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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. attack on Cronulla lifeguards. Tonight - outrage over a violent house gets a forced clean-up. Tempers flare as Sydney's filthiest now reportedly heading for Sydney. And Saddam Hussein's former bodyguard and Deborah Knight. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening, also tonight - to her webcam. the woman who owes her life

And it's a sell-out - of tickets for the U2 tour. huge crowds storm the release But first tonight, attack on three Sydney lifeguards. community outrage over a cowardly by a group of thugs on a beach The young men bashed are fearing to tread. where more and more locals They're Australian icons

protecting people. patrolling our beaches Out of the water. who's protecting them. Now they want to know Three young lifeguards were beaten up afternoon. as they ended their shift yesterday They swamped us mate. how many numbers exactly. I couldn't tell you We were definitely outnumbered. There were only three of us. and they were initially set upon Words were exchanged of Middle Eastern appearance. by four men

20 people fighting. Before long, there were up to Who attacks in numbers? It's just cowardly mate.

or anybody. They shouldn't do this to lifeguards

to come down to the beach People are feared now and harassed. because they're getting swamped

some of the guards involved We've disguised of reprisals. because they're petrified was knocked unconscious. This 19-year-old narrowly missed his eye. A steel fence strut was also assaulted. A 16-year-old lifeguard to protect the public. They've given their time freely

and unacceptable. It is completely cowardly

by no means an isolated incident. The attack on the lifeguards was

have told the locals The so-called hoons this is now their beach. they're here to take over, for weeks. The assault has been brewing to young women on the beach. The harassment also extends numbers and just surrounding them, The guys are going up to them in they don't know what to do. chatting them up and they're scared, much reported trouble. Police say there hasn't been of this kind on the beach This is the first assault since January last year. and something's got to be done. It's not the first incident at all Shaun Fewings, Ten News. infamous Bondi garbage house today - A major coup for neighbours of the to clear the rubbish once again. council cleaners moved in to the free clean-up service. But the home's owner took exception this property for a rubbish tip. You could be forgiven for mistaking But believe it or not home for more than 15 years Mary Bobolas has called this place as the cleaners moved in. and today she was visibly distressed on the million-dollar property, Her two daughters, who also live tried to salvage what they could, on the verandah and even the roof stowing bits of rubbish couldn't get to it. so council contractors bring home bags, trolleys Each day, Mary and her daughters full of other people's garbage. and even wheelie bins And nearby residents have had it. Our backyards are full of rats vermin hazard, Fire hazard, health hazard lower real estate values. Waverley Council has intervened. But this isn't the first time Since 1989, more than 14 times. it's cleared the property spent in clean-ups. There's been at least $30,000 to the Land and Environment Court The case has been put 12 times this year alone. today's clean-up, But despite allowing it refused to issue a rolling order rubbish each time it piles up. for council to continue removing of the massive clean-up Today is just the start up to five days. which is expected to last But residents say Mary goes back to her old ways. it's only a matter of time before a band aid solution today, It's only going to be collecting again. she will start immediately She obviously has got a problem. Someone has got to help her. Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. are under the spotlight tonight Immigration procedures as a new scandal erupts. has been granted an Australian visa One of Saddam Hussein's bodyguards but the Prime Minister insists to stop the man from staying here. there is nothing he can do A Sydney unit block of a relative is believed to be the next home of Saddam Hussein. and former personal bodyguard in Australia six years ago. Oday Adnan Al Tekriti arrived He was refused a visa against humanity. considered to have committed crimes on appeal. That decision was later overturned in Adelaide since 2002 He's been living and studying free on temporary safe haven. South Australian parliamentarian, Now, having married a former Liberal of a permanent visa he's waiting for approval and plans to move to Sydney. I don't see why if genuine refugees being locked up have found themselves are being heard, while their complaints

why on earth somebody who's had with Saddam Hussein a direct involvement gets to walk free. The Iraqi Ambassador says

