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(generated from captions) Welcome to A Current Affair. Hello. time screaming at the football. Sorry about the voice - too much And talking football, Australia's fab four - who fired when it mattered most. those Socceroo superstars the captain, and that man Kewell. Tonight, the keeper, the kicker,

fter selling blocks of land for $1. Also tonight - the town b oming are up for grabs. Now, incredible new deals Plus - good-paying jobs. so why no takers? so why n# takers?

for every woman - And - super swimsuits no matter what shape or size. you look fantastic This program is captioned live. That's all coming up, everyone everywhere is talking about. but let's start with the story that the 'world game', soccer, is king. Tonight, in this footy-mad nation, to the World Cup. The Socceroos are going

If we win 1-0 and there've it's a

shoot-out, do you want to be one of

those shooting out? Yeah, that's

where you separate the men from the those shooting out? Yeah, that's

boys and that. Last night, the boys

became the men. b ys and that. L st night he boys

became the men. The men from the boys and that. Last night, the boys land down-under.

This was Australia on parade, m lt cu tural Australia, every multicultural Australia, m lticultural multicultural

multicultural Australia, every skin

colour, every race and every

religion, screaming together. All

sing ng he national anthem. All singing the national anthem.

singing the national anthem. All

wearing the green and gold. And all going off. How Australian is this? This is Australia. This is Australia, Ray. Aussie! Come on! How do you feel? How do you feel? I'm so glad they ?ade it! Oh, fantastic! I'm so glad they made it!

Come on, Aussie! Australia have scored! COMMENTATOR: And it's in! Marco Bresciano! at Telstra Stadium... 33 minutes played likes to call football What the rest of the world likes to ca l football W at the rest of t world

like never before. had brought Australians together but we're hugging. I don't even know this bloke, qualification does to Australia. That's what Australia's about 20 million people wen crazy. And across the country, about 20 million people went crazy.

The most amazing experience ever! Unreal! Go Aussies! See you in Germany! I was here with me kids on his birthday, and me father turning 85 to be an Australian. and I was really proud I feel fantastic. awesome tonight to see it. My first time ever and it was just we're going to the World Cup! Hey! Tell you what, Ray, chanting Auss e fans ( 86,000 screaming, chanting Aussie fans -

I've lost my voice like them - all about in Australia. this is what sport's and a lot of champagne, With a few hours sleep to understand what had happened, they were still struggling they were still truggli g

trying to put into words how it felt. Overall, how was it? Fantastic. Absolutely fantastic. I cannot put it into words, mate. To be honest, I really can't. Was it better than you ever thought? It was, actually. in the back of the net, Because when John did put the ball I actually just stood there. because for that split second, Just to actually take it in, what the atmosphere is like. you do miss

I know you celebrate and all that, just to take it in. but I actually just stood there It was just fantastic. You said to me that the shoot-out the men from the boys. was going to separate You had no hesitation. Did you put your hand up? like that, you need five people, No, I think in a situation you need the whole team, again, "Yes, I want to take it." to just step up and say, And that's what we had. number one? Did you ask for number five, Yeah, I asked for number five. who was confident taking penalties, After the game, Graham Arnold asked and I put up my hand straight way. if I wanted to go number one, And he asked me hero or villain." and I said "No, put me number five -

to be the hero last night. And I was lucky enough with five minutes to go - What do you say to yourself it's all up to you? Just got to do your job. This is what it comes down to. It boils down to this - all the training you've done all the preparation, over your whole career, where you need to do your job. and it comes down to the point COMMENTATOR: Saved by Schwarzer! He's done it again. is the hero for Australia. In the shoot-out, Mark Schwarzer I've beaten him. I've beaten him mentally. he tried to make me move early. He tried to beat me mentally, pressure was back on him again. And I held my ground and the gets that, how do you feel? And that first goal, when Bresciano Oh, my God! It was unbelievable. made a big difference straight away I mean, 'H' came on, 'H' came on and and it was quality. you saw us in that huddle. It was just - Words can't explain it. COMMENTATOR: Kewell! I'm just enjoying it now. that I love playing. It's back to playing the football

and enjoying it. I'm actually going out there I wanted to go out there. I wanted the ball, I wanted to do what I could do. for the first time, But you looked like, again, you felt you could beat those blokes. let's go!" You felt, "Give me the ball, That's how I felt. And I mean, I don't know, that was getting - it must have been the crowd on there and that. that was getting me It was a brilliant night. It was brilliant.

