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(generated from captions) Oh, my God! I think that's Bridget. if you want to sneak out the back. Well, you still have time Stephanie, don't do this. exactly what's going on here. She deserves to know

Nothing is going on! "Nothing's going on"? What do you mean, your undying love for one another. You and he have confessed God, Brooke, face it! Deal with it! We've dealt with it. We did. We're over that. She is having a child with Nick. Bridget is happy now. Don't take that away from her. You hate me. You want to hurt ME. Well, don't hurt Bridget! the Australian Caption Centre Supertext Captions by This program is captioned live. A family's farewell - gather for his funeral. Kerry Packer's loved ones Caught in the act - over graffiti attacks. three youths arrested to patrol on New Year's Eve And hundreds of extra police in case of more riots. and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Bill Woods Good evening. Also tonight - a woman on a suburban train. a man faces court charged with raping his name on shoplifting charges. And Jeff Fenech's fight to clear ones of Kerry Packer First tonight - friends and loved have gathered at the Hunter Valley

in what appears to have been for the billionaire. a private funeral service family property Ellerston A hearse was seen entering the shortly. where a wake is expected to be held Bellevue Hill home early. James Packer left the family's making a quick dash for the office The heir to the Packer empire for the family. as tributes continued to arrive the rest of the family left later. Desperate for privacy,

tinted windows of two limousines. Their grief hidden behind the to the family helicopter. They made their way to the airport daughter, Gretel Kerry Packer's heavily pregnant model Erica Baxter, and James's girlfriend, towards the place Kerry Packer loved. among those who flew north

Ellerston near Scone His family's 25,000 hectare property, in the State's north-west. he was intensely private to the end. For a man with such a public profile, family members gathered It's believed only his closest for today's farewell. and close family friends Mr Packer's doctor in the Hunter Valley this evening. are expected to attend a wake And a special tribute today polo proteges, Ruki Baillieu. from one of Mr Packer's Kerry Packer made a trip Just two weeks ago, in the Argentine polo tournament. to watch him play what he loved best, to watch polo. He was there watching, doing the family's Hunter Valley property Mr Baillieu had played often at was never short of advice. saying Mr Packer in his time that he was involved He brought the sport on enormously and he'll be missed, definitely. Mr Packer was 68. bus driver bashed this week It's been revealed the Sydney was the victim of a graffiti attack.

so their mates could tag it. Two teenagers holding up the bus now found to be useless. Security video of the pair in action should have been caught. By now the two teenagers But as so often happens is of no use to police. the bus security video

the bashing is technically dead. One officer saying the 3-hour tape of Looking at the video pictures and incidents. it is almost impossible to make out

It's possible the attackers may

never be found despite the

minister's attempts yesterday to

make the tape available. Hopefully,

that will be able to identify the

wrong do es and lead to a quick

arrest. But that tape is history.

The attackers leaving with just

$30. Money clearly not the

motivation. They held up the bus

while they attacked it. Since the

security cameras were installed on

the 1800 buses almost a decade ago,

they now offer little protection to

drivers. A security camera fail

today activate in last fortnight's

accident in Botany and when a State

bus careered out of control. The

camera disenteg rating and

destroying the tape. Like the union,

the State Opposition wants a quick

fix to the camera problem. Both

want them to bring down heavy

penalties to teenagers who attack

the buses to reflect community

concern. There have to be fewer

excuses accepted. The union says at

least once a day, a driver is spat

on. Harry Potter, Ten News. against grafitti vandals Sydney police have hit back video showing gangs at work. a day after the release of a taunting Authorities say they're determined to stamp out. it's a growing problem made three arrests in Woolloomooloo. Police hunting for graffiti vandals Armed with 20 spray cans

three youths were caught red-handed on to the railway line. after trespassing were well prepared, The spray can bandits to foil security cameras. carrying balaclavas Two juveniles released with cautions with $600 in fines. and the 18-year-old hit trying to do something about. It's a problem that we're always actually in the act But again, it's catching the people an absolutely magnificent job. and the police today have done The arrests follow the revelation

