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(generated from captions) Tonight - Muslims to help the Government urges mainstream amid reports of a supergrass. in the fight against terror Suburban shoot-out - after he opens fire on officers. police wound a man flight over Sydney Harbour. And the superjumbo's spectacular with Tracey Spicer. This is Ten News Good evening. in Victoria Also tonight - the marathon car chase that finally led to a man's arrest. And an early start for soccer fans play-off against Uruguay. watching Australia's world cup First tonight - international defence exercise Australia will host a big in Darwin next April, weapons of mass destruction. ina bid to stop terrorists shipping from Canberra, And there've been more calls in the fight against terror. for mainstream Muslims to assist The Attorney-General wants Muslims, in their community who know of radicals preaching perverted forms of Islam, to call the national terror hotline. would be very welcome. The information to John Howard's repeated call The Attorney-General adding

to 'dob in' extremists. from Islamic leaders, There's cooperation but realism too. is not a police force, A community organisation like mine of each and every individual. we don't monitor the behaviour A job undertaken by agencies counter-terrorism unit like the NSW police of Tuesday's mass arrests. which is being expanded in the wake It'll mean more troops, more intelligence officers it'll mean more investigators, training personnel. and, potentially, more tactical like inside information. Some things money can't buy - for police in last week's raids, Believed to have been crucial Muslim informant, the help of a well-placed who's even met Osama bin Laden. He reportedly now fears for his life. confirm or deny While the Attorney-General won't the inside assistance, in place to protect informants he has assured there are systems like the witness protection program. It would be safe to assume that receives information any organisation helpful to their work from people that might be would handle with respect, who assist are not exposed. in relation to ensuring those Danielle Isdale, Ten News. A shoot-out in suburban Adelaide. after he opened fire on officers. A man shot in the chest by police, A man is recovering in hospital attack in Melbourne's north. after being lured into a shooting in the ambush. A high-calibre handgun was used to a nearby police station for help. The victim managing to drive tells the terrifying tale. The victim's car Shattered glass and bullet holes of the attack. testament to the ferocity Certainly, he was shot in the chest and one of the projectiles both his arms. has certainly gone through the man was sitting in his car Just before 1:30 this morning in a nearby street, who opened fire. when he was approached by a person Remarkably, the local police station for help. the victim managed to drive to quickly swung into action - The alarm-raised, officers wearing bullet-proof vests for the shooter. as they scoured the area it was not a random attack. Police say it appears to attend at that location. We believe that he was requested He was drawn to that location is still yet to be established. for whatever reason is known to them, Police say the victim was used in the attack concerned a high-claibre handgun with information to come forward. they're appealing for anyone got more than he bargained for A would-be robber a female milk bar attendant while trying to hold-up in Melbourne's north.

coming to her aid, Her brother and another man stabbed in the ensuing scuffle. the knife-wielding bandit caught and taken to hospital. The offender fled but was later

in upmarket South Yarra And dramatic scenes after a suburban road accident.

Police arresting a man. believed to be his passenger, A woman, was taken to hospital. Allan Raskall, Ten News. Indonesian police have unearthed factories. one of the world's largest ecstasy arrested. Six foreigners are among those

they face the death penalty. If found guilty, Such was the scale of the operation the illicit drug factory Indonesian police say tens of thousands of pills each year. was capable of producing also thwarted a major shipment The raid 100km from Jakarta bound for Hong Kong and the world. 13 people are behind bars France and China. including foreigners from Holland, across the archipelago Ecstasy is rife and there are suggestions of the two pills this factory was the original source Michelle Leslie's handbag. found in Australian drug suspect

could be freed this month While the Australian model the men connected with this factory of death by firing squad. face the very real prospect wanted drug barons Beni Sudjarat - Their boss, one of Indonesia's most remains at large. inspected the site yesterday. The Indonesian President in the war on drugs. He's called on the public to help

as the battle against corruption A fight he says is as crucial and terror. In Indonesia, Max Futcher, Ten News. chaos on a busy Melbourne motorway. A 12-car pile-up has caused traffic

