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This program is captioned live. the journey home begins - Tonight - to his family after the execution. Van Nguyen's body handed over as a ceiling collapses Students injured school. at an exclusive eastern suburbs And under arrest - attack on teenager Lauren Huxley. a suspect faces court over the fiery Good evening. Also tonight - her house - and it's not over. Ita Buttrose in a legal battle over day coaching the Wallabies again. Eddie Jones sets his sights on one brave and optimistic to the end. But first this evening - faced the gallows calmly this morning Drug trafficker Van Nguyen displayed around the world. in contrast to the high emotions of the body, His family is now taking possession over the weekend. which will be brought home from Changi Prison - Van Nguyen's body emerges drug smuggler hanged at dawn. the convicted Australian the death sentence was carried out, Around an hour before arrived at the jail by taxi, the 25-year-old's twin brother, Khoa, and one of his Australian lawyers. joined by Van's friends for both Van and his family, Well, I'll be praying mistakenly make these decisions and the people who

and think they are a good thing.

In a surreal scene, through a media crush the group made its way at the prison gates, before pausing briefly to the complex. later negotiating access They sat in a waiting room elsewhere in the prison. while the execution took place as they can They want to be as close to him to support him as he dies. opponents of the death penalty - Outside the prison, for a defiant candlelight vigil. people arriving in small groups

of actually being with Nguyen It's a symbolic way for the next few hours of his life. at a nearby cafe. Van Nguyen supporters gathered Singapore's Democratic Party The leader of urging international intervention. I do want to ask everybody there are others on death row to be mindful of the fact facing the same fate as Nguyen. remaining unrepentant. Singapore's Prime Minister We uphold the rule of law, impartially and the rule of law has to apply alike. to Singaporeans and foreigners hugs from Khoa as he left the jail. Soon after the 6:00am hanging, ran the drugs to pay off his debts. It was claimed his late twin last night, Van's mother Kim farewelled her son holding his hands, stroking his face.

from the prison today, She stayed away at the moment of the execution. taking solace in a church community arrived at the prison Members of the Australian Vietnamese with them symbols of their sorrow. after the execution, bringing In Singapore, Alan Raskall, Ten News. have expressed sorrow The nation's leaders of Van Nguyen. following the execution Prime Minister John Howard says the anti-drugs message on board. he hopes young people take

was hanged, Just half an hour after Van Nguyen John Howard tossed a coin Prime Minister's XI cricket match for the start of the against the West Indies. Thank you very much. Mr Howard was in his office But at the time of the execution, to the condemned man reflecting on what was happening Australians will learn from his fate. and hoping that other young is stronger, I hope the anti-drugs message

anti-capital punishment measure. or as least as strong as the catholic church in Sydney. Kim Beazley attended St Mary's Well, I'm deeply saddened by the fact that Van Nguyen is gone. for his family. It's a dreadful moment a small crowd gathered. Outside Singapore's High Commission Rose petals were scattered. of the Melbourne man. Flowers and candles placed in memory silence and tears. And at that precise moment Despoja among those moved. Democrats Senator Natasha Stott to the Singaporean Government. Many wanted to send a message It's not human, it's barbarous. The law must be changed. Australia's relations with Singapore. The execution has placed a strain on Mr Howard clearly angry and his mother to have one last hug a final request for Van Nguyen was denied.

Permitted only to hold hands. with that response. I was particularly disappointed

Very disappointed. across the world - Anti-death penalty gestures lighting up in condemnation. the Colosseum in Rome Leonie Mellor, Ten News. for Nguyen, Australians held prayer vigils as the execution drew near. sharing sombre and silent moments marked the moment of his death. The tolling of bells that many had dreaded, It was a moment the execution of a fellow Australian, until he was dead. hanged by the neck in a foreign land

in the centre of Sydney Amnesty International holding a vigil to remind us all his punishment. Van Nguyen was about to face Also in the minds of those present, the death penalty more Australians facing in Bali and Vietnam. by the sounds of a gong, The condemned man commemorated one for each year of his short life. the awful truth finally realised. Tears flowed -

but his mother dies every day. It's just tragic. He dies instantly, It wasn't right what he did, the death penalty. but I don't think he deserves or to lose anybody this this way, To lose a child in this way,

humanity was all about. it's just not what I thought In Melbourne, a silent vigil, marking Nguyen's terrible end. the tolling of church bells As far as the Singapore Government is concerned, it's a judicial murder. barbaric, medieval act It's a premeditated, our power to stop it in the future. and we should do everything in Australians evenly divided, But opinion polls are showing Van Nguyen deserved to die. with half the population saying

