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(generated from captions) Tonight - on drug charges Michelle Leslie guilty but set to walk free within hours. of a couple on Sydney's outskirts. A man arrested over the murders

at his daughter's recovery. Phil Kearns tells of his joy all over again. It's like she was born And how the Socceroos' success "kicking it like Kewell". has Sydney school-kids This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening.

is set to walk from her Bali jail Sydney model Michelle Leslie a three-month sentence - after judges imposed time she has already served. is at the court. Seven News reporter Jessica Adamson Jessica, when can she come home?

to walk from Bali's Kerobokan Jail Ian, the 24-year-old will be able at midnight tonight, local time. But her lawyers say before she leaves the island. it will be a couple of days This was the moment it all sank in her nightmare was over. and Michelle Leslie realised (speaks Indonesian) a living from photo shoots... The 24-year-old model has made YELLING ..but never like this. you're going home soon? REPORTER: Michelle, Going home soon? Yep?

handing down a three-month sentence. The judges convicted her of drug use, her term expires at midnight But with time already served, and she is counting the hours. I'm happy to be going home Good thanks. and clearing my name. and telling everything YELLING she should never have been convicted. Her lawyers maintain version presented by the police The fact is there was a certain to the court supported by the facts and there's another version in due course. that we'll be presenting of cover-ups and corruption Despite allegations they want to tell all back home, selling her story. but her conviction may stop her SIREN WAILS as soon as she is released. She wants a champagne and a swim with friends and loved ones Relax, spend some time

to do with her life and think about what she's going at this point of time. with her Adelaide parents A private reunion Scott Sutton and her Sydney boyfriend is also being planned. especially for her parents. Very emotional, I'm sure, 1,000 rupiah - about 14 cents. The court did issue a fine - and not put it to the account. Yes. I think I'll pay that myself will return to Sydney It is unclear whether Michelle when she is released, before heading home. Ian. or if she will have a short holiday

over the murders of a couple A man has been arrested in their north-west Sydney home. trail for almost two months, Police have been on the suspect's to a house in South Australia. with stolen property leading them Seven weeks ago, by their son David Ian and Anna Hughes were found dead at their South Maroota home. and strangled. The couple had been tied up the man they believe is responsible Now police say they have caught the man they believe is responsible

called Hoyleton. in a South Australian country town from Bligh Park near Windsor. He is a 52-year-old the Adelaide courts This man will face seek his extradition back to Sydney, where New South Wales Police will with both murders. where he will be formally charged Westernway struck this afternoon. Detectives from Strike Force are executing a search warrant At the moment police the man was staying in. in the South Australian premises When their bodies were discovered, anyone would want the couple dead. police were puzzled as to why They have now revealed from the house after the murders. credit cards were missing to his victims, The suspect isn't related but police say he did know them. the tiny Hawkesbury community The murders shocked and shattered the Hughes family. That someone could take away from us lovely and much-loved people two such wonderful, is a complete mystery to us. Police say comfort to the victim's relatives. they hope the arrest will bring some The RSPCA is investigating of animal cruelty. one of Sydney's worst cases found bashed to death The victims were five kittens and thrown into a suburban backyard. when her children told her Julie Sherlock was already upset in their backyard. there was one dead cat So I came out to have a look there was not one, there was five. and when I looked, I found All of them had been tortured. Oh, just stunned, really. of people would torture kittens. I can't understand what sort

to broadcast. The pictures are too sickening pretty much to a pulp. They've been beaten It's certainly, as I said, I've ever seen. some of the worst photographs And Leonie Gorman has seen a lot. The kittens were six weeks old - surrendered to the RSPCA. not unlike these luckier ones where the tortured litter comes from, Investigators don't know into the Sherlocks' backyard. who did it to them and who threw them Unfortunately it's become prevalent. never get used to. It's something that you certainly to defenceless animals How people can do this sort of thing

is beyond comprehension. like this one An aggravated cruelty case a $22,000 fine or two years in jail. currently attracts making that five years. Law-makers are even considering hope judges follow through on it. That pleases the RSPCA, but I just Former Wallaby captain Phil Kearns about the accident has spoken for the first time his 20-month-old daughter. that saw him run over a full recovery. Andie Kearns should make having her born all over again Her father says it is like a parent's worst nightmare, He has been through couldn't contain his relief. but today, Phil Kearns To wake up in the morning and just see a smile on her face and look over is an amazing experience. she was born all over again. It's like It has been almost four weeks accidentally ran over Andie since Kearns she was alright. And I thought initially clipped her and she fell backwards. I thought I must have just She had a few scrapes on her

and she was crying. and I picked her up And as I looked, I noticed her eyes were starting to roll back in her head. His wife, Julie, made a frantic Triple-0 call as Andie lost consciousness.

She... she looked terrible - she looked terrible, and we were thinking, obviously, the worst. Doctors at Sydney Children's Hospital gave Andie paralysing drugs to allow her body to heal. In simple terms, she has a very large blood clot within the liver. We felt, after the first 24 to 48 hours

when she was very, very critical, that once we got through that phase, that we were cautiously optimistic. They, too, are astonished at her recovery.

Yesterday, she was walking around and playing and doing music, so she's a very tough little girl. Andie's prognosis is good. Doctors expect her liver will reconstruct itself

and she will return to a happy, healthy life. And it is certain she will be home for Christmas. She'll be home before the Wallabies are home.

Incredibly lucky. Incredibly lucky. The Australian drug smuggler set to be hanged in Singapore has not yet been told what we already know -

his execution date of 2 December. Van Nguyen's lawyers will deliver the news while his supporters refuse to give up. It began as a campaign of hope for a cause that's now all but lost. It's very difficult, now they've fixed a date. They fixed a date in the most impersonal and awful way. 25-year-old Van Nguyen will be executed at dawn two weeks from today. His mother was notified yesterday in a letter, but she can't read English. Her son's friend, Bronwyn Lew, had to translate. It was very difficult, telling a mother that her son is going to be executed in the coming days.

They knew this day might come, Singaporean authorities offered no compassion, just confronting detail. I think she didn't fully grasp the actual news until she watched the news on TV. The letter's caused a diplomatic rift at the highest level, Prime Minister Howard fuming because he wasn't told. But Singapore's PM Lee Hsien Loong did tell Foreign Minister Alexander Downer, who told no-one. But bruised political egos matter little to Nguyen's supporters, Rally organisers plan to bind the hand prints into books and present them to the Singapore Government, maintaining that so long as there's life, there's still hope.

Friends and family will be allowed to visit Nguyen in Changi prison. All the while hoping for a miracle. 56 Sydney buses have been vandalised in an overnight attack at the Port Botany depot. Guards and surveillance cameras failed to stop the intruders,

raising questions over counter-terrorism security on public transport. Graffiti tags left by a vandals' attack inside the Port Botany bus depot. After scaling perimeter fences, they got by security cameras and a 24-hour patrol and then got to work. The damage is mostly superficial. It's been removed off every bus, but it's more nuisance value than anything else. The fresh paint came off easily, but it has left behind serious questions about security. How could 56 buses be damaged without the vandals ever being spotted? We are working with the police in this investigation got into the depot. about the manner in which the kids got into the depot. There may be lighting at this depot, but with 200 buses parked here overnight, these narrow passageways are left in complete shadow. It is an obvious security challenge. And given recent terrorist targets, a challenge that needs to be solved quickly, say some. The real problem with this attack overnight is to remind yourself that the bombs that went off in London this year Police are reviewing security video. Only last month the Transport Minister had announced a $3 million upgrade of depot protection. A new catchphrase is sweeping through Sydney's schools after the Socceroos' thrilling entry into next year's World Cup. Kids are no longer trying to "bend it like Beckham". Instead, they are on the pitch, "kicking it like Kewell". They're just breaking into their teens and the silver boots are worth around $300. It's the price you pay to make it big. Oh! Oh, nice!

At Westfield Sports High in Western Sydney they know dreams can come true. It's this schoolyard paddock that was once a nursery for Socceroos star Harry Kewell. I want to play in Premier League. These young faces want the same - and more. Oh, everyone wants to be like Harry. He's got that ticker, he's got everything. It's hard to describe. Nikodin Matic is even growing his hair like Harry. Almost there. Almost there, mate. Their coach wants them all to be Socceroos. So when we get chances in the next World Cup, they all go in! They're going to be something exceptional. They're probably the best group as a large group that I've had in 10 years here. That's a massive rap! It is a big rap, because in the time I've been here there's been at least 10 guys get a contract overseas. For all these playground dreams, only the very best will ever get a chance to trial with the Socceroos.

But after Australia's miracle entry into the World Cup these kids believe anything is possible. Anyone in this school could make it. It's all about playing hard and putting in the hours. Ahead in Seven News - a sneak peek at the new Superman movie, made in Sydney. Also, an Australian wrongly deported returns home after a four-year ordeal. And Russell Crowe reveals his plan to rescue the Rabbitohs. Imagine if everything you liked suddenly got even better. EXCITING MUSIC Introducing the new Mazda6. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # Sporty looks, award-winning safety and handling, a new 5-speed Activematic or 6-speed manual. The very new Mazda6. Now twice as good. No, make that three times. SONG: # Zoom, zoom, zoom! # If I had a dollar for every time I said what I really thought... If I had a dollar for every time somebody gave me a bad pick-up line... If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me for a Big Mac... ..I'd use it to help these seriously ill kids and their families. at Ronald McDonald House Charities. So, you come with this meal deal? 'JUST BE HAPPY' TUNE PLAYS TO RELAXING MUSIC CONTENTED HUMMING Until Wednesday at Target, get 25% off manchester. Thieves have smashed a car into a Sydney shopping centre, making off with an automatic teller machine.

The ram-raiders used a four-wheel drive

to break through two steel gates and an aluminium door at the Bass Hill Plaza around 4.00 this morning. They loaded an ATM into a white van and fled. Police want to hear from witnesses. The Australian woman wrongly deported by the Immigration Department has finally returned home after her four-year ordeal. Vivian Solon needs specialist medical care which taxpayers will now have to fund, along with a hefty compensation pay-out. Finally, something to smile about for Vivian Solon, heading home after an Immigration bungle and unimaginable ordeal. The Australian citizen was wrongly deported to the Philippines and spent four years forgotten in a hospice, suffering amnesia and painful injuries. In Sydney today, her lawyers were doing the talking. You can't take away four years of pain, separation from family, inadequate treatment, loneliness. Australia made a big mistake here - a tragic, serious error. The 44-year-old was treated as a foreigner despite her Australian passport after being hit by a car. She has accepted a prime ministerial apology. In the true tradition of heroes Vivian doesn't bear a grudge against anybody. But her compensation payout is expected to be in the millions of dollars. While it is worked out, the government is paying

for her medical treatment, accommodation and transport. To make sure that she's cared for appropriately, that we give her every assistance in looking after her. Lawyers have tried to make contact

with Vivian Solon's two sons left behind. Her amnesia meant she didn't remember them. Compensation talks are expected to be finalised by early next year, but whatever the outcome, it will be a costly lesson for the government and for taxpayers - just costly. The last Australian survivors of the 1 October Bali bombings have arrived home in Newcastle. Penny Anicich and her husband Paul had been recovering in Singapore after they were critically wounded in the blasts. Both are expected to make a complete recovery.

I may have almost lost my life. I'm gonna make the most of what's left of it, and I think positively, yeah. I don't have any anger. Today, the man who made the bombs used in the Bali attacks was buried in Malaysia. Azahari Husin blew himself up last week after a shoot-out with Indonesian police. Producers of the new Australian-made Superman movie have released a sneak peek at the Man of Steel's return to the big screen. FILM CLIP: For this reason above all, their capacity for good, I have sent them you, my only son. DRAMATIC MUSIC The trailer is out,

but the film is still being shot in Sydney, and next week, production moves to Newcastle.

Superman Returns hits our screens next June. Actor Russell Crowe has detailed his plans to buy the South Sydney Rabbitohs. He will team up with wealthy businessman Peter Holmes-a-Court in a $13 million deal in a $13 million deal to transform the struggling club. The Rabbitohs have the proudest history of any Rugby League club, but in recent years it has been the most tumultuous. Souths fans rallied in their thousands to have their club reinstated in the NRL. But while they won in the courtroom, the results haven't been so good on the field. The privatisation bid is being sold

as a way to bring success back to the Bunnies. This is all about all the groups in the South Sydney Football Club family coming together to make the club coming together to make the club a winning club again. What we're focusing on is what we need to do to make us successful because everybody is sick to death of us being a basket case. Under their proposal, Russell Crowe and Peter Holmes-a-Court will buy 75% of the club for $3 million, underwrite $7.5 million of debt, and pay to renovate Redfern Oval and the Leagues club. Souths members will maintain control over the club's name and colours

and, importantly, the side's location. And the new owners would transform the club's spiritual home into a top-class training facility. Souths have also announced a seven-figure, two-year agreement with the wealthy Souths Juniors. The Bunnies say that deal has assured the club's future and rules out any move to the Central Coast. It sits well with those behind plans for privatisation. Without their support in this way, we wouldn't be here. More sport now with Matthew White, and the Aussies are storming ahead in Hobart.

