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(generated from captions) This program is captioned live. The big clean-up rips through Broken Hill. after a mini tornado

axe attack on her toddler. A mother accused of a shocking

of medical mishaps And the horrific string in a hospital toilet. that led to a Sydney woman's death and Jessica Rowe. Ten News with Ron Wilson Good evening, also tonight - killed in the Middle East. an Australian soldier could keep skin cancer at bay. And how an aspirin a day re-attached the leg of a toddler, Surgeons in Melbourne have by his own mother wielding an axe. allegedly severed the most hardened emergency crews. The horrific scene shocked even

that's left emergency crews shaken. A mercy mission the victim of a violent attack, A 16-month-old toddler of his own mother. allegedly at the hands

We believe it was an axe. or partially sever the leg. An axe was used to sever the leg, 2:00am into an unthinkable attack. The balmy evening boiled over around raised the alarm, Other occupants of the house arriving at the leafy street paramedics and police holding her bleeding son. to find the 21-year-old woman myself I have an 11-week-old daughter and it's a bizarre scene to go to. got to go there and do your job. Yes, it''ve just

believed used in the attack, Police seized the weapon transferred to hospital the boy's mother for psychiatric assessment. the family kept to themselves. Neighbours say was a courtesy call a few weeks ago Their only contact to a planned 21st birthday party. to alert the street It's an older area happen is just bizarre, and to have something like this and a bit of a shake-up, actually. to the Royal Children's Hospital, The little boy was rushed here, where a team of surgeons spent hours the severed limb. trying to painstakingly re-attach It will be days before doctors know

was a success. if the marathon surgery but stable condition The toddler remains in a critical in intensive care. by mental health authorities, His mother is still being treated police unable to question her. Gerrard Scholten, Ten News. has been killed in the Middle East. An Australian SAS troop of overseas operations The warrant officer was a veteran in East Timor and the Sinai. and had previously served during a training exercise. He was struck by a jeep He was quiet and controlled, NCO with that much experience. just as you'd expect from a senior of the regiment sought out, Someone that soldiers they wanted to learn from him. they wanted his advice, have been a specially modified jeep, The vehicle involved is believed to not be released. who have asked that his name Broken Hill in the State's far west A vicious storm rips through wrecking dozens of homes. Remarkably, no one was injured. images during the wild weather. Some people able to capture amazing

The freak storm followed an hour

long thunder and lightning show,

hurting into broken Hill with a

deafening roar of rain, winds of

110km/h. It circled for an hour

and a half and then hit with

deafening noise. The thunderstorm and a half and then hit with

for the roofs from a dozen homes.

Black outs caused the evacuation

of 100 residents. Gum trees were

uprooted in local parks where

children had been playing. Many

places a write off, a man in his 70

rescued by neighbours. Still silt

sitting in the lounge room and

didn't realise he had no roof. The

ceelgs were also full of water, but

this man knew where to find his

airconditioner, ripped from the

remains of his roof. It smashed his

neighbour's four-wheel drive after

flying 50m across the road. If

picked the airconditioner up and

threw it across the road. You can't

replace lives, so thank God no-one

was injured. The morning of the

cyclone, heart ache for this home

owner, the roof long gone. The home

was insured with demolition and

replacement now likely to follow.

The historic mining town is not

sort of earth moving machines and

today the big clean up was in full swing. about how two GPs and a hospital Startling details tonight suffering from a heart attack. overlooked a woman

The 34-year-old woman was found dead a problem with her test results. before medical staff noticed The 26th of March last year quickly turning to disbelief Her horror reacted to her cries for help. at how slowly nursing staff

was just 34 when she died. Sharon Brophy of medical oversights. Her death uncovering a litany a heart attack just days earlier. An autopsy revealed she had had

