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(generated from captions) BABBA, to take centre stage. and Crisp, with ABBA tribute band, fireworks displays. well as early and midnight a balmy, warm night and that I'm hopeful at least that night is other's company, enjoy the people can get out, enjoy each good. festivities, becaused they will be and have celebrate in style. Canberrans urged to come along, Tuesday night. That's all in our bulletin this at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night This program is captioned live. in the crackdown on race crimes. A court sets free a man arrested NRMA's Internet-based repair system. The Staysafe Com ittee slams the as a plane plunges into the sea. The tragic final moments

Good evening. dominates the news again tonight. The crackdown on race hate crimes to a man arrested at his home A Sydney court has granted bail found smoke bombs, an arrow during a raid in which they allegedly and other weapons. But despite the police allegations, much of a case against him. the magistrate said there was not as a white supremacist Andrew Sanders, the man painted walked free late this afternoon. by the Police Commissioner, He faced seven charges, of prohibited weapons, most relating to the possession his home yesterday. items discovered when police raided and a dust mask, The items included smoke canisters as a disguise. which police was going to be used the 25-year-old But Sanders' lawyers said called 'The Tunnel Rats', was a member of a club around Sydney. which explores old sewers and tunnels the gear Sanders used for this hobby. The mask, he said, was merely part of The magistrate made it pretty clear prosecution case against Sanders. he didn't think much of the in the police version He singled out a line

of the arrest on Sunday earlier said which stated someone in the car "Let's go and bash some Lebs". that was inflammatory The magistrate said on the part of police who said it. because there was no evidence found in Sanders' car, As for white supremacist literature prosecuted for your thoughts. his lawyer said in NSW you can't be

a deep breath I think it's time everybody took and examined this case on the facts. Meanwhile, on the Internet, as a recruiting tool video of the riots is being used by white supremacists. race war. SONG: # The war is coming now, calling police traitors. The tape has been edited with slogans My reaction when I see these videos and disgust is, firstly, abject horror that are out there in society that there are people such an event for their cause. that would seek to hijack if the videos have broken any laws. The Government wants to know will be investigating, That's something the police illegal activity, and, as I say, where there is and cracked down on hard. it will be cracked down on Mark Burrows, National Nine News. of the past week and a half, After all the uproar and controversy back to normal, Cronulla Beach seems to be getting to the restaurants and cafes. with customers even returning at North Cronulla today The only battle being fought in a game of beach cricket. was between father and son Howzat! people are slowly coming back. After being deserted for days, the water is fantastic The sand is great, and the scenery - have a look at it. It couldn't get better. Come down here and relax. the way it should be. It's nice, peaceful, And away from the beach, seems to be returning. the Christmas cheer bustling with lunch-goers. Restaurants and cafes were again a 75% downturn in business. Last week's violence led to They are still feeling it. and the support. and they do need the help to ban ball games The council is also planning from crowded areas on the beach. have been blamed In the past, such activities of young men and locals. for creating conflict between groups at Cronulla, almost 5km, We've got quite a bit of beach here for all people to come down so there's plenty of spaces to enjoy the beach lifestyle.

got into the spirit of giving, And today Magnus Mansie with the word 'Embrace' handing out wristbands written in five different languages. some harmony before Christmas. Basically it's about spreading be a perfect Christmas weekend, The weather bureau predicts it should people's behaviour is much the same, and police will be hoping enjoying the festive season. as they finally set about Damian Ryan, National Nine News. Treasurer Peter Costello says

in Australian flags people who draped themselves during the violence at Cronulla were desecrating a national symbol. with Prime Minister Howard. But his comments are at odds overwhelmingly condemned The thugs of Sydney's Black Sunday for their behaviour, to wear the Australian flag? b t what about the decision of s me but what about the decision of some

for being proud I would never condemn people of the Australian flag. if the flag wearers were rioting. Peter Costello would, It's not something to be wrapped around in the street. as you're battering somebody I actually think that's... of the Australian flag. that's a desecration or hooligans I don't believe that thugs in that way. should be using the Australian flag

with the Treasurer more. I couldn't agree with Treasurer Costello, And the RSL sides President Bill Crews says Government should have listened Cronulla proves why the Federal to the League an offence. and made desecrating the Aussie flag into a dishonourable situation, It brought the Australian flag which we should all be ashamed of. racism another, Pride in our flag is one thing, has been called to account but there, too, PM Howard

for his comments. Australians are racist, I don't. I fundamentally do not believe