in the outbound lanes The cars came to grief of the West Gate Freeway. were totally destroyed While some of the vehicles their drivers escaped injury. behind them. Others caught in the traffic jam Speed may have been a factor. Certainly the weather conditions haven't helped. and the road conditions no-one was killed And police say it's fortunate a Melbourne street. when a driverless bus careered down It ploughed into a car and tree. will have more legroom Economy passengers and the Internet in their seat the massive Airbus A-380. once Qantas starts flying this morning One of them touched down in Sydney as part of a promotional visit - along the way. taking in the city's best sights a Sunday morning - Not a bad way to spend joyriding over Sydney Harbour in the world's biggest plane. A magic day provided the perfect backdrop for the Airbus A-380 as it made three passes over our most famous landmarks. Runway 3, 4 left. Cleared to land. The runway had to be widened just for this plane. It touched down an hour late but no-one seemed to care. Oh, very impressive. It's definitely worth coming out here to see. This aircraft will do for aviation what the 747 did some 35 years ago. Wow, what a plane. It creates half the noise of a 747 and can carry up to 800 passengers - once they put some seats in of course. It's 50% more floor space than you have in 747-400, yet you only have about a third more people so everybody will have more room. At the moment it's full of ballast tanks to adjust the weight during test flights but, once decked out, there'll be three classes split over two decks. Qantas will only equip the plane with 500 seats. Even in economy, that means more legroom, as well as access to a lounge area and the Internet. The airline has bought 12 A-380s with an option for 12 more. You could buy one too if you have a spare $400 million. If that's a bit expensive, then maybe start off small and just buy the tyres. There's 22 of them and they're worth a $100,000. An economy seat will be much cheaper but you'll have to wait - flights don't begin until 2007. Dan Nolan, Ten News. A shoot-out in suburban Adelaide.

A man shot in the chest by police, after he opened fire on officers. The 29-year-old is rushed to hospital, shot twice in the chest by South Australian detectives. They'd been following up an earlier shooting incident involving the man at Gilberton. Just three hours later police found themselves in the line of fire. As a result of that,

police made follow- up inquiries at this address and that's where there was an exchange of shots at this adress. Neighbours heard the shots and called '000'. It's understood the man used a rifle. Police won't say how many shots were fired. More than a dozen police patrols and unmarked cars called in. Ballistics experts also on scene. Very shocked indeed. We don't know all the neighbours around here but from the ones we've met it's a very quiet area and desirable as well. Locals say two men had been fighting for several nights leading up to the shooting possibly over a woman. Clearly agitated by the cameras the media is threatened. Get these pricks away. Get 'em away or I'm gonna belt one of 'em. It's ok. We're here. The shooting is now the subject of a Commissioner's Inquiry. The man is under police guard in the Royal Adelaide Hospital in a stable condition. Lou Hendricks, Ten News. Socceroos fans have turned out across the country to cheer on their team in the World Cup play-off against Uruguay in Montevideo. The Aussies may have lost the first leg 1-0 but confidence among supporters is high heading into Wednesday's return match in Sydney. While it was a few hundred brave tourists who took their chances in the cauldron of the Centenario the weight of a nation was behind the Socceroos all the way. (Sings) # Advance Australia fair # A goal in the 36th minute somewhat dented Aussie spirits, at the same time leaving many questioning the decision. The goal came from a free kick which was never a free kick, to be honest, and Recoba is always dangerous from set pieces and the delivery was fantastic and the guy got away from his mark and got it in at the back post. For 90 minutes the atmosphere was tense across the country but despite the defeat

the lead up to Wednesday's return leg will be full of optimism. Australians at live venues, at pubs, at home, have to do whatever they can, you know, cross every appendage, just get it all for the team and get 'em home. While Australia is contemplating what might have been it's a different mood in the local Uruguayan community. But there is a tinge of sadness. We have a bit of a divided sort of sense of loyalty

because we would prefer not to be against Australia because this is our adopted country. The Socceroos' specially chartered flight is already in mid-air. Preparations for the return leg in Sydney now well under way. Glen Lauder, Ten News. Another driveway tragedy involving a toddler - that story when Ten News returns. Also, the tough penalty faced by a market garden owner, accused of organising illegal cockfights. And the golden gun once owned by Saddam Hussein goes on show.

