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(generated from captions) Weather Gospel Choir' lifted the action-packed, 'The Strange with a concert of song and dance, roof of the Hughes Baptist Church, to celebrate its 10th anniversary

choir's peformance proving too The rhythmn of the award-winning hard to resist. That's WIN News this Monday night. at The headlines are on our website

News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night

This program is captioned live. his brother on death row. A twin prepares to farewell

her faith by Muslim leaders. Michelle Leslie accused of faking

from James Hardie. Asbestos victims demand compensation Good evening. pays the price for poor form, Also tonight - Michael Clarke dropped for the third Test. drug trafficker Van Nguyen The family of Australian to Singapore has begun a painful journey next week. wwhere he's due to be executed

are refusing to give up hope, While Van Nguyen's lawyers there's nothing more it can do. the Federal Government claims no-one would wish for. It's the family reunion to farewell him forever, 11 days until they're due Van Nguyen's mother, Kim, help financially by smuggling heroin, and the twin brother he was trying to where he'll end his life. left for the jail for your brother's predicament? REPORTER: Do you feel responsible any questions. We said we wouldn't answer seemingly exhausted, With every avenue of appeal his brother Khoa Nguyen, who hasn't seen to pay for his debts three years ago, since Van tried carrying drugs as his death-row twin. appeared as lost and lonely Mrs Nguyen is a very strong woman by this experience, I think, although, she's being really crushed anxious, as you would imagine. Her other son is very distressed, to say to your son? REPORTER: And what do you want

As a last resort,

the Federal Government Nguyen's legal team has called on International Court of Justice. to take the case to the that the action is viable, If the Government can be persuaded

I think they will take it on. Where there's life there's hope of Justice provides us with hope. an International Court and Alexander Downer are adamant But both John Howard relationship with Singapore they won't jeopardise Australia's over a last-ditch bid for clemency of success. that has little or no chance

to bring a case It'd be almost impossible

Court of Justice to the International Singapore's agreement to do so. because you would have to have public are offended LEX LASRY, QC: If the Australian at the end of a rope, by this young man dying they should make that well-known. Wayne Dyer, National Nine News.

expected to return home tomorrow, Sydney model Michelle Leslie is that her apparent belief in Islam where she'll face accusations

to get a lighter sentence. was merely a ploy have questioned her commitment, Some Muslim leaders could profit from her drug conviction while there is also anger that she by selling her story. of Bali When Michelle Leslie was thrown out she left her Muslim clothing behind.

Wearing a singlet and jeans, religious debate here her dress sense has now stirred up her conversion to Islam a sham. with a key Muslim group labelling

she used Islam as a stunt We now question whether

to get the favourable verdict. Australia's Muslims But the spiritual leader of was far more understanding. he'll welcome Leslie home, Sheik Halhilali says she should re-consider her career but as a fellow Muslim he suggested as a lingerie model.

The fashion industry on the 24-year-old, will also be keeping close tabs her agency 'Chic' has confirmed of interest there have been several expressions celebrated her freedom and while Leslie that magazine isn't interested. thumbing through the pages of 'Vogue' We never had her in 'Vogue' before, to have her in 'Vogue' now and I don't plan

the magazine. but I'm happy she reads is also up for sale, Michelle Leslie's story with an asking price of $100,000, have bother confirmed Channel 9 and Channel 7 they're not willing to pay, continuing while negotiations are said to be with a number of women's magazines. And even if a deal is done, anti-profiting laws Federal prosecutors may use to ensure she never sees a cent.

I don't think Australians believe

the law and then make a profit. that you should be able to break Damien Ryan, National Nine News. issued a statement in Singapore A few minutes ago Michelle Leslie she was a practising Muslim. insisting She said if she had offended anyone, and she apologises. it was unintentional It's now 11 months to compensate its asbestos victims. since James Hardie agreed the company pay up Today, many of them demanded

it will legislate if it has to, and the State Government said to force James Hardie to pay. is now turning to anger. The frustration of asbestos victims a bullet on 'em! Look, I wouldn't waste I said I'd use the butt! a year without a sense of certainty, Furious they've been left almost

Sydney office demanding answers. today they marched on James Hardie's Shame, Hardie, shame! (CROWD CHANTS): Pay up now! through a locked front door After negotiations with security to meet a small delegation... the company reluctantly agreed empty-handed but defiant. ...which returned a short time later are going to go away, If Hardies think the victims well, we're not. to the table yet They just haven't brought one cent for Hardies to cough up! and it's time it has gone on long enough. I can understand their frustration, the company's time is nearly up. The Government now says It's put James Hardie on notice by the end of the week that if a deal isn't struck to meet its compensation payments. it'll legislate to force the company You have to reach an end point to have a conclusion to this. and the victims deserve For its part, towards a deal is being made James Hardie says progress as soon as possible. and it's working to reach agreement But it insists no deadline's been set binding agreement. to sign-off on a final Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. An international expert has told a Sydney counter-terrorism conference

that so-called 'home-grown' suicide bombers will strike on Australian soil.

And the Federal Police Commissioner, Mick Keelty, says Australia's military support of the United States won't necessarily be the reason for such an attack. He once blamed Australia's involvement in Iraq for the heightened threat of terrorism here, but the Federal Police Commissioner now keeps and open mind. Clearly the motivation of terrorists will be different, it doesn't necessarily go back to Iraq at all.

World terrorism expert Dr Rohan Gunaratna has told a Sydney conference an attack by 'home grown" suicide bombers is only a matter of time. You'll face a very significant terrorist threat in Australia on Australian soil. It is impossible to say that we will be prepared. A consultant to NSW health minister on disaster management, Dr Harrison doubts hospitals could cope.

The whole community is aware of how cash-strapped our hospital systems are. Although Dr Harrison maintains there's no way of predicting exactly where a terrorist might attack in the metropolitan area, the premier could only give assurances about the emergency response in the central business district. And he rejected concerns the rescue effort would be hampered

by the city's increasingly heavy traffic.

The preparations, in the event of an attack with the CBD evacuation plan,

should one occur in the CBD, cover those aspects. Adam Walters, National Nine News. It's a job that's already tough enough, but an ambulance officer has found how cruel Sydney's streets can be. Cassie O'Connor lost an important bag,

which was stolen as she tried to save a man's life. Cassie O'Connor has been with the ambulance service for three years

and she thought she'd seen it all, until an emergency call took her to the aid of a man brutally attacked by a gang of knife-wielding thugs in Wooloomooloo late on Friday night. It was only after Cassie and her partner had delivered their dying patient to hospital that she discovered her wallet had been stolen. There's only one way it could have gone. Usually we're pretty careful about locking the ambulance when we're going to the jobs, but because of the nature of the job that someone was so terribly injured we jumped out without locking the doors. I'm so very disappointed. She'd left the wallet containing a small amount of cash

and all her credit and identification cards on the ambulance's dashboard. The ambulance service responds to more than 2,500 calls each day. No trouble for the officers in the overwhelming majority of cases,

but the service worries about the exceptions. It does happen and it really doesn't get much lower than stealing from an ambo in the course of their duty when they're out there caring for a critically ill patient. Late today, the wallet and its contents was found dumped in a laneway in Surry Hills, which is probably just as well for Cassie O'Connor, because insurance won't cover emergency workers for that sort of loss. Peter Harvey, National Nine News.

New medical research shows that Australians are in denial about the epidemic involving diabetes and obesity. It's led to a wave of health complications, but experts say it's not too late to reduce the risks. At least three million Australians have Type-2 diabetes or its early symptoms, but 63% of Australians don't understand it's mostly caused by inactivity, bad diet and being overweight. it's mostly caused by inactivity, bad diet and being overweight. It's particularly alarming because the number of people in Australia with diabetes is doubling every 15 years. The Pfizer health report also revealed a concerning level of denial. About two-thirds of people who are overweight don't recognise their risk of diabetes and, in fact, about a quarter of people who are overweight don't even realise they are overweight.

Diabetes Australia has released this hard-hitting warning that Type-2 diabetes is no fairytale condition. (TELEVISION COMMERCIAL VOICE-OVER): Diabetes can lead to blindness, heart disease and stroke, kidney failure... Last year, 2,600 people had their leg amputated because of diabetes. Of people who have new heart attacks, two out of three of those people will either have diabetes, and they don't know about it, or they have problems with their sugar levels - such as prediabetes. And researchers say the rising prevalence of childhood obesity, with its most feared complication, Type-2 diabetes, now raises the real prospect of heart attack becoming a common condition in young adults. Doctors say, though, it's never too late to avoid serious health consequences. For children, certainly, being active is the number one message. Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News.

In the news ahead - how school students are being denied the pleasure of music. And an embarrassing moment for the most powerful man in the world.

