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(generated from captions) Welcome to A Current Affair. Hello again. at a public building? How's this for security guards are too busy Instead of looking out for trouble, to make secret sex tapes. using surveillance cameras for home hey ll never see. Also tonight, battlers paying for homes they'll never see.

this shameless fraud? So why can't the law stop turns shark hunter - Plus, Crocodile Hunter Steve Irwin to save them of course. And the dress every woman wants An t e dress very woman wants

no matter what your shape or size. This program is captioned live. of some dopey Government grants - We'll also have some examples you'll shake your head at them. But first - that dress - all over the world. the galaxy dress that's in big demand Why? who tries it on loves what she sees. Well, it seems every woman Roland Mouret dress Jocette, this is the last in the Australian galaxy. Knock 'em dead. Thank you, darling. Eye-catching, yes. number is so much more. But it seems this figure-hugging but this is like a major frenzy. I've seen minor frenzies, It's a global frenzy. Even Dubai have gone nuts! happen for a long time. I haven't seen a commotion like this and if you tune into the hype, It's called the galaxy dress, out of this world. its appeal is apparently What's so special about this dress? has become a must-have. I think this dress It's really pioneered a new glamour, of women's femininity. it's championed a revival

as people are saying it is? Is this dress really as special yeah. I'd say it's cut quite brilliantly, why even celebrities can't get enough And that might explain And that might expla n

of French designer Roland Mouret. of the latest creation from 'Harpers Bazaar' says Jamie Huckbody women worldwide are sold on the idea for all body types. that it's the dress A lot of women don't like the tops of their arms

because they might not be toned up, so here he's gently covered them up. But here, this shoulder line of the waist accentuates the tininess the decolletage. and the square neckline emphasises to flatten the stomach, It's also said trim the thighs nip the waist, lift the bottom, and the length flattens the calves. $2,220. But it comes at a price - a big one. for that dress? Would you pay that money Um, no. No. to respond there. Gee, you're pretty quick It's out of my range. But you look beautiful. What do you think of the dress? Do you like it? Love the figure better. Do you like this dress? It's very, very nice, this dress. It's fantastic, it's wonderful. but I don't know about the dress. The wearer looks nice, Oh, you don't like the dress? No, it's very nice. This dress is the new 'in' thing. No, it's very nice. It's just sheer extravagance. dying every day. I mean, there are people in India I mean, why pay $2,000 for that? So you quite like this dress? Yeah, it's hot, definitely. And you'd buy it for your girlfriend? Yeah, definitely. that might prove difficult. But in our orbit, left in the country. This is the only Roland Mouret in Melbourne. We found it at Cactus Jam on the body of the woman - It's literally built and the dress as well. that's what makes him special the only Sydney stockists, At Parlour X, the phones haven't stopped ringing. I had a call from the UK yesterday over there. because it's a now a sell-out to calling Australia They've now resorted to see if there's any chance that they can get a dress. And store owner Eva Galambos says the new version,

made in stretch cotton and dubbed titanium, has already sold out. It's due to land in Australia in February. It's beyond me to think of how many people are on that waiting list. I mean, I have no idea what their socioeconomic background is, but it it seems to not faze anybody.

for its price tag. I do think it's very good on a Gucci dress You can spend up to $6,000

and it does feel fantastic. and this is very, very well made What sort of woman could afford this? with a very luxurious shopping list, I think a woman a generous husband, to invest in fashion. or a woman who's not frightened Helen Kapalos there. on the galaxy dress at our website. And you'll find more information how to buy a cheaper version. I'd be nice to find out the eye of surveillance cameras OK, every day, most of us come under in public places. those cameras to be protecting us, You expect the people monitoring they're guarding. protecting the property

is for them to be perving on people The last thing you expect and taping the results. of a video circulating I became aware at the cultural centre one evening. of two couples engaged in intimacy We've had to distort and disguise this vision not only to protect the identity of the two lovers, but to hide its lurid detail. The scandal of this tape is that it was taken off government security camera vision by Queensland State Government security personnel using their high-tech security video monitoring equipment to perv on anyone and everyone. on people's personal parts, Zooming in at picnics, young families at outings, the cleavages of their tops and they would look down to look up their skirts or use different camera angles and things like that. Are the cameras that good?

