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(generated from captions) decent people feel guilty Tonight, the rules that make from sitting next to children. as the airlines ban men discrimination against men. It's clearly It has even got to the point where some fathers are wary

to their own children in public. about showing affection That story shortly. had a drug habit, Also, this Neighbours' actor was often late, hung over and moody.

being unfairly sacked from the show? So how did he win $200,000 for going to be surprised by the fact A lot of people in the community are that Shane won this case. Plus, women's health. except themselves Too busy looking after everyone, and it's killing them. vote on the best and the worst songs. And Australian musicians with the music-makers. See if you agree But first tonight, all men are potential predators the new airline policy that presumes to sit next to children on a plane. and can't be trusted The airlines will argue

and damned if they don't, they are damned if they do who believe but there are a lot of men

that the new policy goes too far

are being made to feel guilty. and that decent men at this controversial issue. Rodney Lohse takes a look This is it. I'm a man with a small child - I walk into an airport, as a paedophile. I'm immediately under suspicion

That's the insinuation, anyway, by Qantas and Air New Zealand thanks to a new policy unaccompanied child next to men. that they won't seat

Come on, mate. I think it's just going too far.

Overreaction. for 10 years It's been an overreaction can't look sideways at a child. such now teachers to a ridiculous extreme. It's taking logic It's saying all men are paedophiles, as paedophiles. they're classing them all where this is going to stop. You do have to wonder First, parents were told of their children in public places they could no longer take pictures like swimming pools and the beach. WOMAN: It's not fair, of the population for a small percentage that they have in them growing up. for every parent to forego pleasures playing with their own children Grandfathers were made to feel like dirty old men. where you're going to be furtive, It's going to get to the stage feel like a paedophile, about taking a camera. where you're going to feel guilty Now Qantas and Air New Zealand to another level, have taken the fear of men

that accompanied children, admitting they have a policy so, children travelling alone,

on their planes can't sit next to a male for safety reasons. to be honest. I think it's quite ridiculous, If Qantas or Air New Zealand in society were to single out any other group for a policy like this, I think there would be outrage. is a men's support worker Greg Andresen isn't even based on evidence. and says the airlines' policy For starters,

is minuscule. the frequency of such abuse What's more, most abuse of children or, at least, someone they now. is at the hands of a relative So, Qantas may be better served from their parents separating children about child safety. if they are serious aren't safe with women either. Using statistics, children child sexual abusers is a female. Up to one in four Greg says many men have concerns as untrustworthy already they are seen in men taking on roles and it has lead to a drop as teachers and carers. this is a bad message to be sending. He says to speak on camera, says Meanwhile, Qantas, who didn't wish parents' concerns. its policy reflects in the south of the United States It takes me back to last century

responded to customers, saying where the public bus companies sitting next to us on the bus." "Well, we'd rather not have blacks "Well, we'd rather not have blacks

does have its supporters. But this policy went to Perth. My daughter last year they did move her. And, yeah, they did the same thing - I felt very safe in that situation. I suppose it is a good policy. I think it's fine policy. to be honest with you. I'm quite supportive of it, preventative measures. It's just taking So what do you think of that - from sitting next to children? new airline rules preventing men

on our web site You can let us know your thoughts or you can give us a call. Now, to the Neighbours star and his career left in tatters whose name has been muddied show's producers over his sacking. after a very public battle with the won his unfair dismissal case today Shane Connor won his unfair dismissal case today

despite the allegations when he was high on drugs that he turned up for filming and was often late and moody. So how did he win? Jackie Quist explains. A lot of people in the community the fact that Shane won this case. are going to be surprised by In fact, many would be astonished former Neighbours star Shane Connor that self-confessed drug user and

by the Supreme Court today was awarded around $200,000 for wrongful dismissal. lawyer Danny Connor, says But Shane's older brother, it's a well-deserved victory. and very, very relieved. He was very, very happy leading up to this moment. It's been a long 2.5 years should be there for one another # # Neighbours, Ah, Woody. A word? NEIGHBOURS CLIP: For four years, builder and family man Joe Scully, Shane Connor played the role of and for two of those years, to amphetamines Shane battled an addiction some fellow cast members, which, according to and difficult to work with. made him erratic, rude with his on-screen wife There was constant tension on Neighbours. and they weren't a neighbourly lot that we had a brother who died - It's no secret hand up for the help that Shane did. who died because he couldn't put his affected Shane, And that affected the family deeply, and I think it's fair to say a recreational use that what may have been

trying to deal with the grief. developed partly in a way of him Then Shane came clean. He beat his addiction, saw a counsellor and in the five months leading up to his departure, was drug-free. cast and crew over just two days, But after more conflict with cast and crew over just two days,

Shane was sacked. He sued Grundy Television and won. The Supreme Court said - A court has actually suggested in the decision that there was an animous towards Shane, there was a pre-existing agenda brought to it by people who had the power to make the decisions to sack him or to get rid of him, and they used the flimsiest of excuses to do that. Grundy Television wouldn't comment on the outcome, but in a statement said, So do you think there will be a public perception that, "Hey! You can go to work off your face, "be sacked and get $200,000?" I don't think so. See, the issue of this case was that Shane wasn't sacked for that. That was dealt with when he put his hand up and sought the help that was always there for him. It meant that he was able to... ..take control of his life. It was very important. So this was not about the money. Now to a story we have been following for quite some time about the building and development of a mega mansion that has sparked a furious neighbourhood row. Here is a quick reminder. It's a monstrosity, yes. It's a absolute disgrace, I agree. It could be Queensland's biggest home

and it's costing its American owner $20 million plus. So did you get any opportunity to object to this development? Nothing whatsoever. It was not even advertised. So a group of four angry residents has taken the extraordinary step of pooling their limited resources to create a $60,000 fighting fund to take the millionaire owner to court. They want the gigantic home declared illegal and the construction work to stop so that demolition can begin. Thanks to impending court action, those residents have succeeded in halting construction, even though the mansion is almost complete. But that also means, according to the developer, that about 20 workers have been left out of work, just before Christmas. We'll let you know what happens with that. The so-called level playing field when it comes to trade

is anything but level. Just ask our farmers, or take a look at the unbelievable images we're about to show you. In theory, free trade sounds ideal, but in practice, our farmers simply can't compete with the cheap overseas labour. And as Graeme Butler reports, that could well mean the end of Aussie made. To see it dumped in the pit here, it's just heart-breaking. Chuck it on the bloody ground. 12 months work there just gone down the drain here, to the tip. This defies belief - our fruit dumped. Pears, oranges -

tonnes and tonnes, acre after acre, as far as the eye can see. When there's an abundance of fruit produced in our State and we have to dump it, I think something needs to be done. It really needs to be looked at. Cousins John and Joe Licciardello are Donnybrook growers. Usually, their fruit which doesn't make the grade for shops is sent for juicing - about 25% of their harvest. Not anymore. It's still being crushed, but not by a juicer. Not only that you're not getting that, but it's costing you to go and dispose this fruit on the dump. You've got to pay dump fees and cartage fees to go and throw it away. It is estimated each grower is losing around $40,000 a year dumping the fruit. So Angelo, what's wrong with these pears that we've got to dump them? Graeme, with these pears, there's really not much wrong with them.

There's only a few marks on them. They're still good quality, they're still edible. If you'd like to sink your teeth into one of them you'll find that they are still crisp. They're actually delicious. They're sweet, they're nice. Angelo Logiudice is head of the Apple and Pear Association. He says what we are seeing is the result of cheap imported produce. We feel it's shameful. You know, we really need to process this product and put it on the shop shelves for consumers. Why isn't that happening? Well, at this point, the imported juice is coming in at very low prices and the processors can't compete. We, as growers, are willing to give it to Harvey Fresh for nothing. But even at no cost Harvey Fresh, the State's major juicer, simply can't afford to turn the pears into juice cheaper than it can buy it from China. It's as simple as that.

Not only is the grower suffering, but the consumer is suffering - they don't know what they're drinking. Some of the fruit destined for the dump is donated to charities, but according to growers that's where the giving has to stop. These are South Australian oranges, These are South Australian oranges, millions and millions of them.

It's bringing growers to tears. I don't know. (cries) The oranges are being dumped for the same reason as the pears but it's Brazil, not China, taking over this market. We've seen the fruit dumped in the paddocks. It cannot be cheaper than that. I've got my pack-outs back from my packer and the value of my juice is zero. So how is this allowed to happen? at work - the downside. This is Australia's free trade at work - the downside. The upside is the economic windfall spurred on by our resources boom and WA industries doing a roaring trade with countries like China. We're a great beneficiary of the trade we have with all countries in the world, and at the moment particularly with China. We have a trade balance, a net surplus in our trade to China of over $4 billion a year. John Langoulant from the WA Chamber of Commerce and Industry says it's not good news for these growers, but this is the reality of trade and Australia is the big winner. It's allowing people to improve their white goods - for instance, their washing machines, their manufactured goods - so we're a beneficiary of that. We have a situation, though, in our agriculture sector in the production of our fruit where, at the moment, we've got an over-production in the context of a cheaper product coming in from China. But growers say when juice can be imported at 30% less than it cost to producing locally,

it means there's a grossly unfair playing field, especially with wages.

I think they'll have a good look at what they're buying, hopefully, from the supermarket and hopefully buy local-grown goods. And while many Australians enjoy the fruits of our economic trade boom, growers say they're the people the boom forgot. But in the end, it's really up to consumers. Consumers are king at the end of the day, everywhere they are and that's one of the great benefits of open markets and competition because the consumer will call it. So do you think the government should step in and prevent cheap overseas imports from taking over? You can let us know what you think on our web site. If anyone should know a good song from a bad one, you'd hope it would be Australia's musicians. Tonight they reveal the songs they believe are the best and worst of all time. Here's Rohan Wenn. Well, everyone has their own individual tastes and people just like to talk about music as well as listen to it, I suppose.

It is not uncommon to come across music surveys

that ask fans what they believe are the best and worst songs of all time. But what do actual musicians think? 95% of our readers are musicians of varying standards. Which is why Greg Phillips from Australian Musician magazine has conducted the magazine's annual reader survey again, although, this time it is a survey with a difference. This year we asked a little bit more quirkier questions and got some great answers. Straight up, it's a win for the Aussies, with the best album of all time going to ACDC, for If You Want Blood, which was recorded before original lead singer Bon Scott died. It's great to see, because it's the Bon Scott-version of ACDC, which means people have got good memories on Bon. And it's just a testament to what a great rock star Bon Scott was. Next up was one for the adults, and the readers chose Marvin Gaye's Sexual Healing. Interestingly, Gaye first heard the term "sexual healing" while talking to a newspaper journo. So he went away and wrote a song and gave the journalist no credit at all. But sadly, there was no love lost between Marvin and his father. In a very unloving gesture, Marvin's father actually shot him dead in 1984. So he needed more than sexual healing at that point, he needed a medic. I think so! Marvin Gaye narrowly beat that other lord of the ladies, Barry White. Not a sexy man in real life, but that voice - put that in the body of a Robbie Williams, I suppose, and you're there. The muso's choice for best driving song was an obscure number called Radar Love

by an even more obscure band called Gold Earring. The fact that it's a Dutch band as Australia's favourite driving song, I don't know how that works in but it's stood the test of time. The next category was the best drinking song, ever. And the winner? Cold Chisel's Khe Sanh.

That was Cold Chisel's first-ever single in '78 and basically was about That was Cold Chisel's first-ever single in '78 and basically was about the reaction of the Vietnam vets coming back to Australia and the poor way they were treated. Ironically, Jimmy Barnes recently got out of rehab after a battle with the bottle, so I guess the song works,

even if it is hard to sing if you've had a few. Everybody gets the lyrics wrong. It is "the last plane out of Sydney",

not "the last train". That's the best stuff. But what about the worst stuff? Well, sadly, there was an awful lot of fairly shocking music to go trawl through. In fact, we probably really shouldn't call it music, especially considering that the worst song wasn't really even a song, it was a ring tone.

You have to ask yourself - why? Why would somebody create such a horrible song? But, I mean, the answer is obviously because it sells. Back to the good stuff. Now the best song to be buried according to the magazines' readers was Led Zeppelin's Stairway to Heaven. Yeah, we'll it's a little bit obvious, isn't it? Stairway to Heaven - one of the greatest rock songs of all time. It's a long song, so I suppose... You can get the coffin out... You can get the coffin out and have a good send-off. Best acoustic song went to legendary guitarist Eric Clapton,

who turned this rock-and-roll hit... ..into this acoustic worldwide No.1.

Layla, originally off the Derek and the Dominos album, was one of the greatest rock love songs of all time. Slow that down with just an acoustic guitar and it's still a love song and it's still a love song and a beautiful melody. The final category was the biggest poser in rock. And no surprises here - the Rolling Stone's maxi-lipped Mick Jagger took out the top spot. Mick created the mould for the poser. But snapping at Mick's heels in that category was that other Brit export, super-showman Robbie Williams. Certainly, he's learned how to be a poser. He's got all the moves, he's got the attitude. More than anything, he's a bit of a lad and he takes it for all he can.

