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(generated from captions) # Reach out for the Sunrise into the big sky... # Put your hands this is Weekend Sunrise. Right across Australia Lisa Wilkinson and Mark Riley. Now from Brekky Central, # Reach up for the Sunrise # Put your hands into the big sky. #

Good morning, everyone and welcome to the show. a little earlier this morning. Some States are waking up Daylight saving is upon us again. Good

the morning, everyone, welcome to

impressed about being left behind. But many Queenslanders are far from have signed a petition More than 20,000 people on the subject. asking for a new vote open here at Weekend Sunrise. But - our voting lines are already

and let us know your feelings. Just hop on the soapbox

How did you go waking you have this

morning? Not too good. Shocking. I

kept thinking, I know it's an hour

laerks but you had a good trick

yesterday. I tried to fool myself,

I put my watch ahead at 5:00, but

by 7:00 or 8:00, I thought, I've

caught up on this. I was at a bar

bekuerks and somebody said at 9.00,

the old time, there's daylight

saving tomorrow, I thought, oh, my

good, I'll miss the show. We headed

home. That would be Simon from our

newsroom. He knows everything.

Reaso might be away for one more

week, but Simon is back from cope

enhagen. You came back via Africa?

Yes, having seen the Queen in

Denmark, she suggested, why don't

you swing back via saver characters

which is what I did. The boss went

alodge with the act, so we visited

a park in Natal, which is a story about conservation, looking

afterboth people and the animals,

which is usually the intersection

of people and animals in Africa is

littered with all sorts of

disasters, but this is a good news

story. Fantastic, great pictures. Also this morning - for the latest on Makybe Diva. we'll cross live to the track studio by one of the true characters And later, we'll be joined in the of Australian rock music. the Divinyls. Chrissy Amphlett was frontwoman of schoolgirl jampacked Who can forget the naughty full of attitude.

she has plenty of stories to share. As you'll see, And before we sign off - scary new flicks on the big screen. we'll preview the release of some speed with the overnight news, First though - let's bring you up to and here's Simon. Good morning. has been rocked The Indian capital of New Delhi

within minutes of each other. by several powerful explosions and injured dozens more. The blasts killed at least 55 people shopping market in central Delhi, The first bomb exploded at a crowded

killing at least eight people. among the injured. Foreigners are believed to be there was a second blast Minutes later at a market in the city's south. an industrial area. A third ripped through

out of which four were brought dead. 20 patients came to the hospital, we have shifted them to ICU, Two are very serious, taken care by our team of doctors. and the remaining 14 are being 10 men. Indian police have already arrested The markets were packed with people Hindu festival. Hindu festival. on the eve of India's biggest

this morning, And another tragedy from India in a train crash. with more than 100 people killed derailed Seven carriages of a passenger train in the country's south. and plunged into a flooded reservoir away by floodwaters. Parts of the track had been washed The death toll is expected to rise. on death row in Singapore The mother of an Australian man on death row in Singapore

asking for help. has written to the Queen within weeks, Nguyen Tuong Van is set to be hanged of smuggling heroin. after being found guilty personally intervene His mother Kim wants the Queen to

to spare his life. by asking Singapore's Government A group of lawyers and doctors Government's proposed will protest the Federal anti-terror laws today doorstep. right on the Prime Minister's Wales Council for Civil Liberties About 50 people from the New South in Sydney later this morning. are expected at Kirribilli House Opposition Leader Kim Beazley

anti-terror laws this week, will call for even tougher claiming they're too lenient. introduced to parliament The bill is expected to be on Wednesday. who vanished There's still no sign of a toddler on the New South Wales south coast. during a camping trip yesterday through the night Emergency services searched Ulladulla for 22-month-old Cooper. in a national park south of another family His parents were camping with at breakfast time. when they noticed him missing has begun And a reminder that daylight saving the ACT and South Australia. in New South Wales, Victoria, an hour's sleep! That means some of us have lost

because of the Commonwealth Games. It runs until 2 April To sport now, nation on Tuesday and the horse that will stop a