themselves has gone on sale. that a DVD shot by graffiti vandals The criminals in these pictures a year taxpayer-funded clean-up contributing to a massive $14 million on the rail system. it's good night. If they get hit by a train, for these people There is no tomorrow and they need to understand that. it's a growing problem Rail officials say they're determined to stamp out. in stabling yards, transit officers, The security guards and our joint work with the police undercover operations in dealing with this social issue. are all having an effect where the DVD is being sold We went to the Newtown store full of spray paint cans. along with shelves selling stuff like this? We bought this. How do you justify asked for. Well, it's something that someone this goes on? How many trains do you think It's not used for trains. Well, mate, that's premium paint. It's used for murals. Where's your train shelf? OK, tell me what's used for trains? There is no train shelf, man. What do you mean train shelf? cans? Where's your train spray painting Mate, can I get you to leave? It's illegal to paint trains. John Hill, Ten News. across the south-east Total fire bans are in place this weekend. as firefighters brace for a heatwave A blaze that destroyed two houses in Canberra has given the capital a wake-up call. Residents warned to be vigilant and avoid a repeat of the deadly 2003 bushfires. There's nothing left to salvage - the two townhouses in the suburb of Yarralumla now little more than smouldering frames. Police suspect arson. The fire started in grass near a disused brickworks, a regular haunt for local youths. Despite the best efforts of crews on the ground and in the air, the damage was devastating. Early today some local residents were reducing the risk to their own homes. But around the Bush Capital there is fuel aplenty. A wet, luscious spring has given way to a dangerous dry summer. Fire hazards galore, even within reach of Government House, Yarralumla. Unfortunately we have a very heavy load of grass right through the Territory. The forecast for the weekend is looking very harsh as far as fire conditions go. Yesterday's fire an unsettling reminder to so many of the tragedy of January 18, 2003, when 4 lives were lost and around 500 homes were destroyed. The National Zoo & Aquarium narrowly survived the 2003 holocaust, but now it too is surrounded by dry grass waiting for flames. Very high forecast temperatures, strong winds, low humidity and dry, overgrown grass are a dangerous cocktail, making this new year weekend in Canberra one to be watchful. Fire authorities renewing their calls to residents to prepare, concerned some have grown complacent. You can see the leaf material and bark sitting in their gutters. Clean it out today - don't leave it for the weekend. That just might be too late for you and your home. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster and a war of words breaks out at the MCG. Well, as expected Australia won the Test match, but the bad blood between rival captains,

Ricky Ponting and Graeme Smith, intensified after the game. They exchanged heated words in the player's race, following the Aussies victory at the MCG, before a fiery, post-match news conference. Every innings so far in this series he's got off to a start and then got out, so I guess, sitting here right now, we've had the last laugh. Well, Ricky's the one who's won, hasn't he? Shane Warne finished with four wickets in the home team's win by 184 runs. And if the Aussies happen to get up in next week's third Test at the SCG,

you'll only be celebrating with low alcohol beer in public areas. Full strength is off the menu for the first time thanks to a new ban by the SCG Trust. The message is for people to come to the cricket and enjoy themselves

but don't ruin it for either themselves or others by getting involved in anti-social or disruptive behaviour. Bad crowd behaviour during October's Super Test at the SCG is believed to be behind the decision. And holy Moises - meet the Blues new cricketing messiah. That's coming up later too, Bill. Michelle Leslie's lawyer gives his view on the Indonesian inquiry into her jail sentence. That story's next. Also, Jeff Fenech's explanation for being charged with shoplifting. And Australian cricket's worst nightmare. the English teenager who's netted six wickets off six balls. Hundreds of extra police will patrol the beat this New Year's Eve An inquiry will be held early next year into the light sentence handed down to Australian model Michelle Leslie in Bali. The three judges who decided her three month sentence will be investigated by Indonesia's Judicial Court in coming weeks. With time served, Leslie was released almost immediately, despite being charged with possession of two ecstasy tablets. Michelle Leslie got the maximum sentence for the charge that the prosecution eventually pursued on the evidence presented by the police. So, in no way was the sentence lenient. The concern now - what effect the inquiry will have on the Bali Nine. Some of the judges being investigated are also due to decide their fate. Former boxing world champion Jeff Fenech