Greg says next year there will be another survey and no doubt there'll be more debate about what makes the grade in the world of music. Not everyone's going to agree. Some will, some won't. As long as they're talking about music and thinking about music,

that's a great thing. A full list of those best and worst songs can be found in Australian Musician Magazine or you can go to our web site. Coming up, what makes women sick? How they are too busy looking after everyone, except themselves. Kqds handyman kit - $29.95. Decorative teardrop lights - $29.95.

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that women are ignoring. In fact, often they are so busy looking after everyone else they forget to look after themselves and it is costing lives. Women are remarkably very good at looking after their health, but they tend to be better in the older age group than in, say, the women in their 20s. Life, it seems, only becomes more hectic for so many women. We know only too well that each day can become a monumental juggling act with precious little time left over.

Still, it appears most women are aware of the risks of breast cancer and keep that aspect of their health in check. But there are other equally ominous conditions that can be overlooked. ADVERTISEMENT: It affects our families, our friends, our loved ones.

It's heart disease. (heart beats) We deal with everybody else first and we put ourselves last and, unfortunately, we need to put ourselves first, because a lot of people do depend on us. Trish Langridge is a busy mother of one, an active non-smoker with normal cholesterol and blood pressure, but at age 46, but at age 46, during a game of netball, Trish had a heart attack. It's a feeling of disbelief, and I didn't actually believe, or it didn't sink in, until I was lying in intensive care and I had tubes all over me. We're all scared to get cancer, rather than scared to get heart disease, but, unfortunately, more women will die from heart disease and if women do have a heart attack,

Dr Liz Farrell is the director of the Jean Hailes Foundation, an organisation specialising in women's health. I think that women see cardiovascular disease as something that won't happen to them, whereas we know that 50% of women, unfortunately,

will die from heart disease. The problem is many women believe it won't happen to them and become health conscious and become health conscious after the damage is done. I have had to re-educate myself in that I need to make time for myself

and I need to make time to listen to my body. It's very important that I have to make sure that my cholesterol is at an appropriate level. I've got to be careful with my weight and make sure I'm not putting on any pounds or kilos. Ros McInnes is a single mother of five daughters. She works full time and when it comes to health, she believes in prevention she believes in prevention rather than cure. Ros watches her diet carefully

and has overall health checks every six months. I do. I'm very conscious of the fact that I have to be around for the girls, to be fit and able to run them around to all their activities. Certainly, high-profile women like Delta Goodrem, Kylie Minogue, Belinda Emmett and Olivia Newton-John have reminded us that we are all vulnerable, no matter what our age. Still, even knowing the risks, 23-year-old Alicia Jaso refuses to see a doctor. My Mum was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and unfortunately passed away. And I'm terrified of going to the doctor and finding out that I might have breast cancer.

Don't be scared. We're not awful people. Of you are able to diagnosis the disease and problems

in the early phase, then it may be curative.

Dr Farrell advises women in their 20s And also, that their mental health -

their psychological health is important. We must remember that depression is greatest in the 20s. The same regular checks apply to women in their 30s

and Dr Farrell reminds this group to be fertility conscious.

We have to remember that the body, the reproductive part of the body, starts to age. And the ability to get pregnant will reduce as times go by. As for women aged 40 and over - The beginning of the aging process, in a true starts, starts

and we then become more conscious of the aging process and our health and women tend to become more conscious of having regular health checks, having their Pap smears, having mammograms, having their cholesterol checked, their sugar checked because we know that diabetes is increasing in our communities with increasing obesity. There's no excuse. I mean, everyone should take the time. I sort of thought heart attack's an old person's disease. You need to get your head around the fact that it can happen to anyone. Yep, it certainly can. Now, coming up - the single dad who went back to school to help his kids pass.

Now to one of the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night when we will meet a 56-year-old single father

who was so desperate to see his kids finish school that he went to class with them.

I'm going on to do my HSC now,

which is, you know, a buzz for me,

but to have my boys come along the

same time, the three of us graduate

now and in two years time again,

I'm looking forward to all of it. That's among the stories I'll have for you tomorrow night. So until then, I hope you have a great evening.

Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -