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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. Tonight - over the Cross City Tunnel. former politicians called to account attacking a Sydney Hospital. Ram-raiders sink to a new low, businessman Big Kev. And the death of flamboyant

and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening. Also tonight - at Cronulla Beach. new measures to stop the violence And - Maria the supergran. fall preganant at 50. The special herbs that helped her

at a parliamentary inquiry today Noisy scenes into the Cross City Tunnel. defending the troubled tollway, Star witness Bob Carr proudly from Opposition MPs amid interjections and heckling from the public gallery. to Parliament It was a confident return

for our longest serving premier. the controversial Cross City Tunnel. Bob Carr aggressively praising Without this bit of infrastructure, on its own traffic. Sydney would have strangled with the changed traffic conditions As motorists grappled on William Street, struck with tunnel operators. Mr Carr was standing by the deal

this was secret The idea that somehow I've got here. is rebutted by a pile of documents opposition members of the committee Staring down interjections from to the RTA by the winning tender. on the $105 million fee paid a proposition that says, You're putting forward Government should not go for one, when faced with three bids, the should not for the one the Government for the taxpayer. that offers the best deal from the public gallery. Interjections, too,

from the hearing room, thank you. Will you please escort this man also demanding kudos Mr Carr's former Treasurer as "excellent". for the project he describes with Carl Scully and the RTA I am quite cheesed off on the Cross City Tunnel. getting almost all the publicity performance, strutting, gesturing, This was a classic Bob Carr going on the attack. enthusiastic support for the tunnel In sharp contrast to the less than

from the current Premier. told the inquiry Axed RTA chief, Paul Forward the Cross City Tunnel it was too early to judge

and the Harbour Tunnel with both the Eastern Distributor

for the first two years. facing similar criticism Paul Mullins, Ten News. from the tunnel operators. And there's been some late admissions joins us. State political editor Paul Mullins Paul what's been said?

Yes, Deb. Dramatic developments a

short while ago at the inquiry from

the chief executive of the motorway

company Peter Sansom. He said,

among other things, that the

company now regrets not having a

toll-free perwhen the tunnel was

opened -- period when the tunnel

was opened and the target 690,000

cars per day won't be met for three

years. The most dramatic thing came

when he said the company may not

necessarily sue the Government if

streets closed because of the

tunnel are reopened. Here's part of

what he said. Not at all. The

contract has a range of provisions.

We would like at the provisions

should changes be moot. Those

changes would go through the

planning processes of this State. changes would go through the

We're now awaiting the reaction of

the Government. Back to you. And a new poll shows is turning voters the Cross City Tunnel fiasco away from the Government. The Galaxy poll reveals

and the minor parties is increasing support for Independents in the wake of the tunnel trouble of regional roads, and the ongoing neglect in particular the Pacific Highway. has fallen 8% since March Labor's primary vote and teh polling shows would have lost an election Premier Morris Iemma had it been held last weekend. Despite internal factional problems, is up 4.7% the Liberal Party's primary vote

and Independent candidates while the Greens have also recorded a voter surge. overnight. Another brazen ram-raid in Sydney targeting an ATM inside a hospital. This time, the bandits It comes as new figures reveal has tripled in just two months. the number of cash machine heists can these ram-raiders stoop? Just how low of a hospital early this morning Driving a van through the front doors under the Christmas tree. crushing donated children's presents Doing it in a place such as this who are sick and injured, which cares for people a new level of depravity. I think it reflects from its mountings, They ripped an ATM

but it proved too heavy to load. to flee empty-handed, The thieves were forced their faces caught on security video. to the ATM Industry Association, According teller machine ram-raids a month there were an average 12-15 across Australia to September. the gangs are amateur copycats. Most heists fail because But in the past month, three of the six professional outfits police have busted operating in Sydney. to be looking over their shoulders. All these groups need some more arrests next week. We anticipate The banks are also fighting back. a standard Australian ATM safe. On the left of this demonstration, 23mm thicker. On the right, a new European model,

to crack it. But it's taken almost twice the time them four to five times longer The fact that it's now going to take that's obviously going to be able to access of them being caught. to increase the risk dramatically to increase the risk dramatically

ink-staining canisters. Also available, as to whether ink-staining would work In the past, there have been doubts

on Australia's polymer notes. successful and the first such device But recent tests have proved to an Australian ATM on Friday. will be fitted

become too risky to pull off. So ATM ram-raids could soon Shaun Fewings, Ten News. for Cronulla beach Extra police patrols over increasing violence. following community anger