Oh yeah, and they're in colour. and when I say zoom in, They would zoom in on it, a bus ticket. they could virtually read

arts and cultural precinct Here at Brisbane's alone, in Brisbane's South Bank Parklands highly sophisticated cameras. there are 240 to look out for crime - But they weren't being used they were committing them. and I used to pull them up for it. They'd perv, outright perv, were all involved John Miscable, Geoff, Steve and Dave Protective Security Service in the Queensland Government's and its management. They all witnessed fellow officers salivating over what had been recorded. I know they have watched rowers going up there before,

looking for wet shirts. They can see into the buildings across the river. There are a lot of very, very attractive young ladies entering in and on the premise walking through - a lot of people go there for picnics, to look a little bit closer. so there is a propensity Even in the Queensland Museum, weren't safe from their depravity. people looking at the exhibits Even in the Queensland Museum these cameras to perv on people? the security staff could use Yes, and it happened all the time. instead of doing their jobs, And in the dead of night, up to? what else was the security porn squad on the Internet They were logged onto porn of their 12-hour shift. for between 7, 9, 10 hours They're the lowest form of animal. They're pathetic. and they're not doing it. They're paid to do a job I believe they think they're untouchable and they're a protected species. Protected, you ask? Well, I guess what happened when these four tried to get this gross behaviour investigated and stopped. Nothing. Nothing? Nothing! No demotions, no-one was shifted off site, they just continued on. We heard someone was promoted. And yet when these three went to their superiors - At the meeting, Steve and I were threatened if we revealed anything at that meeting. Who made that threat? Someone higher than us. The Government Protective Security Service comes under the Department of Public Works. Even its minister, Rob Schwarten, has been told what's been going on. But still nothing has been done.

I do have sources who have informed me it's got worse. They've done nothing. They came after us. They moved us, separated us all, basically anything they could do to hinder us. I think the best term I could use is shafted. Three of these whistleblowers have, or about to be, hit with what is known as Section 85s. The Queensland Government has had them forcibly examined by psychiatrists. to get rid of them and bury the truth. You do the right thing? Yes. Yes. And yet you're the only ones being punished?

Yes. I'll do it again tomorrow if I had to. Yeah, me too. David Margan with that story. That surveillance tape will be handed over to Queensland's Crime and Misconduct Commission for investigation. Alright, here's a bloke who has plenty of strikes against him - convictions for armed robbery, drug trafficking, assaulting police. Now, he's causing misery for battlers

who are just looking for a better life. He is shyster of the worst kind. Absolutely. Hello, Brendan. Brendan Clune. It's Channel Nine, Brendan. He's the Harry Houdini of house-hauling. Do you know where Brendan is? Brendan Clune, the man who lives in that house? Nope. Except this Houdini, Brendan Clune, has reversed the routine -

it's his customers who get tied up with dodgy contracts. Once he has their money, though, it's Clune who escapes. So he has disappeared. He has gone. Gone. Gone with the wind. Gone, with hundreds of thousands of dollars. I would like to see him disappear. This day, Clune did disappear - through the back door and over the back fence,

with his mate acting as cockatoo. I suppose you can understand him ducking and bobbing and weaving and generally being a swine given his history. Brendan Clune is a convicted bank robber and heroin trafficker, which earned him 13 years in jail. The latest con by this ex-con is selling houses to people and moving those houses to country areas. Like him, it's dodgy. Hi. Leave your name, number and short message and I'll return your call. I have been told that he knows a lot of very bad people and to be careful. Tanya Damooras didn't know that Of course, single mother