You're facing a massive test of endurance. Duracell Alkaline or Eveready Super Heavy Duty batteries? victims of exhaustion. Up and up he goes. And Duracell Alkaline ends up exactly where he belongs -

on top of the world. A chopper crash in Sydney's south-west two years ago

has prompted a warning overseas. It follows a report from the Transport Safety Bureau,

which investigated the crash at Bringelly in which experienced pilot Fraser Shannon and his teenaged student, Shaun Michael Franks, were killed. It found a blade on their Robertson R-22 chopper had broken off. The crash and two similar incidents overseas, have led to an international directive that all blades on the same model helicopter be replaced. They say that music soothes the soul, but apparently not in our schools where music training is in crisis, according to a major new study. It found that a severe shortage of properly trained teachers and facilities

is denying many children an enriching experience. It may not be the day that music died, but that day may not be far away. We have a crisis in music education in this country. A national review by Murdoch University has found

that too many children are missing out on quality music education because of a serious lack of trained teachers. equipment and facilities. We have a significant number of schools that are not offering any music education at all. The quality of that that is being offered is of a variable quality through to very poor. 76% of respondents said the status of music compared to other subjects was of a poor standard. We've had a long period of indifference and neglect.

The Government has promised more funding and will attempt to change the perception that music is not just an indulgence. But somehow we have to get the message over to those people who see music as a frippery and a diversion, that it's actually a core issue for students. The Government says it's vital that State and Territory ministers cooperate. Clearly the review has identified some areas of concern. We will look at that and respond accordingly. We will look at that and respond accordingly. A national music summit will be held next year to discuss the report's recommendations.

There, a comprehensive response will be developed to rebuild the status of music in Australian schools. Peter Stefanovic, National Nine News. The US military has ordered checks

on reports that terrorist leader Abu Musab al-Zarqawi may have died in a raid on a rebel hide-out in northern Iraq.

Eight insurgents were killed by coalition forces, but several bombs were set off, complicating the identification of their bodies. In Turkey, Kurdish protesters have attacked riot police with rocks and petrol bombs. The demonstration was part of nationwide unrest involving Kurdish residents who claim the military has been executing suspected guerrilla fighters

involved in the struggle for a Kurdish homeland. On a tour of China, a lesson for President Bush - check the doors are unlocked before you try to dash out of a news conference. Cornered, he strangely stood at attention before finding the exit. I was trying to escape - it didn't work. Mr Bush had had enough of questioning when he made his dash, producing a lasting image

of a President stranded briefly in the 'naughty corner'.

It's no secret we need to shield ourselves from the sun. Now there's a sunscreen which offers nearly four times the level of protection currently available. While it's highly recommended by dermatologists, they warn it could give sun-lovers a false sense of security. As Australians prepare themselves for a scorching summer, a new product on the market gives sun-lovers much better protection.

Hamilton's new formula Quadbloc boasts a sun protection factor of 114 after four hours in the water. I think it's right at the top, as far as strength goes. The product is highly recommended by the Australasian College of Dermatologists and Dr Peter Foley says patients more susceptible to skin cancer are being advised to use the sunscreen.

What's particularly attractive about this product is it actually feels quite nice to go onto the skin, so people are prepared to use it. The stronger the better, I'd say. The product's Adelaide-based manufacturer has been pushing for open-limit SPF labelling instead of being restricted to just 30-plus. I think either a lifting of the limits to 50 or 60, or no limit, is probably the way to go. In actual use, people only apply a third or a half of the amount of sunscreen that's used during the standard testing procedure. Dermatologists are more cautious about transparent labelling. They say it could send the wrong message to consumers who want to spend more time in the sun. We still emphasise the need to wear protective clothing, to wear a hat, to not be out at the middle of the day. Gabriella Rossitto, National Nine News.

Tim next with sport and Michael Clarke follows a well-trodden path? Most of the greats have been dropped at some stage, but to get the axe from a winning team would make it tougher. And a dramatic development on the future of coach Michael Hagan.

Cricket first and Michael Clarke's rising star has stalled, the talented young batsman dropped from the Australian team after struggling for runs since the Ashes tour.

Opener Justin Langer is fit and will return for the third Test against the West Indies, who suffered another loss to the Aussies in Hobart this morning, Michael Hussey and Matthew Hayden making short work of the 78 runs needed for victory. On the outer, Michael Clarke padded up, hoping for one last chance, but his recent poor form left selectors with no alternative.

We do think it's the best thing for

him. He's only 24. He has plenty of

years ahead of him. We consider

he's a long-term Test match player

for Australia. In the past year, the player touted as the future of Australian cricket has averaged just 25. But his captain is in no doubt his dismissal won't be the end. If he goes back and has some success at first class level, then it would probably give him a bit more confidence that he probably has at the moment. With Clarke gone, Michael Hussey can continue his Test dream. COMMENTATOR: Good shot! Today named man of the match after wrapping up the Frank Worrell Trophy with the winning runs. That'll do it. Hussey's unbeaten 31 following a first innings century. It is a great feeling and it's something no-one can buy, no-one can take away from you and something you work so hard for. It's one thing to play and get that baggy green cap, but then you also want to succeed as well. Brad Hodge also retained his place in the side, while in Perth, Justin Langer celebrated his 35th birthday - a recall for Friday's Test the perfect present.