About the only hope the Windies have is the weather,

but the rain wasn't enough to stop a Mike Hussey milestone on day two. Also tonight, can the Wallabies blow away that seven-match losing streak? It rained a bit in Hobart today, but not enough for the West Indies, who need more than a downpour to stop the Australian onslaught in the second Test. The Aussies powered past the Windies' first-innings total on the back of a brilliant opening stand that included Mike Hussey's maiden Test ton. Yesterday it was raining wickets, today it was just raining. The first session turned into an autograph session. Nothing was sacred. It merely delayed the inevitable as the Aussies signed off on the Windies' chances after lunch. COMMENTATOR: It's nicely hit. Hussey was in the zone, his trademark pull-shots on target, nine 4s on the way to his maiden half ton. Another short one, he gets that fine. The visitors weren't the only ones on the ropes - the ground staff trying everything to dry the outfield. It left the ball slippery and soggy. Hayden tried his best to air it. And that's gone all the way. He's strong and powerful. In only their second Test together the pair put on a century stand, the runs coming at more than seven an over. The Windies' total passed with ease. Next on the agenda - Hussey's milestone. Michael Hussey has made his first Test century. He's done it in his second Test match, and, boy, he's very happy about it too. The Ashes form-slump long gone. For the second time in his career

Matt Hayden's posted four consecutive Test centuries. His 24th in Test cricket. That's equal ninth-most for the Australians. The Kangaroos face one of their most important matches in years on Sunday,

knowing Tri-Nations oblivion could be just 80 minutes away. The enormity of the match isn't lost on Great Britain, who will resort to anything to win. Well, definitely. You're going to want to smash the Aussies, aren't you, and it'd be great for once to finally get the one over them than the other way around. The Kangaroos took a step back in time when they toured a football musuem in Huddersfield, regarded as the birthplace of Rugby League.

Jason Ryles will start at prop after Steve Price was axed along with Scott Prince. Penrith's Craig Gower is the new half-back while Trent Waterhouse has won a spot on the bench. I've coached against them enough times to know how lethal they are together. Racing now, and Maxie Presnell's tip for tomorrow is in the Eclipse Stakes at Sandown. Waratahs skipper Chris Whitaker has denied his Wallaby career is over after being dumped from Australia's squad to play Ireland. Matt Henjak takes Whitaker's spot on the bench while props David Fitter and Greg Holmes will make their debuts. Wendell Sailor also returns to the bench. Despite the snub, Whitaker says he will be pushing for selection against Wales in a fortnight. Everyone's been training really hard and putting their hand up to be selected and I'll be no different next week. And the IRB has announced that New Zealand will stage the 2011 Rugby World Cup, the Kiwis beating Japan to the hosting rights.

Roscoe don't forget the Wallabies

test versus Ireland 1 am exclusive

on Seven. Seven straight?

They lose another one sent in the Socceroos. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first, finance. And the share market ended the week on a high. Telstra managed to claw back some of its recent losses. The ASX 200 added 42 points. Fairfax shares fell after the media group warned profit growth would slow this year. Is so. Is not. Visit Kphoto at Kmart Good evening. Spring days don't come much better than this. Sunny skies, light winds, not too hot, not to cold. Just right for warming into the weekend. It wasn't quite so pleasant overnight.

The chill returned with lows down to single digits in most suburubs as low as 7 and 6 degrees which is well below average. The northerly winds kicked in to warm us back up today. Mid 20s along the coast up to 29 at Penrith and it's still around 23 in the city. We have the large high over us to thank for the warm and sunny day. It will be even hotter tomorrow but a gusty southerly change is on the way. It's set to reach Sydney tomorrow evening with possible showers and storms clearing Sunday. It won't be cool tonight. Most suburbs should stay up in double figures. Then hot and sunny at first tomorrow. 30 along the coast, 35 further westwards. The change will cool us down in the evening, with the chance of a late stormy shower. So much cooler into Sunday, 24 with an early clearing shower. Fine on Monday before the next change due around Tuesday afternoon. Fine for the rest of next week. Pollen levels low to medium.

You don't have to worry, Roscoe,

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would like to see you take a second try

No, you have a nice weekend And you. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email - Tonight, the town that has had a gutful of crime and now the locals are fighting back. The residents who won't take it anymore. That story in a moment. Also, Asian drivers - good or bad? It has led to calls of racism and it has even been debated in parliament. It doesn't surprise me that they don't have much regard for parking. You have your mix of good and your mix of bad. Plus, crazy lawsuits. These women sued over taunts about their big feet, and this dog went to court because he is branded a cat-chaser. Also, dreaming of a summer holiday? Well, it's still not too late Well, it's still not too late to save hundreds of dollars.