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(generated from captions) years for her hand in marriage. his partner of three and a half life with me. Will you marry me? eternity.. it took the bride-to-be After what must have seemed an the ring not quite the perfect ten whole seconds to respond .. fit. Tuesday in November 2005. That's WIN News for the the first at The headlines are on our website News team. I'm Peter Leonard, from the WIN Good night

This program is live captioned. to a place in racing history. Makybe Diva's ride down glory road Diva's the greatest! that puts her up there with Phar Lap. A Melbourne Cup hat-trick Good evening.

in sporting glory, In a country wrapped from champion to true legend - it's a very long leap this afternoon - shortly after 3 o'clock made that journey. the mighty Makybe Diva into a moment in history - She turned her date with destiny en route to this years race, the unprecedented pressure, blown away in the home straight.

three Melbourne Cups, The only horse to ever win let alone three in a row. at this superb sporting story, And as most Australians marvelled the final chapter was being written - will race no more - racing's First Lady at the very top. the Diva has been retired like it - There has not been a Melbourne Cup standing on its feet, it ended with a nation totally in awe of a mare. would have been hard pressed Banjo Patterson to find the words to describe. to the great Phar Lap? Now can we compare her had the perfect response. Lee Freedman win three Melbourne Cups. I never saw Phar Lap And that's an undeniable fact. In an age of hi-tech, end of Damien Oliver's umbrella, this magic day began with the pointy Makybe Diva would run or not. determining whether The track looks great to me. and the trainer said 'let's race'. Freedman was informed

for second favourite Eye Popper There was plenty of late money

as the people's choice. but Lady Diva never faded Makybe Diva had a dream start - From gate 14, ever so patiently to the rails Boss working the mare by the 400m mark. and well back, Midway through the race with the field. Boss and the Lady danced there was a tonne of work to be done Coming to the turn, before creating history. to Makybe Diva - The question had been put her response was emphatic.

As they come down the straight,

there's Vinnie Roe, and here's

Makybe Diva. A nation roars for a

hero. She's starting to wind up.

300m left to go now. Makybe Diva's

racing up. Envoy's trying to go

with her. Here comes Leica Falcon.

Makybe Diva clear with 100m to go.

A champion becomes a legend. Makybe Diva has won it. but Boss wanted to make sure We knew it was all heart, of the size of the heart - we didn't lose sight that had Flemington spinning this was a win that the Diva had given him a place hat the Diva had given him a place and a jockey forever grateful

in racing folklore. I will take to my grave. This is a moment Tony Santic and Lee Freedman. It will be that way for owner

Go and find the smallest child in

this course, because there will be

an example of the only person here

that will live long enough to see

something like that again. Through it all, in a bucket of water, Diva kept a cool head as Tony Santic told us. She is retired as of today. her future foals What a legacy Diva leaves will have and what stories Glen Boss he steered the mighty mare - to tell of the time but for now - Let's Party! who was simply all class and more. And raise a glass to the Diva Ken Sutcliffe, National Nine News. at its flourishing best, With Flemington was a record crowd. the hot tip on a hot day or blokes The early birds in the house. managed to stake out the best seats and we ran a good third. Last year we went was Miss Universe chasing her third, And with Makybe Diva was clearly the crowd favourite. the multimillion-dollar mare Makybe Diva! there was no room for sentiment. But in the betting ring, I don't care what else wins. I want Makybe Diva beaten - who were feeling the heat - And it was not just the bookies changes in the fashion stakes. the weather prompted last-minute wear a jacket to the races this year There was no way I could possibly weather front. despite last year's apocalyptic And the results were eye popping - a fashion accessory. hats this year more than just The cup is all about being noticed - to the down right daggy. from the dashing Three cheers for Makybe!

Hooray! Hip hip - champagne is another. How you look is one tradition - Cheers.

what's most important - But for the punters picking the winner. CHEERING

on Diva's day. They had witnessed racing history Diva's the greatest! Damian Ryan, National Nine News. $59 million on the Cup - In NSW, we splurged a record

on last year - a staggering 15% increase the biggest rise in 15 years. on Makybe Diva alone - The TAB took $20 million for a party. a sure sign that Sydney was primed didn't get off to the best of starts. Just like some of the horses, the day Here's to the races - sunny Sydney. five bucks a pop! We're renting the chamois out - dampen the spirits Not that the rain was ever going to of the Randwick crowd - best face forward. best hats, best dresses, This is really good. We're having fun, really. Bring the sun out. in the plastic fantastics - There was just time for a quick twirl and the rain began to stop. there was absolutely no doubt And rain or shine, punting heart lay. about where Sydney's

