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(generated from captions) And that's Seven News to now. I'm Ian Ross. to win three Melbourne Cups in a row? Will Makybe Diva be the first horse

than the legendary Phar Lap? And is the mare better Hello. I'm Naomi Robson. those questions in a moment And hopefully we can answer Melbourne Cup crazy. as the nation goes Also, inside the Indian call centres to talk like dinky-di Aussies. where they are being trained Oh, not a problem. Certainly, yes. Plus,

wild and crazy summer weather. the long-range forecasters predict wind damage and so on. More thunderstorms, hail damage, More cyclones. your waistline in time for summer - And, how to lose up to 15cm off and we'll have the proof. But first - Melbourne Cup It's the most talked-about since the days of Phar Lap, a mare named Makybe Diva and the reason is good judge thought near impossible - who is attempting to do what many a to win three Melbourne Cups in a row. And, as we go to air tonight, on the Cup a staggering 40% of all bets waged Makybe Diva, are on the Lee Freedman-trained with the big heart, Phar Lap, with many comparisons to the big red being made. Here's Jackie Quist. Both ran in three Melbourne Cups.

He was unbeatable, basically. to have won the Melbourne Cup twice. She's the only mare or so they say. She's a horse to rival Phar Lap - doyen of Seven sport, Bruce McAvaney, Certainly veteran racecaller and such a frenzy over one horse. says he's never seen

ever experienced in my lifetime. No, the Diva fever's the most I've Everybody, wherever you go, "Is she running? Can she win?" wants to know, and it's fabulous. it's big, it's everywhere. It's Diva fever, to our greatest ever racehorse? But how does she compare she's won two Melbourne Cups. For starters, He won one. for 35 races. She's had 14 wins, seven placings for 51 races. He had 37 wins, five placings to win Melbourne Cups. Both have carried record weights in Australian racing ever. His is the best story is just about the second-best. Makybe Diva

the punters have gone Makybe-mad, Indeed, and even with just 3-1 odds,

has taken one bet of $1 million. bookmaker Michael Sullivan the horse has got a great chance. Look, Look,

It's won two Melbourne Cups before. But no-one's won three. in more ways than one, It will be creating history if it happens. and we'll be $3 million lighter in Australian racing Some of the biggest names for the annual Cup Parade. turned out today on display, But of all those past winners to the magnificent mare none holds a candle the public's imagination. that has so captured The winner? Makybe Diva, of course. The winner. will be fantastic. I reckon three times in a row

Makybe Diva. Fantastic horse. Oh, I think Makybe all the way. than Makybe's owner, Tony Santic. And no-one more certain of success but, you know, it's a big task. Yeah, I'm pretty confident, in Australian racing already She's got a special place the position becomes elevated. and if she wins tomorrow, It actually opens the door in that special room. and joins Phar Lap with the gods But could she beat him...?

200 out. Vinnie Roe ahead in front

of Eye Popper. Makybe Diva coming

at them strongly. Makybe Diva has

tick taken the lead. Phar Lap has

come from the clouds. They come to

the line locked together. They hit

it. The diva, big red... we'll find

We certainly will. Jackie Quist reporting. we've heard so much about Now to those annoying telemarketers in the past few weeks. some of the Indian call centres Tonight we take you inside to sound like Aussies. where staff are being trained to get through to us soon But they may find it a little tougher step up their efforts as State governments

a do-not-call register. to establish Here's Sophie Hull. the person on the end of the phone It's no secret that the airline, when you're talking to the bank, phone or insurance company could be in India. is making sure But clever training and marketing to tell the difference. it's getting harder This

could be time spent talking to

someone in Asia. These call centre

trainees are being tataught to talk

the talk of an average Aussie, not just so they can be understood, into thinking but so they can fool you they're just around the corner. It's a highly prized job middle-class professionals, for well-educated, is fierce. and competition for this kind of work

