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(generated from captions) flight instructor Brian Scoffell It's believed survivor and senior saved a passenger's life moments before impact. by pushing her from the plane that she may have been near the door Conjecture is

or, if not thrown out, as soon as the plane hit the water. then able to get out

Among the bodies pulled from the dam,

the flight as a 40th birthday present a Gold Coast woman who'd been given and two English tourists, Irish parachuting instructor along with a 34-year-old from Ireland. who's parents are flying in of the single-engine Cessna The wreckage holds the key to what happened. Investigators moved quickly today before it was clear of the water. heading straight for the engine even from the front of the aircraft A puff of smoke was seen coming just before the crash. some major problem with the engine That would suggest there's been

and its systems. of the plane's impact on the water. The damaged fuselage shows the force No, it's quite extensive

that someone actually got out. and, as you said, it's amazing Problems with a similar engine tragedy were blamed for the Whyalla Airlines South Australia nearly six years ago. which killed all 8 people in too soon to link the two disasters. But air safety investigators say it's what has caused the failure We cannot presume to know as some folk have done, and to try and link it, failure mode of those engines, with the Whyalla Airlines disaster, is very premature. Nick Way, Ten News. a number of homes from a bushfire Rural firefighters have saved this evening. in Western New South Wales Strong winds drove the fire 300 hectares of dry pastures through more than

near Boorowa township. to property and sheds Farmers are assessing the damage but all homes in the area are safe. extra crews from across the State The Rural Fire Service has called in any spot fires overnight. to help in mopping up Arsonists have been put on notice -

they'll face up to 14 years jail in New South Wales. if caught starting bushfires The warning came from the Premier

in the worst affected areas whose been visiting communities north of Sydney. on the Central Coast, The Premier and Fire Commissioner Operations Centre this morning. met at the Gosford Emergency just kilometres away. The firefront smouldering

and clearing Firefighters back burning

tomorrow. in the face of worsening conditions on the coast at Kariong, Mount White Four separate fires are burning

and Alison Point. sky crane were called in to help. Today five additional crews and

This was only the first of major episodes. in what might be dozens firefighters for their courage The Premier using the visit to thank and professionalism. by volunteers It was house to house combat and the Rural Fire Service and indeed, lives. to save people's properties the worst-affected areas, Mr Iemma toured

whose homes were burnt to the ground. extending his sympathies to those The Government presence welcomed the fire could return. but residents are wary We are very concerned as residents. tinder and the danger is not over. As you can see, there's a lot of dry and it could go up again. We're early in the fire season on Sunday are still on duty. Even those who lost their cars about his burnt-out shell. Fireman Michael Dean philosophical It's just a car. looked after us already so far. It can be replaced and the RFS have who lost their cars Some good news for the firefighters in the New Year's day fires, from the government they've already received hire cars

their claims. while WorkCover is processing for the Central Coast tomorrow. A very high fire danger is forecast Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. a bushfire Firefighters have finally controlled near Stawell, in Victoria. that destroyed seven homes worked around the clock Emergency crews around the fire to set up control lines

as it burned through 9,000 hectares. but brigades remain on high alert The blaze is contained of more extreme weather on the way. with the possibility Concern tonight for medicines at the chemist. we could soon be paying more

looks set to abandon a key safeguard The Federal Government with the United States. in the free trade deal was home on the range today, Acting Prime Minister Mark Vaile free trade agreement with the US. contemplating a review of our to scrap an amendment to the deal The big pharmaceutical companies want for cheaper generic drugs. which protects access to accept the amendment back in 2004. Labor forced the Government

necessary in the first place We didn't believe that it was wanted to move these amendments when the Labor Party in place in Australia because we have other mechanisms of so-called evergreening. that guard against this issue some pharmaceutical companies Evergreening is how

to block the cheaper substitutes. extend the life of their patents We've got the Howard Government