will all be on Makybe diva. Definitely at Randwick, the money it was much the same. Out at Rosehill, young women taking the day off. All the world, mostly, it seemed, I'm sitting next to my boss. Everybody watching one of those rare races, where the jockeys are just as big as the horses. Race call. Just like the Melbourne Cup, really, except everyone got a prize - including the winning pony. For most of the rest of us, the day was all about searching for a prize - lots of inspiration here. Queues round the block outside city TABs - old hands, and new ones. I'll have it on - are all of these running? A quinella is first and second in any order. You have to give me two names out of that field. Harder than it seems, really. I know the winner is here somewhere. It's just a matter of finding it - but even putting on my glasses doesn't seem to help. Wouldn't have mattered. Woooooo! Go you mighty thing, Makybe Diva. You beauty! Nothing more to say, really. Peter Harvey, National Nine News. On the TAB: It made for an excellent trifecta - $7,773. Now to other news and a special team of police has been set up to hunt for three men responsible for a shooting rampage at a cafe in Fairfield. One man was killed, three others were injured. An Iraqi refugee, Ramon Khananyah, and three other men were shot as they played cards inside the Babylon Cafe. Until last night Ramon's family thought they had found a safe haven by fleeing to Australia. We ran away from Iraq so he wouldn't get killed in the war and he got killed here. His sister - pictured here with Ramon - says her parents are shattered to lose their only son. The things they put us through - my mum and my dad and my family - we didn't deserve that. He didn't deserve to die that young. Two of the wounded men are still in a serious condition.

A third survivor was discharged early this morning. Customers told of how the gunmen opened fire from a black car. Very scary - everyone was panicking. There was a lot of fear in the room. Police investigating the 28-year-old's murder believe it's linked to a shooting at the same cafe last weekend and a fight there yesterday. A man confronted a group of men inside the cafe, a struggle ensured, a weapon was produced. The shootings were so indiscriminate the victim's family can't be certain whether Ramon was the gang's main target. Maybe he was at the wrong place at the wrong time and it happened to him.

I mean, when you're number's up it's up. Adam Walters, National Nine News. Kim Beazley is facing growing backbench criticism over his decision to support the Government's new terror crackdown. But the Opposition Leader is refusing to budge - telling rebels to recognise that increased terrorist threats require strong new laws. As expected, Carmen Lawrence was one of Kim Beazley's toughest critics at the meeting, accusing him of pre-empting Caucus with this statement yesterday. I stand ready to recommend to Caucus that, in the national interest, we support the bill. But equally strong was former Labor senate leader John Faulkner, who said he was not convinced the terrorism threat was as serious as the Government claimed and argued that Labor should be true to its principles. Mr Beazley hit back hard - the terrorist threat had become more serious, he said, and new laws were needed to meet it. Earlier, Queensland Premier Peter Beattie had urged Federal Labor MPs not to condemn the proposed measures yet. I know there's some argument - an argy-bargy within the Labor Party. I would say this to all my Labor colleagues - "Please wait until you see the draft legislation." Premiers still have not agreed to the bill, writing to PM John Howard today setting out safeguards they insist must be included before they sign up. The State premiers and the Territory leaders have done a very good job

in forcing John Howard to back down from a number of the more offensive provisions. Mr Beazley told Caucus the Labor premiers were fighting to make the bill more acceptable. Federal Labor would fight for changes too, he said, but it had no leverage because its poor performance at last year's election gave the Government control of the Senate. That was seen as a slap at Senator Faulkner - a key figure in making Mark Latham leader of the party. Laurie Oakes, National Nine News. ASIO has agreed to compensate a Sydney couple who were the target of bungled raid four years ago. Bilal Daye and his wife Fatma Iali claim they were held at gunpoint

by agents who raided the wrong address in September 2001.

They were seeking up to $1.5 million in damages for false imprisonment, assault and mental anguish, but ASIO settled as the case got under way. Relieved, just relieved. I can take care of my family now, that's all. No details were revealed. There's been a serious setback for Sydney model Michelle Leslie in her Bali court case today. A local psychiatrist, who was expected to testify that she was addicted to the attention deficit disorder drug Ritalin, now says she's not hooked on anything at all. From the chaos last week manacled to one of the Bali Nine today a more demure arrival - Michelle Leslie arrived by herself, but she was still handcuffed. Not that you would have picked it - the model used her shawl to cover her shackled hands. In an industry where image is everything, handcuffs are not the accessory that helps your career. She's still strong, she's been strong the whole way through and she remains that way.