Only no-one realised it, clinic three times in that period even though she'd been to a medical noticably unwell. and turned up at casualty Ms Brophy for stomach pain. This GP was the last to examine to rule out any heart problems He ordered an ECG in the results until two days later. but didn't notice an abnormallity By that time his patient was dead. compelled to take part in the inquest As a former nurse, Mrs Bucknell felt what had happened to the woman to find out exactly the health system forgot. and you do what's right. I am an Australian citizen Mrs Bucknell says contact her about the death. she was disturbed police didn't the hospital had claimed And found out that was because or how to contact her. not to know who had found the body, throughout the hearing Ms Brophy's family sat quietly and made no comment as they left. for three days. The hearing is set down Amber Muir, Ten News. for residents of the unit block A buy-out offer into the Lane Cove Tunnel last week. that partly collapsed The tunnel builder has confirmed who doesn't want to move back. it will purchase the unit of anyone structurally safe and sound. It's been certified declaring The tunnel builder's engineers can move back in. that residents in the rear 12 units Trouble is many don't want to. of distrusting their engineers, It's not case it's just going to be hard back in that place. to get a good night's sleep that's not a problem - But Theiss' John Holland says at their pre-collapse market value. it will simply buy them back into the building, If they genuinely don't want to go with all of those issues. then we will deal that's accepted by all the parties We will appoint a valuer an equitable value for those units. and that valuer will come to a fair But one owner has taken matters into his own hands. Grant Philipp's now well-known unit has been listed on the Internet, inviting buyers to run the risk and make an offer up to $1.2 million.

Selling points include being recently renovated, then remodelled again by specialist tunnel builders incorporating views to China and back. The Opposition, though, says the matter of compensation is a serious one. I think the important point needs to be made that it be a generous market value including all the associated costs that residents will incur - transaction costs, legal costs, stamp duty for the new property. The tunnel company says it's now moving ahead to repair the front of this building.

As for the units it does eventually buy, well, it says will simply own them and lease them out. And starting work today rock mechanics specialist, Professor Ted Brown, he'll investigate what caused the collapse. His report Theiss promises will be made public. Eddy Meyer, Ten News. The next phase of John Howard's workplace revolution

is about to be unveiled. Almost 6 million booklets have been stockpiled,

but $500,000 have had to be destroyed with the taxpayer footing the bill. The next stage of the Government's big sell of its workplace changes is in warehouses like this one. Almost 6 million booklets -

one for every four Australians, man, woman and child. John Howard denies it's a waste of taxpayers' money. It merely explains the benefits of a long-needed, meritorious policy. Labor has new information on the pulping not of 60,000 pamphlets, but of 500,000 because the spin doctors wanted to insert the word 'fairer' in the title. But the bill repeals the requirement of fair minimum standards in setting wages. Isn't this waste of $152,000, just pulp fiction? In answer to the second part of the question - no. As unionists protested outside about lower pay and conditions putting extra pressure on truckies and shift workers, the PM says the new wage-setting laws will take into account the economy and fairness to the unemployed. The Government plans for the massive bill to be voted on by Wednesday.

Labor says it's to avoid scrutiny and to fit in to the PM's diary.

It certainly is to meet his Christmas deadline for the bill to become law. At least there was some good humour in the debate today, thanks to a slip up from the Speaker. Mr Speaker, the member for Lillee is a swan who metamorphoses into a rooster early in the morning. The Treasurer should be aware that turkeys mate they think of swans SPEAKER: The Member for Lillee, resume your seat. Tim Webster has a look ahead to sport, and Shane Watson's Test career is on hold? Yes, the Test all-rounder is out of action for two months with a dislocated shoulder. Watson, who injured his shoulder during yesterday's big win over the Windies, will undergo shoulder surgery tomorrow. We'll hear from Shane in sport. And what a talent. But this 7-year-old Aussie soccer whiz kid's been forced to go back overseas to develop his talents. His story a little later in sport. And Souths' George Piggins prepared to step down if it can help his beloved Rabbitohs. Still to come - the firebomb attack on a Sydney dentist's house and surgery. Also tonight, the CityRail staffer caught using security cameras to spy on young women. And the amazing power of aspirin, now it's helping to fight skin cancer. you'll find everything you need to fix it up at Bunnings Warehouse. Kambrook plug-in door chime, only $29.90. Ozito rotary hammer drill kit, just $79. Endeavour 4-burner barbecue, a hot $399. Coolaroo external roller window shade, only $49. Arlec portable floodlight, just $8.98. If you happen to find a cheaper price on a stocked item, SONG: # Bunnings Warehouse. # Lowest prices are just the beginning. This program is captioned live. Police are interviewing a former patient of a Fairfield dental surgery that was firebombed overnight. It was hit with a Molotov cocktail around 3:00 this morning. Just minutes earlier, the dentist's home was firebombed as well.