has been given a major boost. for the Melbourne Cup Makybe Diva has drawn barrier 14 and Irish Stayer Vinnie Roe Second favourite Leica Falcon both drew wide gates. the first horse The Diva is attempting to become to win the Cup three times in a row. betting records at Flemington. The great mare is set to smash Socceroos coach Guus Hiddink in the Netherlands. is being investigated for tax fraud division club PSV Eindhoven. Hiddink also coaches Dutch first is involved. It's unknown how much money

crucial World Cup qualifier The news comes ahead of Australia's against Uruguay on 13 November. has defeated New Zealand 3-1. On the field, the Central Coast in the second half Striker Stewart Petrie scored twice to break a 1-1 halftime deadlock.

National Basketball League. Three games were played in the Perth downed Adelaide. Sydney Kings 106 West Sydney 74 Justin Langer Australian opening batsman first Test against the West Indies will play with a cracked rib in the at the Gabba on Thursday. by Victorian paceman Gerard Dento Langer was injured when struck over the Warriors yesterday. during the Bushrangers win Scans revealed a hair-line fracture. And the Windies lead by 237 against Queensland. after day three of their tour match Marlon Samuels made 256. summer continues out for one. Brian Lara's less than spectacular Now to Sunday's weather.

And we'll have more news at 8.30.

Thz 9.30 this time, or wherever

you're watching. It is Sunday?

Scandal and American politics seem

to go hand in hand. The latest

threaten some of the president's top men. Vice-President Dick Cheney's chief of staff with perjury and obstruction of justice. Mark Lewis "Scooter" Libby is accused of lying to investigators about the leaking of CIA agent about the leaking of CIA agent Valerie Plame's identity. Scooter has quit but the President's right hand man, Karl Rove, remains under investigation.

Is this the new Watergate? Dr John

Hart is an expert in American

politics with the Australian

National University. Good morning,

John. Good morning. Some back

beyond on this: this is supposed to

be - I guess the theory is it's

payback for Valerie Plame's husband

Joe Wilson writing the report that

debunked the theories of nuclear

capabilities in Iraq? That's one

interpretation, that the White

House wanted to get their own back

on Joe Wilson for criticising the on Joe Wilson for criticising the

weapons of mass destruction policy

and not turning up the kind of

intelligence they wanted him to

turn up with when they sent him to

Niger. The White House isn't tregs

is that vice-president Dick Cheney

as trying to correct an erroneous

impression in 2003 that he had sent

Joe Wilson to Niger to check out

the business about selling uranium

to Iraq. That was not the case, and

he was trying to put the record

straight. Lewis "Scooter" Libby has

been charged. What could happen to

him from here? At worst, he could

end up with a 30-year jail sentence,

but that is down the track, there's

a long way to go. This is just the

beginning after long and

complicated legal process. That complicated legal process. That

will also lessen the immediate short-term impact on the White

House. It is quite possible that

this whole incident won't come to

trial while the Bush administration

is still in officement if you work

it out, George Bush only has 167

weeks left in the White House, and

that's not long in terms of the way

the American legal process can work

in a case of this nature. The

special prosecutor is still

looking into this. What does it

mean for Dick Cheney? That's the

other complicated problem, the case

is not closed. There might be more

indictments to come.

, Cheney is involved in this to

some degree or another, because Mr

Lewis was his right-hand man in the

White House. Lewis' job was to White House. Lewis' job was to work

for Dick Cheney. So that may take a

turn for the worse. On the other

hand, there is a certain mystery

about this indictment. It's clouded

the issue rather than clarified it

and it's clouded it in respect of

the fact that the crime that the

special prosecutor was

investigating was leaking the name

of a CIA operative to the media,

which is contrary to a 1982 law and has serious criminal investigations.

There's nothing in the indictment

relating to those charges. The

special prosecutor has avoided

bringing charges against the crime

that he was actually empanelled to

investigate. But he gave false

evidence, that's the thing about

Lewis "Scooter" Libby, he gave

false evidence? He gave false

evidence and he committed perjury.