He's the one that got caught. It's his own fault. He should be hanged. He deserves what he got, I think. John Hill, Ten News. Drama at an exclusive girl's school in Sydney's east with part of a classroom ceiling collapsing on to students. Reporter Kathryn Robinson is there, Kath, what more can you tell us?

This happened late this afternoon,

what more can you tell us? It's

been chaotic scenes here this

afternoon. At one of Sydney's most

exclusive private girls schools,

Ascham school. NSW ambulance have

confirmed at that 2:455 this

afternoon, there was a partial

ceiling collapse in the bottom

ceiling collapse in the bottom floor classroom of a two storey

classroom believed to have been built in

classroom believed to have been built in the 1800s. Several people

were injured in the collapse. The

most serious being a 35-year-old

female who is being treated for

severe spinal and abdominal

injuries. She's been taken to

Prince of Wales hospital. The

remainder being injured were

children. One suffered a broken

ankle and the rest suffered minor

abrasions and superficial abrasions.

This afternoon, emergency vehicles

have been streaming in and out of

the premises here, and loads of

teary eyed children and frightened

children have also been leaving

the school. So the school is yet to

make a statement, as is police. So

we'll have more information when that occurs. A man has appeared in court charged over the attempted murder of teenager Lauren Huxley. The 36-year-old was arrested as part of a massive police investigation. 36-year-old Robert Black Farmer was led to the police cells last night after being arrested by the state protection group outside a home in Bargo south-west of Sydney. The breakthrough came three weeks after 18-year-old Lauren Huxley was bashed, doused in petrol, and left tied up in the family home as it was set alight. Officers from Strike Force Borang laid five charges including intent to murder. And intent to have sexual intercourse. I've got a fantastic team that have been working around the clock. They have been deeply affected by what's happened to Lauren.

Lauren was set upon shortly after stepping off a bus near her Northmead home. Mr Farmer lives nearby. It's still not yet known if Lauren knew her alleged attacker, but he is believed to be a carpenter, like her father. Lauren remains critical but stable after facial reconstruction and neurosurgery. Her family always by her side, touched by the community's good wishes. The family are very relieved at the news that we have made this breakthrough. Sex crimes squad investigators have thanked the public for their leads. In court, Mr Farmer's lawyer said his client had chosen to stay in the police cells rather than appear in court, but the magistrate demanded he be brought up. Shrouded by four security staff,

Mr Farmer sat quietly, looking mainly towards the floor. He didn't apply for bail and will reappear in January. There's a huge task ahead of us now, this is just the beginning. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport and Eddie Jones axed as Wallabies coach. Yes, he's gone after a string of losses, but Eddie is far from happy he wasn't given the chance to state his case for the job. In the end, Eddie had no say. His Wallabies contract, terminated. I am very disappointed, extremely disappointed. All I know is that I am no longer the Wallabies coach. Jones was crushed that he wasn't given the opportunity to present the ARU Board as promised, following the spring tour. I've coached 57 Tests, the longest of any Wallaby coach,

I am very disappointed I didn't get

the opportunity to coach Australia.

I coached for 57 Tests, it is the

longest sequence. There was little

point in that exercise. The

decision was based around the

performance and the results. Eddie Jones is renowned for his ice-cool exterior. But today's axing was too much, and when asked how much of a role his sacking would leave in his life,

Eddie cracked.

Yeah, fairly substantial. It's one

of those things. The ARU will advertise the Wallabies coaching position.

A panel, including World Cup-winning coach, Rod McQueen will make a recommendation to the board around February next year. The apparently will seek input from former players and coaches.

We expect a recommendation on the

coaching appointment to go to the

board in February next year. At 45 years old, Jones says there's no reason why he can't retain the national coaching position in the future. In the meantime, he says he'll have a well-earned day off, a meat pie and a beer.

