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(generated from captions) A Sydney mother pleads for help Tonight -

burned and left for dead. after her daughter was bashed, as a terror suspect faces court. Police and supporters out in force from a Bali jail Michelle Leslie set to walk free Michelle Leslie set to walk free

as early as next week. to honour the fallen And Australians pause on Remembrance day. This program is LIVE captioned. This is Seven News with Ian Ross. Good evening. is in hospital with critical injuries An 18-year-old woman at her Northmead home, after being bashed tied up, and doused in petrol. public help to find the attacker, Her mother has pleaded for

may be suffering from burns. who police believe This is Lauren Huxley. She's beautiful, popular in a critical condition. and tonight, in Westmead Hospital so innocent, The most beautiful girl, and she is never confrontational. as to why anyone would hurt her. We are at a complete loss

blaze at her family's Northmead home. after firefighters extinguished a Lauren was found

on the garage floor. She was unconscious Her hands were tied serious head injuries. and she'd suffered Lauren had been doused in petrol. she suffered terrible burns. A family friend says this assault the person who committed We are confident that

is suffering some burns to his body. the 18-year-old marketing student These pictures show at Baulkham Hills TAFE boarding her bus and later, from home. getting off just a few hundred metres

Wednesday afternoon. That was just after 2 o'clock After that, that lasts for more than two hours. there's a blank window of time

what happened It's crucial that the police find out between Lauren's arrival home and her house catching fire. Neighbours are devastated. that would want to hurt Lauren. There is just nobody She's just a beautiful person. Lauren

is yet to regain consciousness. Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000. Anyone with information should call to the police, Please give any information you think it is. no matter how insignificant of a missing Sydney toddler The father for her return. has made a public appeal from her bedroom early yesterday, Rahma el-Dennaoui disappeared for her welfare. and police now hold grave fears hasn't seen his youngest daughter Hosyan el-Dennaoui for more than 40 hours.

Rahma is just 19 months old. if anyone know anything, (broken English) Please, can they contact the police station. We worry about her. She never leave home by herself. This is first time. sometime yesterday morning. Rahma disappeared from her bedroom

with four sisters. She shared the room They don't know what happened to her, any significant progress. and police haven't made

we've last seen a 19-month-old baby. It's a day and a half since it doesn't get any graver than that. In our terms, has taken over the investigation. The State Crime Command It's being helped and the Child Protection Unit. by the Serious Crime Squad at the sex crimes register Detectives are looking who live locally. to see if there are any offenders Police haven't ruled it out, Rahma was taken or escaped but they now think it's unlikely but they now think it's unlikely

of her bedroom window. through the broken flyscreen on the back door of the house, Instead, they're focusing which was left unlocked. to a 2km radius, but it looks grim. The search has been extended With the help of SES volunteers, drains and swimming pools. they've been checking creeks, at 9 o'clock tonight The operation will be called off nowhere else to look. because there's simply Thank you to everyone. Thank you. has been refused bail A Sydney terror suspect a range of alarming allegations, despite his lawyer denying that could be used to make a bomb. including possession of chemicals didn't apply for bail, His alleged co-conspirators arrested overnight while another suspect will be extradited to Melbourne. ringed Central Local Court Dozens of police

on terrorism charges. as suspects prepared to appear without incident, Family and friends turned up,

but not without threat. only one man applied for bail - In the end, Mirsad Mulahalivocic, 29-year-old painter via video-link from Silverwater Jail. The Crown alleges between suspects over the past month. he took part in covert meetings Mulahalivocic was allegedly present were purchased, when plastic caps and PVC pipe hydrochloric acid at his home. and police claim to have found argued But his lawyer, Philip Bolton SC, that means there was no evidence to suggest for terror purpose. he was preparing to use the items alleged trips to country NSW, He said his client did not attend surveying any particular target. and there was no evidence he was arrested in western Sydney overnight Another man, Izzydeen Apik, also appeared. his extradition. Victoria Police successfully sought