Police believe the crude explosive was made from a firecracker and a bottle of petrol. Each element by itself is dangerous enough but you combine the two and you've got a real explosive mix and potential for great harm to people.

Police stopped a Porsche near the scene and seized firecrackers and bottles of petrol. The 49-year-old driver is assisting police with their enquiries. Outrage tonight from women whose privacy has been violated by a CityRail security camera. It was allegedly used to zoom in and spy on them at Macarthur station in Sydney's south-west. The images aren't of terrorists or crime suspects. Instead they're pictures of young women waiting for the train

at a suburban railway station. The rail worker zooming and panning onto various parts of their bodies. The footage was taken by security cameras at Macarthur station at Campbelltown, used by large numbers of young women attending the nearby University of Western Sydney. I'm just so shocked. Something needs to be done, that is outrageous. There is a lot of women on these stations. That is just crazy. It's pretty bad how the cameras are meant to be there for our safety and not to perv on us. A male station assistant is under investigation for allegedly spending almost an hour on the security cameras ogling at women. It's disgusting. We're students at the university and we should have full privacy on the station while we're waiting for the train. The CityRail inquiry is seeking to establish the facts of the case and why middle management failed to take appropriate action. I'm disappointed, frankly, at the immature behaviour of the alleged person involved in this particular incident. And in a bizarre twist, CityRail is also investigating what it's calling the unauthorised release of these CCTV pictures to the media, claiming that invades the privacy of the young women involved. CityRail says the station assistant has denied being the culprit. John Hill, Ten News. Occupants of a home in Picton are counting their blessings they were out this morning after a car careered into their home. The driver of the car lost control on Remembrance Drive running through a fence and landing in a child's bedroom. The driver of the car, a man in his 50s, was trapped in the wreckage for some time. CareFlight flew the man to Liverpool Hospital where he was treated for back injuries Taking aspirin on a regular basis may reduce the risk of developing certain types of skin cancers. It's still early days, but Queensland researchers say so far results are encouraging. For skin cancer survivors like Jacqueline, the news couldn't be better - a promising cancer stopper, and as simple as popping a pill. So, yes, if you could prevent that, that would be fantastic. New research has scientists once again excited by aspirin and its apparent ability to block skin cancer-building enzymes. In people who are using aspirin over a long period of time, they're actually inhibiting any little early skin cancers they might have in their skin. They're inhibiting them from growing.

The research has already attracted overseas interest and coincides with the start of summer awareness campaigns. The findings about aspirin will now be subject to further sampling ahead of more extensive human trials. However, researchers say an aspirin-based skin cancer breakthrough may still be years away and should never replace proven avoidance methods like 30-plus creams, minimising sun exposure and a hat. And don't think taking handfuls of aspirin will cancer-proof you tomorrow. It'll do more harm than good. Aspirin is a drug that has known side effects. It can cause bleeding, intestinal upset and a myriad of other complications. Scientists stress none of the findings point to a cure for melanoma - our most lethal skin cancer. Tim Collits, Ten News.

His fame has gone to his head. Tim

Bailey's back and his name is up in

Bailey's back and his name is up in lights. Tim's on tour in Tamworth

lights. Tim's on tour in Tamworth where I've got to say the flies are

everywhere. We've had 30 degrees

everywhere. We've had 30 degrees

everywhere. We've had 30 degrees today. Look at that. Is anyone else

here? That's the question. Let's go

in and have a Bo Peep. As we do it

live from West Diggers. Hello everybody. The real Mexico!

Ladies and gentlemen, the real

Ladies and gentlemen, the real Mexico. Doing it live, do you like

this club? We love it! Fun and

games. Can tell you in Sydney at

the moment around 25 degrees. Let's

look at Skywatch and I bet it

wasn't as colourful as we are here

today. It was a grey athon. Low

levels of pollution. What have we

got at your place tomorrow? I think

if you live in Sydney, it's going

to be around 30 degrees, grey stuff

rolling across and some late

showers and rain. Alright, we're

ready to go live for the next three

days from Tamworth? Yes! Is anyone

days from Tamworth? Yes! Is anyone in the room normal? No! We'll see

you again in around about 10. Next in the 5:00 news - twister terror - towns flattened by the most powerful tornado to hit America in years. And it's time - Gough Whitlam parts with a piece of dismissal history.

