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Tonight - the Lane Cove collapse. as their apartments crumble. Dozens flee a specific threat against Australia. Terror alert - the PM announces And the Bruce Burrell trial - murder case. jury discharged in the Kerry Whelan and Sandra Sully. Ten News with Ron Wilson

Good evening. to save the apartment building A frantic effort is under way tonight into the Lane Cove Tunnel. in danger of collapsing with whatever they could carry Dozens of residents fled overnight their homes after a huge hole opened up next to and the building started crumbling.

It's the gaping hole that caused

chaos in Sydney's north today, It's the gaping hole that caused

forcing almost 50 residents onto

forcing almost 50 residents onto chaos in Sydney's north today,

the streets before jamming traffic

all day. Home unit owners metres

away taking a quick look around

2am then running for their lives.

Looks like the whole place is going

to come down, massive cracks in the

walls, a couple of girls in the

lower apartments grabbed their books

and ran. We got out of there,

grabbed very little, I

grabbed very little, I don't have and ran. We got out of there,

shoes nor does my partner. The

crater caused by a rock collapse

in the controversial Lane Cove

Tunnel, now less than two years

away from completion. It's thought

a build up of water contributed to

the problem. We don't know the

reasons for what triggered the

collapse and the subsequent Subiaco sidence. We'll certainly find

sidence. We'll certainly find out. collapse and the subsequent Subiaco

The tunnel builders say they're

relieved no lives were lost and

no-one was injured, apologising.

The area in front of the block so

unstable engineers today used

safety harnesses to examine the unstable engineers today used

hole. We won't allow residents back,

it's unstable. The local mayor

critical of the company. We were

tunnel assured by the engineers and by the

tunnel company and the conducters assured by the engineers and by the

that everything would be alright. I

think there's probably a Roads

Minister not too comfortable this

morning. It opened up the front and

side, a large section of one wall

breaking off. Workers tried to

stabilise the area, pouring quick

drying kement into the holes. In a bid to protect

bid to protect the roof below. The drying kement into the holes. In a

local action group saying it

predicted problems years ago. We

wanted it under Mowbra Road k come

out higher which would have avoided

the shale. Tess difficult rock and

we had an unforeseen geological problem.

problem. Tunnel builders hope it we had an unforeseen geological

can be saved. Just one occupant

remains, a canary. And Harry Potter

joins us live. Any word on whether remains, a canary. And Harry Potter

the units can be saved? Doubtful.

The police say no-one will go near

the building for the next few days.

They give the impression they think the building for the next few days.

it's in line for demolition, but

not the tunnel builders. They're

referring it to their engineers and

the insurers. There are 20 units

in the block worth in excess of

$20,000 each. It's a decision for

them to make. They said they'll do

We'll cross the right thing for the residents.

We'll cross to you later for the right thing for the residents.

another update. compensate and look after residents The tunnel builder says it will in the early hours of this morning. forced from their units Fearing for their lives, the clothes they were wearing. most escaped with just woken from their slumber, For around 50 residents they were still living this morning. it was a nightmare We don't know what to do. Very bad. Look, nothing - no clothes, nothing.

by a loud grinding noise. Most were shaken pounding on their doors Others had neighbours into a gaping hole. when they saw the building crumbling It was a matter of life or death. We wanted to get out. what was going to happen, We didn't know anything like that. if it was going to crash, things can be replaced. It was life first - processions, even pets, behind. The majority left all their

Essentially, we exited the building right at the moment. in just about what we've got on that will temporarily be home. They've now been relocated to a hotel

to a nearby shopping centre And some were taken by the embarrassed tunnel operator to buy essential items. and given $200 you might be in limbo? So how long do you think You have no idea. Could be weeks, months, who knows. Some people are in a financial situation and some in the building can't. where they can have a few days off

We have a lot of elderly. without his false teeth One man left the building to go back in to get them, and he wasn't allowed so he's having difficulty now to even eat.

as an investment for his daughter. Grant Philipp bought this unit

his concern was for the tenants. Watching it crumble on television, I tell you, they're lucky is the bedroom. because the area that's collapsing For the residents, are the most difficult - the questions they most want answered be on hold, just how long will their lives to some sense of normalcy. how soon before they can return now a critical issue, With compensation

residents have nothing to fear. the tunnel operators say that will be no expense spared I can tell you to make sure we do look after them. And, for now, the builders believe the damaged unit block. they can repair Eddy Meyer, Ten News.