United States drug companies. siding with the big

the issue at the review in March, The US Administration is set to raise but Mark Vaile insists will not push up prices. any scrapping of the amendment will argue While the Australian Government

was never needed in the first place, that the Labor amendment under pressure from US industry its removal will again reignite the debate for Australian consumers. about the merits of the deal is convinced One ANU health researcher the scrapping of the Labor amendment

medicine prices up. will eventually force companies in the US The agenda of the pharmaceutical of health system they have is to make us have the same sort with the same sort of high prices. I can assure you

of generics into this country, it is not going to delay the entry increase the price. nor is it going to want the amendment removed The pharmaceutical companies investment uncertainty. because they say it creates Greg Turnbull, Ten News. A sad loss for Australian sport -

of rugby league legend Steve Rogers. the sudden death there are no suspicious circumstances Police say has yet to be confirmed. but the cause of death of one of Cronulla's favourite sons. A tragic end to the life Steve Rogers's body found on a landing outside his unit by a concerned relative. Nearby Cronulla Beach lifeguards called in to help. I checked his pulse straightaway on arrival and put the defibrillator on him and there was no sign of life at all so obviously been there for a while, by other visible signs. Rogers's death stunning the rugby league world. A goal-kicking centre, he played with distinction for Cronulla, St George, NSW and Australia, his career spanning 13 seasons. Steve Rogers was one of those guys who only comes along once.

Just a real humble bloke. Absolute legend of the game, but just a very down-to-earth fellow. It brought so much joy to his life, the game of rugby league,

and I think we'll remember that more than anything else. He's probably one of the greatest, if not the greatest centre that's played the game. He'll never be given the credit for just how good he was. Although he finished his playing career elsewhere, Steve Rogers was Cronulla to the core.

As an 18-year-old he played in the Shark's first grand final, in 1973, losing another decider with the Sharks in 1978. His personal triumphs including rugby league's highest individual honour. As Cronulla's chief executive, he was still working towards the club's elusive goal of a maiden premiership. I'm a firm believer it'll make people much stronger for him

so I can't say much more. Rogers's sudden death devastating his three children,

including former league star and current Australian rugby union player Mat. I've just left Mat down there. He's lost his mum and his dad in the space of four years. He's in a state of shock. Steve Rogers was 51. Leanne West, Ten News. Shane Warne's set to pay the price for his marital infidelities. Wife Simone has negotiated a reported $10 million divorce deal, but the couple will continue living under the same roof. The ink almost dry

on the multimillion-dollar divorce settlement, Simone Warne drove into her luxury bayside home in a shiny new BMW. In a paid exclusive magazine interview, Mrs Warne has revealed

her husband's philandering took its toll.

There was the alleged affair with a British nurse,

rumoured liaisons with a Melbourne stripper and more recently, a string of women just weeks after his move to England.

After years of scandalous headlines, Simone says the marriage is now definitely over. Today the only talking the Spin King was doing was on the SCG.

But he made an appeal for one last chance at reconciliation on his return to Australia last September. That's on the agenda, yeah. We've got lots of things to talk about. That's one of the things, whether we can or we can't. It was turned down. Despite Shane's infidelities, single mum Simone says she maintains a healthy relationship with the cricketer. For the benefit of their three children, she's revealed the pair will continue to share the family home

for the few months a year the spinner spends in Australia. A television career now beckons.

Gerard Scholten, Ten News. After the break - a desperate search continues for anyone who might have survived this ice rink disaster. And has this Australian icon got what it takes to be named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World?

Rescue teams are still digging into the rubble of a collapsed skating rink in Germany, hoping against hope there may be more survivors. But hope is all but gone as they battle constant heavy snow.

They've managed to stabilise the roof, believed to have collapsed under the weight of the snow. Six bodies have been retrieved and four others located, but rescuers are frantically searching in case others may be buried alive. At least four of the dead are children. A harsh reality has hit former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein. He's told his lawyers he expects to be sentenced to death for war crimes

and wants to die by firing squad not hanging. But he's maintaining his innocence over the massacre of 140 people in 1982 and praised the insurgents who are continuing to fight in his name. WA justice officials have been forced to apologise after a jailed killer sent his victim's family a chilling Christmas message. The mother of the murdered teenager says she's outraged

the letter was allowed to slip through the prison mail system. "If you remember me as a child, when I walked on by, "I never intended to bring any harm to anyone. "And if you would like to know the full story, I got set up." The words of convicted killer Troy Keyte, penned from his WA prison cell. "Love, Troy. Write back if you can. Merry Christmas 2005."

The letter should never have made it to the Mahon family's home. Keyte murdered Veronica Mahon's 17-year-old daughter Natasha by wrapping cling-wrap around her head as she slept.