about the penalty. I've got to ask you Ask. Ask away. Viduka - oh, he's put it wide. you'd get that, wouldn't you? 99 times out of 100,

I'd get that. I'd get that. like that for my clubs, I've taken a lot of penalties it wasn't to be. but last night, you know, to the fourth penalty - Once it came down had just missed his, and obviously Mark it was all square again - I just thought, "You've got to get back to what you did before." Great save again by Schwarzer! Wonderful save!

Were you nervous?

A little bit. A little bit nervous, but excited.

Because like I said before, it's been a dream of mine to be able to take that winning penalty, and I was lucky enough to have that chance.

He scores! Australia have done it! Can you wait for Germany? I can't wait. I can't wait. Hopefully it's gonna be the quickest seven months. To make it to the World Cup, which is the pinnacle of anyone's career,

and it's the largest single sporting event on the planet and everybody's gonna be there, everyone's gonna see it and that's where we belong. We're not going there for a haircut. Well done, mate. Congratulations. Good on you. All the best. Bring on Germany. The World Cup - cannot wait. OK. How much do you think $1 could change your life? With the investment of a single coin, dozens of families took a gamble on a dream - and a new start. Now it's paying off, big time - one small bush community has gone from backwater to boom town virtually overnight. (Song) # Oh, give me land, lots of land...

We wanted to get away from what you'd call the rat race. # ..and under starry skies... # How has your life changed? A lot, a lot. Did you arrive here and go, "Oh my God, what have we done?" Yes, many, many times. # Don't fence me in... # This is the house the Hanshaws built. I'm a bit concerned - you've really gotten into this country life. You have a brand-new house, but you still use the outhouse? Why not? It still works! Up the road, the Percivals are still building their nest. are st ll build ng their est. I'm just starting to learn how to plaster. Would you have tackled anything like this in the city? No. No way. It's a new life, isn't it? It is. It's a total new experience. 3.5 hours west of Brisbane lies Jandowe. It was a country town in trouble until incredibly, they started selling blocks of land for just $1. The dollar sale was absolutely amazing

how it was totally sold out. They risked everything on the toss of a golden coin.

The 'tree change' to Jandowe for these city slickers. was a massive gamble but the risk paid off. The odds were long,

We got a $1 block. Was it $1 well spent? Oh yes, definitely. three generations to Jandowe Annette and Norm brought all the way from Gosford. the new petrol station Together, the family runs and lawnmower business. and they've got time to have a yarn. People are friendlier It's a nice, safe environment. Bayden and Carole When we first met Victorians three years ago. when they bought here on A Current Affair, We seen the $1 blocks to ring up and check 'em out and so we decided and then come up a for a look. but decided to buy here anyway. They missed out on a $1 block, became part of the package. And soon, little Sam He is our neighbour, but he is our adopted grandson. So you moved to a town of strangers and found a family? Yep. Yep. He's Poppy's little buddy, aren't ya? Poppy's buddy. Poppy's little buddy. Of course, the $1 deal is now over, but the Jandowe land sale isn't. It's all very hush-hush at the moment, but word around town is land will soon be up for grabs again. land sale is just around the corner? A little birdie told me another the right information. Yes, you've got I've got the good oil? Yes, you have. is Jandowe born and bred. Councillor Tom Bradley town's population from 900 to 1,100, With the $1 land sale soaring the parcel of land from Queensland Rail his local government bought this

it subdivided, ready for auction. and is right now having The question on everyone's lips now will these new blocks be? is how much not $1 this time. Well, it's certainly The council isn't looking to profit, and infrastructure costs. but will have to cover purchase The rumour is the quarter-acre blocks

will sell for between $2,000 and $5,000. When will they be available? Very soon.