This program is captioned live.

Time to check on the traffic with

Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. It's actually Vic who

is struggling tonight, struggling

to find something to talk about.

Spot on. It's a well deserved

break. Last week Epping Road

closed for two days and there were

delays - We've got rid of him anyway. As the 30th anniversary of the Whitlam government's dismissal approaches, the former prime minister has parted with some key historical documents. Gough Whitlam has given the University of Western Sydney a letter from the governor-general, sacking him on November 11, 1975. He's also donated his original copy of the "It's Time" campaign launch speech from 1972. He says they'll help scholars in the future. You must go to the original documents. There's no substitute for the original documents. Mr Whitlam chose the University of Western Sydney because it was established by his Labor government. Hundreds of people are still missing after America's most powerful tornado in nearly a decade. It caught many Midwestern communities off-guard. At least 20 people now confirmed dead. 15 seconds of fury and an entire town is flattened, wiped out by winds of over 300km/h. You could hear the wind - it really does roar like a train - and we decided it was time to get out of there.

After America's record year of hurricanes, an unseasonal tornado has devastated parts of the Midwest, sleeping residents unaware of the warnings as the deadly twister approached in the dead of night. It was just a very eerie feeling when the tornado sirens went off and then the very still, quiet calm outside and then the hail and the freight train sound. It was personally very scary for me and my family. The 30km path of destruction was just a kilometre wide, which left some homes standing while their neighbours were reduced to rubble. So we got out and looked at it and it was just... It was like a war zone. Residents of a local caravan park didn't stand a chance, the storm uprooting their trailers and smashing them to pieces. Among the dead, a young family including an expectant mother, her husband and their 4-year-old boy. A state of emergency has been declared in both Indiana and Kentucky while the National Guard is called in to help clean up and search for survivors. Liz O'Gorman, Ten News. There's a new danger for the cruise passengers who've survived a pirate attack off Africa. There's an unexploded missile embedded in the ship. Officials say it's been delayed from docking in the Seychelle Islands until the missile has been disarmed. Yesterday, rocket-propelled grenades and machine guns were fired at the cruiser.

Somalia is a country which harbours

a number of terrorists, we believe,

a number of terrorists, we believe, so it's conceivable these people

were terrorists. We were told that

they are pirates and it could not

be treated as a terrorist attack at

all. Definitely pirates. More than 300 people have been arrested after 10 nights of wild rioting across France. 1,300 cars were torched and other property also targeted as anarchy gripped the suburbs.

The unrest started after the death of two teens. Protesters claiming they are bored and angry over the lack of opportunities in the country. An Australian cowboy has been named one of the greatest bull riders in history. Troy Dunn taking out the honour

as he and three fellow countrymen battled it out at the world championships in Las Vegas. It was show time in the bullring. But nothing seemed to go to plan for the four Australians. One after the other they came off. Queenslander and former world champion, Troy Dunn, didn't even get a start,

he was forced to cancel the last ride of his 11-year career after breaking a rib the night before. COMMENTATOR: Troy is walking out. That is good news. I've been KO'd, hung up and jumped on and now a broken rib, so it's not a moment too soon. Instead of taking the winner's podium,

the 38-year-old cowboy found himself centre stage becoming the first Australian to be awarded the world bull riding Ring of Honour. The Aussie champion isn't turning his back on bull riding, he plans to bring the world championship series

to Australia next year. The veteran rider determined to groom more up-and-coming stars such as 20-year-old Jared Farley of New South Wales, who after just two years is ranked in the top 45 in the world.

The American guys look up to him so much and a lot of them think he's the best that's ever been. It's going to be sad to see him go, but he's getting too old so it's time to go away. The Americans have dubbed Brendon Clark of New South Wales the next Australian sensation, but it's Rockhampton's Greg Potter who has finished highest in the rankings, ending the season as number eight in the world. In Las Vegas, Leisa Goddard-Roles, Ten News. Still to come - a reprieve for single parents affected by the Government's welfare-to-work scheme. Also tonight, who's using your wireless Internet? Tips to stop the broadband bandits. And the calendar girls proving real women love their curves. ..this huge group and you didn't give me any money, and she got the money, and then she goes... OK. I'll call you later. (Sighs) No, Mum, why do you have to call me? I'll only be gone for two hours. Sophie's mum never calls her. Well, maybe I should just stay at my room. I'm 14 now. You gotta stop treating me like a child. I don't call you when you're out with your friends,

why can't you just leave me alone?

