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(generated from captions) they can see how it works. that mouthpiece onto a trumpet so music in, with some enthusiastic talents Musical know-how clearly sinking emerging, the first time in small and some new words featuring for vocabularies. I'm just making a sound. The drum umm... trombone the Canberra Theatre stage on the 'Symphony for Kids' will take to daytime performances for the 27th and 28th of November, with public and school groups. birthday. 10 secs of natsot, possibly happy Tuesday night. That's all in our bulletin this at The headlines are on our website Good night

with home-grown terror. Australia's close call The police forces of this country a catastrophic act of terrorism. might just have prevented Inside the police raids

in Sydney and Melbourne, that smashed alleged cells outside court. leading to violent scenes This program is live captioned. Good evening. for Australia's national security, It's been an unprecedented day coming to suburbia. with the war against terrorism operation, In a secret and highly coordinated south-western Sydney and Melbourne, police have raided homes in smashing what they allege kind of attack on Australian soil. is a terrorist cell intent on some

have been arrested - In all, 17 people and nine in Melbourne. eight in Sydney in hospital in a serious condition One of the Sydney suspects is after a shoot out with police. were allegedly found, The raids, in which chemicals the biggest of its kind in Australia. followed a 16-month investigation - have prevented an act of terrorism It's claimed the arrests which could have been catastrophic. a terrorist attack in Sydney One by one, those accused of plotting are led away for questioning. waiting to be interrogated This police video shows the suspects of the Sydney police centre in the holding cells as raids continued. and Federal police, Involving more than 400 State at 2:30 this morning. the operation began The first arrest - cornered at Condell Park - a suspected terrorist by heat seeking equipment his location pinpointed by heat seek ng quipment

aboard the police helicopter. throughout Sydney's south-west. And the heat was on at 15 homes the house and it was...all the way he choppers were monitoring The choppers were monitoring

and everything around this place. ... making noises and police cars... when we got up this morning. It was very scary The raids ended with eight arrests, around Bankstown and Liverpool, mainly in the suburbs Islamic community. the heart of Sydney's was planning a terrorist attack Police believe the group in Australia with terrorist-related activities. and those detained will be charged to stockpile chemicals It's alleged the group was planning for the manufacture of a bomb. might just have prevented The police forces of this country in this country. a catastrophic act of terrorism and see when it goes off Not a case of let's wait and where it goes off - a terrorist act from occurring. this is a case of preventing at Bankstown video taped One resident in a raided home as they collected evidence and questioned police against a man arrested there. Why is he suspected of a terrorist his firearms? and you keep giving him You tell me. of the search warrant, She produced a copy detonators and other equipment listing a variety of chemicals, in an attack. police suspected could be used he woman's brother The woman's brother

he's a terrorist. Because apparently they think that's all it is. He's a good Muslim, if you're a good Muslim. and they target you has been planned for months, Although police insist this operation community remain cynical senior members of the Islamic about the timing of the raids,

new counter terrorism legislation coming just days after the Federal Parliament. was rushed through that's shrouded in so much secrecy, We've got legislation so much fanfare, yet the first raids has got or something. you'd think it was a festival And the tension among some Muslims boiled over into the street. attacking the media. The neighbours of one arrested man Two people were taken to hospital, suffering shock. including a pregnant woman she might be premature, She's having contractions now, but they don't care. with chest pains. Another distressed woman was admitted Adam Walters, National Nine News. arrested this morning As we mentioned, one of the suspects with police. was involved in a shoot out in a serious condition. Tonight, he remains managed to elude capture The 27-year-old man had initially during the raids. a car near a mosque at Green Valley Then he was seen getting out of and officers moved in. that he produced a firearm Witnesses have told the police was struck, we believe in the hand, and fired at the police, one officer and suffered a minor wound. and the person of interest to police One of the officers returned fire was wounded in the neck. I heard like a shot, a bullet. to Liverpool Hospital for surgery. The man was taken security operation, Police mounted a major of everyone entering the hospital. carrying out scans and bag checks At the shooting scene, to examine the man's backpack, a robot was brought in

finding a second handgun. And as a precautionary measure, disposal unit X-ray the bag, we've had our rescue and bomb no explosives contained in the bag. just to be sure there were is investigating the shooting. An independent police unit were entirely in accord It would seem their actions and dangerous circumstances with the very unfortunate found themselves in. which they appear to have Nina Stevens, National Nine News. of the alleged terror plot The full extent Magistrates Court was revealed in the Melbourne suspects had formed a group which heard the nine Victorian innocent men and women in Australia. bent on violent jihad and killing The prosecutor alleged that Cleric Abdul Nacer Benbrika, also known as Abu Bakr, was the leader of the group and also the spiritual leader of Sydney members. The prosecution also stated some of the accused had undertaken military-style training,

had discussed bomb-making and buying chemicals, while a 20-year-old member had begged to become a suicide bomber. The disturbing evidence was matched by scenes outside court. Associates of the suspects attacked cameramen and photographers, punching one, then beating another. The cameraman managed to pull himself free and has reported the incident to police. Court appearances for the Sydney suspects have been delayed until Friday. But seven of them have been formally charged with conspiring to make explosives for a terrorist act. Two hours before the hearings began, police were already at court - in unprecedented scenes, dozens lined the steps and entrance and blocked off the rear lane. They were waiting for this - the arrival of the prison van, carrying seven of the eight terror suspects. According to court documents,

the men have been charged under Commonwealth law, accused of planning a terror act, namely to manufacture explosives. However, more charges are expected to follow. These matters are scandalous political prosecutions

which shame this nation. All eight men are represented by the same defence team - today, it raised concerns about comments made by senior police and government officials. They plan to examine media footage of the arrests... There is no evidence in these cases that terrorism was contemplated or being planned by any particular persons at any particular time or at any particular place. In the end, the terror suspects didn't front the court, instead remaining in the cells below as their lawyers successfully sought an adjournment. They'll apply for bail on Friday. Allison Langdon, National Nine News. Today's arrests were the result of a combined operation by police in Sydney and Melbourne, their Federal counterparts and the spy agency ASIO. For 16 months, they kept suspects under surveillance.

When terrorism struck London last July, the aftershocks included the fact that the bombers were home-grown. And as police moved in early this morning, the real possibility that Australia, too, may have bred potential terrorists. Those arrested hailed from the suburbs of Melbourne and Sydney and it's alleged they were in the process of stockpiling the same chemicals used by the London bombers. Gathering these chemicals or the attempt to gather these chemicals. we will allege, was instrumental in the preparation of committing an act of terrorism. It was in early 2003 when a breakaway group of Sydney extremists first came under the notice of police. Six months later, intelligence helped link the group with extremists in Melbourne and while they became the subject of a covert operation, it seemed the police cover was blown from early on. These people suspected, that we have been on to them for the last couple of years. Remarkably, though, police say this did not stop the group from pressing ahead with its plans. Six weeks ago, inquiries were made to buy a large batch of chemicals which were meant to be collected last weekend. A Padstow hardware was put under surveillance, but no-one showed.

And while police insist the threat was imminent, questions remain about the target.

This group had no specific target in mind. I would also like to emphasise that no evidence regarding this group relates at all to a threat to the Commonwealth Games. Today's raids were intelligence-driven and Muslim leaders in Melbourne say some of that information passed on to the police had come from members of their community. Damian Ryan, National Nine News. The amendment to anti-terror laws rushed through Federal Parliament last week helped to make the raids and arrests possible. Critics had accused the PM of manufacturing a terrorist crisis to distract attention from the unpopular workplace laws, but the Government now claims Mr Howard has been vindicated. John Howard was quick today to congratulate ASIO, the Federal Police and the NSW and Victorian police forces. This has been a splendid example of agencies at a Commonwealth and State level, working together for a common purpose and that is the protection of the people of Australia. The agencies, in turn, praised the Federal Government for rushing an amendment through Parliament last week, allowing prosecution of terrorist suspects

without details of a specific target they proposed to attack. The legislation introduced to the Commonwealth Parliament last week assisted. The amendment assisted us. Federal Police commissioner Mick Keelty said the charge of acts in preparation to commit a terrorist act would not have been available without the amendment. So the additional legislation has in fact assisted the joint operation. Victorian Labor Premier, Steve Bracks, said the raids could not have happened without it. INTERVIEWER: Doesn't this vindicate what the Prime Minister did? Yes, it does. Critics had accused the PM of cynically creating a terrorist scare as a distraction from the unpopular Industrial Relations bill. They've got egg all over their faces from head to toe. When it comes to the safety of the Australian people and the security of this country, there is no room for political manipulation. But you can't keep a good anti-Howard conspiracy theorist down. It's not beyond the possibility that he would say to the State Police Commission, "well, is there not a raid that could be taken place at this time "to justify it?" Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. The rest of today's news after the break, including three States hit by flash flooding and the French riots go into a 12th night. Remember the kids who loved solving puzzles? Well, now they work for us. For knowledgeable, unbiased advice on entertainment and more at low prices, no-one has more know-how than Dick Smith Electronics. SONG: # Know-how to make it easy. # A massive storm system has been blamed

for significant flooding across three States. Parts of central-western NSW have been declared a disaster area, with more flooding expected tonight. More than 700 residents of Eugowra, near Orange, are being evacuated. While in South Australia, heavy rains created big problems in Adelaide. The water level rose so quickly, it trapped many people in their homes. There was also flooding in central Victoria. The controversy over last week's Lane Cove collapse has deepened, with news that the tunnel's ventilation shaft was originally planned to be dug elsewhere. But the Government claimed today residents had been informed of the change. In Parliament, every document of the Lane Cove Tunnel contract was finally made public. I take it those are the papers to be tabled?

But its unveiling won't help ease the anger of local residents, who were furious at revelations today

the ventilation shaft which collapsed last week was originally planned to run under a traffic island 65 metres away from their now-crippled units. We're happy for them to build it, but we want it built safely. The decision to move the shaft was made early last year, without consulting the local council. I think residents are insulted all the time by this government. The RTA says it sent residents letters and a map showing the new route. There is the subject block of flats, so this is clearly showing that. But they were only told after the event. The changes to the ventilation tunnel location were detailed at a community liaison group meeting on November 10, 2004. How many other issues are there that we simply don't know about? With the Government struggling to win the trust of local residents over its handling of the collapse, the Lane Cove mayor has some frank advice. There's an old story - if you're in a hole, stop digging. But these guys keep digging, digging, digging. I can't work it out. Nigel Blunden, National Nine News. Teachers are furious with the Federal Education Minister,

following a new report recommending they prove their literacy skills before being allowed into the classroom. According to the 'Sydney Morning Herald', the study was commissioned by Dr Brendan Nelson and is highly critical of the competence of student teachers. This is another example of teacher-bashi g by the Minister - of teacher-bashing by the Minister -

the denigration of teachers by the Minister. The report also calls on teachers to go back to basics when teaching children how to read. France has announced curfews to clear the streets in major trouble spots, following a 12th night of violence by African and Arab youths. Despite the arrests of at least 1,200 people, the trouble keeps spreading. The migrant anger marched south to Toulouse... Rioters seized and burned a bus, another random target of frustrated youths - possibly copying other attacks, but aggressively joining the anarchy which has now spread to more than 270 French towns and cities. 61-year-old Jean-Jacques Lechenadec is the first death from the riots, beaten protecting his property in suburban Paris. Today, they rallied in his honour.

His wife, Nicole, said she felt anger, France's PM, Dominique de Villepin, gave a prime time interview, announcing special powers for local councils to order curfews, a measure not seen since time of war. But where the rioters started out targeting symbols of authority,

now they're attacking and burning their own neighbourhoods, ruining property and confidence in the communities where they live. A problem that's been brewing for 20 years. Away from the postcard Paris we know, ghettos of poor - mostly Arab and North African families - high unemployment, high crime, no hope. In Paris, Michael Usher, National Nine News. Ken with sport is next and the Kangaroos call for back-up after the captain is ruled out of the Tri-Nations. Craig Wing had his holiday in Hawaii cut short after Darren Lockyer is out of the remainder of the series with a broken foot. And the Socceroos prepare for their World Cup qualifier against Uruguay. I've been a police officer for 12 years now. Part of my daily duties is attending crashes. I went to a crash where two young guys were involved. The driver had been drinking and he killed his best mate as a result. He had to sit through his funeral and know that he was the reason for it. People normally say to us,

"Why aren't you out there catching the real criminals?" And I say to them, "Well, you are a real criminal." Drink driving is a crime. We don't want them to kill people. Our water situation has taken a positive turn. But conserving water is still a priority. Stage 1 water conservation measures are in place. How would the measures work for you if applied permanently? To have your say, call ACTEW or visit the website. The Kangaroos have sent an SOS to the Sydney Roosters' Craig Wing, after captain Darren Lockyer was ruled out for the remainder of the Tri-Nations tour with a broken foot. Nathan Hindmarsh is also out with a knee injury. Danny Buderus takes over as skipper. On crutches and out of the Tri-Nations, the Kangaroo captain hobbled into the team hotel with news Australia just didn't need to hear. Yeah, got a broken bone. It's only a small bone in my foot, so the tour's over for me. And for a team already without Andrew Johns, Lockyer's injury could not have come at a worse possible time in the countdown to the business end of the tournament. I didn't really do much. I just changed direction and as I stepped off my left foot, I heard a crack. While he says he won't need surgery, his recovery could take up to three months and the coaching staff now have another headache, with Lockyer's likely replacement, Trent Barrett, also in doubt for this week's Test against the French. A bit 50/50 at the moment whether he plays this week or not, but he's got a sore foot as well, so he's aggravated an injury he had there some time ago. And so has Nathan Hindmarsh, also ruled out without playing a game on tour because of that knee injury he's been carrying since the final round of the NRL. It's a different type of pain - this is bone bruising. It's getting a bit too severe. I'm finding it hard to run, so it's not looking too good. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. The bulk of the Socceroos have now arrived at their base in Argentina as the build-up for this weekend's World Cup tie gains momentum. The Australian team won't head to Uruguay until the last minute, avoiding the trouble that derailed their campaign four years ago. 16 of the Socceroos' 23-man squad have now arrived at their South American base. The likes of Mark Viduka and Tim Cahill get into Buenos Aires later tonight. For the rest, it was a relaxed start to training. A twisted ankle kept Marco Bresciano quiet, while Harry Kewell remains a long way short of match fitness. He's here, so he can play - whether from the starting point, I don't know yet. As for Uruguay making trouble over the kick-off time, it's not bothering the Socceroos - there are far more important issues on their minds. If you are unorganised in this game, then you are killed. In England, the winless Wallabies remain upbeat. Six Test losses on the run is an ugly score, but they're convinced good times are ahead. We've got a great feeling within the squad that once we start to pull things together, it's not only going to happen well, it's basically going to pour. And what better occasion to break the drought than against England at Twickenham? But lose again this weekend and they'll be screaming for heads back home. That's the beauty of being over here - you don't hear any of that. George Gregan did his best to rule himself out. The coach is still wrestling with his team. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News. The dangers of high-speed powerboat racing have hit home hard in the Grand Prix off Qatar, with the United Arabs Emirates team fortunate to escape this mishap. The view for the two men on board was even more terrifying as 'Victory 77' flipped and then plunged into the sea. Incredibly, not only were the competitors not injured, after a few minor repairs the boat went on to win the event.

And good news - Justin Langer is And good news - Justin Langer is

out of the second Test, but Phil

Kearns' daughter is out of the critical list. After the break, finance and Jaynie with the weather details. Then the latest on the dramatic terror arrests. So proud, in fact... For the first time ever... ..all Australians... ..can enjoy the financial benefit... ..of Holden Employee Pricing. Available to everyone. No matter who you are.

Rodeo. Statesman. But only for a limited time. It just goes to prove... ..Holden means a great deal to Australia. In finance, the famous old menswear store, Gowings, has called in the administrators after talks to sell the business collapsed. On the markets - disappointment for Woolworths after Canberra refused to allow supermarkets to sell prescription drugs for five years. But the news was welcomed by Mayne. And a strong day for the All Ords. Now Jaynie with the weather. A few isolated storms tonight mainly in the west. Right now it's dry, a little windy and 24 degrees in the city. It was the early hours of the morning that storms hit us, bringing some plentiful falls including the catchments with Warragamba Dam scoring over 30mm. We dried out during the day, but now there are a few showers popping up on the radar, with the chance of some very localised storms, 25 degrees, which is 2 over the average. A hot and muggy 29 in Richmond. Yesterday Parkes received 130mm, which is their highest daily rainfall total in 111 years! Severe thunderstorm warnings are current for most of the north-eastern quarter of NSW,

with squally winds, large hail and more heavy rain. Tomorrow, there should be isolated showers and storms in the north-east. Hot with north-westerly winds.

And this next front should bring us follow-up rain on Thursday. When it rains, it pours - 44mm for Canberra last night. Looking mostly dry tomorrow, a toasty 28. A wet and stormy Wednesday for Melbourne and Hobart. A calm day in Adelaide after their fierce weather overnight, causing flash flooding and property damage. Morning splashes for Perth. Stormy weather in Darwin and Brisbane. Back to blue, Sydney - northerly winds throughout the day. Surfers go early before the swell drops and the seabreeze kicks in! Early birds? The sun will rise at 5.50, setting right on 7:30pm. Prepare for a hot one, with the mercury climbing up to 35 for most of our western suburbs. On Thursday another set of storms should move in with roughly 5mm-10mm. We are still going for a dry weekend with 25 degrees both days. How's that, Mark? Recapping tonight's major story - the raids on homes in Sydney and Melbourne which may have prevented what's being called a catastrophic act of terrorism. In all, 16 men have been arrested -

the culmination of a lengthy investigation by police and ASIO. One of the suspects is in a critical condition after a shoot out with police at Green Valley. elbourne Magistrates' Court There were tense scenes outside Melbourne Magi trat ' Cour as supporters of the suspects turned on camera crews. The court heard the men were part of a terrorist cell which stockpiled chemicals and was planning to kill Australian men and women. And that's National Nine News for this Tuesday. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Hello again. Welcome to A Current Affair on a day of dramatic arrests and terrorism charges. We look at what you make of it a little later. And we have the scandal of Aussie workers paid millions of dollars to do nothing. And guess who picks up the tab? The pay is the same. I'm n t eing p oductive, I'm not achieving anything. I'm not being productive, I'm not chieving anyt ing

Also tonight - we talk exclusively A so to ght - we talg ex lusively