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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. as bushfires flare up in Canberra Tonight - high alert caught up in the emergency. the high-profile sports star The African refugees who say the death of their sick child - Australian authorities caused another family member. why they fear they will lose experts believe is to blame And the crippling epidemic of private health. for the soaring cost Good evening. I'm Deborah Knight. Welcome to Ten's Late News. Also tonight - while trying to stop a car thief. two good Samaritans shot down And the bootleg graffiti guide how to escape the law. teaching would-be artists fire crews are on high alert But first - flames flaring as temperatures soar. across much of the nation tonight, NSW Hunter Valley A total fire ban is in place for the while an out-ofcontrol blaze South Gippsland Highway in Victoria. has forced the closure of the are on edge Residents of the nation's capital in a blaze at Yarralumla. after two homes were destroyed things are only going to get worse. And it's feared Now blackened shells, were reduced to rubble in minutes. two town houses Well, one's a complete skeleton. A skeleton. One's still got - I don't know - anything of the inside left there wouldn't be but the roof is still on. of fire crews Despite the best efforts on the ground and in the air, the damage was devastating. severely damaged by fire, We've got two which have been some smoke damage - another which may have suffered at the moment - we're checking that out where the external portion, and a forth property

is well and truly damaged. which is like a gazebo and pergola - lives in the complex, Wallabies star Steve Larkham from the Prime Minister's Lodge. just a few streets watching the cricket Residents were interrupted by plumes of acrid smoke. and braced themselves. They called 000 The pines were ablaze started to use buckets and things. so that's when we got out and gutted homes were away on holidays. It's believed the occupants of the the cause of the blaze, Police are investigating behind a nearby brickworks. which started Greg Cornwell is furious, are to blame. suspecting careless local youths Youngsters get down there. They're smoking, they're drinking.

This goes on all the time. Canberrans should know better. He says of 2003's deadly bushfires. the city is skittish after the summer is a sign of things to come. There are fears today's fire here for fire crews Things are only going to get worse in the next couple of days, and the humidity set to drop. with temperatures set to rise we see in this area I don't think it'll be the last one before summer is over.

he's wrong. Residents are hoping against hope Danielle Isdale, Ten News. Heartache for an African family with a seriously ill child. who arrived in Australia without any emergency plan, The infant died after they were left on how to use the telephone. including instructions now under attack. The privatisation of refugee services means 'God, don't forget me', Ntibanyiragira Protais's name his adopted homeland did. but it seems from Burundi, Within a day of his family's arrival his 2-year-old son Richard was dead how to get medical help. because no-one had explained to them drawn by a promise The family had come receive world-class treatment. the chronically ill child would or to be angry to, He's not sure who to be upset to, how this situation happened. because he doesn't even understand

The family claims their case worker to a Sydney apartment simply took them if there was an emergency, and told them to ring 000 Mr Protais doesn't speak English but overlooked the fact a telephone before. and he'd never used contrasting Government claims The lack of planning of what case workers do. with refugees on arrival All of those case providers work helping them with their shopping, settling them into their homes, that's available to them. explaining technology the circumstances of the death. A coronial inquest will investigate if the problem isn't fixed soon, But the Protais are fearful

given their baby is also sick. it may cost them yet another child, The Burundian Association privatisation of refugee services. has called for a full review of the for no stone to be left unturned We are asking in Richard's loss. in determining what went wrong the care for refugees in Australia Two months ago, of non-profit organisations was taken out of the hands that owns this language centre. and given to the company and the IBT education has responded But already, criticism has mounted to defend its name. by hiring a lawyer the Immigration Department If we get encouraged both the programme and the new people that are running

to admit that there are problems and assist. then we'd only be happy to get in ACL today expressed sympathy

while the case is under review. but refused to comment Amber Muir, Ten News. Consumer anger tonight in health insurance premiums. over plans for another big hike The funds have put in their bids Australian families with increases likely to cost up to $170 extra a year. Up they go again - Government to approve this increase, if the health funds persuade the it will make five years in a row around twice the inflation rate. of premium hikes In all - a 40% blowout.