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Tim Bailey, you're getting up to all

Tim Bailey, you're getting up to all sorts of high jinks in Tamworth? On

tour in Tamworth, yes. It's a great

place to be. They've just opened up

place to be. They've just opened up a brand new club out here called

West Diggers. We like it. What's

West Diggers. We like it. What's happening tomorrow - Smoky Dawson

happening tomorrow - Smoky Dawson

happening tomorrow - Smoky Dawson is flying up from Sydney. Adam

is flying up from Sydney. Adam Brand, Adam Harvey, limos out the

Brand, Adam Harvey, limos out the front. We'll cover it live for you.

A little bit of this stuff.

Yes, having a great time at Tamworth

Yes, having a great time at Tamworth and we squeeze some weather in as


The next three days, broadcasting

The next three days, broadcasting live from West Diggers, if you live

live from West Diggers, if you live in Tamworth, you've just got to

in Tamworth, you've just got to come down here. Get on the

come down here. Get on the television. We'll see you again at 5:55. The top stories we're following this news hour - an inquest has heard how doctors overlooked a woman who'd suffered a heart attack. 34-year-old Sharon Brophy was found dead in a hospital toilet, before medical staff noticed a problem with her test results. Surgeons have re-attached the leg of a Melbourne toddler after his mother allegedly attacked him with an axe. The 21-year-old woman is undergoing psychiatric assessment. And Broken Hill is cleaning up after a savage storm ripped through the town. The mini tornado destroyed dozens of homes but remarkably no-one was injured. Single parents are expected to get a 2-year reprieve under changes to the Government's tough welfare-to-work package. They'll be able to receive the parenting payment until their youngest child turns 8, instead of 6, before being forced to find work. But the Opposition says that won't fix the problem. They are going to cut the incomes of some of the most vulnerable people in our community without any substantial outcome in terms of movement from welfare to work. The concessions are expected to be introduced next week. Do you know who's using your Internet? Wireless broadband can be easy to hack, leaving you to pick up the bill. Jason Edelstein is about to go 'war driving'. It's the latest techno-fad and it can cost households and businesses dearly. Armed with just a laptop and the right software, Mr Edelstein finds hundreds of unsecured wireless Internet access points. And if he were a hacker rather than an Internet security expert

he could be inside those systems causing all sorts of damage. They could actually connect to their network and potentially attack other systems that are plugged into their network or even just use their Internet connection. They could potentially be downloading illegal software, music and stuff like that which could actually open you up to legal repercussions. War driving is taking off around the world.

There are dozens of websites dedicated to the practice,

complete with instructions, free downloadable software, even maps of unsecured access points. Confidential business information can be hacked... Here's a leading Sydney law firm, you can see that on the screen here. ..and home users can end up with bills running into the hundreds of dollars. If your network is compromised and someone is using up your data capacity, you end up wearing the bill. Hackers could read private emails, send viruses, even connect to your printers. Mr Edelstein offers these basic tips to protect your home Internet: For more advice visit the Internet Industry Association Website or Steve Wilson, Ten News. The Australian share market was down slightly at the close this afternoon. Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. Home buyers can rest easy on interest rates for another few months?

Yes. Good news for home buyers. The

reserve Bank handing down tais

statement and interest rates, they

won'ting moving any time in the

won'ting moving any time in the next couple of months because

underlying inflation is only going

underlying inflation is only going underlying inflation is only going to rise modestly. The Reserve Bank

to rise modestly. The Reserve Bank is major jittery about price

is major jittery about price pressures than three months ago. If

interest rates will move at all,

interest rates will move at all, it's more likely to be up rather than down. It's the campaign that got women around the world talking, curvy women in their underwear advertising beauty products. Now it's come to Australia and local lasses have been queuing up to be a part of it. They might be getting model treatment but these women aren't models. They're ordinary, everyday women who entered a competition to become a curvy calender girl. The key thing is we're not offering a huge prize, it's just they wanted to show they feel good about themselves.