Locals have been shying away on three lifesavers. after the recent attack for beach-goers It's a well-known hotspot forced off their own turf. but now some locals say they're being on three lifesavers at the weekend The senseless attack has left the community outraged. opens up the area to troublemakers Locals say the train line from the city's outer suburbs. who come here in droves It's the blow-ins that we get from other areas that cause the problem and they're all diff nationalities It's just easy access for them, just jumping off the train. There's been other trouble in the past and it just got closer to the beach I guess. The situation at the local mall has become so bad, shop owners are too scared to speak on camera in fear of their own safety. A reduced police presence is also being blamed with criticism officer numbers are down in the Miranda local area command. We have lost 18 in the past 2 years from the area. But police deny that's the case. At the moment we're two down. That will be cured when probation officers arrive next week. The Police Minister promising to put in place a strategy

to combat beach violence. I want mums and dads and kids to come here, to be able to come here, and not be worried about being assaulted. The review is expected to be completed in the next few weeks.

Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News.

A breakthrough for police task force Gain tonight with the arrests of two men over shootings in Sydney's south-west in 2001 and 2003. A 29-year-old Menai man has been charged

with one count of murder and attempted murder while a 33-year-old Condell Park man faces one count of attempted murder. The men have been questioned at Goulburn police station and are being moved to Sydney

to appear in Central Local Court tomorrow. Motorists are enjoying the lowest petrol prices we've had in months and it's just in time for the holiday season. Prices down to about $1.04 across Sydney, a big drop from the painfully high $1.40 prices of recent months. The fall in price is due to a stronger Aussie dollar, the refined product price in Singapore falling dramatically cold snap in Europe or North America. and the fact there's been no major across the Christmas holiday period. Prices are expected to remain steady Tim Webster with sport goes his own way again. and Wayne Bennett coaches meeting in Sydney. Yes, he won't be attending the NRL will be there. Roosters coach Ricky Stuart

responsibility to attend. He believes it's a coach's Ricky will be raising. In sport - the major issues Also in sport -

or two in the Wallabies coaching job why there's likely to be a surprise with Kiwi security. and Ricky Ponting still not happy Big Kev, that's next. The death of cleaning products guru the revolutionary lens Also tonight, see clearly. helping cataract patients And meet Maria the supergran - fall pregnant at 50. the special herbs that helped her laugh along with Cartoon Network, on 'Rage', check out the latest music and more. Plus with 3 Prepaid, of heartburn and indigestion? Want long lasting control

short term relief, Unlike antacids, which only provide can control excess stomach acid Zantac Extra Strength for up to 24 hours with one tablet. Long lasting relief. Zantac Extra Strength. This program is captioned live. out of being excited has died. The man who made a career better known as 'Big Kev', Kevin McQuay, became a household name on 'Good Morning Australia'. for selling cleaning products His success grew a V8 racing team. and he even sponsored But a stock market float failed lost control of his company. and Big Kev But those who knew him say for the good times. the big man will be most remembered and learn from his mistakes He was always willing to have a go and for that I respect him 10-fold. Big Kev was 56. in Federal Parliament Cries of a cover-up as Peter Costello takes a battering for the Reserve Bank board. over his choice

his man had tax problems, The Treasurer insists he didn't know his scalp. but the Opposition is demanding pleads ignorance An indignant Treasurer to deny Labor's charge of a cover-up. of the Opposition The allegations made by the Leader are absolutely false.

to the Treasurer's chief of staff Undeterred, Kim Beazley pointed of asking the Tax Office taking the unusual step appoint to the Reserve Bank board, if Mr Gerard, the man he would had any tax payment issues. Of course you do know, Treasurer. like you knew about the fact You do know, back then. that Gerard had tax problems The Treasurer's case has been helped Ron Walker by former Liberal Party treasurer had declined to replace him denying reports that Mr Gerard he had embarrasssing tax problems. because he said to me Mr Walker had passed on information ever receiving. which Mr Walker denies passed it across And what's more, he couldn't have because I never received it.

