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(generated from captions) audiences in Canada. so many different kinds of works If you have a look around there's about the exhibition. and I think that's what's exciting the Australian War Memorial until Shared Experiences is on show at the end of February.

7.30, reporter Charles Wooley On sixty minutes this sundayat some 30 films. And she's only 29. That's WIN News this Friday night. at The headlines are on our website

at the WIN News team, have a great I'm Peter Leonard, from all of us Good night

This program is captioned live. The Corruption Commission on the Cross City Tunnel. to investigate a Cabinet leak from their fractured flats. Residents get to retrieve valuables arrested in Sydney's west. An alleged sex predator Good evening. have had his Weet Bix this morning. Also tonight - Brett Lee really must

over the Cross City Tunnel, A new scandal has broken out

secret Cabinet documents with the revelation that before the contract was completed. were leaked to the tunnel builder by the Corruption Commission, The matter is now under investigation Roads Minister at the time, but Carl Scully, who was he did everything above board. has told National Nine News

he was told about the leak, Carl Scully says the moment

he took immediate action. inappropriate had occurred I was concerned that something and asked for it to be investigated of the Premier's Department. by no less than the Director-General I wrote to the Minister. I spoke to the Minister, the Planning Minister in 2003. Craig Knowles was and couldn't be found today, He's now out of politics at the time, Bob Carr, says but the man who was premier he was never told of the leak. about corrupt practices If anyone ever made an allegation decision making, I tell you what, on the fringes of Cabinet I would have sent it to ICAC. to protect myself, The Cabinet documents contain details position with the tunnel operators of the Government's negotiating to the company and somehow they found their way before the contract was finalised.

was so serious, The Opposition says the matter been called in straight away. the Corruption Commission should have the Cabinet table, all of them. They were all around brought to the attention of Cabinet What did they do when this was and did they refer it to ICAC? two years ago - the matter had been investigated Late today, Mr Iemma said the Premiers Department and - by the head of He found there was no credence forwarded on. for the material to be further

the new investigation. But he's welcomed It's appropriate, he said,

to the ICAC for the claims to be referred with any inquiry. and the Government will cooperate Peter Harvey, National Nine News. Many of the residents in Lane Cove of the teetering apartment block in today to retrieve valuables. had their first chance to get back in to get a prized possession - But one needed help her pet bird named Tweety. Knock, knock. meets 'Police Rescue'. As reality TV, it was 'The Block' Kev, Tim Tam? Does anyone need anything to eat? allowed a few minutes The 40-odd residents to grab the bare essentials. to go back inside their units headed straight for the bedroom. Bride-to-be Sally McCabe One of the wedding rings. When are you getting married?

Nine weeks. they were making the same decision - On nearly every floor what to carry out, before they were allowed back in. knowing it could be weeks Toiletries and a few clothes. I'm packing a few basics, anyway. My fiancee is a professional golfer a couple of months ago. so he won that trophy I'd better take it, 'cause I can't stand it. except the PlayStation I'm not, to these residents, Not that it's any comfort have announced but the tunnel builders of an expert tunnel engineer the appointment independent review of the collapse. to undertake what's being called an apparently stabilised, With the building were reopened, the city-bound lanes on Epping Road of the last two days. easing the traffic delays about the front three flats. There is still concern proudly taping it eight weeks ago. This was the owner of one of them,

there's no damage anywhere. MAN: This is just to show minus the floor. And the same unit today - Upstairs... that we've recovered Tweety. We're very pleased to announce ..Karyn Bruce's pet cockatiel.

and Tweety to safety. A rope was used to yank the cage doesn't matter how small they are, Anyone who has a pet knows it

they're just part of the family. As for the other residents, in the hunt for a new address. some are so rattled, they're Will you be going back there? just quietly. Ah, I don't think so, mate, Nah, not after that. so no, I don't think I'll be back. It was a good enough warning for me, Mark Burrows, National Nine News. there are not enough Federal officers NSW police claim

of terrorism. to deal with the growing threat And while officers have new powers, in the Senate last night, with a change to the law moving in on suspects straightaway. they may not necessarily be whether arrests will happen soon, The Government won't confirm despite the legislation. when it may be used, save to say I'm not going to speculate as to the measure is in place. that I'm pleased that there are going to be arrests - It should not be assumed is a matter for police. whether there are arrests Speculation on possible targets on the Sydney Harbour Bridge, continues to centre and the Melbourne Stock Exchange. the Kurnell oil refinery