It's alleged he acted as a go-between terror cells. for the Sydney and Melbourne the Australian legal system, I have a lot of faith in it would not fail my brother. and I'm very confident they're already arrested a suspect Police aren't revealing whether vehicle found yesterday. in connection with a fire-bombed he's fled overseas. But they have denied reports what was planned. It's still now known originally made public, A police statement of facts, was suppressed late this afternoon. could be released from jail next week Sydney model Michelle Leslie after prosecutors revealed a three-month sentence. they will only seek The 24-year-old told the court the two ecstasy tablets she didn't know were in her bag. by a friend called Mia. Leslie claims they were put there Leslie started taking the drug A psychiatrist says after leaving home as a teenager. to cope with stress and anxiety to the people of Indonesia I'd like to apologise very much in their country. for having a problem Leslie will be back in court on Tuesday. Doctors at Royal North Shore the number of operations they perform have been ordered to slash the number of operations they perform because the hospital is running out of money. And it's feared the cutbacks will cause a brain drain,

with one top surgeon already quitting in disgust. Each year hospitals strike performance agreements with the government. But when they work harder than expected, helping too many patients, they shouldn't expect a pat on the back. That's not the case in many public hospitals. If you're doing too much work and exceeding your targets, that's costing the system too much money. For the second year in a row, Royal North Shore is costing too much money. Just months into the financial year, it's $5 million over-budget. Now doctors are being told to cut back on surgery. What they have to do is balance their surgical activity to meet the agreed targets. One top surgeon has already quit the hospital, and now he's quit the country. Spinal neurosurgeon Laki Sekhon moved to the US six weeks ago. The final straw - cancellation of surgery for two patients facing paralysis.

His parting letter said - This doctor was one of the best in the world and now we've lost him. My understanding is that many of the surgeons at Royal North Shore are seriously contemplating leaving the public hospital system. But health officials have assured patients surgery isn't being cut back, just slowed down a little to make sure budgets stay on target. The Queen may not have had a hand in the sacking of Gough Whitlam, but on its 30th anniversary, she's been given a dismissal of her own. Ashfield Council has turned its back on Her Majesty voting to pull down her official portrait. Well may they say "God save the Queen"... CROWD CHEERS ..because nothing will save the Governor-General. But for the love of Gough, Ashfield Council's not saving the Queen either. Snubbing the sovereign to mark the dismissal anniversary, the Queen's portrait in council chamber

is being replaced with modern art. We are doing our little bit to move Australia towards the reality that I think a vast number of our citizens actually want. But not everyone's happy. How can this possibly happen? This is part of us, this is part of our heritage. We owe everything to the Queen. Ashfield is modern and multicultural, but the mayor's office has been flooded with complaints. I think it's a bit disrespectful. Good on Big Betty, you know? that's my nickname for her. Mr Whitlam doesn't want to comment,

Mr Whitlam doesn't want to comment, but his wife does. I think it's going a bit too far. But at the same time,

I suppose I should take it as a very nice gesture - one of continuing love.

Bob Carr says they should blame the then Governor-General. Kerr plotted against his own Prime Minister. The Queen would never have done that. It's silly to take this out against the Queen. It's a pretty small picture, really,

but enough to cause quite a lot of fuss here at Ashfield Council. But there is one last hope for Her Majesty. There's another vote in two weeks time, and, until then, the Queen stays. Australians have paused to remember the end of the World War I, 87 years on. It's also the end of an era -

the first Remembrance Day without any serving veterans from the Great War. It's been 87 years, yet still a nation remembers. LAST POST PLAYS Thousands gathered at memorials across the country on the day the guns fell silent at the end of World War I. Wreaths were placed at cenotaphs, flags flown at half-mast. For some, the emotion was all too much. And at the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month, a moment's silence to honour those who made the ultimate sacrifice.

CLOCK CHIMES Today's services, however, represent a new era, with the passing of our last serving World War I veteran, Lieutenant William Allan, just weeks ago. Tributes, too, for the 11 servicemen and women who died in duty this year. It is our privilege and our duty to ensure that their great sacrifice continues to be remembered and honoured. And that we will. At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them. Ahead in Seven News - on its way to Sydney. The world's biggest passenger plane on its way to Sydney. Also, police warn of a drinking crackdown as the schoolies party begins. And hundreds of metres above Bondi, Seven's Grant Denyer takes a leap of faith. To keep decorative lights tidy, wrap them around plywood. Clear bud lights from $8.95. Mitre 10. All the help you need. get 20% off clothing, 20% off sleepwear and 20% off footwear. LAUGHTER Whatever your project, big or small, Mitre 10 can help keep costs down with unbeatable prices because we'll beat a lower everyday price by 10%, Mitre 10 - all the help you need. Andie Kearns, the daughter of Rugby great Phil Kearns, has been taken off life support and is making good progress in hospital. The 19-month-old is now breathing on her own and is able to interact with her family. She'll soon be moved out of intensive care. Andie was badly injured last month when she was accidentally run over.

HSC students are rejoicing - the exams have finished and the parties have started. But as schoolies gets under way, pubs and liquor stores have been warned to stay alert for underage drinkers. The moment year 12s waited for has finally arrived - the last day of exams for more than 65,000 students. Bit relieved. It's bloody amazing! Bit relieved, bit relieved. Glad it's all over. Mixed emotions. It's been so hard, the HSC. But then now, we can relax. And party, as tens of thousands head north for Schoolies Week. You know, drunken revelry, you know, that sort of stuff. REPORTER: You're looking forward to getting drunk? Yeah, I am. Queensland police warn anyone who breaks the law will be dealt with.

The excessive use of alcohol, drinking in public, the use of drugs won't be tolerated. Hotels and bars are also being targeted by authorities, with a series of random inspections, but publicans say they're ready because they deal with Schoolies Week every year. The Greenwood in North Sydney has long been popular for school leavers and those whose HSC is a dim memory. Cheers! Whoo-hoo! Hotels serving underage drinkers face heavy fines. The staff are very good at picking the fake IDs. We're very vigilant at the front door. We have very good systems. They're very good kids. Many hope they'll still have reason to celebrate after the HSC results come out on December 16. A new drug used to treat prostate cancer is also showing positive results in the treatment of Alzheimers. Trials of the experimental drug Flurizan show it can help stop the progression of the disease. When they were being treated for prostate cancer, their Alzheimers slowed down. Researchers say they'll continue to study the long-term effectiveness of the treatment. A passenger jet has touched down in London

after the longest flight in history. The Boeing-777 flew east form Hong Kong, weaving a path over the United States and on to London.

The 21,000km journey took almost 23 hours, a century after the first distance record was set. 100 years ago, almost to the date, the Wright brothers flew their distance record of 24.5 nautical miles. And the latest model from Boeing's arch rival, Airbus, is on its way to Australia. The double-decker A-380 can carry 550 passengers. It flies into Sydney on Sunday morning. Sunrise weatherman Grant Denyer is still recovering after hitting a real high-pressure trough at Bondi this morning. He turned stuntman with an amazing world-record bungee jump. Is it okay to cry two days in a row? For a little bloke, it was a long way down to Bondi. And in the moments when he wasn't on air this morning, Grant Denyer did look worried. That's New Zealand bungee pioneer AJ Hackett next to him, and he looked worried too. I cannot believe we are doing this. But they did. Okay. Here we go! Okay. You ready?

(screams) Oh, my God. He's gone down?

Yeah! Yeah, yeah, yeah! 250 metres, a quarter of a kilometre - a world record for a tandem bungee jump. The only thing that quit was Grant's microphone. But if you look carefully, on the way down we think he's saying, "Oh, my God. Oh, my God. That is awesome,"

plus some other stuff we won't go into. I do apologise. If anybody can lip-read out there, I do apologise. Interesting ride to the beach, upside down. Now, Grant, where are they dropping you? Um, I don't know, but hopefully it will be somewhere near that topless bather. CHEERING "Just insane", Grant called it. Yeah! And said he felt taller. You are a champ! It was a big stretch. Time for sport with Matt White. And a warning for the Socceroos?

you alright, mate? Over that? I

reckon you could do that. One of the best players in the world reckons Uruguay is the dirtiest team in football, but the Socceroos are ready to show their true colours. Also tonight, a fiery crash in Rally Australia.

Brazilian soccer star Ronaldo has branded Uruguay one of the dirtiest teams in the world and says Australia should expect anything from the South Americans on Sunday.

It's a sombre warning as the Socceroos prepare to leave their training base and face their fears in Montevideo. Few things matter more in this beautiful European style city than soccer. And from an early age, it's about winning.

Walk into any bar or restaurant, and prepare for an argument. Australia is going to win, yeah. We're going to the World Cup. My friend... intelligent! On their last training day in Buenos Aires, the Socceroos welcomed back injured star Marco Bresciano. I'll see if Bresciano is available. I doubt it, because we have to see what he can do today in training. The Aussies will arrive in Montevideo tomorrow under heavy guard, avoiding the main entrance to the airport where they were jostled four years ago. But they should still expect a rowdy reception. When empty,

the Centenario seems pretty modest compared to Australian stadiums. But packed with 70,000 to 80,000 soccer-crazed Uruguayans, it's considered one of the toughest venues in world soccer - a fact the Aussies know too well. I can't see that being a problem. We're a strong team and we'll try not to let them upset us.