are true... if the claims against Mr Al Tekriti to Iraq to face those crimes We would ask that he be deported just like any other criminal. has explained... Prime Minister John Howard to give him a visa The Department did not want the Administrative Appeals Tribunal. but exercising his rights he went to or indirect war crimes. It found no proof of direct solicitor reveals A statement from Mr Al Tekriti's was deeply opposed Saddam's regime, the former bodyguard by the fallen dictator claiming his father was poisoned for speaking out against him. He fled Iraq fearing he'd be next. claims of another visa deal. Adding to the Department's grief, is now in a Lebanese prison. Islamist Saleh Jamal to serve his time in Australia He claims he was offered the chance he allegedly recruited in return for information on men to attack Sydney Harbour.

Police have denied making the offer. Danielle Isdale, Ten News. says The lawyer for eight terror suspects

his clients have been mistreated and is calling on the New South Wales Government to intervene. The accused are being held under tight security in prison

after their arrest during counter-terrorism raids a month ago. They are kept in a very tiny cell. They are in solitary confinement 23 hours a day, they don't see the sun. Some of them have been mistreated and denied their rights.

This treatment is very cruel and inhumane. Adam Houda says their treatment makes a mockery of the presumption of innocence. The case is adjourned until mid-January. A stinging attack by the nation's lawyers on the Federal Government's anti-terror legislation, introduced to the Senate today. The Law Council has taken out full page ads condemning the legislation and urging senators to throw it out completely. We want the Australian people, the Government and the Opposition to sit up and take notice that these are very bad laws indeed. The laws are expected to be passed later tonight. Tim Webster, Jelena Dokic is trying let her tennis do the talking. Yes, she definitely wants to do it with her racquet.

Her comeback bid started in Melbourne today in a quest to qualify for the Australian Open. Later, her thoughts on trying to win over hearts and minds. Also in sport, the safety step Kiwi officials didn't take to protect our cricketers. And the shot that cost Aussie golfer Adam Scott $1.6 million. The Sydney newsreader recovering from a violent stabbing attack, next. Plus, Sydney travellers shunning yet another expensive transport link. And the Sydney band that bounced back from bitter disappointment to take on the world. (Sneezes) This Tuesday's Oz Lotto has jackpotted to $4 million. So you could win a truckload of cash! HORN BLARES This program is captioned live. Sydney radio newsreader Rowan Barker is out of intensive care. Barker was stabbed several times during a fight with two men at a Christmas party outside a home in St Ives. 2GB inundated with letters of support. There's a real spread of emotion at the moment. There are some guys too distraught to come to work today. They were those who were actually helping him.

Barker remains in a serious but stable condition. The State Government and police have blamed deep-seated social problems for the Macquarie Fileds riots. Commissioner Ken Moroney telling a parliamentary inquiry today the violent events were merely a distubance. There were tensions from the start at today's hearing. How can the community believe Dr Gellatly when he says he's going to act on our recommendations? The Premier's department chief blaming social breakdown for Macquarie Fields's problems and the February riots. Deep underlying social issues that do not have simple origins. or quick fixes. Agreement from police who are taking no less than 200 calls reporting domestic violence in Macquarie Fields each month. And that's about twice the recorded average for NSW in terms of domestic violence. Its own report into the riots referred to a series of blunders from faulty maps, to radio problems, the non-issue of helmets and officers wearing reflective vests that made them sitting ducks. I believe with the benefit of hindsight some things could have been done differently. But the Police Commissioner insists Macquarie Fields was a disturbance not a riot

That's a view not shared by the Shadow Attorney-General. There were people hurling all sorts of potentially deadly weapons and deadly objects, missiles, who had control of that part of the street.

That's a riot. Police say they've learnt lessons from Macquarie Fields. A specialist riot squad to be up and running by the new year. Paul Mullins, Ten News. The Prime Minister has been dragged into the controversial appointment of businessman Rob Gerard to the Reserve Bank board. Treasurer Peter Costello says while the ill-fated appointment was his idea, John Howard gave it enthusiastic approval. Swatting Canberra's summer flies is now the order of the day at Parliament House.