It's hard to express how disappointed I am.

I am very disappointed. I'll go on

to the next stage of my coaching career. Rob Canning, Ten News. In sport we'll hear from the man set to replace Eddie Jones, plus some bad news for Andrew Johns and a Sydney 7-year-old signs with an English premier league soccer club. The embattled Reserve Bank board member calls it quits - that's next. Also, Ita Buttrose buys a house full of nasty surprises -

she takes her grievances to court. And storm misery - wild weather lashes coastal New South Wales. Special K are giving away 50 holidays in 50 days to one of these seven amazing destinations. Enter for your chance to win. See specially marked packs now. with selected 16-inch for only $79 each. And save 20% off Christmas decorations. Excludes Christmas lights.

At least two people have died in a light plane crash. The plane went down in a paddock just outside Condobolin, in the state's central west this afternoon. At least two people were killed. A third is also feared dead. No other passengers are believed to have been on board. Businessman and generous Liberal Party donor Robert Gerard has resigned from the board of the Reserve Bank. He quit after a week of controversy over his company's tax affairs. When he was appointed to the board in 2003, Robert Gerard's company Gerard Industries had been fighting the Tax Office for more than a decade. Months later, he paid the Tax Office a $75 million out-of-court settlement in the face of allegations his company set up a Caribbean tax haven. Late today he issued a brief resignation statement saying: All week and right up to this morning the Government has defended Mr Gerard's right to stay on the board. You are not automatically disbarred from public office in this country because you have a difference of opinion with the Tax Commissioner. Mr Gerard's resignation is proof positive of Peter Costello's appalling judgment. Mr Costello was unusually media shy after the resignation, issuing a statement saying it was Mr Gerard's decision alone and appointing a replacement, Woolworths boss Roger Corbett. What turned out to be one of Peter Costello's worst weeks in politics has become one of the Prime Minister's best. His long-wanted industrial legislation finally getting the numbers to pass through a special Friday sitting of the Senate. But even in the IR debate, the Gerard resignation intruded. Labor highlighting his role as a Liberal Party donor. Rob Gerard, $1.1 million donation to the Liberal Party buys you a seat on the Reserve Bank! The Government's one-vote majority, Barnaby Joyce,

confident workers will accept the new IR regime. I think the Australian people will realise on Monday that the sky hasn't fallen. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Police claim to have smashed a clandestine drub lab, producing millions of dollars worth of illicit drugs. A month-long operation by Strike Force Dowd led police to the rural property, where officers uncovered chemicals and equipment used to manufacture ecstasy. Police obtained a search warrant for the property after pulling over a vehicle which allegedly contained scientific glassware and more than 400 grams of white powder. Seven people have been charged.

The second largest MDMA set up

we've discovered here in NSW. Hazmat specialists and crime scene investigators will comb the property for evidence. Media personality Ita Buttrose is suing a builder

for not warning her about structural problems on her Bowral home. At one stage she feared the house might collapse, but the builder's lawyer says the area is known for unstable soil. When Ita Buttrose paid $750,000 for a house at Bowral she described it as absolutely beautiful. But her views changed less than a year later when the glass roof started leaking and walls and floors started cracking.

Heavy rain caused even more problems. The author and media personality was so concerned she thought the house might collapse. Now Ms Buttrose is suing licensed builder Greg Morrison, who she says gave a glowing inspection report before she purchased the home. But Mr Morrison's lawyer claims the area around her home is known for its unstable soil and Ms Buttrose should've conducted a geo-technical report. He even quoted passages from one her own books about the need for comprehensive research before buying. Ms Buttrose considered a geo-technical report but was angry with a bloody rip-off merchant for charging $1,200, when the same service in Sydney costs just $400. She's now claiming $60,000 for major structural repairs. Dan Nolan, Ten News. Several Central Coast townships

have been declared natural disaster areas after a ferocious storm last night. And there's more expected - Albury has already been struck as storms move north. The furious storm front hit the Central Coast like a sledgehammer. People darted for cover as the hail bucketed down. Residents of Saratoga could scarcely believe their eyes. Flash-flooding and high winds adding to their woes. The storms rushed northwards, slamming Newcastle and making their way to the far north coast. Trees and powerlines came crashing down, locals recounting the narrow misses. Two minutes later and we would've been dead because I was getting in the car, I was getting the kids and we were going, we were leaving to get out of the storm. Trees crushed both the family's vehicles. Could have been worse. We just got out of the car, so I'm quite happy, actually, to be alive. Country Energy says it was the worst electrical storm to have hit the far north coast.

