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(generated from captions) continuation from the Australian He saw them as a little bit of a very much as the long, lean, bushman tradition. He saw them thinkg that comes through in the almost larrikin personality, and I portrait. story of a soldier from the The painting appears to tell the recreation leave, accepting a Australian Light Horse, on glass of water from a young maid. direction of national collections But the War Memorial's assistant mystery about the work. believes there's a bit of a own story out of this scenario. I think everyone can weave their theatrical vignette for us to He's painted a little bit of weave our own image about. Gallery. Wednesday night. That's all in our bulletin, this The headlines can be found at team. I'm Tony Lynas, from the WIN News Good night This program is captioned live. Sydney's racial violence. A police lockdown helps ease Murdoch to tell where the body is. Joanne Lees pleads with Bradley

to Sydney's newest motorway. The final touches made Good evening. tonight across the city's south, Police will be out in force again of racial violence. hoping to prevent further outbreaks last night, There were sporadic incidents police presence, but thanks to a massive of major trouble. there were no reports this was a drastic step - With a community rattled, as they locked down Cronulla. police throwing up roadblocks How're you going, sir? and searched. Every vehicle was stopped Only residents were allowed in. We just said to the police officer, for looking after us." "Thank you very much definitely. It is reassuring, I think, A report of 20-30 vehicles POLICE RADIO: headed towards Cronulla. roamed the fringes, Scores of police cars and with the Shire a fortress, looked elsewhere. the Middle Eastern gangs a long way from Cronulla, At North Ryde, by nine men wielding golf clubs. a man was bashed and his car attacked I said, "I live here." "What are you doing?" "Mate, are you Australian?" And then he goes, "Yeah." Bang, bang, bang! Jumped straight at the car. at Castle Hill, Another driver was terrorised was surrounded by police, and while Cronulla some locals seemed ready for a fight. Why have they got every right? for carrying a knife. This man was arrested standing up for his country. He told police he was only and searched. Another local was stopped fireworks and lengths of wood. Police found knuckledusters, with carrying an offensive weapon. He was later charged MAN: Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! by the police This massive show of force

for the rest of the summer. is expected to be with us made up of 500 officers A special strike force is to be set up. It will be on stand-by night and day of racial unrest. to deal with the specific problem This morning, on last night's strategy. the Premier was briefed by police command and control system for this We're running the same for a terrorist situation. as we would was deemed a success, And while the operation the war was a long way from over. Mr Iemma conceded New text messages circulating more trouble this weekend are suggesting there'll be and on the Central Coast. at other beaches in Sydney

try and track down We want to actually that's sending these messages. and determine who it is their numbers even further. Police are now considering bolstering

The Police Association says would be a better option. a full-time riot squad major incidents we've had It's shown over the last few and trained police that we need properly qualified to be able to deal with it. members of the Islamic community In a show of goodwill, at Maroubra and Cronulla. mixed with surfers this afternoon a night-time curfew this weekend Leaders have also called for for young members of their community. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. the unusual step of speaking out NSW Governor Marie Bashir has taken against the racial unrest,

in our society. saying there's no place for violence of Lebanese immigrants, Professor Bashir, who's the daughter between communities. has appealed for understanding Meanwhile, investigators are checking last night whether a fire at a church in Auburn was linked to the trouble. the Uniting Church Hall. There was no chance of saving to control the flames, It took more than two hours it was the latest episode but not long for police to suspect in suburban Sydney. of race-based hatred

that what's happening around Sydney And I'm concerned at the moment is fuelled by fear. the community more united Because this incident will make

one enemy. and realise that they've got the morning - The danger remained well into to re-ignite the blaze. a leaking gas pipe threatening diverse multicultural communities Auburn is one of Sydney's most

was seen as a symbol and, until last night, this hall among Christians and Muslims. of day-to-day harmony and their leaders are appalled. Both religious groups shared the hall is damaging also Muslims Whoever doing that to us and equally to Christians. Crime is crime. don't have a colour, Crime don't have a religion, don't have ethnicity. Out of the ashes, disturbing racial tension - a heartening contrast to this week's and Christians a vow by Auburn's Muslims this latest blow. to help each other recover from our centre, They are welcome to use our hall, for any congregation, for any use, like they treat us as brothers. because they are our brothers,

was targeted by gunmen on Monday, And after a Catholic school in Auburn to crack down on racist students. school principals have been ordered for vilification There's no place in schools of antisocial behaviour. or other forms Adam Walters, National Nine News. and the fear of violence Not surprisingly, the violence

the Shire, especially at Cronulla. has had a major impact on business in The local Chamber of Commerce reports that since Sunday's riots business takings are down 25%. Don't stay away. It's still very safe here. The police are doing the best they can. Normally these seats would be filled because this is supposed to be Cronulla's busiest time of the year.