Polling from last weekend suggests multiculturalism, Australians overwhelmingly support underlying racism. but also believe Australia suffers to believe If there is, I find it hard that 81% of the population would support multiculturalism. The two things don't sit together. Tim Lester, National Nine News. A report by the Government's Staysafe Committee has blasted the NRMA's new computerised system of tendering for car repairs. It found the scheme is unsafe and has called on the NRMA to scrap it. From the day the web-based tendering scheme was launched, nearly six months ago, its critics have claimed it's unsafe. Now they're claiming a victory. Well, it certainly verified everything we've said about the system. We believe the system is inadequate. Under the NRMA's new "Care and Repair" scheme, the company's preferred repairers are required to bid for jobs, based on photos posted on the Internet. The result, according to the MTA, is often dodgy repairs,

and today the Staysafe Committee agreed, declaring the scheme: This system is a mess. Staysafe has recommended: But the insurer has rejected the findings as fundamentally flawed. In the fact that it's full of inaccuracies and a series of unsubstantiated allegations. Pointing out, the committee never bothered to check for themselves. We made several invitations to the Staysafe Committee to come and see the system in place, and they rejected each. Not surprisingly, NRMA insurance has no intention of scrapping the new system, in which case Staysafe has recommended the Government consider special legislation.

Set it right, and if you don't set it right, then the Parliament will set it right. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. A former teacher who was sacked over an improper relationship with a 15-year-old student, has lost a legal appeal. 54-year-old Jeff Sinclair had been awarded $28,000 for the stress he suffered when he was sacked from Baulkham Hills High, for his affair with student Nicki Shackle. He claimed his treatment by the Education Department left him clinically depressed and unable to work. Sinclair may now lose the money, his case sent back to the Workers Compensation Commission for another look. A 37-year-old Melbourne woman has won the right to bring her dead husband's sperm to Sydney, so she can have IVF treatment, and hopefully fall pregnant.

The landmark court ruling ends seven years of heartache for the woman, who had her husband's sperm frozen after he died in a car accident.

A vintage seaplane has crashed off America's Miami Beach, killing 20 people. The aircraft was heading for the Bahamas, when an explosion broke off one of the wings. A tourist took this video of the doomed flying boat as it took off from Miami Harbor. A few minutes later it was in trouble and another tourist captured the final moments as it crashed into the water. When the vision is slowed you can see the wing on fire, already separated from the vintage plane and following it down into the water. One wing came off and the rest of it went straight down in the water - a big ball of fire. Those on board had no chance of surviving a drop from that height. Even though surfers were there quickly,

there was nothing they could do but wait until divers arrived to retrieve the victims' bodies. These people had just seen their friends off on the flight, which was headed for the Bahamas, off the US coast.

The Grumman Mallard seaplane that went down was built in 1948

and is one of a dozen still flying commercially.

The video will be a great help to the investigators who will see quite clearly that an explosion and fire in the engine caused the wing to fall off. Robert Penfold, National Nine News. Another Australian is facing execution in Asia for drug trafficking. A Vietnamese court has sentenced 53-year-old Sydney man, Trinh Huu,

to death, after finding him guilty of smuggling about 2kg of heroin. Two other Australians are already on death row in Vietnam

for drug offences. Also in Vietnam, Australian consul officials are helping a Hobart sailor and his New Zealand crew man, who've survived 11 days clinging to a flimsy life raft in heavy seas. Mark Smith was skippering a 20m motor launch

from Hong Kong to Melbourne, with Kiwi Steven Freeman. But the boat sank when they struck huge seas. They then drifted without food or water until they were rescued by local fishermen off the island of Ly Son. Mr Freeman's family in New Zealand learned of the drama through the media. The first thing I thought was, "Praise God that he's alive", you know. Both men are said to be extremely weak, and are resting in a local hospital. The entertainer and artist Rolf Harris, has thrown out pomp and formality in his effort to capture the essence of Queen Elizabeth. He's unveiled a portrait in London, which shows a friendly and relaxed Queen, but not everyone thinks he's done her a service. Relaxed, affectionate and smiling - Queen Elizabeth II looking very informal. A finished product Rolf Harris was determined to achieve. I wanted it to be a friendly painting, and I wanted it to portray her as a real person. The portrait commissioned to celebrate the Queen's 80th birthday next year - the entire process captured on film for a BBC documentary. HARRIS: Your Majesty. Lovely to meet you. The series revealing a side of the Queen rarely seen. You're OK with the smell of turpentine I hope? Well, we'll tell, won't we, soon. It's this informality Harris most wanted to capture on canvass. More than 130 official portraits have been painted of the Queen,