according to a party source, But at the time, Mr Gerard's problems were no secret. It beggars belief Leader of the Liberal Party, it wasn't discussed with the Deputy Treasurer Costello. Mr Costello says he was not alone In mounting his defence, of Mr Gerard's circumstances. in being unaware

at the time. Labor certainly didn't raise them is that he was the one responsible The problem for the Treasurer for making a sound appointment. should be censured should be sacked. and I think this Treasurer its Treasurer. The Government is standing by Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. is being hailed a real eye-opener. A new lens for cataract sufferers by restoring not just long-distance, It can remove the need for glasses but also close-up vision. is like living in a fog haze. Having a cataract and often becomes blind. The eye clouds over common operation in the world Cataract surgery is now the most with 200,000 a year in Australia. left most patients needing glasses But until now, the operation still long distance vision. because it only fixed in focus too. Now a new lens is putting close up

It provides patients after cataract surgery with independence from glasses of people who have the surgery. and it can do that in up to 80% is implanted into the eye The reSTOR lens after the cataract is removed. a draughtsman who relies on reading, David Jarratt had it done and as it's quite an eye-opener. Oh, 100% on what it was. 10 years in the making, technology adapted from NASA. the lens was designed using about 40,000 Australians a year. It's expected to help It carries a slightly greater risk, over the other intra-ocular lenses only slightly greater and a halo at night time. of getting a little bit of shadow may find themselves left in the dark. Patients without private insurance with about $400 for a standard lens. The lens is about $1,000, compared will have to pay about $250. Private patients Although cataracts come with age, from an early age experts say keeping sunglasses on can reduce the risk. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. a concoction of Amazonian herbs A Melbourne grandmother believes is to thank for her pregnancy. but the miracle mum will turn 50 Fertility experts remain sceptical before she's due to give birth. two weeks For most grandparents

is an opportunity a visit to the maternity ward to dote on a new grandchild. Instead, Maria and Stephen Nixarian bouncing baby boy, are awaiting their very own to be named Gregory. all over again. I'd love to start a family

This is my second chance in life. On the brink of 50 of her own, and with three adult children to do parenthood all over again. the empty nesters were determined When a dozen attempts at IVF failed fertility potion of Amazonian herbs, the miracle mum turned to a and electrical pulse therapy. acupuncture herbal concoction every night... I was taking 20ml of this disgusting ..for three months - and it worked. We both were, actually. The couple claim the jungle juice, and mystical healer Antonia Ruhl, produced by Brazilian herbalist is responsible for their baby bonus. to me it's simple - When the body is well balanced when you have sex you get pregnant. Fertility experts doubt the remedy played any part in the conception, and warn it could even be harmful. I'm very sceptical that it is the tonic of Amazonian herbs

that has made a difference. They've been extremely lucky. But the Nixarians are just looking forward to the birth and years ahead, even though by the time their child reaches his 21st birthday they'll be in their 70s. We're not starting everything from scratch except the family,

so we can devote all our time and I think this child will get the best of both of us. Maria is due to give birth by caesarean in late February. Gerard Scholten, Ten News. Sydney's newest radio station, Vega, has had a slow start in its first ratings survey. Despite paying $106 million for the license and spending up big on talent behind the microphone, the baby-boomer station managed just a 1.9% rating share. Management defending the result, saying their target audience of 40-60-year-olds has been slow to trial the station. Talkback station 2GB held on to the number one position with 12.9%, floowed by WSFM and Nova.

What 08 you'll excuse me from doing

a Rudolph the Red nose Reindeer

impression. It's your fault I've

got this lurgy. I've got that song

coming up at 5:55. I've got one

for you. If you expect the weather

to change, you're talking to the

wrong weather man. We've got more

hot, sweaty, stinky stuff coming

our way. Today, 32 at Penrith and

34 at Richmond. Bourk had 45

degrees, the hottest day this year

since March. More on the way

although a late shower tomorrow and

maybe a thunderstorm before mainly

sunny until the weekend. More or

less 37 to 30 de-- 27 to 30 degrees.

Under the doona tonight, it will be

hot and sweaty as the minimum temp

is likely not to be much more than

2 -- much cooler than 22 degrees.