The Opposition believes they are attracted by the bad odour surrounding the appointment of Rob Gerrard to the Reserve Bank Board. Kim Beazley seizing on this remark from John Howard. Peter came to me and said "What about Robert Gerrard?" Did the Treasurer say that to the Prime Minister? No doubt about it, he sure did. I have never seen such an enthusiastic response in all my life. LAUGHTER As a piece of payback it was priceless. The Treasurer gave the PM a taste of his own medicine, but in the process, what has been junked are the standards of this Government. The Treasurer claimed no-one in the Government or even in the Opposition knew of Mr Gerrad's long-time battle over tax evasion claims, or his settlement with the Tax Office. And for the first time in Parliament Mr Costello today contradicted Mr Gerard's reported claims that the Treasurer knew of the tax issues but had no problem with them. Nor were there any objections

from the South Australian cabinet ministers. On the contrary, they were overjoyed. The four South Australian cabinet ministers started swinging from the rafters, Mr Speaker.

Labor says the explanations so far are not good enough. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A jobs boom in Sydney's west with the creation of a new industrial site. The precinct, located at the corner of the M4 and M7 motorways, will cater to factories and warehouses and has the potential to create up to 36,000 jobs.

Mix of jobs jobs in warehousing,

distribution, transportation as

well as corporate offices. A rush on tickets to see super-group U2 has pushed a major phone network into meltdown. Optus simply unable to cope with the demand from fans. SONG: # It's a beautiful day # It was if you got a ticket, not if you were relying on the phone to get one. Tickets to the supergroup's Vertigo tour went on sale nationwide at 9:00 this morning. They're a great Aussie band - go U2! By 8:50 Optus had a little vertigo itself, struggling with phone lines jammed for more than two hours. The telco says the U2 rush combined with the release of Australian Open tickets caused: It claims only 13 and 1800 numbers were affected but can't explain why you might have had other problems. From Sydney, Ticketek says the tennis is no excuse. It claims those tickets were already on sale. SONG: And I still haven't found what I'm looking for # If you still haven't found it, don't fear - there's always eBay, where thousands of tickets are for sale. Top price? Two A-reserves in Sydney for $4,500. They only cost $200 - that's if you got through. Emma Dallimore, Ten News.

With a day like that you'd normally

With a day like that you'd normally blow your own trumpet but I see

you've got help. Does this ring a

bell, folks? Yes, the Ten News

theme. I've found the boys that

wrote it and produced it. They're

out of the horns section of the the

Sydney symphony orchestra and

they're getting together with John

foreign ham and dairy farmers to

raise funds to make greener

pastures for our farmers. Give us

that news them again. I always

thought Ronny Will sb wrote. That

it's a hot one at the moment on the

steps of the Opera House, around

about 26 in Sydney, 35 at Penrith.

Another warm one on the way

tomorrow. Light blue and that will

do. That was a brilliant day apart

from the fact it was a Monday and I

don't like them very much.

We'll see you again in around about ten. Saved by the Net - the woman who owes her life to her webcam and a computer. That's next. And the treatment for sunspots that's even surprised the specialists.

Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season. Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe, be prepared this bushfire season. CROWD BUZZES There's no way he'd miss it, mate.

Boys, just look for the Hawaiian shirt. With live Mobile TV on 3, you can catch all the cricket action. Mobile TV is here, so now you can watch all the live cricket action and more... Ahh! ..on your 3 mobile. This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic. Vic,

traffic all around the pennant Hills

area chaos tonight but the cause is

a fatal accident. Unfortunately a

little before 3:00 this afternoon

travelling on Castle Hill road there

was a bad accident near the

intersection of Thompson corner.

It's taking some motorists over an

hour just to travel from

Carlingford to West Pennan Hills.

