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(generated from captions) very quite moderated approach. incumbent now we have to take a what about the 365 days ahead? And when the celebrations wrap up make any new year's resolutions. Any new year's resolutions? Not to can I save some more money? How I've just got standard ones. How I be a better mate? can I get a bit fitter and how can Probably to be good Canberra for 2005. That's the last WIN News from at The headlines are on our website local stories weeknights at 6. Join us again in 2006 for all the

New Year's weekend. Good night. This program is captioned live. retreat. The Packers gather at their family with scorching weather forecast. A fire ban ordered, for New Year's Eve. And police prepared Good evening. Also tonight - what are the odds? Sister jockeys finish in a dead heat. Kerry Packer has been described But first, in the past few days

and "a giant of an Australian". as "larger than life" a husband and father. Today, he was simply has been held It's believed a funeral service property near Scone - on the family's picturesque and just the way he wanted it. intimate, private Ros Packer must have dreaded. His wife for 42 years, it was the day

since her husband's death, Seen publicly for the first time through a back entrance. Mrs Packer left her mansion left on his own, Out the front, her son James the rest of the family set off while two limousines carrying journey to say their final goodbye. on what would be the start of a long They travelled to Sydney airport - her partner Shane Murray, Gretel, along with Erica Baxter, James and his girlfriend, for the 50-minute flight boarding a helicopter

near Scone. to their country retreat, Ellerston, driving onto the property. Later, a hearse was seen for a service. It seemed an appropriate venue to Kerry Packer's heart Ellerston was close number one polo facility. after he turned it into the world's family was at the property, It's understood only the immediate perhaps as few as six people. be chiselled on a plaque Kerry Packer's name will soon at the family crypt in Vaucluse.

will be held in the new year. A public memorial service Damien Ryan, National Nine News. has been imposed all weekend A State-wide total fire ban and bone-dry conditions as rising temperatures, strong winds for bushfires. present a perfect recipe above 40 degrees on Sunday, The mercury is expected to climb to prepare for a busy new year. and firefighters have been told what could be in store for Sydney. Canberra yesterday had a taste of but praise Today Stephen Larkham had nothing who saved his townhouse. for the firefighters of the other units, They were on top of one in our place, and they saw a fire starting

contained it quite quickly, and came over and really so we were very lucky. of eight years But while the Wallaby flyhalf's home escaped with minor damage, were not so fortunate. at least two others of a neighbouring property. This is all that's left further information Hopefully we'll have some over the next couple of days. about the cause of it in the Hunter Valley was contained, Overnight, another fire about further outbreaks, but authorit es are now so concerned a total fire ban has been declared until midnight Sunday. from midnight tonight fireworks won't be affected, Tomorrow night's New Year's Eve to be vigilant. but authorities are urging everyone fire risk for this weekend. There is definitely an extreme as the mercury began to rise, In Sydney, shade was at a premium to be three days of sweltering heat. the start of what's predicted flock to the beach And while many Sydneysiders to escape the soaring temperatures, a big rise in the number of cases hospitals meantime are reporting triggered by the heatwave. of illness and injury in elderly people in the summer. e see more heatstroke We see more heatstroke

over the weekend, And they expect to see more of it 40 degrees. with temperatures tipped to top Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. and one in Queensland Two crashes in WA holiday road toll to 32. have taken the national from Newcastle died A 21-year-old woman the Bruce Highway and rolled. when her car speared off to Rockhampton Base Hospital. A male passenger in the car was taken are not life threatening. Doctors say his injuries 10 Christmas fatalities, Queensland has had twice as many as in NSW. After the recent racial tensions, tomorrow night police aren't taking any chances when Sydney sees in the New Year. will be on the streets, Almost 1,800 officers stationed on the beaches with large contingents at Cronulla, Bondi and Maroubra. we never want to see again. It's the image of Sydney I was frightened by what I saw there that hold for the future of Sydney. and frightened in terms of what does we all revel in, And this is the picture New Years Eve. a safe, colourful and happy Tomorrow night,

to make sure it stays that way. police are pulling out all stops back to the streets We have brought peace that we maintain that peace. and we will make sure around 500 more than usual, Nearly 1,800 police, in uniform and undercover. will be on the streets, more than doubled. The riot squad has been water police, There'll be mounted police, from the air wing. the dog squad and officers Targets include Cronulla and Maroubra the Rocks, Bondi and Manly. and other hotspots such as the CBD, there's no specific intelligence Although police say of the riots, suggesting they'll be a repeats clearly shows this increased police presence they're not taking any chances. we have remained vigilant It's just about making sure, particularly since 11 December, to let our guards down now. we're not going We're not the anti-fun police, that our community stays safe. we're just here to make sure Nina Stevens, National Nine News. her court battle with Channel Ten, Newsreader Jessica Rowe has won which was trying to delay her move to Channel Nine, where she will co-host the 'Today' show. Ten has also been ordered to pay all costs, but may appeal. Hand in hand with husband Peter Overton, an elated Jessica Rowe given the all clear to join Channel Nine in the new year. I'm relieved by the decision. I'd like to thank my husband, my family, my friends and my legal team for their support during this personally challenging time. A popular news reader...