but few show her smile. Royal portraits are always controversial. Some critics have condemned the painting as ordinary and appealing to the masses. He's set out to do the obvious, and might I say well, creepy crawly thing. I've tried to be very honest about the painting and be very up front and open about it and paint the lady as I saw her. In London, Jodie Noyce, National Nine News. In the news ahead - jail for the couple who abducted baby Montana. And a major change to the guidelines for CPR. Two men armed with pistols and sledge hammers have held up two banks and a hotel in Sydney's west. Police say the pair targeted the ANZ and the Commonwealth Banks at Flemington. They fired a number of shots, but escaped empty-handed after staff activated security screens. The pair then used a stolen white station wagon to drive to this Homebush pub,

where they attempted a third robbery. This time they managed to escape with a sum of cash. The Melbourne couple who kidnapped baby Montana Barbaro from a shopping centre carpark last year, have been sentenced to a total of 12 years in jail. Mark McEachen beat the baby's mother to the ground, then snatched the newborn. Days later the child was found by a jogger, who heard her cries coming from a derelict house. Montana's mother said the sentences were too short. The rules for saving someone's life are about to change. An international committee has agreed to the biggest reforms

in the guidelines for CPR, in 20 years. Most heart attacks happen at home or work, and bystanders are usually inexperienced in CPR or lack confidence in the training they've received. It's an unfortunate stark reality that less than 50% of people who have a cardiac arrest get any CPR or any resuscitation prior to an ambulance arriving. A 3-year international evaluation of resuscitation techniques has found people get confused trying to remember different methods for adult and child victims. It's now simplified to a one-fits-all formula - 30 chest compressions instead of the old 15 followed by two rescue breaths. The review also found a longer period of chest compressions keeps blood flowing to the heart, improving survival chances. One of the important messages I'd like to get across is that what people are currently doing is not wrong. It's just that with increasing science we can start to improve what we're doing and understand the process of cardiac arrest a bit more.

The biggest changes are for children who were previously given more breaths per minute. Now we're saying do 30 to two for everyone. So the message really is that if you come across someone in the street or someone collapses or home, and needs CPR, and if in doubt give CPR, then just having one set of numbers to remember - 30 to two - makes it simple. The Resuscitation Council still needs to formalise the CPR changes with key medical groups, including St John, but the changes are set to come in and be taught from next February. Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News. Controversy over America's secret phone tapping program has prompted a fresh defence from President Bush, who says it's crucial for homeland safety. This program has targeted those with known links to al-Qai'da. I've reauthorised this program more than 30 times since the September 11 attacks. The National Security Agency has been exposed for monitoring international calls without the usual court authority. Some claim the presidential order is a breach of American law. Northern Ireland has seen the first of Britain's legal gay weddings. One couple had to face a religious heckler who accused them of leading a sinful life. You're marrying this other lady. Oh, look at her. You would be so lucky if you had this lady, boy.

You need to repent for your sins. More of the so-called civil partnership ceremonies will go ahead in other parts of the UK tomorrow night, including Elton John and his partner David Furnish. Tim with sport is next, and somehow South Africa is hanging on. To survive as long as they today has been a big achievement considering the wizardry of Shane Warne was once again at its best. And after 12 months at sea,

the Sydney yacht back for another race to Hobart. As Australia closes in on victory in the first Test in Perth, good news tonight for the Blues in-form opener Phil Jaques, who's been picked to make his debut in the Boxing Day Test. Stuart MacGill's inclusion allowing the option of playing two spinners, with Nathan Bracken the likely 12th man. At the WACA, it's been a classic last day arm wrestle, with South Africa desperately trying to hold out the Australian attack for a draw. Shane Warne has been the weapon for Australia, Jaques Rudolph toughing it out for the Proteas, who have six wickets in hand, and a session to survive. Nearing dusk on day four and no surprise Warne was the first to strike... COMMENTATOR: Got him! Yes, he's out. Villiers demise capping off Hodge's double tonne celebrations -

his dream of playing in a Boxing Day Test now a reality. I'm very much looking forward to next week at the MCG, the home of my cricket, and it's just going to be a very special day. Bracken then snared the prized scalp of Smith

for the second time in the match. South Africa two down when they accepted the offer of bad light

with six overs remaining - Ponting furious he wasn't consulted. But a slicked-back Warne fancied his chances on the final day,

lending Lee a hand for the breakthrough with Gibbs on 33.