This intersection is the M2 and

traffic is building all the way

down toward North Parramatta. If

you know anyone heading home twards

the nofrt west they need to avoid those roads. There's been a massive blow-out in the cost of the controversial Liverpool to Parramatta transit way. The Auditor-General's report has found the State Government-owned rapid bus system will end up costing taxpayers around $346 million, 2.5 times the original estimate. Bob Sendt says although more people are starting to use the service, it's still well below forcasts.

Would the Government, if it had

better estimates available to it at

the time of the ultimate cost, have

still approved this project or

might it have decided that it had

better use for the dollars involved. A final attack today on the case against the man accused of killing British backpacker Peter Falconio. Defence lawyers have also waited until the last minute to raise the possibility that there may not have been a murder in the first place. It is a stunning tactic - a defence suggestion Peter Falconio may not have been shot dead at Barrow Creek. In fact, he may not be dead. After all, his body has never been found

despite extensive searches of the outback by police and Aboriginal trackers. Lawyers for Bradley John Murdoch are using their final address to pick holes in the Crown case, including the suggestion the killer packed Falconio's bloody body in his four-wheel drive and took it away. Surely, Grant Algie said, the killer would be concerned Joanne Lees would flag down help and authorities would begin checking cars on the highway. And as for the police investigation, he said it's always proceeded on the basis of two major assumptions -

that the killer is the man in the truck stop video and that the killer was the person who left a blood smudge on Lees's T-shirt. Murdoch is adamant he is not the man in the CCTV vision. Murdoch's blood was found on Lees's clothing but there's no proof it wasn't passed on earlier in the day when Lees, Falconio and Murdoch were all in Alice Springs and even had lunch in the same restaurant. The jury reminded to question each piece of evidence because they can only convict Murdoch if they have no doubts. In Darwin, Amber Muir, Ten News. An American woman is thanking her webcam for saving her life. Her son phoned police from the other side of the globe after realising his mother was in serious danger. 69-year-old Karen Jordal owes her life to her webcam. When I woke up my living room was full of all these paramedics and I wondered what was going on. From her remote California home she regularly speaks with her sons overseas and often forgets to turn off the camera. When son Tore logged on from the Philippines he saw his diabetic mother lying motionless on the floor.

Tore phoned his brother in Norway whose wife, Tammi, called California police.

Emergency crews found Karen in a diabetic coma. The most unusual medical aid call I've ever been on. Her sons were watching via the webcam. I sat down or kneeled down at the computer and continued to talk with the family in the Philippines, trying to get as much information from them as I could about their mum. Doctors say Karen would probably have suffered serious brain damage had help not arrived when it did. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News. Imagine being able to rid yourself of pre-cancerous sunspots in just two days. An Australian-developed medication appears to be able to do just that and it all stems from a humble garden weed. It's a poisonous weed with strong corrosive powers. It's been known for centuries as an anecdotal remedy for a number of conditions,

including skin cancers and warts and other tumours of the skin. Known as radium weed, petty spurge or wart weed, the plant's active ingredient has been transformed into a gel for the treatment of sunspots. Now safety trials involving 60 patients around Australia have turned up astonishing results. Not only is the drug safe, it's effective in just two days. The sunspots appear just to become inflamed

and then shrivel up and then flake off.

The gel is applied directly to the skin. There appear to be few side effects - some test patients developed mild redness around the spot, but none complained of discomfort. Around three-quarters of the sunspots vanished - a promising result for the skin cancer capital of the world. It was a drug that was discovered in Australia,

it's being developed in Australia and is for a disease which is very, very Australian. The next phase of trials will be held in the US and Australia next year. There are strict protocols to adhere to before it's made available to the public. In terms of patients being able to use the medication, they can enter our clinical trials, which we'll be running next year,

but it will be some period after that that we'll be seeking regulatory approval.

Amanda McLeay, Ten News. Some good news for caffeine lovers. Also, hanging up his hat - the Queen's milliner lifts the lid on some royal rumours. And the Sydney band that bounced back from bitter disappointment to take on the world.

