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This program is captioned live. Tonight - go the green and gold. Soccer fans out in force World Cup playoff. for Australia's crucial Shocking attack - and left to die in his burning home. an elderly good Samaritan bashed one of the men And Indonesian police parade last month's Bali bombings. accused of plotting Good evening. involved in a horror crash suspended. Also tonight - the bus driver American preacher And the multi-millionaire among Sydney Christians. causing controversy it's do or die for the Socceroos But first this evening - Uruguay now just three hours with their crunch match against

from kick-off. at Olympic Park. Reporter Frank Coletta's biggest moments in Australian sport. Frank, this could be one of the

Fair call, Ron. Could well be up

there with Kathy Freeman's win in

the same stadium. The expectations

have been building all day long.

We'll have 83,000 people here, the

majority are decked out, the good

news is in green and gold, as Mark

Viduka hoped. Expecting about

12,000 people outside the stadium

to watch on the big screen. If the

Socceroos do get through, we expect

Sydney to party all night and into

tomorrow. Already a big tickertape

parade has been planned. It's a

sell-out crowd and they've been

geed up for the match. What's

security like? Interesting. The

official Uruguayan cheer squad has

been prevented from bringing in its

large drums and banners because

they're too big, so security has

been beefed up and already

obviously they're taking that into

account. The situation between the

two fans, there's been plenty of

friendly banditer. The expectation

has been building all around Sydney

all day and Dan Nolan has this

the Green and Gold Army They're called report.

takes a back seat and whatever they do for a living of a World Cup spot. when the Socceroos are on the brink Aussie! Aussie! Aussie! The party began at lunchtime. for entertainment, There were no beach balls just a blow-up doll to Uruguay's Alvaro Recoba, who appears to be related God will decide the winner tonight. the man who believes but we're gonna stick it right back. They tried sticking it to us

and over 200 nations vying for it - Only 32 spots no-one's divine right. Marco Bresciano's preparation - There's nothing divine about in a hyperbaric chamber today he spent a few hours to help his ankle injury. drown out any lingering pain tonight. A deafening Telstra Stadium should With a wonderful crowd of 85,000 behind us, screaming Australian supporters

bring us home. I think they will help I've sent a message to the team. I wish them well. very enthusiastic supporters. They will have 20 million They can do it.

But not everyone agrees. 40 years ago, qualifiers against North Korea. this batch of Socceroos failed in the will meet the same fate. Some fear the current crop Unfortunately - I know some of the guys personally - and I hate to say this because I don't see us scoring two goals

we can make it. and that's why I don't think I'm pretty sure these guys disagree. Come on, Socceroos, destiny. Dan Nolan, Ten News.

Now, Ron, I guess after 31 years of

waiting when the Socceroos last

qualified for the World Cup finals

in 1974, there's a certain symmetry.

In 2006 it will be Germany again,

like being World Cup finists if

odds Australia get through. You

might be interested in this -

Uruguay has never scored against

Australia in three meetings on

Australian soil, so a good omen

there. Good on you, Frank. Let's

hope it all goes well. is underway in Sydney's south A major homicide investigation of a 73-year-old man. following the fatal bashing was attacked with a hammer Police believe the victim before his unit was set on fire. Lindsay Martin, local legend - who helped teenagers in trouble, a community icon cash loans and the jobs he got them. through drug counselling, At the moment we're still in shock saddened to start with and I think we are going to be will come later. and I think the anger It makes me sick to my stomach.

to him. I can't believe this has happened

in the home unit block There was a huge commotion around 2:00 this morning - as the old-timer was bashed call out, desperate for help a neighbour hearing a weak Lindsay attackers spread along the hallway. as the fire set by his fleeing "Hurry up, get out!" The young girl from number 12 said, Upstairs I could see smoke. in the bathroom Firefighters found Lindsay Martin with massive head injuries. now in the hands of police. The hammer he was allegedly hit with or early 20s were seen with him Two men in their late teens at the units around 6:30 last night. of two young males The victim was seen in the company and we want them to come forward earlier in the evening and assist with our inquiries.

