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(generated from captions) over the weekend. Arabic in the first annual bazaar Locals were treated to everything Women's Friendship Association. for the Arab and Australian of food, stalls and festivities Visitors enjoyed a diverse array all in Glebe Park. Football Club hosted a huge And on Sunday, the Eastlake cancer. christmas party for kids with the crowd clearly enjoyed the There were many happy faces: and and Australian Idol competition. jumping castle, rides, live band That's Monday night's WIN News. at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night

This program is live captioned. erupts in our suburbs. Sydney's shame, as racial revenge their cars and property smashed. Residents live in fear - those responsible. And police promise to hunt down to our special coverage Good evening and welcome of Sydney's race riots -

that has shocked the nation. an ugly explosion of hatred It began here in Cronulla, to many other suburbs - but last night the violence spread smashing property in revenge attacks. angry gangs terrorising residents and 16 people have been arrested has already been set up. and a major police task force Damian Ryan begins our coverage. beach but ended in suburban warfare, It started out as a battle on the on the move... gangs of men of Middle-Eastern origin baying for revenge. struggling to halt their progress. And hundreds of riot squad police The retaliation was random. with a group of women a 23-year-old man walking At Woolaware, next door to Cronulla,

At Woolaware, next door to Cronulla, with a group of women a 23-year-old man walking was hunted down and stabbed, as he was taken to hospital. the knife still in his back today when there was a crowd of us They were too scared to rock up cause they're weak a few people on their own and they rock down when there's and they stab a poor bloke. At Maroubra, 20km away, staged a hit and run mission, up to 40 car loads of men smashing scores of vehicles on the streets. and attacking several people There was a lot of them, and they came out of nowhere a lot of them like that. and they then they were gone on many fronts, With the trouble being fought to stop it escalating any further, police are now desperately trying intercepting cars here to the trouble zones with people they believe are heading spoiling for a fight. searched their vehicles for weapons. Police questioned the drivers and were stopped at road blocks, Cars that did make it into the Shire for their own protection. police say drivers were detained The tactic worked after a day of vigilante violence. as Cronulla managed to cool down Fuelled by alcohol, of Middle Eastern appearance. the mob turned on anyone and caught. This man was chased along the beach They've got him. He was then set upon by four locals. Don't touch me, bro, I'm Aussie. Overall 16 people were arrested, two police officers seven were injured including by a youth wielding a pole. Richard Wiles was chased and bashed and a Channel Nine cameraman.

and a Channel Nine cameraman.

by a youth wielding a pole. Richard Wiles was chased and bashed for cuts and bruising. He was treated in hospital to restore order everywhere It took police more than 12 hours longer to ease the tension. but they know it will take much Damien Ryan, National Nine News. Damian Ryan. Damian Ryan, National Nine News.

And, as he mentioned, felt the full force the residents of Maroubra when dozens of cars were smashed. of revenge attacks last night could suffer more violence. They're now worried their suburb Crime reporter Adam Walters has more. a wave of violence. Just blocks from the beach, the street, They worked their way down on this side of the street. they didn't really miss a car I don't think there was one car of physical damage done. that didn't have some sort They had batons in their hands at the windows, and they were just smashing the neighbour's cars. stamping all over their innocent victims, it worked. If they were trying to frighten going past. Just the amount of people

I guess, coming down that street The sheer level of intimidation,

was quite terrifying. They had people there

actually come and slash the tyres. which they were asking for knives to The vandalism was systematic. between 80 and 100 youths For 15 minutes along Maroubra Road, moved a kilometre into a wrecking yard. turning the street coming through - The velocity of them actually it was like a locust plague, really. dumped in a front yard, One weapon was found with last night's police response. but locals weren't happy in disbelief, really, We just stood there and there wasn't a cop in sight. watching it all happen, caught off guard - It wasn't just the local police of Maroubra residents in the back streets of the violence. were stunned by the intensity were to take place They believed that if any attacks on the beach itself. they would have happened preparations were inadequate It would seem the police from a reliable source, as I understand it who initially responded. there was only four police officers known as 'The Bra Boys' After the Maroubra surfing group of gangs last week, was mentioned as a possible target senior police Randwick Council believed

should have had a plan in place. have let Maroubra down. I think the Government and police

And it wasn't just Maroubra targeted. after the police finally arrived, As the gangs scattered back streets of South Coogee. they attacked these cars in the quiet Adam Walters, National Nine News. the riots were a disgrace, In anyone's language, bystanders were singled out especially because so many innocent and targeted. In fact, no-one was safe, crews on the front line. especially the police and ambulance of a racial war violence Caught in the crossfire Senior constable Gary Smith to safety. leads a victim of the violence

I felt he was in grave danger, so I had to get in there and do something. Constable Smith has been singled out as one of yesterday's police heroes and a life-saver. Once I got him in the police car and we left the area, he thanked me for saving his life. Sergeant Craig Campbell is another who's being praised. Wielding a baton and capsicum spray, he saved two men being attacked on a train. I joined the job to do my job. That's what I do.

