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night. That's WIN News this Tuesday website at Checks the headlines on our News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night

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to a media crush. Michelle Leslie returns home visits him on death row. The family of Van Nguyen broke down in tears over One.Tel. Lachlan Murdoch says James Packer Good evening. There are numerous Australians in foreign prisons because of drugs, living out a nightmare the troubles are over at last. but for one of them on Australian soil today Michelle Leslie stepped back and was reunited with her parents. she could slip in unnoticed, But if she thought she was in for a surprise. Welcome home, Michelle! to the 24-year-old model The greeting brought a smile became lost in the media scrum. but it quickly vanished as she

in Bali She'd experienced similar treatment of bash and barge and the Indonesian security tactics

were adopted by airport police out the front door. as they shunted Leslie she stepped up to the microphone. The media wall finally buckled when There was an expectation

story but there was nothing new. the model would tell some of her going to be brief I'm sorry, I'm just and exhausted. because I'm really tired The events of the last three months

upside down. have just really turned my life to see my family. I'm so happy to be home There were no questions, quizzed about her Muslim faith. her advisor pulling the plug when Thank you, thank you. limousines And as Leslie headed to the of Indonesia that bribes were paid there have been fresh claims out to secure her release. similar reports After earlier denying these are issues her advisors are now saying Leslie tells all. which will be dealt when Michelle

still being negotiated. Just when and how that will happen is appropriate forum She will address it in the if that's paid or unpaid at some point later. those decisions will be made her family, This afternoon Leslie was back with it was said to be a tearful reunion

a pursuing paparazzi. as a hire car battled to shake off

Damien Ryan, National Nine News. of Van Nguyen The mother and twin brother drug trafficker have visited the Australian in a Singapore prison. as he awaits the death penalty And as time runs out, to spare his life. so do options for finding a way with death row inmate Van Nguyen, Emerging from a 1h 10min visit Kim, looked calm and composed twin brother Khoa and his mother, as they stepped into a waiting car. inside Changi Prison before Kim has seen her son he's sat opposite his brother but for Khoa it's the first time since he was arrested in 2002. A pane of glass separated them to prison authorities - but Khoa was obviously grateful of a prison guard and they were gone. a gentle tap on the arm

late last night and said nothing The pair arrived in Singapore the terminal as they were ushered through by Australian consular officials. to your brother when you see him? Khoa, what do you think you'll say K oa, what do you think you'll say

three years ago It was at this very airport that Van Nguyen was caught that Nguyen's life is spared, In the unlikely event has extended the hand of compassion, Victorian Premier Steve Bracks

under a prisoner exchange program. and says he'll agree to a swap One of the few avenues left open was International Court of Justice to take the matter to the that is a waste of time. but the PM says has no jurisdiction. The International Court of Justice says he won't raise the matter Adding insult to injury, Mr Howard at this week's CHOGM meeting in Malta will change its mind. because he doesn't believe Singapore? and it was a very moving experience I met his mother for her. and I felt desperately sorry

And I'm sorry to have to say this - the Government of Singapore I do not believe will change its position. National Nine News. In Singapore, Darren Lunny, has told a Sydney court Businessman Lachlan Murdoch and apologised that James Packer broke down in tears of phone company One.Tel. just days before the collapse the corporate regulator ASIC's case Mr Murdoch was giving evidence in

and finance director. against One.Tel's founder nearly $600 million into One.Tel, Lachlan Murdoch sank the telco collapsed 4.5 years ago. only to lose it all when Today the Supreme Court heard to invest in the company how he was persuaded with James Packer back in 1999, over a private dinner the court was told, but within a year, for One.Tel's dismal share price. Mr Packer was apologising before the company went under, Then in May 2001, just days at Mr Murdoch's home the two had a meeting and said he was sorry. where Mr Packer broke down crying Mr Murdoch was questioned for One.Tel, founder Jodee Rich. by the lawyer Lachlan Murdoch has maintained From the time it folded,