The State itself is also doing it tough, with Premier Morris Iemma revealing the $300 billion surplus from the budget has already been wiped out. Mr Iemma admits NSW will go into the red because of his decision to cut property taxes. The Premier served up the grim news at a lunch for businessman. Mr Iemma was left struggling to spin a positive out of a balance sheet that's about to turn a nasty shade of red. The 2005/'06 position is better than some doomsayers who said

it would be a deficit. It will come in on balance. Next financial year, though, the budget will plunge into a $500 million deficit. It's a staggering turnaround, given that just two years ago, thanks largely to a booming property market, the surplus was over $1 billion. The Opposition says the State is now in a budgetary crisis. The State budget has failed because of 10 years of economic vandalism.

This is the highest taxed, highest cost State in Australia. No talk from the Premier of cuts in services. But he does want to lose 4,000 jobs in the public service through voluntary redundancies. And in January he'll announce other measures to stop the budget from spearing further downwards. There won't be any slashing and burning, but we need to have a plan. The Premier admits the budget has been hit

by his decision to repeal the vendor property tax. And given most predict the property slump will be around for a while, a swift recovery to better budgetary times seems like a long way off. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. The trauma for Peter Falconio's family and his former girlfriend, Joanne Lees, is not quite over yet, even after a Darwin jury found Bradley John Murdoch is the outback killer, declaring him guilty of the British tourist's murder. They'll be back in court tomorrow for a sentencing hearing, their only comfort - knowing Murdoch will spend at least 20 years behind bars. Today's headlines were impossible to miss, especially for Peter Falconio's father, Luciano. For brother Paul, a quiet walk to digest the news.

Last night's guilty verdict came after eight weeks of evidence, but just eight hours of deliberations by the jury. On the courthouse steps, the Falconio family and Joanne Lees were united in their relief. I'm obviously delighted with the I'm obviously delight d with the unanimous verdict given here today. The past four years have been very traumatic for myself and for the Falconio family, and to see justice done today eases a great burden for us all. Today is not a celebration for us. We've waited over four years for this day.

Gun-toting, burly and brazen, Bradley Murdoch is a drug-runner turned outback killer. In July 2001, he followed Falconio and Lees as they drove along the Stuart Highway, ambushing them and shooting Falconio dead at the back of their Kombi. Lees was tied up and tormented, escaping by hiding in bushes. From the start, her story came under intense scrutiny - the verdict, a vindication. Tomorrow, the judge will hear victim impact statements from Joanne Lees and Peter Falconio's mother, Joan, as he determines Murdoch's nonparole period. After the verdict, he was immediately sentenced to life in jail. But even now, there's one secret he's not giving up - just where is Peter Falconio's body?

I would like Bradley John Murdoch to seriously consider telling me, Joan and Luciano and Pete's brothers what he has done with Pete. Most important thing to my family now is to find Peter's body. Murdoch maintains his innocence and will appeal. In Darwin, Nina Stevens, National Nine News. A scare for businessman Steve Vizard and his family last night when at least two thieves broke into his Melbourne mansion.

His 16-year-old daughter pretended to be asleep when she discovered one of the men in her bedroom. Oh, yeah, I was like shivering in bed. It was not very fun. She eventually alerted her dad, who chased the bandits away, and nearly caught them. There was some physical contact, but everything's alright

so hopefully they'll get the guys. A third man in a getaway car also escaped. After choosing Airbus for its long-haul flights, Qantas has announced it will stick with Boeing for its shorter routes. The airline has revealed it has 115 787s on its shopping list to update its fleet at a cost of $13 billion. Qantas says Boeing had the right technology. And also gives us fuel efficiency in an era when we expect fuel prices to remain extremely high. The twin-engined, wide-body plane will replace Qantas's ageing 767s and handle demand for extra flights. Telstra and its executives will escape charges following an investigation into whether it broke stock market rules. But corporate cop ASIC warned the company its procedures threaten its ability to meet its disclosure obligations to shareholders. ASIC's action came after Telstra privately briefed the Federal Government ahead of a profit warning that caused its price to tumble. Meanwhile, the telco's plan to build a $5 billion fibre optic network is in doubt after Communications Minister Helen Coonan