issued a statement saying Health Minister Tony Abbott nobody likes premium increases necessary will be approved. and only those deemed strictly faster than inflation The funds claim their costs go up

because of greater hospital use, and expensive new technology. the ageing of the population

or not they are justified I'm sceptical about whether when the two biggest funds are profitable doesn't put this industry and when the Howard Government

under any pressure whatsoever. will apply from April 1 next year. If approved, the new premiums urging his Federal counterpart One State health minister not to be an April fool. I am making this call now to the Federal Government to knock this on the head. But the funds argue they need the extra money to stay viable. The Federal Government can be expected to look very closely at the latest claims by the health funds for both political and financial reasons. Any increases agreed to will cost the Federal Budget millions because of its unlimited 30% rebate. One health economist reckons obesity is driving up health costs

and the cycle of premium rises will never be broken

until the funds are allowed to offer discounts to encourage people to lose weight. 60% of Australians, 60% are now overweight and what we are seeing is all of the flow-through costs of diabetes, heart disease, stroke, coming at us. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. It's been a day of drama on Brisbane's Moreton Bay. A fisherman has drowned and in a separate incident, a father and his two little boys have been rescued after their tinnie broke down. A long way from shore and in a whole lot of trouble. Troy Winchester hurls his young boys, Jesse and Ronin, to the safety of a water police boat before abandoning ship. Horrible. Just horrible, aye. The trio were heading back to the mainland from an island camping trip

when their tinnie ran out of petrol and began sinking in the choppy seas. Taking the waves side on and the boat was filling up very quickly. It kept on bailing, kept on bailing for the last couple of hours. After firing off four flares,

Troy dialled OOO on his mobile phone authorities raced to their aid. He says he put life jackets on the boys aged 5 and 2 before telling them to have a sleep.

They were pretty tired from leaving the island early this morning. The father and sons treated for shock but otherwise unharmed. Earlier, a 60-year-old fisherman drowned after his run-about sank in the southern section of the bay. the safety of a nearby island His two companions managed to swim to the safety of a nearby island but it took them three hours in waters whipped up with 35 knot winds. A wave hit the boat and it went straight down - 30 seconds. The survivors were taken to hospital. They said the boat's owner vanished as soon as it went down.

Only Terry and myself came up. REPORTER: And your mate? He didn't come up. The victim's body was later recovered. Jesse Grayson, Ten News. James Packer is already facing up to his first major battle since the death of his father - the showdown over TV's AFL rights. The deal is crucial to the future of the Nine Network and its place within his corporate empire. It was Kerry Packer's final deal - a $780 million bid for the 5-year broadcasting rights to AFL football, a deal designed to keep his Channel Nine as 'still the one'. It certainly is a status symbol and it's big for the winner. Long-time Packer family friend and media buyer Harold Mitchell knows how important these rights could be. But there's mounting speculation that by next Friday's deadline rival networks Seven and Ten will trump PBL's bid, a move that would be likely to give Channel Seven first prize in the ratings, handing James Packer his first major challenge. This is high stakes. It's about being number one or at least not losing the ratings. If Nine lose, it would fuel reports that James Packer wants to off-load Nine to focus on more profitable gaming and Internet interests. If that is true, the future of Nine is certainly in question. Unlikely, I'd think, however, that he would do anything with Channel Nine until we see legislative changes regarding cross-media and foreign ownership laws in the latter part of 2006. At the Packer family home today, friends popped in and flowers were delivered as funeral preparations were made. A private funeral is expected along with a public memorial service. This is where Kerry Packer will be laid to rest - in the Packer family crypt at Sydney's South Head Cemetery. Alongside several generations of Packers, including his grandparents and his mother, there is an empty plaque that will soon read 'Kerry Francis Bullmore Packer'. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Two good Samaritans shot down while trying to stop a car thief - how police finally tracked down the alleged offender, next. And the graffiti guide - the black-market video teaching would-be artists how to escape the law. Lotto's $32 million draw is going off on Saturday, New Year's Eve. A record $32 million! What a cracker! So get your entry in by Saturday December 31. SONG: # The big red ball # That makes dreams come true. # Actually, they're all available. Mazda6 Classic from just $29,990. The 2005 model clearance will really do it for you. While stocks last. This program is captioned live. A good Samaritan who tried to stop a car thief is in a critical condition after being gunned down in a Melbourne carpark. His mate was also shot. The alleged gunman dramatically arrested hours later. Police had discovered their suspect just as they thought the trail had gone cold. (Man shouts) Ah! Ah!

POLICEMAN: Shut up. People around here are trying to sleep. The man had been lying injured in bushes less than 50m from where he'd allegedly opened fire on two good Samaritans. The 26-year-old hurt as he jumped fences.

