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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. final preparations in Singapore But first this evening - of Australian citizen Van Nguyen. for the execution his final goodbyes, He's spent the day saying his executioner and is expected to meet for the first time tonight. albeit modest dinner of his choice, Van Nguyen will also enjoy a final, at 9:00am in the morning. before facing the gallows precisely legal team visited their client It was with heavy heart Van Nguyen's before his scheduled hanging. for the last time completely reformed, He is completely rehabilitated, on doing what is good, completely focused

and now they are going to kill him. to the condemned man The team has grown close to have his life spared. throughout the battle charged with emotion. Today's pilgrimage to Changi Prison Emotional. a very satisfying hour and a half, You'd have to say it was and unforgettable, I guess. their farewells, Family and friends are also saying

throughout the day. staggering their visits the first to front the jail, Van's twin with Khoa close friends following soon after. one of the 25-year-old's Confronted by a nightmare, to lose one of her sons. mother Kim also preparing today ran a letter Singapore's 'Straights Times'

High Commissioner in Canberra written by the country's

reached the streets, saying had the drugs Van carried and netted more than $1 million. it would have carried 26,000 hits

A columnist for the paper hard-ine stance. defending Singapore's of heroin. He was caught with a huge amount that we are doing this wrong. There is no sense I think there is none of that. are under way for the execution. Back at the jail, preparations has weighed Van Speculation the hangman needed. to calculate the length of rope convicted drug smuggler The 25-year-old

takeaway costing up to $8. also allowed one last meal - In Singapore, Alan Raskall, Ten News. has been lodged in Melbourne A desperate legal move to save Van Nguyen. in a last-ditch attempt in a bid to force his extradition. Charges have been lodged in court have been held across the country Vigils and church services something will save Van Nguyen. in the vain hope That hope has all but gone. to face up to the fact I think we have that tomorrow he will be executed. The fight has now turned to a request to give her son one last hug. to allow Van's mother

for compassion Mr Downer making a call to Singapore's High Commissioner. "Look, I just want to reiterate I said to him that,

between Van Nguyen and his mum "that some physical contact

"means a lot to us."

If we talk about compassion, for the parents of the victims? what about compassion The issue has emotions running high. I suspect one of the reasons won't let her hug her son the Singapore Government is how could you ever let go? ever let go... after that last hug? If you're a mother, how could you make sure that happens. For God's sake, let's just

impending hanging to score points One politician even using Van's on the abortion drug RU486. over those in favour of lifting a ban It's breathtaking hypocrisy in the Australian Parliament for some people one young man's life to be fighting to save fighting for a drug while at the same time to be imposed on unborn babies. which will allow the death penalty

in a bid to stay the execution - Late today, a desperate legal move against Van Nguyen a Melbourne court issuing a summons

to import heroin, on charges of attempting on the Federal Government putting pressure to seek his extradition. Leonie Mellor, Ten News. joins us from Singapore. And Ten reporter Alan Raskall holding out hope, Alan, his family has been Singapore's hard line on the hanging? has there been any loosening of

will go ahead tomorrow, Deborah, the hanging of good news for the Nguyen family. but there has been a slight piece the Singaporean Government Kim Nguyen has begged to touch her son goodbye. to be allowed They will allow her to do so. are allowed to hold hands with Van She and her son Khoa before he is hanged. to give him a hug. However, they will not be allowed made the same plea Interestingly, a Singaporean mother her request was denied. before her son was hanged recently, our Foreign Minister, Alexander Downer, a few moments ago made a short announcement about this development. Here is what he has to say. Just to say that we are pleased

has agreed to our request that the Singapore Government to make some physical contact for Van Nguyen and his mother

before he's taken off and executed.

Foreign Minister Alexander Downer.

be at the execution? Allan, will Van Nguyen's family at the execution, No, they won't be allowed nor will his legal team. to believe there'll be a vigil Interestingly though, we're led outside the jail tonight may well attend. where his mother and the lawyers

for anybody to be at that hanging But all requests had been denied. in the room at 6:00am tomorrow The only people that will be

and the prison chaplain will be prison officials and a doctor. Thank you, Allan. in Singapore. Ten reporter Allan Raskall phone poll which asked: To the final results of our Ten News

It's a done deal - the James Hardie asbestos victims. providing justice at last for The company has signed an agreement

payouts over the next 40 years providing massive compensation its directors from separate claims. but new legislation will protect to a bitter and tragic dispute. An historic end of the NSW Government The highest levels and James Hardie Industries

for asbestos victims. sign a $4.5 billion compensation deal Marvellous Great day, great day. to one of its better known victims. Even a kiss from the company chief Thanks, Bernie. and victim protests, After 12 months of angry union with payments capped a multibillion-dollar deal at no more than 35% of the company's cash flow after operating expenses.

I don't sense any sense of victory today. I just feel that we've finally got justice. The unions now calling for all bans and boycotts on James Hardie products to be lifted. We have not wanted to get distracted on vengeance. What we're on about is justice.

It is also a recognition that James Hardie has come in from the cold and rejoined the ranks of responsible corporate citizens.

Despite the deal, there are still two hurdles to jump - approval from James Hardie shareholders and tax concessions on the compensation payout from the Federal Government. Both sides are confident these issues will be resolved. I think it's extremely tragic what asbestos has done to these people.

The day finishing with a rare standing ovation from MPs for Bernie Banton. Paul Mullins, Ten News. Those beep tags are going off again in the Cross City Tunnel

and motorists are staying away in droves. The toll-free period appears to have been an expensive failure with traffic today slashed by almost half. From the moment the toll came back, drivers again began their boycott. Most motorists preferring the William Street traffic to the $3.56 toll. I'm not going to use it any more. I only used it while it was free. It's just a rip off. The Cross City Tunnel's own figures showing the free period had achieved next to nothing. By midday traffic numbers were down 44% on the same time last week.

Too expensive. But those willing to pay saw the benefits. Well, tunnel today, because of time. The tunnel boss says 2000 more motorists did use the tunnel today, compared to before the free period, but he also admitted the 18-month target of 90,000 motorists a day won't be reached. The shareholderss are watching the Cross City Tunnel very closely. And on the surface confusion reigned as Bathurst Street was turned from one-way into two-way.

You're in the wrong lane, sir, going the wrong way. Bit confusing, yeah. Sorry about that. Car after car drove all the way, the wrong way. Police even called in to help out. And no prizes for guessing why this stretch is not two-way - it makes it much easier to get to the Cross City Tunnel.

That has some motorists angry, calling it another trap to make drivers pay. The Opposition says it's time the Government renegotiates the contract. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News. Dozens of staff will be laid off over Christmas after a devastating arson attack on a Sydney shopping centre. A car was driven through a shop and set alight leaving a damage bill running into the millions.

The speed of the blaze was staggering. Within the space of three minutes 10 shops within the Wattle Grove Shopping Centre were engulfed in flames. Someone drove a car through the windows of Blockbuster Video and set it alight. The fire spreading via a common ceiling into the neighbouring pharmacy and food shops. Six stores destroyed. Millions of dollars damage. Dozens of staff suddenly unemployed over Christmas. Yeah, I've been here for nine years.

I've never had anything like this. I've had break-ins before but certainly nothing. I mean to drive a car through the front of a shop. The PVC-covered videos fuelled the fire. It was so intense, 40 firefighters had no hope of saving the shops. Steve Jacobs has lost everything. His beloved business now a pile of rubble. As he surveyed the damage, a customer returned a hired video. All he could do was laugh.

Everything's gone. Every record's gone. Small business owners forced to start from scratch.

You invest, like, everything in your life in there, like, I miss my kids because I'm staying in the shop. It's just ruined a lot of people's lives. Crime scene experts believe whoever torched the shopping centre was in control behind the wheel of the Commodore when it crashed through the front windows. The car was travelling at high speed when it careered over concrete parking barriers and a steel bollard

yet the front wheels haven't deviated at all. Robbery doesn't appear to have been a motive.

There was no ATM in the video store. However, Mr Jacobs has been outspoken against video piracy. They're probably sitting back there laughing at seeing me on TV. Well, I hope they do because it may be the last laugh. Shaun Fewings, Ten News. Tim Webster, and embattled Aussie league coach Wayne Bennett has ducked the media in Brisbane. has ducked the media in Brisbane. Yes, bizarre scenes in the airport carpark. Fighting for his job,

it appears Bennett went to great lengths to avoid the media. A little later why the vanquished Roos are standing behind their coach. And pro golfer Terry Price has attempted to play the Australian PGA Championship on crutches after breaking his leg. He only lasted a few holes in sport the rule that forced him to play injured. And also later - why Sydney's A-League soccer team took a crash course

in Japanese culture.

A Sydney court sentences a man who spread HIV. That's ahead. Plus, terror plot exposed. The targets bombers were planning to strike next. And Sydney's new population crisis - drastic action to keep kangaroos under control.

Up to 12 years jail for a man who knowingly infected two women with HIV. His actions condemned as callous and reprehensible by the sentencing judge. For the police and legal team involved in the prosecution the announcement of a heavy sentence on World AIDS Day was appropriate. Stanislas Kannegeli Yondjo pleaded guilty to grievous bodily harm of two women he had unprotected sex with despite being HIV positive.

First of all, it's been a very difficult time for both the victims in this matter. It's a relief that it's over. They appreciate that at least the next 9 or 12 years the offender won't have the opportunity to hurt anyone else like this again. One victim was an Irish nurse he met a city bar. The other victim from Germany was also on a working holiday here. He had told both women he didn't have HIV. The District Court judge condemning Yondjo, saying:

And in summary they were: Acting Judge Warwick Andrew decided this was the worst-case category for the crime but decided to give Yondjo a lesser sentence because the victims were spared the ordeal of a trial. Instead of a maximum 14 years he will serve up to 12 years.

He could be out on parole by April 2013. Kevin Wilde, Ten News. A desperate plea for help from the family of a man gunned down in Sydney's eastern suburbs last week. 29-year-old Milad Sande was found in Cromwell Park with execution-style gun wounds to the back of his head. Police are trying to piece together the last hours of his life and don't know why Milad had travelled to Malabar from his Merrylands home. His brother says Milad was a devoted family man who had dedicated his life to his children. Since he died, his 6-year-old boy is asking the question "Where is my dad?". If you have any information, contact Crimestoppers. Contraception instead of culling is being trialled to reduce out-of-control kangaroo populations. The contraceptive implant providing a non-lethal alternative in urban areas. Controlling kangaroo numbers is hard enough in rural areas but closer to town it's almost impossible. Safety restrictions mean culls are off limits in urban areas with roos often coming too close for comfort. Researchers from the University of New South Wales are now trialling a contraceptive that provides a safe and effective alternative. The 1cm-long capsule is inserted just below the female's skin and is effective for two years. If you went into a population

you would treat about 80% of females with the contraceptive then go back another two years later and just treat another 80% of the population.

The contraceptive an alternative for wildlife officers by providing a non-lethal method to culling. Certainly in areas like local golf courses, enclosed populations near urban settlement, for instance in Canberra and in Victoria in particular, there are a lot of those circumstances. The research will also allow wildlife parks to better manage breeding programs which will improve genetic diversity and guard against disease.

It enables animals to continue to evolve and adapt to environmental change and it is also to mitigate against the effects of inbreeding. Tim Potter, Ten News. Proof tonight that the reign of terror in Bali is far from over. Ten News has been given a document which shows the planned hit-list.

It makes for frightening reading and it proves the October bombings at Jimbaran Bay and Kuta were just the latest in a series of planned attacks. Targets include the Bali memorial monument, Kuta Beach, fast food restaurants and the main airport. The 25-page document was found by investigators at the home of bomb-maker Azahari Husin.

The details have been sent out by Bali police to area commanders and community leaders warning of impending bombings. It lists preferred nationalities and where explosions should happen. Australians singled out several times. Also in it - favourite shopping centres, markets, the zoo

and family restaurants like McDonald's, the Hard Rock Cafe and KFC.

Bombings in Bali, and the

subsequent bombings in Bali, Madrid

and London, they learn from every

chers they do, they get better and

better prepared. I guess the more

success they have, too, encourages

more and more suicide bombers to

come along and volunteer their services. In an attempt to keep ahead of authorities it details how the attacks can no longer be on a large scale, they must be smaller with the bomb constructed outside of Bali and smuggled in.

It's the sort of information though, that is in the hands of our Federal Police. There's a chronological account of how to survey the target pinpointing where they should be at any given time, maps showing how far away to park a vehicle,

even when they should pray and one chilling last line - escape is not planned, the executor goes to the target and is to never come back. Frank Coletta, Ten News. Beaches across Sydney are set to be packed this summer with lifeguards. 34,000 lifesavers have been trained for duty this year - the highest number in more than a century. The increase comes after a record number of drownings last year. A new report shows just under half of all Australian drowning victims were people aged between 20 and 39, and 80% were men. But despite the increased number of guards on patrol, Surf Life Saving Australia says people will continue to drown if they don't swim between the flags.

Tim, Vic Lorusso is unable to get

the chop ever off the ground in

Bankstown. We must be in for a

pounding. Yes, we are. Areas for

concern across Sydney as you tune

into the radar and put concern across Sydney as you tune into the radar and put it on your

television screen. The main storm

cell at the moment is on the

Central Coast. The Wyong, Gosford

area, moving up from the Mt White

area, and there was large hail, big

enough to break car windows. we've

had reports that the F3 is a mess

up that way, cars on the side of

the road, the whole lot. That storm

cell is one to worry about. Down

south there's been a storm that's

moved through the Camden area, with

lots of red and black in that,

meaning intense rainfall and large

hail, talking cricket-ball size at

some stage during the afternoon,

now moving into the Berry area,

storms surrounding the Sydney

metropolitan area and there's a

storm weather alert in force for

that very area now. Let's look at

sky watch before things did go all

rather all over the place. That was

your day today. Currently it's

still sticky out here, warm on it,

as the current temperature shows

you. Pollution levels, trouble with

those, medium particles hanging in

the Sydney with basin for most of

the day. Tomorrow another unsettled

day with storms, 28-30, and blue

sky in the mix as well. A serious storm cell in the sky in the mix as well. A serious storm cell in the Gosford region at

the moment, building again near

Berri, I'll see you again at around

about Ten. He used a firetruck to collect pizza now Jo Natoli finds out if he'll get his job back. That's next. And a high-rise nightmare - a very rough day at the office for two window cleaners.

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A disgraced Sydney firefighter has won his job back. Joe Natoli was given the boot after he took a firetruck out to pick up pizza.

But the Industrial Relations Commission has decided the New South Wales Fire Brigade acted too harshly.

The IRC ordered he be reinstated and awarded back pay given his unblemished record. The Fire Brigade is reviewing the decision and has not ruled out an appeal. The outback murder trial has become a battle of the experts with two leading scientists disputing claims made by other academics in the case. The evidence of one keeping both the jury and the Falconio family in stitches. The defence team chose scientists to finish off their case but ended up providing far more entertainment than expected. The jury told how an anthropologist witness was able to tell by studying a person's facial and body features whether they were the same person in a photograph. And he was able to say, from analysing this CCTV vision, this man is probably not Bradley John Murdoch. The professor says the man in the video has a bigger build and a slightly bigger head than the accused killer. But he says he can't be 100% certain due to the quality of the tape and that's also why he disputes a claim by an earlier prosecution witness that she could confirm the man was definitely Murdoch. At one point the whole court dissolved into laughter as the eccentric scientist explained how koalas have different hands to humans. He also said he can tell a person's ethnicity from the shape of their head - Caucasians are egg-headed, while Asians are more like a soccer ball. The unique professor's expertise intriguing Justice Brian Martin, who admitted a personal fascination for ear shapes. A scientist from another high-profile case, the Snowtown murders, also gave evidence today

and began by criticising the DNA testing methods

used by British expert Dr Anthony Whittaker. Dr Katrin Both says: And his techniques are dangerous because they are used by so few people in the world, they can't be independently reviewed. She left court supported by one of her former students, Carmen Eckhoff, who gave evidence for the opposite side in the case in week three. That's when she was forced to admit a part of the handcuffs used on Joanne Lees was contaminated in her lab. In Darwin, Amber Muir, Ten News. The Nationals claim they've saved Christmas Day as a public holiday under the Federal Government's new industrial reforms. As the laws go through the Senate, Labor and the unions claim workers will still be worse off. to put Labor's case against the new industrial laws. About 30% of your pay comes from penalties.

Well, the intention of Howard is that goes, that goes. Having persuaded the Government to accept his amendments on public holidays and unfair dismissal, Queensland Nationals senator Barnaby Joyce is claiming hero status. ..protecting the iconic public holidays. The National Party has saved Christmas. I think Barnaby's the Australian Christmas turkey. He seems to think that he has saved Christmas. Saved Christmas? Oh, well, I hope they have saved the turkeys as well. Apart from all the turkey talk, the Government has agreed that employees cannot be sacked for refusing on reasonable grounds to work on Christmas Day or other major holidays. Barnaby Joyce says just wanting to have Christmas lunch with your family

would be reasonable grounds for most workers to refuse to work Christmas Day, but not for essential workers such as intensive care nurses.

Labor unimpressed. No guarantees about how much you'll be paid on Christmas Day and no guarantee that you won't be sacked on Christmas Eve or the day after Boxing Day. With Barnaby's vote in the bag for tomorrow's vote, the IR debate is all over bar the shouting. I thought you were a country boy who liked a bit of rough and tumble but you're clearly a wimp! The Government has also agreed to amend the sedition section of the new terror laws.

I am delighted with the outcome on sedition. May I remind you that the argument about sedition was an argument about freedom of speech. Attorney-General Ruddock has had a determination to get sedition into these laws no matter what. He's succeeded. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. Medical history in France where a surgeon has carried out a partial face transplant on a woman disfigured after being savaged by dogs. The 38-year-old's nose, mouth and chin were removed and replaced with tissue from a donor. Veins and arteries were reconnected to supply blood. The injuries had left the unidentified woman unable to speak or eat properly. The same surgon made history two years ago when he performed the first successful forearm transplant at the same hospital.

A wild ride for two window cleaners when high winds ripped their scaffolding loose. They were cleaning a high-rise building when a sudden wind gust tore their platform away. Time and again it slammed into the building, smashing windows and showering the street below with debris. It came probably close to 20-30 feet off the building before it actually smacked into one of the panes, and those guys were just hanging on for dear life. It was amazing. Emergency workers finally stabilised their wild ride and winched them back to earth, safe but definitely shaken.

Reports that Nicole Kidman is engaged. That's next. Also, a career-first for legendary rocker Jimmy Barnes. And is it really darker and more dramatic? Sydney audiences judge 'Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire'.

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Time for a check of the weather

with Tim Bailey. It's been strange

Weatherall week, it will be worse

today, storms on the way. A

thunderstorm warning in place for

the metropolitan areas of Sydney.

The real concern is on the Central

Coast. The F3 in chaos, estly, size

hail bigger than your fist smashing

car windows up that day. It looks

to be a nasty storm cell, lots of

red and black on the radar. That

means intense rain or large hail.

There's a few storms that have

moved across the Blue Mountains

that have disa paited, Berri on the

South Coast in trouble with a major

storms there. Tweed Heads yesterday

about 89 millimetres in 24 hours.

That was the Tweed's wettest day in

That was the Tweed's wettest day in five months. Looking at New South

Wales for you. Talking top tips

across this great State of ours.

That storm cell around the my ong

Gosford area looking to be in play

Gosford area looking to be in play for the next half an hour or so.

for the next half an hour or so. See you again with an update at

five to six. Today's top stories - final preparations under way in Singapore for the execution of Australian citizen Van Nguyen. He's spent the day saying his final goodbyes, and is expected to meet his executioner for the first time tonight. He'll face the gallows at 9:00am our time. Justice at last for the James Hardie asbestos victims. The company has finally signed an agreement providing massive compensation payouts over the next 40 years. And those beep tags are going off again in the Cross City Tunnel.

Motorists are staying away in droves with traffic today slashed by almost half

compared with the toll-free period. The Nicole Kidman-Keith Urban engagement has been confirmed in the US.

Showbiz institution Entertainment Tonight says it's checked with reliable sources, and can confirm they are definitely engaged. There's been no official word from the stars, but speculation has been rife since Nicole was spotted with a ring on her engagement finger several weeks ago. The Australian share market dropped more than 1% today. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. What was behind the big drop on the market today?

Ron, we can put it down to good

old-fashioned profit taking,

tending to be the reason put

forward when we don't know what's

going on. It's an accurate

explanation. The US, UK, Canada,

our market were down in the order

of 1%. That follows good gains over

the last six weeks or so. One stock

the last six weeks or so. One stock to go against the trend was James

Hardie, rising 6% after

announcing the compensation deal

announcing the compensation deal for asbestos victims. Data showing

businesses may be loosening its

purse strings. Yes, business

investment rising 3%, following an

investment rising 3%, following an 11% rise in the previous three

months. Businesses plan to invest months. Businesses plan to invest over the

months. Businesses plan to invest over the coming 12 months. If they

are loosening their purse strings

that suggests they are hiring more

workers over the next year as well.

Thanks Craig, Craig James at CommSec. The finalists for this year's Golden Guitar Awards are out. Veteran John Williamson has seven nominations including Song, Album and Male Vocalist of the Year. But there's a bit of a rock flavour this year with Paul Kelly boasting seven nods and Jimmy Barnes scoring his first Country Music Award nomination for his duet with Troy Cassar-Daley. Welcome to country music Jimmy. What's it feel like? Who would've thought, aye? I mean, I'm sliding along on his coat-tails. Oh, he's holding his own very well.

Sara Storer was top among the girls with five nominations. The Golden Guitars will be announced in Tamworth on January 28. Harry Potter has flown into Australian cinemas with his fourth instalment 'The Goblet of Fire'. And despite a darker, scarier ride, plenty of young fans were queuing up to be the first to see it.

It's the day thousands of wannabe

wizards across the country have

been waiting for. The surprising

thing, they are not all kids. Just

getting that the whole spirit of the

thing, releasing the inner child.

thing, releasing the inner child. I couldn't wait for it. I've been,

I couldn't wait for it. I've been, you know, interested in the books and the

you know, interested in the books and the movies and stuff. That's

the first task. You are joking.

Members of the more typical Harry

Potter demographic almost besides

themselves. Among the first to get

a dose of Hogwarts 400 special kids

from the Starlight Foundation, not

concerned by the reports that 'The

Gobletf Fire' is darker and

scarier. My dad says it's M. Does

that matter to you are you ground

up enough to deal with that? Yes.

What do you think the film will be

like? Scary. Does that bother you.

The children that see Harry Potter

The children that see Harry Potter are among the astute critics the

are among the astute critics the film can have. They cherish the

character and story, most prepared

character and story, most prepared for scary stuff because they've

read it. We've made a group pact,

read it. We've made a group pact, if there's a scary part we'll

scream loudly, so no-one will be

embarrassed. The verdict: It was

really scare yea. It's really good,

it's scary sometimes. It was OK.

They left a few bits out. Like the

grid itch cup final. They didn't

show much of that. Overall it was


Tim Webster with sport and a bizarre sight in Aussie golf today. Yes, Terry Price is recovering from a broken leg and attempted to play on crutches. He had too. The reason shortly. Plus our cricketers deny they're arrogant. Also Wayne Bennett's dash from the media in Brisbane. And Sydney FC's crash course in Japanese for the World Club Soccer Championship.

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Kangaroos coach Wayne Bennett arrived home from the UK today with questions still being asked about his future. But the coach wasn't keen on hanging around to talk about Australia's 24-0 loss to the Kiwis. If only the Kangaroos had been as elusive. Wayne Bennett giving media the slip upon his return to Brisbane. The embattled coach in no mood to answer questions about his position after Australia's Tri-Nations flop. That job, left to his players. Obviously there's a bit of pressure there and you have to accept the criticism but he's a great coach and he's done so many things in his career. It's a bit harsh to axe him now. Despite the criticism, Bennett likely to stay on as coach. He retains strong support among ARL directors. The lack of stand-out replacements also weighing in his favour. Players also under fire for their performance but rejecting it's time for new blood. If you're asking me if we want to stand aside for someone to take our spot, the answer's no.

While the Kangaroos fended off the critics, it was backslaps all around across the Tasman.

New Zealanders turning out to welcome home their heroes who aren't finished with celebrations. We'll probably have a few more drinks over the next few weeks just to get together again. But talk the Kiwis are about to dominate international rugby league shot down by their beaten opponents. I think the next game's going to be a totally different story. Meanwhile, former Melbourne Storm forward Ben Roarty

has settled out of court in a dispute with one-time team-mate Danny Williams. Roarty requiring plastic surgery after a clash between the pair on a team holiday. The payout worth almost $30,000. Adam Hawse, Ten News. The Aussie cricketers have brushed off New Zealand claims they're arrogant for leaving Glenn McGrath out of the Chappell-Hadlee Trophy series. The one-day contest starts this weekend. If Mark Richardson's jibe about arrogance

was meant to unsettle the Australians, it hasn't worked. Andrew Symonds defending the decision to leave Glenn McGrath at home. Glenn's just having a spell. Richo's entitled to his opinion, but Glenn's just having a rest. Symonds desperate to impress in the 3-match one-day series. A good performance could help him retain his Test spot ahead of Michael Clarke for this month's series against South Africa.

While Australia beat the Kiwis 5-0 and 2-0 in the one-day and Test series earlier this year, they expect a New Zealand resurgence. They always lift when they play us, so I'd say it will be fairly helter-skelter for these three games. There's plenty on it when we come across here and take you blokes on. Symonds says he and his team-mates intend to capitalise on the small Eden Park ground on Saturday. It's a footy ground, isn't it? So you can mis-hit sixes and top edges seem to fly over the fence as well, so if the pitch is good, we should see some big scores here. The return of Chris Cairns a boost for the Kiwis. Even though he's only been playing club cricket, he's ready for the Australians. Physiologically, it's a step up, and physically. But I think, mentally, this is the thing that I can call on as the experience side of what I have but there will still be a few butterflies. Trent Higgs, Ten News. Pro golfer Terry Price has been forced to play on crutches at the Australian PGA Championships to ensure he qualifies for the Order of Merit. Price who broke his leg three months ago carrying in the washing needs to play a minimum number of events to be officially in the field for next year's rich Johnnie Walker Classic. But he was forced to withdraw after a few holes not because of the leg. That was fine, he developed blisters on his hands from the crutches.

Later, the entire day was abandoned when heavy rains and thunderstorms set in. Only 11 players completed the round. Manchester United has stood as one to farewell George Best in an emotional ceremony at his old ground. The club great died last Friday. Callum Best joined his father's former team-mates on the pitch with the Manchester and West Brom sides while Sir Bobby Charlton provided the eulogy. Indeed, all the Manchester fans around the world I would just like to say on their behalf a big thank you to George Best, and just to say, you'll never be forgotten here. Fittingly, Best debuted against West Brom in 1963

and the Red Devils didn't let him down this time, winning 3-1. A-League soccer side Sydney FC are out to avoid a culture shock ahead of this month's World Club Championship in Japan. They enrolled for a day at Sydney's Japanese school. Back to school and hitting the books, Sydney FC learning the lingo for their upcoming trip to Japan,

but revision will be needed... ..for Japanese born Kazuyoshi Miura today was a chance to show his team-mates his culture, and a chance for them to see just how the Japanese

will receive Kazuyoshi and the team when touching down for the World Cup challenge in about a week's time. He's like a rock star, isn't he? You can see all the people here turning up today for him, so, you know, we are happy to have him in our team, and obviously it's a good double as well, which is important to us as well. The Sydney striker is recorded as Japan's greatest-ever footballer. He's pretty much as big as it gets for those who've come and seen him here today,

and while the 38-year-old's English may be a little scratchy, he says he's honoured to be playing for Sydney in Japan later this month. Do you always walk around town with a security guard? No. Alone.

Sydney FC's final match before flying out is against Melbourne Victory at Aussie Stadium this Saturday. Rob Canning, Ten News. Swans Premiership winning skipper Barry Hall has emerged as the clear favourite to be given the captaincy of Sydney full-time in 2006. The premiers hit the golf course today. But the coach triggered talk of his captain for next year. Paul Roos is set to recommend Big Barry to the Swans Board as the stand alone leader for their title defence. Look, ultimately I'd like to do it probably before Christmas, so we've got a board meeting on the 15th, which I'll probably take my thoughts to the board then. No news on who cleaned up on the greens at Riverside Oaks Golf Course. The world's best stair runner has added another trophy to his cabinet, this time on the Gold Coast. An elite field took on the challenge of scaling the 77 floors of Q1, the world's tallest residential building. The 1,821 stairs taking their toll on the field.