You're watching the 5:00 news. Time now for another check of the weather. ..Rowe recently signed with the Nine Network to replace Tracy Grimshaw as co-host of the 'Today' show. But Channel Ten launched legal action over a clause in her contract that she must give 26 weeks notice. If successful, that would've stopped Rowe from working at Nine until July. But today, Justice Caroline Simpson said Ten: The judge not only rejected Channel Ten's argument, but ordered the television station to pay all court costs. Hearing the ruling, a relieved looking Rowe was embraced by her husband, before turning to thank her lawyers. The excitement, though, was short-lived. Ten immediately sought to stop Rowe working at Nine until an appeal is heard later next year. But the judge rejected the application saying she can start on Monday. Ten is now planning to go to the Court of Appeal. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. A Victorian father accused of deliberately driving his car into a dam on Father's Day and drowning his three children has been freed on bail. Robert Farquharson was released today

after his father put up a $200,000 bond. The prosecution argued witnesses he prosecution argued witnesses claim to have heard Farquharson speaking about killing his children three months before the tragedy. But the judge ruled the 36-year-old father was a man of good character who was unlikely to reoffend. His committal hearing begins in April. Former world boxing champ Jeff Fenech was in a Gold Coast court today, pleading not guilty to stealing three watches from a shop on the tourist strip. Another man was also charged - he pleaded guilty and was fined, without a conviction being recorded. Jeff Fenech's won his share of fights, but none will be more important to him than the latest to clear his name. REPORTER: Guilty or innocent? The former boxing great has been accused of stealing three watches worth nearly $400 from a Broadbeach boutique on Tuesday - recognised on the shop's security surveillance camera, along with his co-accused and friend, on the right, Francis Grech. Yeah, I'm really sorry about Jeff - what I done to him, you know? Grech pleaded guilty to the charges in Southport court today, but denied the Australian sporting hero had anything to do with the theft. It was, the court was told, his idea to steal the watches and present them to Fenech as a gift of gratitude. I just did it to repay the things he's done for me, that's all. Grech was fined $750. The two haven't spoken since. Grech doesn't know whether they're still friends. He's an innocent man. Fenech intends fighting the charges. He didn't steal anything from me. I didn't know he stole anything. Fenech's lawyer, Chris Nyst, is now demanding to see that security footage. He says it will clear his client and reverse the damage done to his reputation. It's more embarrassing for my family and friends. He'll be back in court in the new year. Tony Fabris, National Nine News. Penrith rugby league player Craig Gower has been ordered to appear before the Panthers board next week to explain his shocking behaviour at a recent golf day. An internal inquiry has found Gower does have a case to answer over allegations he groped the teenage daughter of league legend Wayne Pearce. It was straight back in the saddle today for two sisters, who've pulled off what's thought to be an amazing world first. Both jockeys, they finished in a dead heat in the third race at Gosford yesterday. Bookies are now offering odds against it ever happening again. Today, the O'Hara sisters were saddling up again -

Kathy riding trials at Warwick Farm, and older sister Tracy racing at Scone. But yesterday at Gosford, they were inseparable. RACE CALLER: The O'Hara sisters are going to battle this out! Duke Bonga Longa or Birubi Gold - there won't be much in it! Just trying my hardest, you know. Obviously I wanted to win and I wanted to beat Kathy. We weren't sure who won on the line. I looked across and I thought she won. She looked across, she thought I won. It was just as tough to call for the judges. CALLER: It is very, very tight. And to this moment, judge Mr David Dyson cannot split them. It was ruled a dead heat. On the red line, both nostrils. An uncommon event, but for sisters it's the first time in Australian racing and probably the world. We were both pretty happy. Like, you couldn't ask for a better result. Their drive to be successful was shown in that race. Couldn't split it, couldn't split it. Couldn't split that - that's awesome, that's magnificent. The O'Hara sisters don't race against each other very often. Passing the post together has only intensified their rivalry for the next time they meet on the track. Next time we race each other it will be on, again. But next time, the odds are there'll be only one winner. Dale Paget, National Nine News. In the news ahead, Bill Gates honoured for his global charity work. And, the ship which took a wrong turn. Sydney's brazen gang of ATM thieves has struck again, this time ram-raiding a sedan into this service station at Chatswood on the North Shore. A worker at the service station saw the gang repeatedly drive the car into the store, then flee in a turbo-powered getaway car. But they escaped without any cash, leaving behind the car - and a hefty damage bill. Michelle Leslie's lawyer has blasted an Indonesian inquiry investigating the perceived leniency of her sentence