He's due for parole in just over four years. That's something we are scared to deal with, coming down the track, to know he's going to get out. And then all of a sudden to have a letter appear, you know, it was heart-wrenching. Keyte addressed the letter to the attention of a friend of Natasha's eldest sister, Rosina. When I opened the letter, it was basically addressed to me anyway. And I thought that was a sneaky way and scamming to get it out. The family say they have been let down by the justice system. Their 21-year-old daughter Ashleigh was also murdered by a criminal on parole. The Department has apologised to the family and has now blocked the Mahons' address from any more correspondence.

To physically read 200,000 letters-plus, per year, then, I'm sorry, I just don't have the resources to do so at this point in time. It is too late for us, you know It just brings back all the bad memories and the pain and sorrow, and just to think of him, and to think what he can do. He's behind bars but he's still inflicting pain and suffering. Jacinda Birch, Ten News. A new and high accolade tonight for an Australian icon.

The Sydney Opera House is in the running to be named one of the New Seven Wonders of the World. The Sydney Opera House has always given Australia plenty to sing about.

But now it's been short-listed for one of the new seven man-made wonders of the world. We have a global recognition factor of 4 billion people around the globe and we are one of the best-loved buildings.

But today at the House opinions were mixed as to whether it could beat out the other 20 finalists including India's Taj Mahal and Italy's Colosseum. in over the Colosseum? So you wouldn't put the Opera House I'm sorry about it. No. I'm afraid not. Then there's France's Eiffel Tower, the Great Wall of China. short-listed along with it's very excellent. I find it's very beautiful,

as the Great Wall of China? Is it as good Yeah. in the United Kingdom, Or should it place above Stonehenge, the Statue of Liberty? or America's emblem of freedom, I think it's beautiful. The Opera House, though, I don't know. Compared to the Statue of Liberty, wins out on that one. I think the Statue of Liberty and came back again, Came here last year

still walking around it, nice place. The list was last compiled in 200 BC, Ancient Wonder still standing. the Great Pyramid at Giza the only With 4.5 million visitors annually, we're in with a good chance Opera House visitors believe if we've made the final cut but we won't find out until the end of the year. a good go. I think Sydney should have

with modern architecture. The only one And the locals think we've already got it won. (All sing) # We are the champions of the world. #

Ali Donaldson, Ten News.

a side effect not revealed before. New research into the pill pinpoints The details when we come back. And in Sports Tonight - in the third Test. South Africa on top

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This program is captioned live. A warning tonight from the contraceptive pill. on a possible side effect An American study has found a woman's sex drive. it could permanently destroy that changed the world, It's the little pill

giving women untold freedom. using it, But for the 100 million women the University of Boston suggests research from it could also ruin your love life, permanently. decreasing a woman's sexual desire has contradicted earlier work The new study after stopping the pill suggesting even a year of a libido-lowering chemical. the body retains massive levels That's surprised Australian experts. do lose their libido on the pill. A small number of women of such affected women. I've seen hundreds back usually within three months. You stop the pill, the libido comes

get scared and stop taking the pill. Doctors insist women shouldn't because you might get pregnant. Oh, don't do that,

That's the first thing. over the issue of abortion, And adding to controversy Christchurch School of Medicine researchers at New Zealand's who undergo abortions have found young women health problems later in life. face an increased risk of mental The study of 500 women found who had an abortion by age 25 nearly half of the women were left with depression. higher rates of depression, anxiety, What we found was that they had suicidal thoughts. to abuse drugs and alcohol, Those women were more likely but Australian authorities say the women chose to have an abortion the study didn't look at why in the first place. but I think we need more research Oh, I take it seriously in which these abortions were done. to look at the context Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Julia Lee. At Commonwealth Securities, are creeping up again. And oil prices

Petrol prices have climbed for the third consecutive week. third consecutive week. Last week, Petrol prices have climbed for the

the average price of unleaded

petrol stood at

115.5 cents and with oil prices risi

again, it doesn't look like relief

for motorists soon. And big winners

on the stock exchange today? It's

been a great day for Australian

miners. Higher gold-based prices

and oil prices have meant a stellar

performance and record prices for

BHP Billiton and petroleum and

Xinofex so it looks like the great BHP Billiton and petroleum and

year of 2005 has continued into Xinofex so it looks like the great

year of 2005 has continued into

2006. Ats been a great day on the year of 2005 has continued into

Australian share market.

Thank you Julia Lee at Commonwealth securities. Australian marine scientists an historic test tube birth. are celebrating a baby leopard shark They've successfully nurtured in an artificial casing. She's one lucky little leopard shark.