has been forced to cut short his holidays to appear in court. He's accused of helping a friend steal three designer watches. It's a far cry from his glory days in the ring - the 'Marrickville Mauler' joined by a new Team Fenech to fight a stealing charge. REPORTER: Are you innocent? Very innocent. The three-times world champ is accused of shoplifting is accused of shoplifting three designer watches from a Gold Coast boutique. In court, co-defendant and friend Francis Grech pleaded guilty to the crime, claiming Mr Fenech had nothing to do with it. I'd just like to say I'm very sorry about Jeff, what I done to him, you know? REPORTER: How good a mate is Jeff? and, well, of course, he's an innocent man. Mr Grech, who's holidaying with the former boxer's family, says he took the watches in a misguided attempt to repay the Fenechs' generosity. I just did it to repay the things he's done for me, that's all. He was fined $750, with no conviction recorded. It's alleged that Mr Fenech was one of five men who were shopping early Tuesday morning at Broadbeach's Oasis Centre. Police allege surveillance video shows Mr Fenech played a role in the robbery by diverting the attention of a shopkeeper and by moving the watches to give easier access to Mr Grech. Officers recovered the stolen watches from hotel rooms occupied by the Fenech family. Mr Fenech insists they were a gift from Mr Grech. Everybody knows what happened in there. I didn't steal anything and I'm innocent. Mr Fenech's lawyer, Chris Nyst, has demanded access to the surveillance video, believing it will clear his client. He'll be seeking to have the charge dropped before Mr Fenech's next scheduled appearance, in February. Andrew Leahy, Ten News.

A Victorian father accused of murdering his three young sons has been granted bail. The decision came despite prosecution claims Robert Farquharson was motivated by anger and resentment. Flanked by family as he left court Robert Farquarson plans to spend tomorrow celebrating the birthday of a dead son. A court heard he'd spent the last fortnight under 23-hour lockdown after threats from other inmates. Around 20 of Mr Farquarson's family and friends in court as he regained his freedom. We're very happy with today's outcome. The 36-year-old is accused of murdering his three sons - 8-year-old Jai, 6-year-old Tyler and 2-year-old Bailey. They all drowned when Mr Farquarson's car plunged into a 7m deep dam. While he claims to have passed out after a coughing fit, the prosecutor today claimed in court it was no accident, saying that a police re-enactment of the crash showed it required too much effort to have been caused by fainting. A Supreme Court judge heard that, three months before the deaths, Mr Farquarson told a witness his children would die in a dam on Father's Day. In court, the prosecution claimed Mr Farquarson was motivated by anger and resentment towards his ex-wife. It was alleged the defendant wanted her to suffer every Father's Day, by knowing he was the last person to see their children alive. The court also heard claims that, shortly after the crash Mr Farquarson said he killed his children. The defendant's lawyer said his client denied all the allegations. He said there was no motive for murder, describing Mr Farquarson as a loving, caring father, adding:

He'll face court again in April. Christopher Still, Ten News.

Momentum building for the big

celebrations tomorrow? I suppose

celebrations tomorrow? I suppose momentum and also the weather

temperatures. We're sky rocketing

up to about 40 degrees in some

areas on Sunday. So very, very hot

areas on Sunday. So very, very hot for the New Year's celebrations.

for the New Year's celebrations. Currently in Darling Harbour where

we're doing it from, it's about 28,

still very warm. Out in the greater

west, add another 10 in Penrith and

Campbelltown, almost 38. About

Campbelltown, almost 38. About 100,000 people expected here

tomorrow. We'll have a sneak peak

at some of the concert action

later and it will all start at 6pm

with the George washing machine for

the kids and culminate with

the kids and culminate with

the kids and culminate with fireworks at midnight. So a sneak

peak later on. Tomorrow, very hot

peak later on. Tomorrow, very hot as we discussed T is all about slip,

slop and slap tomorrow including

slop and slap tomorrow including the sun glasses and the hat and

lots of fluid intake and water to

lots of fluid intake and water to keep the fluid levels up. Let's

look at sky watch and no real

guesses about how the day panned out

Blue skies all day long from on top

Blue skies all day long from on top

Blue skies all day long from on top of the Sydney news centre from 6:30

to now. If you're planning a New

Year's party or perhaps you're

going to one like here in darling

hash ork, almost a million people

expected across the city, it is

going to be hot and we'll tell you

more about that when we return in

about ten minutes. The intoxicated toddler

and the punishment for the babysitter left looking after him. And trying out for the Olympics at 50. The dad who never gave up on his dream. Lotto's $32 million draw is going off on Saturday, New Year's Eve. A record $32 million! What a cracker! So get your entry in by Saturday December 31. SONG: # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. #

This program is captioned live..