The trail of destruction weaving its way to the Queensland border - the town of Maclean the hardest hit. Scores of properties were left without power. SES volunteers have been swamped with calls for help.

Walls collapsed and roofs sheared off homes were blown hundreds of metres away.

The roof, I haven't found that yet, I've been two blocks down. It's down on the flat down there. It's down there somewhere. Emergency service volunteers are quickly clearing the debris as they brace for a possible second day of lightning and cyclonic winds. Shaun Fewings, Ten News.

Tim Bailey, you were telling uz the

storms yesterday, and that sky

behind you is looking nasty. It has

come across from western NSW wrrbgs

it dushed out 115 km/h wind at

Forbes. It dropped 44mm at Korowa

and we have a severe weather advice

at the moment. The sky is looking

naturaly across Sydney's western

suburbs. We have a band of storms

there is Richmond and Penrith, but

that is nothing in comparison to a

huge band, a cell front that

stretches from Dubbo right out

across to Kuma and it is lining up

as a big wall of storms. So a lot

of NSW is going to be unsettled

this evening. The good news about

that is that they will drift out

across the tas minute sea and the

weekend should be mainly fine and

sunny. A late shower tomorrow in

the afternoon. Tops of 26 and a

fine and sunny Sunday, 28 to 31. OK,

let's look at sky watch for you and

let's look at sky watch for you and any Friday in December is a diamond.

They just shine at you, at least

until around 5:00 when we put the

storm images on your television. At

the moment, 28 degrees. It is warm

the moment, 28 degrees. It is warm and sticky and hue mid. That is a

given. And also plugs levels next

up. Tomorrow we've told you the

forecast. The worry is tonight with

a band of storms stretching across

country and western areas of NSW,

moving into the Sydney area. I'll

see you again in around about ten.

More Aussie lives on the line as members of the Bali 9 appear in court. And a 50 kg bundle of joy being treated much better than her siblings.

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the State's former political leaders will be forced to justify their support for the Cross-City Tunnel. Former premier Bob Carr and his treasurer Michael Egan will be among the first witnesses at a parliamentary inquiry into the tunnel contract, which begins on Tuesday. Axed RTA chief Paul Forward will also give evidence. It was business as usual in the tunnel today, an estimated 30,000 motorists using it. slightly up on yesterday's result at the end of the toll-free period. A group of World War II veterans faces a hefty bill to repair damage to a memorial in the city. Skateboarders left the monument looking worse for wear after using it to perform tricks. These are the moves that skateboarders have taken to performing on one of the city's war memorials. The monument to the Z-force Commandos who are famous for undertaking daring raids against the Japanese is now being used as a skate board ramp. And the damage is extensive. A service medallion has been knocked off and there are scrapings along both sides. And the disrespect goes further.

The skaid borders around the city

centre are getting out of hand.

They've got no respect for property.

And the disrespect goes further. The City of Sydney Council

is refusing to pick up the tab for repairs. Officials telling the RSL it does not own the memorial, and therefore has no obligation to pay. The RSL is angry about the skateboarders and the council. It's frustrating, but I think education is the main thing. If we can educate people that do this, the reason why it's there

and the reason for its importance, they would probably understand. This year, the Z-force veterans celebrated the 60th anniversary at the end of the Second World War. Having to fight to preserve their memorial is the last thing they expected.

We're pretty upset about it. Not

that there's many of us left now.