Let's go to Vic Lorusso in the Mix

traffic helicopter for a check on

the situation. - I think we've lost

him. I apologise. Are you coming

back? No. We'll come back shortly him. I apologise. Are you coming

to check on the traffic. to nowhere this morning Motorists were on a road in never-ending traffic jams. stuck for hours And don't expect it to ease soon.

Sydney grinds to a halt. intersections, Traffic stranded across cars nose to tail for kilometres. hours late for work, Commuters across the city students late for HSC exams. All because of one road closure

with no relief in sight. and an embattled Roads Minister to any motorist, If there is any risk whatsoever that road will remain closed. tunnel crisis for the government. The collapse yet another The only consolation for Joe Tripodi, is no longer his biggest headache. the Cross-City tunnel The Government forced to defend its release of the latest batch of Cross-City tunnel documents just as Makybe Diva was crossing the line in the Melbourne Cup.

The Premier blaming a deadline set down by the Upper House. The Government did not set the date.

Not so, says the Greens. The information did not have to be dropped on Melbourne Cup Day. The Government had 14 days. They chose the deadline and they decided to do it on Melbourne Cup Day. Sir Laurence Street to rule on another 3,000 pages of documents,

the RTA says are privileged. If Sir Laurence Street advises to release the documents,

even though we're currently in negotiation, I'm happy to do that. I give you a guarantee. No cover-up, no secrecy. Despite the tunnel problems, the Government says this doesn't mean an end to the concept of public-private partnerships. But the Opposition wants a major safety audit of the Lane Cove Tunnel project. Not only the Cross City Tunnel but now the Lane Cove Tunnel, Have become symbols of the Government's incompetence.

Paul Mullins, Ten News.

We'll have more kanch of the Lane

Cove Tunnel collapse at the show goes on. PM Howard has disclosed a clear and current danger to Australia from terrorists. He won't say where, but insists steps are being taken to help our security forces deal with the threat. The key disturbing word in the PM's stark announcement was 'specific'. The Government has received specific intelligence The key disturbing word in the PM's stark announcement was 'specific'.

The Government has received specific intelligence and police information this week which gives cause for serious concern about a potential terrorist threat. But which threat, where and against whom?

The public, he says, can't be told. I do not intend and cannot and will not go into any of the operational details. MR SPEAKER: Call the Attorney-General. Legislation was introduced within hours of the announcement broadening a reference

to terrorist acts in existing legislation. The Opposition Leader briefed and on board. Can I say that the information that I have been given is not of a general nature. It is of a highly specific nature. The Senate will also be recalled tomorrow to rush the technical amendment through. The words "the terrorist act" will be replaced with the words "a terrorist act" so that the prosecution doesn't have to identify a particular planned attack. A minor rephrasing

that could mean the difference between guilt and acquittal for a terror suspect. Despite the specific threat, Australia's official threat level will remain at medium. Today's development follows the release of the ASIO annual report saying an attack is feasible and could occur without warning. And we are working very closely with ASIO to ensure that we reduce the opportunity for that to occur in Australia. Today's urgent legislation

is separate from the controversial anti-terror measures at the centre of negotiations with the States. After giving some ground, Mr Howard now has reason to be confident the tough new laws will proceed. Now we stand shoulder to shoulder in the fight against terrorism. Victoria will now proceed to give support to the counter-terrorism measures. Greg Turnbull, Ten News.

The Sydney mother of three

disappeared from a hotel carpark.

disappeared from a hotel carpark. The jury couldn't reach a unanimous

verdict after nine days. The accused showed no emotion

verdict after nine days. The verdict after nine days. The accused showed no emotion . He'll

face a new trial in the new year. Tim Webster with a look at sport. And a busy first day of retirement for Makybe Diva. Yes, she's made an encore appearance for the media interrupting the mighty mare's peaceful first day of retirement. But she'll have little time to rest - the champion set to make up to $50 million at stud. It's her Cup victories we'll all remember, but those who've known the Diva more intimately

will look back at these moments with a glow. The mare was back at Lee Freedman's Mornington Peninsula property today, calm, friendly, charismatic. It had to happen and I was very lucky I got to do with her what I did. Stable foreman John White says

Diva recovered well from her record-slaying run. He'll miss her too. She's something I'll never ever forget and I'm just proud to be associated with her. Lee Freedman now revealing

he'd long planned to take yesterday's big gamble by running his charge in one more great race. I believe it was the biggest risk I ever took with a horse, to do that, and, as you said, it could have all come unravelled and we look like fools.