Police claim they found two hand guns as they arrested him. To let you know that you're under arrest, OK, for shooting? After being searched, he was led away. (Bleep!) The victims had confronted a man in St Kilda as he tried to steal a car. Its owner heard the commotion. Heard this guy yell, "Oh my god, he's got a gun!" Heard the gun go off, unmistakable sound. The gunman fired a warning shot but the victims chased him as he fled. It was then he shot at them. The offender produced what police believe to be a semiautomatic hand gun where a number of shots were fired, striking both of the males. A 25-year-old from Wagga Wagga in NSW known only as Tim was shot in the stomach, and rushed to hospital in a critical condition. A second bullet grazed his mate's leg. I heard these two loud bangs and it didn't sound like a car backfiring because you're used to them. The dramatic arrest followed a 4-hour hunt. The suspect taken for medical treatment. Tim's brother joined at the Alfred Hospital by his parents, who'd flown in to be at his bedside. Tim's family says this isn't the first time he's put himself in harm's way to be a good Samaritan. Once before, he chased a thief responsible for a bag snatch. Jeremy Pudney, Ten News. The murky underworld of Sydney's graffiti artists has been exposed they shot themselves. and it's all on video the pictures, Police are investigating struggling to deal with the problem. as authorities admit they're at work on Sydney's rail system. They're images of graffiti vandals ever seen Some of the most graphic pictures on a daily basis by hordes of vandals of the damage now being done sneaking on to the tracks. who risk their lives by the graffiti vandals themselves These pictures taken across the counter and being sold openly and on the Internet for $35 each. on Sydney's trains An explosion of graffiti attacks $14 million a year. is now costing taxpayers Latest figures from State Rail

individual pieces of graffiti reveal an average 36,000

every month. are being cleaned off our trains and in broad daylight. The attacks are often brazen tries to photograph the vandals Here a train driver to the McDonaldtown marshalling yard. and this gang appears to have a key the vandals swarm over a Tangara, In this attack, covering the driver's window in paint and causing enormous damage to the carriage. The DVD amounting to a virtual lesson for graffiti writers on how to evade transit officers. This is how we do it. Sick to death of it. It's not a victimless crime. This type of graffiti of people every day. is impacting on tens of thousands

out of the network to fix it up. It means we've taken services the explosion in graffiti crime But the Opposition says how to deal with the problem. shows the Government has no idea not doing enough. Obviously the State Government's When you see this on video to apprehend these young people, train drivers trying a lack of transit police. to have the run of the rail system. The graffiti vandals appear at least two have been killed In recent years, attempting to paint up carriages. hanging out of doors has now referred the DVD to police The Transport Minister to track down in the hope they'll be able those responsible for the damage.

over the past two months Police say they've made 40 arrests to infiltrate the gangs. using undercover officers

John Hill, Ten News. are investigating a fire Melbourne detectives in the city's west. that destroyed a church minutes to gut the timber building. It took the 10m-high flames just

Fire crews arriving in time to save neighbouring weatherboard homes. Watching it here, it was just horror and fear that I'd lose the house. Neighbours say as a home for squatters. the timber church was well known with their inquiries. Two men are helping police and three others are missing Five people are dead in the US. after a series of bushfires in Texas and Oklahoma More than 70 fires in the past two days. have destroyed at least 100 homes deadly weather conditions. Authorities blame in 50 years Texas is suffering its worst drought unusually high winter temperatures. and in recent days has experienced

may have paid his way Former rock star Gary Glitter

with a Vietnamese firing squad. out of a date close to $4,000 each The singer has given and a 12-year-old to the families of an 11-year-old he's accused of abusing. In exchange, asking for rape charges be dropped. they've written to the court Prosecutors say the charges to committing lewd acts. they'll probably downgrade for those offences is 12 years jail. The maximum penalty prison since his arrest last month. Glitter has been in a Vietnamese Australian touch to the Danish court. Princess Mary has added another The frightening new medical threat - warnings the hole in the ozone layer could make us go blind. That's next. managed to save the life How this plucky 5-year-old of her dying great-grandmother. Symonds shines with both bat and ball And in 'Sports Tonight', Andrew over South Africa. as Australia closes in on victory Stocktake Sale right now Zoom into Target's underwear, and schoolwear. Excludes women's and men's stocks won't last. You better scoot - This program is captioned live. from eye specialists A warning tonight on the dangers posed by the sun. in cataract surgery, They say we're facing a huge rise because of the thinning ozone layer. kids these days know how to cover up, When it comes to fun in the sun, by parents and teachers alike having spent years being taught to wear hats and sun screen. Slip, slop, slap! are warning of a new threat But health authorities and this time, the eyes have it. has left Australians exposed A thinning ozone layer ultraviolet radiation on the planet. to some of the highest Over the next few years, a vast increase in cataracts, that's expected to trigger a clouding of the eye, and Lilly under threat. leaving kids like Liam, Reilly Do I look like a um, fairy? WOMAN: You do. sunglasses are one of the answers. Their parents say he's had a pair of sunglasses From as early as I can remember,