The $2 Jackpot Lottery... to over $5 million! JAZZY ORCHESTRAL FLOURISH

Time for a check of the weather

with Tim Bailey and Tim, not only

are you bringing us good weather

you're also bringing us a bit of

culture and looking very smart

today as well. The boss simply said

Bailey, some class and some kurment

so I bring out the Sydney symphony.

They normally rack tis in my garage

at home, they look quite

presentable on the television. One,

two, three, four.

On the steps of the Opera House. A

big round of applause please,

ladies and gentlemen, for the

Sydney sf nor who are teemling up

with John Farnham. Around about 25

degrees in the city, 35 out in the west.

The Sydney symphony and Mr

Farnham's work on the television at

5:55 and some jingle bells Bailey

Christmas lights. Top stories this news hour - huge crowds storm the release of tickets for the U2 Australian tour. Demand so strong it caused congestion on the Optus phone network. Tickets are being resold on the Internet fora multiple of their face value. Nerves on edge as council cleaners move in on a Bondi house teeming with garbage. It was a major breakthrough for long-suffering neighbors but the home's owner took exception to the free clean-up service. And outrage over a violent attack on Cronulla lifeguards. The young men bashed by a gang of thugs on a beach where more and more locals are fearing to tread. A 19-year-old was knocked unconscious, a steel fence strut narrowly missing his eye. Heavily armed police have raided three homes in Sydney's south-west arresting two men in relation to an alleged overnight shooting of a 38-year-old Riverwood man. Two brothers aged 25 and 33 years old were taken to Bankstown police station for questioning this morning. The younger man was charged with shoot with intent to cause grievous bodily harm

and will appear in court tomorrow. The victim suffered only minor injuries after the bullet grazed his arm. A campaign has been launched to discourage Australians from buying the traditional leg of ham this Christmas. Animal welfare campaigners claim most Christmas hams come from pigs that are grossly mistreated. Daisy the pig looks like 100kg of prime pork for the Christmas table

but she's the star in a campaign to boycott ham. An investigation into the plight of factory-farmed pigs reveals what animal welfare group Voiceless says is blatant cruelty. It says pigs reared in factory farms suffer harsh and cramped conditions. They should be asking their retailer where do these pigs come from - are they factory farmed? And they should be insisting that the pigs should be from free-range conditons if they want to eat meat. The plea coincides with the annual Voiceless awards ceremony where $245,000 worth of grants is given to organisations for their work with animals. We're saving much more than the pigs that are on the farm because people go away and start thinking how their dietary choices impact on pigs' lives. Aussie actor Hugo Weaving on hand to judge the entrants. I think sometimes the hard thing is narrowing things down when you've got so many things you'd like to give awards to but you can't.

Other winners were rewarded for their work in the live export trade, animal films and education. Kathryn Robinson, Ten News. The Australian share market is up just a little. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. Good news for job seekers.

Yes, the number of jobs advertised

Yes, the number of jobs advertised either in newspaper or on the

Internet rose for the fifth

consecutive month in nof but more

pornly job ads are at record highs.

Companies only seek to put on more

staff when business is good and

more importantly expected to remain

good. We had figures on that as

well today. Company profits rose by

well today. Company profits rose by 4% in the latest quarter, not

4% in the latest quarter, not surprisely two record highs. Four young Sydney musos are off to London tonight to represent Australia in the Global Battle of the Bands. The boys holding our hopes in a kind of Eurovision song contest of rock.

They're the band about to go from the garage to the world stage. Inakin are four Sydney lads who beat 100 other groups to win the National Battle of the Bands and now they're off to London to represent Australia in the Global Battle. I'm nervous. I'll be nervous when I get there. The band's name means family because these guys feel like brothers. Lead singer Josh and lead guitarist Buddha have played together for 10 years. Matty here lives across the road and he's been my neighbour for 27 years now. 27 years. I'm only 23, buddy. While the drummer's a bit of a new arrival, We actually met Aaron in Fiji. We were playing on 'The Resort' - that TV show on Channel Ten which unfortunately got canned.