In court, one of the arresting officers said at the time she appeared confused when he removed the tissue paper from her purse that contained two ecstasy tablets -

the tablets now half what they were because of lab tests. A key part of the defence is that her positive blood test for amphetamines can be explained because she is addicted to the ADD drug Ritalin. It also contains amphetamines. If it can be proved she's an addict, then she could be sentenced to just three months. Suddenly that defence is looking shaky. Bali psychiatrist Deny Thong, who is yet to give evidence, seems to contradict the defence case, saying she is not addicted to Ritalin. It's not so much Ritalin - I don't believe it's Ritalin, because you don't get addicted to Ritalin. Her best hope now telling the court she's addicted to ecstasy - her original explanation. Mark Burrows, National Nine News. In the news ahead - Sonny Bill says sorry for driving while drunk. And Prince Charles hoping to boost Camilla's image with a trip to America. Hey, Cedric.

Remember when we could hose down the driveway? The good old days? More like our bad old ways, Simon. Right. Well, those days are gone for ever. We'll always have to value our water. And there are many ways we can do that. We all know using drip irrigation instead of sprinklers is one good way. To find out more about saving water, check our website. So keep up the good work and stop the drop. BOTH: Always. The Bulldogs' Sonny Bill Williams has apologised to fans after having his licence suspended for drink driving. The league star, and P-plater, received a 5-month ban and a $700 fine. This has been one of the most embarrassing days of my life and I just hope all my young fans out there learn from my experience as I have. Waverley Court heard that Sonny Bill got behind the wheel after a fashion party in August - returning a reading of point 0.075. Staff at Royal North Shore Hospital have developed a world first piece of life-saving technology. It's a combination scanning device that gives doctors a much clearer view inside a patient's body. In one room, two imaging machines operating at the same time - a CT scan, which shows the body's anatomy, and a SPECT scanner, where radioactive tracers light up when they find an abnormality such as cancer or tissue damage. Pinpointing problems in a single scan saves precious time. We had an example of a patient who had a parathyroid tumour sitting in the chest, which no other imaging could find. We were able to give the surgeon exquisite details about exactly where that tumour was. Royal North Shore Hospital specialists invented this world-first facility at an amazing low cost of $100,000, ensuring other Australian hospitals invented this world-first facility at an amazing low cost of $100,000, ensuring other Australian hospitals will be able to afford the super scanner, which also finds more accurately blood clots in lungs, and with breast cancer shows specific lymph nodes that cancer has spread to. So what's unique about this is we're able to give the surgeon images

which show him the depth, h 's going, how deep so he knows exactly where he's going, how deep and that makes a much easier operation. Because this combined scanning technology

gives such an accurate diagnosis, doctors say it will significantly improve treatment plans for patients, and that means better survival rates. When Ian Hill's cancer of the lymph system worsened recently, the new SPECT/CT scanner found new information not provided by other scans. Quite frankly, I'm very confident that they're going to do something for me. Sheryl Taylor, National Nine News. A British navy warship has made a major drug bust in the Caribbean. Using its helicopters,

HMS 'Cumberland' chased down a speedboat carrying two tonnes of cocaine, worth $470 million.

Snipers in the choppers shot out the boat's engines and arrested the four South American crewmen. A volcano on the Galapagos Islands continues a massive display, a week since its first eruption. The Sierra Negra has created lava flows which stretch for 10km,

but there's no threat to the island's 2,000 residents nor the region's wildlife, which helped to inspire Charles Darwin's theory of evolution. Prince Charles and his new wife, Camilla, are about to test their popularity in the United States. The royal couple arrive in New York tomorrow. Charles on his first official tour of the country since 1994. America adored Diana. The popularity meant Prince Charles shunned the United States for almost 20 years, but now he's back, hoping his new life, and new wife, win respect, if not fawning publicity. Before departing, Charles even gave a rare interview to American TV. I found myself born into this particular position, I'm determined to make the most of it. And do whatever I can to help. And I hope leave things a little bit better than I found them. He talks about being relevant as the heir to the throne, protecting the environment and saving society from being slaves to technology. In America, Charles and Camilla will visit the World Trade Center site, the White House and the homeless in San Francisco, but back here, the Palace will be watching not what they do,

but how the American media and people welcome the Royal couple. In London, Michael Usher, National Nine News. Ken is next, and we really have seen history today? Let's hail the Diva,

and speculate what foals will be worth. And the new face in the Test team. UPBEAT MUSIC WOMAN: Sit. Bow. Wave. Shy. Drop. Reverse. Stop. Spin. Roll over. Good dog! New Drontal Allwormer Chewable in liver flavour. Even smart dogs think it's a treat. Bushfires are part of Australian life. But what you do, along with your neighbours and your local fire authority, can make a real difference. The Australian Government is working together with fire authorities to help you be better prepared. Make sure you're ready this bushfire season. Call your local fire authority or fire service. Be safe. Be prepared this bushfire season.