and whenever we go outside, then he doesn't go. if he doesn't have a hat on, Doctors suggest wrap-around sunnies. cuts UV exposure by half Wearing a hat also helps. and keeping out of the midday sun is damaging, We know that UV radiation but for other eye diseases as well, not just for cataracts and we need to take precautions.

Prudence McKay spent years As a retired teacher, the school uniform and wear hats. getting kids to follow it was too late. Unfortunately for her, She now has cataracts on both eyes part of the school dress code. and wants sunglasses to become to go, yes. Prevention is much the best way that you're going blind. You don't want to think Christopher Still, Ten News. Jacqui Maddock. At Commonwealth Securities, for the local market. And Jacqui, another record high Does that make it a hat-trick?

It does and it just goes to show

that although we're seeing light

trading volumes with investors

trading volumes with investors enjoying a break, market sentiment

remains strong. We have only one

trading day left of the year, so it's a good

trading day left of the year, so it's a good opportunity to have a

look at some of the moreovers and

shakers. The All Ordinaries

climbed 16% over the year and the

energy stocks were the best

climbing. At the other end of the

market, Telco stocks were the worst. CommSec's Jacqui Maddock. Thanks, Jaqui. is being hailed a hero A quick-thinking 5-year-old emergency call. after making a life-saving when her great-grandmother collapsed, Annabelle Sassenfeld dialled '000' what had happened. calmly telling the operator How long's Grandma been asleep for? I don't know. She won't wake up. She won't wake up? No. Her grandmother says it took just 10 minutes to teach the little girl what to do in a medical emergency and urges other parents to do the same. If the kids don't get their own house numbers, their own house address, at least get the three zeros, no particular order - 000.

Ambulance officers today rewarded Annabelle with a belated Christmas present. The weather's next and then it's 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning. And Rob, Andrew Symonds finally fires with the bat. Deb, the Queenslander needed runs badly today, but he got more than that.

The all-rounder unstoppable with bat and ball South Africa are in deep trouble heading into day five. Tennis is going high tech, and tantrums could be on the outer. Aand Kewell up against Cahill in the Merseyside derby. Have you ever wondered why it's such a crime... Thanks, mate. drive after a few beers? ALL: Cheers! MAN: How's work going, mate? Five minutes after your first drink, alcohol reaches your brain and starts to interfere with the way cells communicate. STATIC GURGLING Maybe there's something in that. MAN: No. (Laughs) First, you lose the ability to assess risks. ALL: Whoa! Hey! Nice one, Grant! Yeah, just go 'round the back. Then it affects your capacity to make decisions. STATIC GURGLING After a few beers, you've lost your ability to handle complex problems. STATIC GURGLING MAN: Oh, no! MAN: I'm done. See you guys.

This becomes a serious danger when you drive. You can still change gear and steer, but what's missing are those higher skills that handle things like emergencies. Most nights, you'll get home, but if something goes wrong... TYRES SQUEAL SMASH!'re gone.

This program is captioned live. To the national weather - and the satellite is showing widespread cloud

across northern Australia causing rain and storms, mainly in the tropics. Cloud over southeast Queensland and far northeast NSW

is generating potentially severe storms. Cloud is crossing Tasmania bringing rain. On the synoptic chart -

hot northerlies will affect the interior and southeast, prompting fire bans. A trough in the east will weaken, but still cause the odd storm in southeast Queensland and northeast NSW. A trough in WA will broaden

and cause hot thundery weather to spread from the northwest to SA. So tomorrow - And just a reminder of a Ten News special event this Saturday - a review of the stories which have touched all of us in the past year. We'll be looking back at a year of natural tragedies and at how we opened our hearts to the victims of the tsunami, Hurricane Katrina and the Pakistan earthquake. How we grieved for the victims of the Bali bombing

and fought the war on terror, both here and overseas. It's certainly been a year none of us will forget. That's this Saturday, after the news, at 5:30 here on Ten. And that's the latest from Ten News. 'Sports Tonight' with Rob Canning is next. I'm Deborah Knight. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

Supertext captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live.