But they've more than made up for that little hiccup supporting some big names on tour. We've played alongside Jimmy Barnes, Mental as Anything, the Radiators. The Fuel.

The boys have spent every spare minute rehearsing ahead of their trip to London. Once they get there competition will be fierce. The winner of the Global Battle of the Bands wins US$100,000 and a 23-country world tour. The best bands from those 23 countries also in the running. The final is in London on Wednesday night. It would be nice to come home as the world champions. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

They have but there's one thing they haven't banned, more shortly, Also, who Jelena Dokic is using for inspiration in the her Aussie comeback. And the shot that cost Aussie Adam Scott $1.6 million.

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PUMP WHIRRS AND KERCHINGS Buy four Goodyear tyres Cal 13 23 43 now. HORN TOOTS This program is captioned live. New Zealand have resisted the temptation of rushing back skipper Stephen Fleming despite their one-day flogging from the Aussies. Instead, the Kiwis are plotting against yobbos in the crowd and the pace of Brett Lee. Officials hope keeping fans away from the fence will stop a repeat of Saturday's ugly scenes which saw Australian players which saw Australian players pelted with rubbish. No-one will be allowed within three rows of the ground. There's a clamp down on alcohol sales but no change to serving beer in plastic bottles. With the crowd on their side the Black Caps are more concerned with the missiles rocketing from Brett Lee's right hand. While the Aussies trained the Kiwis were behind closed doors coming up with this. For some guys it might be to attack him, for others it might be to see him off so I don't think you can label it in any one way. I think it's tough work - anyone who has to face 155km/h with the ball swinging like that, as well. While the top order crumbled without regular opener Stephen Fleming he won't be rushed back after a cancer scare, despite hitting a half-century for his domestic side today. When his time is good and ready he'll come back, and he'll look forward to coming back we'll welcome him back, as well.

A touch of the flu kept left arm quick Nathan Bracken from today's session. Victorian fast bowler Mick Lewis expected to be blooded on Wednesday, selectors keen for him to debut in a live match and not a dead rubber. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Jacques Kallis could be in doubt for the first Test against Australia next week, withdrawing from today's tour match against WA with an elbow injury. The all-rounder had scans after being felled in the nets yesterday. Kallis was to captain the Proteas for the first time in the absence of Graeme Smith who's also on the sidelines. Keeper Mark Boucher took charge, sending Western Australia in. The quicks impressive on the WACA track, Justin Langer feeling the full force before falling cheaply to Charl Langeveldt. Shaun Pollock and Andre Nel also claiming scalps in the first session. Bulldogs coach Steve Folkes today joined criticism of rugby league's lengthy season.

Watching on at the Dogs' preseason camp

Steve Folkes doesn't normally like to rock the boat but he says player burnout's an issue deserving more attention. The scheduling of another Tri-Nations tournament at the end of 2006 too demanding on the elite player. Absolutely, yeah. It's a damn hard game and the people who make these decisions don't seem to appreciate that. Six end-of-season tours in seven years a draining timetable, especially with the World Cup looming in 2008. Folkes giving his four Tri-Nation players - Willie Mason, Mark O'Meley, Andrew Ryan and Roy Asotasi - another fortnight off. International football is fantastic and we need to keep that going, it's just the frequency of it that's the problem, I think, for most coaches and most players. Folkes trying to keep his troops fresh for another long campaign by taking them off the training paddock. Sonny Bill Williams eying a start in Round 1,

confident his troublesome knee is almost back to full strength. Williams hungrier than ever to wear a black and white jersey after New Zealand's famous defeat of the Kangaroos. I was shattered watching. Obviously I was happy for the boys but I was shattered. I wanted to be out there playing with the boys.