Try with that gusty, energy. So what's the problem is in Melbourne or Mumbai? if the girl from the bank from Australia only two weeks ago I rang a credit-card company had all my secret passwords, and found that the Indian girl my last address, my mother's maiden name, all on the one screen together, was seriously compromised so all of my security info and it was in a computer system by Australian privacy, that wasn't covered so I had no guarantee it was secure. companies that attempt to save money Ian Hook believes in Third World countries by employing their telephone staff your safety. are seriously compromising about the security of your info, I think you should be very concerned very concerned about protection they have what sort of computer-hacking might be taking info and who in that company and selling it at the local market. to your bank or phone company But, of course, the calls you make being diverted to Delhi. aren't the only way of unwittingly someone thousands of kilometres away Any time the phone rings it could be to not take No for an answer. who's been highly trained to not take No for an answer.

I can't answer the phone. I feel like

I can't answer, If I'm running for it, I have to wait for it to pick up and find out who it is and let the answer machine answer it before I pick up the phone. Leesa Martin, like hundreds of thousands of Australians, has learned to dread the ring of her home phone. I'd do anything to stop them harassing me. It's really hard. It happens to everyone I talk to. I don't know if it happens to me more because I'm home, but it happens all the time and I'd do anything to make them stop. I don't care if it's $100 - I'd pay it. If you're feeling harassed at home, you're not alone. Call-centre workers have been making a menace of themselves worldwide. In America alone, 100 million people joined a do-not-call register to keep telemarketers from disrupting the peace, which means calls from Australians who want a similar service are now deafening.


know that people are being driven

mad by these calls. Senator Helen

coonen has just released a paper

looking at weighs to limit the

deluge of calls flooding homes,

including setting up a free

register along the lines of the

American model. We're looking at

minimum standards so no-one will be

able to ring after 8pm on a week

day or 5pm on weekends. So that

will do a lot for mums trying to

get kids to bed. Ian Hook has

already established a register,

which costs $20 to join. He

welcomes the plans to keep

telemarketers in check, but warns

it may be years before the phone

stops running hot. Four or five

years away. In the meantime, you

could get 10 tore 15 calls a eke

week. And understandably so. And, of course, we have additional details of the do-not-call register on our web site, or you can give us a call. Now, summer may still be a month away, but you could be forgiven for thinking it's already here. In most States, the temperatures are already hitting record highs. In fact, it's been the hottest Australian year ever.

So, weatherwise, how are we placed for summer, the all-important holiday season? Well, the experts say we're in for a turbulent few months. Karryn Cooper reports.

THUNDER CRACKS Storm chasers Anthony Cornelius and Andrew McDonald

have never experienced a season like this - and it hasn't even begun. I think it's probably time to go now. It's looking pretty good. Let's get in the cars. Yep, sure. There's been tens of millions of dollars of damage that have been reported across over the last few weeks. So certainly that pattern is going to continue at least over southern parts of Queensland and northern parts of New South Wales. The calendar says it's still October and we should be in the midst of a mild, blossoming spring. THUNDER CLAPS But according to climate experts, that season is over, and summer is well and truly under way. This early extreme weather is just a frightening example of what's about to come. This heralds real problems for people. People have to become prepared for the unexpected. Savage storms have been battering New South Wales and Queensland, causing millions of dollars damage to crops and property, and farmers are facing both riches and ruin as the storm season approaches. Hail could destroy everything they've worked for. Steady rains could make them a fortune. Just has a huge impact to the individuals who sustain the damage and for people who didn't sustain the damages it's good luck to them. It's already been flagged as the It's already been flagged as the hottest Australian year on record, up nearly a full degree on the average. Scientists are now saying these are the first indisputable signs of global warming. Australia should now prepare for the same kind of extreme weather patterns which have seen Hurricanes Katrina, Wilma and Rita savage the US and Central American coastlines. The patterns of climate change we've seen over Australia are very similar to ones we've seen around the rest of the world, so we're going to see increased storms, increased rainfall increased warming or warming temperatures, so some of it's very global in scale. David Jones from the National Climate Centre in Melbourne said the country's average temperature is up almost a full degree, which is an extraordinary rise in meteorological terms.