Tonight - Symonds answers the call - The new freddy fires with bat... ..and ball, Into techno? Hello. I'm Rob Canning. This is Sports Tonight Two more days to go this year, but the party's already begun. What shall we do with a drunken sailor? The celebrations continue in Hobart. Our mogul medal hope at the Winter Olympics. And the 10 moments that mattered in the AFL this season. after Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds went on a rampage Australia needs just four wickets in one day's play

to take a 1-0 lead in the best-of-three Test series

against South Africa. The Proteas crumbled this afternoon after Matthew Hayden and Andrew Symonds went on a rampage with the bat. Brad Hodges's 31st birthday was full of promise but Andre Nel was convincing enough to spoil the party. COMMENTATOR: Andre Nel loves it and so too does the umpire! Hodge didn't like the call, and may have been unlucky. Hayden kept picking off the bowlers and the lead grew and he lost the unlucky Hussey on 32. Under pressure and on a pair, Symonds got off the mark in extraordinary fashion. Hayden reaching another Test century in fine fashion. Symonds then unleashed a remarkable display of power hitting. What a good hit! The boundaries suddenly became very small at the vast MCG. He inspired Hayden to launch into the stratosphere. Very, very nicely! They smashed 92 runs in an hour - Symonds's fourth 6 sailing 25 rows back. There he goes again! His fifth brought up a first 50 and a Test career may have begun. That's brilliant. What a 50! The big hits kept on coming

as the pair batted South Africa out of the game. Hayden's superb innings ended on 137, attempting more carnage. That is the end. With the declaration imminent, Symonds kept pressing and lost his wicket. I should think it will be caught. Oh, Nel's got him! But after 72 exhilarating runs he may have found his way. Ponting declared before tea, leaving South Africa 366 to win. The decision looked good when De Villiers was outmanoeuvred by Warne. Brilliant cricket! It was enough to tip you over the edge.

Smith again got a start but wasted it. South African hopes plunged deeper when Warne has the last word with Gibbs. Got him! In stepped man of the moment, Andrew Symonds. He wasn't finished reducing South Africa to 5/72. Only a miracle can deny Australia victory this time. A century to Hayden

and a blazing 72 off just 54 deliveries from Symonds enabling Ricky Ponting to declare with a lead of 365. In reply, South Africa is struggling at 6/99, Warne snaring three whilst Symonds continued his Test resurgence with two wickets. Yeah, I can bat. As I said to you last night, I had to go out there with a more positive mindset and I did that, just sort of bite the bullet a bit and be brave, I suppose, and just try and play my way. And I went out there and it sort of went fairly well today. If we win the Test match, then probably my emotions will flow. At the moment I just feel slightly relieved and sort of happy in myself that I've actually contributed to the cause. I think we've worked very hard over a period of 10 days of Test match cricket now to get to where we are, so it's nice to put those results on the board tonight, those six wickets. And South Africa was forced to endure the Hayden and Symonds affair without Makhaya Ntini. The Proteas' strike bowler tore a medial ligament in his left knee while bowling on day three. He finished bowling last night and there was a lot more swelling and there was pain.

So we decided obviously not to risk it and give it to our medical committee to give us a proper assessment on it. uNtini is expected to miss next week's third and final Test