I'm that excited about playing

again. I feel really, I don't know,

it's hard to explain. The energy is

up, the adrenaline is up, I can't

wait to get back there. Despite the rumours getting stronger, George Gregan says he's not about to announce his retirement. The long-serving Wallaby captain has denied stories that he'll quit international rugby after this weekend's Test against Wales. The Australians' 7-game losing streak ended against Ireland, but the calls for Gregan's head won't go away. Some big news in rugby league tonight. Michael Hagan, the coach of the Newcastle Knights, is being positioned to take over from Brian Smith at Parramatta in 2007.

National Nine News revealed last week that Smith would not have his deal renewed at the end of next year.

Smith and Hagan share history. The

2001 Grand Final when the Knights

scored an upset victory. Now if

Eels boss Denis Fitzgerald gets his

way, he usually does, Hagan will be the man to

the man to replace Smith. Hagan is

off contract at the end of next

year. Today he denied talks that

started with the Eels and Mike says

he's in the dark. We don't know

what Hagan's thoughts are as far as

his future is concerned we haven't

sat down and talked about it. All

will be revealed. The Knights board heard rumours linking

heard rumours linking Hagan and the heard rumours linking Hagan and the

Eels. Hagan will sit with the club

in the next 48 hours to discuss his

future. Things could hot up after

that. On the Kangaroo tour a Kiwi

training session ran over time.

They ran into their rivals. It's

all smiles now, don't expect a

friendly attitude Sunday morning,

they haven't forgotten the owning

of Tri-Nations. I remember what happened first time

happened first time we played them.

They are definitely here to win, so

are we. Look who's on the training

paddock, the prrges. We know how

hard it has been winning the premiership, and how hard next

season is going to be. Roger Federer's long unbeaten run is finally over, thanks to a great fightback by David Nalbandian in the final of the Masters Cup in Shanghai. Down two sets to love, the Argentinian suddenly found his game, while Federer lost his. After 4.5 hours on court, Nalbandian claimed victory in a final set tie-break. COMMENTATOR: That's good and Nalbandian is the champion! It was Federer's first loss in 35 matches, and Nalbandian's first win ever against the world number one.

It was a great one to win, $1.9

million, a car and a long holiday.

There's hope for us all. After the break - finance and Jaynie with the weather details.

VOICEOVER: The new special edition Holden SSZ Ute, with $6,000 of extras, premium brakes, leather seats and a hard tonneau, it's very hot.

and can't put in?

In finance, chemical and explosives giant Orica

failed to impress with a 3% rise in net profit for the year. Its shares fell 21 cents. And mixed fortunes for Mayne Pharma and Symbion Health, which traded for the first time since Mayne Group's demerger. Now with the weather details, here's Jaynie. Good evening, everyone. A mild 22 in the city, 21 in Penrith. The heavens opened in the city just before midnight,

bringing a total of 7mm. Lighter falls elsewhere and most of it cleared just before heading off to work. A very muggy day, especially in the west, with humidity levels well over 50%. The rest of the night should remain dry with most of the cloud hanging around. It was roughly the same temperature across Sydney. The city was right on average with a top of 23, 16 for Katoomba.

A severe storm warning is in place for the northern parts of NSW tonight

with the chance of large hailstones, heavy rain and damaging winds. Fine for the rest of the State. Tomorrow, warm and moist Ne'erly winds will feed into the trough in the north, helping to spark off more showers and storms over the northern half of the western slopes. Morning fog along the eastern ranges. Canberra, showers developing and an afternoon storm

morning showers in Melbourne, clearing in the afternoon for Hobart fresh southerly winds for Adelaide, hot for Perth, storms for the top end and a fine Tuesday for Brisbane. Sydney, Ne'erly winds are likely to freshen throughout the day. Under 5mms of showers should develop, with storms possible in the west. Early birds will catch the 5:40am sunrise, down at 7:42pm.

First high tide in daylight hours. Another humid night with low cloud. Tomorrow will be very warm with temperatures in the high 20's, cooling down by Wednesday with a few showers and Sou'sou-east winds. A few showers for the next seven days with the bulk of it Friday and Saturday, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Monday. A Current Affair is next. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Hello. Welcome to A Current Affair. She's just remarkable, this lady. Tonight, you'll meet Australia's super-granny, a battler raising her 11 children against all the odds. I made a promise to my dying daughter that I would look after her babies.

Also tonight - you've got your license, but how good are your driving skills? Could you still pass the test?

Plus - to catch a thief - why store owners are hiring shoplifters.