No-one was safe yesterday, not even an ambulance helping to transport victims - itself became a moving target. This is the scarred vehicle today after it was showered with rocks and bottles, prompting this plea. Give us a fair go, let us get out there and do our job and treat ambulance officers with the respect they deserve. And that's what these victims are asking for. A mob had surrounded the two foreign students, trapping them before speeding away. If they could manage to get us, any one of us out of the car, they would have killed us. Both reluctantly returned to Cronulla today to give statements to police but plan to return home to Bangladesh as soon as they've finished their studies. Paul Stefanovic, National Nine News. The State Government and police hierarchy have defended the number of officers and resources that were used to tackle the trouble. And they've warned that if there's any more violence, the troublemakers will be caught and locked up. On a day our politicians and police searched for reasons and answers, first came the defence against criticism that police were helplessly outnumbered and out manoeuvred. We all saw the TV footage, they were overrun. Police insist their numbers were adequate, their tactics designed to avoid the mob attacks turning into an even uglier brawl. I have absolutely no doubt there would have been major grievous harm caused to persons if not deaths if the police had not acted and employed the tactics that they did yesterday. The Commissioner personally offended by opposition claims police were too soft. Absolutely totally offensive. The Premier summed up the reasons for the trouble with two words. Ugly racism. as he announced a new task force to look for those responsible. The police will be unrelenting in their fight against these thugs and hooligans that incited and took action on the weekend. Pointing to the success of the 'Operation Vikings' street patrols, police will also look at establishing a permanent flying squad, especially equipped to tackle gang violence. Whether I take a component of Vikings and convert it to, or create, a tactical street policing unit. The Government has also flagged the possibility of tougher laws, to deal with riot control and the problem of under-age drinking.

While it's not being drawn on specifics,

the Opposition says there's no time to waste. We'll bring back Parliament this week and do whatever you need to ensure you can control the situation on the streets.

Brad Schmitt, National Nine News.

Police, political and community leaders held a crisis meeting today hoping to take some of the heat out what remains a very volatile situation. They've promised to continuing working together, but their toughest job will be convincing the rioters to cool down. It was a very public display of unity and determination. Spread the word that we will defend our Australian way of life. That we will defend our values. Significant figures from the Lebanese, Syrian and other Arab communities, together with religious leaders, both Christian and Muslim, businessmen from Cronulla and officials from the surf lifesaving movement... We all have a role to play in defending our Australian values and use our influence and our authority in our suburbs, streets and our beaches. It's not another talk-a-thon. It's about finding out where we're heading and how we can work together. One of the most troubling issues - the alarming appearance of organised race hatred. Pamphlets and other material

preaching loathing of non-white Australians. There appears to have been an element of white supremacists and they really have no place in mainstream Australian society. After just one hour of talking, the Premier's summit ended with everyone in agreement on the first step. Work together to take the temperature down and get the hot heads to cool it, certainly the hot heads if they don't cool it will get locked up. We are all Australian, all young people when they go to the beach not to change the Australian way of life, it's to embrace the Australian way of life. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Prime Minister Howard has joined the overwhelming condemnation of the violence, but says he doesn't believe it's the result of underlying racism in Australia. Federal political leaders spoke with one voice on the racial violence in Sydney that is trashing Australia's international reputation. Mob violence is always sickening and always to be unconditionally condemned. There can be no excuse for mob violence or disrespect for the law, under any circumstances. The ugly scenes from Cronulla and Maroubra were shown on television around the world, presenting the kind of image no nation could be proud of. First we go to racial violence down under. A wave of violence in Sydney, Australia. Police have arrested at least 12 people after racial rioting broke out on a beach in Sydney. Asian newspapers carried damaging headlines.