at the SCG in Sydney. Melbourne's A-League finals aspirations remain in doubt after squandering a 2-1 lead against the Perth Glory tonight. Despite dominating the game, the Victory were forced to settle for a disappointing 2-all draw. With Kevin Muscat sidelined through suspension, Archie Thompson faced a baptism of fire in the captain's armband, his job made tougher after just five minutes, thanks to Damian Mori. COMMENTATOR: Damian Mori, a stake through the heart of the Victory. The Glory's new assistant coach stretching the onion bag with a great solo effort. And Mori opens the scoring here at Olympic Park! Kristian Sarkies got through the wall but not the keeper as the Victory searched for an equaliser. But with his side in trouble, the new skipper took control. Archie Thompson breaks the drought! Thompson scoring for the first time since October to get Melbourne back into the game. Absolutely brilliant from Archie Thompson. The woodwork denied Perth their response and that miss proved costly when Daniel Allsop scored just before half-time. Allsop scores for the second game in a row. The home side up 2-1 at the break. Melbourne Victory have their noses in front against the Glory. The Victory dominated the start of the second half as the Glory juggled a number of injury concerns, but against the run of play, the visitors stunned the Melbourne crowd. The Glory are back on level terms. The Victory created several opportunities to regain the lead but ultimately missed out on the three points. It was a good start to Alan Vest's coaching career, Perth securing a valuable away point in front of nearly 15,000. Leg cramps forced Melbourne captain Archie Thompson off the field before full-time. This is Sports Tonight. We'll take a break, and then the fun really begins. The triple crown will fall and the party picks up - all the latest from Hobart. Hawkeye is in. But was the ball? Technology is going to step in and determine point-ending shots. And Aussie Rules magic and mayhem - the moments that mattered in 2005.

This program is captioned live. A world first at the Hopman Cup in Perth starting tomorrow with matches to be umpired by the virtual reality system known simply as Hawkeye. Some of the sport's biggest names believe it will revolutionise the game of tennis. Hawkeye - you've seen it on TV in tennis and cricket coverage, but now, it could decide a match. For the past four years, Hawkeye has only been used by TV commentators. COMMENTATOR: That's miles out. Absolutely miles out. Starting tomorrow, referees get the same advantage, getting the chance to reverse decisions. There'll be no more on-court tantrums. Instead of complaining,

players can now appeal after any point. 10 cameras covering every square inch of the court. No chance for a mistake. The big screen revealing all. in the sport It's actually quite a big moment is going to step in when actually technology and determine point-ending shots. everything goes well. So fingers crossed how umpiring happens It will really revolutionise

in the sport of tennis. is the brainchild behind the system. Paul Hawkins It is called Hawkeye.

when we pitched it It was a tongue-in-cheek name and it kind of stuck. revolutionised cricket broadcasts. The young genius this will be his workplace, Over the next week, high in the Burswood Dome. There's a big team. who work for Hawkeye There's 11 full-time staff

freelancers. and then a bunch of up to 30-40 and time-consuming exercise. Set up is a complex on the cutting edge of technology. The Hopman Cup has often been This system sure to stick. a great supporter. John McEnroe's been quite a few times He's now used the system we've done. in some of the exhibition events I like the idea of Hawkeye because it really bothers me to see major championships lost on bad calls at crucial times. A strong performance at the Australian Open is critical the fringe either making it or not. for those Aussie players on sit in that category. Both Chris Guccione and Peter Luczak in hope of hitting top form, The pair play in Adelaide next week the season's opening grand slam. prior to

on and off the court. They're the best of mates and a baseline battler. A towering serve-volleyer a precious Aussie Open wild card, Chris Guccione has already secured

but Peter Luczak remains in limbo. but that's the way it goes. Yeah, I'm still waiting

work and train hard All you can do is put in the hard pays off. and hopefully all the hard work remain up for grabs. Three Melbourne Park wild cards will be allocated one of them. Mark Philippoussis Todd Reid is also banking on one. year reaching a ranking of 110, But Luczak is coming off his best third in the national standings and Wayne Arthurs. behind Lleyton Hewitt He also earnt a Davis Cup cap. But what's driving this 26-year-old 5-set loss is last summer's heartbreaking Thomas Johansson. to former Aussie Open champ it was great memories Even though I lost, because just the atmosphere with my friends and family. and playing out here so they all came out. I'm from Melbourne just minutes from Melbourne Park Luczak has rented an apartment with another tennis battler, Stephen Huss. reigning Wimbledon doubles champ luck will rub off on him He's hoping some of his flat-mate's from his parents and some extra attention

will give him the all-important edge.

everything is a lot easier. When you're at home, Dad stringing your racquets, You've got Mum cooking for you, being home and practising. so it makes it a lot easier Sydney to Hobart history 'Wild Oats XI' has made

in 60 years after becoming the first boat the race record and handicap honours. to secure line honours, in 1945 by 'Rani'. The 'Triple Crown' was last achieved battered by high winds, After a tough night Constitution Dock throughout the day. yachts have come into After three days racing from Sydney,

or three, a celebratory drink or two,

to relax and reflect. was a very welcome way the fine Hobart hospitality We'll just enjoy for, at the end of the day. mate, that's just what we come here getting to the party's not much fun The race in between, you know,