Now the $14 million mare will be pushed towards motherhood. If connections choose her partners successfully, and she delivers up to 12 foals, her track prize money may seem like small change.

Allowing for her to go to the best stallions, which I'm sure she will, and allowing for the progeny to be a really good type, there's no reason why it shouldn't be, maybe we might see the first $4 million or $5 million yearling.

Makybe's place in history assured, the debate is over whether she's better than Phar Lap is worthy, but will never be won or lost. She's the horse for the 21st century. It's very hard to draw her to Phar Lap because they're 75 years apart in terms of Melbourne Cup wins.

The great mare will spend the next couple of days in this paddock, and the next couple of months in another paddock just down the peninsula, and the rest of her life and ours in Australian sporting folklore. Her strapper has only one concern, and it's not for the Diva. I pity the first stallion - she's got a wicked kick in her back end.

Paul Kennedy, Ten News. And a little later Ron, Scott Prince's season gets even better and the Aussie cricket selectors

make their decision between Macgill and Bracken. Next - the Federal industrial reforms finally tabled in Parliament. Plus, the love song a Sydney murder suspect allegedly wrote for the victim. And the Sydney politician who wants pigeons banned.

Our water situation has taken a positive turn. But conserving water is still a priority.

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Our water situation has taken a positive turn. But conserving water is still a priority.

Stage 1 water conservation measures are in place. How would the measures work for you if applied permanently? To have your say, call ACTEW or visit the website. The most comprehensive changes in a 100-years to the way Australians are hired, fired and paid, have finally been unveiled.

The Howard Government's workplace reforms have gone to Federal Parliament but the PM still refuses to guarantee workers will be better off. A Maori haka, the traditional war dance, was performed as the workplace revolution was beginning. The unions enlisting what they described as economic refugees from New Zealand to the cause. Inside, the debate was intense. They don't want this bill studied. They know on every page is a bomb that is gong to blow up in the face of Australian workers. There will be ample debate of this bill in this house. A rowdy session saw a record 11 Labor MPs thrown out. The PM accusing the Opposition of over-the-top hysteria. The workers of Australia are better off under this government than they have ever been. That's what aggravates the Opposition. Where, in the 687 pages of legislation, is the Government's guarantee that no individual Australian employee will be worse off as a result of these extreme and unfair measures?

My guarantee is my record! His Minister, not quite as assuring. We can't guarantee now what the situation of any individual Australian will be in four or five years time.

The Unions say the bills confirm their worst fears.

Everything we have said is fully documented now in the detail in this legislation. Employers are urging the Nationals Barnaby Joyce not to stand in the way. We call on all senators to support them and see them passed by Christmas. But Labor has no doubts the bills will pass Parliament unscathed. It's now promising not a roll back, but a demolition of the changes

It's now promising not a roll back, but a demolition of the changes if it wins Government. We will go into the next election accepting absolutely none of this. None of it! Paul Bongiorno, Ten News. A Sydney man has gone on trial for murder accused of strangled his former girlfriend and stuffing her body in a cricket bag. It's alleged he later wrote a song, with lyrics saying he'd meet his victim in eternity.

Will Matheson denied knowing what had happened to his missing former girlfriend, 18-year-old animation artist Lyndsay van Blanken, even though he was the last to see her alive. Lyndsay's body was found stuffed in a cricket bag

at a block of units at Queens Park, in November 2003, seven weeks after her mysterious disappearance.

She'd been strangled with cable ties. Today the prosecution at Matheson's murder trial

detailed how the young woman dumped Matheson and took up with an American, Brandon Lennon, who she met on the internet and decided to marry. Lyndsay's mother, Cynthia, said her daughter was in love and very happy but had confided she feared her former boyfriend. "I'm very worried about Will Matheson," she told her mother.

