, 37 sharks. there've been none over city beaches. But since money ran out last summer, back in the sky. $100,000 would put them The sharks are there. there, because they certainly are. Nobody can say the sharks are not put forward by Surf Lifesaving A more costly proposal for the remainder of this summer. is to use helicopters There's no way of measuring been prevented by aerial patrols, how many, if any, shark attacks have those extra eyes in the sky but on Sunday, having warning of a potential danger. helped those in the water get early and headed for land. And most took it seriously you are taking some risk. If you swim in the sea, the waters on other strategies, A shark summit in April will test in almost 70 years of shark netting, but with one death to change a system there's a reluctance

is broken. the Government doesn't believe Dale Paget, National Nine News. with claims A Government inquiry has begun, Australia's biggest wheat exporter that senior officials from illegal multimillion-dollar payments must have known it was making when he was in power. to Saddam Hussein's regime program, which ultimately failed. It happened under the UN oil-for-food The commission of inquiry was set up thousands of companies worldwide after a UN investigation found imposed on Iraq had worked their way around sanctions in the wake of the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. Australia's AWB paid the most - $300 million funnelled through a phony trucking company, the Jordanian-based Alia - illicit payments to win wheat contracts. Little doubt remains that AWB made large numbers of payments to Alia

and these payments were in turn were channelled to the Iraqi regime. Alia was at least partially owned by Saddam Hussein's regime - a transport company that turned out to have no trucks.

It is inconceivable that the AWB could have paid fees of this magnitude in the absence of AWB's knowledge that Alia was not, in fact, providing that transport. And as for claims the AWB was somehow unaware of the backhand payments...

There are documents that fix AWB with the knowledge that the transport fee was a method of passing funds to Iraq. Money which was subsequently used to buy guns, bombs and bullets for use against allied and Australian troops in Iraq. The inquiry will last for a month but, much to the Opposition's annoyance, it won't be investigating whether any federal ministers knew of the illicit payments to Saddam Hussein's brutal regime. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Australia is about to go through the whole ID card debate again, with the Government to set up an inquiry into whether we need one. Attorney-General Philip Ruddock wants to investigate whether it would help fight fraud and the inquiry would have the support of the Federal Police Commissioner as well. Yes, we would, because we have a view to put forward id ntity security. particularly about identity security. Australia abandoned plans for an ID card 20 years ago

because of widespread opposition. The full extent of the carnage is only now starting to emerge from Australia's biggest corporate collapse since the HIH disaster. Thousands of small investors

could lose hundreds of millions of dollars, after property developer Westpoint hit breaking point. is one of the victims. Draughtsman Phil Baxter s one o he v ctims. The 61-year-old has lost $150,000 - his retirement savings plan is in ruin. Now I've lost somewhere between a third and a half of my investment. Baxter is among 4,000 investors who could lose up to $300 million in the Westpoint collapse. Most of that group's assets are in liquidation, or frozen by corporate watchdog ASIC. Investors in Westpoint have lost their money in something called 'mezzanine finance'. It's complex, but basically means they were looking for a higher return and were prepared to take a greater risk. Their money was an investment no bank would lend to the property developers and as a result was the first money also lost when the projects went sour. The schemes in liquidation include Sydney's historic Scots Church.

The church was smart, or had divine intervention.

It was paid $3 million just a month ago.

Unless we could get it, we either had to borrow money or not pay our own builder. But the investors' advisers might also have to face a higher authority. The advisers, they were there and they should have known better. Westpoint says its not over yet.

We believe it is in everybody's interests to complete these buildings and get maximum entitlements back to all investors. But for all Phil Baxter knows, he might be drawing plans for a few years longer. I'm still upset with it. I'm annoyed that it's going to upset our future plans. Ross Greenwood, National Nine News. The bodies of four Australians killed in last week's Cairo bus tragedy are on their way home tonight. 13 Aussie survivors remain in hospital, while some of those well enough to be discharged have returned to the crash scene, trying to look for answers.