rejected a call for legislation to protect the investment. On the share market, Telstra shares bounced back. Qantas jumped 12. And Lion Nathan rose, despite Coopers shareholders voting to kill off its takeover offer. Another piece of Sydney's motorway network will fall into place on Friday when the M7 opens, eight months ahead of schedule. It's Australia's biggest infrastructure project since the Snowy Mountains hydroelectric scheme and the best news is it'll be toll-free for the first month. Stretching over 40km, from Seven Hills to Prestons, the M7 is so complex and technology-rich that just getting it open will take more than 12 hours and involve more than 200 workers. There are 17 interchanges and 51 ramps to open and we want to make sure its first day of operation is, in fact, a very safe day of operation. Constructed over 2.5 years, there are no toll plazas, but there are overhead electronic monitors measuring everything from traffic flow to calculating distance travelled by individual vehicles. 30 cents a kilometre up to a maximum fee of $5 for the complete length of the motorway. In sharp contrast to the Cross-City Tunnel, the M7 has seen no local roads closed and that could be a problem on opening day - controlling traffic entering the motorway. If people start queuing up and then queue back into local roads they start blocking local roads. Toll-free for the first month - after that, all charges by electronic tag. If you use the road without one... If you call up straightaway and pay the toll over the phone, the only extra charge is 75 cents. But if they have to chase you, you're up for another $10 for that trip on the M7. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a father charged over the drowning deaths of three children. And a Golden Globe nomination for Heath Ledger's role as a gay cowboy.

Right now, buy a $10 Scratchie with a chance at 500 grand and get four free $1 Scratchies. Or buy a $5 Scratchie with a chance at 250 grand and get two free $1 Scratchies. It could really win you stacks. SONG: # Scratch me happy! # The father of three boys who drowned when their car crashed into a Victorian dam has been charged with their murder. Robert Farquharson

was driving the children back to his estranged wife's house, following an outing on Father's Day. The boys were aged 10, 7 and 2. The police watchdog has recommended that disgraced former policeman Chris Laycock face criminal charges.

The former detective was sacked from the force last November, amid allegations of corruption. During the 9-day inquiry, Laycock admitted tipping off a child porn suspect, accepting bribes and rigging the jury at a murder trial.

The Australian terrorist suspect David Hicks may have finally found a way out of Guantanamo Bay, by winning a legal appeal for British citizenship. He tried the tactic after watching all nine British inmates at the American military prison go free. It all started with Hicks talking cricket with his lawyers, referring to his British mother. And today it ended with England's High Court ruling David Hicks has every right to a British passport, rejecting opposition by the Home Office.

Finally, a win for the Guantanamo prisoner. Very definitely. It's a very good day for him. The judge cautioned the British Government not to delay in registering Hicks as a citizen. We will certainly be pressing for him to be registered as soon as possible, and for steps to be taken to get him brought out of Guantanamo Bay as soon as possible. Hicks's father got the call at his Adelaide home overnight. The lawyers have got something to work on. Let's hope the British Government do the right thing now and start putting some pressure to bear on the Americans. But before Hicks can be given a passport, he must swear an oath of allegiance and pledge loyalty to the Queen in the presence of a government official, who will have to fly to Guantanamo Bay. And the decision has not altered our view. As to what the British Government does is a matter for the British Government If it all comes off, Britain will be obliged to fly Hicks to his new home, having already freed all nine of its nationals held at Guantanamo. And since returning, they've been free men. In London, Michael Usher, National Nine News. Four days after that massive explosion at an English fuel terminal, firefighters have extinguished the last of 20 burning petrol and kerosene tanks, but some smaller fires persist at the complex. So far, crews have pumped more than 15 million litres of water and foam onto the fires. Tomorrow, most residents and business owners will be allowed to inspect their properties, and as the smoke begins to clear, 200 local schools will be allowed to reopen.

The fame of Australian actor Heath Ledger is skyrocketing because of his role in the controversial film 'Brokeback Mountain'. The story of a gay romance between cowboys has earned him a Best Actor nomination at the Golden Globes - an honour which puts him in direct competition with Russell Crowe. Heath Ledger - 'the man of the hour', they tagged him on TV this morning - was surprised by his Golden Globe nomination. It is a real honour to be a part of a movie that's being obviously received as it is. Yeah, it's nice. Nobody else was too shocked. Film critics around the world are raving about his portrayal of a gay cowboy in the film 'Brokeback Mountain'. This thing grabs hold of us in the wrong place and we're dead. He acts alongside Jake Gyllenhaal, and on the big night at the Golden Globes next month will have some formidable opposition... Now! ..Russell Crowe, who is nominated for 'Cinderella Man'. The film critic from the 'New York Times' wrote that Heath Ledger's performance equalled the best that he'd seen, from the greats such as Marlon Brando and Sean Penn. And that's high praise indeed for the self-taught actor from Perth who continually struggles here in Hollywood to avoid being put in "pretty boy" roles. Heath Ledger - 'Brokeback Mountain'. Ledger, now 26, first came to the attention of most of his overseas audience alongside fellow Aussie Mel Gibson in 'The Patriot'. I'm not a child!