Matheson had allegedly sent the woman a text message saying: "I see you." The prosecution claims police discovered lyrics of a song Matheson allegedly wrote which said: Matheson was allegedly seen arguing with Lyndsay in Bondi Junction

the day she disappeared. The prosecution alleges Matheson told police in a record of interview he and Lyndsay used to meet at the unit block when they were going out together as teenagers. The hearing continues. John Hill, Ten News. A car has tumbled over a cliff in Sydney's south. A mother and four children were in the car when it ran off Henry Lawson Drive at Picnic Point this afternoon.

The car rolled 20 metres into bushland, ambulance officers saying they're all lucky not to have suffered serious injuries. The family was taken to St George Hospital. The police strikeforce investigating a series of ATM ram raids has made its first arrests. Police caught two men at the scene of this attempted ATM theft last night at Belmore, where crowbars and cutting equipment were used.

They've been charged with aggravated break and enter. The driver of a stolen silver Mercedes escaped. Police have also arrested a 30-year-old man at his Merrylands home in connection with the theft. This is not the end of Strikeforce Piccadilly, it is merely the first of what I would hope

to be a series of significant developments. Up to 25 ATMs have been attacked in the past three months. A Sydney local government figure has come up with a controversial plan

to save his constituents from bird flu. He wants all pigeons in Ashfield culled but stopping more from flying in presents a daunting challenge. If we're to believe the local council, the bustling Sydney community of Ashfield is under attack. A plague of pigeons is putting people at risk, some fearing our feathered friends could soon become killers.

People have and can die from pigeons. Last night, Ashfield Council voted on a motion to eradicate all pigeons in the municipality, the debate ruffling a few feathers. The mind boggles when I think of Asian pigeons flying through the border of Ashfield. Stop them directly at the border. But Deputy Mayor Nick Adams, who moved the motion,

is perfectly serious. It's well documented that pigeons carry a number of diseases that are transmissable to humans, some fatal, and many view pigeons as probably the most likely source of spreading the bird flu should it hit our shores. The eradication motion was lost. Instead, Council plans a massive reduction in numbers, like that achieved in London's Trafalgar Square.

Numbers have dropped from 5,000

pigeons in 2 000 to 100 in 2004.

Community opinion divided. So many

of them, they're annoying. I don't

mind them. At least one Ashfield

councillor suggesting a solution

once used during the war. We had

recipes for pigeon pies. Everybody

decided there's a way

recipes for pigeon pies. Everybody decided there's a way to solve the

problem, stick it in a pie. The

message to the pigeons of Ashfield

is - be afraid, be very afraid,

because your days are numbered.

Angela Bishop, Ten News. And I

think Frank Coletta is more

concerned about sea guls at North

Bondi. Don't use those words

against me. They're not around at

the moment, but there are perfect

conditions, 25 degrees at North

Bondi. You'd like to bottle these

conditions. We might take a dip in

a while. Not much rain, humidity up

high, it brought showers into the

upper Blue Mountains, but that's about

upper Blue Mountains, but that's about it. Skywatch - we roll it

from 6:30 this morning, great

clouds throughout the morning,

cleared at about 11:00, clear skies

for the rest of the afternoon.

Maximum was 25. The pollution

levels , low in the east and

north-west, medium in the

south-west. If you thought today

was hot and sticky, there's more to

come. More in 10 minutes. Next - a crime victim fights back against burglars with a samurai sword. And Charles and Camilla in New York - America's surprising reaction to their royal tour.

We'll be going back to Harry Potter

shortly at the scene of the Lane

Cove Tunnel collapse, but let's

check the traffic in that situation.

With Vic Lorusso on the Mix traffic

helicopter. A nightmare for peak

hour this morning. What's it like this evening?

hour this morning. What's it like this evening? We're over Lane Cove

and the good news is the homebound

motorists from the CBD, Epping Road

westbound is open. Westbound is on

the right of your screen. The left

is the city-bound approaches toward

Lane Cove, that's completely

blocked off. Major traffic

diversions, police diverting

through the back roads of Lane Cove.

Epping Road city-bound is likely to

be closed until after 5am tomorrow

morning. Make alternative

morning. Make alternative morning. Make alternative arrangements for getting to work. More later. An armed burglary in Melbourne turned deadly when one of the intruders was attacked with a samurai sword. Two men cut the power before forcing their way into the house just after midnight. Armed with the sword and a gun, they tied up a woman home alone and demanded cash.

