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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. shot by police is charged. Another raid as the terror suspect over a woman's death in hospital. The coroner's scathing criticism

as the State's economy slows. The Premier under pressure Good evening. Also tonight - engagement since becoming a mum. Princess Mary's first official

have appealed for calm Sydney's Muslim leaders in the wake of the terror raids, from young members of their community may have prevented an atrocity. which, it's claimed, involved in a shootout with police Their plea came as the suspect during a bedside court hearing. was charged Liverpool Hospital Heavy security surrounded

with several serious offences. as police charged Omar Baladjam two police officers, Shoot with intent to murder and a number of firearms offences malicious wounding guns that he had yesterday - in relation to the possession of two A part-time television actor, after allegedly firing at officers Baladjam was shot in the neck and injuring one in the hand. of assaults and a terrorist offence. He's also been charged with a number He's one of eight Sydney men charged raids. in a series of counter-terrorism at this house in Revesby. The operation ended last night There were no arrests collecting more evidence. but police spent the night Publicity about the raids calls to the National Terror Hotline. has been attributed to a doubling of to provide information Close to 80% were and this trend is continuing. about suspicious activities for the police yesterday, After strongly worded praise from a catastrophe, saying they may have saved Sydney showing legal caution. the State Government was today is still there. The presumption of innocence before the courts. These matters are now

was just as careful. And the Prime Minister I am, and will continue to be, a fair trial. because people are entitled to to achieve But that may be difficult under the current political climate. and irresponsible public officials Trial by media shooting from the lip.

describe the raids as Islamic community leaders and overkill. like a military operation

in the community It is creating sensation may react negatively. and some of our young the target of that anger. Police fear they may become are investigating Arson squad detectives of western Sydney's Islamic community whether radical elements of a patrol car are responsible for the fire-bombing Auburn Police Station last night. parked right outside and was able to put the fire out Police attended immediately

before it took hold. an expensive on-board computer. But not before destroying No-one was injured. Adam Walters, National Nine News. arrested in Melbourne Two of the terrorist suspects have been refused bail. their lawyers are worried As in Sydney, and politicians that comments by senior police clients' chances of a fair trial. could seriously jeopardise their has effectively been removed The presumption of innocence against these men. have not attempted to get bail. Seven other suspects in Melbourne in maximum security prison cells. All nine are now in Victoria today insisted The wife of one the arrested men he's done nothing wrong. I'm saying he is innocent. 45-year-old Abdul Benbrinka of the alleged terrorist cell. is said to be the spiritual leader will almost certainly be charged And a gang of men

on members of the media following an attack as terror suspects were appearing. outside a Melbourne court yesterday, Police are examining these pictures

of assault charges. and expect to lay a raft for scathing criticism Sydney's health system has come in

from a coroner, following the death of a woman emergency ward. in the toilets of a hospital failed Sharon Brophy, He found that Campbelltown Hospital and has recommended sweeping changes patients are treated. to improve the way too upset to talk. Sharon Brophy's family leaves, after the deputy coroner handed down Little wonder, into the 34-year-old's death. his damning findings

three times the recommended period The mother of two had been waiting to see a doctor in the cubical. when she was found lying face down complained of severe chest pains According to witnesses she'd but was told to wait her turn. Carl Milovanovich Today, deputy coroner saying: blamed the system for her death,

has introduced a number of changes Despite being told the hospital are treated, in the way emergency patients why it took a death the coroner wanted to know for any action to be taken. Earlier in the day, Dr Charles Pain, at the hospital, now the director of medical services and: admitted the system failed He told the coroner patient with chest pain the hospital can't admit every or staff. because there isn't enough beds by his side, But later, with the Health Minister that everything was being done Dr Pain said he was confident to try to avoid another tragedy. There are never enough staff. And the Health Minister announced recommendations that all the coroner's on new emergency procedures would be implemented. for what has happened. I'm very, very sorry Allison Langdon, National Nine News. have revealed Detectives on the central coast in her family home that a young girl found dead had suffered severe head injuries. was found by officers 3-year-old Chanel Bisingnani following a '000' call 1.5 weeks ago. said, to both the head of this child The injuries are significant, as I and they do include stab wounds. and all over the body