Shane Warne had to wait for that one. Then, in the countdown to lunch, he trapped Prince on 8...

Good bowling...LBW! ..South Africa in strife at 4/140. And the big question - could they survive two full sessions as Rudolph gritted out a half century. That's a character building innings, this one. South Africa's stubborn resistance continued in the countdown to tea

in a desperate attempt to try and save the first Test. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Australia's entire quota of World Cup soccer tickets was snapped up this morning. In the first two hours, the Sydney call centre was flooded with 14,000 applications, almost double the amount of tickets available. It was just out of control, absolutely out of control. The website was getting smashed. The phone calls weren't stopping. If you missed out, there'll be two more rounds of sales, If ou missed out, there'll be made up of left over and returned tickets in February. It's just under a week until the start of the Sydney to Hobart yacht classic and already crews are studying weather patterns. If the long range forecasts are right, it will be another uncomfortable race south, but that wasn't worrying too many of the crews today. They're amongst our most respected and experienced sailors and the likes of round-the-world competitor Grant Warrington and Sean Langman weren't holding back today with their pre-race plans. We've got to try and sail better. It's as simple as that. We're up against some of the best crews in the world. Grant has just spent I don't know how long at sea -

I think he's running away from something. As part of the hype, the Sydney to Hobart build up sailed into the city centre. Instead of fighting with Christmas crowds, shoppers had a chance to wrap some sails and none would get a job next week.

Just six days out from the start, every crew is anxious about what awaits. The forecast at the moment? Look, fairly light. I've told them all they're going to get hammered and I hope we get hammered. And after 12 months sailing around the world, the 2-man crew of 'Berrimilla' was escorted back into the harbour this morning. After finishing last year's Sydney to Hobart, Alex Whitworth and Peter Crozier set off on another adventure. And they've made it back in time for yet another race south. Sometimes we weren't making much way towards our goal, but most of the time, we were doing really well. Launched in 1977, this will be 'Berrimilla's 15th Sydney to Hobart, but before tha , there's a couple but before that, there's a couple of simple luxuries

to catch up on. Yeah, the idea of uninterrupted sleep and waking up and knowing you've had a full night sounds pretty good to me. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News.

The last session of the last day of

a Test with a result in the air,

Mark, I won't be missing it. 6 :30.

My spot on the couch won't be missed. Jaynie with the weather is next, This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick.

# Ya, I like to move it # Move it # All girls all over the world... # plus dealer delivery and Government charges. Here's a Christmas present for the whole family. We've extended our offer until Christmas Eve, so you can still get FOXTEL Digital installed in metro areas

and your first month for just $10. FOXTEL Digital. Call 131 787 now. In finance - the corporate watchdog ASIC has criticised nearly 50 companies for failing to gain shareholder approval for executive pay rises, as required under new laws. On the markets - Multiplex gained 2 cents, while API, the owner of Priceline pharmacies, fell after a disappointing half-yearly profit.

Now Jaynie, with the weather. A magnificent, hot summer's day in Sydney. with our current temperature on 24. It has been another dry day for our thirsty State under the large high. There is a weak trough stretching from WA and down to the south-east. Ahead of that most places in SA have been 10 degrees over the average, and that's what we are in for, especially on Christmas Eve. Tomorrow will still be a scorcher with hot, dry northerly winds

and low humidity levels leading to extreme fire dangers for inland areas.

Apart from some high cloud building over the southern border of NSW, the rest of will stay dry and sunny. We may get a splash or two on Friday. A hot one for Santa.

Christmas Eve looks like a top of 38 across the board with a late storm. Christmas Day - 29 in the city and 32 for the west, Mark. Finally, if you're heading to the zoo during the holidays, there's an extra treat in store - twin snow leopards, which were shown off for the first time today. With just a few thousand left in the wild, they are a triumph for Taronga's breeding program. The male and female are yet to be named - that's expected to happen next month.

That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre