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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. digging deep for Lauren's family Tonight - comes off life support. as the bashed teen couldn't find - The suburb emergency services hampers a '000' response. outrage as an old map as the tunnel free ride ends. And the Roads Minister's wrong turn Good evening. Also tonight - for New Year's Eve. what Sydney has in store And hallowed turf - of Australian sporting history. preserving a piece some good news at last But first this evening - Lauren Huxley, for the family of 18-year-old and left for dead at her Sydney home. who was doused with petrol and has opened her eyes. Lauren is off life support launched a huge effort Union groups today for her struggling family. to raise money this morning - A union rally of a different kind on the agenda, no industrial relations issues of an 18-year-old girl. just the welfare doused in petrol and left for dead Lauren Huxley was bashed, bound, inside her Northmead home. as a carpenter since Her father hasn't been able to work so the CFMEU has started fundraising. because it's been burnt We've got no house extremely difficult. and it's just been shortly after stepping off a bus, She was set upon and head injuries. suffering serious burns Now Lauren's fighting back - and has briefly opened her eyes. she's off life support she rolled over and reached out Last night, there, and that was enough for her. We were happy for that. It was good, it was good. squeeze my hand and stuff like that She can hold my hand, every day and every night. so she knows we're there by her side It's three weeks to the day barely alive inside the family home, since Lauren Huxley was found hunting her attacker and the large team of detectives from the public. are still desperate for any help

is improving Although their star witness she's yet to regain consciousness she'll be able to remember. and no-one knows just how much the main priority is her recovery. But for Lauren's family

and how she's progressed To where she is now

She's definitely a fighter. is amazing, what she's done. by calling 02 9749 0400. Donations can be made Dan Nolan, Ten News. emergency services can't find. It's the suburb The State Government admitting is putting lives at risk, out-of-date mapping hampered. with at least one '000' response Its housing estate slogan reads central to everything." "Park Central - ambulance and fire services. Everything except police, to a 000 call on Monday night A police car and ambulance responding couldn't find the suburb, in Balboa Street. let alone this house

The police did not turn up somewhat later. and the ambulance arrived 2.5 hours later. The problem is on any street directory. Park Central can't be found Lives, ,indeed could be lost. This is a grave concern. on the estate's new residents. It's a point not lost and if I needed an ambulance, I've only just given birth last week

to the hospital. I wouldn't have gotten in mapping the Landcom development There have been delays on to emergency services. and passing the data still shows empty paddocks. The online UBD map getting map information, The time lag in regard to need to be in real time. information upgraded onto systems the latest out just this week, This year's directories, list the area as Campbelltown.

aren't the only ones The emergency services who can't find this place. Months after moving in for their papers to be delivered. residents are still waiting Park Central, doesn't exist. It's as though the housing estate, a little bit difficult, Ordering takeaways seems to be and things like that. getting home deliveries into the bungle There's a police inquiry a working party while the Government forms information on a weekly basis. to look at ways of updating One option being considered -

for all emergency vehicles. GPS navigators Shaun Fewings, Ten News. has made it clear The Singaporean Prime Minister trafficker Van Nguyen will go ahead. that the execution of Australian drug condemned man's lawyers are begging And with time running out, the to be allowed physical contact. for Van's mother their visits to Changi Prison As family and friends continue to farewell Van Nguyen,

has arrived, one of his Australian lawyers to allow his mother angry over Singapore's refusal to give him one last hug. I'd be very angry

don't permit that. if the Singapore authorities it's bad enough what's happening It's just inhumane to do it - without having physical contact but for our client to be executed is just beyond belief, frankly. with his mother and brother other Australian lawyer The 25-year-old's to say his goodbyes. is also heading to Singapore that has become a beautiful life I will feel that a life and wrongly snuffed out. will be unnecessarily over the execution, Australia remains divided was reportedly considering a ban although one union on Singapore Airlines. Singapore refuses to back away on drug trafficking. from its hardline stance some level of support in Australia, It's a position that has defending the country's right renegade politician Wilson Tuckey to determine its own laws. that a debate goes on I just find it amazing been resolved in Singapore. on an issue that's clearly want Van Nguyen charged in Australia The Greens in the Senate and then extradited back home. with conspiracy to import heroin, from a variety of sources We've got legal advice saying this is possible that the Government should pursue. and it's something the plan is not legally viable. The Government says now appears almost inevitable. Friday's execution Ten News. In Singapore, Allan Raskall,

ends tonight. The free run on the Cross City Tunnel The Government is calling on the operators to cut the toll charges, to avoid a major downturn in traffic using the road. Sydneysiders have a love-hate relationship with the Cross City Tunnel. They love it when it's free, hate it when it's not. 55,000 cars a day have been taking advantage of the toll-free period, a figure that's likely to drop by more than half tomorrow. I've been trying to avoid it. I won't pay for it when it makes it so difficult to get from the lower North Shore to Surry Hills. It's an absolute nightmare now. The Roads Minister says the tunnel operators should cut the toll. But anyway, he won't have to pay it. I live in the Western Suburbs, so these issues don't affect me. Even when free, tunnel usage falls way short of forecasts. But still motorists trying to use its exit ramps, particularly to join the Eastern Distributor southbound, often sit in this. Minister Tripodi clearly isn't up to dealing with the mess he and his government has created. The Greens are calling on motorists to boycott the tunnel from tomorrow - even though the Kings Cross Tunnel and William Street are now down to just two lanes - one an all day transit lane. But it doesn't end there, with a number of changes to city streets from today, including Bathurst Street,

part of which will now be open to two-way traffic.

We expect there to be a different range of choices made by motorists. We will be watching very closely when these range of choices are made to see where the difficult places will be. But if you believe that means the RTA will be undoing surface street changes - think again - they're locked in and here to stay. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. Sydney is going to have wait a little longer for the traditional New Year's Eve midnight fireworks this year. The main sky show will start 10 seconds later, so we all have a chance to wish each other a happy New Year.

On New Year's Eve it's the heart of the Harbour that comes to life. And this year the heart will be the central theme for celebrations. It's supposed to symbolise the coming together of family and friends and could also provide a financial bonanza for charity Oxfam. We'll be asking Sydney to celebrate Australia.

As we've seen in the past with

tsunamis and boifrs, Australians

give generously and we do open our hearts. Organisers are promising this year's bridge effect won't be another disco disappointment. Not one but three giant hearts will be the centre piece of the spectacular fireworks display which is a closely guarded secret. I think what we're trying to achieve is bring the theatre on the harbour, so to speak. The big bang will be delayed by 10 seconds -

giving spectators the chance to wish each other a happy New Year before the show begins.

This year there's the added element

of surprise in the lead up to

midnight. We've been promised something spectacular will happen

on the hour every hour starts at

1:00 Chen the Fort denson will

commence the countdown. We'll have sky writing, paraglyding, a lot of surprises. Happy New Year! Ebbeny Faranda, Ten News. Tim Webster - and a famous piece of turf on the move today? Yes, the Socceroos' win over Uruguay has already gone down in history as one of our greatest sporting moments. Now that moment will be preserved forever. COMMENTATOR: Here's Aloisi for a place in the World Cup. He's scored, yeah! It only happened 14 days ago but John Aloisi's penalty kick is now firmly entrenched in our sporting folklore. So to commemorate the occasion

Socceroo great John Watkiss repeated Aloisi's effort, beating former team-mate Jim Fraser in goal before removing the hallowed piece of turf, Watkiss fondly remembering the magic moment two weeks ago. But I think I probably could have chased Aloisi and Mark Schwarzer and probably even caught them. The historic piece of turf will be treated and encased in glass to be preserved as a precious sporting artefact and later auctioned off to charity where it is expected to reach a handsome price, even for Sydney real estate. I'd like to think that $100,000 in the situation would be about the right price. Removing a piece of hallowed ground like this

is not without precedent. Two years ago a patch of turf sacred to English rugby was removed from the other end of Telstra Stadium. The spot Johnny Wilkinson kicked the drop goal to win the 2003 World Cup final against the Wallabies. For the man who took today's ceremonial penalty it's an indication of just how far the game has come since he played in Australia's first ever World Cup qualifier in 1965 against North Korea. With this magnificent, fantastic result, this is going to ensure the future of football in this country. Neil Cordy, Ten News.

And a little later could it be a revolving door back into the Aussie cricket team for Michael Clarke? Plus the world's oldest rugby player, The drug causing an explosion in violence in Sydney's emergency rooms, that's next. Also tonight -

The judge's explanation for awarding $200,000 to a sacked 'Neighbours' actor. And Aunty Jack is back - the classic TV commercial these guys wrote before they were famous.

Next time you create a little K-time, try new Tropical flavour, with crunchy flakes and grains and the tropical tastes of mango, passionfruit and pineapple. And they're 97% fat free! Make it your time. New K-time Tropical flavour bar. Tragedy has struck a family who recently moved to the bush to escape the Sydney rat race. A blast ripped through caravans they were living in on a property near Orange overnight, killing a 5-year-old boy, and seriously injuring his 13-year-old sister. The victims' parents and three other children suffered minor injuries. The family moved to the area after the 42-year-old father underwent heart surgery. A sacked former 'Neighbours' star says he's vindicated by a $200,000 dollar payout. A judge finding there was no reason for the show's producers to evict Shane Connor from Ramsay Street. For millions around the world it's a suburban paradise, but for actor Shane Connor it turned into a nightmare on Ramsay Street, one which finally ended today. The hardest thing I've ever done - by far. Mr Connor spent four years on 'Neighbours'

as larrikin builder Joe Scully. In September 2003 fired him the soapie's makers, Grundys, escort him from the set. and had security guards five months after The actor's sacking came a 2-year-long amphetamine problem - he'd admitted to having and conquered it. as some sort of saint. He did not come to this court

Mr Connor was erratic, Grundys claimed aggressive and missed work, did not deserve to be sacked. but a judge found the actor plus interest. Mr Connor awarded a $196,000 damages, back together, I wanted to get my life and that was the main drive for me. Mr Connor's sensational civil trial to court. saw bodyguards accompany witnesses was common amongst the cast One actor claimed drug use of 'Neighbours', Mr Connor and his on-screen wife and there was the revelation in real life. shared a tense dislike of each other In a statement Grundys says with the judge's decision it disagrees and is considering an appeal. Mr Connor says and reputation in Australia Grundys destroyed his career for no reason. further legal action He's now considering over the damage inflicted. where you get a second chance, Australia is a country

that second chance, you know? so hopefully I'll get Christopher Still, Ten News. and unborn IVF twins A doctor whose wife died in a Canberra hospital at an inquest into the deaths. has begun giving evidence 49-year-old radiologist Nancy Aun John James Hospital in July 2002 died at Canberra's on the floor in a pool of blood. after she was found lying by caesarean section but died. Her babies were delivered anaesthetist Dr Colin Gillmore, Her husband, will prevent similar tragedies. hopes the inquest

any other family I would like to attempt to spare the pain, devastation and tragedy from going through the heartache,

mum-to-be of losing a very cherished

and precious child or children. and a very, very special and resting at the hospital Dr Aun was 34 weeks pregnant when she died. A warning tonight - is set to soar over summer. the use of so-called party drugs moves It comes as the State Government cope with violence from users. to help hospital emergency rooms Doctors warn so-called party drugs will leave an unprecedented number of partygoers in hospital this Christmas. And as use of drugs such as ice soars, drug users are becoming more violent, likely to spark more brawls

and presenting as dangerous patients in emergency rooms. The stimulant drugs are excitatory, there's a lot more agro out there - there's a lot more threat of interpersonal violence. The staff and concerned, other patients are concerned. Half a million Australians tried amphetamines this year, prompting the Health Minister to launch a plan to better train hospital staff. One of the major aims of this plan is to change the thinking that a drug user is simply treated and released from hospital. Instead doctors or appropriate health professionals will provide counselling, hoping to educate users of the dangers. And the users don't fit the stereotype. In some instances, very well educated

and also have access to a fair bit of money. These posters and coasters aimed at preventing drug use at university have been branded a joke by those they're meant to help. This one the photo looks like it's from a 1940s movie. Coasters on a bar table - it's all too late. cheap for the Government to run Those types of campaigns, they're so but they really don't get the message through. Jacinta Hocking, Ten News.

Time for a check of the weather. We

were three below across Sydney

today but we weren't quite as

magical as the place I'm in at the

moment. Welcome to Santa's Kingdom,

ladies and gentlemen, at the

ladies and gentlemen, at the entertainment quarter are the old

Fot studios. It's just a brilliant

spot to get the Chrisy spirit. Over

here, Frosty the Snowman, he can't

talk but makes more sense than a

certain newsreader that I work with

and have done for around about 15

years. What about that rain fall

across Sydney last night, 46mm top

score at tur mura. Down to 31mm at

Homebush. As I said, three below

today at 23 degrees and another

weird day tomorrow, 27 to 31

degrees. Sticky, blue sky, a shower

and maybe a late thunderstorm. I've

just spotted someone that needs to

stay hello. Hello, young man, how

are you? Hello, Santa, I'm very,

very well. But have you been a good

boy? Being honest with you, no, not

really. Never mind, there's time

before Christmas. I'll be checking.

There's a fellow called Ron Wilson,

he can't come down here and that's

lucky for you because if he sat on

your knee you'd have problems, but

your knee you'd have problems, but he wants another cardigan, it will

give him a collection of 50, can we

do it? 50 you say? We'll make it to

50. We'll make it to 50. Thank you,

50. We'll make it to 50. Thank you, Santa. We normally do sky watch, we

didn't have time because who is

more important at this time of year

than this fella and we'll see you

again in around about ten. Next - how a boyfriend's kiss led to a teenage girl's tragic death And the amazing golden oldie, still playing rugby after 70 years. Our water situation has taken a positive turn. But conserving water is still a priority. Stage 1 water conservation measures are in place. How would the measures work for you if applied permanently? To have your say, call ACTEW or visit the website. One puff... Seven puffs... 39... Introducing new Glade On & On, an automatic air freshener you can actually see working. Always working to keep your home smelling fresh, new Glade On & On. and watch live mobile TV. Catch all the action with live cricket, and 150 free texts to anyone on any network with every recharge. Get the LG U8180 for just $199 GIRL: Summer music festivals should be tackled head-on. BOY: Heels, handbags and inhibitions

should be left at the gate. The days should be hot. The bands should be hotter. (Shouts) Your ears should ring! Your shoes should ming. And there, beside the overpriced merchandise, you should find the one that you want

dripping in condensation. You should listen to the voice in your head that says... "A big first sip is a good idea." Because your tastebuds should go off. And your brain should freeze to remind you this is summer... BOTH: As it should be. Our water situation has taken a positive turn. But conserving water is still a priority. Stage 1 water conservation measures are in place. How would the measures work for you if applied permanently? To have your say, call ACTEW or visit the website.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check ton the traffic . Vic,

over the last few weeks while

everyone's been having a go of the

cross city tunnel, we've had

terrible congestion but that free

ride finishes tonight. It does. It

will be interesting to see how the

traffic copes tomorrow morning and

into tomorrow day but we've seen

the delays we're going to show you

now, every afternoon for the toll

free period. This is traffic getting

out of the Do main tunnel and the

ride takes about an hour for

motorists to try to andis Tate the

Do main, tunnel into the eftern

distribute as a merge. If everybody

keeps using it we will keep

seeing. That we'll be watching

with interest tomorrow. Thank, Vic. The controversial industrial relations legislation looks certain to pass, with Nationals Senator Barnaby Joyce giving his guarded support.

Senator Joyce was wavering, but has now given his endorsement

after the Howard Government agreed to some of his demands. Workers will now not be sacked if they refuse to work iconic public holidays like Christmas day. The Queensland maverick says

those criticising his support should remember he's only one vote. People are always unhappy with the person who's achieving something but they want them to achieve everything. There are 39 senators who vote for this. The amendments are likely to pass through a joint Party room meeting tonight. It's been revealed the Tax Office put a legal hold on $250 million worth of an Adelaide businessman's company assets, six months after he was appointed to the Reserve Bank board. Treasurer Peter Costello under fire again today for giving him the job. Prominent Adelaide manufacturer Robert Gerard was appointed to the bank board in March 2003 despite an ongoing dispute with the tax office involving his company's alleged tax havens in the Caribbean. Now Labor claims the tax office was forced to seek a legal hold on up to $250 million of Mr Gerard's assets, six months after he joined the Reserve Bank Board.

Isn't it a fact Mr Gerard should never have been appointed because of this tax scandal?

At the time of his appointment Mr Gerard produced a letter from the Tax Commissioner saying his personal tax affairs were clean. The reason why the Tax Commissioner wrote a letter saying he had no disputes is that he had no disputes with Mr Gerard. Labor says Mr Gerard's business, rather than personal tax affairs, should have ruled him out of the job. Isn't the Treasurer inventing spurious distinctions in full cover up mode to try to escape responsibility for having made this grossly inappropriate appointment of a Liberal Party mate? MR SPEAKER: No. Mr Gerard insists he did nothing wrong even though he had to pay the tax office a multimillion-dollar settlement. And despite the political pressure, the Government seems determined to stand by their man. Mr Howard brushing off the attack. I am not privy to the individual affairs of a taxpayer. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. A barrage of accusations has failed to rattle accused killer Bradley Murdoch in the outback murder trial in Darwin. He was challenged, and repeatedly denied, that he murdered Peter Falconio and buried his undiscovered body in the desert. When Bradley Murdoch's father and closest friends saw this security camera vision they thought it was him. Murdoch simply dismissed the speculation, saying they were wrong, the only sign of irritation emerging when prosecutors grilled him about exactly where he was the night Peter Falconio was killed.

Murdoch says he was completing a drug-run but in no particular hurry. In fact he was just plodding along.

When the Crown pointed out he was near Barrow Creek within an hour of the time Joanne Lees was attacked he just shrugged his shoulders. Lees sat in the court with her hands clenched as Murdoch admitted that he changed the look of his vehicle to avoid detection by authorities, but he says this was because of his drug business, not because he was a killer on the run.

For the first time in the case each person entering the court to watch Murdoch was first scanned by a metal detector, the extra show of caution brought on by speculation Murdoch would yet show his aggressive side - but that's yet to happen. Murdoch's girlfriend smiled as she left the court, pleased with his performance. Are you happy so far, Jan, how it's going? I'm very happy. Murdoch finished his evidence, denying every accusation put to him, but couldn't explain why his DNA was found on crucial exhibits. In Darwin, Amber Muir, Ten News. A shocking taped confession from an al-Qa'ida operative A 15-year-old Canadian girl has died in a tragic peanut allergy accident. Christina Desforges died in a Quebec hospital four days after collapsing with an allergic reaction. She and two friends were watching videos at the weekend when she fell ill soon after kissing her boyfriend who'd eaten a peanut butter sandwich. One friend says none of them knew of her allergy and thought she was having an asthma attack. By the time Christina reached hospital, the reaction was so severe, doctors couldn't save her. The astonishing price paid for a piece of Australian history, that's next. Also, the $25 million mansion a coastal community wants demolished. And Aunty Jack is back - the classic TV commerical these guys wrote before they were famous. at the lowest prices every day. Stanley 20-piece screwdriver set - just $29.98. Chrome 4-shelf unit - only $99. Arlec ceiling fan - just $38. Cyclone pruner - only $12.95. Scotts Osmocote potting mix - just $5.98. MAN: Hello, George. Hello, Patrick. You said we could come around and use your broadband. Oh! That was quick. (Plays bagpipes loudly) We're definitely getting broadband at home. Now you can afford broadband in your own home. For eligible customers. For details, call: (Plays Big Pond theme on bagpipes)

Time for a check of the weather and

we haven't had quite the white

stuff that's falling that's there

where w you now but it's been very

wintry. Hasn't it been an ordinary

week and I have to put my hand up

and take full responsibility. 23

degrees today, that was three below

average. Tomorrow though, at least

the temperature climbs, we'll be 27

to 31 degrees. Lit be sticky, a

little bit of blue and grey, a

shower and a late thunderstorm.

Doing it live from Santa's Kingdom

Doing it live from Santa's Kingdom with a bit of a message for

everyone at home which goes...

(All) Merry Christmas, everybody.

If you've got a chance, get down

here to Santa's Kingdom, it's a

beauty. We're going to show you

lots of other thing, all Christmasy, later in the bulletin.

At 5:55 a bit of a slay challenge

between a polar bear and a small chimpanzee-like weatherman. Top stories this newshour - The traditional New Year's Eve midnight fireworks will start 10 seconds later in Sydney this time, so we all have a chance to wish each other well. The central theme for celebrations - the heart. A review of '000' call procedures, after a response was hampered when emergency services couldn't find a Sydney suburb.

The State Government admits out-of-date mapping is putting lives at risk. And union groups have launched a huge effort to raise money for bashing victim Lauren Huxley's family. The helping hand comes as the 18-year0old, doused with petrol and left for dead at her Sydney home, comes off life support. Construction of one of Queensland's most expensive houses has neighbours furious. They say the Sunshine Coast mansion is a major eyesore, and should be knocked down. Ron Miller wasn't staying around to talk. The American computer multimillionaire roaring out of the driveway of his $25 million Sunshine Coast dream home. It's a house four of his neighbours have taken legal action to prevent being finished. They say the sheer size of the property has made this once scenic location a visual eye-sore. You ask yourself, "What is it good for?" Maximum impact for maximum profit? Neighbours say construction has been a nightmare. That drilling caused us a lot of grief. Drilling, jack hammering, blasting which went on for over two months. 700 cubic metres of rock have been removed to create a bomb shelter. The house will also have seven huge bedrooms, a basketball court and staff quarters.

Residents are spending $60,000 of their own money fighting this massive construction. Their real issue isn't with the owner or the builder,

it's with the local council. But council says the house falls within guidelines and there was nothing it could do to stop it being built. Council had no hand in the decision

so I can't actually see the... ..although I can sympathise very readily. The court action has put up to 200 angry tradesmen out of work. You talk to the old arseholes across the road that have put all these people out of work. The Planning and Environment Court is yet to hear the case. Jamie Rule, Ten News. It's hoped an historic water bag will stay in Australia after a mystery buyer paid more than a $250,000 for it. The bag once belonged to explorer Robert O'Hara Burke, used in his fatal expedition with William Wills through the centre of Australia. It was expected to fetch $60,000 to $80,000. At $190,000... It eventually went for $286,000.

It's speculated the winning bid came from the Museum of Australia in Canberra, and it will end up on public view.

The Australian share market just dipped into the red today. Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities. what do the latest retails figures hold?

Retail sales made a comeback in

October rising a little bit higher

than expected but with petrol

than expected but with petrol prices falling it's no wonder that

shoppers are back out in force. In

fact we're dining out more,

spending more in cafes and rest

rans. Overall retail sales gue by

0.5% which meant Australians spent

$17 billion in October. We've also

got some other important firs out,

residential construction? Overall

construction remains quite strong

with a new record set for the

September quarter but there is

driven by engineering work and not

residential construction. In fact

residential construction fell by

2.5% on a year ago. With the

housing market quite soft, it's no

wonder we're not spending money on

building new houses and units. Thanks, Julia Lee at CommSec. She's an Australian television icon who hasn't been seen on screen for more than 30 years. Now Aunty Jack is back

and she stills wants to rip your bloody arms off. However you look at it, 'Aunty Jack' was breakthrough television. Rack off, fairy. And no wonder - as well as onscreen creative forces Grahame Bond and Rory O'Donoghue, behind the scenes were old uni mates Geoffrey Atherdon,

who'd go on to write 'Mother and Son' and acclaimed director Peter Weir.

They got 1,000 complaints on the

first night and he went "Joy." And

I went "What, there were 1,000

people who hate us.". "No, if 1,000

people who hate us.". "No, if 1,000 people who ring up and say they

hate the hoe then there are 00s of

thousands who like it.". That was 1971 -

now they're putting the band back together for a national tour in March. And she's out on DVD.

Sing sick you may laugh # Say we pong

# But to mi me it's Wollongong. # Even Kev Kavanagh coming out of the butcher's fridge to get some air. I

used to think my boss was straight

but I went out the back of the shop

one day and caught him smoking a ham. Before the ABC gave the show the green light, Grahame and Rory wrote jingles to make ends meet - one for nappies proved quite popular.

Kimby, Kimby, Kimby.

But once they hit the small screen, there was no stopping them.

(Sings) # Farewell Aunty Jack

# We know you'll be back. # They even had a number one song that stayed in the charts for 18 weeks, despite getting little radio airplay because it contained the word 'bloody'.

(Sings) # Because if you don't I'll

come around to your house and I'll

rip your bloody arms off. Angela Bishop, Ten News.

Tim Webster's back with sport and she's back! Yes, Jelena Dokic will play in Australia again. Ahead - those who want her back and Kangaroos in support of Wayne Bennett. Also the factors that could see Michael Clarke making a quick return to the Test Team. And the world's oldest rugby player won't stop playing. You'll be surprised by his age. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting says NSW batsman Michael Clarke is already back in Test calculations

following his stunning double century against Queensland. Ponting says it will come down to Andrew Symonds or Clarke for the first Test against South Africa in just over two weeks time. Michael Clarke's demotion could prove as quick as his wit. Hope I'm going the right way, guys. He was yesterday, unbeaten on 201 against Queensland. According to captain Ricky Ponting the revolving door could well continue with Clarke in the frame to play South Africa in 16 days time. Whether we go in with just the four bowlers and six specialist batsmen or if we stick with the all-rounder and cover bases that way. That will be probably the main selection issue. Clarke today flew out for New Zealand with the rest of the one-day side for a 3-match series beginning at Eden Park in four days time. The 24-year-old wasn't allowed to talk to the media today,

but Ponting says more runs in the one-day arena can only make the blonde bomber even more attractive to selectors. He's just gotta make sure he prepares well and doesn't, once again, try and force things too much. The timing of this one-day series is being questioned with South Africa settling in Perth on Friday and getting used to the WACA wicket with a 4-day match against Western Australia. It's not ideal, I guess, as far as our preparations go for a Test series or a Test match in Perth. We've got to go to New Zealand and play on wickets and a format of cricket that is going to be substantially different than what we're going to be faced with a couple of days after we arrive back. Rob Canning, Ten News. The fight to save the Rabbitohs heats up tonight. Businessman Peter Holmes a Court is addressing the board of Souths Leagues Club on his latest proposal with Russell Crowe. Adam Hawse joins us from Redfern, and this is a very significant night for the Bunnies?

Most certainly, Tim. This is

probably the last throw of the dice

for Peter Holmes a Court and his

$10 million plan to restructure

Souths. The key players arrived

here a short time ago including

George Piggins. No sign though of

Russell Crowe. Their main

stumbling block is their failure to

back Piggins to bring them back to

red fern oval. Being involved in

red fern Oval, I can't see where he

would change his position at this

stage. We'd like him to but he's

given his support to Colover. I

don't get into fights about red

fern ovam. Try to help the football

club and this building which has

been here for the purpose of

creating profits to go to rug knrk

league, that has not been able to

put any money into the rabbit os

for 10 years. Is the bid by former

tennis star John Alexander still

being weighed up? Yes, he'll table

his final proposal erpblr early

next week. In a shock twist,

Alexander offered to join forces

with Crowe and Holmes a Court. I

understand they're proposing

office space for some part of the

billing. They may look at what

we're interested in and see if we

can't all live happily together and

see if we can make the club thrive.

see if we can make the club thrive. Rabbit os have fined two players

for unrulely behaviour last week. Thanks, Adam. Australian rugby league team players have started arriving home

vowing to make up for the loss in the Tri-Nation's Final to New Zealand.

And they are supporting Wayne Bennett, under fire as the first coach to lose an end of season series in nearly three decades. But the players are disappointed with their own performances. One of the worst moments for us as players and to get beaten over there and lose the trophy, it's just pretty disappointing. The Kangaroos' first chance to atone for the defeat will be the annual Anzac Test against the Kiwis. Tennis officials are welcoming former ace Jelena Dokic back down under this weekend. Almost five years after the teen and her domineering father abandoned Australia she's returning alone to rebuild her career. Australian Open boss Paul McNamee has finally received the phone call he'd been waiting years to take. One-time prodigy Jelena Dokic on the other end of the line, keen to return to Australia nearly five years after joining father Damir in turning their backs on their adopted homeland, accusing Open officials of rigging the 2001 draw against her. A young girl who's now become an adult making her own decisions, and giving her a fair go - I think that's what Australia is all about. Now 22, Jelena has reportedly severed all ties with her controversial father. We all understand Jelena was a victim. Her father chose to leave Australia and she is choosing to come back. Since representing Serbia-Montenegro, Dokic's world ranking climbed as high as number 4 in the world before sinking to its current low of 349. Her singles record for 2005 stands at 12 wins and 11 losses, but those in the know believe she can still rebuild her career. One of her great talents is her fight and her determination. I'm sure she'll do very, very well and make it back into the top 10.

Although raised in Sydney, Dokic will base herself in Melbourne ending her Melbourne Park exile next Wednesday, competing against 15 other hopefuls for an Australian Open wild-card. Dokic has retained her Australian passport but won't be eligible to represent Australia at Fed Cup level until 2008 after playing for Serbia-Montenegro last year. Cameron Baud, Ten News. Australian NBA rookie Andrew Bogut lived up to his hype today - he carried the Milwaukee Bucks to a thrilling overtime win over Dallas. The night after his 21st birthday,

Bogut was the hero of his team's 2-point win,

with a career high, 19 points and 14 rebounds. He set up the 113-111 win, when he put away two shots from the foul line late in overtime, then blocked a potential game tying shot on the buzzer. The win improves the Bucks' record. They've now won 7 and lost 6. A member of an amateur rugby team in Japan has been recognised as the world's oldest player. For all but 3 of the last 70 years, Sadayoshi Morita has been out on the paddock. Now approaching his 91st year, Morita still trains three times a week. He says the secret to his long career is keeping fit, eating a lot, and walking every day to keep his muscles toned up. Sadayoshi plans to stick to rugby until he's 95, when he reckons his legs won't carry him as quickly. Then he'll turn to his second love - golf. That's it for now. More in 'Sports Tonight' after the Late News.