Time to check the traffic with

Peter Clay in the Mix 106 Traffic

Helicopter. This time it is the

traffic on the water which is

significant with the look tomorrow

night? Yeah, there's a lot of boats

anchoring around Sydney harbour as

you can see. The boats all

anchoring here as I zoom in. A lot

of boats all around the foreshores

trying to get the best vantage

point and also diversions, lane

seven and eight on the hipbl will

be closed and we will update more

traffic at 5:50 with Deb. Thank you. Authorities in the US are drafting tough new anti-gang laws after a shocking crime in Wisconsin. 50-year-old Samuel McClain was dragged from his car and beaten by up to 20 youths

after he beeped at them to get off the road. What could've really made somebody this so mad, to do something like this to an old man, you know. Nine youths have been arrested in relation to the attack, some as young as 14.

An elderly bank robber has received a hefty jail sentence after being dobbed in by his sons. Police officer Jared Ginglen got the shock of his life when he was viewing footage on a law enforcement website.

There was his 64-year-old father, armed with a gun, committing a string of bank robberies. Jared conferred with his two younger brothers and all agreed they should turn their dad in. William Ginglen will have 40 years in prison to think about his actions. A babysitter has been charged with child endangerment after a toddler in his care was found to be blind drunk. Thankfully, the 2-year old escaped brain damage and is today at home nursing a whopping hangover.

At lunchtime yesterday police discovered 2-year-old Wilfredo Gomez with a blood alcohol level double the concentration at which adults are considered too drunk to drive.

He had difficulty standing up. His eyes were glassy and bloodshot. His face was caked with mucus. Officers became concerned when they found Wilfredo and his 3-year-old sister

in the care of their very drunken cousin, Juan Reyes. He was pretty much incoherent because he was highly intoxicated. Visiting on a separate matter, police were horrified to see toddlers playing with empty liquor bottles while 37-year-old Reyes slept. It took numerous knocks on the window. In fact, I was banging on the window to try to rouse him. When officers realised the child was drunk,

they rushed him to hospital then tried to contact his parents. They found them just metres away in the maternity ward. Jose Gomez said Juan had seemed like a responsible choice to mind the kids after their mother went into labour in the wee hours of the morning. I no see he never he do drink in the morning. REPORTER: Oh, so you didn't know he was drinking? No, he no drink in the morning. He doesn't believe Juan intentionally got his son drunk. He thinks Wilfredo got into the alcohol while his babysitter slept. God only knows what would have happened had we not been there. Juan Reyes was charged with two counts of child endangerment and remains in police custody. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Donors to Greenpeace in Europe have received a nasty shock on their bank statements. Instead of their usual monthly direct debit, the charity took 100 times the amount and scores of angry phone calls. That was about 100 times wrong, wasn't it? I'm so sorry, it's a mistake that's happened to a few people. In a blunder to terrify anyone with a direct debit, a computer glitch moved a decimal point and added a couple of zeroes and no-one knows exactly why. The money is being repaid. Now some proof you're never too old. Bruce Connor is trying out for the Winter Olympics trying to join the US ice skating team at the age of 50. This sport and this work really feeds my soul somehow. I don't know how, it just does and it just feels right for me to be doing this. I think it's neat that someone that old can be staying in good shape. It's not the first time Bruce has tried.

He just missed selection in 1976. In the meantime, he's raised a family but never given up on his dream. Hundreds of extra police will patrol the beat this New Year's Eve ready to respond to any repeat of the race riots. Authorities also questioning the 'hug a stranger on the stroke of midnight' campaign amid concerns of an increase in sexual assaults. Police say they have no credible intelligence there will be a repeat of the race riots tomorrow night but an extra 700 officers will be on hand.

In all, 1,700 police will be stationed around Darling Harbour, the Rocks and CBD, on the water and at Cronulla and Manly's beaches.

Riot squads also ready to respond to any problems. We'll be putting over twice the amount of riot police on the ground. They'll be available to work in the city areas and those other hot spots. Fearing tensions could spill over again, community leaders have added their voice calling for calm. I call on members of my community to do that, to show more respect, to increase levels of tolerance and on the rest of Australian society to do the same thing and we'll all have a jolly good time. Organisers are hoping revellers will do that in a new way this year. In the first seconds January 1, before the fireworks begin, organisers want everyone to hug a stranger. Where people will just embrace, maybe make new friends. But really, reinforce old friendships too. But not everyone thinks that's a good idea. No, I wouldn't do it, no. Depends, I don't know, on how much you've had to drink. The Bureau of Crime Statistics show the number of sexual assaults increase over the New Year. Well, I think it's a step in the wrong direction.