You know how it feels. Let's look

at Skywatch. It started grey and

then it came right and it's a bit

grey now. Pollution levels were

grey now. Pollution levels were medium in all areas and I'll see

you again in ten minutes. A teenager dead after a dispute over a taxi fare. Next, his mum speaks out as the cabbie faces a murder charge. And a special honour for Naomi Watts and the 'King Kong' team as their monster hit invades New York. QUIRKY MUSIC Wouldn't it be great to free your photos from your phone? Now you can simply shoot, send and print with your free HP printer and Bluetooth adapter. Just buy any selected camera phone on a $40 plan and stay connected for 24 months with Telstra. Ever wished your bike could travel faster? Well now it can on an Action bus. When getting on remove all loose items on your bike, squeeze the handle to lower the rack, and load the bike with the front wheel towards the spring loaded bar. Then secure by raising the bar over the front tyre. When getting off tell the driver you'll be removing your bike, fold up the rack and wave the driver when clear. Now that's a head start. Take it easy, take action, take your bike and ride. MAN: I want to shoot my ad where King Kong is said to live. You're feeling enticement, Ann. Now scream for the Filler! (Screams) MONSTROUS ROAR Sorry. Bit hungry. KFC's new King Kong Fillers. A big, warm 9-inch roll filled with breast fillet Crispy Strips, grilled onion, rasher bacon and smoky barbecue sauce. SONG: # Can't beat it Can't beat it... # MONSTROUS ROAR KFC's King Kong Fillers.

You're watching the five o'clock

news. Time to check on the traffic

now with Vic Lorusso. How are

things looking on this busy evening,

Vic? If traffic is trying to get

out of the CBD, there was an

accident on the Sydney Harbour

Bridge. We're looking at the north

bound lane. It's extremely heavy.

The accident occurred near the bound lane. It's extremely heavy.

Observatory merge. Traffic is now

flowing well into North Sydney.

Other than that, a quiet run to

Baulkham Hills and Penrith. We'll

have another update after sport. has ended tragically A row over a taxi fare and killing a teenager. with a cabbie accused of running down watched helplessly Xavier Salmon's friends as paramedics tried to save the boy in a suburban Melbourne street. after he'd been struck short of his 18th birthday. He later died in hospital, two weeks but he won't come back. I want my son back, learned of his death, As Xavier's loved ones faced court. a 28-year-old taxi driver is charged with murder, Rajbinder Shahi after an argument over his fare. accused of running the teenager down were cricketer Shane Warne, Among the witnesses before the incident. who'd been heckled by the youths has killed five people A Palestinian suicide bomber in the Israeli town of Netanya a busy shopping mall. after again targeting The militant Islamic Jihad claims

Israel's recent killing it was to avenge of senior members of the group. on security video The bomber was caught outside a shopping mall as he crossed the road in the seaside town of Netanya, he turned and ran, but when challenged on the street. detonating his explosives more than 50 injured. Five people were killed, before blowing himself up Witnesses say he smiled and would have caused havoc to set off his bomb. had he got inside the centre Islamic Jihad identified the bomber

a grenade launcher and assault rifle and released video of him brandishing and reading to the camera. from a West Bank village He was a farmhand and relatives where his grieving mother claim he had been brainwashed. Netanya and this shopping centre of suicide bomb attacks in the past. have been the target in similar circumstances last July Five people died here just waiting in line to go shopping.

It was the fifth bombing declared a truce last February since Israel and Palestine for any real peace and is certain to revive fears that had been easing

from the Gaza Strip. since Israel's pull-out John Hill in Israel for Ten News. Fiery scenes in a Baghdad courtroom Saddam Hussein. at the trial of deposed leader first civilian to take the stand, The day an emotional one for the how his family was tortured recounting under the former leader's reign. guided the courtroom into chaos A defiant Saddam Hussein just minutes after the trial began, boldly declaring the former Iraqi leader he's not afraid to die. On trial with seven others

of more than 140 Shi'ites for the 1982 killings in the Iraqi city of Dujail,

railed abuse at the presiding judge Saddam Hussein frequently and bullied the witness. Saddam's defence team, attorney-general Ramsey Clark, including former American staged a walkout, the legitimacy of the court. questioning if you don't accept this. We're going to leave the courtroom After a 90-minute recess with the first witness on the stand, the trial resumed giving emotional testimony, Ahmed Hasan Mohammed and tortured as a teenager, recounting how he had been arrested now standing just metres away, the man behind his pain while recalling the brutal beatings Hasan breaking down under Saddam's regime. and daily executions with cables and so on. TRANSLATION: And they would hit us they would hit all of us. No exception, Every day it was the same. Even now he may suffer reprisals