Her partner was ambushed as he arrived home but then turned on the attackers. Intruders come to your place, you try to defend yourself. I would do the same. The second offender was arrested two hours later. It's unlikely the crime victim who killed his attacker will be charged. A crucial exhibit in the Peter Falconio murder trial has been contaminated at a forensic science lab. The problem, revealed in the Supreme Court trial in Darwin, has brought into question the reliability of tests done for the case. Forensic biologist Carmen Eckhoff is so confident about the testing standards

at the police lab where she works,

she assesses other laboratories to check they're up to standard. But under cross-examination, Ms Eckhoff was forced to admit

an item at her accredited lab was contaminated by her boss's DNA. It's one of the most crucial exhibits in the murder trial - the handcuffs allegedly used on Joanne Lees. She found Bradley Murdoch's DNA on the handcuffs. She says the odds that the DNA is from another white man in the NT are 150 quadrillion to one. That's 30 million times more than the earth's population. Over three days in the witness stand,

she also said there was practically no chance the handcuffs were deliberately contaminated. Her certainty today undermined after Murdoch's lawyers pointed out her log book did not always record

who had the exhibit or what they were doing to it. At one point, a police officer took the handcuffs to SA, where they were passed on to the officer in charge of the Falconio investigation and taken to an interview with Murdoch.

The removal from the lab was never noted down. If you had your time again, would you run the investigation differently? No comment. Ms Eckhoff was also forced to admit she wasn't able to make conclusive findings from tests on the Kombi van. Positive results were only achieved by a British exert who uses a different testing technique based on lower samples of DNA. The scientific testimony is expected to last several days. In Darwin, Amber Muir, Ten News. A royal tribute for London's bombing victims remembered in a spectacular, multi-faith ceremony. Along with survivors of the July 7 blasts and those mourning loved ones, the Queen joined leaders from a range of religious faiths. Relatives of Melbourne victim, Sam Ly, welcoming the symbolic service. We stand united in our determination to resist and overcome the evil of terrorism. Muslims, Jews and Hindus were included in the service, remembering the 52 people killed. Prince Charles and wife Camilla have arrived in the US for their first overseas trip as husband and wife. American commentators already labelling the tour a "royal bore".

On his first official US tour in over a decade, Prince Charles took a back seat to new wife Camilla. It's been called the "royal invasion", the "glam offensive". Their first stop, paying respect at Ground Zero. Both my wife and I were profoundly moved by what we saw. The couple opened a park dedicated to 67 Britons who died on September 11,

later visiting the United Nations. But journalists today focused more on Camilla's reported 40-person entourage, including three personal dressers, a hair stylist and a make-up artist. The nervous 58-year-old debutante packed nearly 50 outfits. While the stars turned out for a royal reception tonight, the public seem less enchanted. Are the royals still relevant? The vote so far:

Camilla has an uphill battle to win over Americans whose only royal interest was in Princess Diana. She'll never be able to take Diana's place. She looks like Seabiscuit. Charles and Camilla will spend the rest of the week in Washington, New Orleans and San Francisco. All the while dodging cheap shots from the US media. We're all welcoming the Prince and the Dutchess, or mistress, or whatever she is this week.

costumes -

I saw some pretty frightening costumes - I saw this one ghoul and this one goblin on the news getting off an airplane and I realised it was just Prince Charles and Camilla. In the US, Rahni Sadler, Ten News.

Still to come - the Reserve Bank's decision on interest rates. Also - more information from the scene of Lane Cove's apartment building collapse. And fighting the headaches - a promising new weapon against migraines.

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Time for a weather check with Frank

Time for a weather check with Frank Coletta. You look like you're in

one of the best spots in Sydney. It

is this afternoon. Hot and steamy

is this afternoon. Hot and steamy conditions all day, the humidity

was up around 70% today and it will

continue tomorrow. More shortly.

Across the Sydney suburbs, it was

26 in terrigal today. In Bank's 26 in terrigal today. In Bank's medyo, 28.

Four words - sculptures by the sea.