The tiny premature predator gestation period in a test tube. has spent the last month of her

It's similar to a humidicrib, but for baby sharks. still in their egg cases, So, unlike her siblings of the world the pup's had a sneak peek before her official birthday. It's an unusual thing to do we wouldn't try and do that. and normally to let nature take its course. It's much better But when the egg casing was damaged, Reef HQ Aquarium the team at Townsville's for leopard sharks, attempted an Australian first transferring the embryo a controlled tropical water climate. into a tube suspended in Very delicate procedure. It took us quite a while to transfer her successfully making sure we didn't damage the yolk sac. Most sharks give birth to live young. Those spawned from eggs feed from a yolk sac similar to a chicken. With her yolk sac fully absorbed today, the special pup was finally allowed out. No fighting out of a shell, no thrashing or swimming about, just a helpful nudge out of her open-ended cocoon, marking the first successful birth for proud parents Leo and Leonie. The plan is to keep the baby shark here at the aquarium,

but it'll be a few years before she joins mum and dad. This is the predator tank, which is no place for a young and tasty shark. The docile leopard shark is a popular choice for public aquariums so she'll be highly sought-after. haven't picked a name yet Aquarium staff from the public. and are open to suggestions Brett Clappis, Ten News.

Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. The weather's next and then it's the International Cricket Council. Rob, Brett Lee in trouble with for dissent tonight Deb, Lee was officially reprimanded by umpire Aleem Dar yesterday. after questioning an lbw decision Hewitt's on court in Adelaide. And the Liverpool's streak ends. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Half or full? becoming too much? Is the cost of driving your car your comprehensive car insurance. Switch to AAMI for a low price on SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. #

on the national weather front. Now to the latest building around the Tropics The satellite's showing cloud across southern Western Australia with thick cover with more cloud crossing Tasmania. into South Australia On the synoptic chart - a low and trough moves into Western Australia while another lies over the north-east of New South Wales and south-east Queensland and a high passes south of the continent. So tomorrow should see mostly cloudy conditions around Cairns. Thunderstorms in Brisbane. Clearing showers for Sydney Increasing sunshine in Canberra. Windy and wet for Hobart. Mostly sunny in Melbourne, Adelaide and Perth. Late thunderstorms in the Top End. Cloud increasing around the Centre. It looks like being a great year for man's best friend,

in some Asian nations anyway. It's the Year of the Dog in the Chinese calendar and South Korea's pooches are really getting pampered. Dressed in traditional finery, these lucky pups were made a right royal fuss over.

While some were taken for a walk in the park, others did the taking, hauling with young masters and mistresses around. One store without a canine in sight, made its flowers look like dogs to help customers wish for good luck and health in the coming year.

And that's the latest from Ten News. Don't go away though, all the days sporting action is next with Rob Canning and Sports Tonight. I'm Deborah Knight, thanks for your company. From the Late News team, goodnight. Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre.

This program is captioned live. Tonight - Brett Lee faces a disciplinary hearing. Lleyton Hewitt faces Jan Hernych. And old faces, new faces - the countdown is on to AFL 2006. Hello. I'm Rob Canning.

This is Sports Tonight where you'll get all the latest from here and overseas. The Reds run comes to an end. Aussie Andy on top in the Paris to Dakar. And toughing it out in the round-the-world yacht race. Australian paceman Brett Lee has been officially reprimanded after being found guilty of showing dissent towards umpire Aleem dar. Lee's reaction to a 'not out' decision during yesterday's play

was deemed inappropriate by the International Cricket Council. To make matters worse, Australia is in all sorts of trouble at stumps on day two. Controversy over Australia's appealing refuses to go away. Brett Lee charged with dissent after umpire Aleem Dar turned down a confident cry on Jaques Kallis yesterday. No, I need to know a reason why it wasn't out. While Lee didn't stop asking the question on day two, he was holding his tongue after yet another knockback. COMMENTATOR: Well, it's a kitten's whisker if it's gone past leg stump. Kallis copping the brunt of Lee's frustration. He's nearly ripped his head off. The all-rounder first to triple figures in a record 219-run fourth-wicket stand against Australia. That will do it. Places that beautifully. Ashwell Prince's first ton against the Aussies just as special.

There's a shot at the stumps. He's home. That is a magnificent century. Kallis on 111, the only man out in the opening session. He does not drop catches! Prince departing for 119 when Warne turned it a mile.

He's given him out! One tough one followed by another on a difficult day for the umps.

Mark Boucher given out after hitting the ball into the pitch.