The remarkable thing about the last 10 months is how hot it's been. Month after month this year, we've seen records fall across Australia. And they have. This year, almost every State in Australia has crushed its own average. Western Australia is up almost a full degree. The Northern Territory is up a scorching 1.24 degrees. South Australia, Queensland and New South Wales also posted records. Even Tasmania is up a full half-degree. Only Melbourne seems to have avoided the brunt of it. So storms that we haven't seen before, heatwaves that we haven't seen before. The traditionally drier-summer States of South Australia and Victoria should be on alert. Even in the southern States, where it tends to be drier, we know we can get these storms, and one would reasonably expect to see a stormy season through the south.

The up side is that these States can expect a milder bushfire season because of the increase in wet weather. But the Climate Centre has warned people should still be vigilant. If we get a really dry November-December, things can turn around very quickly. I've been out here every morning for the last 20 years reading the thermometer and in the last couple of years, I've seen two- or four-degree rises in the overnight minimum, and that's just amazing. Environmental scientist Professor Clyde Wild says the evidence of global warming is now undeniable and the rises in temperature at his hinterland property point to a very hot summer and an unpredictable future. More thunderstorms, hail damage, wind damage and so on, more cyclones, flooding. I don't want to be an alarmist.

None of these things might happen. But in a warmer season that we're coming into, the probability of these things happening is higher. He says Australia now faces a future of extreme and destructive wet periods broken only by chronic drought. Doesn't make me feel good. Global warming is going to be a real challenge for mankind. And as they prepare for the ominous wet season ahead, Australia's storm chasers are bracing themselves for a busy few months. 25-30 knots feeding into that. It looks very strong, doesn't it. It's a good sign, definitely a good sign.

People should trim trees away from the house,

should keep the house clear of debris that could get airborne, should also listen to the radio and weather forecasts. Other than general preparation, he says there is little anyone can do. At the end of the day, there's no way that we can control weather. If only we could. Karryn Cooper reporting there. Now to the thousands of young migrants who are to be imported to Australia to help ease the apprenticeship crisis. The Federal Government is launching a scheme to allow employers to shop for young apprentices in other countries. But already, a leading trade organisation has slammed the scheme, saying there are enough young Australians who want the work - it's just that bosses can't afford them. Here's Adene Cassidy. What we have to do is give Australian companies incentives, both at a federal and a State level, to engage young people. Cause nobody wants to even give Australians a go. They're just writing us all off as being basically just bludgers that just don't want to work, and that's not the case. They're the trades - the careers - Australia's youth don't want. From plasterers to panel beaters, mechanics and welders, 250,000 apprenticeships are waiting to be filled, and with no takers here, the Federal Government is looking overseas. A new visa will give employers an opportunity to recruit apprentices from around the world. And once their training is complete, the migrants will be granted permanent residency. I've been applying for a really long time and I've heard nothing back from anybody, so I think there must be more people like me out there

that would really like an apprenticeship and can't get one. While the announcement may be good news for employers, potential apprentices like Jackie Southern aren't so pleased. Even though the jobs will be offered to Australians first, Jackie has been trying for two years for an apprenticeship in spray painting. It makes me think that maybe there is not a skills shortage, because, you know, I've been trying, that have been trying, I know other people and I think they're just maybe making it up because labour is cheaper from overseas. Ultimately, prices of construction will slowly increase, particularly if we bring in ready-made or skilled people from overseas,

and we fail to train our own. Executive director of the Master Builders Association, Brian Seidler, says importing workers won't solve the shortage crisis. There are plenty of young Australians willing to take on apprenticeships. It's the employers who aren't so willing. He blames workers compensation and insurance costs as the main obstacle, and can't see that changing for migrant youth. If there is a shortage and the industry is crying out for skills, then the answer would be to bring in skilled people as opposed to bringing in young people who are unskilled,