But the younger commandos will

carry on our tradition. The veterans are now looking for thousands of dollars needed for repairs. Tim Potter, Ten News. A close call for the leader of Spain's Opposition party and other politicians. After visiting a new security forces regional headquarters outside Madrid, they boarded their helicopter in the town's bull ring. The chopper appeared to struggle as it climbed to clear the 10m-high outer wall, then spun and crashed outside the arena. Amazingly, all on board walked away after being hauled from the overturned cabin, a few treated for minor cuts and bruises. A cute new arrival at the Berlin Animal Park. Weighing in at 50kg, the baby rhino is just 50cm tall. It's mum Betty's third baby, but keepers are particularly pleased as it's the first she has reared without any problems. While she was content to chomp on apples and lettuce, her unnamed offspring preferred something a little softer on the gums.

Not quite in the same weight

category, but a baby girl for

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with Tim Bailey, and the weekend is

set to be good here in Sydney, but

there's been terrible storms around

the state and more to come? Indeed,

western NSW copped the brunt of it

today with near cyclonic winds

reaching 115 km/h. We saw almost

half a metre of rain in Korrowah

and there is a chance of severe

weather across the Sydney basin,

that's what the bureau is telling

us. It is looking dodgey and grey.

We hope they'll dissipate. We're

not sure if they will. We'll keep

an eye and at 5:55 bring you the

latest. I'm doing it live from Cockle Bay.

Sydney 31, is that above average

you hear you ask? Yes it st.

All eyes on the sky at the moment

as the sky goes a weird colour

across Sydney and we do expect some

severe weather in the next 24 hours.

I'll see you again at 5:55. Top stories this news hour - six students and a teacher injured in a roof collapse

at the exclusive Ascham Girl's School in Sydney's east. A ceiling in an historic building at the school gave way late this afternoon. WorkCover is investigating. A 36-year-ld carpenter refused bail over the fiery and brutal attack on Sydney teenager Lauren Huxley. She's in hospital after being beaten unconscious, tied up

and soaked in petrol at her home three weeks ago. The suspect Robert Black Farmer faces court again next month. And the family of Van Nguyen takes possession of his body after today's execution in Singapore. He faced the gallows calmly this morning, in contrast to the high emotions displayed at services and vigils around the world.

Reporter Allan Raskall joins us from outside Changi Prison. Alan, what's the next step for the Nguyen family?

We're led to believe the Nguyen

family and friends gathered at a

family and friends gathered at a local church for a private service

as they try to come to terms with

the 25-year-old's hanging. We're

also led to believe that Van's body

also led to believe that Van's body is being kept at a local funeral

home after being positively

identified by the family by staff

from the Australian High

Commission.Ment the executed man's

friends and legal teem are expected

to fly out of Singapore tomorrow.

The coffin carrying his body is

also expected to be on the flight.

also expected to be on the flight. His execution has created much

interest here, but does the public

in Singapore know or even care

about the story? While the hanging

is making big news in Australia,

over here it barely rates a mention.

Major newspapers, it's tucked away

in the later pages. I spoke with a

columnist recently who defended the

Singaporean Government's tough line

on drug trafficking and he

supported their idea that most

Singaporeans support that stand.

Obviously while some Singaporeans

are against the death penalty, I've

also spoken to some who say, we

hang our own, why make an exception

for foreigners. Thanks Allan. And the fate of the other Australians facing a death sentence may soon be known. One of the so-called Bali 9 insists did not know what was in the packages he carried and they were not promised any money. Renae Lawrence, Martin Stephens, Scott Rush and Michael Czugaj ready themselves before guards take them into court. Stephens greets his translator. How you going? Very well, thank you. How are you? Police say Martin Stephens was taped-up with bags and bags of heroin. But he told the Denpasar Court he had no idea what was inside. No-one told you it was heroin at the time? I was told very little. The judge heard how he watched friend Renae Lawrence have parcels bound to her body by alleged smuggling ringleaders Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. As he thumbed his crucifix, Stephens said Chan had told him that he owned the stuff and that Stephens and Lawrence had no choice but to do what they were told. Otherwise they and their family members, who were being watched, would be killed.

They were warned by Chan

that they would be under observation all the time ahead of flying out.