Obviously New Year's Eve is a time to have fun, but hugging a complete stranger is taking chances that probably are not worth taking. Road closures will start from 6am tomorrow. 6pm in the city until 2am on New Year's Day. Authorities urging people to take advantage of the extra buses and trains. And if you're looking to visit one of the free vantage points along the harbour, bear in mind alcohol is banned in some.

But Waverley Council is insisting on a $10 charge at Dudley Page Reserve in the eastern suburbs. Evan Batten, Ten News.

Plenty to celebrate in the New Year for investors. That's next. Then, caught on camera. The unwelcome donations some people are making to charity bins.

And backyard blitz. The plan to make your pools safer for kids.

This program is captioned live..

Time for another check of the

weather with Frank Colletta and it

certainly is a hot one, but frank

Frank, it's been hot all month?

We're not sweating here in Darling

Harbour for nothing, you're right,

the hottest December on record.

That's saying something. An average

That's saying something. An average of 29 all month long, compared to

the normal 26. Now we must know

also for this weekend, that a total

fire ban kicks in from midnight

tonight so everyone be aware of

tonight so everyone be aware of that, that's for the next 24 hours

at least with the hot temperatures.

at least with the hot temperatures. Can you believe in places like St

Can you believe in places like St Claire, it is still more than 37.

The air con is up to the max there

and not much relief in sight

overnight. We have about 22 tonight.

Elsewhere around the State, let's

look from here in darling hash

where 100,000 people will converge

tomorrow night.

If you think it is going to be too

hot to handle tomorrow, wait until

I tell you about New Year's day,

all of that at 5:55. The Australian share market has closed the year just short of its record highs.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. And investors have plenty to celebrate this New Year's Eve?

Yes, my word. This year, total

returns on the Australian share

market just over 21%. Normal shorts

market just over 21%. Normal shorts of returns is around 12% so there

something to celebrate there.

That's not all. For the past three

years, total returns have been in

the order of 20% a year and that

makes it the best threep-year

period in 18 years. The icing on

period in 18 years. The icing on the cake is the good run for the

share market doesn't look like it

is ending any time soon. And

Australian businesses seeing in the

new year with a bang? Yes, business

new year with a bang? Yes, business lending growing at the fastest rate

in 15 years. The other side of eat

quaigs, housing lending growing at

the slowest pace in four years and

personal borrowing slowest in 13

personal borrowing slowest in 13 months. The overall mix of lending

is good news. It means that the

Reserve Bank will stay on the

interest rate sidelines for quite

some time. Thank you. Dramatic scenes in a Melbourne court this afternoon as an accused rapist collapsed in the dock. He's charged with assaulting a sleeping woman on a train. The alleged attack caught on security camera. The 55-year-old man was arrested last night, detectives charging him with rape and indecent assault. The arrest came only hours after police released security vision of an attack aboard a citybound train yesterday morning. The victim, a 20-year-old woman, fell asleep soon after boarding the train.

A man moving closer, waiting until all other passengers had got off,

then attacking her. Police allege the man caught on camera is the one they've arrested. This afternoon he was to face a magistrate. As he was led into the courtroom he closed his eyes, stumbled and collapsed. The man was taken to a holding cell and treated by a nurse. He was well enough to return to the courtroom 15 minutes later. The man, whose name is supressed, did not seek release on bail. He was ordered to remain behind bars until another court appearance in February. Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. It seems the season of giving has been lost on some thoughtless members of our community. Charity bins now being used as rubbish dumps. Caught red-handed. Along with other inappropriate items

these two men have been captured by our cameras dumping a filthy mattress at a Brotherhood of St Laurence bin. I think this is just a disgrace. I can't believe people just dump rubbish here at a charity bin instead of taking it to the tip. Other bins operated by the same charity are also being used as garbage dumps, mounds of foul smelling rubbish piling up. It's a disgrace because I bring the kids down here to go and get chicken from the chicken shop across the road and there's nappies and dirty rubbish just lying around everywhere. Amongst the dumped refuse, a dying Christmas tree, unopened mail and used airline tickets, even an old toilet. We would certainly encourage people strongly to donate good quality items into our bins but this is very disappointing. The Brotherhood prefers donations of good quality clothing, bric-a-brac and books to fund its projects, but says these scenes are becoming all too familiar, post-Christmas. Domestic rubish dumping costs the Brotherhood up to $600,000 a year, money it says would be better spent helping the less fortunate in the community. We would rather be spending it, our money that people donate, on getting people into jobs, working with families, trying to give children a good start in life, our aged care services. Residents with excess garbage are urged to inquire with their local council about the next hard rubbish collection. Kate McGrath, Ten news.