for a house. when she paid Clune $40,000 to her block of land It was supposed to be moved here at Hepburn Springs in Victoria. What's this place, Tanya? This is his offices here he stores the houses. and this is where Is your house here? No. Where is your house? I have no idea. is Classic Period Homes Clune's company there's not a lot of class here. but, as you can see, of around $45,000 There was a capital injection effectively going to fall down. to get it to the stage that it was at Loch Sport in Gippsland got this. For his $45,000, Paul Dowling just to make the house safe It's cost me in excess of $30,000 from what they left me. what's the hold-up? Come on, Brendan, He is an armed robber. he's lower than a snake's arse. Brendan Clune, And that is very low. from country NSW, Anthony and Sue Nunn, are $20,000 worse off after meeting Clune. I wouldn't let him push my lawnmower. Brendan Clune should not be able to practise anywhere. Doing anything. who is doing what to stop him? Which raises the question - building commissioner. Tony Arnell is Victoria's very seriously. We are treating the matter gathering evidence We are currently out there what is going on, and, when we discover the full force of the law. these matters will be given Clune has already been fined $20,000 he had insurance. for falsely claiming He didn't. you lost $40,000 to Clune? So what do you think of the fact It's absolutely atrocious. What can I say? It's terrible. Excuse me, what's going on here? about Brendan Clune. We are from Channel Nine Oh yeah, what's he done this time? What's your involvement? on the property. Well, he owes us some rent who've been swindled by Clune. We know of at least 12 people this home-grown Houdini All of them want back behind bars. He's well behind in the rent. A few grand? Yes, quite easily. What do you think of that? Not very good, especially when he won't answer the calls. I may have to come change the locks on the gate, I think. Are you scared of him? Yeah, I am, actually. why are you talking to us? If you're so scared, after client after client I know he's signing up client mother being signed up recently, and when I heard of another single story. that was when I wanted to do this simple as that. Brendan Clune is a con man, This is attempted number 11. Hello, Brendan. It's Martin - again. now tell us Victoria's Building Commission against Brendan Clune. they've examined 11 new complaints they're having trouble finding him. But, like us, enough money these days Governments never seem to have like hospitals. for essential services to hand out crazy grants So how come they still afford who specialise in rotting food for things like artists wait for it - ants. and, now, a study of - It is bizarre. But like a lot of bizarre research,

translated into more useful things. it gives you insights that can be Martin Burd is an ants man. brood piles underneath. There's galleries, chambers, for the past four years, After studying them the Melbourne scientist now believes ants can teach us a thing or two about traffic. Ants can organise themselves into very efficient flows of traffic any kind of central organisers. and they do this without having they don't need traffic lights, Martin says ants are so smart,

to go about their daily lives. traffic cops, or any controls I see nothing but chaos. Martin, when I look down there, us with our traffic flow? How are these things supposed to help but it adds up to order - It certainly looks like chaos, at a different level. a $240,000 grant of taxpayer money Martin has just received to test his theory. money for the ultimate benefit. This is probably relatively small millions of dollars every year. Traffic congestion in cities costs

even a little bit, And if you can relieve it, in terms of time, the savings in terms of petrol,

economically valuable. can actually be quite If u t ink an ants grant is odd, If you think an ants grant is odd,

from the Government for this. how about getting money received $145,000 of public grants Brisbane artist Franz Erhman has in the past nine years to regurgitate milk, for this latest exhibition, and a further $15,000 which features rotting food. $15,000 for this single art exhibition of rotting food could buy 12 cataract operations or it could buy three hip replacements or even 100 people could have their skin cancers removed in the public hospital system. and former president of the AMA. Ingrid Tall is a Queensland doctor

She wonders about our priorities taxpayers' money. when it comes to distributing this kind of art exhibition And now a cash injection into

some Queenslanders would probably rile for their buck - who think - that have better bang removed off the waiting list actually seeing some people and being treated in hospitals. The poor taxpayer. be paid towards that sort of stuff, I don't think taxpayer money should not at all. It is upsetting as if it is rubbish, because it questions art if it shouldn't be funded. Franz Erhman, three years ago, We last spoke to the artist, in milk. when he defended his masterpieces It is not just anywhere art. this kind of here, there, It is very well thought-out. before I do them. I have to think about these things

for more ridiculous things, People pay more ridiculous money I suppose. Art is at least something good. But for some, a better-quality, better-funded health system

would be even better. Maybe you could do a live surgical demonstration in an art gallery,

maybe a live cataract operation to some people, and it may sound macabre art exhibition but others think that rotting food as well. could be a little bit tasteless Science is a long way from art, ants won't be clearing our highways and while Martin Burd concedes or even five years, in the next year, is money well spent. he maintains his grant Yes, it can seem bizarre of a research project, when you just look at the title can tell us about human societies. or wonder what on earth ants There are these connections, though,

does pay off in the long run. and a bit of clever research Ben McCormack there. example of government funding - Maybe you're angry about some other or mis-funding. Please let us know about it through an email. Or drop us a line. Still to come - an update on the dog that drives neighbours mad by barking 13,000 times a day. Up next - Steve Irwin and a switch in passion from crocs to sharks. Live just 15 minutes to the heart of the city Welcome back to A Current Affair. Steve Irwin never does anything by half. So, when he decides to help save endangered sharks, you just know he's going to get right in amongst them. They are the apex predators.