It seemed as though there was nothing there, bar a few painful reminders of the crash. But for one survivor, a treasure. Deborah Quinert's best friend Kristy Olsen died in the accident. Today, among the debris, she found two beer bottles the pair had kept as souvenirs. She'll give one to Kristy's 10-year-old son. When we had dinner, we were drinking beer - 'cause we're Aussies. It had been a bit of a dry trip, but we loved the bottles 'cause they've got the Pyramids on them. For some, the visit was a step toward understanding what had happened. I think it's just about putting the pieces together and that's all we're gonna have is the pieces. We'll never have the whole story. At the wreath-laying ceremony - members of the Egyptian Government, police and church leaders. is facing four charges, including wrongful killing. Father of four Mahmoud Mohammed Hafez is facing four charges, including wrongful killing. If convicted he'll spend a maximum five years in jail. He earned just $70 a month as a tour bus driver. His family is distraught. By Egyptian standards, this road is considered extremely safe in dry conditions, but on the night of the crash, it had been raining. It's now up to the courts to decide if driver negligence was to blame or whether this was simply a tragic accident. In Cairo, Christine Spiteri, National Nine News. Simone Warne continues to rebuild her life after splitting from husband Shane, with new career opportunities and a fresh, positive outlook. Today, she bravely faced the cameras to launch a new website and handled difficult questions about her private life as expertly as an opening batsman. Her marriage is beyond repair, but Simone Warne clearly is good at fixing things. The 3-time house renovator going public to promote a website... I'm just getting on with life, I'm just enjoying the journey. ..and talk about Shane. We're good friends still. We'll always be friends, we've known each other for 15 years. Despite their very public break-up, the pair still share a home in Melbourne with their three children. It's nice to have him there for the kids. I mean, that's the best environment you can have with children is to have their mum and dad there - so while it works well for both of us, we will stay in the house.

And deal with their problems the best they can. We try not to get the kids too down about it. You know, we don't discuss things around them or anything like that. So, you know, they just want love they just want attention so that's what we're there for. She says she hopes Shane doesn't give up cricket for the family.

But she has one wish for herself - to have better year than 2005. Just to be happy and sort of fulfil maybe a few of the dreams that I had

and now they're sort of coming to fruition. Nina Stevens, National Nine News. In the news ahead - drivers continue to use the M7, toll and all. And why everything Aussie rules in Los Angeles.


Around here, we like to keep things simple. Like new OptusOne - bringing your home phone and mobile together. For $99 a month,

you get up to $120 of value on your mobile, up to $120 of calls within Australia and overseas,

and up to 150 local calls on your home phone. Plus: All you have to do is call. (Both sing) # Give me the simple life, yeah! # The Sydney Opera House has been officially nominated for a World Heritage listing. Government ministers today signed off on the submission forms, which will now be sent to the heritage committee in Paris. It's a work of creative genius on a harbour that's arguably the best in the world. But we'll have to wait until at least June before finding out if our national icon makes the cut. It's been business as usual today on the new M7 motorway even though the toll-free period is over. 137,000 cars a day have been using the road and the operators are not expecting that number to drop even though drivers now have to pay.

Morning traffic on the M7 and despite the tolls being turned on, it's as popular as ever. I think it's fabulous. I think it's the best thing they've ever done for our area. Four weeks of toll-free o 137,000 drivers use it daily. has seen an average of 137,000 drivers use it daily. Having the toll-free period's given the people the opportunity to try it out, see how it works, see where they get on and off and that's been very successful. The congestion on the roads around the M7 are also very good. In addition, 4,000 requests for these new E-tags are made every day. We've been thrilled with the response. We think it's been terrific. The number of drivers using the M7 since tolls began won't be known until Friday. But authorities monitoring Sydney's traffic network

say there doesn't appear to be any significant drop in numbers. Because drivers only pay for distance travelled - 29.6 cents a kilometre - a problem has emerged for cab drivers, who must calculate how much extra to charge passengers. With no automatic system, they'll carry these price cards, matching motorway entry and exit points with a corresponding cost. We would ask the passengers to be patient with drivers as they learn how to use the card and make to sure they don't - they charge the correct fee. Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News.