The State Government is warning pool owners to make sure their fences are safe this summer. It comes as a new report looks at introducing compulsory inspections to improve standards. It's a frightening statistic that the State Government is trying to change. 86% of swimming pool drownings result from inadequate or defective pool fences. Children under the age of 5 drowning is the leading cause of death and that's ahead of motor vehicle accidents, false, poisonings and burns. The study shows of the estimated 777,000 pools in NSW, more than half fail to comply with the pool fencing laws, often because latches and self-closing mechanisms have not been properly maintained. We're calling on pool owners to check their fences and make sure they comply. The law states that all pools in NSW must have a fence in good working condition. This is checked when the pool is first built. But the problem is, there's no-one there to follow it up. While councils are responsible for enforcing the laws on fences, 9 out of 10 fail to do follow-up safety checks, leaving the onus on the owner. It's just a must to have fencing around the pool, not just for your kids, but for a maybe's kids that may come into your yard. But not all owners feel this way, so... Next year, we will be issuing a discussion paper to put out to the community to actually see the community's response

to what we can do to better protect our kids. There's even a possibility of introducing compulsory pool inspections. To save lives, you need to do whatever is needed. But pool fences are only a second line of defence. Supervision is the number one. Emily Barker, Ten News. Sport with Tim Webster and a heated clash at the cricket. Skippers Ricky Ponting and Graeme Smith had a run in up the tunnel after the Aussies' second Test victory. Plus how's that? Did the home side's screams stump the umpire? And the ultimate over - meet the teenager who bagged six wickets in six balls. Have you ever wondered why it's such a crime... Thanks, mate. drive after a few beers? ALL: Cheers! MAN: How's work going, mate? Five minutes after your first drink, alcohol reaches your brain and starts to interfere with the way cells communicate. STATIC GURGLING Maybe there's something in that. MAN: No. (Laughs) First, you lose the ability to assess risks. ALL: Whoa! Hey! Nice one, Grant! Yeah, just go 'round the back. Then it affects your capacity to make decisions. STATIC GURGLING After a few beers, you've lost your ability to handle complex problems. STATIC GURGLING MAN: Oh, no! MAN: I'm done. See you guys. This becomes a serious danger when you drive. You can still change gear and steer, but what's missing are those higher skills that handle things like emergencies. Most nights, you'll get home, but if something goes wrong... TYRES SQUEAL SMASH!'re gone. Half or full? Full. Switch to AAMI for a low price on your comprehensive car insurance. SONG: # Lucky you're with AAMI. # The fiery relationship between Ricky Ponting and Graeme Smith has ignited further after Australia's crushing win over South Africa at the MCG. The two captains exchanged heated words as the players shook hands

after the home team took a 1-0 lead in the three match Test series. The match was a triumph for Ricky Ponting - a century and an aggressive declaration

led Australia to victory. Graeme Smith not so subtly put Ponting under pressure before the game. Ponting had his say once the game was over, appearing to make his point very clear to the South African after both teams had shaken hands. That wasn't an incident, there was a few words spoken on the ground that I wanted to clarify with him. It was just something generally that happened on the field that he wanted to discuss. Smith admitting he intended to provoke Ponting before the Test match. It created talking points in their dressing room, and that was the important thing - it started to, you know - a few things got into their dressing room

that probably wouldn't have been there if we hadn't have done that and it was all about creating pressure going into this Test match.

I don't know what he was trying to achieve out of it all, you know, I don't know if he was just trying to get under our skin, unsettle us a little bit,

but I think when you come out and make big statements, like he has, I think it puts you under a bit more pressure yourself, and every innings so far in this series

he's got off to a start and then got out so I guess, sitting here right now, we've had the last laugh. Well, Ricky's the one who's won, hasn't he? In scorching temperatures the South Africans weren't the only ones feeling the heat.