because they still have to fit into the training regime in our industry, which means finding an employer to train them and that's the problem we've got. So do you agree with the government's scheme to import migrant youth to take local apprenticeships? You can let us know on our web site, or you can give us a call. Now, the Melbourne Cup Carnival is not all about horses. It's partly about the fashion and, if you're lucky, rubbing shoulders with the rich and famous. So Rohan Wenn went in search of someone who embodies all of that, and he found her - Eva Longoria, who plays Mrs Solis on Desperate Housewives. As she stepped on to the stage to announce the winner of Myer's Fashions on the Field, Desperate Housewife Eva Longoria had one major worry - a weather-induced wardrobe malfunction. I'm trying to keep my hat on at the same time. As an army of well-dressed waifs threatened to blow away in the wind, Eva was even gracious enough to help presenter Jennifer Adams preserve her modesty. Is it always this windy? Well, it's Melbourne. It's sort of windy and then it's hot, then it rains, then it's windy, then it's hot, then it rains. It's crazy. So everybody has a bad hair day all the time. Yes, well, as do I. COMMERCIAL: My store for Spring Racing. It was a far cry from the 40-degree heat of LA that Eva had to battle shooting her commercial for Myer as part of her Derby Day duties. The call came in. I said, "What's Myer?" They said, "It's the No.1, you know, department store in Australia," and here I am. It kind of just all fell together. In a fetching frock that showed more front than Myer, Eva played her part to perfection. Dress designer Alex Perry couldn't have been prouder, and he saved money on material.

She's kind of like a size 4 or something, but, like, beautifully proportioned. Like, it was really easy to dress her.

Is that size 4 American or Australian? Size 4 Australian. That's tiny. Yeah, it's little. But despite the incredible success of Housewives, it seems now that Eva's had her big break, she's keen to take a break. I can't wait until the show's over

and I can just be home in Texas and have my kids and a husband. Life has certainly changed for Eva since landing the part of Gabrielle Solis on the show, and not all the attention has been positive. A recent Vanity Fair article reported catfights between the women of Wisteria Lane, but Eva claims Vanity Fair didn't play fair. I think we were a little cheated on the Vanity Fair article. It was not accurate at all. And she jokes that she was also a little cheated on her wardrobe for the show. Oh, my God. I was very surprised at how much lingerie I was going to have to wear. I knew I would be having an affair I knew I would be having an affair with the gardener. I just didn't realise it would be every episode.

In town for just 24 hours this time, Eva swore she'd be back. And finally, who is the super-celebrity tipping for the Cup? Mr Celebrity. Excellent. Any reason? I think it's appropriate.

Rohan Wenn with Eva Longoria. Coming up - Beating the battle of the bulge, from the waistline in six weeks. and how it's possible to cut 15cm was just the hardest to lose. Just that tummy A 15cm loss. I'm very surprised. I'd get such wonderful results. I worked hard but I didn't think

with Grapevine - Now you can access the world

internet service provider - ActewAGL and TransACT's very own plans on the TransACT network. offering dial-up and broadband 2 megabits per second, Blistering speeds of up to incredibly large downloads. And from just $9.90... ..Grapevine will grow your world. Call: Or visit: but it is possible You may not believe it, in six weeks. to trim your waistline by up to 15cm it takes a little determination, Sure, it's worth it. but anyone who's done it says And here's Rodney Lohse reporting on in time for summer. how to achieve that trimmer tummy It's getting very close to Christmas eating ourselves silly, and other than

to squeeze back into the bathers that means it's time

in front of everyone. and head for the beach, winter has been cruel, But for many of us, hiding extra kilos under our clothes. But luckily, of that unwanted spare tyre, there is a solution to getting rid and it only takes six weeks to do it. After having Penelope, and didn't go away. the tummy pretty much stayed there is our first guinea pig. 34-year-old Anna Mahoney Like many mums after a baby, shifting the weight left behind, it's not easy particularly around the middle. So for the next six weeks, of Simone Evans she'll be in the hands from Bulleen Fernwood Fitness. once a week. She's going to do a cycle class