After a journey of nearly seven years, a NASA space probe has returned safely to Earth, carrying what may be the secret to creation. MISSION CONTROL: We have touchdown. APPLAUSE On board the 'Stardust' capsule is perhaps a teaspoon of cosmic dust, collected from a comet that was formed 4.5 billion years ago. It's thought the particles might shed new light on the birth of the solar system. It's been a long time since Paul Hogan threw a prawn on the barbie, but Australia is still the flavour of the month in America.

Everything good about Australia is being showcased in Los Angeles this week and Hollywood can't get enough of footy, Foster's and fair dinkum. Steve Irwin, without doubt the best-known Aussie in America, did his bit promoting Australia. Mate, as soon as you get out of the airplane, fair dinkum, there's kangaroos jumping everywhere... They actually get to hear, see and smell something from Australia. To Americans, this game is just plain weird -

and cheered, but they came along anyway watching Sydney play the Kangaroos. No-one seriously believes of becoming a major sport in America, that AFL has a chance here, people are talking but still, seeing such a unique game and they're talking about Australia. Last year's event, $5 million worth of product we sold something like immediately afterwards. Kangaroos! Yes! but really for the Australians here The Roos eventually downed the Swans, that this is what we're all about. it was all about showing the Yanks National Nine News. In Los Angeles, Robert Penfold, Ken with sport is next, of the Australia Open? and already, Venus Williams is out Eliminated by a Bulgarian teenager. Also, Jelena Dokic fails to get past the first round. And Adam Gilchrist ordered to take some R and R. CRASH! a truckload of cash! So you could win HORN BLARES jackpot. $10 million Oz Lotto's Don't miss

the greatest price... # SONG: # We'll do it! If you need some new electrical goods? Need to get hold of Retravision will beat During January, any competitor's advertised price cordless phones, on quality fridges, TVs and microwaves. Retravision will beat any competitor's advertised price on dishwashers and DVD recorders.

any competitor beat us Retravision simply won't let or any electrical appliance. on notebooks, cameras Retravision will beat any competitor's advertised price. we'll do it. # SONG: # At Retravision, one of its star attractions, The Australian Open has already lost Williams a shock first-round loser. with reigning Wimbledon champ Venus

at the Rod Laver Arena. They lined and tuned up (Sings) Day one brought plenty of expectation who they were there for. even if some couldn't remember that played at the Hopman Cup? Ferguson and what was her name, must have been wondering Venus Williams who the hell was Tszvetana Pironkova. Against the 18-year-old qualifier, lost the second 6-love the Wimbledon champ in the third. and she knew she was in major trouble The Bulgarian kept her cool cut down her errors. while Williams couldn't unfo ced mistakes In all she made more than 60 unforced mistakes

court went wild. and on match point the Vodaphone by an upset! COMMENTATOR: And Paronkova wins about how the crowd would greet her, If Jelena Dokic was worried she needn't have. Welcome home! since she'd heard the Aussie chant It had been five years at Melbourne Park was welcomed home too. and that forehand Forced to take chances in the second, glued her game back together. Virginie Razzano But Dokic fought back only to have the call over-ruled. and believed she'd won the match but it was awfully close. I got a feeling it was out out of the Dokic game. It took the wind in just 26 minutes. Razzano winning the third And she's done it! his tricks in a first-round scare, And David Nalbandian needed all taken to five sets Danai Udomchoke of Thailand. by little-known qualifier Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. one-day side for the next two games, Adam Gilchrist is out of Australia's as his worrying slump continues. selectors resting him He'll be replaced by Brad Haddin.