and I don't intend to. I don't confirm or deny speculation

the Federal Government Mr Ruddock rejected claims

tipped off terrorist groups has effectively existing police operations and jeopardised of a specific threat. by revealing the existence was seen by ASIO and police He says the wording of the alert by the Prime Minister. before it was announced We didn't want, in any way, in which they're engaged. to compromise any operations has claimed The NSW Police Association by lack of numbers, Federal Police are compromised

with only 2,400 officers. For what the Federal Government require in the new anti-terrorism age as we have it, they don't have enough police. And senior police have called for calm after a number of bomb hoaxes. We do get the ratbag element that take advantage of these situations and want to create hysteria in the community. Adam Walters, National Nine News. A man accused of being a sexual predator

who stalked and attacked women and children in Sydney's west has been refused bail by Penrith Court. The 36-year-old was arrested following an operation over several months by a special team of officers. Mark Dennis was led by detectives from his Tregear home. Police believe he's responsible for a spate of vicious attacks in the western suburbs. extr mely violent in nature, These offences are considered to be extremely violent in nature,

and they were all committed in the presence of young children. Taken to Mount Druitt police station, Dennis was questioned about a number of incidents between December 2003 and January this year where it's alleged he attacked young women and children. He's been charged with 22 offences, including sexual assault and robbery. According to police, he first struck in Mount Druitt -

allegedly raping a 26-year-old woman at knife-point in front of her distressed 4-year-old son. It's claimed he then threw gunpowder on her and and lit it. The woman suffered minor burns. Earlier this year, police appealed for information

following a shocking attack at this Rooty Hill reserve. It's alleged Dennis threatened a 10-year-old boy with a knife, while trying to force his 16-year-old sister to have sex with him.

Police have been shocked by the brutality of the alleged crimes Police have been shocked by the brutality of the alleged crimes and say their investigation has only just begun. Dennis was to appear before Penrith court today, but instead he remained in his jail cell and didn't apply for bail. Allison Langdon, National Nine News.

Another teacher in Victoria has been sent to jail

for having a sexual relationship with one of her teenage students.

36-year-old Cindy Howell sobbed uncontrollably after being sentenced to five years behind bars, the judge describing her actions as "a gross breach of trust". 36-year-old Cindy Howell was a married mother-of-four when she first pursued the victim who was dating her daughter. Howell was also his teacher at a Mornington Peninsula school, acting as an integration aide for the teenager who had difficulties reading. with the then 15-year-old, For 8 months she initiated sex his school principal who eventually told h s sc ool principal because she wouldn't leave him alone. Howell even befriended the victim's mother who wasn't aware of the relationship and moved into their house when her marriage collapsed. She bought him gifts and had sex with him in front of his friend and when her children were nearby. County Court judge Jan Pannam said:

For the defence, Sharon Smith said Howell had a troubled life. She was repeatedly raped at age 14, left school at 15 and was dependent on alcohol. But Judge Pannam said: and jailed her for 5 years with a 2.5-year minimum.

into a foetal position and sobbing. Howell reacted by slumping She received a longer sentence than Karen Ellis and Gavin Hopper. Rachael Rollo, National Nine News.

One of the last hopes of clemency for Australian drug trafficker Van Nguyen has vanished, with PM John Howard resisting pressure to make a personal plea to try and save his life. The 25-year-old, who was caught smuggling heroin, is expected to be executed in Singapore later this month. Federal Health Minister Tony Abbott has been accused of failing to act on a report urging wider use of a class of drugs which lower cholesterol and reduce the risk of strokes and heart attacks. Doctors claim the Government's reluctance is based on the fact that subsidising the drugs would cost too much. Medical experts have described them as 'miracle' anti-cholesterol drugs

and a report to the Federal Government shows if more people had subsidised access to them, heart attacks could be cut by 20%. But that's not looking promising just yet - Health Minister Tony Abbott has had the report for over a year. Doctors, too, are frustrated the report hasn't been acted upon. It's

it's absolutely appalling that

the federal Department of Health

and ageing has been sitting on this

report and denying the opportunity

for a number of people who have

been suffering from conditions of

this kind to be treated. Doctors, too, are frustrated the report hasn't been acted upon. They say until it is, only patients who have high cholesterol levels can buy the drugs on the PBS scheme. We're probably not treating quite a number of patients that we should be treating. Doctors say that under current rules and regulations, patients at highest risk are being excluded. And while patients can purchase the drugs themselves, it can cost over $100 for just one month's supply. It would be far better to spend the money on preventing the disease from occurring rather than spending the money patching up the disease once it's present. The Government says the report is still being considered. I hope it's being considered seriously. Jessica Rich, National Nine News. In the news ahead - a disease threat to our precious Wollemi pines. And a frightening plane crash at a football game. So busted! Franklins has price busted. 150g t 230g Nestle chocolate 150g t 23 g Nestle chocolate fun-size pack varieties: Look for this and other price busters. Only at Franklins.