against the former leader. for openly testifying are due to testify Nine other witnesses their identities, but most will not reveal from behind a screen. giving their evidence Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. Lucas Heights as a perfect target, Terror suspects may see best scientific minds say but some of the world's on Earth. it's one of the safest places seriously about nuclear energy. They're also urging us to think very

strict security at Lucas Heights. International delegates facing in place at the reactor. Passport checks among new measures Would-be terrorists only nuclear research facility thought Australia's could be easily attacked.

Not so according to the experts. secure reactor I've seen anywhere. I think this is probably the most It's very safe. a tremendous job, I think they've done

every best practice that we know. using basically

physicists and engineers Patrick Gallagher was among 500 and also Asia from the US, UK, parts of Europe, facility and giving it the thumbs up. who spent the past week analysing the it's now a major international player Ansto believes

neutron scattering technology thanks to state-of-the-art engines, car components and medicine. which can help solve problems in jet in the top three in the world, Our ambition is to be

and the Europeans. up there with the Americans could prove very lucrative. An ambition overseas scientists say very tight security Despite there being at this new world class facility, by Sydney detectives it's been alleged caught in the recent terrorist raids that at least three men saw Lucas Heights as a prime target.

there's minimal risk These visitors insist former politicians and agree with several be considering nuclear power. that we should in fact 80-odd percent of its electricity France, of course produces from nuclear reactors. Frank Coletta, Ten News. that's next. Bad news for the housing sector, Also, flushed with success. Kwitter is taking the world by storm. The Sydney inventor who's Litter at Sydney's coolest new bar. And beating the heat Now scream for the Filler! (Screams)

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Time for a check of the weather

with Tim Bailey. Tim, not only are

the emergency services important to

us in all sorts of situations, they

also can carry a tune. They can

also can carry a tune. They can indeed. I'm reasonably smart, Deb,

indeed. I'm reasonably smart, Deb, so it's Christmas time and I know

the sort of trouble I'm about to

get into at Christmas parties so

I'm making friends with the

Emergency Services Band with the

police, the Ambulance Service, the

police, the Ambulance Service, the fire brigade. They're all getting

together on Sunday at Town Hall to

raise money for the special

raise money for the special Olympics. It will be quite

something. What else would I get

them to play - because this appeals

to me. Ladies and gentlemen, the

theme from 'Police Academy'.


It's going to be a wonderful

concert on Sunday. I'll tell you

about it later in the bulletin.

about it later in the bulletin. Right now, the map of NSW.

Tomorrow - hot and sweaty, 32 to 34,

maybe a late storm. I'll see you later. Extra police patrols from this weekend for Cronulla Beach,

following community anger over increasing violence. Locals have been scared for their safety after the recent gang attack on three lifesavers. Another brazen ram-raid in Sydney overnight. This time, the bandits targeting an ATM inside Campbelltown Hospital. The attack comes as new figures show the number of cash machine heists has tripled in just two months. Fiery scenes at a parliamentary inquiry as former politicians are called to account over the Cross City Tunnel. Star witness Bob Carr proudly defended the troubled tollway, amid interjections from Opposition MPs and heckling from the public gallery. A small-time inventor with a wacky idea to toilet train her cat is set to take the world by storm. The Litter Kwitter is hitting Australian shelves in time for Christmas. Next stop America. It's a rapid rise in anyone's books. Eight months ago the Litter Kwitter was just a hair-brained idea, now it's on Kmart shelves around the country. I think seeing my dream come true, seeing it realised

and seeing the product, the Litter Kwitter Cat Toilet Training System on the shelf

is just fantastic.