Meanwhile grand final referee Tim Mander is expected to announce his retirement in the next few days. He's moving on after 12 years in first grade to spend more time with his family. Adam Hawse, Ten News.

Robert Allenby will be going all out at this week's Australian Masters to win an unprecedented triple crown of Australian golf. The Victorian on a roll after consecutive victories at the Open and PGA tournaments. The wear and tear is showing

but Robert Allenby reckons he's still a strong contender for Australian golf's holy trinity. I think if I try and rest as much as I can over the next couple of days, I think I can do it. This morning he was on the course in Melbourne for his annual fundraiser for kids with cancer. Not much more than 12 hours earlier, he was on Queensland's Sunshine Coast playing one of the shots of his life to win the Australian PGA title. COMMENTATOR: Look at this, the shot of the tournament. Definitely one of the highlights of my career. While Allenby made it two wins in as many weeks, another leading contender for next weekend's Australian Masters was strutting his stuff, Adam Scott on his way to a 4-way play-off for the Sun City title. Northern Ireland's Darren Clark joining Scott, Retief Goosen and Jim Furyk at 6-under in spectacular style. COMMENTATOR: I don't believe it. I don't believe it.

Scott ensuring his place in the play-off with a big save at the last. A clutch putt at the first sudden-death hole keeping Scott in the contest, but nobody could match Furyk's effort at the extra hole. And it's Furyk's tournament. The American winning $1.6 million. Scott hoping to boost his bank balance back home at the Masters. He's a helluva golfer and I'm sure he'll be looking forward to coming out this week and trying to kick my butt.

Leanne West, Ten News. Jelena Dokic has all but been assured of a wildcard entry

into next month's Australian Open. Her return to the big time starts with a training camp in Melbourne on Wednesday. Ranked a lowly 349 in the world Jelena Dokic faces more than just a tennis comeback - she has to win back the hearts and minds of the Australian public

which nurtured her rise to the top four. I really regret the way that I left. Hopefully they can understand me and what happened and that I'm making this decision now, I'm looking forward, not going back to what happened, and hopefully they can, you know, start to love me again like they did before. While she claims it was not her decision to leave

Dokic has not been at Melbourne Park since her controversial father, Damir, alleged

the draw for the 2001 Australian Open was rigged against her. I was 16 at the time. Even now at 22 I don't know, you know, much about life, a little bit more than then. on pretty much everything in life, We have very different views and that includes tennis. She has no coach at the moment but is drawing inspiration from Mary Pierce's comeback after surviving a demanding dad. Her hopes of a home Grand Slam return hinge on finding form at this week's Open training camp ahead of the wild card play-off. Yeah, I mean, I'm here to earn one first. If I don't then hopefully I'll get one but that's still a long way away. But if she misses out Open organisers have certainly left the door open. You do get some credit for what you've done before in the sport and she's been as high as four in the world.

Like any other tournament director she's the sort of player you'd want to have in your tournament, she brings a lot to the tournament, but we'll have to see what happens. Ian Cohen, Ten News. Commonwealth Games officals say ticket sales are on target and they remain confident they'll sell-out their tickets for next year's Games. With 100 days to go until the Games start, Games organisers surprisingly crossed borders to celebrate the milestone in Sydney. Two thirds of tickets have been sold.

Between now and March 15, but we

expect that to continue and we

think it will be a sellout. The torch relay will start in the Harbour City. Ron Walker also assured fans they will be safe at the Games with beefed-up security levels. And ahead in Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan,

Peter Holmes a Court holds an info night about his Souths bid, our State cricket sides set to play an annual 20-20 comp

and we discover the compassionate side of boxing.

Some problems in West Pennant Hills.

Unfortunately so. As we mentioned

earlier a very serious accident

resulting to loz of life on Castle

Hill Road. These are traffic delays

motorists are experiencing. The

traffic goes into North Parramatta

and traffic trying to leave the

greater west into the north-west

should avoid pen nant Hills road.

These delays of traffic barely

moving. It's taking motorists over

an hour to get towards Parramatta

and Castle Hill. Take old windor

road or the M2.