Dove has been running a world-wide campaign using women of all shapes and sizes to advertise their products.

5,000 women entered the Australian contest. And these ones have made it in to the calendar. So is it intimidating to know you're going to be in a calendar? No way. Miss October, that's me. 38-year-old mum-to-be Indira McDonald was thrilled to make the cut. I think a long time pregnant tummies have been seen and not heard, keep them covered up. But I think it's nice to get it out there. Look at these curves. Laura Crompton just had to bring her 5-month-old baby Ava along to the shoot - the youngest model there, clearly the biggest hit.

I loved this opportunity to

I loved this opportunity to celebrate a new mum's body. You

celebrate a new mum's body. You don't see that very often in the

media and when you do, it's because

media and when you do, it's because they're being put down. It's this

positive self-image that has

amazed the professionals on the

amazed the professionals on the shoot, used to working with some of

the world's top models and

celebrities. Without a doubt, these

women are more confident, more

self-assured, better self-esteem

than any model I've ever worked

with. Tim Webster is back with sport and who'll take over from the injured Shane Watson? Well, if they stick with the all-rounder concept there's certainly one name in the frame, more shortly. A bold declaration from Souths' boss George Piggins on restructuring the club. Also, what led up to some pit lane pandemonium. And why this 7-year-old super Aussie junior has to go overseas to develop his talents.

'AMAZING' BY ALEX LLOYD PLAYS Johnny, I thought I told you not to leave your trike in the driveway. MAN: The new Ford Territory Ghia comes with a reverse camera New Ford Territory. The possibilities are amazing.

This program is captioned live. Shane Watson will miss the rest of the Australian summer after scans in Melbourne today confirmed he badly dislocated his shoulder at the Gabba yesterday. The all-rounder will have surgery tomorrow. Having suffered stress fractures in his back earlier in his career

the rehabilitation process is one Shane Watson knows well. Arthroscopic surgery tomorrow will be used to assess and then repair the damage suffered while fielding at the 'Gabba - the diagnosis no surprise, but no less a disappointment. Obviously getting my second Test in a row and then to do this I suppose is disappointing but just gotta move forward. The all-rounder's absence from the Australian summer leaves selectors with a major headache, at a time the 24-year-old was to be blooded for an extended period of time. I really felt like I was getting some good momentum, starting to feel part of international cricket at Test level, bowled probably the best over for Australia yesterday and then it all sort of comes tumbling down. The leg spin combination of Stuart MacGill and Shane Warne may be reunited on an expected flat Hobart pitch for next week's second Test, while Watson's Bulls team-mate Andrew Symonds made his case for selection with a command performance with the bat against SA yesterday, but the vice-captain was non-committal on team structure. I don't want to, sort of, necessarily, sit here and push his case anymore than anyone else. I think he's definitely a viable option and he's obviously in good form too so... ..but he's one of a few guys. For the outgoing all-rounder

a vow to return to continue his development, especially with the ball. It'll give me a bit of time to continue to really develop my bowling and work on really moving the ball as well. Anthony Howard, Ten News. New South Wales are doing their best to bat WA out of the Pura Cup match at the WACA in Perth. Midway through day two, Aaron O'Brien has scored his maiden century in just his seventh first-class match. All-rounder Dominic Thornely fell just short of another ton against the Warriors. The Blues closed their first innings at 7/475 midway through day two. Souths Leagues club boss George Piggins is willing to step aside to help Peter Holmes a Court's plan of restructuring the Rabbitohs.

Piggins' offer, though, depends on the club remaining in Redfern. Piggins says

They'll have the period of time.