Shane Warne was yesterday accused of putting undue pressure on umpire Asad Rauf by the visiting coach. There was no letting up on the last day, even with victory almost assured. South African complaints simply turned up the volume. PLAYERS ROAR IN APPEAL Eventually Warne wore down his man, Prince sent on his way. But the umpire may have been bullied, the bat a long way from the ball. Pollock and Boje hung around for a while with Pollock helping himself to a half-century,

but McGrath thought enough was enough. COMMENTATOR: Oh, he's bowled him. And then added Nel to his collection. Got him! The Test was wrapped up after lunch when MacGill sent the Aussies one up. Got him, it's all over! Mike Hussey was named man of the match

after his first-innings century. The teams head for Sydney, with Justin Langer back in the side replacing Phil Jaques, who remains on stand-by, should Langer's hamstring not come up. Rob Waters, Ten News.

While Andrew Symonds has the all-rounder's spot sewn up for the next Test, there's a new challenger about to make his one day debut. Teenager Moises Henriques is set to become the youngest player to ever line up for the Blues. With all-rounder's the hottest property in world cricket Moises Henriques is timing his run to perfection. Since the Ashes, they've sort of come looking for an all-rounder so that's a good thing in a way. But we've got a lot of good all-rounders around Australia so it's going to be tough to make it through like that. On Monday, he'll become the first 18-year-old to play a one-dayer for the Blues. But he's already well known to his team-mates. Yeah, I played him in a club game about two years ago and I'd been batting pretty well leading up to that game and then I think he knocked me over about third or fourth ball. I nicked one. It's not unusual to find a fast medium right armer and right-handed batsmen but one born in Portugal is rare.

While dad's a mad soccer fan, it wasn't long before his son was hooked on cricket. As soon as I came to Australia I started watching it on TV I just loved the sport and probably had a bat in my hand when I was go 3. The call up has come sooner than expected for Moises who thought being named captain of the Australian under 19s was going to be the highlight of his year. Michael Clarke and Damien Martyn are former under 19 skippers to make it to the top and Clarke's now an expert on the downfalls of being dubbed the next big thing. Already likened to a young Mark Waugh, Moises hopes there's two good reasons he could play for Australia in the future. Some days I'm a bowling all-rounder, some days I'm a batting all-rounder. I just want to keep them both even right through my cricket career. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. A teenage English fast bowler on tour with his school team has achieved the stunning feat of taking six wickets in an over. Fortunately for Australia, 17-year-old Theo Bosson says he'd prefer a career in the army over Test cricket. Just when we thought we'd recovered from losing the Ashes, English teenager Theo Bossom yesterday bringing back painful memories taking a staggering six wickets in one 6-ball over against a demoralised Bathurst XI. Representing England's prestigious Eton College,

Theo's fourth over of the day producing two LBWs, two catches and two bowled. I was just amazed. I couldn't believe it. I just - I also felt I was quite confident of getting it after the first two actually

because it was the best rhythm I've ever been in. His fifth victim so impressed, he turned up to watch him play again today. Yeah, it was amazing.

Wickets just kept falling and falling and everyone was on the sideline cheering even though - even the batsmen who were getting out could find the humour in all of it. Six wickets in an over, a rare feat. No-one's done it at first class level. The only lowlight, the team cameraman missed all the action. The over before Theo took his sixth wicket John got in a car to drive off to replace his tape so having filmed 40 hours to miss the one, absolutely incredible event of the tour is quite funny really. For the record, Theo finishing with seven for four from five overs as Bathurst were all out for 38. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Panthers captain Craig Gower faces suspension or a substantial fine over allegations of misbehaviour at a Sunshine Coast charity event. Gower has been summoned to front the Penrith board next Wednesday

after it was decided he has a case to answer. Gower told Ten News late today he was fully expecting to face the board. No-one knows if Martina Hingis will be able to regain the world number one ranking she deserted three years ago. It could all depend on how a chronic foot injury responds in her comeback match on the Gold Coast next week. Martina Hingis has been practising for her comeback for the past six weeks, but she's still dogged by doubts over her fitness, the foot injury which forced her into early retirement three years ago yet to be put to the test in tournament conditions. I'll see how far it takes me. I can play as far as my feet are gonna take me. I just love to play the game. The Swiss miss begins her comeback at the Australian hardcourts at the Gold Coast on Monday. It's all part of the build-up to next month's Australian Open - a Grand Slam she won three times. Expectations. I mean, I hope I survive the first match.