to the life of Lindsay Martin. It's a sad, unfortunate ending He'd just returned from Melbourne, for the first time. seeing his daughter's new baby to get into hospital And back here he was trying treated, now this. to have his ongoing cancer problems one of nature's gentlemen. Very sad, lovely fellow, Harry Potter, Ten News. of Monday's horrific crash The bus driver at the centre at the Spit has been suspended. were injured The driver and 11 other people

traffic on the Military Road S-bend. when the bus careered into oncoming to quit State Transit 10 years ago It's been revealed he was forced after another crash, took over the private bus firm but was rehired when the Government that subsequently took him on. trying to determine the cause Crash investigators are still of the latest smash, while the Government is investigating his old job back how the driver managed to get never to be re-employed. when his papers were marked in the State's jails - A breach of security with a criminal record sacked a Muslim cleric his criminal past. for failing to disclose Prison officials concerned the pastor met with terror suspects, during his visits. Anwar al Barq is a Muslim cleric who was a frequent visitor to NSW jails, meeting with Muslim prisoners for prayer and counselling sessions. From 2001 he had an official role as a part-time Muslim pastor, taking on full-time duties in our jails in 2004. But he's been banned from visiting prisoners after his criminal record was revealed - a cocaine conviction in the US - he served 2.5 years jail in Miami. Corrective Services admits as a Muslim prison chaplain he met with alleged terrorist Saleh Jamal, now facing trial in Lebanon. There's no doubt what's been revealed today is an extraordinary breach in the NSW security system. But the former chaplain has been praised for his work in jail by the organisation which sponsored him. He is a man of good character who did important work in the jails to turn young men away from crime. Mr al-Barq consulted a lawyer before filling in an application form to become a jail chaplain and was advised convictions of more than 10 years standing did not have to be disclosed. The cleric denies any links to terrorism. The checks that were conducted were not good enough,

that is why I have asked for a review. The row comes as details of another terrorist training camp emerges, John Hill, Ten News. A Sydney butcher has been ordered to stand trial accused of lying to ASIO over his association with a terror suspect. 36-year-old Abdul Rakib Hasan from Lakemba pleaded not guilty to two counts of lying to ASIO during a 10-hour interview in 2003. Police claim he had dealings with Frenchman Wille Brigitte, during the time he was allegedly plotting an attack in Australia. Hasan is accused of speaking to Brigitte on 24 occasions and helping find him safe house accomodation. He'll face court again on November 25. Three Indonesian men have been arrested after being accused of plotting last month's Bali bombing. The men were captured after last week's shoot-out with terror mastermind Azahari. Paraded for the cameras, alleged terrorist Mohamed Cholili is escorted from a medical check to interrogation, his face shrouded, his hands cuffed. Tight security has surrounded him and his two accomplices since their arrest following a shoot-out in Java earlier this month. Cholili, also known as Yahir, is accused of planning the October 1 bombings in Kuta and Jimbaran Beach. His partner, Abdullah Aziz, is accused of acting as a courier for the bomb materials and a third man, Aniz Solamudin, allegedly chose the targets. We believe they are the group related to Azahari and they were raised in central Java. The blast killed 23 people including 4 Australians and the three suicide bombers. We believe that Cholili is the leader of the group. Police also have CDs and documents listing bomb-making instructions and future targets. The Balinese have welcomed the arrest, none more than Wayan Sudeni, whose husband's death at the Raja cafe left her and her 2-year-old daughter reliant on hand-outs. TRANSLATION: Both her family and also herself is very happy at this and they also hope that the police could arrest all of them. The trio will be questioned further tomorrow morning.