But Paul Crake did it easily. The 5-time winner of the Empire State Building run taking just 7 minutes and 42 seconds. It's not as big as Taipei, what I did last week, but that's the tallest building in the world, and I think that probably was good preparation for today.

Most competitors decided to take the lift back down. Later on Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey we play a round of golf with the Swans and chat to Barry Hall. A stormy night ahead - Tim Bailey with the weather next.

Ever wished your bike could travel faster? Well now it can on an Action bus. When getting on remove all loose items on your bike, squeeze the handle to lower the rack, and load the bike with the front wheel towards the spring loaded bar. Then secure by raising the bar over the front tyre. When getting off tell the driver you'll be removing your bike, fold up the rack and wave the driver when clear. Now that's a head start. Take it easy, take action, take your bike and ride.

Time for all the weather details,

we had reports earlier of bad

hailstones up the top of the F3 and

several storms around. You have

more news, what's happening. They

have dissipated. That is the good

news, they have blown out to sea on

the north coast, the Central Coast.

Very, very good news. They were

intense around 1 hour ago. The

other good news is it's the

International Day of People and

Disability on Saturday, are we

going to have fun with that. My

word we are. As you can see here,

they are having a huge night at the

Opera House, tomorrow night a dance

party. It is called Club Wild and

party. It is called Club Wild and it's going to go a bit like - two, three, it's going to go a bit like - two,

it's going to go a bit like - two, three, four. DROUMS Some 300 people

have bought tickets to the Opera

have bought tickets to the Opera House. It will be an amazing

distance party. That is Narbi from

New Guinea. There's no truth that

he's wearing Ron Wilson's pyjamas.

We have tickets left Saturday night.

Friday night sold out: don't

daibilityy, and that is ability.

Well done, Marky. Big round of

applause for the drummers. A big

round of applause for the fact they

won't play again on this broadcast.

So, you can buy tickets to the

dance party Saturday night. Friday

night is sold out. Saturday night

you can get them, at the Sydney

Opera House, it looks like that

down at Circular Quay. The box

office, buy them there, celebrate

the day of people with disability.

Also, it's Christmas time. The big

fat fellow in the red suit is about

to come down the chimney and bring

me a new surfboard. I want to see

that, I haven't got a chimney. We

are chasing Christmas lights. If

are chasing Christmas lights. If you have them at your place, or a

suburb ush that's sparkling,

backyard that is gorgeous, front

window that is fantastic. Let us

window that is fantastic. Let us know. We'll send a crew out we'll

pet them on the weather each and

every night leading up to 24

December, the night before

Christmas. Looking at the weather

and into your backyard: Christmas. Looking at the weather and into your backyard: Gosford

pleased to be rid of serious thunderstorms.

North-easter at the Opera House,

25km/h. Sea temperature is 20

degrees. I spoke to a local

flathead in the lake at Narrabeen.

It's beautiful. Cloud building into

It's beautiful. Cloud building into severe thunderstorms over easter

New South Wales and Queensland, a moist unstable atmosphere. The

weather map, I would never leave

home without one of these, a low

pressure trough spreading storms

across the states, severe storms.

The business for the brolly,

predicted precipitation, drips and

drops across rooftops. Saturday a

drops across rooftops. Saturday a trough in the east drops across rooftops. Saturday a trough in the east triggering

showers and storms across

Queensland and the north-east of

New South Wales. For this afternoon they've dissipated the

thunderstorms they'll be on the

doorstep again tomorrow afternoon

with a repeat of today's

performance. Let's go interstate for you:

late thunder in Sydney.

Thunderstorms right across the

border of New South Wales. Boom, crash, opera, unsettled conditions.

You know I told you the drums were

finished, I was lying to you. Give

it to us again International Day of

People with Disability celebrating

at the Opera House Friday and Saturday night. The emergency back-up wedding dress made for Princess Diana will be put up for auction next week. The ivory silk dress was made at the request of the Princess of Wales just in case there was a mishap with her original. It's been packed away in a cupboard at Madame Tussaud's waxworks

since the Royal wedding in 1981. It's expected to fetch more than $100,000 when it goes under the hammer next Wednesday.

I bet you had a back-up wedding

dress recently when you were married. Indeed. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Charmaine Dragun will have the late news at 11:20. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.