Time for a check of the traffic and

Vic, some problems over lain cove

in North Ryde. Yeah, the traffic

trying to get-to-towards West

pimible tonight delayed after a

breakdown. It's for lane cove rode

towards the M2, it's taking an

extra 25 minutes into the North shore. When will the rain go away? Tim Bailey will tell us after the break. And your new Australian Idol's first video.

One puff... Seven puffs... 39...

Introducing new Glade On & On, an automatic air freshener you can actually see working. Always working to keep your home smelling fresh, new Glade On & On.

This program is captioned live. A

big question as we go to the

weather tonight - what's full of

cheek and half the size of a Ben

going? Yes, you guessed it, Tim

Bailey and he's stuffed toofplt

We're going to sort something out

once and for all. This is a

coincidence. The polar bear on my

left weighs the exact amount as you.

So we'll see who's faster down the

sled. On the right, there's no

truth in the rumour that Jessica

Rowe is inside the suit. We're

doing it live from sant,'s king dl.

On your mark, get set, go. Bailey

off in front of Wilson. Jessica

Rowe in the pen gin suit. Jessica

RoRowe. Congratulations, Jess,

beautiful work, enjoy your holidays.

And Ron, you're slow and old but

And Ron, you're slow and old but we've known that for a long time.

we've known that for a long time. Have a look at this. Hello,

everybody, by the way. Hi, Tim.

Thoor everywhere here at the

entertainment quarter. It's called

Santa's King ddom. They're making

some 20 tonne of snow each and

every night. Have a look at the

every night. Have a look at the magic of the place. It snows on and

off here. There's huge Christmas

tree, of course Santa's here, theel

fs are making toys, you can get

your post card to Santa done,

interactive stuff. It really does

make you feel like Christmas. Hello,

everybody. Dear oh dear. It's just

a math magic spot. You know , what

a math magic spot. You know , what it's only a little bit warmer than

the weather out there even though

the snow is falling inside. 21

degrees was the most Sydney could

do today, three below. We don't

mind that sort of thing if we get

mind that sort of thing if we get some rain and boy did we. This

little fella is pretty keen to get

on TV. Look at this. Did we ever,

we got around 46mm up at Turramurra

and 31mm at Homebush and around

about 20 in Sydney. Tomorrow

another weird day, 27 to 31.

Temperatures at least get back to

normal, a bit hot and sweetie but

shower, blue sky and a late

thunderstorm very much on the radar.

Make sure you pay Santa's kingdom a

visit. You know who's down here,

all the kids from Burnside are down

here. They're a brilliant mob who

are looking after disadvantaged

kids. Now families who do it tough

do it even tougher at Christmas

time. The number - there should be

a number on your screen now. If you

can donate a Christmas hamper we'll

love you, won't we? So we're going

love you, won't we? So we're going to do our best and get as many

hampers in as we possibly can. The

weather forecast beaten by Jessica

Rowe in a penguin suit, does it get

any lower for Bailey.

The satellite, cloud is forming

across the Northern Territory NSW

and Queensland in an unstoppable

atmosphere. Tomorrow, a cold front

and trough will spread rain and

storms across SA reaching western

NSW. Scattered after showers an

storms in eastern stkwails NSW and

Queensland. By Friday a cold front

will spread widespread rain and

storms across Victoria, Tasmania

storms across Victoria, Tasmania and southern NSW. Ace sant ark's

Kingdom, it's a magical spot.

You've got to bring the kids down

and even the old kids, lit feel

like Christmas the minute you're in here.

The one thing about working with a

polar bear, he makes more sense

than Ronny Wilson, see you again tomorrow night. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Deborah Knight. We'll leave you with the first look at Australian Idol winner Kate DeAraugo's debut video. Goodnight.

(Sings) # Maybe at last

# Love will come back

# And take me deep into its arms

# Maybe the heart that comes apart

# Finally mends

# Finally mends # Maybe tonight I'll finally fall in love again. #