If charged and ultimately convicted they face at least 15 years prison. It's unclear if they could face death by firing squad. In Bali, Max Futcher, Ten News. Claims tonight the Federal Government's industrial relations changes will lead to deaths in the workplace. But Government senators have accused unions of playing politics in the worst possible way. Deaths in the workplace a tragic reality, like the one that occurred at this overpass construction site. The unions claim the new industrial laws would severely restrict their ability to hold employers to account for safety. If that offends you because you want to push it under the carpet, well that's your problem, not mine. A Melbourne work widow and her children lent their grief to the campaign at yesterday's mass rallies. We don't want to kiss them goodbye... ..and never have them come home. That infuriated the inquiry's Liberal chair. The ACTU, as a campaign tactic, intends to exploit the tragic workplace deaths

to try and pin them on the Government? You can try and blow this up all you like, but we will hold the Government to account. The ACTU president also signalled the unions will mount High Court challenges of their own. The unions have opened up a new battlefront with the Government, going to the Industrial Relations Commission seeking a pay rise for the two million workers on the minimum wage. The claim made all the more pointed by a survey showing the nation's top executives got a 16% pay rise on average this year. This compares to a 4% pay rise for the rest of the workforce. You've got the Government trying to impose a pay freeze on the lowest-paid workers in the country But you've got the top CEOs rolling in gold. Low-paid textile workers brought their protest to Canberra. Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. The plan to use our schools and sports stadiums to treat bird flu cases - that's next. Also tonight - a 9-year-old boy tells of the terrifying moment he was attacked by a leopard at the zoo. And the controversial church leader preaching the merits of money. The issue is not whether Christians have money, the issue is whether money has them.

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Sporting fields and church halls commandeered, rock concerts and major events banned. They're just part of the State Government's crisis plan, if a bird flu pandemic hits New South Wales. An isolation room or fever clinic at Sydney's Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, a key feature of the Government's bird flu crisis plan. We hope that we will never have to use this plan. But we have to be prepared and we have to ensure that NSW is best protected. As well as the fever clinics, schools, community centres, even sporting fields will become field posts for assessing and treating people. In a worst case scenario major sporting events and concerts will be banned. Schools, universities and childcare centres closed.

The risk may appear small but the potential consequences are huge. If 30% of the NSW population became infected we'd be facing 30 people admitted to hospital and 12,500 deaths. The Government concedes

our hospital system will be stretched to the limit - a view shared by the Auditor-General. All I can say is that clearly the emergency departments are not able,

at the moment, to treat most patients, including a number of those with life-threatening conditions, according to the Department's own guidelines. A bird flu pandemic would devastate the State's poultry industry. Mass extermination of birds would result. The worldwide death toll stands at 64. Paul Mullins, Ten News. The traditional Aussie backyard swimming pool lives on, after a vote to ban them in Sydney's eastern suburbs was defeated. The Greens wanted Waverley Council to ban the construction of all new swimming, lap and plunge pools in a bid to save water. The move was criticised by a number of construction groups and homeowners. The motion was defeated at a council meeting last night. The young boy mauled by a leopard at Melbourne Zoo

has described his frightening ordeal.

Despite his pain, the 9-year-old says he's more upset the big cat ruined his new shirt. Andrew Cassidy re-enacts how the big cat's paw ripped through his skin. He got my shirt while I was looking at him and I pulled back and it pulled forward. His lacerations were so deep Andrew could see his bone and muscle. After surgery overnight and lots of stitches the 9-year-old is well enough to play computer games but is still disturbed by yesterday's events at the school excursion. I was really scared, really, really scared. It had a lot, there was a lot of fear. But he has one main worry. It was a brand new top. His mother says

although she was surprised by the attack her son is naturally inquisitive. He likes picking spiders and things like that up but he knows which ones he can touch and which ones he can't. Melbourne Zoo has offered to treat Andrew and his family to revisit Kashmar in the school holidays so he won't harbour any lingering fear of the big cat or other animals. Callers have urged the zoo not to punish the leopard and the Cassidys say they've no grudge towards the animal. Big cats are awesome. I'm looking forward to going past the cheetah that got me, and then going into the reptiles. Kate McGrath, Ten News A controversial American evangelist has arrived in Sydney to preach to locals. The multimillionaire's message a little too much on the money for some.