The derailment of a goods train at Lidcombe in Sydney's west has left a locomotive leaning on the edge. It jumped the tracks just after midnight and while it looks precarious, rail engineers say it poses no immediate threat to a nearby house. Not wanting to seriously disrupt today's passenger services, CityRail says it won't be removed until tomorrow. There's a new threat tonight to the only known surviving Wollemi pine trees in the wild. They're at risk from a type of bacteria that causes root rot, after intruders entered the trees' secret location. Fortunately, we've found it early and we're going to take steps to try and contain its spread. The trees' survival is important because they're the world's longest living species. They were thought to have been extinct until they were discovered 11 years ago. America's politically damaging spy scandal has hit the courts, ith the Vice- resident's former aide with the Vice-President's former aide pleading not guilty to charges he revealed the identity of a CIA agent. Lewis Libby is accused of perjury,

making false statements and obstructing justice. He has declared that he intends to fight the charges in the indictment and he has declared that he wants to clear his good name. An inquiry into the media leak is continuing and other top officials may be called to testify. There's further embarrassment to the White House - leaked emails are helping Americans understand how the rescue and relief effort went so horribly wrong after Hurricane Katrina. The emails come from the sacked Federal Emergency Services chief and reveal a man who had no capacity to deal with one of the country's worst natural disasters. New Orleans was drowning and people were dying. But emails indicate the head of America's emergency rescue operation the head of America's emergency rescue operation appeared to show a lack of concern and jokingly emailed back to his office. Michael Brown's failure of leadership showed through when his deputy in New Orleans pleaded for extra help. He wrote: Before he was fired, Brown believed he was doing OK because the President told him so. And Brownie, you are doing a heck of a job. After that appearance came a fashion tip from his press officer. And after getting a 'well done' from his PR people he replied: In another jokey email to head office he wrote: Brown's still on the government payroll, getting more than $200,000 a year. But now senators want to know how it was that he got that top rescue job, considering before that, he was working for the Arabian Horse Association. In Los Angeles, Robert Penfold, National Nine News. In Paris, there's a crisis which authorities appear unable to control. For the eighth night in a row, youths have rioted in poorer suburbs around the city, setting fire to property and trying to shoot police. The violence started after two boys were electrocuted as they tried to escape a police patrol. The rioters are North African migrants, who claim they've been turned into an underclass

in one of the world's richest and most beautiful cities.

In America, an ultra-light plane has crashed

behind a line of spectators watching a football game. The tumbling wreckage hit a woman fan, but she and the pilot were not seriously injured. The pilot is well known in the area for flying over local events to get a good view.

Tim with sport is next and our bowlers doing all the work at the Gabba? The bottom order was full of all-rounders, though the Windies did let things slip and they suffered a major blow, losing Brian Lara for a luckless 30. And the Kangaroos warm up for the Tri-Nations, as the Tigers face life without Benji.

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Just have your Comprehensive Car, CTP and Home Insurance with us, and you can get 10% off both your Car and Home Insurance. At NRMA Insurance, we think you deserve a discount for having a group of policies with the same insurer. So start saving today by calling: Or visit your local office. Australia's tail-enders have dominated day two of the Test,

making the runs and then taking the wickets to put the Windies back on the defensive. Australia's last three wickets yielded 141 runs - the total 435.

McGrath then made the double breakthrough and a short time ago, the Windies were 5/173 A frustrating start to the second day - the bails on, then off, without a ball being bowled. Warne and Lee made to wait and when play finally resumed, it appeared everyone's patience was wearing thin. COMMENTATOR: Could be out. A let-off for Warne, while Lee wore a direct hit. Ooohhh, again. Warne's run eventually ended on 47. Oh, that's out. But Bracken was just as brutal in his return to Test cricket. He's smashed that one! Not to be outdone, Lee unloaded a monster six. When he hits them, they go a long way. They eventually found the ball in the practice nets outside the ground.

But the very next delivery, Lee's luck also disappeared, like Warne falling three runs short of his half century with Australia all out after lunch for 435. Then it was time to see if the West Indies batsmen were up to the challenge, as McGrath landed the early breakthrough. Good stuff from McGrath. Gayle gone for 10 and the Windies' top order under attack. Soon after, Sarwan became McGrath's second scalp. 2/74, but Smith celebrated his 50, combining with Lara - out of form, but fighting back. Going a long way downtown. But Lee then landed the prized wicket... Big shout - he's given him! Lara with every right to be feeling unlucky. While a toenail saved Smith from Warne, before Chanderpaul fell to a brilliant Bracken catch. McGrath then capping off his tremendous day. 100th wicket against the West Indians. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. The NRL draw for next season is out and premiers Wests Tigers will kick off their year against the Dragons and then face a grand final replay against the Cowboys in round five.

But in a major blow, they'll be doing it without star five-eighth Benji Marshall and Dene Halatau because of injury. Music is Dene Halatau's second love and he can't give it up, even though he's recovering from a shoulder operation that he nearly delayed for too long. My shoulder would have eventually deteriorated to the point where I wouldn't be able to play anymore and to have any chance of it to work properly

I probably would have needed a shoulder replacement. Coach Tim Sheens revealing the full extent of Halatau's and Marshall's injuries. Maybe the first 6 games for Benji, maybe the first 12 games, till half the season for Dene. That's worst-case scenario. Hopefully it'll be better than that, but that's what we've been led to believe. And at the Dragons, embattled forward Lance Thompson is an emotional wreck. He's hardly slept or eaten over the past two weeks and has lost 5kg.

But he is desperate to find a club when the Dragons axe him.

I'd love the chance to play with someone as exciting as, say, Sonny Bill, I suppose. You know, they've always been a great club. Wests Tigers, obviously - the way they're going now is great. Thompson does have interest from English club Leeds. On the Kangaroo tour, fellow Dragon Jason Ryles isn't about to prove that white men can jump.

He has to undergo a fitness test on his injured thigh. Trent Waterhouse is on standby and Willie Mason is fit to play off the bench. Skipper Darren Lockyer is calling for a united effort, against Great Britain on Sunday morning especially from his pack.

They are a big team and we've got no doubt that they'll try and run down through the middle of us. Danny Weidler, National Nine News. Matt Giteau will line up at fly-half for the Wallabies in Sunday morning's Test against France in Marseilles. Mat Rogers, who was also in the running for the key play-maker's role, will start on the wing. Lote Tuqiri has been named at outside centre, while prop Greg Holmes is set to make his debut off the bench. It's been a steep learning curve. But every game I'm just picking up more and more and training each week, especially with these guys, you're just always learning.

The first two practice sessions of the Australian A1 grand prix

produced some B-grade driving - the Chinese car was wrecked in this crash - just one of several incidents as drivers got their first look at the Eastern Creek circuit. Australia's Will Davison could only post the 14th fastest lap of the day. The pace-setter was Frenchman Nicolas Lapierre.

The Aussies 5/174. It's a 2-Test

weekend, with the tri-nations

coverage at 5:00 Sunday morning. Thank you. After the break - finance, then Jaynie with the weekend weather details.

In finance, Bluescope Steel has issued a profit warning, blaming an oversupply of steel inventory in Asia for reducing sales.

It's shares plunged $1.26. Other steel companies fell too. BHP Billiton rose, despite fears over its expansion plans after being told to share a railway line with competitors. The All Ords up 7. Now with what's in store for the weekend, here's Jaynie. A little cooler today with a dose of the wet stuff - 22 in the city as we speak. The heaviest falls landed in the south-west of Sydney

with around 10-15mm. A very warm 21 for Campbelltown this morning, which is your warmest morning in 29 years! Sydney also had a balmy start with a minimum of 21 - the last time it was this warm was March 16. And over the last week, Warragamba Dam has received a generous 61 mm and levels have increased by 1.1%.

Tonight there is a severe thunderstorm warning for the Hunter and mid-north coast, likely to produce large hail and very heavy rainfall. Inland of Taree has already had about 26mm in the space of six hours. For Sydney this evening, there should be a few isolated showers about with south-east winds. Another day of storms in the north-east of our State tomorrow. A few showers along the coast with south-easterly winds and a fine day for the rest of NSW and the ACT. So Canberra, it will be a dry one for you too.

24 both Saturday and Sunday. Melbourne and Hobart also rain-free. Adelaide hot with freshening northerly winds ahead of the next change. Overnight showers for Perth and Brisbane. Gusty storms in Darwin. Sydney - south-east winds will push in a few showers, especially in the morning. Not bad for surfers, but get out early before the seabreeze.

Saturday's temps in the low to mid 20s. Storms for Gosford and Katoomba. Sunshine returns on Sunday 23-27 degrees. And more showers and storms next week from the next change, which will hopefully bring us a good supply of rain, Mark. That's National Nine News for this Friday. I'm Mark Ferguson Hope you have a great weekend.

Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre. Hello again. Welcome to A Current Affair again. Friday at last! There's a wedding in the air, but now the bride and her sister are at war. It's an incredible family feud... over a dress.

Also tonight - a tax on desperately sick kids. Just how out of touch can our politcians get? Plus - safe and sound at last -