our abs, butt and thigh class She'll do what's called once a week as well she can follow at her convenience. and she'll have a program that Anna, you're 104.5cm. in the next six weeks. So we'll get that down Next is Diane Takis. She, too, has had children of exercises to lose her tummy. and has been trying all manner was just the hardest to lose. Just that tummy

the latest craze, Pilates, Now Diane is set to try from Corpilates, under the guidance of Natasha Newton it's the ideal gut-busting exercise. who says that concentrates on aligning people It's an exercise method so we're looking at core and good postural alignment and from there, once we have good

to strengthening the outer limbs. we can move on Over the next six weeks, will do three Pilates sessions a week 38-year-old Diane without any dietary changes, and Natasha says around the middle. she should see dramatic results

So what's our starting point? you're 82cm around the waist. We look at the measurement and see Now, our final test subject is me. in Australia, I know I'm not the fattest bloke haven't got a ripped six-pack either, but I certainly and we all know, blokes, gear off on Dancing with the Stars, ever since Tom Williams got his isn't going to cut it. anything short of a washboard four times a week, So for the next six weeks, and hopefully reduce my 94cm girth. I'm going to do 100 sit-ups So, Tom Williams, look out. EYE OF THE TIGER PLAYS So here's our starting point - Anna is 104.5cm round the waist, Diane is 82cm and I'm 94. 'LET'S GET PHYSICAL' OLIVIA NEWTON JOHN SINGS # Let's get physical, physical let's get into physical # I want to get physical,

your body talk # Let me hear your body talk, # Let me hear your body talk # CLASSICAL MUSIC and a fair amount of exercise later, Six weeks to see she's a changed woman. you only have to look at Anna I wake up easier in the morning, much happier, more confident. I've got more energy, I've got more energy,

I'm buying new clothes now. by dieting, And although Anna did cheat a little the result is still dramatic. so that's a 15cm loss. And you're 89, I'm very surprised.

I'd get such wonderful results. I worked hard, I but I didn't think she, too, has had impressive results As for Diane, to her eating or lifestyle with no change except for going to Pilates. all over my body, I've actually toned up that I've gained and most importantly is the strength with the kids and playing. and just my everyday life in dealing look like she had much to lose, And even though Diane didn't with just three sessions a week. she's had significant results

And we're at 75cm. That's a total of 7cm for Diane. Which brings us to me. I did not change my diet at all. Now, I must point out her cooking, biscuits, I enjoyed my wife's cakes, I even enjoyed my beer. What were you when we started? Ah, I think I was 94. Okay, so you're 91.5. 2.5cm. So 2.5cm. That's not bad. Anna losing 15cm, Diane losing 7cm So our final tally stands with and myself losing 2.5. to do too much to make a difference. Just goes to show you don't have I will keep it up. it's worth it. And it certainly looks like can be found on our web site, And additional details on that story or you can give us a call. the changing face of your city, Coming up, three very different types of people. and how it's become split into three very different types of people.

RELAXING MUSIC If you're into balance, new Just Right Tropical. you'll love With pineapple, pawpaw and mango, of the tropical fruit you like it's the perfect balance your body needs. and the goodness of whole grains New Just Right Tropical. Two slabs. Log on to today. Now looking ahead to tomorrow night, from the Melbourne Cup - when we'll be coming to you with access to all areas. live and exclusive, Please join me for our coverage, winners and losers. including all the colour, frocks, We'll also be looking at the changing face of Sydney - one city, three very different types of people. And we'll show you where you and your family fit in. It comes down to the values of the individual. Your values drive where you want to live. I think at the present, we are I guess living for today. That's tomorrow night. So I hope you can join me for that. And until then, I hope you all have a great evening. Please take care, and goodnight. Captioned by Seven Network Email -