for possessing ecstasy. Her three judges could be called to Jakarta to explain her 3-month prison term, amid claims they were bribed. Michelle Leslie was set up as a scapegoat for powerful people and corrupt police and that's exactly what any inquiry should focus on. If the judges are called, it could mean a delay in the trial of some of the Bali Nine, because they're the same judges hearing their cases. Hundreds of Palestinians, including key figures of extremist groups, have protested in Gaza over the kidnapping of a British aid worker and her parents. Humanitarian Kate Burton was abducted with her parents more than a week ago by seven armed men wearing balaclavas. No group has claimed responsibility or made any demands. Key figures of Hamas and the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade have publicly condemned the kidnapping, saying she shouldn't have been targeted, because she was trying to help the Palestinian cause. A out Korean scientist A South Korean scientist who made world headlines after claiming he'd produced patient-specific embryonic stem cells

is now being investigated for a major scientific fraud. Hwang Woo-suk could face criminal charges after independent researchers found that a paper he produced contained data that was intentionally fabricated. The fraud allegations also cast doubt on his research into cloning - in particular, claims that he produced the world's first cloned dog, an Afghan hound named Snuppy. And locals on Mexico's northern Pacific coast can't believe what's washed up on their beach. This 260-metre-long barge was supposed to dock 2km up the coast, but got stuck on a sandbar, where it's been for the past few days. So far, no-one's accepting responsibility, with engineers saying it could take more than a month to free the ship. When the world's richest man, Bill Gates, and his wife Melinda were recently named 'Time' magazine's People of the Year, it was not for being billionaires. The magazine noted they give away more money to good causes and do it faster than anyone else on Earth. And today, the couple gave a rare insight into why. Much of Bill Gates's travel these days has nothing to do with computers. He and his wife, Melinda, are busy giving away their billions. The greatest inequity in the world is that children are dying whose lives could be saved for a few hundred dollars and that should be changed. The Gates Foundation is the largest in the world, worth $39 billion. All of the money goes towards fighting diseases such as malaria and AIDS and providing funds to all sorts of worthy causes all around the world. You're, you're good at this. When Bill and Melinda married 11 years ago, his mother wrote Melinda a letter saying, "From those to whom much is given, much is expected." How long have you known that you are HIV positive? At the start of each trip away they explain to their children, Jennifer, 9, Rory, 6, and 3-year-old Phoebe, why they are leaving yet again. When we go to Africa, what are we doing there? Taking blankets to children, taking medicines to children. That's already ingrained in our children. We talk a lot in our household about that we have a responsibility in our family to give back to the world. In Los Angeles, Robert Penfold, National Nine News.

A rare medal awarded for gallantry during the Second World War is finally back with its rightful owners in England, 18 years after it was stolen. As we reported last week, it was found - of all places - on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, but the mystery still remains how it ended up there. Unexpected Christmas joy for a British family, after a chance discovery by a tourist in Queensland. How it ended up on a beach in Australia is absolutely unbelievable. The rare George Cross was found on the Sunshine Coast, 18 years after it was stolen from a London home. Awarded to British air force officer Anthony Tollemache for dragging a man clear of a plane crash in World War II, his family had given up hope of its return. I thought, "My God, yes!" I suddenly remembered that these medals had been stolen. We'd totally forgotten about them. Britain's highest award for bravery outside of combat,

there's been just 401 recipients of the George Cross medal. As prestigious as the Victoria Cross and worth around $40,000, the medal is to be donated to London's RAF Museum. How it ended up halfway around the world will perhaps forever remain a mystery. Unless it was an Australian surfer who was wearing it round his neck and lost it. In London, Jodie Noyce, National Nine News. Andrew with sport is next, and a sour note after Australia's victory in the second Test? Mike, the captains have had a nasty run-in,

but there's no changing the scoreboard - Australia one-up in the series. And the teenager making history for the Blues. The war of words between Australia's and South Africa's cricketers

appears to be escalating, after a heated exchange between captains Ricky Ponting and Graeme Smith. The row came after Australia's 184-run win, but both skippers deny any bad blood. The tourists all out for 181 in their second innings, Australia taking a 1-0 lead in the 3-Test series. A Stuart MacGill wrong 'un delivered last rites, first over after lunch. COMMENTATOR: Got him - it's all over!