He's been dubbed Oprah in a pulpit,

a preacher who's become a celebrity.

When TD Jakes speaks, tens of

thousands come to listen, millions

more glued to him on TV. I'm going

to go like Clark content and I'll

to go like Clark content and I'll come out like superman. His

dancers and singers help send the

message home. His Australian tour

beginning tonight will feature Guy Sebastian as

Sebastian as a guest performer. See

what I can do to encourage the

people in Australia to seek God and

to love up one another. He's a

multimillionaire, something for

which he makes no apology. Eye only

personality prosperity is a result

of a lot of hard work. But his

pro-wealth message has some

questioning his priorities. It

takes the heart away from God.

Jesus said you either serve God or

money. But dirb op Jakes maintains

his message can do some good. Our

Minister in Dallas where there's a

great deal of poverty, what I teach

is economic empowerment, we have

training to help them get a job so

they're not in the street raping

or killing. But the ultimate test

will come tonight at Homebush when

his congregation completings with

the crowd watching the Socceroos.

the crowd watching the Socceroos. They won't be more sincere than we

will. Tim Bailey, I'm supposing

you reckon you have a divine right

to wear that jersey. I think

anybody near here has the right.

But mine has the name on the back.

It's huge here. It's got that

Olympic feel about it. Cast your

mind back to 2 000 and you get the

idea, people streaming in here. The

news about the weather, there could

be an odd shower but it looks to be

mainly dry, on the cool side and 17

to 18 degrees for kick-off.

Skywatch - that was some of my

dodgiest work, wasn't it? Didn't

clear all day long, just went

across the place.

Pollution levels

low everywhere. Olympic Park does

big events beautifully, it's on

again tonight. See you again in

around about 10. Next - violent scenes in South Korea ahead of the APEC summit as farmers clash with riot police. And the princess who gave up her title for love - the everyday tasks she had to learn before becoming a commoner.

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Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. Everyone's got their

eyes on the Olympic stadium tonight

and you're no different. No, bird's

eye view, sitting over Stadium

Australia. Pedestrian traffic

trying to get towards the game. You

can see, the lot of pedestrian

activity. I'll take it up a little

bit and show you the run off the

Ryde Bridge, traffic to get to

Homebush. These delays extend a

long way. We'll check the

conditions again just after sport. A Canberra man who claims he was poisoned with mercury

after eating ice-cream, has taken the makers to court. John William Suthern is suing Streets Ice-Cream's owner, Unilever Australia, after allegedly finding balls of mercury in a tub of ice-cream in 1996. The court heard the 43-year-old lost his job because he ran out of sick leave, his first marriage broke down and he's had to sell his family home. He claims he became angry and depressed - unable to read stories to his children or find his way to work. Mr Suthern is seeking unspecified damages. The Prime Minister says he'll try one last time to save the life of condemned Melbourne drug trafficker Van Nguyen. John Howard leaves for the APEC summit in South Korea today, which is off to a violent start. As APEC leaders prepare to talk trade, they were trading blows on the streets of Seoul. Local farmers' frustration over South Korea's decision to lower tariffs on rice, a move growers say will flood the country with Chinese imports. A policeman cut off from his colleagues copping it. His fellow officers retaliating. Tear gas and water cannon eventually calming the mob. But farmers say more rallies are planned to disrupt the APEC meeting in the southern port city of Busan. Inside the heavily guarded APEC compound, Foreign Minister Alexander Downer

met US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice to discuss progress - or the lack of it - in Iraq. Mr Howard will have another matter of life or death to deal with.