You're not telling me much, councillor. Very early in the new year. Alright, Phil, you reckon this is the top pub in town, but is it a top town? Yeah, it is a top town, all the people here are very nice. Top pub manager Phil McAuley moved here 12 months ago. One question, though - how long before you become a local in Jandowe? If you're not born here, I don't think you're a local. But you're welcome anyway? Yeah. What about small-town syndrome -

know your business here? does everyone Oh, absolutely. Thank you, Sam. are very nice, Oh, the gentlemen in this town I might have to come back here. Don't fence me in... # # ..but I ask you please

So this is it for you two, you're going to hang your hat? this is where Yeah, this is heaven's bus stop! Come and have a look. Come and have fun in Jandowe.

from the booming blocks of Jandowe. Amanda Paterson reporting Give us a call if you're interested. doing something unique And if you know about other towns doing something unique And if you know about other towns to bring in new families, then please let us know. That's the email address on screen - or just give us a call.

Alright. We get heaps of complaints about local councils - especially when they hit you with petty fines for the most stupid things. Well, one man has turned the tables. He's taking them on - for everything from overhanging trees to cracks in the footpath. And you won't believe how many times he's caught them out. It's no good sitting inside and saying, "That thing down the street needs to be fixed." it's never going to get fixed. If you don't go and tell someone, Alan Gordon is a renegade ratepayer. his Melbourne neighbourhood He spends every weekend riding around trying to catch out the council. he's made 1,900 official complaints. In three years, And he's proud of it. I don't look at them as complaints, to the council to improve our city. I look at them as issues occurrence in our council, Potholes like this are a common

and this should not be happening. a municipal misdemeanour, Every time Alan uncovers he fills out an official request card forcing the bureaucrats to act. If you think 1,900 complaints spick and span, think again. would just about have your suburb in the community, Computer screens are a high menace being dumped on nature strips. d mp d ru bish on nature strips, Drain covers that are broken, dumped rubbish on nature strips, road repairs. If council doesn't know about road repairs they'll never get fixed. The majority of what Alan tells us we already know,.. Down at the Greater Dandenong Council, CEO Carl Wulff says they don't need Alan to tell them what needs doing. If your systems are so good, why has he been able to find 1,900 problems in the area? Well, that's 1,900 problems over a 3-year period. It's still a fair amount for one person to find. 20,000 requests every year Oh, it is, and we receive about across the city. for works to be done Is he doing your job for you?

most of these problems itself The council does find through its resources garbage trucks, in terms of street sweepers, patrols we do every day of the week. our local laws officers, our street things done properly, and done now. I just like to see things done, about keeping his council honest So passionate is Alan to become part of it. that he now wants I'm running for local council... I would just like to let you know Alan's hit the hustings. to carry out more inspections A perfect opportunity and find even more problems to report. If this was a resident's tree overhanging, they'd be fined $100. So why does council get away with this? Has Alan ever lodged any complaint cards against you? Oh, in 24 years, I don't think it would be a good idea to start now, would it? Around these parts, Alan's wife, Vicki, is about the only person who's not on report. Some people might say, "Why doesn't he get a life?" Well, I suppose his life is what he wants. He's interested, and this is his passion.

Alan is making a difference, councillor in the next election, which would make him a very good Alan is making a difference, councillor in the next election, which would make him a very good

for that. so he's definitely got my vote, Alan has got my vote. For sure? For sure. Thank you very much. Much appreciate your time.

You're very welcome and good luck. Thank you. It's no record to me. or 20 a week - I am not there to put in 100 a week, whatever I see, I put in.

good on me. And if it gets fixed, well, Ben McCormack reporting.

in a couple of weeks. And Alan runs for council We'll let you know how he goes. Okay, we're days away from the start of summer. And for women, that means the dilemma of finding a new swimsuit that fits perfectly. Well, we've come up with this guide that will have you in a costume that makes you look great regardless of shape or size.