That's all at the moment. Hingis admits women's tennis has undergone a revolution in the short time since her heyday. The new Hingis has been beefing up her serve in the hope of surviving the modern power game. If I want to play the tennis I played three years ago, I would not survive, I know that. You have to grow with the game and you have to get better, physically and tennis-wise.

In Adelaide, Lleyton Hewitt is pulling out all stops in his build-up to the Australian Open. The former world number one undergoing a punishing training session in sweltering conditions today.

He starts next week's Adelaide international as the top seed. Peter O'Dempsey, Ten News.

It's a long way to the top of the ski circuit rankings, but just getting to the bottom of the course was even harder at the world cup event in Italy. Inconsistent shadows on the run and harsh sunshine were blamed for a series of gruesome crashes during the men's downhill event. The battle to finish in the fastest time became a battle just to finish. And the tricky conditions may have spoiled a chance of victory for Switzerland's Tobias Gruenenfelder. But he made the most the situation cheekily sliding through for third place. A pair of apprentice jockeys are the toast of the racing community after their stunning dead heat yesterday. Sisters Kathy and Tracey O'Hara making the photo finish a family affair. Little sister Kathy, riding favourite Duke Bonga Longa, held a narrow advantage after the girls broke away from the field but Tracey, on board Birubi Gold, wouldn't give up. I said to her "I thought Kathy had won being the outside and that". The sisters have shared a photo finish before but this is believed to be the first family dead heat in Australian racing history.

To Michael Sullivan's tips for Canterbury tomorrow. And ahead in Sports Tonight with Rob Canning. Sydney FC takes on New Zealand in the A-League. 'Wild Oats' officially crowned the Handicap winner in the Sydney-Hobart and a look back at the top ten moments of the 2005 NRL season.

Time for a check of the traffic

with Peter Clay in the Mix 106

Traffic Helicopter. All the

attention on the harbour tonight?

attention on the harbour tonight? attention on the harbour tonight? Absolutely, and there's hardly been

any traffic around Sydney this

any traffic around Sydney this afternoon as you can see from the

bridge shot. If I pan into the

bridge, you'll see hardly any

traffic delays city bound or north

boun. But underneath the bridge,

one of the best vantage points to

see the fireworks. I can tell you

that leans seven and eight of the

Harbour Bridge will be closed. And

lanes one and two of the

lanes one and two of the Gladesville bridge will be closed

from 7:30 pm so my best bet would

be to travel by State rail to see

the fireworks. Frank Coletta is next with that all-important New Year weekend weather. A

detailed look at the weather now

and surprise surprise surprise.

We got to almost 39 degrees in some

parts of the greater west. It's

still very warm everywhere you go.

We spoke earlier about how hot New

Year's day will be, that 39, get

Year's day will be, that 39, get ready, set and go for it on Sunday

in the city April loan. Across the

in the city April loan. Across the greater west, add another three or

four degrees. So very warm all

weekend long. This is the hottest

December on record and it certainly

is. Let's look at the current

conditions and see just how hot it

is in your back yard. And there's

not much relief around in Gosford.

Widespread cloud across the tropics

and moist atmosphere bringing heavy

storms and cloud bringing potential

severe storms in Queensland.

Tomorrow's weather map, very hot,

dry, gusty northerlies blowing

dry, gusty northerlies blowing across Queensland, Victoria, SA and

the NT. Cool southerly winds

bringing some showers. Rainfall

tomorrow in far north eastern and

far north western parts of NSW and

far north western parts of NSW and Victoria. Showers and storms in

Queensland. There will be cooler

winds and a rain band with hot

northerlies persisting across

northern NSW and Queensland. The harbourside entertainment tomorrow

night begins at around about 6:00

with the kid's show, George Washing

Machine. But a big part of it at

8:00, we'll see these guys going at

8:00, we'll see these guys going at the funk reggae and soul music.

This is it, just for you.

That's a big night down in Darling

That's a big night down in Darling Harbour and the fireworks display

Harbour and the fireworks display from 9pm after these guys perform

and then again at midnight. If

you're spending New Year's interstate,

interstate, let's look across

interstate, let's look across Australia and see how the day will

pan out. And I can tell you, mostly

sunny for Brisbane, 31. Sydney,

obviously mostly sunny and 33.

Bill and Deb, happy new year to you

and all the viewers and the staff at Ten.

That's the 5:00 news. I'm Bill Woods. And I'm Deborah Knight. I'll be back with the Late News at 10:40. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. ( BELL RINGING ) ( WHISTLE BLOWING )