Time for all the weather details

now. Tim Bailey, I spent a lot of

my early year on a dairy farm and

I'm trying to figure out how four

French horns will help? I'll

explain it to you. What's happening

is the Sydney Opera House is going

to put on two magnificent concerts

across February. Dairy farmers are

going to give a whole lot of money

to farmers who are struggling out

in the bush. How are we going to do

it? John Farnham is going to put on

a concert with Sydney symphony.

Mind me four of my closest friends

from the horn section and they're

about to play for you a little

Christmas carol you will know. One, two.


Beautiful stuff. And that is the

spirit of Christmas coming out

your very television. Get involved,

the John Farnham conerts at the

Sydney Opera House and tr there is

the web address. Sydney Opera House

.com. You can book from this

Saturday. They don't call me jingle

bells Bailey for nothing. With the

Christmas lights we tour around

Sydney and put the best ones on the

television. Here they come today.

This little offering just a lazy

80,000 Christmas lights from John.

He's in Hurstville south of Sydney,

80,000 lights. It takes him three

months to deng rate the house.

Christmas comes early. He starts

working on the house in August. He

also supports a charity that Joshua

Holland Leukaemia Foundation which

is run of the of the Randwick

hospital. And Joshua died of

leukaemia at 1 year of age. A

brilliant look on the Ten News

tonight as we bring it to you live

from the Opera House where it's

around about 25 degrees at the

around about 25 degrees at the moment 36 at Penrith, 32 tomorrow

in the Sydney and 35 in the

greatest west. Let's get into your backyard.

Cloud is flying up over south-east

Queensland in a weak trough

causing heavy showers an

potentially severe storms A low

pressure trough will generate very

warm northerly winds, showers an

storms in central and southern

Australia. The business of the

brolly, predicted precipitation,

what's going to fall from the sky

in the demex24 hours is what I'm

in the demex24 hours is what I'm talking about. Isolated showers

and thunderstorms in south-west NSW

and across Victoria. Possible

afternoon storms in north-east NSW

and eastern Queensland. Wednesday,

a broad trough will cause hot,

northerly winds and wide spread

showers an storms across the

Northern Territory, Queensland and

NSW. Speaking of NSW, the little

town of Port Stephens came alive

with the touch football championships. Congrage

gragelaitions to Wests who beat

Canberra in the open and Manly 45

on winning the grand final, the

state championships and Gards

didn't play and that's why they won

it. The boys thank you very much,

Marty, thank you Benny, thank you

Lee and thank you Jeff. We got them

all right. They are playing with

John Farnham in February. Dairy

Farmers who are donating a lot of

Farmers who are donating a lot of money to their mates battling out in the bush.

'O Christmas tree' one of my

'O Christmas tree' one of my all-time favourite. Live on the

steps. See ya. A long-time servant of the Queen has given Ten News an exclusive insight into the regal wardrobe. The milliner to the Royal family has returned home to Australia and is sharing his memories. After 35 years Frederick Fox's colourful career with the Queen has come to an end, and now he's lifting the lid on some royal rumours.

Four for the Queen, always has four hat pins. Oh, four pins - there's a secret! Returning home for holiday he's taken a trip down memory lane with self-confessed mad hatter Peter Jago.

I would look down at the proportion of the Queen's face and I made all the hats from a postage stamp. His unorthodox ways paying off, the Queen entrusting him with her hats for all the big occasions. It was blue felt - soft, blue felt - and the back of it is shaped a bit like the Opera House sail. Her Majesty offering her own royal fashion suggestions only behind closed doors. She pulled out something the size of a bathplug with this enormous sapphire and put it on there and she said, "That do?" Expensive taste obviously running in the family. But a young kindergarten teacher who became Princess Diana who stole his heart. There would be times when I would go there and she'd say, "Don't go, don't go! Have another cup of tea!" Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Late News at 10:40, goodnight.

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