The bikini body. It looks great, but not on all of us, which is why shopping for a swimsuit, any swimsuit, can be pure agony. It's hard to buy swimmers. I really dislike it. It's the smallest amount of clothing before you get naked, so it bares a lot. There are things like the same as it used to be, Being 42 now, my body is not Debra Riley was in the pink. Last summer, Not any more.

body type? Do you think it suits Debra's Look, I don't want to insult Debra, some more shape. but she can definitely have in her body, She's got a lovely length so we're going to lengthen her body,

her good assets forward we're going to put give her a little bit more shape. into costumes that we feel might selling swimwear, And with two decades Jackie Major has seen it all. Is there a perfect swimsuit for all of us? Well, there is out there somewhere. You just have to be diligent. You have to look for the right styles and listen to what the salespeople are telling you. Just three swimsuits later, Debra is in the swim. So this is the winner. I agree. Definitely the colour is lifting her whole look, the shape, everything - the fabrics - and she's got the whole outfit. I think it looks great. Absolutely love it. Next, Debra gets advice from a leading swimwear designer, Heidi Vandervord from Cheetah. for a small-breasted woman, I thought, the halter neck would be good. more cleavage, Well, it does give you but you're sort of falling out here. so not helping your height at all, And the legs cut your body, as they can and should. or your legs look as good The padding's great.

than the other one. I feel much more support How are you with pants? Pant-cutting in here. fold-over pants, More cleavage support, and advice makes the difference. That looks fantastic on you, Deb. I think this is the best one. Now for the rest of us. their tummies is a big complaint, Tummy - people wanting to cover up the size of their bottom And also to sort of hide is one of the biggest complaints, for sure. Extra lycra, and that draping effect called ruching is the best tummy-concealer. Or for a 2-piece option, try a tankini - and remember, dark pants are more flattering. For those who can afford to spend some more,

there's the miracle suit,

which has three times the lycra of a normal costume. It has just taken off. For the pear-shaped woman, enhances the bust here a flattering V-neck and a centre-back seam contours and slims the bottom and provides good coverage. and opt for a hipster boy leg. Avoid high-cut pants For the big-busted girl or a shelf bra is ideal, hidden under-wire support while the new season twisted bandots and push-up bras are ideal for the smaller bust. I feel more confident. Helen Kapalos in the swim for summer. And there's more about that story on our website. Still to come - Kath and Kim take on the 'Da Vinci Code' - our exclusive preview with them about their new movie. And jobs they can't give away. Good money, normal hours, and they're based in the metropolitan area. So who wants to work? Welcome back.

Just how serious are some out-of-work Aussies when it comes to finding a job? It's a question that always gets people upset. But the evidence proves good jobs are going begging. And it suggests many aren't trying too hard at all to find work. Is this job better than dole bludging any day? Better than dole bludging for sure. I couldn't sit at home watching TV - be bored out of my brain. Why do you think your boss can't find 40 workers to do your job? Because maybe they're too lazy to come and do work, full stop. We are advertising constantly for workers. We have two ads a week - Wednesday and Saturday's paper. And what response do you get? None? Sometimes we get none. We don't get phone calls at all. OK, Kayla, can you send your traffic, please? It ain't the hardest job in the world. You need no qualifications, you get training on the job, the sun on your back, you get to flip the sign, control the traffic, and you knock off at 2:00. Oh, and you'll get at least $500 in your pocket every week. So why can't Steve O'Dwyer find 40 blokes to do this job? It's surprising, given there's work available and no-one appears to want to take those jobs on. But a job's a job, isn't it? Yeah, but some people think

the thought of holding a traditional lollipop might be a bit beyond them. Isn't it better to hold a lollipop than get no pay packet at all? You would think so. Every week, this boss has at least $15,000 in the kitty that goes begging. Pay packets for 30 or 40 workers he could sign up tomorrow. Instead, he has to put up with interview no-shows and walk-offs. We knock off for smoko and we come back and they're not there anymore. So they just disappear? Just disappear midmorning. And what do you do? Run another ad and try and fill the position. I love my job. I wouldn't give it up for anything in the world. Do you find it unbelievable there are 40 jobs begging and no-one to fill them? Well, yes I do, actually, 'cause there's a lot of whingers out there that are always wondering why they can't get work. So desperate has his situation become that Steve O'Dwyer is giving up on fit young men and advertising for old blokes to fill his quota. Not just middle-aged men. Older ladies as well. They tend to enjoy the work. They fit in. I'm 60 - just turned 60 - and this is the easiest job for me. Is it better than being at home on the dole? It is, a lot better. You're out in the sun, you are meeting new people, you're not in the same place every day. And when you put that to one of the fellas outside the dole office? Sounds alright. So you'd do it? Yeah. No problems? You'd do it? I'll do it! Fantastic! Until I told him he'd need to work 38 hours to get his 500 bucks.

Are you giving me your commitment to go for this job or not? Nah, won't commit to it. You don't like the sound of it, it's just too hard? I'm lazy. It's happening everywhere - employers all over the country complaining they can't fill positions because Australia's unemployed are too fussy or too lazy. I'm extremely frustrated with unemployed people. They just don't seem to want to work. Recruiter Debbie Jones says she couldn't give away 100 jobs if she tried, even when she can offer at least three times as much as the $120 a week you get on the dole. A lot of people say they're better off staying at home on the dole rather than working. They knock back jobs because of the pay, and I don't understand that one. You don't want to stand... Yeah, just standing there like this. You don't want to do that? Nah. Some of our girls earn up to $1,200 in four days, so they get paid really well, but it's just a matter of finding the qualified stylists. Lucia Dilallo has been forced to recruit British hairdressers to fill the 40 vacancies at 9 salons. How keen are English hairdressers to come here? They're very keen. Very keen to come and take Australian jobs? Sometimes there's no alternative. Some employers say they haven't faced labour shortages like this in 30 years - the willing blue collar has all but disappeared. We must be paying them far too much not to work if they can decline a job because it's not paying enough. Obviously they're getting far too much to be staying at home on the dole. Is the dole attractive enough to stop you filling 40 positions? I guess it's another competitive force, isn't it?

Get off the couch and find yourself a job. Ros Thomas with that story. And plenty of jobs going - casual, skilled, unskilled - you name it. Does make you wonder, doesn't it? After the break - Kath and Kim's movie debut.

Kath and Kim have been cracking us up for years. Now, they're cracking 'The Da Vinci Code'. Mother and daughter are putting their own hilarious spin on Dan Brown's best-selling novel. 'The Da Vinci Code' is the plot - well, sort of - for their brand-new movie. And we have the exclusive preview.

We're just cracking it all over the

We're just cracking it all over the place. Of course, I've read that

place. O course, I've ead that place. Of course, I've read that book back to front and upside down.

book back to front and upside down. Dan Brown is one of my heroes.

Dan Brown is one of my heroes. Bloody joker! Could have killed me!

I'm taking your number! Did Dan

I'm taking your number! Did Dan

I'm taking your number! Did Dan Brown do 'The Day my Bum Went Psycho?' No, Brown do he Da my Bum Went PsycXo?' No, Brown do 'The Day y Bum Went Brown do 'The Day my Bum Went Brown do ' he Day my Bum Went Psycho?' No, that was Bryce Courtney. Kath and Kim - plenty of laughs in that exclusive tomorrow night. Also - the Mr Big who ripped off Aussie battlers, time and time again. Our investigation is finally putting him behind bars - and doesn't he hate it when we turn up to see him get what he deserves. to see him get w at he des rves.

And a look at the magic of Mondo

And a look at the magic of Mondo Rock - how great rock'n'roll is

waste on the young. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.