Jo Lapidge was an everyday mum, fed up with kitty litter, until she watched the movie 'Meet the Parents'. That famous scene got her thinking and she came up with the idea to toilet train her cat, Dougal. When Ten News discovered her invention in May the concept struck a chord with thousands of cat lovers around the country. We were contacted by over 1,000 emails that evening and the next day the phone started at 6:00am in the morning. The story was also picked up by CNN and the enquiries kept coming, so now the mother of two is planning to go global. We've got the US planned for next year and the UK and also Japan. The product involves a series of different-sized litter trays that fit over the toilet seat. Within two months to using the toilet alone, most cats are accustomed forever. bringing an end to kitty litter we could have put up with. I don't know how much more and like I said, The smell, the mess, it was a nightmare. in a one-bedroom unit as smart as Dougal And if your cat's they might even learn how to flush. Dan Nolan, Ten News. to catch a Christmas bargain today Train commuters had the chance on trains and platforms as 8,000 items found discarded biggest lost property auction. went under the hammer in CityRail's

were the most common items Umbrellas, phones and clothing

even managed to forget but some passengers sewing machines and spear guns. was also up for sale, Unused company equipment and bob cats. including computers, plasma screens

legally. Four years. We were able to sell it

is just a tad in the red today. The Australian share market

Craig James, bad news, good news on

the housing scene today. Firstly

good news - more housing loans are

being taken out. Housing finance

at the highest levels in two years.

First home-buyers are drifting back

into the market along with

investors. But the loans are being

used to buy established dwellings

rather than constructing new homes

or units. If that continues, we

could see a rental shortage pushing or units. If that continues, we

up the value of rents and also the

price of properties. Thanks, Craig. Sydney has a new bar to being the coolest. and it can lay claim That's because it's made from ice.

It's too low for zero. The bar made

completely of ice. Chairs, tables,

even the glasses. So cool they

don't even leave a lipstick mark.

It's really cool. The brainchild of

a Kiwi - there are two similar bars

in Auckland and Queenstown - it's

more of a one-drink destination

than where one where you hang

around all night. We let people

stay in here for half an hour.

Complementary cocktail when you

come in. Everything you see is

carved from ice by the bar's own

artdists. But while the theme is

Australian, like this koala, the

ice isn't. Most of the ice actually

came from Canada. Australian ice

not good enough? Well, there's a

water shortage here. We thought

we'd do our bit for it. Each

sculpture has a six-week life stand, we'd do our bit for it. Each

not because it melts, but because

it gets knocked around. So the

costs of keeping the place running

are high, some of those offset by a costs of keeping the place running

$30 entry fee. That fee includes

the loan of this fab yuls attire,

which is perfect for swaning around

a bar set to minus five degrees which is perfect for swaning around

Celsius but not so perfect if you

want to pick up. For those already

hooked up and in the family way,

children will be welcome at various

times. Tourists are expected to be

the most likely customers. It's

something different. I would like

it. Minus 5 opens tomorrow. Sport with Tim Webster still worried by about security. and the the Aussie cricketers be done by Kiwi authorities? Has enough they may not have to worry. But the weather means More shortly. Also, what has Ricky riled.

The Roosters coach is fired up over a burning issue. And food for thought as the Wallabies coaching contenders get together - the job description faces a revamp. The great Australian road trip should have no destination. The windows should always be down. (Shouts) The stereo should be set to 11! You should always respect the locals. And when it's so fricking hot the dashboard wants to melt,

you should pull over and fill 'er up. But there should be no little sips, no pinky extensions. There should just be one glug after the other. And as you feel that icy burn slither through your chest, you should sit back, put your feet up and sigh, knowing full well this is summer as it should be. This program is captioned live. The Knights have received a lifeline from Newcastle's West's Leagues. It won't be direct funding but the licenced club will take over the footy team's financial operations. Sydney Roosters coach Ricky Stuart has set the scene for a fiery showdown with the code's administrators at this week's annual NRL conference. Stuart's slammed the workload being placed on the elite player, accusing the League of putting profits ahead of player welfare. Player burn-out is the biggest talking point in rugby league but Ricky Stuart's not sure the right people are listening. He says it's time decision-makers take a first-hand look at the demands being placed on players. I think it's the administration that have to have a clearer version of what the players are going through. I mean, you don't see the administrators at training seeing the players get flogged. You don't see them when the players have got injury trying to get through rehabilitation and get back on to the field. Craig Wing, evidence of a never-ending season,

back at training five days after arriving home from the Tri-Nations.