It's not a crash hot thing to do

for a senior adviser in the White

House? No, it's still a very

serious offence. The indictment is

very compelling, but that's also a

mystery in itself. The discrepancy

between what Lewis "Scooter" Libby

told the grand jury and what three

journalists have said about the

same conversations they had with Mr

Lewis is so wide that you cannot

understand why Lewis actually said

what he said. It really is very

mysterious, and clearly the special

prosecutor has taken the side of the journalists in the indictment.

A mystery that will continue,

obviously. It will, yes. Thanks for

your time this morning, John. Shifting focus now, and the question on everyone's lips has been answered... for now. Makybe Diva will run in Tuesday's Melbourne Cup. She won the Cup last year and the year before. So can she make history with a third victory? Reporter Michael Felgate is at Sandown this morning

for a racing breakfast. Good morning.

The final declaration has been made.

Does this mean Makybe Diva will

race for sure and for absolute

certain? She's not over the line

yes. I have my new best friend with

me, Makybe Diva already has two on

the mantlepiece. You should have at

least one, mate. This might be the

closest I'll get to it. They will

be drinking champagne and orange

juice if they can win on Tuesday.

Thee is not over the line 100 per

cent. Lee Freedman made a veiled

threat yesterday to say, they need

to water the track for a garn stead

start. Tuesday is forecast to be 28

degrees and and fine, he said if

the track is on the better side of

good they will scratch. He sent the

warning to the VRC. The cure ateor

will be making sure they water it,

to make sure the Makybe Diva club

turn occupy Tuesday. He has put the

pressure on, but he said the

standard is dead to good or good to

dead? The VRC made an edict a year

or two ago that they will prepare

tracks in the dead to good range.

The second favourite, Vinnie Ro,

runner up last year, prefers good

going, so if it is a flint hard

track, the unusual circumstance

could be the first and third will

be scratched, but I think it will a

fair racing surface for everyone on

Tuesday. What are the chances of

Makybe Diva scoring a hat trick? No

horse has done it in the 150-year

history of the Melbourne Cup, no

mare has ever carried 58kg to win a

Melbourne Cup. She will rewrite the

history books if she does it on

Tuesday. If any horse can do it,

it's Makybe Diva. She is a racing

phenomenon, a freak, and she is up

against it, but if anyone can do it,

it's her. We know afterthe Cox

Plate she did it hard. I was

reading about Phar Lap yesterday,

and when she he won the last race

in Mexico, he literally bust a gut,

having tried so hard afterbig runs.

Is there a threat that Makybe Diva

is too puffed? That could be a

theory about any other other,

because she had a gut busting run

in the Cox Plate. She has had an

easy week at Lee Freedman's place

on the Mornington Peninsula, and

she has extremely good

recuperateive powers, so they have

decided to back up in the Melbourne

Cup. They would not risk her if she

was not 100 per cent, she is in

almost career best form,

considering she has won two

Melbourne Cups, and a Cox Plate,

and she gets the chance to etch her

name in the history books on

Tuesday. It will be an exciting race. They are talking about

possibly closing the gates for the

first time ever - an absolutely

packed Flemington. I want to see

Lee Freedman get the cup from

Michael They will need to prise it out.

Later, how our pollies are in a

National race of their own. The

diary includes a Howard gaffe. that has sent Canberra into meltdown. Also ahead - Chrissy Amphlett live in the studio. But next, Simon's African safari. He tours the conservation program that helps animals and people.

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There are 150 film clips on the

site. Homicide, hey dad. Enough for

a week. Get voting and help us celebrate 50 years of Chan il. Kochie isn't the only member of our team who has been to Africa this month. Our own Simon Reeve also went to the Dark Continent, as it struggles with wars, corruption, and the spread of AIDS. And while good news stories there are hard to come by, Simon found one in a remote corner of South Africa. He followed a conservation model that is not only helping save the animals, but the people as well.