They were even told that police were watching them. Still, they went ahead with the trip. Departure was delayed by three days, Stephens said,

because the gang leaders said there was not enough of whatever it was they were carrying. They only found out what it was from police, who caught them at Bali airport with more than 8kg of heroin. The penalty in Indonesia is death by firing squad. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Former media baron Conrad Black has denied looting his empire of more than $100 million. At his first court appearance, the former owner of Fairfax pleaded not guilty to eight counts of fraud. He and and some of his executives are charged with looting his media empire, which included the 'Chicago Sun Times'. He says he's looking forward to clearing his name. It's better than having two years of just being defamed, attacked having your property seized, with no due process, no notice. This will be justice. 61-year-old Black was given $35 million bail, secured by his Florida mansion. The Australian share market has finished the week on a strong note.

Jackie Maddock at Commonwealth Securities, it looks like house prices have hardly moved this year?

We saw house prices on the national

average fairly flat. We saw the

result of house prices lifting just

1% over the year. But if we break

1% over the year. But if we break it down, we can see that Perth had

the biggest gains adding 18% to its

house prices. Melbourne was pretty

flat, and Sydney was the only

capital city to lose ground. Sydney

housing prices losing about 5%.

If we look at oblgt building

approvals, building approvals

being applications to build new

homes, that was fairly flat. So

while that might keep the Reserve

Bank on the interest rates

sidelines, for people like trades

people, they'll be feeling the

pressure of the slowdown well into

the new year. What's happening with

gold. We reported earlier in the

week that it cracked the $500 mark?

week that it cracked the $500 mark? That's right, we saw that, that was

an 18-year record. Overnight it

rose to a new record high not seen

for 23 years and it's certainly

dominated our trade today. It

means that jewellery prices might

become a little bit more expensive.

But with all the discounting going

on in the competitive retail sector

in the lead-up to Christmas, it

looks like retailers are cutting

costs to catch our attention. So it

costs to catch our attention. So it is worth shopping around to find a

really good deal. I certainly will. It's a girl for celebrity couple Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner. 'US Weekly' magazine says Garner gave birth on Wednesday night. The proud parents naming their new arrival Violet. The two actors, both aged 33, became a couple two years ago, and married in a secret ceremony in July. Musical history in the making tomorrow night with the Finn Brothers and some special friends joining up for a one-off gig. The brothers will be performing with former members of Split Enz and Crowded House.

It's the coup Homebake organisers

had been hoping for. Getting the

Finn Brothers to headline thaish

11th home grown festival, named

the Honours Year. With an line-up

of acts even Tim and Neil want to

see. Wefrpblgts only found out

recently that the Go Betweens are

on. I would love to see them. With

a sound check on the giant Domain

stage today, the brothers were

clearly excited about their own

show. We're trying to inside

Crowded House, Spit Ends, Fin

brothers all in one and not be

those bands, but embody them and

play the great songs. Joining Tim

and Neil on stage, a couple of

mates from bands in their past.

Eddie Rayner and Seymour from

Crowded House. There was a wild

range of guests, everything from

range of guests, everything from Rolling Stones, there were rumours.

Kamal would be good. Yeah, it would

be good. The fact is we're very

excited about the line-up we have.

The gig not without its own poig

nans. The year they lost the

nans. The year they lost the Crowded House drummer, Paul Hester.

I'll be conscious of Paul during

the show. It is only just down the

the show. It is only just down the road and where we did our last show.

There's a lot of reasons why. The

There's a lot of reasons why. The Finn Brothers will top off the day

long festival tomorrow. If you

haven't got tickets, it's too late.

Homebake is a sellout.

Tim webster with sport and who'll replace Eddie Jones as Wallabies coach? Ewen Mckenzie is ready to step up, the reaction from the NSW coach shortly, plus the fallout from Wayne Bennett's great escape at the airport. Remember this Sydney 7-year-old? Ahead, the English premier league club that's signed him up. And not so grand any more, the future of one our most famous sports venues.