I've got no need to get back. I've

got no position there to hold. I'd

be happy to be a spectator. World MotoGP champion Valentino Rossi has failed to equal Mick Doohan's record of 12 wins in a season. But did manage a place on the podium at the season-ending Spanish Grand Prix. A warning - our package also contains the Champ Cars which can be seen later tonight on Ten. Valentino Rossi started a distant 15th on the grid but he was destined for a much better finish than this. COMMENTATOR: Someone's down in the background, there, one of the Ducatis. Italian Roberto Rolfo out of the race not far past the first corner while pole sitter Sete Gibernau made a tidier exit, no thanks to a blown engine. Gibernau is in trouble, Sete Gibernau is in trouble. Rossi weaving his way through the field as Honda riders Marco Melandri and Nicky Hayden fought out the win. Marco Melandri is going to win the final round of the world championship. It's a close one. Less than one tenth of a second between the pair. Rossi third, Melandri also wrapping up second in the world championship. In the Champ Cars Paul Tracy did nothing to improve his bad boy reputation. Straight across the track goes Paul Tracy

in an attempt - a successful attempt - to keep AJ Allmendinger behind him. Tracy copping a drive-through penalty, Ronnie Bremmer got a much bigger jolt. There's a big crash, massive crash. Bremmer not seriously hurt. Justin Wilson winning from Allmendinger and Tracy. The lead-up race setting the tone for the day. A crash near the finish raising the hackles of one driver. His fury leading to a pit lane punch-up. Leanne West, Ten News. Just one second has decided the closest ever New York marathon. 37,000 runners started the famous race and it turned into a fight to the death

between world record holder Paul Tergat and defending champion Hendrick Ramaala. The pair sprinting the last hundred metres after slugging it out for 42kms. The tightest finish in the 36-year history of the event took it out of both men. But the Kenyan had just enough energy to celebrate, winning his debut New York marathon in 2 hours, 9 minutes and 30 seconds. As the Socceroos prepare to meet Uruguay in their date with destiny things have never looked better for the code. But at a junior development level things don't appear to be so rosy,

so much so the family of one of our most talented youngsters is very close to moving overseas to develop their sons talent. Panos Armenakis has just turned seven and is clearly an outstanding footballing talent. How good? Well, on the strength of seeing these pictures of the young star in action, Spanish giants Barcelona extended an all-expenses-paid invitation for Panos to train at their academy. What sort of things did you do over there? Um, lots of dribbling. Lots of passing drills, and a bit of shooting. But this story isn't about how good young Panos is, it's about the dilemma his father, John, faces as he tries to ensure his son's talents are properly developed. Sadly, the message John is hearing is not good for Australian soccer. We've got the best swimmers in the world because we've got the best environment for swimmers in the world. We've got the best rugby league players. Why can't we have the best footballers? For many years, soccer legend Johnny Warren said Footsel was an essential ingredient in cultivating young players' skills, so when there was no competition available for Panos to compete in, John started his own, which now has 750 players.

As the Armenakis family contemplate a move overseas, there are others trying to prevent him from going, arguing for reform of Australia's system for training young players.

If Australia are to prevent Panos and other talented kids like him

from moving overseas, we must act fast. This is why I feel we should set up the Australian Academy of Soccer to create a pathway for talented kids such as Panos. Who do you want to play for when you grow up? For my country. Neil Cordy, Ten News. Coming up on Sports Tonight with Ryan Phelan, the latest from the South Sydney club meeting, a chat with mercurial leg spinner Stuart McGill and find out more about a row that's erupted in the A League.

Don't you sleep through the champ

cars again. No, I can't wait to see

cars again. No, I can't wait to see them tonight. Back to Vic Lorusso

on the Mix traffic helicopter. Is

it still pretty quiet? It sure is.

Motorists are enjoying this Monday

Motorists are enjoying this Monday night drive home. We're over the M4.

night drive home. We're over the M4. The worst of the traffic delays are

through Prospect. Still moving and

once traffic gets past Eastern

Creek, enjoy a great drive to

Creek, enjoy a great drive to Penrith. No accidents or breakdowns

to report around town. Is the rain here to stay? Tim Bailey will tell us next. And the stars come out for the scary new Harry Potter film. SLOW ROCK INTRO SONG: # Reach out

# Reach out and # Reach out and touch somebody... # Our coverage reaches more Australians than ever before. So now, you can be part of the network that's going from strength to strength. Bit of extra cash here and there - who needs to know? Yeah, it's a bit naughty, but I'm smart enough not to get caught. Come on, it's no big deal. Most people do the right thing and avoid serious penalties by telling Centrelink when their circumstances change. I'd like to report some changes to my details, please.