In a buefl remote and largely dirt

poor region of saver can there's a

conservation project that has the

eyes of the world upon it. On what

was until recently unproductive

farming land, a remarkable

transformation is taking place. The

animals that roamed here over

thousands of years are being

returned, with great benefits fort

people they share the land W The

only way forward for wildlife in

Africa is to help secure the people

of Africa that surround the conservation areas.

The idea of reclaiming grazing land

for wildlife had its critics, both

black and white. But from the

arrival of the first safari guests

in the early 90s, schools clinics

and jobs have convinced the local

community that conservation can be

a two-way straight. It is not easy,

but the more you get involved with

the people and tell them this is

what you are doing for the

community, they understand the

concept and will support you. This

man works fort Africa foundation,

coordinating projects between CC

Africa, which runs the lodgees, and the village elders.

70 schools have been built in the

area, with conservation money. Kids

have the prospect of using their

education to gain employment as

guides, trackers or maybe working

in hospitality. It has improved

education a lot, because every year

more kids are coming to the school.

There is much improvement.

With a great passion for Africa,

this man, a grandson of Paul gettity

has been a prime-mover beyond the

project. Old infrastructure has come down as luxury accommodation

goes up. The latest on the 20 how

hectares of land is this small

intimate lodge. Whileing away the

time on the deck, we have

lunch-time visitors. If it's a

choice of grand final seats at the

football or this, I'll take this

every time, fantastic! This area is

on the edge of world heritage wet

launds, home to the Zulu people and

their treasured cattle. The suely

word for this place means place of

red waters, which is what you get

red waters, which is what you get with all the tannins in the waters from the vegetation. Aftera stunning drive through the wet launds, there was a special treat awaiting at our destination. As I pan the camera around, check this out. The Indian Ocean - Perth is a few thousand kilometres that way, where I grew up. Absolutely stunning.

They are the world's highest

forested coastal dunes. The game

viewing had been fantastic on the

drive. Standing on the eastern

shores of Africa, it just got

better. While conservation can do

much to improve the plight of

people with little, it's powerless

to stop the spread of HIV and Aids.

Perhaps one in 4

We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions.

Normal service will resume as soon as possible.

We apologise for the temporary loss of captions. Normal service will resume as soon as possible. We apologise for the temporary loss of captions.

Usually when people and animals

intersect, especially in Africa, it

has been littered with disaster

stories, but here they are showing

that the only way forward for

conservation is - in the west we

have the view of saving the

elephant and the lion, but that

does not take into account the

millions of people who live around

the conservation areas and nature

reserves. Until you bring them not

picture, there is not much hope for

Africa's animals, but if you look

at both sides of the equation,

there's a ditch story. There's so

much to be saved, but so much

sadness. Of the Aids figures in

Africa are horrendous. You were telling us before we telling us before we came on air

about the problem of parents dying

of Aid, leaving behind HIV positive

babe yirks and the grandparents -

Who are not educated, as the sister

said in the interview - education

is the biggest problem in dealing with with those

with those issues - they are purely,

out of love, trying to help their

grand kids. But then they are

becoming infected themselves. Great

becoming infected themselves. Great

to go home, obviously. Absolutely.

That's a heck of a postcard you

sent back. It was terrific. Of

course, we will have more on Africa

tomorrow on the show, Kochie

returns from his tripe of a

life-time. His dream was to scale the heights of Mount Kilimanjaro. But did he make it? Find out, tomorrow morning on Sunrise, from 6am. Still to come - the Divinyls' Chrissy Amphlett joins us live in the studio. And we'll catch some freaky flicks on the big screen. But next - the latest news and weather And the political race that stops the nation. The Riley Diary is coming up.

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At least 55 people have been killed and more than 150 injured in a series of explosions in the Indian capital New Delhi. Two of the three blasts ripped through crowded markets. Indian police have arrested 10 men. The Prime Minister has blamed terrorists for the attacks but no-one has claimed responsibility yet. The mother of an Australian man on death row in Singapore has written to the Queen begging for her to personally intervene and save his life. Nguyen Truong Van will be hanged within weeks

after being found guilty of heroin smuggling. Diva is the $4 favourite for the race that stops the nation. The mare drew barrier 14 for Tuesday's race when she'll try to win a record third straight Melbourne Cup. Weatherwatch now -

Well, you just can't escape Melbourne Cup fever.