You're my child. Back then he admitted he was learning on the job. He's turned out to be an A student and now it appears the awards are soon to follow. In Hollywood, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. Tim Sheridan with sport is next. And Glenn McGrath is over his flu? Staying away from Perth for as long as possible so the rest of the team won't catch it. Also, one of yachting's toughest competitors back for more. And the son of a Tiger great who tuned into a Swan.

Fresh from a rest and now recovered from illness, Glenn McGrath will start in Friday's first Test against South Africa in Perth. McGrath came through his first net session since missing the Chappell-Hadlee series in New Zealand -

team-mates confident the fast bowler is over a bout of the flu. Bit

of a runy nose, but he's

alright, I think. Do you give him a wide berth?

South Africa has never played a Test at the WACA and the tourists have a big injury problem. Allrounder Jacques Kallis is battling a torn tendon in his left elbow and may be given until game day to prove his fitness. After abandoning ship in an unforgiving Bass Strait last year, Grant Warrington can't wait for another crack at line honours in the 'Sydney to Hobart' classic. This time, he'll have almost the same crew and as much determination. And, incredibly, it will be the same yacht. Remember this? The 2004 line honours favourite heading for glory before the strait played its hand and dealt it a moment the crew will never forget. Last year, we thought we had a really strong boat proven from the year before. This year, we think we've improved on it again. It's only now 'Skandia' is getting close to her new self. This state-of-the-art maxi has been completely rebuilt. And the storm that turned her on her head last year was never going to stop them trying again this year. We love the Sydney to Hobart. This is my 19th race this year, so, you know, it's an icon Australian event and we just come back for it every year and love it. It's been a multimillion-dollar salvage operation. Amongst the last of the changes a 19-tonne keel that was put in place today - the very piece of equipment that faltered when it mattered most 12 months ago. We're racing with 18 crew this year and hopefully we'll stay out of the life rafts. And 'Witchdoctor' celebrates a milestone this year - 25 Sydney to Hobarts, equalling the record number of crossings.

And hopefully there's a few more still in her. A beautiful birthday rum cake is just what everybody on the crew loves. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Gary Jack was one of rugby league's best fullbacks and a true Tigers great, but his eldest son has crossed codes to become a Swan. 18-year-old Keiran Jack has been picked up by Sydney in the AFL draft.

Despite playing league early on, Keiran defected from Dad's form of football during his early teens, eventually earning Gary's blessing. That was his passion - he gave away rugby league to play Aussie Rules. I always copped a bit of flak for playing AFL, but it was something that I've always loved and wanted to pursue. These days the son of Jack is much better under a high ball.

Another big day for another young

Australian, Casey Stoner goes up

to the MotoGP, Mark. Riding with

the big boys in twich. Absolutely. After the break - Jaynie with the weather details. For 30% off clothing, Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season. Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe, be prepared this bushfire season. You'll be wrapped this Christmas at Kmart, with 20% off all women's, men's and kids' sunglasses and watches. these Huffy 26-inch dual-suspension Volta bikes.

Now with all the weather details, he's Jaynie. It has been a little cooler in Sydney today. Mostly clear skies and light winds with our current temperature on 24 degrees. And 4 was our maximum - 2 under the average mainly thanks to the sea breeze, 30 for Penrith and Richmond. The large high-pressure ridge has kept most of the south-eastern States rain-free today, including us. We have a few storms in the Northern Rivers right now, but the severe storms are in southern Queensland. Tomorrow, the high will head further eastwards, squeezing those hot northerly winds into our State. For the south-western corner, there is an extreme fire danger and storms are expected later in the day from the squally change moving in from SA and set to head to Sydney by Friday. Strong south-easterly winds will blow onto our coastline tomorrow. Canberra - hot with freshening northerly winds. The change will arrive late for Melbourne with strong winds and storms, showers clearing for Hobart, morning storms for Adelaide, slowly warming up for Perth, hot and humid in Darwin, fine in Brisbane.

Sydney - beautiful blue skies, light winds increasing and freshening along the coast for the afternoon. Sloppy surfing conditions should improve with the morning offshore, but waves will be small.

There is a slim chance of storms from the change arriving on Friday. Saturday is still the day with a late southerly change, but fine on Sunday, Mark, and a cooler 25. That's National Nine News for this Wednesday. 'A Current Affair' is next. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Bradley Murdoch has been jailed for life for killing Peter Falconio. Now our exclusive with the woman who knows him best. Also tonight - Ps there a t uce in Sydney's race violence and how long will it last? Plus - finding the best deals to make credit cards work for you without those crippling charges.