As we told you earlier, Wallabies coach Eddie Jones has been sacked. Waratah's mentor Ewen McKenzie is shaping as the likely replacement for Jones, after one of the front runners for the job, former All-Blacks coach John Mitchell ruled himself out of contention. Ewen McKenzie has made no secret of his desire to coach the Wallabies. And should he get the job, he also believes he can turn things around quickly. You can make major headway quickly, if you get the right people pointing in the right directions In McKenzie's favour is his experience as an assistant coach under Eddie Jones, as well as his achievement in taking the Waratahs from perennial underachievers to Super 12 finalists. I'd like to think that I've been able to assemble a group of people and work well with other areas of management. McKenzie's hopes boosted by the news John Mitchell

plans to complete his 3-year contract with the Super 14 expansion team the Western Force. McKenzie is contracted to the Waratahs for another two seasons, but NSW Rugby say he'll go with their blessing should he get the nod for the national job. Coaches come and go. It's a fact of life in professional sport. They can go for good reasons and bad reasons

If you lose, you want it to be for a good reason.

Eddie Jones took over the position from Rod Macqueen in 2001

and finished his time in charge of the Wallabies with 33 wins, 23 losses and one draw in 57 Tests. Neil Cordy, Ten News.

Andrew Johns has suffered a setback in his comeback from a knee injury. Johns has been admitted to hospital in Newcastle with complications after surgery last month. And, Wayne Bennett's evasion of the media after he arrived home from the unsuccessful Tri-Nations campaign yesterday is attracting plenty of criticism. Bennett made his way through a private exit at Brisbane Airport in a bid to avoid questions regarding his future as Kangaroos coach.

Today, even his peers suggested he could have handled himself better.

Again, it's probably not my place

to comment, but I think most people

realise what should have been done. Publicly, the ARL is saying Bennett's position with the national team is safe, for now. Well, this has to be some kind of record - 7-year-old Sydney boy Panos Armenakis has been signed up by English Premier League team Manchester City. After being courted by clubs like Spanish Giants Barcelona and Bolton Wanderers in the Premier League, Panos and his family have chosen Manchester City on a 3-year deal. Panos is in the UK, and he'll play for City's under-9 team, reputed to be the best in that age group in England. Changes to Australia's Test team have flowed onto the 1-day side - batsman Brad Hodge set to debut against New Zealand tomorrow. Experiments with the line-up are likely to continue right up until the 2007 World Cup.

An era of change is doubling as a time of opportunity for players so long on the outer. Brad Hodge will be blooded tomorrow, fast bowler Mick Lewis before the end of the series. 16 months out from the World Cup, there could be trials ahead for the State stars Dan Cullen, Phil Jaques and Mitchell Johnson. We haven't sat down and and said right, this is what we're gonna do, start moving players in and out for the World Cup, but I think that's in the back of everyone's minds. While players aren't happy with the scheduling of one-dayers between Tests, there's some who aren't complaining. Nathan Bracken and Stuart Clark with chances to impress at a higher level. Although the attack's relatively inexperienced at international level, they've got a lot of first class experience under their belts

and I'm sure they'll do a good job for us. After a cancer scare for Stephen Fleming, New Zealand start the series with a new skipper. Obviously a lot of my style will come from Stephen,

but I'll put my own personal twist on it as well. The West Indies and Brian Lara ended their tour with one last hit out on Australian soil. The Prime Minister's XI saying goodbye

by hammering 4/316 off their 50 overs. West Australian all-rounder Adam Voges top-scoring with 50. Tania Armstrong, Ten News. Richard Swift holds a one-stroke in the Australian PGA championship at 5-under. Craig Parry one of a number of players who had to finish off their first round. He did so in disappointing fashion.

Ripped it straight on. Very disappointing, especially making a bogey on the last. I putted really well the whole round and I just hit that last putt too hard. The putt of the day belonged to Martin Doyle - the Victorian showing some of his peers how to handle the greens with a monster putt that never looked like missing. To the tips and Michael Sullivan's selections for Rosehill tomorrow:

That's it for now. Later if Sports

down, we'll meet Australia's own Miss Olympia.

Tim Bailey with the weekend weather details next. And whose pets have been naughty or nice? Santa struggles with man's best friend. MAN: Hello, George. Hello, Patrick. You said we could come around and use your broadband. Oh! That was quick. (Plays bagpipes loudly) We're definitely getting broadband at home. Now you can afford broadband in your own home. For eligible customers. For details, call: (Plays Big Pond theme on bagpipes)

Hey! ALL: Hmm. MAN: At Kmart Tyre & Auto Service, we know tyres, but we also make it our job to know how tyres affect your daily life. ALL: See you!

Time for the whre details, the city

surrounded by storm activity and I

gets a lot of us are worried about

the hammering that the towns up the

coast got yesterday. Are we in for

any of that? At the moment, it is a

very much a case of, will it, won't

it. We're saying possible severe

weather across Sydney tonight, in

the next two or three hours even.

But we're unsure about it. We know

one thing, the radar, you make a

one thing, the radar, you make a judgment. Let's look at it now as

we go live. There is a wall of

storms from Dubbo through to Kooma,

it is intense in a huge wall and

it's moving closer to Sydney town.

We've had storms across Penrith and

Richmond and they're moving this

way a little bit. The sky at the

way a little bit. The sky at the moment is an ugly grey and we think

there could be thunderstorm action.

At the moment, no thunderstorm

warnings, just the chance of severe

weather information coming our way

in the next two or three hours. So

cross your fingers, we might get

away with it. The good news is that

the weekend is OK. Whatever happens

tonne will be out across the Tasman

sea tomorrow and that means 26-28

sea tomorrow and that means 26-28 degrees on Saturday and 28-31 on

Sunday and everything grinning at

you. Which is the way of the world

on a Friday in December. Now, they

don't call ne jingle bells Bailey

for nothing. Christmas at Network, that is the website you, that is the website you have to get hold of because if you

have Christmas lights on your

window, on the Christmas tree, on

the front of the house in your

suburb, we want to hear from you.

We're going to make you a star and

put it on the news each and every

night right up until December 24

night right up until December 24 which last time I checked was

Christmas eve. And speaking of that,

happy birthday and, no merry

Christmas to Ally Philip who is

watching tonight. We love you,

thank you for watching. And we hope

Santa brings you all the right

things, otherwise I know who to

talk to - trust me! Keeping an eye

on the radar as we do this, if

anything happens in the next three

or four minutes, you'll be the

first to know. Into your backward.

Satellite, cloud crossing Victoria

and NSW with a cold front causing

and NSW with a cold front causing heavy rain and potentially severe

stormsful the weather map for

tomorrow, it's important. On a

tomorrow, it's important. On a weekend to get it right. I'll read

this, take it all in and cross my

fingers, you don't bag me on Monday.

A trough will trigger shower and

storms across NSW and the Northern

Territory. It will move into the

maze minute. A low will generate

strong showers across Tasmania,

Victoria and southern NSW. You know

the next bit, the business of the

brolly, predicted precipitation,

brolly, predicted precipitation, drips and drops across the roof

tops, rain and storms clearing from

tops, rain and storms clearing from north-east NSW. Scattered showers

and storms in NSW. Showers and storms in eastern Queensland.

storms in eastern Queensland. Sunday, a weakening low moving to

the south-east will cause showers

across Tasmania and southern

Victoria. OK now, if you're a

highlander, if you're from Scotland

and you want to kick up your heels,

head to Hyde Park. All things

Scottish, haggis and the lot. A

Scottish, haggis and the lot. A real celebration of all things

Scottish. It will be a good day.

Keeping an eye on that radar, that

wall of storms is slowly moving to

wall of storms is slowly moving to

wall of storms is slowly moving to Sydney. Will it or won't it? I wish

I could say yes or no but I can't

so I'll go to interstate weather

where I'll have a punt.

Sydney tomorrow, a shower or two

possible, mostly in the afternoon.

Fresh west to north-west winds.

Plenty of blue sky to smile oun.

That is it from me. Alley Philip,

merry Christmas. It's not your

birthday, you can't have everything.

birthday, you can't have everything. I'll see you again on Monday. Thank

you Tim. It was once one of the greatest tennis stadiums not just in Sydney, It's Christmas time for man's best friends. Trips to Santa's knee are now a family affair as the big man in red takes present orders from well behaved pets. Not everyone remembers their manners though, and even Santa has trouble controlling some of the over-excited visitors. But no matter how hard their owners tried, there were some pets that couldn't work out what all the fuss was about. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. Will have the Late News at 10:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.