Lachlan Murdoch has maintained From the time it folded, One.Tel's financial position. he was misled about But today he admitted to undertake a due diligence check that not once did he bother of the company's finances. or a formal examination of One.Tel, board meetings was vague, Mr Murdoch conceded his recollection but agreed when asked:

for two days. Mr Murdoch will be in the witness box to take the stand next week. Mr Packer is expected Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. The Prime Minister has conceded his radical changes to workplace laws that public concern about sudden dive in opinion polls. is the reason for the Government's

despite the negative reaction But John Howard says he'll press ahead with the new laws

and he's confident voters will accept them eventually. Kim Beazley was given a hero's welcome at a meeting of the ACTU executive this morning. Labor is surging in the polls, as a result of public unease about the Government's radical industrial relations shake-up, giving at least some credibility to the Opposition Leader's promise. When I am prime minister of this country in two years time, the first act will be to rip these laws up. According to the polls, an election last weekend would have made him prime minister in a landslide. The ACNielsen survey: They've lost touch with what's happening to ordinary Australians.

They've lost touch with what's happening to ordinary Australians. At a news conference in Pakistan, John Howard said concern about the IR changes was obviously the reason for the downturn in the Government's fortunes and he understood why people were worried. But... Once these changes go through, then the experience will fall well short

of the catastrophe being predicted by our opponents. Government members of a senate committee that held rushed hearings last week, today produced this report predictably recommending that the legislation be passed. But even they want more safeguards, including greater protection of four weeks annual leave for workers and assurances that full-time employees will always be paid for a 38-hour week. I am certainly happy to fine-tune. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. During a surprise visit to our SAS forces in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Howard has raised the possibility of sending more Australian troops to the war-torn country. The trip, Mr Howard's first there, was carried out in the utmost secrecy.

Islamabad had a welcome banner ready for Mr Howard, but the Prime Minister had secretly scheduled a side trip ahead of Pakistan - his first visit to neighbouring Afghanistan. He took an Air Force Hercules into the country's dangerous southern region to visit SAS members stationed there. It adds some dimension to one's commitment to be willing to go and see them where they are operating. Risks, too, in the PM's second stop, the capital Kabul.

Mr Howard's convoy of armour-plated vans took him for a palace meeting with President Hamid Karzai. I do want to congratulate you for the leadership you have shown. Australia has been among the strongest supporters

of peace and reconstruction in Afghanistan. Hamid Karzai says his people are deeply grateful for Australia's part in helping his country.

The Howard Government has been considering an increased commitment here, perhaps doubling the current 200 troops to help with rebuilding schools, roads and roads. We in Afghanistan will be very happy and will, ah, welcome them to participate in the reconstruction of Afghanistan. Now in Pakistan for two days, Mr Howard will meet President Musharraf. security The two are likely to discuss sec rity

and further relief for Pakistan's earthquake-devastated region. In Islamabad, Tim Lester, National Nine News. For some time, our ports have been considered vulnerable to terrorists but now the Government will arm 80 customs officers who patrol the ports. They'll each be issued a Glock pistol, capsicum spray and batons and will be trained by Federal Police. The arms that have been issued can only be used in a defensive situation.

Until now, only sea-faring officers have been armed. When it comes to Christmas shopping there's no word that stands out quiet like 'sale'. But a worrying new survey has found in many cases, we're being short-changed because too many retailers are unaware of their obligations to customers. Once, they happened just once every 12 months.

Now, it seems there aerial more sales than there are days in the year. And all too many of them are far from being the real deal. Retailers in NSW don't know their obligations to customers. The Fair Trading Department's Statewide investigation found many stores failing when it came to advertising standards, warranty and refund policies. And some didn't even have enough sales stock on hand.

Some, however, will just use a bait sale to get you into their shop and they're not genuine sales. Exceptions - the major stores -

and this leading retailer says the phonies end up failing.

If you have integrity and you run your business properly and upright trader, and you're an honest then your business grows.

a lot of growth. And this Christmas promises

August, September and October People that have held off in July, ill now let their purse strings go. the hot items this year A shopper survey predicts music players and digital cameras. will be in-car navigators, from that survey - Some intriguing results more than 90% of men, for example, Christmas credit intend to spend almost all their on gifts for their wives anything at all for their husbands. but only 60% of women intend to buy

Interesting, that. Peter Harvey, National Nine News In the news ahead - dangerous political gamble. the Israeli Prime Minister's about contact lenses. And new warnings