The Prime Minister was strong in his condemnation of what happened. Attacking people on the basis of their race, their appearance, their ethnicity, is totally unacceptable. But, conscious of the reaction overseas, Mr Howard added this. I do not accept that there is underlying racism in this country. Opposition Leader Kim Beazley agreed. It's just criminal behaviour, that's what it is. Australian multiculturalism is alive and well. Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, though, did not shy away from the 'R' word. The message that we should send out? to the world is we don't tolerate racist attacks? by anybody on anybody. That's the message Mr Howard will need to deliver to regional leaders when he meets them at the first East Asia summit in Kuala Lumpur on Wednesday. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News.

I'm now joined by reverend Thomas

Schmidt from Cronulla Baptist

church. Thanks for your time. Your

reaction to the last 24 hours. Many

reactions have been of shock and

dismay but overwhelmingly people

want peace to return to the community. Yeef already heard a lot

about what's happened over the past

24 hours, what can now be done to

prevent it happening again? Look,

local church leaders are calling

people together to come together in

united prayer for peace. We really

believe that we remember that

Christmas is a time when Jesus came

to bring peace to all men and we

really want people to come together

and pray for that peace to happen

now. Given the level of hatred on

the streets here yesterday, is that

possible? We believe anything's

possible. We've got great tools and

resources at our disposal. The

greatest weapons are those of grace

and love. How do you appeal to

those who led the riots yesterday?

I think we just pray and ask God to

be at work in them and in all of us. Thanks for your time. Thank you. Mike Munro will bring you the rest of the day's news after the break, including the massive refinery fire in England. And jail for a Sydney scout master who preyed on children. ..there's never been a better time to win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES Good evening. We'll return to Cronulla later, but now to today's other news. And a huge fire continues to burn at a fuel storage depot in England 24 hours after the complex exploded. It's one of the largest fires seen in Europe outside of war time, and while the cause was apparently an accident, the extreme heat may have destroyed all clues. 24 hours after it erupted, the fuel terminal burns. feeding on at least 5 massive tanks of petrol, kerosene and aviation gas. A police helicopter hovered over the inferno, recording the catastrophe. The first explosion was just after 6 in the morning, shattering the winter sleep of Hemel Hempstead. The man who recorded this video arrived before the police, at his peril, just metres from the oil terminal tanks. The whole building is completely gone, windows blown, nothing. And still one tank stands, still to go, I hope to God that doesn't go while I'm still here. Pressure waves from the first three explosions packed bomb-strength force. Tearing apart factories and homes, injuring dozens but no-one was killed.

All of a sudden I was hit by a

massive force which turned out to be the windows.

The windows and doors blow out,

they wake up trying to find out

what is going on. Startled, they

come outside and see this massive

fire ball on their doorstep. The

toxic plume shad oed hert fordshire,

scenes from space drifting 100km

east to London. Fire fighting is

impossible for now, until the fire

consumes the oil. At least 65 million litres. Cleaning products salesman 'Big Kev' has been farewelled on the Gold Coast but it wasn't your average funeral service. Some of you are looking very serious and he wouldn't have liked that, so get excited. Born Kevin McKway, he was one of the country's most colourful businessmen. He died a week ago of a heart attack, aged 55.

A former Sydney scout master was sent to jail today for molesting teenagers using toys and pornography to lure them into his warped world.

The victims of Robert Potter raised their arms in victory. The man who abused them is finally in jail. He is a very manipulative and deceptive man. The young fellas who copped it a lot worse, and younger than what I am. The 57-year-old scout master who at each court appearance was shielded by his supporters sexually assaulted children over a 24-year period, luring them to his Narwee home, promising alcohol and pornography. But despite pleading guilty, Potter's friends continued to stand by him. I do believe he's innocent. Bizarrely, one broke into song. (Man sings) # Coloured folks work while the white folk play. # Potter starred straight ahead and showed no emotion as he was sentenced to up to eight years in jail - the judge describing his actions a gross breach of trust, saying he enticed young men to his home to groom them for his own sexual gratification. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. The first cars have passed over the newly opened Sea Cliff bridge on the South Coast. The $50 million construction links the Royal National Park to the outskirts of Wollongong. Locals inspected their spectacular new road today, having been isolated for three years after a landslide swept the old one away. In finance, nearly 10,000 former Ansett workers have finally received more of their outstanding entitlements, with $41 million paid out after the sale of further assets. On the markets: Tim Sheridan with sport is next, and the Kangaroos have a new coach? Mike, Ricky Stuart has been given the job, but he has to surrender his State of Origin duties.

And Anthony Mundine wins his latest fight, but not many friends. After just one season coaching NSW to State of Origin victory, Ricky Stuart is stepping down from the Blues, but up to take on Australia. He's been named the Kangaroos' new coach, replacing Wayne Bennett - a move that will reshuffle the representative coaching ranks. In just four years Ricky Stuart has already achieved what most coaches could only ever dream of - a premiership with the Roosters, State of Origin success with the Blues and now in charge of the Kangaroos.

It's all happened very quickly and

you know, it will be a great

privilege to have the opportunity to coach Australia. But the job now is to try and get Australia back on top, and after watching New Zealand's triumph in the Tri-Nations, he says it's time to learn something from the Kiwis. While it's ARL policy to only appoint the national coach for one year, it's expected he'll guide the Kangaroos to the 2008 World Cup. While it's ARL policy to only appoint the national coach for one year, it's expected he'll guide the Kangaroos to the 2008 World Cup. He's a very passionate Australian, he's represented the country at that level and played the game with great intensity. Stuart's new role means he'll have to hand over his NSW duties. North Queensland's Graham Murray the Blues' new coach, capping off a tremendous season after taking the Cowboys to the NRL Grand Final. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. It's something you always aspire to

as a coach. As a player you always

want to play at the best level and

I think as a coachf you didn't play

at that level you want to be able to coach at that level. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Anthony Mundine and Danny Green were in the same ring last night but exchanged no more than a round of insults ahead of their much-anticipated bout next year. On the same card in Perth both fighters won but afterwards Mundine was pelted with bottles in a send-off Green says he deserved. Never one to hide in the ring, Anthony Mundine was forced to flee for his safety last night as a drunken Perth crowd turned ugly. Mundine needed every member of his entourage to ensure he got back to his dressing room without incident. Today he hinted that the attack was in part race-related. It paints the perfect picture - green being an Anglo-Saxon, corporate kind of guy and me being the man I am. Politics to come into it, yep. Mundine doesn't want his fans to hit back. I'm going to cut his face up, bust his nose. I just want my fans out there to leave him, don't try and do what they did to me in Perth. Leave him alone and just let me have my fun with him when I get in that ring. Last night's events have lit the fuse for the Mundine-Green fight. It's likely to take place in late March or early April, with Sydney and Melbourne both fighting for the rights to host it. Danny Weidler, National Nine News.

And there was another very intreing

coaching appointment today. Cricket

Australia has hired Troy cooly,

England's bowling coach, and he is

an Australian. He trained all of

them, didn't he? Yes, he did. I

guess if you can't beat them you buy them. After the break, Jaynie with the weather. Then Mark Ferguson with a final word from Cronulla.

For me, Christmas just isn't Christmas without the special things. ..fantastic cherries... Look at me. I can't get enough of them. And I don't need to run myself ragged to find it all. Coles has everything I want in the one place. (All squeal) ..for the special things. I got it. (Laughs) Good evening A warm and dry start to our week with the temperature on 22 for the city and Parramatta. The seabreeze arrived around 10.00am which helped to keep the mercury down. 23, which is 3 below the average, 27 for Penrith and 23 for the mountains after a chilly start. A severe weather warning is in place tonight for the upper and lower western districts of NSW as the front crosses our state with wind gusts expected to exceed 90km an hour. Isolated storms are expected to land over the western and central inland areas with a few showers moving towards the eastern regions, including Sydney overnight. The bulk of the rain and storms will be confined to the north-east NSW and South-east QLD tomorrow

with the gusty southerly change behind... Conditions will settle down in the SE as the high takes over from the west.

An overnight and early morning splash for Canberra with tops of 26. A cooler day for Melbourne behind the change with an early shower. Hobart in for morning showers & gusty winds. Adelaide & Perth mostly fine. Late storms in Darwin and Brisbane. The first part of the day will be mostly sunny with a late shower from the southerly which will hopefully increase the swell for surfers.

High tide during the day will roll in at 7:17am. Early birds can catch the 5:38am sunrise Setting at 8pm on the dot. A mild night with a warm Tuesday, 31 in Richmond and Penrith with a few showers including the central coast. The next main change will arrive on Friday with some moderate falls over the weekend. But for now we cross back to Mark at Cronulla. Thanks, Jaynie. It's been an extraordinary 24 hours here. They're the worst race riots Sydney has ever seen and their ramifications will continue to travel far beyond these beachside suburbs. Of course we'll keep you updated on this still developing story but for now that's our special edition of National Nine News. From Cronulla beach, I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre This program is captioned live.