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Try Domino's new dimension of flavour now. MAN: Domino's. She had to pay back six grand! What? She was living with a guy and she didn't tell Centrelink. If you don't tell Centrelink when your circumstances change, you'll have to pay back money and you could be prosecuted. Two young sisters have been killed in a car accident in northern New South Wales. A prime mover smashed into the back of the family's Toyota sedan as it drove along the Gwydir Highway. The girls, aged three and six, died on the scene. Their mother and father escaped with minor injuries but were taken to Inverell Hospital. Police have so far been unable to interview either the distraught parents or the shattered truck driver. A Sydney toddler has died after being run over by a bobcat. The 2-year-old's father was working on a driveway when he accidentally struck the boy who suffered massive internal injuries. He was treated at the scene and airlifted to Westmead Children's Hospital. The child underwent emergency surgery but died a short time later.

Police have busted an illegal cockfight in Adelaide's north. A market garden staging the cruel sport was raided just as the birds were about to do battle. Undercover police were welcomed into the fight - organisers assuming they were there to watch. Instead, they staged their own show. We seized 49 fighting spurs, which is an attachment they put on the feet of the cocks to perform in the fight, and various other paraphenalia such as strapping and tape and string. RSPCA officers removed 17 unharmed cocks. But dead birds, thought to be from previous fights, were also found. The property owner has been charged with organising the cockfight which carries a penalty of $10,000, or one year behind bars. 24 others were reported for attending. Cockfighting is considered a sport in some Asian cultures. In the Australian community we won't tolerate incidents of this nature, animals being subjected to harm or death for the pleasure of people. Several thousand dollars is believed to have been gambled on the death matches. Margie McLew, Ten News. An American drandmother is being hailed a hero after shooting a man who broke into her home. The petite 66-year-old took on the 6-foot bandit and won. When Susan Buxton got up to let the dog out an intruder snuck into her home. He popped out of there like a jack-in-the-box. While her granddaughter phoned police, Susan grabbed her gun. And I said, "Get down or I'll shoot". The intruder ignored repeated warnings and lunged for the pistol. Get down. GUN SHOT FIRES 22-year-old Chris Lessner was arrested trying to flee with a bullet wound in his leg. "You shot me!" He was out here screaming, "You shot me!" I said "I told you I was going to shoot you". The Texan grandmother won't be charged with a crime

because she has a licence to carry a handgun weapon and she shot the intruder in self-defence. She believes her life was saved by her beloved 38-calibre pistol. I keep it on my nightstand, I carry it in my purse. It is just the gun of choice around the house. In the United States, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

A golden gun fit for a president is the latest addition to Britain's Royal Armoury. The gold-plated AK-47 was seized from one of Saddam Hussein's palaces after his government was defeated by coalition forces. It's believed the 22-carat weapon belonged to the former dictator. But this is as close as you're likely to get to the gun. It'll be stored in the Armoury's underground vault which is not open to the public. The free ride extended for Sydney motorists using the Cross City Tunnel - that story when Ten News returns. Also, an Australian yachtswoman's remarkable journey to raise awareness about diabetes. And taking the plunge - a South Australian woman accepts a marriage proposal at 12,000 feet.

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If you see anything suspicious, call the 24-hour National Security Hotline and help protect Australia from terrorism. Call 1800 123 400. Trained operators take every call seriously, and you can remain anonymous. In breaking news, dramatic scenes in Melbourne after a high-speed car chase which lasted more than an hour. As police used a ladder to search balconies one suspect emerged from his hiding place and surrendered. He and another man were arrested after a stolen Holden sedan was dumped at a shopping centre. The police helicopter and patrols had pursued the car from county Victoria into the city. Along the way, the car crashed into at least two innocent motorists. The free ride for Sydney motorists taking the Cross City Tunnel continues.

Operators today extending the toll-free period. The move has been welcomed by the NSW Premier but he says the owners should now look at permanently lowering the fee.

and building good will with them, Providing motorists with incentives, sees more motorists using the roads. until the end of November. The tunnel is toll-free warnings It seems teenagers are ignoring about the dangers of too much sun. A study has found young people to the SunSmart message, aren't listening exposing themselves to skin cancer. in board shorts or a bikini A summer's day at the beach for most Aussie teens. is about as good as it gets shuns the sun, But 14-year-old Nellie Montague long sleeves and sunscreen. in favour of a hat, and leathery and have skin cancer I don't want to be wrinkly when I'm 30 not worth it in the long term. and I know the risks and it's the peer pressure to get a tan The keen surfer resists to a new Cancer Council study. but she's in the minority according deadly melanoma With the potentially in adolescents, the most common cancer alarm bells are ringing. the SunSmart message, While teens are hearing it appears many of them aren't heeding it. Despite knowing the risks, more than 60% say they'd like a tan.

A quarter of teenagers are getting sunburnt on a typical summer weekend and that's a real concern. than any other age group

and the fashion industry blamed Magazines, television a tan looks healthy. for a belief among teenagers of anti-cancer campaigners Solariums also in the sights and greater regulation. fuelling calls for age restrictions Unfortunately they are unregulated of solarium operators and unfortunately the majority

easy access into solariums. are allowing young people, teenagers

The Cancer Council says is to provide teenagers one of the solutions with plenty of shady social areas, spreading the word. and people like Nellie I often try to stay out of the sun. During the middle of the day

and wear zinc and everything anyway I surf a lot so I wear a wet suit for me anyway. so it's not a big issue Gerald Scholten, Ten News.

for an Australian yachtswoman. An incredible feat tonight

Rosanne Milne back home sailing around the world after two years raising awareness about diabetes. and around 12,000 nautical miles It's taken more than two years

but today Rosanne Milne finally slipped into Sydney Harbour

and sailed under that famous bridge. A crowd of family and friends welcoming her home.

Rosanne and her husband David very happy to step on dry land and dock for the last time. It's so great to be home. It's just unreal.

for a long time, it's sensational. We've waited for this moment For 2.5 years, around the world, the duo has been sailing the Bahamas, Cuba and Panama. visiting 30 countries including about diabetes. Their mission - to raise awareness

through our journey It was really just to demonstrate can still live an adventurous life. that people with diabetes by diabetes That we don't need to be limited and the right management, and if we have the right approach that it's not a problem. She's got to be congratulated to other people, not to herself, because she's proved not only what she can do, even with diabetes. wasn't all smooth sailing. And the adventure an armed submarine, They've battled hurricanes, and a pirate attack. transmission problems I was back on dry land" I thought "I wish

to get some wind at the right time but we were lucky we managed and we were able to escape. We were very blessed. With her feet firmly on solid ground Rosanne's now looking forward to kicking back and relaxing. But another adventure may be just around the corner.

Absolutely. Would you do it again? Natarsha Belling, Ten News. for the annual 'Ride For Cancer' It was Harley heaven in Brisbane today. for the cause Hundreds of bikers came together very loud machines. and to show off their gleaming,

to raise more than $20,000 This year, the bikers are hoping for the Queensland Cord Blood Bank. Cord blood is an effective alternative to bone marrow transplants other blood disorders in children. in the treatment of leukaemia and The weather's next with Ryan Phelan. and then it's 'Sports Tonight' of the Socceroos loss this morning? And Ryan, what do we make talk to Well Tracey, it depends on who you or a negative as to whether it's a positive in Sydney. going into Wednesday's return leg We chat to coach Guus Hiddink and ex-coach Frank Farina about the 1-0 loss. from the match Plus all the highlights It's a busy show - the Wallabies, the Kangaroos and everything else in the sporting zoo is coming up next.

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be a late shower in Adelaide To South Australia and there will but mostly sunny in Port Lincoln. and Victor Harbor sunny in Perth and Broome. Across to WA and it will be mostly An Adelaide skydiver has taken the plunge in more ways than one. 12,000 feet up and set to jump,

Alicia Lewis received a marriage proposal from her boyfriend waiting below. There's no words to describe the feeling of jumping out of a plane and getting told that, well proposed to - was just all too much. For the record, she said yes. That brings you up to date with the latest news. The late bulletin tonight is at 10:40pm.

Stay around for 'Sports Tonight' with Ryan Phelan. I'm Tracey Spicer. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. This program is captioned live. Hello, everyone. I'm Ryan Phelan. I'm sure you're all a little bleary-eyed from all the sport in the last 24 hours. Let's wrap it all up. It's not what we wanted, but it's not over yet. Will we wake up on Thursday with our World Cup dream realised or will it again be a nightmare? All the highlights from the match in Montevideo. We'll chat to the coach and the ex-coach. Can we do it? Well, the verdict may be out on the Socceroos. The jury's in on the Wallabies. And they are guilty of being very, very ordinary,