to investigate the youngster's death. Police have formed a special team is at risk tonight The State Government for sound economic management. of losing its reputation New figures show in terms of economic growth. NSW is actually coming last and Territories. compared to other States powerhouse of the nation's economy, For so long, NSW has been the but the latest Bureau of Statistics figures paint a much different picture - in the year to June, the NSW economy grew by just 1.1% - the slowest of any State or Territory. NSW is falling way behind and this is largely because of the economic vandalism we've seen from the Labor Government over the last 10 years. With the Budget already sliding into deficit, the slowdown puts further strain on the State's finances and makes it harder for the Government to increase spending on vital services such as transport, health and education. It's a big warning bell to Morris Iemma that he's got a major problem with the State Budget. But the Government hasn't stopped spending, today announcing $170 million worth of cuts to workers compensation premiums. The last thing Morris Iemma needs at the moment is the tag of a poor economic manager,

so the Premier's been quick to point to our triple-A credit rating, strong housing finance, exports and jobs growth as evidence that the NSW economy remains sound. There are a whole range of other figures that point to an economy performing well and a strong economy. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. An historic change has been approved to our justice system, to end the frustrating and expensive situations where one stubborn juror can prevent a verdict being reached. Criminal courts will accept majority verdicts of 11 to 1, even in murder cases. Last week a jury failed to reach a verdict o B uce Bur ell, in the high-profile case of Bruce Burrell accused of killing Sydney mother Kerry Whelan. For her then husband Bernie, life remains in limbo. It just leaves the whole matter up in the air, which means we have to hang on the way we've been hanging on for the last 8.5 years.

Reports suggest one dissenting juror stopped a unanimous decision, which is required in New South Wales.

Burrell will face a re-trial next year. 80 trials end in hung juries every year

but now the Government is overhauling the system, allowing convictions and acquittals if there's agreement by 11 of the 12 jurors. Very occasionally there is a rogue juror and it's not just me that thinks that. It's virtually impossible for us as victims to be able to move forward and to cope with whatever the outcome is going to be. In pushing ahead with the changes, the Government is ignoring the views of the Law Reform Commission. In this report, tabled in Parliament today, it recommends unanimous verdicts remain. The effect of this change is likely to lead to more innocent people being wrongly convicted. We think it's inconsistent with the proposition that the Crown has to prove its case beyond reasonable doubt. Nina Stevens, National Nine News. Just two days from the 30th anniversary of the dismissal of the Whitlam Government, former prime minister Paul Keating has offered a revealing view of those events back in 1975. Launching a new book about the dismissal, Mr Keating said if he'd been PM at the time, he would have promptly placed Sir John Kerr under house arrest. You can't have a position where some pumped-up bunyip potentate dismisses an elected government. At the time, Mr Keating was a junior minister and has since managed to maintain some of the rage. In France, a state of emergency is now in force, bringing curfews to many of the cities and towns where migrant youths have been running riot for almost a fortnight. But despite the lockdown, many defied the ban and came out once again to fight police. In Toulouse, rioters used Molotov cocktails as their answer to the French crackdown. The trouble accelerating there because of a visit by the right-wing Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, who called the young protesters scum. The French Government today formally re-enacted curfew laws, last used in 1961 against Algerian independence protests. The 12-day state of emergency gives local councils the discretion to impose curfews. But in this Paris area, a riot hotspot, the mayor told us curfews were just a political stunt. TRANSLATION: No, that's not the solution to this problem, it would have the opposite effect and make things worse. But most people in these neighbourhoods, the ones who aren't making the trouble, say curfews and hundreds of extra riot police on the street only punish them even more and compound a social problem that's been decades in the making. Ahmed Salimi is a snapshot of the crisis - a criminal record, unemployed, Muslim, angry, and now one of the rioters.

"Sack the government minister who calls us scum," he says, "and give me work. "That will stop the problem." But, like the curfews, a too simple solution to a deep-rooted problem. In Paris, Michael Usher, National Nine News. Less than a month after giving birth, Princess Mary has returned to official duties, joining Prince Frederik for the opening of Copenhagen's refurbished Tivoli Concert Hall. Later the couple attended a dinner for Norwegian Royalty before heading home to their baby boy, who is tipped to carry the name Christian and may be shown off to his Australian relatives on a tour next year. In the news ahead - dealing with a deluge that's causing millions in damage. And the convoy that helped capture a crook. Vogue four-piece solar light kit - $14.95. Ryobi angle grinder or impact drill - $39 each. Mops and skip bins are getting a heavy workout in the State's central-west as residents clean up millions of dollars damage. The town of Molong was worst hit, with almost everything under a metre ruined. The local supermarket lost 80% of its stock, leaving residents without some basic necessities. Last night the town of Eugowra came out to watch Mandagery Creek rise above the flood gauges. 750 residents were evacuated but the creek didn't reach the expected peak. The floodwaters have just peaked north of Adelaide, which has been hit by the same storm system. The Gawler River burst its banks, damaging about 100 homes, and more rain is forecast for tomorrow. An independent investigator has been appointed by the State Government to look into the NRMA's controversial new smash repair system. Angry repairers have again made their opposition loud and clear. It's an issue that's stirred bitter resentment. And as more than 100 smash repairers rallied outside the company's annual general meeting... (All chant) No more NRMA! ..a wall of police made sure there were no unwanted visitors. This is the old NRMA tactic