They take care of everything in the food chain. If looks could kill, the grey nurse shark would be a man-eating monster. They got all their teeth, all their dentures, protruding outside their head, so they look fiercer. But looks can be deceiving, and croc hunter-turned-shark saver Steve Irwin is determined to convince all of us this terrifying predator is misunderstood. I guess it's my job to take you out and experience a big, lethal-looking shark. You're going to skip a couple of beats and your heart will be flat-out like a lizard drinking. Welcome to Wolf Rock, arguably home to the largest number of grey nurses in the world, 1 m f the Q ee sland coast, 1km off the Queensland coast, it's roughL open sea. I spent a week learning to dive for this story, and um, I can tell you now, I don't know that I'm ready for this. She does 't know what she's in for! She doesn't know what she's in for!

The truth was, I felt terrified. So thank goodness I was too busy trying to calm down my breathing to see this angry bloke swim to the surface directly under our legs. It's mating season, and he's letting us know we're interrupting. Getting to the grey nurses isn't easy. Kevin Phillips from Wolf Rock Dive led us through a breathtaking underwater obstacle course, dodging massive bull rays, giant Queensland gropers, scorpion fish, wobbegongs, as well as thousands of other harmless locals. It's very tranquil, very beautiful. And I feel very honoured to be allowed into their territory. Finally, 27m down, we were in shark pit. We were surrounded by eight of them. They circled us, they swam with us, and then they came at us. But not once did any of these grey nurse sharks try to hurt us. How's that one, that shark, that big female that came along and then went - boom - with her tail? Did you hear that big bang?

That's their "I'm upset" manoeuvre. They go - "Bang!" It's pretty scary. So ferocious-looking, grey nurse sharks were once thought to be man-eaters, hunted to near extinction in the '60s. Today, there are only 500 of these fish still alive in Australian waters, so this mating ritual is one Steve Irwin is desperate to protect. And how's that male following that girl around?

I thought they were going to mate at one stage. I'm thinking, "We're gonna get this shot." He was sure keen and she wasn't exactly telling him to bug off. Grey nurse sharks are now protected by law. Fishing is banned within the exclusion zones surrounding their habitat. Steve Irwin claims that's a joke. Here we are, only 200m from Wolf Rock. Now that's the legal limit in NSW.

That should be changed as quick as we can - get it out over 1km, preferably to 1.5km - that would be much safer for the sharks. Otherwise, you get this. There is a shark down there right now that has a couple of hooks in its gullet. The e's a swival There's a swival just out the corner of its mouth, and it's trailing about 5m of filament line.

Sadly, what makes these sharks even more attractive to illegal fisherman is the fact that they have two dorsal fins. You see, the going rate for shark fins is more than $120 a kilo, which makes the endangered grey nurse twice as valuable. Think about that next time you order shark-fin soup at your local Chinese restaurant. Cut his fins right off - look at that. The sharks are definned by rogue operators and thrown back alive, left to die on the ocean floor. and all the other millions of sharks I feel so sorry for this shark and all the other m llions of sharks that are gonna get their fins cut off this week. Sorry, mate. Steve Irwin believes the secret to saving the endangered grey nurse is for all of us to let go of our fear. Throw the gear on, go for a dive, and I think that is the way to build a fair dinkum love and passion for sharks. Believe me - if I can do it, so can you.

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It's a simple plan - cop no nonsense. With hooliganism out of control, police strike back - laying down the law on the streets.

And our cameras were given exclusive access to this crackdown on crime. (Bleep) The police action

draws a clear c ear li e

clear line in the sand - any

antisocial behaviour simply won't

be tolerated. It's the community be olerated. It's the community

be tolerated. It's the community be t le ated. It's the community who have spopbgen, not just the

who have spopbgen, not just the police. Enough is enough - step out

police. Enough is enough - step out police. Enough is enough - step out of line and suffer the consequences. Simon Bouda with that exclusive report tomorrow night. Look forward to your company then. Goodnight.

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