Warne's appeals reaching fever pitch in the middle session. Jaques Rudolph chipping in with 38 before falling to Glenn McGrath. First-gamer Johan Botha and Shaun Pollock taking the total beyond 400. The rookie sending McGrath and Warne to the fence. A smiling declaration coming on 9/451. Matthew Hayden an early casualty of a tricky hour before stumps. Got him! Inside edge. Justin Langer on 25 adding to Australia's woes, chasing a huge total. Ricky Ponting passed 8,000 runs in his 100th Test but there'll be no celebrations. His Aussies reeling at 3/54 with Brad Hodge dismissed last ball of the day. Three wickets down and Australia trails South Africa by a whopping 397 runs. Another Mike Hussey miracle is needed when he joins Ricky Ponting in the middle tomorrow. Despite Kallis' second century against Australia, he's in doubt for the upcoming one-day series because of a reoccuring elbow injury. A welcome sight for tennis fans tonight with Lleyton Hewitt and Mark Philippoussis winning their opening matches at the Adelaide International, though both players were tested in their first hit out of the year.

He won his first professional title in Adelaide. And new dad Lleyton Hewitt was ready to win again at home after a 4-month break. Though there were some cobwebs to shake out, the world No 4 double-faulted to lose the first game against January Hernych. He dropped his serve once more in the first set going down 6-4. It was a different story in the second, Hewitt finding his rhythm and dominating the Czech to take the set 6-2. He was all business in the third, cruising home 6-4 to book a second round clash with German Philipp Kohlschreiber.

It felt like a got better and

better as the match went on. There

was a period towards the end of the

first set where I felt like I was

starting to turn things around and

early in the second set, I started hitting the ball early in the second set, I started hitting the ball better and dictating more. Earlier today, Mark Philippoussis relished his return to the court against American, Vince Spadea. The first match is always going to be tough. It's just good to be back into the court and get that monkey that turns into a gorilla off my back. Not everything went to plan for the former world No 8. After taking the first set 6-4, the scud misfired in the second. Spadea wins the set 6-3. With his father, Nick and bride-to-be Alexis Barbara looking on, Philippoussis dug deep, 6-4 in the third and that was the match. The only thing I've got to prove is to myself. I don't have any interest proving myself to anyone else. It's the Victorian's first singles win in Australia since 2003. That'll do the Scud's confidence a lot of good, through in three sets. A scare for Lleyton, but in the end he did it pretty easily. Earlier today, James Blake cruised into the second round. British rising star Andy Murray also advanced.

Australia has taken a vital 1-0 lead in its Hopman Cup tie against The Netherlands in Perth. Sam Stosur beating 16-year-old Michaela Krajicek. Desperate for victory after a first-up loss to Germany and Sam Stosur gave the hosts the perfect start. gifting Stosur the early break A nervous Michaella Krajicek

with three double faults. of apprehension. The Aussie showing no signs

behind the baseline COMMENTATOR: Oh, from metres he plays a powerful overhead.

did manage to break back Although the 16-year-old to stay in the set. proving her undoing. It was yet another double fault champ Richard Krajicek The sister of 1996 Wimbledon runs in the family. proving big serving Oh, just starting to crank up now.

to wear the Australian down The 16-year-old was beginning to set up a match point. but Stosur hung on An incorrect line official's call cost Stosur the chance to close out the match. But she didn't have to wait long. Yes, it's in. Two from two for Sam Stosur. In the day session it was world number 18 Svetlana Kuznetsova getting her first hit-out at the Cup, handing American Lisa Raymond her second defeat in three days.

Power and precision down the line. But as he did in the first rubber Taylor Dent came to the rescue, blowing Yuri Schukin off the court. The deciding mixed doubles tight early before the American's found top gear. The Americans now appear set to finish on top of Group A

after back-to-back wins. round robin match on Friday. They'll take on Sweden in the final the perfect start Stousr has given the Aussies against the Netherlands tonight. In the men's singles Todd Reid Peter Wessels. is currently up against tennis today was unfortunate, Jelena Dokic's return to professional Julia Schruff losing to unseeded German of the Auckland Classic. in the first round since last May, In her first WTA tournament

Dokic showed glimpses of the skills in the world, that once had her ranked fourth but more work is needed. it was getting closer to winning. I was 6-5 up in the second and I just got really nervous. of matches. I think that's just a lack

to next week's Canberra International The 22-year-old will now turn ahead of the Australian Open. for more match practice

to shine in her comeback Meanwhile, Martina Hingis continued championships. at the Australian Women's Hardcourt

The former Australian Open winner Tatiana Golovin teamed up with Frenchwoman of the women's doubles. in the first round CROWD CHEERS.

Olympic gold medal pairing, They easily accounted for China's

winning in straight sets, 6-1, 6-4. Ting Li and Tiantian Sun, is continuing to come to terms The rugby league world of Cronulla legend Steve Rogers. with the sudden death The 51-year-old's body at his home early this morning. was found by a relative for his beloved Sharks, A veteran of 202 matches

at just 51 friends made through rugby league Rogers's passing has left lifelong in deep shock. Tragic loss to the Sharks. He was our greatest ever Shark. Just over four years after losing his wife Carol to cancer the man affectionately known as 'Sludge' passed away days after returning home from a European holiday. He's remembered for his damaging ball running and pinpoint goal kicking.

But today friends were mourning a good bloke. He was always having a laugh, he was easy to get along with. Sludge was just someone everyone loved. a likeable guy, a likeable character. Steve Rogers was a man's man, he was great company on and off the football field. Steve Rogers 18 years of age, and he's this year's sensation, number 3. Just 18 when he burst onto the scene in 1973, Rogers was always headed for bigger things. is a magnificent run by Rogers. He's gapped them completely, this just how good he was, He'll never be given the credit for with Gasnier and Maninga and I'd throw him up there than all of them. I think he was just about better In a career spanning 13 seasons, Rogers played 20 matches for NSW. 51 times. He donned the green and gold

a great family person He was a great guy, and everything. and a great rugby league player He was the package. so dearly at the time of his passing, General manager of the club he loved

insists the show must go on. Sharks coach Stuart Raper session tomorrow. It's gonna be a very sombre training tomorrow, We are gonna be business as usual that Steve would want it I think that's the way

I think in honour of Steve and that's the way but it's gonna be very tough. to get back into training, by his second wife Ingrid, Rogers is survived and daughter Melanie. sons Mat and Don Sydney coach Paul Roos has put his reigning premiers through a punishing 2-hour training session, 12 days out from their exhibition game

against the Kangaroos in Los Angeles.

the trip to the US is not a vacation. Roos is keen to ensure may only be a US exhibition Their next game but that hasn't stopped Paul Roos to breaking point. from pushing the reigning champs five days a week. We're pretty much back The guys are doing everything now.

A gruelling session today

from their Christmas break. welcoming the Swans back

Being away for a couple of weeks, they've all gone to their different homes and seen different friends and family and those sorts of things so mentally it's a big break over the Christmas period, which is important. On the other side of the country, all eyes have been on Chris Judd's preseason. He's finding little things he can add to his game. He's working on his marking a lot more this year. That's something he wants to improve. I think he can see what's gonna happen next year. There might be opportunity for him to push forward and you're going to be in a lot more one-on-one contests in that situation. The star midfielder's fitness is at an all-time high and he's being groomed for a new role in 2006. Judd might be pushed a little bit deeper. not taken up by one specific player, Because we got that position we can rotate through that position. Like you said in the forward pocket a lot more. that might mean you find Judd

the only notable absentee Michael Gardiner first post-Christmas session. from the Eagles' If he's up and ready to go he'll be a strong chance to play. Whether he plays with us and plays in their preseason games, or goes back to Claremont we'll wait and see. have also hit the ground running The Crows Christmas refreshed and focused. with Neil Craig returning from with our guys - He's just trying to emphasis

to the oldest - from the youngest guy on the track to perform on the track everybody is expected

and age is never a barrier. This is Sports Tonight. Time for a break but don't fret, we'll be back. The Victory hold onto Archie for now.

Baden's pumped for the Bay Classic.

And records under fire at the new Commonwealth Games pool.

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for your chance to win. address and phone number. Enter now has tightened their grip The Melbourne Victory

Archie Thompson, on number one striker,

as Dutch Giants PSV Eindhoven circle the 28-year-old. Victory officials say they're yet to receive a formal offer for Thompson but even if they did he's going no-where for now. If as expected, PSV Eindhoven make a play for Archie Thompson.

the Victory seem certain of one thing - that their top striker will be going nowhere until after the A-League season is finished.

Archie is with us for the rest of the year. The relationship of Melbourne Victory and its marquee player has very much been win-win for both parties. Archie Thompson's ability to terrorise defences