Stuart concerned the punishing schedule will force players to stand down from rep duty, devaluing the Australian jersey. He doesn't care what the solution is, just that the problem is fixed. There's bigger brains out there than mine who can organise this but I think it's about time they start listening to the coaches and not just to their pockets. The issue top of the agenda when the coaches meet NRL officials at the annual conference on Thursday. Stuart asked if he's disappointed Brisbane coach Wayne Bennett is skipping the event. No, no. I think it's a responsibility of all the coaches to be there, though.

In a busy day for the Roosters coach Stuart also made ambassador for children's cancer support group CanTeen. And the Souths sideshow continues, Peter Holmes a Court last night outlining his takover plans to members. If these tribes come together and pull behind this team there can be no greater team in the NRL. It's just as simple as that. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Wallabies' coaching structure could be set for a radical revamp as the search begins to replace the sacked Eddie Jones. Former Australian captain Simon Poidevin was today appointed to the selection comittee and he reckons it's too big a job for one man. When former captain helps pick future coach he'll be taking this idea to the selection table. A coach of the new era of rugby out there, I believe, can't do it on his own. Three of those touted as potential contenders were together today at a rugby seminar. Only NSW coach Ewen McKenzie has put his hand up for the job so far. Whoever gets it will have a powerful team built around him in a bed to end the Wallabies' embarrassing slump. Whether it be one or a number of people out there, that's up to the selection committee and then the board of the ARU, but clearly there's New Zealand has set a very strong benchmark. Also on the committee - the innovative former Wallabies coach Rod McQueen, the ARU keeping an open mind on some more radical options such as a dual coaching role or coaching by committee. These days we're not ruling anything out but I think what we've set ourselves a task to do is appoint a head coach. If that comes up, it comes up. Eddie Jones's old job likely to be advertised internationally before Christmas. So at this stage we are not closing off the option of an overseas coach. Obviously the preference would be for an Australian coach. Wet weather is threatening to interrupt Australia's quest to wrap up the Chappell Hadlee series tomorrow. The Aussies forced to train indoors for the second day in succession. Windy Wellington has turned on the wet in the lead-up to game two of the one-day series, Australia forced to delay finalising tomorrow's line-up with doubts over conditions. If we happen to get any sort of game in tomorrow then we might have to look at different make-ups and things to go in with. A log-jam of fast bowlers is one problem. Mick Lewis is yet to play and Nathan Bracken's available after recovering from the flu. Discussions continue over security at a ground where there's been trouble before. Just keeping the first three rows vacant doesn't cut it with the Aussies. I think there are a few other things that would have to fall into place first before we'd be any happier than we were last week. I think New Zealand Cricket's gone out of their way to try and rectify the problem and I hope there'll be no issues on the stadium and I hope Australia enjoy their time in the field and don't have to put up with any hassles. If the covers come off and reveal a slower pitch New Zealand aren't expecting Brett Lee's pace to be any easier to handle. I think you get the same result from Brett or a Shoaib Akhtar or a Shane Bond. Every time they come out and bowl they try and bowl fast and they normally do it pretty well. They normally take the wicket out of play and just rely on what they know best. Tania Armstrong, Ten News.

Actor and Sydney FC club director Anthony LaPaglia is so excited about the world club championship he's been scouting for the side ahead of the first match against Costa Rica's Deportivo Saprissa.

Midfielder Steve Corica grabbed his last chance to enjoy the sun before the team flies to icy Japan, but they're expecting a warm welcome with local legend Kazuoshi Miura in the side. He's going to bring a big crowd for us. At the moment I think there's 40,000 for the first game. Besides collecting tapes of Saprissa's US-based games, LaPaglia has ensured he'll be in the stands next Monday and if Sydney win they'll face Harry Kewell and Liverpool in the semifinal. And ahead in Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan - we'll farewell Sydney FC as they head to Japan, a rare insight into Danny Green's training regime and cooking lessons with the Western Force Super 14 team.

A check of traffic now with Vic.

Some problems of a nasty accident

at Granville? Yeah, unfortunately

so, Deb. We've got a serious one at

William Street. We zoom in there as

two cars are involved. Traffic

lights are also down. Fire brigade,

ambulance crews are on scene.