You can't escape Melbourne Cup

fever, even if you tried. In

offices, factories and homes around

the country, people will be hoping

they pick a winner on Tuesday. But away from the track,

our pollies are always involved in a race of their own. And for them,

there's the real prospect of ending up at the knackery! Mark grabbed his binoculars for this entry in the Riley Diary.

Welcome - welcome, ladies and

gentlemen, to the running of the

cup. There's Howard's run, an old

stayer and a real performer when

the whips are cracking. Mr Money ba

bags is rated a bags is rated a dark horse, but

short of a run. And always the

brides made, form says he lacks

ticker, his connections say he's

got a heart like Phar Lap, but he

always seems to run second.

They're off! It's not quite the

race that stops the nation, but

just like the Melbourne Cup,

there's plenty of drama on and off

the track, and plenty of it this

the track, and plenty of it this week when the coalition stables

tried to have its counter terrorism

laws jump out of the partly gates

on Cup Day. Isn't that sort of

horsing around, just down right

unAustralian? I think the word

unAustralian is used too indiscriminately by people who

disagree with what somebody else is

saying or doing. Whoa a minute?

That wasn't what came from the

horse's mouth when he was defending

Pauline Hanson? Personal attacks

and mindless drowning out of her

views are not only unAustralian but

they feed sympathy for her. Didn't

he once nay say skate blooders as

unAustralian? If I said

unAustralian, I didn't mean to.

unAustralian, I didn't mean to.

Unruely, I thought I said, or I

meant to say. I don't regard state

boarders as unAustralian. Right,

that's cleared up. In the

Opposition staibs, Kim Beazley was

heading into the corporate tent,

jockeying for the business dollar

at $5,000 a seat at a labour

business forum, although some had

gone a little hoarse. I'm in a

hurry. Have you been asked not to

talk to the media today? We've got

a bit of business to attend to. One

familiar face was happy to talk. He

couldn't help but nag the

leadership on the lack of policy release. It is important that

labour has to get its poils out and

explain them. But the old mud runner explain them. But the old mud runner

and his jockeys were heading in, to

explain them in private to the

business syndicates. Government

circles the betting on a leadership

change continued, but there were

shades of fine cotton, as John

Howard visited an Aboriginal

community in far North Queensland

and came face to face with a bloke

named peter Costello. How are you?

named peter Costello. How are you?

The other peter Costello was

opening an old age facility and

pondering the twie white years -

but not for him. It's true that I

have been focussing on retirement

policy here in Australia for a very

long period of time. With his Prime

Minister's walking shoes on, he

made clear he's in the running on take over the

take over the reins. The economy is

easier than this. Surely that's 1km

already? Not quite. The length of

the straight to go yet. His

ambition still seemed to be running

the spot. The man who holds the

reins was luring punters in the

weight for young able stakes. How

old are they? Five

old are they? Five months. Their

mum had already collected her

winnings? Baby bonus? The

globetrotting or globe galloping

Prime Minister galloped to the

Pacific forum in New Guinea, where

he arrived for a function in his

racing silks. He learned the

fashions on the field were more

formal - a swift exit, off to the change rooms and a nonchalant

return, and melt back into the

crowd. Could have been worse, it

might have been one of those horse

hair Apec jobs. That's a good look

for Cup Day - if just a little ...

UnAustralian. Looking at the

footage of John Howard holding

those five month twins, if I was

Melanie Howard, I would be keeping

grandpa away from the kid. He's not

good with the little ones Maybe a

safety tram poll Ian. That was one

of your best efforts today, mark.

Big Tuesday coming up, with

industrial relations and the anti-terrorism I industrial

relations, I do not think the

anti-terrorism legislation will get

in on Tuesday. It might not have

will level of opposition, with Kim

Beazley saying it doesn't go far

enough. That will be in the Reilly

diary next Sunday. The winner of our

pifpbg torches competition. Thank you to everyone who took part. You've all helped in the fight against breast cancer. And a big congratulations to Emilie Jones from Western Australia Your entry has been voted the best, meaning you and a friend will soon be off to New York. But the winners keep coming here on Weekend Sunrise. Jemma Yankof from Victoria was one of the people who voted for Emilie. So Jemma, you too will be off to New York. Well done to you both.

Coming up, be afraid - be very afraid. The resurgence of horror in Hollywood. But next, love her or hate her - we all know her. The pleasure and pain of Divinyls' frontwoman Chrissy Amphlet. Hang on a sec - aren't we going halves in that? At Toyota, we're moving forward in Hybrid Technology... ..developing hybrid vehicles that achieve seemingly contradictory goals, satisfying performance and world-class fuel efficiency, and a quieter drive with lower emissions. With Hybrid Synergy Drive, whole new world is taking shape. Hybrid Synergy Drive. Ready to go.

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To find out more about this great offer and the coverage we can offer you, visit your nearest Telstra Shop or participating Dealer. It's the race that stops the nation. Racing in this Melbourne Cup. This Tuesday only one breakfast show will be trackside. Where's Nat put our picnic rug? Nat, a bit further this way! Start your Cup day with Sunrise thanks to L'Oreal and Sofitel hotels.

I'm waiting to see Kochie in the face nightor. She is the woman who taught us the fine line between pleasure and pain. Chrissy Amphlett is an undisputed Aussie rock legend. As the frontwoman of the Divinyls, she shocked us with her aggressive onstage antics and raunchy videos.

Remember this?

# When I think but I

# I touch myself

# I don't want anybody else

# Oh, no,

# Oh, no, oh, no, Chrissy Amphlett, good morning! #

Such a great set of songs. Every

time I hear a Divinyls song, I

think, yes, that's one of theirs as

well. You had an attitude in those

days, were you angry or was that an

act? I was probably angry because I act? I was probably angry because I

had to get up early in the morning.

Are you angry now? Watch out? I

think I wore a school uniform

before anybody else did, so it was

like, don't come near me. You beat

Angus young? Angry orange us Did I

beat him or was I inspired by him?

Bet him to wearing a school Bet him to wearing a school

uniform? I think I was inspired by

him. It would have been good to see

ACDC and the Divinyls on stage

together - what a high school band.

Can you imagine? What was the

reason behind the Divinyls? I was

really shy, and I needed something

to free myself on stage, some sort

of mask. Vince

of mask. Vince Lovegrove and I were

at an ACDC concert and we saw Angus

running around, and he said, you

need to do that, so I went to David

Jones the next day and bought a

school uniform and suspenders and

stockings and turned it into an art

form, and it freed me up on stage.

In Newcastle, I remember going to see

see the difs, and it was an amazing

show, a bit threatening your stage

persona. I read the book last night,

it is fantastic. There are

incredible Vin yets about being

jailed in Spain as an 18-year-old.

The coffee was terrible. And here

twice for unpaid parking twice for unpaid parking fines,

even after you had a hit. It was

character building. I had a top 10

hit, and you can have top 10 hits

and still not have any money, to I

went to jail and paid off the top

parking fine, and that cancelled

the other ones out. The first time

I went in, I wasn't known, but the

second time hi a top 10 hit, so all

the girls turned on me. It's not good being known

good being known in jail. That did

not go down well? No. Turned on you

in what way? If I left a crumb

beside the toaster, who do you

think you are, clean that up, when

the bell went off, I had get out of

bed straightaway or they would

think of was lazeing around. Did

you win them over? At lunch one day

they turned on me, and they were

all coming toward me with their

chairs. He said, said, I have been

here before, all back to my cell

and we will have a sing along. They

were in my cell, we had a sing

along and everything was fine from

then on. Was it imposing for them then on. Was it imposing for them

having Chrissy singing along? One

thing I read in the book, walking

along King's Cross and a fellow

walks up to you and says, I love

the Divinyls, and you picked up the

ice-cream out of his hand. I put it

in his face, just because I could

and because I was full of myself

and he was standing there dripping

with ice-cream saying, I still love you.

you. Is that an indication at that

time that perhaps you didn't love

you? Possibly, and possibly I

didn't appreciate the fans. I was

just being a monster and being

naughty. This book is Kath ah tick

for you, coming to terms with

Chrissy? It was an extraordinary

Chrissy? It was an extraordinary

time in Australian rock music,

because you were the only female

lead rock singer, at the time of

cold chisel, midnight oil, in

excess. That's why I had to get in

first with the school uniform and I

was defensive, and I would turn up

at benefit concerts and shock

everybody, turning up in school

uniform, but that's who I was,

that's what I is did. It's a

fantastic read. We did a lot of

interviews for that, 2 250 hours,

because I couldn't remember a thing.

Congratulations on the book, I

can't wit to finish T the new book,

Pleasure and Pain, my life, is out

now, in all good and bad book stores, stores, as Kochie would say. Straight ahead - what's your favourite scary movie? Feel the fear! We lift the lid on the resurgence of horror and exorcisms!

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the best brekkie in town. CUCKOO CLOCK CHIMES MCDONALD'S JINGLE PLAYS If you're heading off to the cinema this week, you have been warned. A batch of new scary movies will frighten the wits out of you. Jennifer Connelly stars in a remake of Dark Water.

Another freaky flick, the Exorcism of Emily Rose, is based on a true story. They're all part of the Hollywood horror film resurgence as Katherine Tulich found out.

Horror films have traditionally

been considered the second class

citizens of Hollywood, but not any

more. They are now attracting

Hollywood's A list. Jennifer Connolly stars

Connolly stars in Dark Water, while

Laura Lyny stars in the xor six of

Emily Rose. Lyny says these films

offer great female roles They are

making a lot of them and they have

part for women in them, so - I

think it is also fun for us, for

those of us who don't those of us who don't are go into

this genre very often, to try

something different. Can you hear

me? (Screams) Laura Lyny plays a

lawyer who defend a parish priest

accused of murder in an ex-or six

case. The film is based on real

life vaents. It is attempting to put together two put together two genres, the

suspense of a courtroom drama and

the fear of a horror film, and

those two things are working

together. It is unusual and I

wasn't sure if it was going to

works, and it does. It was

interesting to work on that. then

you are dealing with someone who is

attempting to figure out their own

personal demons, which we all v

while being confronted with

religious Demonology. Jennifer

Connolly plays a divorced mum who

moves into a rundown New York

apartment and find there's more

than bad plumbing to deal with.

This was very creepy. Do you feel

like that when you're making these

films, or is it all very technical? It never technical

It never technical , it doesn't

feel scary. You're not a fan of

horror films? I didn't think I was

before doing this, then I watched

the original film of Distribution

Water and I thought it was a great

film and I was surprised a find a

film that was scary and moving

simultaneously. Then I agreed to do

this film, and as research, because

I had no vocabulary in the genre,

which I thought I should acquire

some, I started watching a lot of

scary films, and found that there's

some really fantastic films.

There's a lot of water in this. You

had to spend some time in water.

Was it cold and horrible? It was

cold, dark, heavy. We had jets

coming at my head that were 70 or

80 pounds of water jets, which

knocked me down, massive bruises,

knocking down doors. But I have to

say, it was - It was fun? Really, I

kind of liked it. I was a bit of a

Tom boy growing up, and I kind of

liked the physical stuff. I thought,

I could be in an action movie The

film is set in a rounddown

residential area of New York City.

It's a place that most people who

live in New York don't go to, it's

not like a shopping destination,

you don't go there for dinner. I

don't think I'm putting it on my

list to go and see in New York,

especially after this film It

wouldn't be at the top of the list

for someone

for someone visiting town. It wox

for the film, because it's not

embellished, it's like that. I

think it was the perfect setting

for this film about urban

loneliness. Wait, sweetie, don't


What happened? Got stuck in here?

I'm so so not a horror movie

watcher. I love them. Bring it on.

There are probably a whole lot of

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