Australia win - it's 1-0 at the MCG! Plenty said before and during this match and afterwards, the war of words continued when the captains came together - apparently, a heated verbal clash. Ah, it wasn't an incident. There were a few words spoken on the ground that I wanted to clarify with him, yeah. Ponting refused to elaborate. I don't want to go into it. There's banter been on the field the last two games, there's been a bit of banter off the field as well. I guess in my position, I've got to keep a bit of a lid on things. Graeme Smith also played down the incident. I think you'd better ask Ricky that. It's not my place to talk about it. Next stop Sydney, for everyone except new boy Phil Jaques, who'll make way for Justin Langer's return from injury. A souvenired stump for Andrew Symonds symbolising his rejuvenated career. COMMENTATOR: Andrew Symonds, you're going to Sydney for sure. His all-round effort overlooked for man-of-the-match honours in favour of Mike Hussey's game-winning century in that partnership with Glenn McGrath. One, to get the team into a good position, but also to help me get to 100, so, I really enjoyed the partnership. But you know, every run that we got I think we grew in a bit of confidence

and suddenly 250 turned into 350, which we thought was a pretty damn good score. The 10th-wicket partnership with Mike Hussey and Glenn McGrath probably has turned out to be the biggest factor in us winning the game. This morning, Shane Warne completed his record wicket haul for a calendar year, but Ashwell Pr ce was unlucky to be number 96. Ashwell Prince is not going to be very happy about that, I don't think. Shaun Pollock belted an unbeaten 67... That's a full toss.

..but ran out of partners. Nick Boje... Oh, he's bowled him! ..and Andre Nel both snared by Glenn McGrath. Last man in Makhaya Ntini required a runner, due to a knee injury, and won't play in Sydney. Andrew McKinlay, National Nine News.

NSW is about to unleash a young all-rounder, who's tipped to be the next big thing in Australian cricket. At 18, Moises Henriques will become the youngest player to represent the Blues in a one-day game when he lines up against Victoria on Monday. Don't worry if you haven't heard of Moises Henriques - if you follow cricket, you will. Bowling or batting, he's a star on the rise. Certainly, skill-wise and natural ability I'd put him up there with someone like Mark Waugh. Growing up though, Moises says his hero was the other Waugh. Steve Waugh for sure, especially in his younger days when he used to bowl a lot as well. But even towards the end of his career, I just admired the way he played cricket and how tough he was. Born in Portugal, Moises's family moved to Australia when he was one and while his parents never knew what cricket was, Moises picked up his first bat aged three and he's never looked back. Two years ago, he became the youngest to take 10 wickets in a Sydney first-grade match and just recently was named captain for the upcoming under-19 World Cup. Since the Ashes they've sort of come looking for an all-rounder, so that's a good thing in a way, but we've got a lot of good all-rounders in Australia, so it's going to be tough to make it through like that. But if talent is any indication, Australia's search for a world-class all-rounder might just have ended. It doesn't matter whether he's batting or bowling or fielding - he's got the hand-eye coordination of any of our best players over a number of years. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. The celebrations continue for Sydney-to-Hobart winner,

Former world number one Martina Hingis has declared she can be an even better player than before she retired three years ago. Looking relaxed in the countdown to her comeback, the 25-year-old has revealed part of her motivation has been the recent form of the players she used to dominate. Well, definitely that's the kind of inspiration - Davenport being number one, Pierce having a great year, Mauresmo winning the championship - so those are all the girls which I've played against. Women's Hardcourt Championships, She returns at the Australian Women's Hardcourt Ch mpionships, which starts on Monday.

Mike, it's official. Wild Oats has

taken out the rare treble, line hon

hours - hin honours . After the break, finance and Majella Weimers with all the weather. MATCH STRIKES Cigarette packs use different names, numbers and colours so they all appear to be different. But what you should know is light, mild or low-tar cigarettes are not a healthier choice, because whatever the pack colour, whatever the number, whatever they are called, all cigarettes are toxic and they all cause serious damage. Call Quitline on 131 848.

To finance now, and juice maker Berri has fallen into foreign ownership - bought by the Philippines-based beverage company San Miguel. On the final trading day of the year, Brambles strengthened after selling off an industrial services business.

And now for more on what's shaping up as a scorching weekend, here's Majella with the weather. Well, if you were feeling the heat in Sydney this Friday, be warned - with what's in store for the weekend, today will seem cool. It's 28 right now. The mercury peaked at 38 at Penrith, made it to 37 at Liverpool and Richmond and got to 35 in Parramatta and Gosford.

Now most of NSW is cloud-free. The exception is the far northern ranges. There could still be some storms there. In fact, a severe weather warning is out for the Northern Tablelands right now. Flash flooding and some damaging winds are possible. Now that's all tied in with a trough and ahead of that trough are dry, gusty northerly winds that are spreading the hot air from the interior of the country over Queensland, Victoria, SA, the NT and, of course, here in NSW. Because of that, a total fire ban is in place, with a very high to extreme fire danger.