Peak-hour traffic is only getting

through one lane. As a result of

the delays. The traffic goes back

into Parramatta. Motorists are

advised to take the Great Western

Highway or the M4. And a monster hit - the thrill of a lifetime for Australia's Naomi Watts as 'King Kong' once again invades the Big Apple.

# I just gotta have it Oh, yeah!

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Tim Bailey, what are the coppers

doing playing Christmas carols

instead of catching crooks. What's

going on? To explain it - all the

going on? To explain it - all the people in the police band are

special constables. Only two of

them are actually beat policemen.

Look, you've led me down the garden

Look, you've led me down the garden path. What we want to talk about is

the emergency services band and

their big concert that they are

having on Sunday at the Town Hall

raising money for the special

Olympics. They do it by playing

such gems as 'Rudolph the red

nosed reindeer'. BAND PLAYS


So it will be the police band

playing, it will be the ambulance

band playing and the firies will

have a turn and then 100 of them

get together for the giant finale

on Sunday. Tickets are at Ticketek.

You're helping out the special

Olympics. I have another rather

important person to introduce you

to. I won't do that without a fabulous fanfare. FANFARE

Ladies and gentlemen, the Swans'

Premiership cup, the AFL

Premiership cup, the Holy Grail,

has been on tour throughout NSW.

It's going to Blacktown and getting

to Bondi Junction and Thursday at

Manly it will be on the Cosr so,

with Barry Hall. Ladies and

gentlemen, that was the AFL Premiership Cup! FANFARE

Now, ladies and gentlemen, it's the

weather report! FANFARE

Little bit hot and sweaty under the

doona tonight, folks. Temperature

doona tonight, folks. Temperature not expected to go much below 22

degrees. What about today? 32 do 34

degrees. What about today? 32 do 34 degrees T was muggy. Burke got to

degrees T was muggy. Burke got to 45 and that was the hottest day in

NSW since March. Temps in the 30s

NSW since March. Temps in the 30s to mid-30s tomorrow before a late

southerly change, maybe a shower

and an evening - can we do another

one and a mistake from Bailey!


And an evening thunderstorm. Let's

get into the backyard before any

more of that.

Lismore tomorrow - no, Gosford

tomorrow. Another mistake from


Cloud spreads across Tasmania,

Victoria and inland NSW ahead of a

trough bringing rain and isolated

storms. The weather map for

tomorrow - a trough will send hot,

northerly winds and afternoon

showers and storms across the NT,

Queensland and NSW. The business of

the brolly, predicted precipitation,

drips and drops on rooftops -

rainfall tomorrow, scattered showers

and storms across inland NSW,

Queensland at NT. Thursday, a

trough continues to bring warm

northerlies, showers and storms

across the NT, Queensland and the

north-east of NSW. Ladies and

gentlemen, the John Saunders our

conductor and now, the interstate weather. FANFARE

That was Tim Bailey and the

Emergency Services Band. FANFARE

Good evening. Thank you, Tim. 'King Kong' is conquering New York once again. This time it's with the help of Aussie actress Naomi Watts. Ten News had exclusive access to the red carpet for the world premiere. Naomi Watts charmed King Kong on the big screen and tonight she had the world's media in the palm of her hand as well. PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOUT This is the biggest night in New York City in 50 years, in terms of film premieres. 10 years after moving to Hollywood with stars in her eyes critics are now predicting Watts will win an Oscar nomination for her portrayal of Ann Darrow, King Kong's love interest. The remake of the 1933 classic is the work of Peter Jackson, the same man who won three Oscars

for creating the 'Lord of the Rings' trilogy. PETER JACKSON: I want the film to do to audiences today what it did to me when I was nine years old and saw the original. Computer animation brought Kong to life with the blockbuster shot on sets in a parking lot in New Zealand, Watts almost paralysing herself when she fell during one of her stunts. Everything about this movie so far has been big, from the 3-tonne gorilla in Times Square to the $270 million budget. Now Peter Jackson is hoping it's big at the box office as well. At 37 Naomi Watts still wants more. With a new beau by her side she is now dreaming of a family. Doesn't every woman? Her best friend Nicole Kidman is, but Watts isn't commenting on that. Do you think you will be a bridesmaid at Nicole's wedding soon? Goodnight Australia. In New York, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Deborah Knight. We'll have the Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.