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(generated from captions) Tonight - spread across Sydney's south. A night of violence as race riots A strike force set up for the beach-turf war. to hunt those responsible

of more racist violence to come. And a new text message warns This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Chris Bath.

Good evening. Chris Bath at Cronulla, the scene of race riots into a night of mob violence that escalated across the southern beaches. It's calm here again now, some of the ugliest scenes but only after ever witnessed on Sydney streets. left more than 30 people injured, The clashes

The worst incident, though, at Woolooware. was the stabbing of a man outside Woolooware Golf Club, When police found the 23-year-old the knife was still in his back. Amazingly, he could laugh. His friends, though, were furious. and stabbed him, They just jumped out of their car all kinds of stuff, rape included, and threatened my sisters with

because we're Australian. males of Middle Eastern appearance - Investigators are seeking several many times last night a description given to police and not just in the shire. footprints on the front of our car. They've trampled - there's

jumped on my roof, slit my tyres. They've smashed in my windscreen, car after car after car - At Maroubra, up to 100 - smashed by a vengeful mob.

don't you think? It's like a war zone really,

There was verbal abuse... Sort of saying to you, white Aussies." "I hope you like what we've done

And worse... hair, something like that. And they were pulling the girl's She was screaming. just bashing them. They were just bashing people - They were smashing cars, "You white dog!" screaming out everything, He smashed the back of my car with the baseball bat from behind. and he hit me right here

Police made several arrests, before local gang members did. getting to them

Where were youse two hours ago? tried to contain that front, As police at Brighton-Le-Sands. another was flaring SIRENS WAIL to keep warring groups apart. Police used dogs DOG BARKING As bottles began to fly... I swear to God! ..police, too, became targets. Watch your backs!

That was enough. The riot gear went on before a series of running battles. and shopkeepers locked their doors Get out of the way! Get out of the road! This girl argued back, only to be arrested, forcefully. We were ---- walking!

Look down! Head down! police still had their hands full. Back where it all began, It's just past midnight

North Cronulla has been fairly quiet, and for the past couple of hours

until now. Police had heard that of Middle Eastern youths there were up to 40 carloads from Sydney's south-west. on their way here These are the first cars to arrive. going to take any chances, Police decided that they weren't they've searched the cars for drugs and for weapons. and searched the drivers

Several were arrested.

from Maroubra Beach. Seven's Robert Ovadia joins us Seven's Robert Ovadia joins us

tonight? Rob, any sign of more trouble there

None whatsoever at the moment. Very

much like Cronulla. Maroubra is

very qui E there is certainly no

indications anything will erupt.

Place say they do have

Place say they do have a

contingency plan. Unlike the

Macquarie fields and Redfern riots,

it is difficult to know where that

throw the resources. Police do say

they are ready for anything will

happen F anything does happen, we

will keep you posted. Sh Thank,,

Rob. are circulating in Sydney Already, new text messages who took part in the fighting. congratulating those One says it's the start of a war Australian values. in defence of what it calls

YELLING A mob on the rampage - surrounded and attacked. innocent people Ambulances and police pelted. They called it Australia Day. # For we are young and free # with snags and flags A carnival atmosphere an anti-Lebanese frenzy was whipped into

fuelled by anger and alcohol. No more Lebs in the shire! They argue "to protect their beach", if you had the wrong face, but suddenly, and cars were no protection. you were in the wrong place - and tried to, um, start things. Two Leb dudes came

(chanting) Wog-free zone! Young men and women were targeted.

to save them Police teams had to move fast as gangs gave chase. CHEERING AND WHISTLING Sometimes they weren't quick enough. Where are they? Where are they? We're moving them off the road. A crowd at least 5,000 strong. Only very few were taken away. I'm not resisting. Stop hurting me - shock that things got so out of hand. In Cronulla today,

because it didn't look very nice. I was pretty ashamed

scared to come here now. It makes people, like, But there was also understanding. between a lot of the community. There's a lot of hatred built up So you're glad it happened yesterday? In a way, yes. most locals are like that? Do you think Yeah. he's devastated. Sutherland's Mayor says

who sent out the text messages The people to see what they have caused. should be ashamed of themselves

to Aussies, saying There was another one today but that's only the beginning." "Well done Sunday, for peace on Cronulla Beach. The hope is The hope is

It may not get a chance just yet. A police strike force has been set up those responsible for the violence. to hunt down

to defend their response, But senior officers have been forced the level of anger on the beach. denying they underestimated didn't mince words. Politicians and police What it showed on the weekend was the ugly face of racism in this country. it is not an offence I can absolutely assure you

on a beach in New South Wales. to be a Lebanese person

We have witnessed this weekend

amongst the worst violence that I have ever seen in my policing service of 40 years. Launching Strike Force Seta, Mr Iemma said he'll do whatever it takes, even reconvene parliament even reconvene parliament to enact new laws. This afternoon he gathered Sutherland and Lakemba community leaders, trying to broker peace. To use their position as leaders to take the temperature down. But the Opposition says that's not enough.