John Howard's arrival here in Busan tonight will give him an opportunity to raise the imminent execution of drug trafficker Van Nguyen with his Singapore counterpart. But it must be said that's a matter the Australian Government now regards as a lost cause. Mr Howard telling it like it is before he left Australia. There are no signs that the Singaporean Government is likely to change its mind. Even so, he'll try again. If the opportunity presents itself, as I expect it will, I will raise the matter again, but whatever faint hope there may be is not advanced by megaphone diplomacy. Greg Turnbull, Ten News. She's the princess who's given up everything for love. The only daughter of Japan's Emperor has thrown centuries of imperial tradition into turmoil

to marry a commoner. It's being called a fairytale in reverse. Instead of marrying into royalty, Japan's Princess Sayako has married out, choosing to leave behind a life of privilege, for the love of a commoner. Tradition demands that she must renounce her title. She'll also have to learn to drive, shop and, for the first time, vote. She will, however, receive more than $1 million to help her transition from princess to housewife. But Japan's imperial family is being forced to reconsider the role of royal women to ensure the future of the 2,500-year-old monarchy. A storm of controversy is gathering around this little girl. 3-year-old Princess Aiko could be the first female ruler in nearly 2,000 years. She has no brothers and, once her father is emperor, the future of the chrysanthemum throne will lie with her. But current imperial law says women cannot rule. By the time this little girl comes of age,

necessity may have forced a rethink. Emma Dallimore, Ten News. Frightening predictions Australia is facing an epidemic of a deadly lung disease. Researchers alarmed by new statistics on the nation's fourth biggest killer. It's taken Evonne Bedson nine years of rehabilitation just to enjoy a simple walk in the park. When she was diagnosed with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, a trip to the letterbox had become a daily struggle. It just makes you very angry because you can't do what you used to. Like three-quarters of Australians with the condition, she wasn't aware she had it, putting her discomfort down to the effects of ageing. Emphysema and chronic bronchitis are the most common forms of the disease, which has no cure. About 1,000 hospital beds a day are occupied by people in Australia with COPD. On World COPD Day, doctors are urging everyone aged over 45 to take a simple lung function test. While the disease is incurable, special exercises can maximise the capacity of damaged lungs. Women, particularly smokers, are at the greatest risk. Women have smaller airways so for a single inhalation of smoke they may get higher levels of exposure. If you're short of breath going upstairs, if you've got a cough that won't go away, that's not natural. You need to see a GP. The Australian Lung Foundation has established local support groups to help those coping with the condition. Rakhal Ebeli, Ten News. Still to come - celebrations as Qantas celebrates 85 years in the air. Also, the simple divorce kit which could save you time, and thousands of dollars. And Urban Legend - the Aussie star scooping the pool at America's Country Music Awards. Special K are giving away 50 holidays in 50 days to one of these seven amazing destinations.

Enter for your chance to win. See specially marked packs now.

This program is captioned live.

Time for another check of the

weather and tibl Bailey, a real

weather and tibl Bailey, a real Olympic feeling at Homebush? Yes,

like 2 000. You know how Sydney

does big events brilliantly, we're

does big events brilliantly, we're in the midst of another one.

Australia versus Uruguay,

Australia versus Uruguay, everyone's in their colours. I

think if we win tonight, look out,

think if we win tonight, look out, it will jump over the rest of

it will jump over the rest of Sydney. Let's look at the weather.

Grey cloud across the entire base

Grey cloud across the entire base

Grey cloud across the entire base in, that's been the story all day.

We had 13mm last night caught

We had 13mm last night caught Cronulla way. Just spitting now.

Back on the television at 5:55 live from Olympic Park. The top stories we're following this news hour - three Indonesian men have been arrested, accused of plotting last month's Bali bombings. Police have paraded one of the men,

captured after last week's shoot-out with bomb-maker Azahari. The bus driver at the centre of Monday's horrific crash at the Spit, that left 12 injured, has been suspended. It's been revealed he was forced to quit State Transit 10 years ago after another crash, but was then employed by a private bus firm which was taken over by the Government.