Having rewritten the Melbourne Cup record books, Makybe Diva's home now will be a paddock. She retires as arguably Australia's greatest-ever racehorse and, as a mother, is set to create new records when her foals go to auction. Glen Boss couldn't believe it and neither could a nation. COMMENTATOR: A champion becomes a legend! Makybe Diva the first horse to win three straight Melbourne Cups in the 145-year history of the race.

I think it's a fabulous decision that we retire her today and go out on such a great note. The greatest ever? It's open to debate - but just as Phar Lap's legend has grown with time, Makybe Diva's will surely do the same. ANNOUNCER: 75 years since Phar Lap won and this is the story to rival it. With emotion flooding from Flemington to Port Lincoln, the home town of owner Tony Santic. Try to comprehend the enormity of what she's achieved. From her first Cup win in 2003... ..and then last year, she made it two in a row. But in 2005 the impossible became reality after Boss once again produced the perfect ride

It is the greatest Melbourne Cup win of all time! And what a curtain call it was for our favourite diva. This isn't the end, this is just the beginning. You'll see her foals running around, they might be here winning the Melbourne Cup one day. Paul Crawley, National Nine News. It's been a long time coming, but Michael Hussey is set to make his Test debut

against the West Indies, starting Thursday. Hussey gets his chance after Justin Langer failed a fitness test on his broken rib. After pleading for another 24 hours to prove he was ready to face the Windies, Langer dropped out of the race today. The tough little opener couldn't complete a training session at the 'Gabba and he didn't want to let anyone down come Test time. It feels like I've got barbed wire in my chest every time I run and I know I won't be able to give 100% to this great team. The good news for Langer - he should be right in a week. In the meantime, Michael Hussey gets his vote to open with Hayden, but it's marginal. I'm sure they'll form a good partnership for this one Test match. I guess I really feel like I've had to earn it and that's what it's all about playing Test cricket for Australia. With a first class average of 52, Hussey isn't treating his chance as a cameo appearance. Chairman of Selectors Trevor Hohns and Ricky Ponting looked to have other issues on their minds, but everyone is confident Hussey will do the job. And I am going to give it my all and hopefully Matthew and I can get Australia off to a good start with the bat.

That's all I really want to focus on at this stage. Clinton Fletcher, National Nine News.

From the United States, a contender for stupidest football fan. With a belly full of booze and bad manners, he jumped the fence and snatched the ball straight out of the quarterback's hands and off he went, heading for the end zone with security hot on his tail. His run finally ended with a thud and you'd imagine a nasty hangover.

But nothing compared to the owners

of Makybe Diva and Lee Freedman and

Glen Boss in Melbourne tonight. It

will be a big one. After the break, finance and Jaynie with the weather.

On the financial markets - the All Ordinaries finished ahead 12 points.

Banking stocks were up, but oil producers tumbled after the oil price dropped below US$60 per barrel. Now with the weather, here's Jaynie. Well, the Diva has made history in the heat at Flemington. But right here in Sydney it's a muggy 23. Humidity levels have been above 69% all day. A few showers fell as planned, but cleared in time for the big race. In the last day and a half we scored 25mm for Warragamba Dam with even heavier falls of 143mm in the mountains at Valley Height. And with all that cloud, the city minimum temperature was 21 - the warmest morning since mind-March.

23 the top - right on average. A line of storms are firing away in western parts of Australia thanks to a low. We have a few scattered storms for the eastern inland.

Sydney - the slight chance of storms in the far western suburbs, with a humid one for us all. Tomorrow a few showers and storms along the NSW coast, ranges and western slopes. And fingers crossed for a stormy one further west.

No jackets required with these northerly winds pumping in hot air. Sydney will stay sticky tomorrow, with winds turning north-west later in the day. Sydney will stay sticky tomorrow, with winds turning north-west later in the day.

And surfers, go early before the swell drops. Showers are set to clear closer to the coast but continue further inland. A few more day of showers and storms including the weekend. And toasty temperatures all the way, Mark. That's National Nine News for the first Tuesday in November. I'm Mark Ferguson. Goodnight. Supertext Captions by the Australian Caption Centre Hello again. Welcome to A Current Affair. There are no words for a horse like Makybe Diva. She may now have eclipsed Phar Lap in the hearts of Australians.

And they don't come any better than that! This program is live captioned. Also tonight - how would you go if the boss secretly filmed you on a sick day? It cost this bloke his job.