Only 150 police were sent to Cronulla yesterday - a sign, it says, of Mr Moroney's "softly-softly" approach. I mean, who, in your right mind would send out the number of police yesterday to deal with a crowd of 5,000 people? The Commissioner says he's anything but soft. My first reaction is to find the proposition totally offensive - absolutely, totally offensive.

Peter Debnam's also calling on police to abandon so-called disperse tactics and get tough on thugs

by arresting them and locking them up. But police say their measured approach, inherited from international riot experts, actually prevented further violence.

I have absolutely no doubt that there would have been major grievous harm caused to persons, if not death,

had the police had not acted and employed the tactics that they did yesterday. Joining me now is the State Member for Cronulla, Malcolm Kerr.

You've backed the rights of locals

21 years, since 1984 It has been

brewing for a while in terms of

people not being able to exercise

their people to go out on the beach

their people to go out on the beach

and park and enjoy themselves. Was

last night the answer? The answer

is to let the police deal with the

problem T answer is for the law to

apply to anybody, wherever they

come from, and equal equally. What

do you see as the solution?

Immediate problem is a policing

problem, to get enough police here

so that nobody can break the law.

If they do break the law, then the law comes down heavily on

law comes down heavily on them,

wherever they come from. Do you

think the police weren't doing

enough? I think last night, what we

saw was police who displayed cran.

I know the local area commander has

been around talking to people today.

I congratulate him on that. I

congratulate the courage and the

tan asty that the police shod last

night. We need to see if there are

even more police so that there is

no repetition of what happened last

night. Malcolm,

night. Malcolm, thanks for your time: Prime Minister John Howard has condemned what happened here yesterday but says it doesn't mean Australia is a racist country. And today, at least two Sydney people tried to prove him right. Through all the thuggery, a glimmer of hope.

I was brought up in this country like everybody else - this is not the Australian way. Both agree that violence isn't the answer. It doesn't belong here. Like, innocent families are suffering,

their cars are getting smashed.

No-one really deserves this. As the heat cooled on Sydney's beaches, attention turned to why such anger erupted. Most believe long-held prejudices need to be addressed. This has been going on for a long time. It didn't start last weekend, it didn't start this year. But the Prime Minister denies there's deep-seated hatred in Australian society. I do not accept that there is underlying racism in this country.

anxiety over terrorism is to blame. Some believe anxiety over terrorism is to blame.

They have escalated this fear and insecurity in our midst and I'm not surprised that incidents like this can quite easily inflame Australians. Others say alcohol fuelled the fire. Every one of those protesters had a beer in their hand. Experts believe there are deeper issues that cause angry youths to lash out. Ethnic identity, and even national identity,

and it seems to me that these kids are straddling two worlds. Police are investigating reports took part in yesterday's violence Neo-Nazi and white supremacist groups took part in yesterday's violence but, today, extreme right-wing youth groups were taking a different tack, appealing for calm. We did not want this escalating into a full-scale ethnic war.

Still ahead in Seven News - More on Sydney's night of shame. Also, northern London rocked by explosions at an oil depot. And Asian leaders accuse Australia of being soft on drugs.

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Welcome back to a special edition of Seven News from Cronulla. We've already heard from police and politicians about what happened here yesterday. Now here's a look at how the rioters saw events unfold.

Aussie, Aussie, Aussie, oi, oi, oi.

Get the hell out of here!

Waltzing ma till da with

Waltzing ma till da with me. Where

are they. Where is my gun?.

Aussie, Aussie ...

Back! It is hrting my wrist, mate.

Throwing bottles and cans: Game

Throwing bottles and cans: Game on,

leb bow. Comeb on Aussie, come on.