of trying to paint the body repair industry as a bunch of thugs. Instead, the insurer copped another verbal lashing over a scheme where it's preferred panel shops bid for repairs on line, with jobs going to the lowest quote. These guys have got a lot to answer for and I don't think they've got the answers, apart from greed. Repairers who've refused to sign up say they're being forced out of business. We can't afford to make repayments on our home, we're not getting the work, we're not getting the jobs. But it's the issue of safety that most concerns the Government,

which today announced an inquiry into claims the system has led to shoddy repairs. We want to make sure, the consumers of NSW, that if this system is put in place, it is safe. We're not convinced of that yet. We believe we've got the best repairer network in the country. NRMA Insurance says that's backed up by some 17,000 customers who've had vehicles repaired in the last four months. The vast majority, it says, are satisfied with both quality and service. Brad Schmitt, National Nine News. From the Seychelles, the first view of the damage to a cruise liner attacked by a boat load of rebels. The 'Seabourne Spirit' was hit by a series of rocket-propelled grenades in a failed hijack attempt off the Somalian coast. One crewman was injured by shrapnel, but the captain drove off the attackers with a device which fires off ear-splitting noise. A heavy windstorm has caused havoc for yachts in a transatlantic race, overturning two high-speed catamarans and dismasting other vessels. French helicopter teams had to rescue crewmen from the wrecks in the Bay of Biscay, after the storm hit the France to Brazil fleet with winds of 110km/h. In Los Angeles - a surprise for this fugitive as he tried to outrun police. Truckies had been asked to help out. They slowed down, then left a gap to tempt the driver. it was a trap - the rigs blocked his escape with a pincer movement, jamming the car until police came round to arrest their man. Lift-off on a mission to Venus - a Russian Soyuz rocket carrying a probe called the 'Venus Express'. Once the probe separates, she'll begin a five-month journey to Earth's so-called 'evil twin', a planet of similar size and composition to ours, but vastly different and dangerous. The robot probe will examine the out-of-control Greenhouse Effect on Venus, hoping to discover important information about climate change.

Ken with sport is next and an exclusive tonight - we have the Wallaby team for the Test against England. There's going to be plenty of debate on the sackings and selections. Also the Kangaroos in France pay their respects to the diggers. And on the beach, Kelly Slater wins another world surf title. This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $9 million. For more chances to win, ask for a Powerball Megapick. You could: Our water situation has taken a positive turn.

But conserving water is still a priority. Stage 1 water conservation measures are in place. How would the measures work for you if applied permanently? To have your say, call ACTEW or visit the website. George Gregan will live to fight another day as Australian skipper when the Wallaby side to play England is announced overnight. But National Nine News has received information about the Test side and Wendell Sailor's career may be over - he's been dropped from the team, which lost to France. Other surprises include the axing of Matt Giteau from the run-on side,

while Rocky Elsom is also out of the squad. It's been a stellar career for big Wendell Sailor, but tonight, the dream may be over. Nurtured and supported by coach Eddie Jones, Sailor only just scraped into the touring party,