We'll have fantastic shots coming

up at 5:55. Prime Minister Howard has disclosed a clear and current danger to Australia from terrorists. He won't say where an attack might happen, but insists steps are being taken to help our security forces deal with the threat.

The jury hearing the Bruce Burrell murder trial

has failed to reach a unanimous decision. He's accused of kidnapping and murdering

mother-of-three Kerry Whelan in 1997. The 52-year-old suspect maintains his innocence and will face a new trial next year. And a frantic effort is under way tonight

to save the apartment building in danger of collapsing into the Lane Cove Tunnel. Dozens of residents fled overnight with whatever they could carry. Reporter Harry Potter joins us again from the scene.

It's been traumatic for everyone

It's been traumatic for everyone involved. It will take a lot of

time to get things back to normal.

They're aiming to have it clear by

late tomorrow afternoon, hopefully

by Friday and not into the weekend.

It's an enormous operation

by Friday and not into the weekend. It's an enormous operation here,

they've had concrete poured during

the day, another one planned for

tonight and again tomorrow. That

tonight and again tomorrow. That will go on until lunchtime then the

concrete has had a settle Thanks,

Harry Potter at Lane Cove. Finance - and the Australian share market closed marginally weaker.

Craig James at Commonwealth Securities. No surprises on interest rates today?

No, no surprises from the

Australian Reserve Bank or from the


Australian Reserve Bank or from the US Federal Reserve. Here they left

interest rates unchanged and in the

US, they lifted rates for the 12th

consecutive months. That gap treen

Australian and US interest rates

continues to narrow, putting

downward pressure on our dollar. We

had new figures out today on the

housing sector. Builders have

plenty of work, but they may be

scouting around for work in the

next couple of months. New house

approvals in NSW fell to the lowest

levels in five years. There are

more houses being built each month

in Victoria, Queensland and WA than

in NSW. Thanks, Craig.

Good news for sufferers of migraines. While there's still no cure, doctors say there's no need to put up with the pain. About 2 million Australians know the pain of migraine,

and the symptoms are as varied as the sufferers. They can be from anywhere from the loss of sight in the right eye

for a day or two right up to a whole week's worth. Mainly I just put up with it. Lock myself in a dark room when I do get the pain.

Now doctors want to spread a new message - that migraine should never rule or ruin your life again.

We should be preventing them

rather than getting someone onto chronic drug use. A US survey suggests less than half of all migraine sufferers

take any form of preventative medication to head off the pain because they don't know they can. They might not want to bother their doctor - they just say they have a headache for a day. That used to be Natalie's story, but now a new drug, recently approved for use in Australia, has changed her life. You just take them and it becomes a routine thing. Every day you take the medication,

and you know that if you don't you're gonna get them worse again. Be nice to be able to take something each day and actually stop it all together. Keeping a lid on migraine is also good for the economy, with days off work and lost production estimated to cost the country about $1 billion a year. It's the impact it has on their work, running the household, those people around them. Now the message to sufferers is clear -

if you get migraines, go see your doctor.

Tim Collits, Ten News. Tim Webster's back with Sport - and our cricket selectors opt for extra pace.

Yes. Nathan Bracken's Test recall is in full swing, more shortly.

Plus, what Wayne Bennett expects from new Kangaroos half Scott Prince and how the Wallabies got the bounce of the ball in a freakish try.

Also Harry Kewell's touch of class for Liverpool boosts the Socceroos World Cup hopes. And how Aussie Andrew Bogut defied his critics in a spectacular NBA debut. To score his first NBA basket.

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Nathan Bracken will resume his Test career tomorrow at the Gabba. The NSW quick was given the nod ahead of Supertest hero Stuart MacGill. A tinge of green and some humid Queensland weather

meant the selectors' decision wasn't all that hard in the end. After nearly two years on the outer, Bracken is back. He's got a great record up here, Bracken, and will bowl well on that wicket, I think. There is still a little bit of moisture in the surface, with maybe a little weather around, but that is the way we have decided to go. MacGill won't carry the drinks, he's been released to play in the Blues Pura Cup match against Western Australia. All-rounder Shane Watson trained with the knowledge,

regardless of what happens over the next five days, he has time on his side. I'll certainly be saying that to the selectors, I think that is the way I think we should be going he is a terrific young cricketer and he has learned a lot, I think, about himself and about his game, over the last 8 or 10 or 12 months. The West Indies enter this series with a lot more optimism than the Jimmy Adams-led debacle four years ago. All they need now is Brian Lara to return to form. I'm not worried about Brian too much, Brian is one of those guys who will come into an honest game at any time.