Pauline Gillard into the death of 57-year-old who was shot in her Balmain home. on the Attorney-General Her family today calling who knows the killer. to offer immunity to anyone We lost our mum to murder a chance to solve this crime and all we ask is for in his hands. and the attorney has that is expected to deliver The Deputy State Coroner into Mrs Gillard's death tomorrow. an open finding a political 'earthquake', In what has been called

has quit his own party, the Israeli Prime Minister revive the Palestinian peace process. hoping this dramatic tactic can Ariel Sharon says Likud party had become obstacles, hardliners in his right-wing so he's forming a new party ground of moderate Israelis. which aims to win over the middle this week, Parliament is likely to be dissolved with new elections expected in March.

infected with the AIDS virus The number of people of 40,300,000. has risen to a new high conference says A report to a United Nations new infections so far this year, there have been 5 million and parts of Asia the worst affected. with southern Africa, eastern Europe

25 million people AIDS has killed more than in 1981. since it was first identified

without a second thought, Many of us wear contact lenses, about the dangers but now a major new study has warned or buying them on the Internet. of wearing them overnight experience no problems It found that while most people eyesight because of infection. others risk permanent damage to their

eye doctors and optometrists It's the first study involving all

and their patients. in Australia and New Zealand, worldwide There are millions of lens users and effectively using lenses very safely and they are rare, but problems can occur, they can be serious. but when they occur Sydney Eye Hospital alone lens problems a year. treats 600 emergency contact 20% of people lost vision In 80 serious cases to this extent... lost vision to this extent... and 10% of people The main reason was infection, lenses overnight, the highest rates were from wearing not disinfecting lens storage cases or washing hands regularly. And smoking. And a new finding: the Internet Individuals who purchased lenses on of developing infection were three times higher risk

so we'd strongly recommend obtaining contact lenses through a registered eye practitioner. Corner wore contacts for 25 years, complacency caused her recent infection. I was in hospital for two weeks and having drops every half an hour, day and night. Similar cases have resulted in urgent corneal transplants. I think I was very lucky that it was caught early. I went straight to the hospital. The study also found new users of contact lenses were at particular risk of infection, as were travellers.

The most common reason - was insufficient attention to hygiene. For the first time, daily disposable lenses were shown to have the lowest risk of infection. Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News. Tim with sport next and the Wallabies sick of talking about George. Anything can still happen once the tour ends. Also, Michael Clarke begins the road back to the baggy green.

And Grant Hackett's clean sweep at the swimming awards.

If you're like me, Christmas is a fantastic time of year. And then you get the call that the family's coming to your place.

Good thing Coles has everything I want... Got any ice?

..for planning, buying and putting it all together. Jen, Ted, Oscar and, er...Nanna? And that means more time for the special things. Merry Christmas, Lisa. Merry Christmas.

A year after shooting to stardom as the hottest young talent in cricket, Michael Clarke went back to the drawing board today after being sacked from Australia's Test team. The 24-year-old they call 'The Pup' began his first day out of the baggy green, hard at work. Everyone was wondering just how the pin-up boy of Australian cricket

would handle being dumped for the first time and here's the answer.

Michael Clarke back in the nets,

working one-on-one with his personal coach and determined to fight his way back. Of course, I'm disappointed to be dropped from such a great team, but there's a lot of positives. I do have the chance - I do have more time to come back and work as hard as I can at my game. There's also been criticism of Clarke's attitude, with suggestions his rapid rise to stardom may have taken his focus away from cricket. I don't think my life has changed at all over the last 12 months, so I don't think fame had - it certainly hasn't affected my performances.

In Adelaide, Brian Lara is hoping for a change in fortune for a very different reason, after a tour that's so far been dogged by dodgy decisions. Maybe the last opportunity I have to play Test cricket in Australia and I'm going to try my best. And a terrifying moment during the second Test between Pakistan and England... EXPLOSION BOOMS The explosion stunned players and spectators alike, as security rushed onto the field to protect the teams. very nervy. COMMENTATOR: This is very, ve y nervy. Police later discovered a gas cylinder was at fault, minor injuries capping off a dramatic day that included Pakistan's Shahid Afridi being caught scuffing up the wicket.