# Our land abounds in nature's

gifts of beauty rich and rare

# In history's page let every stage Advance Australia Fair

# In joyful strains and let us sing

# In joyful strains and let us sing

# Advance Australia Fair # I'll have more from Cronulla later in the bulletin. But now it's over to Samantha Armytage in the studio with the rest of today's news. Sam. Thanks, Chris. A former Sydney scout leader has been jailed for up to eight years for a series of sex attacks on teenage boys. Robert Potter's victims were aged between 13 and 17 when the offences took place

over a period of 25 years. I wish I had the courage that this man here had. If I had had his courage, he might have been in jail 20 years ago. One of Potter's supporters claims he's innocent and only pleaded guilty to get a lighter sentence. Devastating explosions at a fuel depot north of London have been described as the worst ever in peacetime Europe.

are still burning Millions of litres of oil following blasts that injured more than 43 people. It was early, just after 6am, a terrifying awakening. EXPLOSION And in this age of terrorism, many feared the worst. The flames were massive, massive. And we didn't know what was going on.

Thought it was a bomb or an aeroplane going down. It sounded like a missile or something. The perfect target -

a major oil depot close to an airport

and Britain's busiest motorway. But it now seems this was a terrible industrial accident. The firestorm triggered huge explosions, so loud they were heard in France and the Netherlands. This is the possibly the largest incident of this kind in peacetime Europe.

Incredibly, few serious casualties, but surrounding streets resembled a war zone. Thousands were evacuated. Those able to stay put were urged to seal doors and windows. The long-term effects of exposure to the acrid smoke are still being assessed. The closer you get to the scene, the more apocalyptic the scene becomes - a poisonous pall of gloom

that seems set to hang over this corner of England

for days to come. The ferocious inferno ignited millions of litres of aviation fuel, firemen battling to prevent the rolling waves of flame spreading to the other tanks full of oil, petrol and kerosene. Despite the danger, that desperate battle drew onlookers late into the fiery night. Yesterday's outbreak of racial violence in Sydney

hasn't been lost on our nearest neighbours. With Prime Minister Howard about to visit Malaysia, there's been a blaze of publicity about Australian attitudes towards ethnic groups and drug offenders. Singapore and Malaysia aren't missing the opportunity to highlight Australia's flaws. The weekend's beach violence has been given prominent coverage

and in Singapore's top-selling Sunday paper,

a huge splash suggesting Australia is weak on drug enforcement. It's a sensitive issue for Singapore's Prime Minister Lee just days after the execution of heroin smuggler Van Nguyen. REPORTER: Prime Minister, do you think Australia's domestic drugs policy is soft? Well, I think we're tough on drugs. We've had a tough-on-drugs policy in Australia since 1998. There have been record seizures of drugs.

Don't do drugs in South-East Asia.

You're killing the reputation of this country. Prime Minister Howard, who flies to Malaysia tomorrow to join other Asian leaders, is upbeat about the relationship with our neighbours. I think those noises are an echo of the past rather than of the future. And another reminder of the past emerged at this week's ASEAN meeting here in Kuala Lumpur -

evidence that baggage handlers, most likely in Australia, are still abusing their positions. An Australian camera team covering Mr Howard's visit discovered the word "drugs" scrawled over some of their luggage when they arrived in Malaysia. Hundreds of people have gathered on the Gold Coast to farewell cleaning products king, Big Kev. 55-year-old Kevin McQuay was famous for his loud shirts

and today mourners paid tribute to his unique style. My dad to me was everything he could be, should be and wanted to be. Big Kev died in a Gold Coast hospital last week, after suffering a heart attack. Sport now with Matthew White. And the Kangaroos have a new coach. Ricky Stuart was appointed today

but it means he'll be giving up the New South Wales coaching job. More on that shortly. why The Man was mobbed in Perth. Also tonight, why The Man was mobbed in Perth. And inspiring the Master - the teenager who won the heart the teenager who won the heart of Robert Allenby.

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It's been a day of swings and roundabouts

in the coaching world of Rugby League.

The Roosters' Ricky Stuart has replaced Wayne Bennett as coach of the Kangaroos, which means New South Wales also have a new coach - the Cowboys' Graham Murray. Ricky Stuart wasn't after League's top job but Australian Rugby League boss Colin Love hunted him down.

When you get tapped on if

When you get tapped on if shoulder

to coach Australia I would shouldnd

be a tough decision. With Australia beaten by New Zealand at the Tri-Nations officials knew drastic action was needed when Wayne Bennett quit.