been charged with dissent. Gilchrist has also Arriving home in Perth, was keeping his thoughts to himself. the usually happy-go-lucky Gilchrist MAN: OK, Gilly? What happened? Yep. I dunno, mate. But his form is a major concern - continuing a jaw-dropping slump yesterday's first-ball duck runs in his past five one-day games. that has seen Gilchrist score just 24 like a little bit tired He looks to me if he's in good form, and Adam Gilchrist doesn't get tired so now that he's tired, worry or two about his form. it means he's probably got a mental dropped for good, Healy doesn't want Gilchrist but has backed the decision Brad Haddin just in case to bring on big-hitting Blues keeper as they freshen Gilly up And he's gonna get some games be jogging on the spot, and he should just get ready, thrown at him. because he might have a World Cup backed up his brilliant batting Last night, the in-form Mike Hussey for catch of the summer. with this contender That is an absolute ripper! COMMENTATOR: Oh, he does! was like a panther in the field. And Andrew Symonds Dippenaar should have been gone. That's out! the third umpire infuriated Symonds But Aleem Dar's decision not to go to just wouldn't let it rest, and Gilchrist with match officials bad blood again spilling over as South Africa sounded a warning. It's right at the second tier! Home, with seven balls to spare. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Haile Gebrselassie In America, the amazing for the half marathon has broken the world record

by a staggering 21 seconds. The 32-year-old from Ethiopia over 10,000m and double Olympic champion adding another chapter to his legend. ran a time of 58:55:00,

And he wouldn't blow out a candle!

You reckon you and I will ever look

much. that thin? We'd miss out on too

and Jaynie Seal with the weather. After the break, finance

Internet betting exchange, Betfair, In business news, Australia's first by the Tasmanian Gaming Commission has been granted a licence and will open next month. Betfair's partner in the venture. That pushed up PBL shares, plunged after a profit warning. Hospital operator Healthscope

with all the weather. And now here's Jaynie

this morning Wild storms woke us up Thanks Mike.

with severe storm warnings and there is plenty more on the way across the State, including Sydney. in the west The radar shows the heavier falls has picked up 100mm and the great news is Goulbourn

of the catchments. and is falling over the southern end

and it's now a muggy 25 degrees. Back to Sydney making it 26 today, 1 over the average 38mm from last night's rain. and it's not over yet. Avalon the heaviest with 72 On the satellite widespread cloud over the tropics is from a monsoon trough bringing heavy rain and storms. Our storms will be scattered tonight from a line in the north-west to the central and south-east corner, with isolated showers elsewhere. A southerly change will charge through NSW tomorrow ending up in the Hunter by the evening. Rain and storms along this change, hot and humid day ahead of it.

The rain and storms will stick around tomorrow so pack your raincoat. The change is due in around 6pm with wild and gusty winds.

So maybe not your umbrella. A muggy night, then a warmer day tomorrow Up to 29 in the city and 31 for the west with more generous falls. Cooling down on Wednesday, 25 with more heavy falls and south-easterly winds. Staying humid for most of the week and drying up just in time for the weekend, Mike.

And that's it from our team here at National Nine News this Monday. From all of us here, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre

The welfare cheat even ripping off his own daughter,

paying just $6 a week in child support. Also tonight - sharks - why so many swimmers aren't as safe as they think. Plus, the family no town wants,

because of the way they live and constant trouble with the law. And c mpulsor school wei h-ins And compulsory school weigh-ins driving children to dangerous weight loss. This program is captioned live. Hi, I'm Ellen Fanning. Welcome to A Current Affair. For months, Government ads have been trumpeting welfare changes that supposedly make the system a whole lot fairer, and supposedly make it harder for cheats to rip off taxpayers. But for all that, this bloke is still getting away with it. To everyone else he's a great dad. But that's not the real story?

No, he is very deceptive, he's living a lie every day.

I get really angry 'cause I think he's her parent as well and should at least show some amount of responsibility. Hey, hey, don't touch me, I'm just trying to ask you some simple questions.

No, mate. No comment. Sam Moustakas takes home $1,000 a week, but he pays less than 1% of his income in child support. There's weeks where I've got only $5 left and I've got to come up with tricky ways of putting dinner on the table. You're collecting a disability pension and working full-time.

Is that right? No. Phebe and ex-husband Sam suffer from a blood condition that requires blood transfusions and daily injections. Both work full-time. The difference is, Sam double-dips, also picking up a disability pension. You get $1,000 cash in hand and guess what you give and uess what you give to your daughter to support her? Six lousy dollars. You're def auding Centrelink, You're defrauding Centrelink, defrauding the taxpayer

and you're defrauding your daughter.

What have you got to say for yourself? Openly cheating the system and gloating about it.

He's quite proud of himself.