And police are appealing for help to find those responsible for the fatal bashing of a 73-year-old man in Sydney's south. It's believed the victim was attacked with a hammer and left to die in his burning home unit. Now to the new system designed to take some of the pain and expense out of divorce. Legal fees for contested divorces can cost ten of thousands of dollars, but one man has set out to help you reduce the expense. Two years in the family court taught Alan Weiss just how expensive it can be. It prompted him to design a system to minimise the pain and much of the cost. It doesn't replace the lawyers, it's actually replacing the number of hours which the lawyer would take to prepare the case. Using a series of folders, Aussie Divorce helps you gather every piece of critical personal and financial information your lawyer will need before your first visit, saving hours in legal fees and achieving a quicker result. So rather than going back and forth,

you will walk to the lawyer fully prepared and a good lawyer would take this folder and literally will be able to know what to do, the next step. Alan Weiss says choosing the right lawyer in the first place is vital, along with keeping track of fees - tools he's built into his system.

It is very important to know, when you are spending $300 an hour,

what is required from a person. There were 54,000 divorces last year. The costs can range from thousands to a couple of hundred thousand dollars. The Law Society insists preparation is important, regardless of the system you use. Organised clients are a delight to act for and the less leg work that solicitors have to do

putting together the material that's needed to present the case to court, obviously reduces the costs. For its part, the family court says all its process is skewed towards mediation. In fact mediation is now legislated by the Federal Government. And it says the proof of that is that just 5% of cases need to be determined by a judge. The Law Society says lawyers commonly advise clients to settle, the best way to get an outcome they can live with. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The Australian share market finished in the black today. Julia Lee at Commonwealth Securities, numbers out today showing a growth in wages?

If you're wondering where the best

place to have had a job in the last

year it would be government,

defence, mining or health care

with an average increasing wage of

5%. The worst were communications

and hospitality sectors. Wages on

average grew by 4% up to September

306789 the numbers were expected

and really support that interest

rates stay the same. The Aussie

dollar got over the 73US cent mark

but still struggling down the

bottom end. If you're going

overseas for Christmas, it's bad

news. It went down because the wage

news. It went down because the wage numbers do support a low interest

rate environment which makes it

difficult to attract funding. Thanks, Julia. Qantas has celebrated 85 years of flying with a red carpet birthday bash. John Travolta added a splash of Hollywood to the gala occasion, with a Qantas hanger converted into a huge party venue. The feature of the night - the arrival of the guest of honor, the A380 super jumbo.

# I still call Australia home # The night was wrapped up with guarantees from Qantas bosses that the airline will survive the industry's current tough times. A big night for Australian music star Keith Urban, named America's country entertainer of the year. But he wasn't the only Aussie to steal the stage. It was a night where country met city like never before. For the first time in the American Country Music Awards 39-year history the ceremony was taken out of Nashville and held in New York City. Among those shining brightest in the Big Apple, Australia's own country star, Keith Urban. How you feeling there, New York? 22 years after being named country's best junior male vocalist in Australia he was declared America's country Entertainer of the Year, his mum the first to congratulate him. # Hold on, we are heading for a better life # America's new king of contemporary country music receiving the award from legendary pop star Billy Joel. I'm completely weirded out at the moment. Thank you, thank you, thank you

Oh man, to anybody who voted for this, thank you very much. The 38-year-old had already given one acceptance speech, earlier named Best Male Country Singer of the Year. To the fans for buying it, God bless you. Fellow Aussie Olivia Newton-John was also on stage - as a presenter. Well, what an amazing night. City and country complemented each other best in the closing act. # Imagine # In the US, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Tim Webster with sport - and it's the moment of truth for the Socceroos? Yes, Jess, and the Socceroos coach feels he finally has them ready to score goals. We'll cross live for the latest and what tactics Australia might use.

Also just how cold was the Wallabies' dip in the Irish Sea? The very chilly temperature shortly. And the league stars playing war games, their mission revealed. Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season. Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe. Be prepared this bushfire season. The Socceroos' date with destiny is now just a few hours away. Of course, they need to win by two clear goals to progress to their first World Cup finals since Australia's one and only appearance in 1974. Neil Cordy is taking in all the atmosphere of the build-up and joins us. Neil, what sort of tactics do you expect the Socceroos to employ tonight? They need to score 3 Socceroo captain Mark Viduka and four team-mates capped off their preparations with a light run this morning. After rushing home from Uruguay the home side's build-up described as ideal. Everything we've done off the field is been spot on, there can be no excuses off the field. But now it gets down to this 90 minutes tonight. 'Patience' the key word as the Socceroos look to overturn a 1-0 deficit from the first leg in Montevideo. One of the things you must avoid,

to think that you must score in the first and seventh minute, Marco Bresciano received hyperbaric treatment for an injured ankle but was moving freely at the morning session. The squad desperate to perform in front of family and friends at a packed Telstra Stadium. They were so happy when they got the second game back here in Australia, to be able to qualify back here in Australia. Everyone's positive at the moment,

we're extremely relaxed and looking forward to it. Uruguay had its preperations last night. Midfield general Alvaro Recoba seen as the man most likely to shatter the Socceroos' World Cup dream. When he is on the ball, he makes a lot of input in the game, so we have to stop the delivery towards him and also his deliveries.

If you've seen him, he is very, very dangerous.

And there's a potential for showers

tonight. What effect would that

have on the game? It would suit the

Socceroos. There was a slow pitch

in Montevideo and the Socceroos

want a wet pitch to move the ball

through quickly. Hopefully topbtd

it will put an end to the longest

running saga in Australian sport

running saga in Australian sport when the Socceroos win through to Germany. Thanks, mate. Life without Lance Thompson began at Kogarah today. The Dragons started off-season training without the veteran backrower, after his contract was terminated last night due to a long-running dispute. If there was any sympathy for Lance Thompson, St George Illawarra's hierarchy did a good job of hiding their feelings. We're happy to see it complete and to move on for 2006. It's happened now and it's over. And the good thing for us is 2006 hasn't even started yet or it only started two days ago and she's all going to be fish and chips paper in another few days. For the first time in 11 years, the familiar red head of Thompson missing at training. He's considering his options, including interest from neighbours Cronulla, after severing ties with the joint venture last night. It's disappointing for Thommo because he's been such a long-serving player and a team-mate of ours for a lot of years. We're all sorry that it had to end like this and sorry that we're losing him. Forward Justin Poore, the man allegedly threatened via text messages from Thompson, set to take his place in the pack. While the decision to part ways was described as mutual, there's plenty of bad blood between both camps. Thompson's player profile was immediately dumped from the Dragons website. Other departed Dragons, such as Michael Ennis, Albert Torrens and Daniel Holdsworth still featuring prominently. Meanwhile, Trent Barrett has overcome a foot injury and declared himself a starter in Sunday's Test against Great Britain. His Kiwi counterpart, Nigel Vagana, has been suspended for one match for this tackle. Lions half-back Powell Beacon requiring facial surgery as a result.

Vagana can serve his suspension against France and still play in the final. Adam Hawse, Ten News. Avoiding an eighth straight loss has been made harder for the Wallabies. Apart from the loss of Matt Dunning in the forwards, the backline musical chairs continues. Matt Giteau's injury has left the side without a recognised back-up for fly-half Mat Rogers. Lloydie has played at number 10 a little bit. And goal-kicking wise it'll be a shoot-out between And if the Wallabies already felt left out in the cold by their losing streak, it got worse today. The post-training recovery session was held in the Irish Sea. The body language says it all - just how cold was the water? Only 6 degrees. Brad Hodge has been given the nod to play in his first Test match against the West Indies in Hobart tomorrow. Andrew Symonds also back from the Test wilderness. Ricky Ponting believes Bellereve is the ideal track for Brad Hodge to make his debut, but the captain is wary of the consequences of edging Michael Clarke out of his batting position. They're the things that we have to consider if we decide on making that change, if it's going to be a dent in his confidence or if it's actually going to help him, going down to five. Selectors will wait until tomorrow morning to decide between Stuart MacGill and Nathan Bracken. Some of Sydney's rugby league elite copped a spray today as part of a pre-season military operation. Among the troops Wests Tigers arsenal Brett Hodgson and John Skandalis, along with the recently retired Luke Ricketson. The mock-up mission was enough to get the blood pumping as Sydney Harbour surged. Awesome - a bit nervous about going in to the heads today, huge swell out there. They guaranteed the boat wouldn't flip but at one stage I thought it was gone, so pretty exciting. The Tigers are yet to begin official training after long premiership celebrations they were put through their paces by a former SAS Commando. So why did they tackle this operation? For a video game launch of "Battlefield 2".

And ahead on 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan - all the reaction from the big match at Telstra Stadium tonight.

I'm quietly confident. Back to Vic

I'm quietly confident. Back to Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

Lorusso on the Mix traffic helicopter. How's is looking for

everyone heading out to the game?

everyone heading out to the game? We need our rain coats. We're

flying through a shower activity at

flying through a shower activity at Homebush and monitoring pedestrian

Homebush and monitoring pedestrian activity out of the train station.

activity out of the train station. It's getting quite full. Also the

It's getting quite full. Also the roads are building up, the M4 and

Homebush Bay drive. When's the weather going to clear up? Tim Bailey will tell us next. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $15 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. $15 million Powerball jackpot. You could:

Time for all the weather details.

Tim Bailey, I'm very impressed,

they're bringing the miniature goal

they're bringing the miniature goal posts from the local primary school

posts from the local primary school

posts from the local primary school so you have a chance at stopping the

balls at half-time. Yes. Doing a

charity gig half-time at this

football match between Australia

football match between Australia and Uruguay. You can see the

Olympic Stadium coming alive and

Olympic Stadium coming alive and we're hoping to raise money for

Stuart House tonight. I'm in goal

Stuart House tonight. I'm in goal trying to keep them out. Look at

trying to keep them out. Look at this - grey, the only colour is

gold and green. Let me tell you

that. Showers falling across

that. Showers falling across Olympic Park as I speak. That's

pretty much the forecast for the

next few hours, temperatures in the

late teens. Sydney today - a little

late teens. Sydney today - a little bit of the rainfall happening at

the moment. Last night 13mm at

Cronulla was the most of it.

Cronulla was the most of it. Cronulla was the most of it. Tomorrow at your place - a bit of

everything. A coastal shower,

everything. A coastal shower, overcast conditions, sunny breaks

and 23 degrees. I'm covering all bases.

Satellite - low cloud pushed onto

Satellite - low cloud pushed onto

Satellite - low cloud pushed onto the NSW coast by strong southerly

winds. The map for tomorrow

explains things - a high crossing

explains things - a high crossing the south-east will ease winds and

clear showers in NSW and southern

Queensland, a weak trough will

cause showers in northern

cause showers in northern Queensland. Predicted precipitation

Queensland. Predicted precipitation Queensland. Predicted precipitation

Queensland. Predicted precipitation - showers on the NSW coast north of

Sydney tomorrow, isolated showers

Sydney tomorrow, isolated showers on the Queensland coast contracting

on the Queensland coast contracting north and storms in the north of

north and storms in the north of north and storms in the north of the State as well, storms unsettled

activity in northern NT and western

WA. Friday - a cool wind there

develop down in the south and a

develop down in the south and a trough will cause a few showers and

trough will cause a few showers and storms in Victoria and western NSW.

It feels like we've terned the clak storms in Victoria and western NSW. It feels like we've terned the clak

back to Sydney in 2 000. Sydney is

in clean and gold. The feeling is

if Australia wins this, it could be

bigger than the Cathy Freeman moment

bigger than the Cathy Freeman moment It's going to be a huge one no

matter where you live in Sydney tonight.

At least I can spell my name right,

Ron. Go the Australians! Good luck

to you and the Socceroos. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Jessica Rowe. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.