He was later banned for one Test and two one-dayers, England's Kevin Pietersen far from impressed

as he put his own spin on the situation. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. Those reports that George Gregan is about to retire are continuing to be hosed down. The Wallabies captain is saying little himself, but the coach has made a green-and-gold issue black and white. Now in Wales for the last game of their European Tour, the Wallabies are taking great delight in the speculation on Gregan. Just when his international career will be over is still open for debate, but it clearly won't be in the coming days, as was headlined.

George made it quite clear in a statement yesterday that he's not retiring and therefore we don't feel there's a need to answer any questions on that matter anymore. Jones is still to settle on his starting line-up to tackle the Welsh. They won't be easybeats, but the Wallabies are desperate to finish the tour with as many wins as loses. They're a side that's definitely coming together and, as I said, they've probably targeted this game. And the Kangaroos remain on target for their big challenge in this weekend's Tri-Nations final against New Zealand. Willie Mason struggled with his ankle at training, but played down any problem.

Just gives a bit of a sharp pain every now and then, but usually five minutes after that, I'm sweet. In their two Tri-Nations games so far the score is 1-1, but the Kiwi's say there's no contest for favouritism. If we managed to pull off the biggest upset in the history of rugby league that would be the biggest ever for rugby league in New Zealand. And what a boost for Anthony Minichiello. In the lead-up to the decider, he's been voted the best player in the game. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Injury is keeping Grant Hackett out of next year's Commonwealth Games, but he won't forget the last 12 months in a hurry. It was another great moment for Hackett at last night's Australian Swimming Awards. He's the first person ever collect all three major gongs, including the one he wanted most, the Swimmer of the Year. For me, I guess, being involved in the sport for so many years, this is an extremely difficult award to win. On top of that, there were also two distance awards - another case of Hackett lapping everyone in sight.

On the subject of awards, the

Australian golfing fraternity has

voted Greg Norman the plaish of the

century, outvoting Peter Thompson. After the break - finance, Jaynie with the weather, then Santa's helpers going for gold at Christmas.

In finance, an expensive exercise for the Commonwealth Bank - a survey shows its $1.5 billion transformation program

has failed to improve customer service.

On the markets:

A cloudy night with scattered storms in the west. For now, it's a dry 24 in the city. It's been a muggy day with low cloud building over most areas. Slow moving storms have dumped isolated heavy falls in the west, mainly around Seven Hills and Blacktown,

with up to 3mm in an hour. They died down as they tracked closer to the coastline, where showers are still possible, but those storms will stay further inland. Sydney warmed up to 25 degrees, which is 2 over the average. 29 degrees for Liverpool.

Heavy rain in the north-east. Parkes has seen 16mm - 15mm in 10 minutes. Further south there is a severe thunderstorm advice for the central tablelands and Illawarra district. with large hailstones, flash flooding and heavy rainfall. A southerly change will arrive in the south tonight, heading northwards towards the north coast by late tomorrow. Ahead of that it will be hot and sticky, thanks to northerly winds bringing more rain and storms. Possible showers for Canberra tomorrow.

Fine for Melbourne, Hobart and Adelaide. Hot with a humid change for Perth. The chance of storms for Darwin and Brisbane. Sydney - showers and storms are forecast in the morning as the change moves in just before sunrise, which begins at 5:40am, sunset 7:43pm. Surfers - the swell should rise slightly for the next few days. So cooler daytime temperatures with southerly winds tomorrow and showers and storms will ease up. There might be a light shower on Thursday, but the main rain days should still be Friday and Saturday. Bring it on, Mark. Let's hope it lands over the catchments. Now the first of what's sure to be many Santa stories over the next month.

In Sweden some look-a-likes have been going for gold at the 'Santa Olympics.' There are no shorts or sneakers here, it's freezing, so it's all Santa suits and boots. They've even been getting in shape. Oh, I've been working out, I've lost two stone in weight.

And they've come from every corner of the globe for reindeer races and chimney climbing. And at the end of it all Santa's best helper was from Estonia.

It's really wonderful feeling... really wonderful. Of course the real Father Christmas arrives in just 33 sleeps. That's National Nine News for this Tuesday. A Current Affair is next. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions www.auscap Sup rtext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Hello and welcome to A Current Affair. You usually know when you buy fake brands, but you think you're getting a bargain anyway. Tonight, a reality check. You're not! Also tonight - slashing 30% off your mobile phone bills. Free advice that will save you heaps. Plus genuine discounts on everything from food to real estate.