and now he's a victim of the Wallabies' terrible run. Sailor's already been told of his dumping, as has Matt Giteau, another Jones favourite. He'll survive on the bench. His place at number 10 will be taken by utility Mat Rogers - the Wallabies' best back against France. Other significant inclusions in the squad include Mark Gerrard, Hugh McMeniman, Scott Fava, and Tatafu Polota-Nau. Gregan's inclusion isn't a huge surprise. Nine News understands he's virtually been promised a place in the Test team for the entire tour as he struggles to save his career. He is the best captain in world rugby I've ever seen. And that's a fair statement, because I've been captained by John Eales. Gregan's former coach, David Nucifora, thinks it's time for him to go. I think that we should probably give Matt Henjak a start at nine. I do believe that he deserves an opportunity. Wallaby boss Gary Flowers was more interested in putting Jones on notice. Eddie has a contract till 2007. As with anyone in coaching or in business, people aren't given guarantees for two or three years about their position. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. The Socceroos have suffered another injury scare as the build-up for the battle with Uruguay intensifies. Midfielder Vince Grella limped from training after a heavy tackle. Now that coach Guus Hiddink has his complete squad in camp, the build-up will intensify from tomorrow. The first two days have been light and the Grella mishap isn't considered serious - he's only interested in talking up the game. We just have to stick together, I think that's an important thing, of us sticking together and being a strong unit and we should be OK. A decision on whether the kick-off will be brought forward to help Uruguay could come later tonight. We are here now in Argentina trying to prepare the best way possible and go in there a day before the game. And a history lesson for the Kangaroos about the Somme battlefields - the Aussies take on France this weekend and this visit was an inspiration. To see the Australians and what sort of men they were. We're only playing sport but they were life and death and it's just a tremendous honour to come out hear. Buderus takes over the captaincy from the injured Darren Lockyer. Replacement Craig Wing is expected to join his team-mates tomorrow and is likely to be rushed in for this weekend's game. We probably need a back-up in the halves now, just in case anything happens there, but he'll get his head around it and get over here and play really well. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. Ricky Ponting has gone in to bat for Michael Hussey to retain his spot for the second cricket Test against the West Indies in Hobart. At the launch of his new book, Ponting also gave the strongest hint yet that Stuart MacGill will get a run, despite the absence of all-rounder Shane Watson. Lee and Warne, I think, are almost all-rounders. You know, there's those things we've got to consider going into Hobart - Hobart will present us with the opportunity to play maybe five bowlers. One of the great things about sport is seeing a legend at their very best, such as American Kelly Slater, who has re-written surfing history. He's won his seventh world title on a Brazilian beach, watching from the stands, as other results went his way. The 33-year-old has gone one better than Aussie Lane Beachley, who's won six world crowns. Slater was immediately on the phone to his Mum and celebrated with some crowd surfing.

I didn't think Wendell Sailor had

such huge influence on that loss to

France the other night. Let's hope

they fire at Twickenham. After the break, finance and Jaynie with the weather.

I've been a police officer for 12 years now. Part of my daily duties is attending crashes. I went to a crash where two young guys were involved. The driver had been drinking and he killed his best mate as a result. He had to sit through his funeral and know that he was the reason for it. People normally say to us, "Why aren't you out there catching the real criminals?" And I say to them, "Well, you are a real criminal." Drink driving is a crime. We don't want them to kill people. WOMAN: Hurry into Kmart for the pre-Christmas 15% off storewide. Roar into Kmart. Whooaaaa! Hey, Cedric. Remember when we could hose down the driveway? The good old days? More like our bad old ways, Simon. Right. Well, those days are gone for ever. We'll always have to value our water. And there are many ways we can do that.

We all know using drip irrigation instead of sprinklers is one good way. To find out more about saving water, check our website. So keep up the good work and stop the drop. BOTH: Always. In finance, the National Australia Bank posted a 4% fall in cash earnings for the year, to $3.3 billion, as it engineers a turnaround after the currency trading scandal. A hot one in the city today - with the details, here's Jaynie. Sydney sizzled today and it still is. 27 in the city with 64% humidity and about 35 right now for most of our western suburbs. Not as hot along the coastline thanks to the light seabreeze we have had for most of the day. Still a hot 29, which is 6 over the average. But it was further inland that the mercury sky rocketed. Mid to high 30s for most of you and humidity levels were below 50%. Parramatta, 35, which is 10 above your November average. A severe storm warning is current for the north-east of NSW, with the potential for damaging winds and large hail. Possible storms in the north-west. A balmy night in our east with minimum temperatures hovering in the low 20s. Tomorrow a fairly fast-moving trough should spark off isolated showers and storms mainly in the north-east. Falls of up to 10mms are expected with moderate falls

over the Central Tablelands and adjacent northern districts.

Sydney - cloud will build with possible afternoon showers and storms and freshening winds. Up we go again, with 32-33 in most suburbs for our Thursday. The southerly should hit rou d 6:00pm around 6:00pm and cool us down for Friday - 25. A dry start to the weekend - we may get a late shower on Sunday and that's it for a while. But for now, Mark, keep cool! And that's National Nine News for this Wednesday. A Current Affair is next. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions Sup rtext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.