A chance to go in and change a few

things. Make sure that we can as I

say regain the No.1 spot in the world. Wayne Bennett's decision to do a runner at the airport angered the board members, who say such a farce will never happen again. In future, the Australian team will leave as a team,

will depart Sydney as a team and they'll return as a team. The former Test half-back has been given the job for just one season. But I've got confidence that he'll be there through to the World Cup. With Stuart out of State of Origin, Cowboys coach Graham Murray will take over the Blues.

As a player you always want to play

at the best level, and I think at

the coach if you didn't play at that level you want to

that level you want to be able to

coach at that level. They didn't face each other, but the feud between Anthony Mundine and Danny Green has only got worse after a hyped-up fight night in Perth. Both boxers were on the same card, but after Green beat his 37-year-old opponent, he fired up the crowd. Who in this place wants to see Anthony Mundine get knocked out? CROWD CHEERS They didn't get their wish - Mundine all class, knocking out his Kiwi opponent knocking out his Kiwi opponent in the third round.

But the locals weren't finished - Mundine was pelted with bottles as he hurried from the ring. Green and Mundine are due to fight in February. History-making golfer Robert Allenby has revealed the inspiration that saw him become the first man to win the Australian triple crown. A good-luck message A good-luck message from a 13-year-old cancer patient was the drive behind Allenby's Masters triumph.

It was a win that deserved to be shared and who better to share it with than the 13-year-old who has found his way into Robert Allenby's heart and head. Kiefer Selvaratnam is in remission after having a leg amputated. He saw his hero yesterday morning and handed him a card. He said to me, "You've got He said to me, "You've got to read this out and play.

"It's going to give you strength, and you've got to win for me." And it did give him strength. Allenby, who has raised $8 million for cancer charities

won his ninth play-off in nine attempts. The two met when he won the Masters for the first time two years ago. Yeah, he's just amazing. I've met a few great people in my life but no-one like Rob.

Allenby kept the card in his back pocket all day. In it, a message of thanks for the help he'd given Kiefer. He said he couldn't read it out loud, said it'd make him cry.

He cried anyway. No-one has put a smile on his face like I did.

That means a lot. And the tears kept coming in an emotional tribute to his family. A beautiful wife and two beautiful kids, and they definitely make it all worthwhile. The Allenby family has just flown out to Western Australia for a much-deserved week's holiday.

Good. There are good news stories

around. Charity ride for AAMI

Gillett killed in July. Raised

$85,000. It was 10 days, it was

long, but worth it Absolutely. I'll have Sydney's weather after the break, but first finance. And it was a solid day for the local share market. Coles Myer shares were up nearly 2%.

Telstra continued to slide. The ASX 200 finished ahead 32 points. National Australia Bank rose almost 1%

after CEO John Stewart renewed his contract.

This morning's cloud cleared to reveal a warm and sunny day in Sydney. After a low of 16 in town temperatures rose to 23 degrees. That's 2 below average. Tops reached the low 20s around the beaches. Penrith was our warmest on 27. 23 in the mountains. Around the country tomorrow -

late storms in Darwin and Brisbane. Mostly fine in the other capitals.

Sydney's skies will be scattered with cloud tomorrow and there's the chance of a shower. Expected top of 27 in the city. 30 in Gosford and Liverpool. 31 in Richmond and Penrith. And looking ahead - the fine conditions should continue for the rest of the working week until unsettled conditions return for the weekend.

Now it's back to Chris Bath at Cronulla. Chris. Thanks, Sam. And just recapping developments following yesterday's race riots at Cronulla.

A police task force has been set up to track down those responsible for attacks that injured more than 30 people. The worst of them - a man stabbed in the back. 16 people were arrested in skirmishes that stretched across six suburbs. Today, community leaders held an emergency summit,

Today, community leaders held an emergency summit, but a text message is already circulating, warning of more violence to come. And that's Seven News to now.

I'm Chris Bath. Thanks for your company. Goodnight.

They are the ugliest scenes imaginable. (chanting) Aussie, Aussie, Aussie... Australian against Australian based on the colour of their skin. Now the finger of blame gets turned towards the shock jocks. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Anna Coren.

Tonight, did radio's mouths for hire inflame the racial violence on our beaches?

There no getting away from the fact

these gangs of Middle Eastern

appearance. They are Lebanese kids. Racist radio? That story shortly. And a gang leader speaks out.