It's up to him, now, if he can go a little more and turn it on if he wants to. A first Test win won't heal the Aussies' Ashes scars, but it will make them a little less painful. You know the Ashes loss is a long way behind us, and the next time we get to play is a long time ahead of us and we have to stay right in the present, now,

and make sure we are paying attention to the West Indies team. As I said, we know they are dangerous, and can be dangerous, and they are the sort of side, if they get a bit of confidence, they will play even better. Brad McEwen, Ten News. The dream season just keeps on getting better for Scott Prince. The Wests Tigers premiership captain winning his first Australian jumper for Sunday's Tri-Nations Test against Great Britain. While he's in complete control at Kangaroos training, Scott Prince is still making sure his imagination isn't playing tricks. It's certainly still a dream. I'm still coming to terms with the fact that the Wests Tigers are the Premiers. Prince beating Craig Gower and Trent Barrett to the number seven jumper, his new status as an international sure to increase his value when his contract with the Wests Tigers expires at the end of next season. Oh no, that's one aspect of the whole thing too, but the most important thing is the Test jumper and playing for Australia. I'm very honoured and proud to do so. Coach Wayne Bennett has told Prince not to change a thing, to imagine he's still guiding the Tigers around the park. He's very skilful. They played some wonderful football, the Tigers, and he was the orchestra leader of all that. There's been two other changes to the squad - Nathan Hindmarsh and Willie Mason added to a 5-man bench. Hindmarsh and reserve prop Jason Ryles will need fitness checks.

Opponent Great Britain getting a reality check last up against New Zealand. Last weekend wasn't good enough. In Test matches you get exposed if you're not up to scratch and that happened to us last Saturday, so now we've got to up the ante. Leanne West, Ten News. The Wallabies' blooding new players has resulted in Australia 'A' thrashing the French Barbarians 42-12. The young talent were keen to impress, ahead of this weekend's first Test against France. The European tour opener produced this freakish early contender for the try of the tour after the Aussies absorbed the early pressure from the big barbarian forwards. Hooker Tatafu Polota-Nau handled twice to score as the tourists ran in 5 tries to 2. That group of players have got some potential to go further in the game. How far further will, the next 12 months will decide How far further will, the next 12 months will decide for a lot of the players. Fullback Cameron Shepherd scoring a personal tally of 17 points. In a boost for the Socceroos Harry Kewell has shown a touch of class in Liverpool's Champions League victory over Anderlecht. The defending champions downing the Belgian team 3-0. Spanish connection of Morientes and Garcia with the first two goals for Liverpool before Kewell became the creator and provider for the home side's third.

CROWD CHEERS Socceroos boss Guus Hiddinck enjoying success as well - his club side PSV Eindhoven downed Milan 1-0. Not one of cycling's biggest events, but Africa's Tour du Faso has had an eventful stage finish. The peleton just crossed the line to end stage six when a photographer drifted just a bit too close to the action.

He wasn't the only one caught up in the mess -

several riders hit the tarmac in a tangle of bikes, wheels, sandals and spectators. Thankfully, no major injuries. Aussie Andrew Bogut has made an outstanding NBA debut. He helped the Milwaulkee Bucks to an upset 117-108 win over the Philadelphia 76ers. The 2m tall Bogut defied early pressure from critics

who claim the number one draft pick might not become a long-term star. His game stats of 13 points, 9 rebounds and 3 blocked shots in the overtime win, suggests otherwise. It was a cool welcome to the NBA from established stars Allen Iverson and Chris Webber. But it didn't take long for Andrew Bogut to start earning some respect. COMMENTATOR: Bogut able to score his first NBA basket.

The young Melburnian doing the job at both ends of the court. Webber blocked by Bogut. A solid contribution from the debutant keeping the Bucks within striking distance at the long break

and the half-time reviews positive. Andrew Bogut's first half of NBA basketball has resulted in some decent numbers. An assist, a block,

his first basket at 5:55 in the first quarter. But it was after Michael Redd's buzzer-beating 3-pointer that sent the game to overtime that Bogut really shone, scoring critical points... Bogut! ..and pulling down big rebounds as the Bucks broke a 5-game losing streak against the 76ers. This has been fun to watch.