Today, Uruguay trained behind closed doors. Brazilian star Ronaldo warned the Aussies that Uruguay will resort to dirty tactics to win. Like I said, we can dish it out, given the opportunity, but we'll try and concentrate on our football first. Wallabies coach Eddie Jones has swung the axe as he tries to halt a six-game losing streak, dropping Matt Giteau to the bench for Sunday morning's Test against England. Mat Rogers is the new fly-half, while Drew Mitchell, Mark Gerrard, John Roe and Hugh McMeniman all get a start. Wendell Sailor and Rocky Elsom have been axed from the 22. The world champions at Twickenham may seem a daunting task for the out-of-form Wallabies, but Mat Rogers can't wait. He's been given a crack at fly-half, and he's revealed he wants the job all the way through to the World Cup. I certainly don't want to be like a quick fix and something short-term.

Given the opportunity, I want to, you know, try and hold down a position for a long time. And the criticism from back home has struck a nerve with this side, determined not to go down as the "woeful Wallabies". We're a national side and we're not performing.

Australia likes winners.

Rogers takes over from Matt Giteau, while, as expected, Wendell Sailor's gone altogether, with Mark Gerard to get a start on the wing. I haven't actually been to Twickenham. I've been in England before. Lasted four days in the last spring tour, so I've done a little bit better this year, which is good. Jones silenced his critics this time last year when the Wallabies bounced back from the loss against France to beat England here at Twickenham for the first time since 1998, and he needs his side to do the same now to save his skin. The spirit's still on fire inside me because I know - I know that, you know, we can play good football, we can create opportunities. We just need to - you know, once we break the drought, I think we'll get a flood of points. To racing, and Max Presnell is tipping at Sandown tomorrow. Max likes race 7, number 1 - Testifiable. And a real case of crash and burn at Rally Australia in WA today. Swede Daniel Carlsson had just begun stage 3, south of Perth, when his Peugeot slid off the road and went deep into the trees. The car burst into flames, but both Carlsson and his co-driver escaped without injury. That's

good news. Things to do on the

weekend - Sunday 1am, Australia

versus England, live on severen,

and a bungy jump for Roscoe. In

your dream. Thank you, Matt. Nuala has Sydney's weather after the break, but first, finance. The share market ended the week higher. Seven Network gained

after predicting a 40% rise in first-half profit. Good evening. We've had some beautiful weather for Remembrance Day here in Sydney today. Sunny skies, cooling onshore winds

and pleasant tops just a little below average for this time of year. A cool change moved through last night, making it much better weather for sleeping, thought it was extra cool in the mountains where Katoomba dropped to a wintry 5. The sun was out to help daytime tops settle comfortably in the lower 20s along the coast. Closer to 26-27 further westwards. While hot and moist air is still generating storms over northern Australia, a large area of high pressure has moved in to stabilise conditions over our State, with mild south-easterly winds gradually tending north-easterly. Compared to the sultry nights we've had this week, tonight will feel quite cool. Then staying fine and mostly sunny tomorrow, with pleasant tops in the mid-20s. Another very user-friendly day on Sunday, perhaps just a bit more cloud about. 24 again in town. 26 further westward. Sunnier and a little warmer Monday ahead of some showers on Tuesday, returning Thursday. This fine weather will keep pollen levels up high this weekend. If you're free tonight, the Rocks Market by Moonlight will kick off soon, with some great local music. Diesel and Michael Spiby from the Badloves tonight, Wendy Matthews and Jon Stevens the next two Friday.

Looks great. We're on the way down. And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. Thanks for your company. Goodnight. Hello, and welcome to Today Tonight. I'm Naomi Robson. Now, how's this? This man is paid $16,000 an hour - that's 1,000 times more than the average Aussie worker's hourly rate. How can anyone be worth that much? Well, we will try to find out shortly. Plus, the secret is out with a real estate rebel taking out ads to warn home-owners how they're being conned. Also, how a teenage party turned into a riot. And stopping the brain drain - the latest research which shows how you can improve your mind. But first, to our highest paid CEO.