It's probably worthwhile issuing

It's probably worthwhile issuing It's probably worthwhile issuing an apology to the people of

Tamworth because we've left Tim

Tamworth because we've left Tim Bailey there for three days and

we've just sort of let him loose.

Off the leash in Tamworth. Brought

the right equipment, too. Ron,

the right equipment, too. Ron, small coincidence - they've even

small coincidence - they've even small coincidence - they've even got the poster you have above your

bed at home. Hello, West Diggers!

bed at home. Hello, West Diggers! Hello, Tim! This is a brand new

Hello, Tim! This is a brand new club in Tamworth. We've done others,

club in Tamworth. We've done others, we're now at Tamworth's biggest club

we're now at Tamworth's biggest club $5 million worth. Mexican music

from the Real Mexico.

Nonstop entertainment, fun and

Nonstop entertainment, fun and

Nonstop entertainment, fun and games. Twisted liquid. We have

games. Twisted liquid. We have

games. Twisted liquid. We have Leroy who can do things I attempt

Leroy who can do things I attempt to do at 3:00 in the morning and

don't have much success. Where I

don't have much success. Where I come from, they call that showing

come from, they call that showing off. Now, since I've been in

Tamworth, the entire 35,000 people

that call this wonderful place home

have been wondering - Where is

have been wondering - Where is Pedro. Here he is right now. That

Pedro. Here he is right now. That would be your moment on the

television and straight back. We've

been looking for that character.

been looking for that character. The man who won him, David has won

$1,000 and free Mexican every week

of the year. Very good news unless

of the year. Very good news unless of the year. Very good news unless your his partner and have to sleep

with him. What else - tomorrow

with him. What else - tomorrow with him. What else - tomorrow night we need you to come down here

because we have Smoky Dawson. We're

because we have Smoky Dawson. We're opening up his new bar and grill.

He's coming up from Sydney with

lots of other people. Are you going

to come down? Yes! If you live in

to come down? Yes! If you live in Tamworth, you have to be on the

Tamworth, you have to be on the side walk. All the limos are coming

side walk. All the limos are coming side walk. All the limos are coming from 5:19. Our thoughts and hopes

from 5:19. Our thoughts and hopes are with the people of Broken Hill.

are with the people of Broken Hill.

are with the people of Broken Hill. Last night a big storm whipped

through there and levelled the place

through there and levelled the place We're thinking of you. In Sydney

tomorrow - a sticky ones, 30

degrees, a rainy day, wet underfoot.

degrees, a rainy day, wet underfoot. Tamworth, 28 degrees. A good place Tamworth, 28 degrees. A good place to call home!

Satellite - thick cloud building

Satellite - thick cloud building over Victoria, NSW and western

over Victoria, NSW and western Queensland near a trough bringing

widespread rain and severe storms.

widespread rain and severe storms. The map for tomorrow - a trough will cross south-east Australia,

will cross south-east Australia, bringing rain and storms to NSW,

Victoria and southern Queensland. Predicted precipitation - Predicted precipitation - rain and

storms across eastern NSW and most

of Victoria. On Wednesday a trough

will move in on the south-east,

will move in on the south-east, bringing late showers and possible

storms to Victoria, Tasmania and

storms to Victoria, Tasmania and southern SA. This is the new

southern SA. This is the new Mexican restaurant called

PedPedro's. Tomorrow all the

PedPedro's. Tomorrow all the country and western music stars

will come in here. If you live in

will come in here. If you live in will come in here. If you live in Tamworth, just get down here. It's

a very, very good crowd, isn't it?

Yes! They got that one word right.

I taught them.

As we come to you live from

Tamworth, every time I do this,

Tamworth, every time I do this,

Tamworth, every time I do this, they cheer. See you tomorrow night. Harry Potter has been working some magic at the premiere of his latest movie in London. Spellbound fans travelled from around the world to be among the first to see 'The Goblet of Fire', including singer Madonna and daughter Lourdes, who was put on the spot. Do you prefer my books or Harry Potter books? I like both of them. It is a scarier film. It's darker. It's much more the thriller than it ever has been before. We haven't pulled away from the darkness at all. It's a really scary film. Scary enough to be rated unsuitable for children under 12 without adult supervision. That's the 5:00 news. I'm Ron Wilson, goodnight. And I'm Jessica Rowe. We'll have the Late News at 10:30, goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.