Neil Cordy, Ten News. That's the day in sport. Later on Sports Tonight with Leigh Diffey - the Sydney Kings take on. the Perth Wildcats And the A-1 Grand Prix drivers who took on the Harbour Bridge.

Time for another quick traffic

check with Vic Lorusso on the Mix

traffic helicopter. How's it looking for commuters

traffic helicopter. How's it looking for commuters now? Awful

looking for commuters now? Awful for traffic using Victoria Road.

We're over the gladeville bridge

and as you can see, motorists are

trying to avoid Epping Road this

evening as a result of the closure

evening as a result of the closure and diversions and traffic all

and diversions and traffic all three lanes crawling towards the

CBD, past the Western Distributor

CBD, past the Western Distributor and towards town. Westbound's going and towards town. Westbound's going and towards town. Westbound's going OK. Word is still going to be

OK. Word is still going to be closed tomorrow morning after 5am.

If you go that way to work, take

Victoria Road, the M2 or Mona Vale Road. Next - the weather with Frank Coletta. And we'll take a trip to the beach for Sydney's sculptures by the sea.

This Thursday's Powerball jackpot is $6 million. $6 million Powerball jackpot. You could:

Time for all the weather details

now with Frank Coletta. I came in

this morning when it was cloudy, so

I haven't had a chance to see the

I haven't had a chance to see the sunshine you keep bragging about.

You've got to get outside. It's

You've got to get outside. It's fantastic, the afternoon. We're

spared the humidity here on the

coastline, still around 70%,

spared the humidity here on the coastline, still around 70%, inland

coastline, still around 70%, inland not so comfortable. Still around 25

degrees, daylight savings coming in

handy. We can get away for a bip handy. We can get away for a bip afterwards.

The satellite image - cloud is

The satellite image - cloud is The satellite image - cloud is forming over SA and the NT causing

forming over SA and the NT causing rain and isolated storms. Cloud is

being pushed rain and isolated storms. Cloud is

rain and isolated storms. Cloud is being pushed across the WA coast by

being pushed across the WA coast by southerly winds and patchy cloud is

forming along our coast and the

ranges. The weather map - a trough

of low pressure will trigger rain

of low pressure will trigger rain of low pressure will trigger rain and storms across the interior and

south-east, a deep low will cause

strong winds and heavy rain across

Tasmania. Some rain and storms over

Tasmania. Some rain and storms over inland parts of our State, also

inland parts of our State, also Victoria, Tasmania and NT. Rain and

Victoria, Tasmania and NT. Rain and

Victoria, Tasmania and NT. Rain and

Victoria, Tasmania and NT. Rain and storms clearing from SA. Friday -

storms clearing from SA. Friday - what rain fall? A slow-moving

what rain fall? A slow-moving what rain fall? A slow-moving trough will trigger showers from

trough will trigger showers from Queensland to central eastern NSW.

A high will clear showers from

A high will clear showers from Victoria, early winds will maintain

Victoria, early winds will maintain isolated showers along the

Queensland coast. Let's talk about

sculptures by the sea, starting

tomorrow, going until November

tomorrow, going until November 206789 one of the artists has

joined me. We're taking a look

shortly at some of the images we've

shot today. I'll get you to talk us

through them. Having a look now,

through them. Having a look now, tell us a little about the

sculptures. Thes been once from the fried egg,

fried egg, the big curve, the wave I was working on,

fried egg, the big curve, the wave I was working on, the netting you

see down there, and the big

structure I worked on. Tell us

about that. What's the inspiration?

I think after working on something

so boring, trying to find

something creative in it, I

suppose the only avenue. You're in

the construction building side of

things. You've brought a few mates

down? Yeah, they were initially

hesitant doing work outside of work,

but I got them down with some beer.

It runs until November 30. To learn

more? People can look on my website

and get a link onto the wave and

the other works. Looks great.

Sculptures bit sea until November

20, get out and have a look. That's the 5:00 News. I'm Ron Wilson. And I'm Sandra Sully. I'll be back with the Late News at 11:30. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre.